at least they get their happy ending


OUAT is continuing to parallel Emma with Robin and Regina with Hook.

Regina and Hook are both trying to hold onto a relationship that isn’t real, and they are pressuring their partners into being someone they’re not. At least Regina seems to be realizing that the relationship with Wish Realm Robin is not working out and that he can’t be something he’s not:

On the other hand, Emma is being fake so that she can give Hook the happy ending that she thinks he deserves. Similarly, Wish Realm Robin is literally not real, but so far he’s showing no interest in trying to be someone he’s not.

Hopefully Emma and Regina will soon follow in Charming’s footsteps and get to this point:

Bonus points if Emma parallels MM in season 1:

Btw this happened because David lied to MM like Hook is currently lying to Emma…



I see all your comments like it’s my funeral all over again BUT. YOU GUYS. I GET TO LIVE FOR AT LEAST ONE MORE WEEK. 



I’ll come back for the messages between now and then but UNTIL THEN, I HOPE YOU ALL STAY HAPPY AND SAFE. 

ANd go to bed. Like, frick. SLEEP. 


Ok, I know that Kaitlyn is currently one of the least favourite characters on The Freshman, and I get why, she has changed completely, she’s always mad, thinks only of herself…

I was going to restart the book to dump her, but then I thought: “This isn’t Kaitlyn, this is the Close-With-Natasha Kaitlyn, the Kaitlyn I know would never be like this.”

I have faith in Kaitlyn, and I think that the Kaitlyn we all know and love will come out sometime. So don’t be so hard on her, give her time.

Besides, we all know that at the end of the book we’ll be happy on a dance in a random location. 

2017 Resolution Inspiration

- Decorate your room/office to make yourself happy every time you enter

- Focus on organizing

- Put school first and study hard

- End the quarter with high grades

- Take some more time to do the things you enjoy

- Enroll in a club!

- Have you always wanted to do something but have been putting it off? Do that thing!

- Create healthy relationships for your peers

- Do something nice for someone

- Volunteer!

- Get a pet?

- Treat yourself at least once a week to something you love

- Re-construct or build on your current wardrobe so it fits your personality

- Make relationships with teachers and be good in class

- Care for yourself please ♥︎ you deserve it (I will be posting some more lists on self-care things, so use those!)

- And last but not least, shoot for the moon, my friends.

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Because there’s no such thing as too much fluffy Christmas Destiel! ❄

Dean gripped the edge of the sink, his knuckles turning white. He’d fled to the kitchen supposedly to check on that huge turkey in the oven, but honestly he’d just felt overwhelmed and he’d been looking for a moment alone.

And okay, yeah, it was a good kind of overwhelmed. But overwhelmed nonetheless. Because everyone was here. And happy. And healthy. And for once the world wasn’t about to end. This was the first Christmas that he got to properly celebrate with his mom, as an adult at least, and while Dean was grateful, it also eerily reminded him of Djinn dreams and pocket universes.

Mom here, Sam here, Castiel here. Their friends here. Jody and the girls, Donna… All of them were currently in the war room, talking over drinks beside the giant-ass Christmas tree that Sam had insisted they’d get for the occasion.

Dean took a deep breath, convincing himself that it was real, and most of all, that it wasn’t temporary.

“Dean? Are you feeling alright?”

The sudden sound of Castiel’s voice from behind him made him jump a bit, but when he collected himself, Dean tentatively turned around and offered Cas a weak smile. Cas was standing in the doorway, but took that as a sign to come closer, taking a few steps towards Dean until he was close enough to touch Dean if he’d reach out. Obviously the guy had some sort of special Dean-radar, always detecting when something wasn’t quite right.

“I’m good… Really.” Dean muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “Just having a hard time believing that today is real because… everything is good. Too good maybe. Makes you wonder if it’s even real, if you know what I mean?”

“Oh, Dean…” Cas sighed, sounding almost wistful, his blue eyes soft yet mildly concerned.

Before Dean knew what was happening, Cas’ hand found his, and he intertwined their fingers. Dean stared down at their hands in wonder, then back up at Castiel. The angel looked a little more rumpled than usual without all of his overcoats and with his tie loose and backwards, a faint blush on his cheeks, his hair ruffled. Cas was truly feeling at home here these days - with Dean-, yet another thing that was too good to be true.

But true regardless, Dean realized as Cas squeezed his hand, grounding him.

“I’ve told you from the start though, haven’t I?” Castiel mused, now carefully placing the palm of his free hand against Dean’s cheek, the warmth making Dean melt into his touch. “Good things do happen. Sometimes we have to wait a little longer before they do. I’m sorry you had to wait this long, but I can assure you that it’s real…”

They stared at each other, neither willing to break eye contact, and Dean caught himself wondering if it would be extremely greedy for him to want just one more good thing today. When he noticed how Cas’ eyes darted down to his lips, he figured that, perhaps no, it wouldn’t be too much to ask, not this time.

Dean didn’t know who was leaning in first, but they met somewhere in the middle, his lips against Castiel’s for the very first time. Fingers tangled in hair, mouths explored and noses brushed, neither of them pulling away until Sam barged into the kitchen, accidentally interrupting them.

“Seriously, you two, sneaking away to do that? And you don’t even have the excuse of mistletoe.” He teased them, but to Dean’s relief otherwise his younger brother didn’t seem at all surprised to catch Dean in the act of kissing their guardian angel.

They were both grinning when Sam left with a another beer and a playful roll of his eyes.

Good things do happen, Dean. For the first time since they’d met in that barn all those years ago, Dean genuinely dared to believe that Castiel had been speaking the truth all along.

It’s no secret I was always a fan of Stefan and Elena ending up together. In another universe, that would’ve been the ending, but we didn’t have time to tell that story in the last season because we didn’t have Elena. We couldn’t get them back together.”

“We were torn between Damon and Stefan,” Williamson says, before confessing, “I’m a Stelena [fan]. I’ve gone on record as a Stelena [fan]. It’s Stefan and Elena for me. That’s who, in another universe, that’s how I would have ended the show.”

“If we’d had her [Nina] back for all of the eighth season, we could have worked our way back there [to Stefan and Elena]. And I would have loved to explore that. But we didn’t.”

“Well, I always thought it would be Stefan and Elena. They were sort of the anchor of the show, but because we lost Elena in Season 6, we couldn’t go back. You know Nina could only come back for one episode – maybe if she had came back for the whole season, we could even have warped back towards that, but you can’t just do it in 42 minutes.”

—  Kevin “our Stelena King” Williamson
  • mother: adventure!! fun! friendship! sometimes things can get a little scary but that's ok!! just keep going! believe in yourself!
  • earthbound: yeah!! have fun! never give up even when things look bad! you can do it!
  • mother 3: humanity is a deeply flawed race that will inevitably give way to nothing but a swirling vortex of greed and apathy. nothing you do matters, because it's all doomed anyway. 'happy endings' are nothing but an unattainable myth

december prompts- warm fire

hux ended up back at ren‘s after the finalizer’s life day party so kylo shares his favorite traditions– getting drunk on blue milk eggnog and warming up by the fire of grandpa vader’s helmet …

Once Upon a Time: Ariel returns for princess team-up!

To celebrate our Winter TV Preview (on newsstands now), EW is bringing fans 25 Scoops in 25 Days. From now until the end of the month, follow the hashtag #25Scoops25Days on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest — and check for all the news and surprises.

Once Upon a Time will soon unite the Disney Princesses!

EW has learned exclusively that JoAnna Garcia Swisher will reprise her role as Ariel on the ABC fairy tale drama this spring.

An ally of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), the titular character from The Little Mermaid was last seen helping Ursula (Merrin Dungey) get her happy ending by reuniting the sea witch with her father, Poseidon (Ernie Hudson), in season 4.

However, when Ariel pops back up for at least one episode, she’ll be interacting with some very different characters. “Ariel returns and meets Princess Jasmine [Karen David] as they join Hook [Colin O’Donoghue] on an adventure as he and Emma [Jennifer Morrison] face a daunting challenge that requires a big time princess team-up,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tell EW.

When Once Upon a Time returns in March, the heroes are scattered: Emma and Regina (Lana Parrilla) are struck in the wish realm after crossing paths with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire); Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) must venture to the Dark Realm to save their son, Gideon (Giles Matthey) from the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray); Hook and David (Josh Dallas) are tasked with finding Emma and Regina, while also trying to prevent the prophecy of Emma’s death — that is, when David isn’t taking turns being under the sleeping curse with Snow! So yeah, a princess team-up is very much needed.



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So… Let’s take a look at the growing amount of Bechloe evidence we have received OVER THE LAST FEW MONTHS. MONTHS. MONTHS.

They’re going to kill me… they are… at least kill me after PP3 so I can see my babies get their happy ending.

Last Day on Set

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Jensen’s POV

We had the whole thing planned. When Y/N stepped into the make-up trailer for the last time, Jared and I had a sign for her. We wanted to congratulate her on her record deal, but we hated to see her leave Supernatural. She had spent just one season with us, but it had been a pretty incredible season.

 If I was honest, though, I hadn’t liked her all that much to begin with. She was so damn happy. All the fucking time. She was seriously the female version of Jared, at least on the surface, but as I got to know her, I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for her. Now she had me wrapped around her little finger, and she fucking knew it. 

Of course, working with her, I was afraid to ever open that door, that door that might end up being really damn wonderful, so I was content with getting to know her. I spent pretty much every waking hour with her, listening to the twenty different versions of her laugh, depending on how funny she thought something was or watching her eyes light up when she was surprised. 

Jared and I had planned to spend the day surprising her, starting in the make-up trailer with this stupid sign. I scrambled to stand to Jared’s right, not really paying attention to what was on my piece of paper. I wanted this to go perfectly. I was pretty damn nervous, but I had no idea why. At the end of the day, I really hated to see Y/N go. 

The door swung open, and she stepped into the trailer and burst into laughter. It filled the trailer as she bent over, tears practically spilling over her eyes. “Awe, guys, are you starting my first fan club?!” she asked, excitement spreading across her face. 

I looked down at the two pieces of paper in my hand then at Jared’s. “Fuck,” I mumbled. 

Jared looked at me. “Dude,” he mumbled, rolling his eyes, grabbing my shoulders and moving me to his other side. We looked back at her, and she had her hand over mouth, trying to hold back the giggle that was bubbling at the surface. Finally, her head fell back and she died laughing. 

“I’m sorry,” she laughed. “You guys are great,” she smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes as she rushed to pull the two of us into her embrace. She kissed Jared’s cheek then punched me in the shoulder. “I swear I’m gonna miss the hell out of you two,” she laughed. “Now get out of here, I gotta get ready,” she smiled, heading for a seat in front of the mirror. 

I looked at her, a confession hanging on my tongue, but I couldn’t. “See you on set, Y/N,” I said, stepping out of the trailer with Jared as Jared’s large hand clapped me on the back knowingly. 

Reader’s POV

The boys stepped out of the trailer, and I stared into the mirror, the laughing tears threatening to become real ones. “Zab, can I have a minute before you work your magic?” I asked Zabrina. She gave me a knowing look and headed for the door. 

She had barely let the door close before I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe this was my last day on set. I couldn’t believe this was my last day with my boys. My last day on set with Jared. My last day on set with Jensen. 

I had clicked immediately with Jared since I was so much like him, but immediately been attracted to Jensen. Once he warmed up to me, there was an electricity between us, but he never acted on it. I thought surely he would, but here we were, my last day on set and nothing. I was heading off on tour. This was it. It really wasn’t going to happy. 

I hated myself for loving that stupid idiot. I chuckled to myself as I wiped away the tears and looked into the mirror. Everyone has to get a good look at themselves after a good cry. There, standing right behind me, was Jensen. 

“Jensen?” I mumbled, wiping the tears away more hastily before turning to face him. “How long have you been standing there?” I asked. 

“Since Zabrina stepped out,” he confessed, an apologetic look on his face. He stepped up and placed a hand on my face, wiping a stray tear away. 

“Dammit, I swore I wasn’t gonna do this,” I laughed, briefly leaning into his touch before stepping away from him. 

He grabbed my wrist, stopping my escape, and pulled me back to him, his hand running up my arm, his eyes locking with mine. “Do what?” he asked. “Cry about leaving?” He licked his bottom lip and watched my face carefully. 

“Cry about you,” I admitted, my gaze falling to the floor unable to look at him. Then the unthinkable happened. He pulled my lips to his and kissed me tenderly, at first. I didn’t hesitate to let my hands reach for his short, dirty blonde hair, holding him to me, pushing my body into his as his arm snaked around my back and held me to him. 

We pulled away breathless. “I should’ve done that a long damn time ago,” he managed, his chest heaving. 

“Better not be the last time, Ackles,” I responded, my hand resting on his chest. I could feel his heart racing against my hand. 

“As long as you’ll have me, I’d go to the ends of the earth to make this work Y/N,” he confessed, kissing me again. I got lost in this kiss, my mind filling with the scent of Jensen. It made me dizzy, lightheaded, and giddy all at the same time. 

Jensen Ackles really did feel the same way about me. This really could change everything. 

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Savages (FINALE)

Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts, smut.

A/N: here we are! final part :) Thanks for sticking with me on this one, dolls! Get ready for that happy ending! 

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“Where the hell are you! I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for two days!” Daisy shrieked, completely freaking out at the other end of the line.

“I’m in the South of France” you shrugged as you brought your brightly coloured cocktail to your lips, just peering over your designer sunglasses at Steve and Bucky, who were caught up in a challenge who could make the most laps in the least amount of time before they’d exhaust themselves. Surrounded by nothing but tranquility, the heat of the sun and the crisp white villa and nature; there wasn’t a better view available than those two men in the pool. Their muscles rippling with every calculated move, water crashing over them seemingly without the slightest amount of resistance.

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Night School

I started taking some night classes at the local college. Well it didn’t take long for me to realized that I could get more out of it then just a few credits and some knowledge. Instantly I developed a crush on the teacher and there was at least 2 or 3 guys in the class that caught my eye. I figured if I was lucky I’d get at least 1 of these hunks to stuff my married pussy before the end of the semester. A few weeks into the class and we were assigned a project to do as a group project. We had to pick our own groups, well 2 of the hotter guys from the class had become friends and I asked them if they had a third yet. They said they did not and were very happy to have me work with them on the project. We agreed on a day and time to meet the next week in the library to get started. The only problem I could see was that I didn’t know which of the two I liked more but I figured after a bit of flirting I’d have a better idea which 1 I’d let get into my pants. The day came and we met at the schools library and we got to talking about our project and it didn’t take long for the flirting to start. Soon we were talking more about sex then we were our project but I didn’t mind. We were all telling stories of past accomplishments and the wild things we had all done. I mentioned I had been in a few threesomes and both the guys loved this and wanted details. Then one of them asked if I had even been with 2 guys at the same time and I said not yet and winked. They were a bit surprised by my statement and said but aren’t you married. I told them I was but that I hoped one day to enjoy getting tag teamed by two hot guys. We worked for another hour on our project and continued to flirt. We made plans to meet the next week to continue working on the project but this time we choose to meet at one of the guys places as he was not far from the school and we could have some drinks while we worked. The night came and I arrived with a few wine coolers and a freshly shaved pussy.
I didn’t know if anything would happen but I wanted to be ready if it did. Plus it always feels good to be sitting around with some hot guys with a nice clean smooth pussy, it makes me feel sexy. So after a little bit of working on the project and some light flirting the hunky blonde of the two asked me flat out if I had ever cheated on my husband. I answered honestly saying that yes I had. Well of course this lead to more questions which lead to both guys saying things like they would bang the shit out of me etc etc so finally I just said fuck it “I want you both to fuck me like a cheap slut right now.” Then pulled the blonde to me and started kissing him. After a few moments I turned to the other guy and motioned for him to come closer and we kissed. Soon clothes were coming off and both guys had their dicks out and I was taking turns sucking on both their hard cocks. The blonde guy was cut but his friend was not, it was my first uncut cock but both were equally nice. I told the blonde guy to fuck me while I sucked his friends cock. He got in behind me and thrust his hard cock in my tight wet pussy, causing me to gag on his friends big dick. It was hot and made me even wetter. This was my first time being spit roasted and I loved it. Something told me I would be doing this again that’s for sure. The blonde guy fucked my pussy hard and fast and pulled my hair while his friend fucked my face and made me choke on his fat cock. At one point while getting double teamed by these hot studs my phone went off. The blonde guy said something about it probably being my husband and how I should send him a sweet innocent text back about how we were cramming in lots of hard work. I laughed and said sure so he passed me my phone. I sent my hubby a text and told him I loved him, all while blonde guys cock was pounding my married cheating pussy then went back to sucking the other guy. Then the two guys switched holes and continued to abuse me like a dirty whore. Blonde guy was really into the fact that I was married and kept saying shit like we are going to stretch you out and send you home to your clueless husband. I bet he thinks your such a good little wife, if only he could see what a cheating slut you really are. Well his words were making me so hot. I was practically cumming in 1 continuous orgasm the whole time. The two guys took turns abusing my pussy and fucking my face while calling me a dirty slut and a cheating whore. The whole time I begged for more. Since cheating on my husband the first something in me had changed I wanted to be used to be the biggest slut I had ever been. These 2 college guys where doing just that and my pussy was dripping wet for them. Call me a whore I begged. fuck me hard I moaned. cum on my married face I demanded and that’s exactly what they did. By the time the were done and both had shot their hot sticky cum on my face and tits I was 2 hours late from when I had told my hubby I’d likely be home. I cleaned up got dressed told the boys they should fuck the shit out of me again soon and went home to my loving husband. I stopped and picked up some junk food on the way so as to distract my man from my being late. I suggested we put on some Netflix and snuggle. He picked the movie and we got cozy. Part way through the movie my pussy started getting wet cause all I could think about was the way the 2 guys fucked me like a dirty slut so I took my hubby’s dick out and started sucking him like a slut in heat. It didn’t take long for him to fill my mouth and I happily swallowed his sweat load before kissing him on the mouth, snuggling up to him again then passing out before the movie finished.

anonymous asked:

I know you are happy for the Klaroline endgame but don't think that it is sad that Caroline was the only vampire left? She will live for ever or at least get to live for a more extended time than humans do and she will see everyone she loves die. It has already started. Her father, her mother, her husband. She will outline her children too. How is that a good end for her?

How is it not?

Let me start by saying that despite JP’s obsession for turning TVD into a human soap this show was originally based into the vampire mythology. It is meant to deal with vampires and their existence. The pros and the cons and the darkness and the grandeur and the immortality. Ships and endgames aside Caroline Forbes ending up the only vampire in a show that is meant to be based on the vampire genre is an honor and a homage to everything this show once stood for. Every vampire of the show faced the same destiny you describe here. Damon, Stefan, Katherine, the Originals. And yet when their stories began and they were introduced to the audience everyone took in their story expecting to feel their age and get to know their ageless journey throughout the centuries. No one complained about their predicament. Everyone wanted to get more into it. Either their story was tragic, or intriguing, or dark, or hopeful. It was interesting because the very concept of immortality is an unachievable dream that intrigues humans. So many writers get to write for Vampires, Demons, Gods, Immortals, etc. Because their stories are enveloping every hope and aspiration and tragedy and epic emotion a human can have and dream of. The unreachable. The impossible. Even something to sent the human soul straight to damnation. All those elements hide greatness and misery in them. And Caroline Forbes was meant to endure and persevere and become a Vampire. She relished in her nature. She owned it. She accepted it and craved the perks that come with vampirism. She would not turn to a human if she had the chance. She never wanted or expressed that wish. For the simple reason that she likes been strong, ageless, fearless and she prefers who she is not to the girl she used to be.

On the other hand everything you describe in your ask are things that can happen in a human life too. So what happens then? You give up? You curse your life? You find no meaning to it? A person can outline others and can outlive even love and memories and things he or she never thought possible. Calamities and tragedy are part of life either that life is meant to carry on for a few decades or longer or less. It is what we do with our time and how we face the things that happen to us that make life worth it. It is even how we stand in the face of loss and loniliness. How we grieve. How we move on. How we hope. How we persevere and if there was one motto that Caroline Forbes ever had in that show was perseverance.

That does not take away the importance of the things you write in the ask. If anything they give more meaning to Caroline’s existence because facing these losses will make her live every day to the fullest. Will make her wiser. Will make her not lose track of time. Will make life have meaning.

Do you know who else also contemplated the very same thing you ask me here? How eternity would have no meaning? How it would suck? How it would be a source of depression. How it would take away and take away and leave no meaning?

Caroline Forbes did. In her birthday in season 3.

So much so that she did not want to celebrate her birthday and ended up giving a funeral to the human girl she buried behind.

And do you remember who exactly showed her that very same day that while life takes something from you it gives you something else back? That there is meaning to found in forever. Because truth is that loss will come and you contemplate giving up.

“ And I could let you… die. If that`s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning.

I`ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told.

And let us face it. Who doesn’t think of that in their lives? In our human lives fantasy aside have we never thought of that very same question? Of how to endure with loss? Of how to go on? Of how we can outlast the pain and not break? How to hold on to people that leave us behind or we lose them by death or any other reason? There is always a time even for the most optimistic people where they think that life has no meaning or ask themselves what is the meaning of it all.

So here Caroline’s immortality is a parallel to what we face in real life because art in its own way tries to give answers to such questions.

So what is the meaning of it all? How could Caroline ever move on and why should she want to? Why would that be good for her?

Because with the loss there is also the gain. Because life is not black or white. It has endless colors and twists.

Imagine that. Let it sink in. Life does not end with loss or with pain. This is why we are alive after all. There is whole world is out there still waiting. Genuine beauty. And music. And art. And more birthdays. More chances. More dreams. More potential. More possibilities.

A thousand more birthdays.

Because life does not end with loss and misfortune. You do not get to sacrifice your life in the name of loss or lost love or broken dreams. Life moves on. With endless possibilities ahead. With optimism. You grit your teeth and you move on until you can smile again. Life continues with pain and loss and tragedy and laughter and love and joy. Because every turn gives you something and it is in your hand to take that something and make something out of it. Something for you. And this is why people still dream of immortality and want to live longer and crave stories of ageless creatures. And admire those tragically and gloriously beautiful stories. Because life goes on and is full of wonder. And people can only wish to be able to be bigger than life. With everything that includes.

Time is unrelenting and brings change and with it society and culture and life itself alters and people want to be there to see it. To experience it. To live it. Because people reading history and get fascinated by it and then dream of the future. And Caroline Forbes will be there to live all that. Maybe she will outlive some people and maybe she will carry their memories with her but she won’t outlive everyone. Because she will get to meet more people. She has endless possibilities ahead. To love again. To laugh again. To be an extrovert. To be an introvert. To find more questions and answers. Endless horizons ahead and this is why Klaroline and the idea of a vampire Caroline Forbes was always so alluring to begin with and enchanted so many people. Because it held the promise of eternal. The promise of however long it takes. The promise of genuine beauty. Because it was brilliant and ugly and the truth and the lie and it was about brutal honesty and manipulation and rage and soothing silence and it was challenging and unpredictable. Just life is.

And how important is to actually be able to grasp that? And by that I mean life. To have nothing more to do than ask? Because this is what life is. It is your choice. It is as good as you let it. Because you need to want to live it. You need to want to ask. All you have to do is ask. And then take it step by step. Let me say it again. Life does not end with loss or grief. Emotion is not finite. Relationships come and go. Love can be replenished or be found in so many places even unexpected ones. Hope does not end. Meaning is always in different things all the time if you only open your eyes. Pain does not last forever no matter how cruel and unforgiving it seems at first. You fight back and you live. And all you have to do is ask.

And this is one of the many reasons why I personally like Klaroline so much and why their endgame was so important for me. Because of this very message that you sent me. Because Klaroline began with the very same core of question you put in that ask. Their very first defining scene was about what you ask me here and it answers your question perfectly. And that was why I was so moved by Klaroline chemistry and potential aside. Because of the promise of endurance. Because it was a promise of how Caroline could live and become greater than life and …loss. This is how it all began. And this is how Caroline will move on because this has been her origin story and not the end. It is only the beginning. But that is the beginning of another story.

So you tell me anon? How is that good for Caroline? Or for anyone for that matter? How is it good for anyone to actually live their life? To find meaning in that kind of existence?

Maybe simply by living. And that is a good thing.

When you’re genuinely conflicted because you want more badass female characters leading games but you really, REALLY were looking forward to seeing more of a badass with a Boston accent going on some grand adventure with a “goddamn” old man……