at least we have a proper color scheme for his outfit now

Fireworks, A NaLu Piece

“Where is he?” Lucy leaned against the trunk of the big tree in Southgate Park. The sky was already burning a dim orange. This morning, Natsu had asked her to meet him. What was taking that boy? She sighed.


“Hey, Lu-chan!” Lucy turned her head towards the voice. Her heart sunk a little when she saw it was only Levy, accompanied by Cana. “Are you waiting for a date? He didn’t stand you up, did he?”


“Yeah, ‘cause if he did, just know we have your back.” Cana cracked her knuckles, making Lucy shakily giggle.


“That’s not necessary guys. Besides, it’s just Natsu.” Biting her lip, Lucy thought back to the last time Natsu had asked to meet her here. She had gotten all dressed up and he had wanted to dig a hole. She definitely would not get her hopes up. But a date with Natsu would be nice. Not like that would ever happen.


“WHAT?” Levy’s shriek sent a jolt through Lucy, launching her at least two feet into the air. “You and Natsu are going on a date?”


“No! What?” After Levy voiced her suspicions, Lucy’s eyes widened and none of her words could make it past her throat. “H-he just asked me to meet him at the park.” Crossing her arms over her chest, she propped herself against the tree once more. She waited for the pounding in her chest to slow before speaking. “He probably wants my help with a prank. Something like sticking fridge magnets on Gajeel or pissing off Laxus or pushing a watery Juvia into a pissed-off Laxus.” She pulled at her bottom lip with her teeth and scrunched up her nose. Natsu sure as hell better not drag her into one of his stupid schemes.

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