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Five things Marcus wants to do when he sees Abby again

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1. Hug her.

The first thing that happens between them when the group from the island arrives is the one thing he has wanted above all else.

Abby, in his arms, at last.

He almost staggers with the force of it when she rushes to him and her body collides with his. He marvels all over again at how small she is as her head tucks neatly under his chin, but her strength has always far surpassed her stature and her arms wrap just as tight around him as his do around her. And then they just hold each other for a long, precious moment while everything else fades away around them - the noise, the people, the end of the world.

He hears her whisper, almost to herself, “I needed this.”

He kisses her hair and clutches her a little closer and tells her, “I needed you.”

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denielapple  asked:

Au, hybrid!Klaus meets dragon!caroline in Aspen, she hates the cold, bed sharing happens

I did not get to the bed sharing, sorry! Otherwise this would have gotten l o n g.

Under Night Sky

There were few things that annoyed Caroline more than tourists. Aspen, her current home base, was lousy with them this time of year. They polluted the restaurants, the bars, every single shop in town. She supposed it was good for the economy and she didn’t begrudge her neighbors the profits but that didn’t stop her from being irritated by it. Even worse was that they were all over her mountain. Humans were everywhere, from sunrise to sunset – with a few stragglers who liked skiing in the dark - severely limiting her opportunities to change and stretch her wings.

She was constantly restless, unable to focus, her skin itchy and tight. Even now, curled up in her favorite chair by a fire with a truly excellent smutty novel, she’s cranky. The recent dip in temperature and increase in frigid winds only shortened her already fraying temper.

Seriously, the next drunk frat boy who tossed her a terrible line and expected his stunning wit to earn him a VIP pass into her pants might just get eaten.

Caroline took comfort in the fact that the busy season was almost over. She’d have a couple months to breathe before the summer rush began. That one was always more tolerable because at least she wasn’t cold in addition to being crowded.

She tosses her book aside in frustration, having realized that she’s been reading the same page over and over again. She’d just been getting to the good stuff and it deserves her full attention. A quick glance out the window shows the sun just beginning to set, faint wisps or pink and orange streaking the sky. She usually makes herself wait until it’s fully dark before setting out but maybe, just this one time, it won’t hurt to go a little early. It was a record low for February, surely most of the tourists had called it an early day, were tucked into lodges and cabins with hot chocolate or wine.

She’ll just drive slowly, Caroline decides, standing up and stretching out her stiff limbs. By the time she gets to her spot it’ll be fine. Deserted and private, just her and the night sky.

Later, Caroline will wonder if the decision to break her routine was among the best, or one of the worst, she’s made in her very long life.

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So.. I’ve had this thing sitting around for Months, and never really felt like posting it. The Animation itself belongs to the talented 2MKcreations, who you can check out over here.

As for the lines, I spliced up some of my “Old” Damian lines, I have almost every single line for him in recording, but most of it is incredibly old, and I NEED to Re-Record. I guess I was pretty embarrassed with my performance, and nervous… reason why I didn’t post it until now.~

I hope I can manage to at least land the part of Damian for the Motion Comic… Iduknow, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :I

Damian belongs to vivzie-pop

FUN FACT!~ I cried at the end a little bit by accident, got a little too into it there.

For When You Wake Up

The idea for this one-shot came to me when I saw the promotional stills for next week’s episode.  My husband often works nights, and it’s not usual that we only get to interact a few minutes a day or that we go a couple of days without seeing one another, and yet, I never feel alone as long as I know he’s nearby and I can call him or leave him a message.  So part of this draws from that.  Apologies if it’s drivel; I dashed it off in what little spare time I had today at work.  Hope you enjoy.

Find it on AO3.

Summary: After they discover the nature of the Evil Queen’s new sleeping curse, Snow finds a way to keep her hope alive.  (Snowing one-shot.  Post 6.07.  Rated G.)

It’s a strange thing to get used to – only being awake while your other half is sleeping.  But they figure it out, and it’s a lot better than the alternative.  

At least they’re still alive.  At least they’re not lost, not separated by space or time.  They know what they’re dealing with.  And despite what the Evil Queen might have hoped, they’ve been through worse, Snow thinks grimly as they get David back to the loft and they settle him into their bed.  She’s sad and angry, of course, but she decides, after being reminded today, that she doesn’t have to give in those emotions.  She has a Prince who believes in her.  

She gets Neal back from Granny and feeds him a bottle as her family gathers around their table and comes up with a game plan.  Having her son in her arms, gazing into his little face as he blinks at her sleepily and feeling his tiny fingers curl around hers brings her immeasurable comfort after the day’s dramatic events and renews her determination to be strong.

They’ll have to rely a little more heavily on Granny, Ashley, Aurora, and the fairies to look after Neal now that he’ll be one parent down, but the ladies are more than happy to help.  Snow and Emma outline a rough sleep/wake schedule to try to accommodate both her job and David’s, with Emma covering for David and Jasmine covering for her a few days a week.  Snow makes a plan to cook meals ahead of time for him.  She knows her husband is perfectly capable of feeding himself, but it makes her feel better to still be doing something to look after him, to be giving him something of herself even though they can’t be present at the same time.  And then she gets another idea.

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Number One Fan (AU Louis Tomlinson One Shot)

(AU Soccer Louis One Shot) 

Word Count: 2092 

The lights in the empty locker room flickered as the roaring outside the heavy white doors increased in volume. The rest of the team had headed out to the field at least five minutes ago, but Louis had opted to stay behind for a few moments, to rid his head of the whirl wind of thoughts clouding his mind that was supposed to be only on the game ahead. 

It was the biggest game of his career so far, without a doubt. With the win last week, the standings had fell at a tie, and with one game left in the season (that just happened to be between the two teams with the exact same record) it would determine the over all champion of the league.

So Louis was nervous. To say the least.

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No Matter
Chris/Darren, 1.5k, PG

Because lovetheblazer and raspberryblainers reallllly wanted Paris fic, and I am weak. 

There reaches a point where Darren feels so full of contradicting emotions that he actually thinks he’ll crack from it. In a heartbeat he can go from confident, ready to surf the forward momentum of his life, to shaken with what he’s walking away from. He has to swallow against the sadness of all the faces he won’t be seeing every day, because he knows how much that sucks. He’s done it before - leaving high school, leaving college. He’s walked away from a time and a place that made him happy, lured by the mystery of what might be out there that’s a little bit better, and he’s learned how okay that can really be.

Standing still wouldn’t do any good, not when the people surrounding you aren’t living static lives either. No one wants to be the last person left in a room filled with ghosting memories.

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shingeki-no-survivors  asked:

The gangsey going to see Hamilton as a request?

Oh man this was silly and fun! They don’t actually get around to seeing it, in this, but they’re on their way. I hope you like!

“I got Ganseyboy his birthday present,” announces Henry, barging into Monmouth one day. Somehow the aftermath of the fundraiser had ended up with Monmouth in Gansey’s possession again, and so the three of them were taking a break from the road to plot out the next step of their travels, taking advantage of Gansey’s collection of maps, papering the walls with them as they drew lines across the world.

“It’s not his birthday,” Blue reminds him, not looking up from her book on hikes in Chile. They’re here for a week at least, because Adam finishes his first year of university today, and tomorrow they’re going to drive out to get him and help bring him and his stuff back to… the Barns, she supposes. Surely even Adam’s pride would bend for this, because renting a room just for the summer would be silly, what with Ronan’s farm and Monmouth both having enough space to easily fold him into their halls for a few months.

“Yeah, but I missed his last birthday, so I’m making up for it.”

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Big Brother Bart


Colon embraces big brother, mentor role in time with the Mets

In the corner of the team’s locker room, Bartolo Colón sits on a folding chair. It may be the four young starters who make headlines, but it’s Colón sitting in the back with a group of young players surrounding him, who is the guiding force for the Mets’ youthful staff.

With an 18-year career and 218 wins under his belt, Colón has become a mentor  - a big brother of sorts - for many of the players in the clubhouse.  Being available to lend an ear is always a priority for Colón as he recalls how important it was for him to have even just one person to lean on at the beginning of his career.

“I didn’t really have that sort of help when I was starting out,” Colón said. “Back in those days there were fewer Latinos or maybe there were just as many Latinos but in those days I don’t think as many of them knew English as well as the Latinos today do.”

“In Cleveland, the person who was there for me a lot was a Puerto Rican, Luis Isaac, he was a coach. He really helped me a lot, a lot. As far as I was concerned, that was my pitching coach in Cleveland.”

While his teammates dote on him and the effort he puts into helping them, Colón admits that spending so much time around all the young, talented pitchers probably helps to keep him young too.

“I feel very happy and very proud that my teammates speak so highly of me, that they give me merit for helping them,” added Colón. “As long as I’m playing I will always continue to help these guys.”

His mentoring of the pitchers doesn’t just limit itself to the clubhouse or during the season. This offseason, Hansel Robles stayed over in Colón’s hometown of Altamira, in the Dominican Republic, and the two worked out a lot at the field. Colón himself worked out every day, Monday through Friday.

“We started out with 20 guys,” Colón explained. “By the end of it, there were just three of us but it was fun and, because of it, I feel like I came into spring training much more prepared.”

Any young player would be wise to take in all they can from Colón. With all the years of experience, it certainly seems as if Colón has figured out more than one secret to being able to last in the game for so long. Mets bullpen coach Ricky Bones attributes Colón’s incredible flexibility, amongst others, as one of the key components to his long-lasting career.

“The experience, the wisdom that he has of the game and his routine, the day-to-day preparation and the way he prepares for each start and the durability that he has had in the game is what makes everybody follow him and admire him,” Bones said.

“To get to his age and to be as flexible as he is, being in shape, despite everyone seeing him as a person who is a little fuller. That’s what’s deceiving about him because he is a person that is prepared every day and he works hard. Physically he is in better shape than many of the people who look physically fit.”

Colón confesses that changing his entire pitching style from his earlier years has also played an important role in his longevity. With age, Colón had to shift his pitching style from someone who threw with power to someone who instead throws with finesse. He credits current Pittsburgh Pirates catcher, Francisco Cervelli with helping him make the change when they had a brief stint together with the Yankees.

“There was a game I pitched in Anaheim and Cervelli said to me ‘let yourself go and let me guide you today and look only at the batters’ feet’,” recalled Colón. “That’s when I started to change everything, my whole style of pitching, because I started noticing the batters’ feet.”

“They would wait until after the first two strikes and then step in a little more to try and hit my two-seamer. The righties they step in a little more because my sinker is a little more on the outside.”

It’s these type of adjustments that have allowed Colón to pitch effectively. Over the last two seasons, Colón has averaged nearly 200-innings per season (397.0 combined innings) and collected 29 wins. Dating back to 2012, Colón has recorded at least 10 wins per season after not having a double-digit win season from 2006-2011. He’s now one win behind Pedro Martinez for second-most by a Dominican-born pitcher (Juan Marichal holds the record with 243).

So while he’s turning 43 on May 24, Colón is showing no signs of slowing down and is redefining the adage that age is just a number. He remains humble about his long-lasting success and insists that he just considers himself fortunate to be able to continue playing the game he loves with the teammates he calls family.

“The thought of retiring crosses my mind, but as soon as the offseason comes, I can’t wait to get back to my job and be with my teammates because they are my family.”  

With the regular season upon us, Big Brother Bart and his family are ready to get to work. 



Okay so I knew that Teen Top was coming at 6:00 pm but since I didn’t know how many people were actually going to be there I decided to go pretty early. So I woke up at around 9 am, got ready, and headed out at around 11 am because that was when the Korean Culture & Tourism Festival began. So I got to Times Square at around 11:30 am and after getting lost–don’t ask–I found the venue and was able to get into the front row!!!!! 

There were a lot of different performances there like the K Tigers–you have to look them up they were amazing–which are a Korean Taekwondo/dance group, the Class which is a dance group that dances to a lot of Korean music, and some traditional music as well. But of course everyone was waiting for the main act: Teen Top!

At least we were told that Teen Top was going to get there at 4:00-4:30 but they kept delaying the time until 6:00 when, finally, TEEN TOP ARRIVED!! I recorded the whole performance and I’ll try to upload it soon!! 


I also met a lot of cool people and talked to a lot of Angels so it was definitely fun interacting with them. Also I would like to thank 6 Teens on Top for the BEAUTIFUL banners they made!!