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A Match Made In Heaven

Description: A shed load of Cas x reader fluff, a wheelbarrow full of Dean fluff and a couple hearty buckets of Sam fluff. Soulmate!AU. The reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister, she’s no stranger to hunting but by chance had never met Castiel. Just a pile of cheesy, feel good fluff!
Words: 3,245
Warnings: None!
Author’s Note: For  @spn-turtle-67 - The first of my two soul mate requestees. Hope you enjoy it - I loved writing it!!

They say soul mates are like a mirror. A person who reflects you for every flaw or quirk, matching and contrasting you in all the right ways to form a whole image. Raw, unedited and beautiful in composition, though to an outsider it may seem average, to those involved nothing could be more perfect.

The idea always fascinated you, it wasn’t common but it wasn’t unheard of either. You’d seen the reality shows of people searching for their match and the con men claiming they could find you the “one”. It was all tat, the concept was there but but the ones that stuck with you were the few you’d spoken to out in the real world. The elderly husband and wife on the morning train, still joking and winding each other up as if they were teenagers experiencing a relationship for the first time. Rose and James, the owners of the café nearest your house might not run the most fine dining establishment but the enthusiasm they shared for life simply oozed into the place. Even the two old boys in the local bar, they would talk over a whiskey all night, but when the sun rose and they’d pick up their newspaper, they could often be seen in the day sitting in the park putting the world to rights.

The settled routines these people had wasn’t a level that you’d ever achieve. That was the problem with being a part time hunter. You didn’t exactly hold out much hope for yourself, not that it bothered you much, another trashy film about two soul mates meeting usually gave you all the cheesiness you could handle anyway. It was simply a fascination. You’d told your brothers long ago that you’d never go out seeking yours, as though you were not usually one to go out hunting, you were often dragged in unintentionally sheerly due to the fact of who your brothers were. Winchesters to hunting was like the sun rise - inevitable. sometimes if you distracted yourself enough it felt as if it were delayed, but it always happened. You came to a compromise with Sam and Dean, you lived just two towns over from them, close enough to respond to an emergency but far enough away for a life too. You worked an online job, data inputing, it didn’t pay all that great but it was mobile and so long as you had a wifi connection you could work - and it was certainly more moral than credit card fraud.

Lately however they had been needing your help more and more, something had been going down in the past three weeks. You enjoyed spending the extra time with your brothers and you’d do anything for them, just as they would (and have) for you, so you enjoyed the extra time together. There were probably better family bonding experiences but sometimes you have to take what you’re given, and today that meant another long car ride to meet a friend of theirs.

“Hey Dean, have you seen my swiss army knife?” You said, frantically tearing through your bag. You’d all stopped over for the night in a motel but it was time to hit the road again, at least it would be as soon as you were sure you had all your things. “I could have sworn that I packed it in here but it doesn’t seem to be in here.”

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Road Trip (Part 1) - Flight - (Reader x Avengers)
Word Count: 529
A/N:  I couldn’t let the idea go, so I had to hint.

You tried not to fall asleep during the ride in the Quinjet to Clint’s farm. Bucky had become increasingly anxious the closer your time to departure came. This morning you had been up extra early to visit him one last time and assure him that two days was not a long time at all. Two days, only one night. It would be fine.

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Work in Progress

Chuck is a sort of, kind of genius.

Raleigh is smitten.

Raleigh liked to think that the years spent on the wall weren’t a complete waste. He would never feature on home improvement channels but he was handy with duct tape, he could fix a leaky faucet and finish a drywall with his two hands. But he stared woefully down at the wreck at his feet of what used to be his Walkman before it went spinning out of his hands into the nebulous beyond the moment a harried ground crew collided into him.

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Save Me Now

A/N: I wanted to try my hand at aDark!Emma piece and I decided to run with the idea of not using TLK to “bring her back”.  So I give you this feelsy mess of Killian trying to save his lady love.

Shout out to euphoric-melancholyy, for her unrelenting support with this piece.

Inspired by this quote (From Grey’s Anatomy):

“If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it’ll burn your life to the ground. You say it and you say it loud.“

He’s been drawn to her since the day they met, drawn to the fire that burns deep within her. Like a moth to a flame, he’s followed and fought for her – with her- since the day he turned his ship around. The way her eyes sparkle when she smiles, when she laughs. The way she seems to make his skin buzz whenever she’s near, whenever she kisses him. But now, now her eyes are as dark and deep as the sea he left behind. Her magic as red as the blood that runs through his veins.

He doesn’t feel the pain that shoots through his ribcage; he doesn’t feel anything by the love he has for her and the agony of seeing her this way. His eyes are focused on the grip she has on the Queen, on the words she’s spouting out – words he knows she doesn’t mean. Words and anger fueled by the darkness that’s consumed her light.

“Darling, please, let her go. This isn’t you.”

“You don’t know that.” It doesn’t seem possible for her eyes to grow darker, but they do. Her smile is cynical and dangerous. It’s not the smile he’s come to love and cherish.

“Swan, I know you better than I know myself.” He sees her roll her eyes and his words to Belle ring in his ears. Love is a weapon. It’s as dangerous and persuasive as magic. And he knows exactly what he has to do. “Would you like me to prove it to you? Because I will, love.”

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