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Just shows fandom entitlement once more that people are mistrusting the fan pic because *gasps* fans were respectful and didn't post the pictures of Eleanor 'immediately' because they recognised it wasn't public knowledge that the two were at the very least hanging out again. Newsflash people being polite =\= shady behaviour 🙄 !

in the one direction fandom??? NO FUCKING WAY. yeah, it is actually possible for people to not blab their big fucking mouths about everything they’ve seen or know. wild, isn’t it????



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Undesirable // Part Five

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My Writing // Ao3

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After he closed the door on Potter, Draco grumbled under his breath all the way to his bathroom, where he had to start getting ready for work. He just couldn’t believe that Potter would have the audacity to show up there. Well, actually, he could believe it, because if there was anyone more stubborn than himself, it was Harry Potter. But he thought that he would at least respect Draco’s wishes of leaving him alone. He didn’t imagine Potter to be the kind to intrude in people’s person business. Apparently, though, he was wrong. Draco had a feeling that this would not be the end of his troubles with sodding Harry Potter.

Draco stared at himself in the mirror, something he normally did which only caused his self-loathing to increase. But this time he was just looking to try to figure out how to cover up his black eye and bruised cheek. After about twenty minutes of spells, he just gave up. He had to get to work, and he realized that there probably wouldn’t be anyone who cared enough about him to ask what had happened anyway.

He left his flat and headed to an old, slightly run down bar in Knockturn Alley, where he was a bartender. He didn’t want to work there. Honestly, it was probably one of the last places he would ever want to work, but they were the only place that would hire him. He was actually kind of surprised he even got hired there because Knockturn Alley isn’t the place it used to be before the war. It was still pretty sketchy, and a lot of strange people hung around there, but it was no longer a place designated for dark witches and wizards. The only reason it wasn’t as nice as Diagon Alley now was because no one wanted to put forth the effort or money to fix it up.

Draco arrived to his job and greeted his boss who he hated with every fiber of his being. His boss treated him like dirt and has yet to show Draco even the smallest amount of respect, even though Draco was the best employee there.

“What happened to you?” His boss asked with his face twisted up half in disgust and half of what Draco thought looked like he wanted to laugh at him.

Draco fought not to roll his eyes.

“Nothing,” he muttered and took up his post behind the bar.

Business was pretty slow, to Draco’s relief. Normally he hated slow days because he felt like he was there forever. But today it was okay because anything was better than sitting alone with his thoughts.

However, when someone finally walked in about an hour into Draco’s shift, he wanted to go hide in the back room. He stared with one wide eye as Thomas, the one who had done this to him, approached the bar with a sickly sweet, almost sadistic smile.

“Fancy seeing you here.”

Draco stepped back, wanting to get as far away from him as possible.

“What happened to that pretty face of yours? It doesn’t look so pretty anymore.” The man smirked at Draco, who felt tears form in his eyes.

He willed himself not to cry. He was already embarrassed enough to be seen in the condition he was in. He couldn’t cry. He couldn’t.

Just wait until you get home. Just wait until you get home. You can cry all you want once you’re there. But just wait.

Draco intended to ignore the comment and just ask Thomas if he wanted anything to drink, but he didn’t even have to do that.

“Are you the one who did that to him?” Someone, who must have walked in when Draco’s attention was on Thomas, asked.

“Yeah, I did. And I did a damn good job, huh?” Thomas said with a proud chuckle and then turned to see who had spoken to him.

Both his and Draco’s mouths dropped open when they saw a furious-looking Harry Potter standing at the door.

“Get out. Now,” Harry forced out between gritted teeth.

“What? You’re supposed to-”

“I said out!” Harry bellowed.

Draco was taken aback. He had never seen Potter so angry.

Thomas hurried out of the bar.

“Draco, are you okay?”

Draco just stared at him.

“W-What are you doing here?” He asked, slightly embarrassed, and tears still threatening to fall from his eyes.

“I came to talk to you.”

“I told you that I didn’t want to talk.” Draco meant to sound angry, even menacing, but it didn’t come out that way. His voice cracked, and a few tears spilled from his eyes.

He didn’t even know why he was crying now. It wasn’t because of Thomas anymore. He just…he couldn’t believe that someone had just stood up for him. Nobody had ever done that for him, at least not after the war, anyway. They would always just let Draco endure the mistreatment, perhaps even laugh and contribute to it. So this had been unexpected, to say the least. And it simply reminded him of how hated he was by everyone. Except Potter, apparently. But Draco still had his suspicions about Harry. He was sure that he couldn’t simply be helping him with the sole intention of being nice. There had to be something he wanted, some kind of catch.


“Potter, please…I-I…”

Harry hurried around to Draco’s side of the bar and enveloped him in a hug.

“It’s okay,” he comforted.

Draco immediately tensed up when Harry touched him, and tried to push him away, but Harry was stronger.

“Please let me go,” Draco said quietly, almost inaudibly, but Harry heard him and did as Draco had asked.

Draco went to rub the tears from his eyes, but then whimpered in pain when he touched his swollen eye, momentarily forgetting about it.

“Hey, be careful,” Harry murmured and gently grabbed Draco’s hand to pull it away from his face.

“S-Stop touching me, Potter!”

Draco roughly pulled his hand away and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Draco, I’m-”

“Just trying to help. Yeah. I know. But why, Potter? Why are you being so nice to me? What do you want?”

Harry quickly shook his head.

“All I want is for you to stop being so unhappy.”

“I’m fine.”

Harry snorted.

“You are not fine! Anyone with eyes could see that. You’re sad. You’re suffering. Why won’t you let me help you?!”

“You just show up out of the blue, on a particularly inconvenient night, and all of the sudden just want to help me. I haven’t talked to you or even seen you in years, Potter, so excuse me if I don’t so readily accept your help.”

“Okay, okay. I get it. How about we start out slow.”

Draco raised an eyebrow at him.

“We can go get coffee, or tea, whichever you prefer. We can go tomorrow, if you’d like.”

Draco’s heart sped up.

“What, like a…like a date?” He said the word date with a bitter aftertaste.

Draco finally understood what it was Harry wanted. He was just like all the others. He just wanted sex, but he was going about it a different way than the others. He just wasn’t being so blunt about it.

Harry chuckled at first, but then noticed how much more defensive Draco seemed to get.

“I mean it could be. But I was thinking more just two…friends grabbing some coffee.”

Friends. Draco liked the sound of that, of having a friends, someone who cared about him, but he didn’t know what to do. This all was so weird, and Potter was confusing him. Was he just using Draco to get into his pants, acting kind so Draco would be easy, as if he wasn’t already? Or was he being genuine?

Draco just looked at Harry, unsure of what to say, so Harry continued.

“We don’t have to talk about any of…this,” Harry said and gestured between the two of them, referring to everything that had happened over the past twenty-four hours. “Like I said, just two friends, having friendly conversation about whatever you want. Please?”


He decided that getting coffee with Potter couldn’t result in anything too awful. At least he hoped. If things seemed off, he could just end the date-no, not a date-just end it, whatever it was, right there.

“Really?” Harry asked, surprised.

He really hadn’t been expecting Draco to agree so quickly. He thought he would’ve had to show up to his flat and workplace at least a dozen more times. That was just more evidence that Draco was not himself.

Draco simply nodded, a light blush dusting his cheeks, causing Harry to grin.

“Great! How about noon? Is that okay?”

“That’s fine.”

Harry nodded and quickly wrote down the address of his favorite coffee shop on a slip of paper. He handed it to Draco, and their fingers brushed together. Draco felt sparks go through his fingers and up his arm. Harry felt a nice, comforting warmth.

“Bye, Draco! I’ll see tomorrow!” Harry said cheerily before he headed out the door.

“Bye…Harry,” Draco whispered quietly to no one.

Maybe Harry didn’t mean any harm. Maybe he really did just want to help. But Draco then remembered the few previous people who had tried getting him into bed through kindness, and it always ended just as awfully as all the others. He wasn’t going to open up to Harry. He wasn’t. Nobody needed to know about him, about his life. Despite this though, all Draco could think of was allowing Harry in, allowing Harry to help him, allowing Harry to make him happier. He tried to shake these thoughts from his head but he just couldn’t.

After work, Draco decided that what he needed to get Harry off of his mind was a good shag. He didn’t get the one that he had planned with Thomas, so it was definitely due. He quickly went home after work to change and then headed to the local club, where he could find someone who might make him feel like he’s not completely worthless for a few hours.

This one is more serious than my usual webcomics. My faith is a big part of who I am so I thought I’d experiment a bit with trying to present a Christian message in a way that is (hopefully) thoughtful, respectful, and non-pushy, yet still fun to read. I might lay a big goose egg but at least I wanted to try.

Next time I’ll be back to posting jokes but every now and then I may mix in something like this between the funny stuff.

Let me know what you think.


Because I said I personally believe in respecting the flag and what it stands for, apparently that means I respect the flag more than human lives and believe anyone who doesn’t treat the flag with proper etiquette should be burned at the stake. At least according to some of the responses I got from that post.

So I’m going to be honest with you guys:

I haven’t been a very active member of the hamilton fandom recently because I’m a little tired of the lack of respect and understanding that a lot of fans seem to exhibit. Now, I want to be clear: I’m not pointing fingers, this is by no means aimed at anybody in particular, it’s just an underlying issue that I think we’ve all witnessed at least once. People now-a-days believe that if somebody does/says something that they don’t like, they’re automatically allowed to berate them for it. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. And in a way, they’re right, they are completely allowed to give their opinions. But there’s a MASSIVE difference in giving your opinion…and enforcing your own personal law. 

I don’t believe in fighting fire with fire, because even a child knows that all that does is make an even bigger fire. I believe that people can disagree and still be civil to one another. I believe that all human beings deserve respect on at least the most basic level. I DON’T believe that it’s okay to wish death on anybody, I DON’T believe that a worthy cause gives you the right to be cruel, and I definitely DO NOT believe that hatred of another human is ever justified. Justice and hate are not the same thing, and love does not always imply total agreement. Love can disagree, love can correct, love can support a person without supporting all their decisions.

If I’m going to model my life after a Hamilton, better to be an Eliza than an Alexander. That is my belief.

And if you don’t believe the same thing, if you think I sound stupid for saying this, if you are reading this and going “what an ignorant b****”, then guess what?

You also have that right. And I wish you the best in your life, however you should choose to live it.
Thank you for reading, God bless.

How to de-escalate any argument and transform it into a discussion.

This is so obvious, but I’m posting it because I never see it used.

Odds are your “opponent” in an argument will say at least one good counter to your stance. Tell them, “that’s a good point.” And think about it.

If they use your contemplative silence to expand on their good point, you now have more time to expand on your point of view.

Rinse and repeat.

You now are no longer arguing to be right, but are together on the path to truth! Also, mutual respect often will occur.

it bothers me so fucking much that kakuzu and hidan turned up for 15 episodes and then died, while everyone else in akatsuki either gets more screen time and interaction with each other, or is just more fleshed out. like at least you learn about sasori’s past, and the info he gives sakura moves the plot along a lot and makes him essential to the story. hidan and kakuzu basically exist to kill asuma and be naruto’s first subject for his new technique, respectively. and we know nothing about them! we don’t get to see their backstories, we don’t get to know anything about them beyond “this one is loud and vulgar and in a cult and this one is quiet and angry and only likes money”. i mean hidan’s village only even exists as his former village; we never see or hear about it again. and kakuzu! is 90 years old! he fought the first hokage! there is so much potential there! there’s teasing at the potential in their relationship. 

we get the conclusions, the established facts: they’re partnered because kakuzu can’t kill hidan like he has his previous partners; kakuzu and hidan fight a lot and threaten to kill each other, but never actually get into extreme, heated conflict on screen; they work so well as a team that master-tactician shikamaru believed they could only be defeated if they were separated; hidan bothered kakuzu for attention; kakuzu picked up hidan’s forehead protector and returned it to him after he was decapitated. but we never get to know why! all of these things point to them actually liking each other and having some sort of friendly relationship, despite personality conflicts. but we’ll never know! because they’re dead! 

and it’s very annoying to me!

chuunikun replied to your post “@chuunikun replied to your post “is it bad that i’m afraid to watch…”

lol but seriously, the anime would be more popular if they hadn’t done that to Mikleo and if they had given us more Sormik (besides not destroying the plot and characters) but I guess they don’t care or respect ToZ enough to do that. Ufotable played themselves and us fans have to see this mess and pray the ending won’t erase Sormik at least. Just thinking about this anime makes me wish I could go to sleep for a few centuries, and maybe wake up to a beautiful boyfriend.

Yeah, the anime would be more popular if they hadn’t sidelined Mikleo and I still laugh at how he’s so prominently featured in all the merch.  Like, really, ufotable, you like the money his merch brings but you won’t give him the screen time, like wtf.  I think a lot of us were expecting cuts given how heavily they were going to have to condense the story, but to change it so it’s not even recognizable as Tales of Zestiria (at this point) wasn’t what we were expecting.

At this point, I’m hoping they won’t erase SoreMiku especially since we have Berseria pretty much confirming them via the True Names skit (I swear, I’ll need to pay attention for when it comes up and record it for posterity).  That said, it’s not going to change much for me what the anime does - I already write all my fics and meta posts off of the game as canon as it is, lol.

And in case it bears saying again for my anime-only followers - go watch a Let’s Play of the game.  There’s a few on YouTube at this point, and it’s such a good telling of the story - the difference is literally night and day.

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That post about phalloplasty Hog respecting Rat's decision made me cry I'm so happy there are more people out there who are okay with that. So many people I know think a person isn't "really trans" unless they have every intention of getting/have had bottom surgery so me not intending to get it is. Uncomfortable. To say the least. But I love and respect Hog so much so even a headcanon like that helps my damn soul. Love you Spence

I love you too!!!!!!! I’m glad I could write smth to help you out omg,, im in the same position as you so never let anyone tell you not wanting a surgery makes you any less 💕 roadhog is the most powerful trans man I know and he respects everyone’s gender

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but your post about Vexen & Demyx being first to die in their respective games seems to have a glaring flaw. You can't battle Demyx in Hollow Bastion until later in the game, but Xaldin dies in Beast's Castle, a world you can access much earlier.

Yes but Xaldin can’t die til after Demyx has because Xaldin dies during the second visit to Beast’s Castle which can only happen after the War of Hollow Bastion (which is where you fight and kill Demyx). So plot wise, yes Demyx is the first to die. 

Rating: T

Chapters: 22/?

Fic summary: Things are instantly sour between experienced homicide detective Raymond Reddington and the unit’s newest recruit, Elizabeth Keen. He resents being partnered with someone so new and inexperienced, and she dislikes his constant sarcastic remarks and uncooperative attitude. When they’re given a routine case that rapidly turns strange, they learn that they must at least be able to tolerate each other in order to solve the murder. However, as they work closely together, their toleration gives way to mutual respect and perhaps something more.

Chapter preview:

She’d expected silence most of all—a cold shoulder, a tense jaw, and then maybe a “thank you” a few hours later after he had time to process her words. But not an embrace. That was the last thing she’d expected.

Posted on AO3.

ive been wanting to make a post about this for a while but im tired of the way authors, artists, and fandom have always treated traumatized men w more compassion and respect than traumatized women

i can list off at least half a dozen examples of this even just from fandoms i’ve been a part of myself

like, shinji ikari is a precious cinnamon roll but asuka soryu-langley is a bitch. zuko is a redeemable and good but azula is insane and unsalvageable. gamzee makara and eridan ampora are victims and forgivable but vriska serket is problematic and unlovable. y'all won’t even give lapis lazuli a fucking break and she doesn’t even have male counterparts

it boils down to the fact that traumatized women/girls – both irl and in fiction – are treated as burdensome and melodramatic and “baggage”. there is no empathy for traumatized & mentally ill girls the way there is for traumatized & mentally ill boys.

the stories of broken women are not marketable, they are not popular, they are not appealing to nearly as wide of an audience as broken men

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okay so i dunno if you're still taking prompts but kay + sebastians Cursed waluigi doll, the version thats probably possessed by the souls of the damned probably.

WALUIGI DISCOURSE IS ALIVE AND WELL canonverse because waluigi is canon™

Kay loves prosecutor waluigi unironically. She has recognized that he’s as much a member of the Weird Family as she is and she, as a dedicated and determined carrier of a promise notebook, is determined to respect it.

Literally the first thing that her and seb did in his New Office is erect a tiny shrine for prosecutor waluigi. they do it in the least echo-y corner of the room because the Whispers sometimes have useful commentary but more often just bicker amongst themselves.

Kay sends Lang one (1) Cursed Image a day. He posts them on his Cryptid Blog (which, in itself, is just blurry pictures of people doing Weird Things and leaking jugs of milk in places they shouldn’t be timestamped from the 1700s.)

Sebastian doesn’t favor it in particular but edgeworth thinks he likes Smooth Jazz- That’s the collective of prosecutor waluigi. it comes with godot’s badge, leading into the next point:

Sebastian uses prosecutor waluigi to save the badges from cases he thinks are really sad but can have a happy ending. Lana, Godot, and what used to be Simon but guess what??? he was right that time. because of Sebestian’s diligence Simon got his exact old badge back. anyway.

kay asked him who’s badge replaced Simon’s and he said he didn’t know. Kay at first assumes it’s one of blaise’s and he’s embarassed but it’s actually Byrne’s. he just doesn’t wanna explain to kay how exactly he came to possess it.

(he; at the tender age of ten; overheard the Story of It and pinched the badge from his dad’s coat because he didn’t think it was nice that not only was the guy dead but blaise was so happy about it.

got byrned bad like shut up pops. sebastian carries this particular badge in his pocket.)

anyway prosecutor waluigi sort of sits on blaise’s Actual Badge most of the time and is ready to Fuck Up anyone who comes for it Lest We Forget The Past, or something.

[kay voice] are we talking about it?
[sebastian voice] nope.
[kay voice] just thinking then. gotcha.

the Souls of the Damned actually really like the kids????? like eternal torment and being generally bound to a waluigi doll isn’t great but theyre nice. they’re like extra(dimensional) grandparents who move stuff around into more convenient arrangements. also they like to scream into vents and steal edgeworth’s keys.

when kay learns That Man is Phoenix Wright her and seb cry laughing. PW. PROSECUTOR WALUIGI.

so eventually this doll gets kind of sloppy in terms of creepiness? like the collective effort of the Souls of the Damned pick it up and move it around and stuff. you know in dishonored when your blink is a lil bit 2 short so you keep canceling the magic and shuffling around?? the Souls are pressing waluigi ass first into a wall so they can reach into Gavin’s office and play with the guitars or something.

kay slaps short ads onto these Cursed Videos and starts rolling in revenue.

……. prompting visits from the local spirit medium and also clay, both Cursed Object Connoisseurs.

[Maya voice, over Gentle But Unsubtle Wailing] I could probably cleanse this energy?
[sebastian voice] why? I like it.
[kay voice] prosecutor waluigi is shaped like a friend
[clay voice] holy shit y'all are my favorite.

anyway Maya does, in fact, do some Spirit Rigging so that regular spirits can like. hang out @ the waluigi doll.

everybody HATES HER for it because now the doll moves itself to different ROOMS just to WATCH PEOPLE and it DOESNT TAKE KINDLY to being handled by people who aren’t kay or sebastian.

(god; u guys; its your passed family in the Twilight Zone trying to reassure you with their presence, jeez.)

anyway kay brings the fucking Smackdown to anyone who insinuates that sebastian is possessed by waluigi or anything because that’s mean and it makes him feel bad.

it got worse when she was trying to encourage seb to grow The Mustache™ so she sort of let that drop. HOWEVER. she did get him a waluigi hat, and herself a pin to match. hashtag fanclub.

[sebastian voice] prosecutor waluigi is nice except for the smooth jazz but everybody has faults and we accept his.

Since some people reblogged this post solely because of the part about the KHR seiyuus, I felt like adding more trivias about their seiyuus. I’m gonna call them by their respective characters just so it doesn’t get confusing (when I say “Gokudera”, I mean “Ichinose Hidekazu/Gokudera’s seiyuu”, etc.). These are all information I’ve gotten on their blogs, wikis, ReboRaji, and ReboCon:

• Mukuro and Byakuran always hang out with each other in cafés. When Byakuran talked about how generous Mukuro was, Reborn got grossed out about how close they were.

• Gokudera’s favorite food is strawberry and his least favorite food is chocolate. On Gokudera’s birthday (and by that I mean the seiyuu’s birthday), Yamamoto surprised him with a strawberry themed birthday party.

• When Mukuro was dubbing KHR for the phrase “My cute little Chrome”, he accidentally said “My little Chrome… CUTE!” and felt like a dangerous pervert.

• Hibari and Lussuria are close friends. Lussuria is the reason why Hibari found a hobby in photography. (Lussuria’s seiyuu also works as a cameraman.)

• Hana’s favorite character is Lambo. She thinks he’s very cute. Oh, the irony.

• Reborn recently got married on June 2015! These are all the KHR casts and staffs that came to her wedding!

She had her first baby on August 2nd, 2015 (nicknamed “Ju-chan” on her blog, “Ju” standing for “Neeko Junior”)  and is currently trying to find a yellow Arcobaleno-like pacifier for her baby.

This is her with Kyoko and her baby <3

• Speaking of Kyoko and marriage, Kyoko got married too! On her wedding day, Haru made a song dedicated to her and performed it at her wedding. Kyoko bursted into tears. (This was based on a promise they made one day when they were dubbing KHR. Haru told Kyoko if she ever got married, she would make a song for her, and she really did.)

• When asked what their dream was, Tsuna and Reborn said they wanted a movie adaption for KHR. They both said it at the same time and were surprised that they had the same wish.

• When Gokudera was asked what kind of girl he liked, he answered “a girl like Haru”.

• Tsuna is known for having some kind of sixth sense. When the KHR casts went to a hotel in Taiwan, she felt a ghost presence and told Mukuro right away. Mukuro didn’t believe her. When he went back to his hotel room right after, Mukuro felt someone knocking on the chair he was sitting on from behind. After that, he was scared of every noise that was made in the hotel.

• Lambo and Reborn agrees that Tsuna has the scariest ghost experiences and won’t even dare to say it in the public. Tsuna just responded with “if you clap your hands or make loud noises, they’ll go away”.

• Gokudera named his dog “Hayato”.

• When Reborn asked what’s the difference between you and your voice acting counterpart, Byakuran said Byakuran is a sadist and he (himself) is a masochist. Mukuro immediately replies with “Are you okay?!”

• Yamamoto is known to be good at KHR voice impersonations. His notable imitations are Reborn, I-Pin, Haru, Kyoko, Lussuria, Tsuna, Lambo, Byakuran, and Gokudera.

• According to Gokudera, when Reborn dyed her hair from pink to green, Kyoko told Reborn “you’ll probably be bald 20 years later from now” with a smile on her face.

• Before getting his role, Skull auditioned to voice for Reborn, Colonello, and Lambo. All with the same Skull voice.