at least this metaphor makes sense

Ehhhhh. Dubiously canon, at best.

Now from what I recall from the EU–Legends, at least–the Empire is a xenophobic… and oddly misogynistic, though maybe that was just them correctly divining that Daala wasn’t shit… organization, who mostly fill their ranks with humans, and humans appear to be the majority inhabitants of the universe for whatever reason. So you could make an argument that human beings, as a whole, are “white” in the Star Wars universe view of race but other alien races are a metaphor for other ethnicities. The most common way for humans to be identified is by ‘world’ or nationality: Corellian, Mandalorian, etc.

Which makes sense, as entire species are shown to be enslaved–the Mon Calamari, the Wookies. Of course, we’re also shown that humans are enslaved in non-Republic space (most famously, Anakin Skywalker) but that’s pre-Empire. Maybe the Empire continues the practice of enslaving humans, maybe they end it in favor of entirely enslaving certain ‘inferior’ species of aliens. (And, of course, droids, but the Republic does that too. And clones, if you think about it.)

Of course, the problem there is that humans–both metaphorically white and also white-white–aren’t treated that well by the Empire. Luke’s family is killed. Leia’s planet is blown up, and it has at least enough white people on it that the royal family is white/Hispanic (is it widely known in the SW universe that Leia is adopted, or is she successfully able to pass as Bail Organa’s daughter? If so, possibly more evidence that the SW universe doesn’t see race as anything other than “Human, Weequay, Twi’lek”). And is it too wild to blame Han’s illegal activities on a downward job market?

Lando is treated shitty by Vader, but that seems par for the course for the Empire, not a discrimination against him based on skin color. After all, being white didn’t seem to help any of the Imperial officers that Vader executed for failing him.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that the Empire isn’t run by a populist, but by a religious minority–the Sith Lords and some would-be apprentices/acolytes, who were arguably oppressed by the Jedi, whose ‘Light Side’ worship of the Force was damned close to a state religion in the Old Republic (can you imagine the United States sending two Catholic priests to resolve a trade dispute?). For them to be comparable to the KKK or whatever, wouldn’t the Sith have to be more an entrenched, ‘old boys’ network’ sorta thing, rather than revolutionaries who have performed a very recent coup? I’d argue they’re more comparable to the USSR, especially in their abolishing of all teachings about the Force (to the point where their own officers mock and disrespect it) and ‘un-peopling’ the Jedi.

And if you’re making some kind of anti-Trump point with this, he seems way more like Borsk Fey'lya than Emperor Palpatine or any other Dark Lord of the Sith. Or maybe the Jar-Jar Binks to Putin’s Senator Palpatine.

the pontifex and the pea(s).

The Bro Squad™ (or three of them at least) pull a prank on the Pontifex and his girlfriend. It goes about as well as you think it will. Because @cindersart​ wanted some bros and shenanigans <3

‘What do you mean, Frank chickened out? Like—literally or?’

'No, I mean, he didn’t want to do this with us. Which makes him a chicken in the grand metaphorical sense.’

Nico, bored already, makes an impatient noise. He was enjoying a perfectly peaceful walk with a friend before Percy and Leo had so unceremoniously hauled him away. Whether or not Solace had been worried for the duo or Nico, it was unclear. It may have just been alarm at being suddenly left behind in the garden of Bacchus on his first trip to New Rome. With a little twinge of regret at how he’d been grabbed and yanked off in the middle of a very engaging conversation, Nico begins to question why they’re here at all. Percy and Leo resume their gabbling in hushed tones, both with glaring slap marks on their shoulders and arms from where Nico had shaken off their grip.

Point one for the boy with the bony hands and an ever increasing dislike of being manhandled.

'Why would he just back out?’

'He has common sense,’ Nico offers. He doesn’t blame Frank in the slightest. They get a few days in New Rome every month or so, and this is their plan for the trip? 'Or maybe he has important Praetor business. I have a meeting with the senate later, too. He might be preparing for it.’

Leo shakes his head, pouting, and hands Nico a grease stained note. He recognizes the writing. It reads:
“Please excuse Frank from your usual fuckery today, he has a strong case of the Moral Objections that can’t be cured. Or as Hazel diagnosed it: an allergy to Leo’s ideas. Signed, Praetor Ramírez-Arellano.”

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Talks #1

“You look like shit”
Cause I feel like shit.
“Want to talk about it?”
Not particularly…
My days haven’t being the best ones
“Rock bottom?”
If possible, even lower
“Well, at least you have a ground to jump back up”
Not helping…
“But think about it”
Yeah, sure
Things aren’t easy
and I feel like shit
but at least I made sense of a metaphor!
“Sarcasm won’t bring it back”
At least it makes me better.
“Does it?
I see you losing it;

“You’re sleeping less and less;
losing weight, being angry 24/7,
Very close to a breakdown”
Kinda of hard to breakdown when there is nothing to break
“You get my point, dumbass”
But what else can I do?
I’m not the best in changing
And I certainly ain’t the fucking good to all changing in one single moment…
All I manage to do is being apathic or angry at stuff,
so I prefer to suffer in silence
taking in all.
“And you know that you’re wrong, don’t you?
You’re a fucking human being,
Feeling and letting it out is part of it
Don’t try to suppress it”
What if I let it all out and fuck everything up?
What if I can’t control it and end up worst?
What if…
“What if you just let it go?
Let it be?”
What to do then?
“Move on”

3. Name three favorite writers

  • @walkerbaby could probably combine all my least favorite things in a fic and still make me love every single word
  • @iniquiticity‘s writing is Beautiful, their world building is amazing, and their use of metaphors and language make my cry because it’s so awe inspiring
  • @thellamaduo puts so much thought into every thing they’ve ever written? and the finished product just makes so much sense and works so well?? i’m???

4. Name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

  • @lol-phan-af has to be mentioned, I mean, 177(6) was definitely influenced by 1-800. I wasn’t intending on making it a chat-fic, but i loved 1-800 so much I kinda though, you know, why not? And so it was born
  • @writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle kinda influenced me in the type of stories i’ve taken on recently? Like, mine are Nowhere near their level, but something about their fics kinda made me want to go “i wanna try my hand at something full length” A fic being incomplete always terrified me because I had never really finished anything before, so like,,, 
  • @walkerbaby is going to be mentioned again because her fic is the one I’ve kinda read and been like, ‘huh, so That’s how dialogue works”

5. Since how long do you write?

  • I’ve probably been writing fanfic since I was 11 or 12 (i’m 19 now), and that’s definitely when I started to Write. I took creative writing classes when I was like 7 and 8, but I don’t think those really did that much lmao
How to Develop the Craft of Writing
  1. Use simple, declarative sentences.
  2. Avoid passive voice.
  3. Limit your use of adjectives and adverbs.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Cut the crap.
  6. Don’t overwrite.
  7. Go easy on descriptive narrative (settings, people, etc.).
  8. Re-examine every word that’s three syllables or longer and see whether it could be replaced by a simpler word.
  9. If you have a sense of where you want your piece to wind up, start there instead and see what happens.
  10. Avoid these three weak words – unless absolutely necessary: Ifs, Buts, and Can’ts.
  11. Never rescue your hero.
  12. Practice monotasking. Set a timer for uninterrupted writing.
  13. Work on brilliant headlines.
  14. Start with metaphors and stories.
  15. Write the opening sentence or headline last.
  16. Write solely from the heart and shun copying others.
  17. Think before you include an expletive.
  18. Ask, “Can it be turned into a list?” Think of at least five things you can list about it.
  19. Use the mini-skirt rule: Make it long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting.
  20. Write in small paragraphs in order to get to the point immediately.
  21. Visualize the person you are communicating with: What do their eyes reflect as they read this? What will the first thing they might say in response?
  22. Do what works for you.
  23. Always call a spade a spade. It’s never a long-handled gardening implement!
  24. Try writing without accuracy. Not worrying about errors (left brain) allows for easier flow of thought (right brain).
Sleep or Gishwhes?
  • Me: After much consideration, I have decided that I must sleep. This decision makes sense physically, emotionally, financially, figuratively and metaphorically.
  • Myself: WHAT!!! But its just getting interesting! You can't quit now! Gishwhes will release new items soon!
  • I: ...we could win...
  • Me: So tired. Not worth it.
  • Myself: I will fight you! Outside! In the ally! Now!
  • I: many prizes...
  • Me: Bed is so nice though. Can't be bothered.
  • Myself: At the very least read a fanfic or do some fanart!
  • I: pretty...
  • Me: I'll read them tomorrow.
  • Myself: What's wrong with now? Go on! Refresh the Gishwhes blog. See if there's a new post!
  • I: ...don't sleep...
  • Me: *Yawns*
SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 8

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– NICO –

“He what?”

“Father wants me to go. He thinks it’s a great idea.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Bianca sunk back into her chair.

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