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Harry Hook is a lowkey homie hopper

I’m 96.43% sure he’s been involved (sexually) with the following:

Mal- He strokes homegirl’s hair whenever he’s within arm’s reach.

Jay- Their rocky relationship is the definition of sexual tension.

Uma- He’s been lusting after Queen Uma like it’s his day job.

Gil- It ain’t nothing serious, but he’s let homeboy smash at least once or twice.

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you guys are literally getting your panties in a twist over a headcanon. it’s no canon. hence the word head. Dove doesn’t have that much power, stop giving it to her. im not her biggest fan but y’all are being ridiculous. secondly, don’t go after her for being on the UK channel. Disney tells her what to do. she does it. their relationship won’t impact D3. plenty of co stars have dated and it hasn’t done shit. don’t come at someone for talking about their boyfriend. huma is still a thing.

Um, you do realise that Disney is promoting this shit, right? Disney literally put heart eye emoji’s on Harry and Mal in the emojified special and called Mal Mrs. Harry Hook- which is gross btw- and then put the fucking heart emoji’s in the credits- and then put a pot-a-potty in front of the Bal portrait- like, they mocked their main ship and then promoted a crack ship a actress came up with.

She does- she had this power in LAM, Disneys given power before on BATB remake to Emma Watson when it came to the ball dress gown- Disney gives power to the actresses when they want too.

It will- if you haven’t noticed something: Marrys getting more promotion by Disney then Bal and Huma were despite the movie having true love Bal and Huma hints- like Huma and Bal got jack shit in the emojified special while the so-called HC got more promotion in the grossest way possible.

Which part of me is yelling at Dove directly? Im not fucking @ ‘ing her on twitter, im not fucking going up to her and yelling at her, she doesn’t even know half of us are ranting about on here for her control over Descendants at this rate! I couldn’t give a fuck about Doves romance life- but she seems so determined to spread it around the internet and everything that one time, you only got Dove articles when you searched up Thomas in Google- like, this is obsessive of her at this rate for the way shes going around with her boyfriend- we get it, she has one- but maybe keep it more private and not so much like, “HEY GUYS MAL AND HARRY ARE NOW IN LOVE CAUSE ME AND THOMAS ARE!”, cause that’s all it comes off as.

Is it? It is with us, of course- but with Disney? Its throwing us nothing and giving the white crack ship everything cause a actress wants it- Disney wont promote it and yet, happily promote a ship Dove made up based on her personal life.

And if you haven’t realised yet- Dove gets what she wants- she got her Marry ship being promoted, she got to be on the Lodge with Thomas with her character being in a romantic past with his character and its pretty obvious Disney will end up saying yes to her love triangle idea- Disney is the biggest influence in what people ship.

And if they promote Marry to people over other ships and people who are influenced by Disney in ships see that?

We can kiss Huma goodbye and Disney wont care as they make money of their latest white crack ship.


“Today I feel inclined for the life of ease. It would have to be a very interesting problem to tempt me from my chair. See you, I have affairs of importance of my own to attend to.”
“Such as?”
“My wardrobe, Hastings. If I mistake not, there is on my new grey suit the spot of grease - only the unique spot, but it is sufficient to trouble me. Then there is my winter overcoat - I must lay him aside in the powder of Keatings. And I think - yes, I think - the moment is ripe for the trimmings of my moustaches – and afterwards I must apply the pomade.”
- Agatha Christie, “The Adventure of the Clapham Cook”

🕊️ Young mourning dove squab 🕊️

Saw it with the parent so I took the picture from a distance.  The parent flew away so I left immediately.  They need to come back and take care of the chick.  With random people dumping cats in our neighborhood, it’s not safe for this little one.  I also just learned that mourning doves are closely related to the extinct passenger pigeon.

Update (May 9, 2017):  Okay, now I’m questioning myself.  I bought a bird identification book today (well, three) and now I’m not sure if this little gal/guy is a mourning dove or a Eurasian collared dove squab.


dovecameron ~ it’s my least favorite persons birthday

Back to The Future | Part ii | Damian Wayne x Reader

Description: Cyra had said she was the daughter of Damian and Y/N Wayne. Y/N. Such a beautiful name. Damian knows that his internet history had been searched through (“Y/N name meaning”,”Y/N name origin”) because the next morning Dick is smiling a little too hard, Tim snickers whenever they make eye-contact, and Barbara has a persistent and unyielding smirk on her face. He has yet to narrow down any suspects, but the push into his privacy isn’t exactly the first thing on his mind right now. It’s the girl that just took out fourteen armed and powerful men with—with a butter knife.

Words: 3178

Notes: Here’s part two!! And requests are going to be open for a while, so please, send them in!

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For some reason, those words stick with Damian out of everything his future daughter had said. Not the mention of his role as the next Batman, Dick’s future children, his own (seemingly large) group of future-offspring, but the teasing comment about her. Cyra’s sentence is now tattooed inside of Damian’s mind, A badass time-traveler who could easily kick your ass.

His ego snaps eagerly at the “easily” bit, because he’s Damian Wayne and no one can “easily” win against him… except maybe his father. The title of “time-traveler” doesn’t exactly surprise him. Cyra Wayne, or “Cyra Khadija Rana Wayne”, as she had so dramatically—in a very Damian manner—declared, had been forced back in time and seemed only mildly miffed with her situation. “Badass” doesn’t surprise him either. Damian Wayne wouldn’t have children with a weakling…

He has gone over them a thousand times in his head. Searching for double meanings, devouring new theories and snatching up any chance to meet new people. Anyone of these encounters could bring Damian to you. But that’s the question… who are you?

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Dove not liking China controversy

Okay so recently Dove and China cleared up on Twitter that there is no “beef” and they love each other a lot, but this theory that Dove was being shady to China isn’t just coming out of nowhere. To be honest, when I was watching some of the Descendants promos (with just China, Sofia, and Dove) I felt like Dove wasn’t necessarily blatantly being “shady” but not as lovable with China. And it seemed like they excluded her sometimes, and China was kind of oblivious to it or just letting it go because she’s that kind of person. I never spoke about it publicly because I thought I was the only one. So I find it a little weird that enough people were seeing the same exact thing, even when they didn’t know who Dove was. Some comments were like “I don’t like how the blonde girl treats China in these videos”. Maybe we were all reading into it completely wrong and that’s just the way Dove is. One theory is that, Dove isn’t a fan of China and Thomas’ (characters at least) chemistry/relationship in the movie. We all know how possessive Dove is over her relationships but some people thought it was a little ridiculous to care about a fictional ship, but her trying to push Harry and Mal (who has like the least important relationship ever in the entire series) brought that theory back. Also the theory that she didn’t like sharing the spotlight with another major character/actress because in the first movie even thought all 4 VKs were main chars, she was the lead. Which was also a debunked theory until Dove liked a bunch of tweets about how Mal is the most talked about character on Twitter as if mattered. I don’t think she hates China or anything but I do find it odd that a lot of people were thinking the same thing and were all apparently wrong. Did you get anything from that?

Cinder: So she’s not in the house, but there’s also a barn.

Thorne: There’s a barn?!

Cinder: What’s your fascination with barns?

Thorne: All the best standoffs happen in barns! Creepy farm equipment, sunlight coming in through bullet holes…I bet at least one dove takes off in slow motion.

Cinder: I’ll take that bet, because that’s impossible.

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I feel like China & Thomas could've happened. Dove was engaged when Thomas & her met. She broke off her engagement & then was seen posting pics w/ Thomas & then months later they're confirmed dating (I thought that was shady af). I feel like China & Thomas could have been a thing, but Dove and Thomas got closer. But at least we got Harry & Uma.

Omg I didn’t know that when they met she was still engaged, that’s shady af!
Absolutely!! Thomas and China could have been a thing and I would have been there for that, damn. I mean they have a lot of potential, the chemistry is there and just the banana video…the way he looks at her makes me weak, so I ship them really hard (I love hopeless ships)
I don’t really understand Dove, she was engaged for a long time, then broke off and said that he treated her like shit? And then she got with Thomas?!?!

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What are some of your issues with Palomancy? (You've mentioned not being 100% in agreement with them and I was just wondering)

I’m going to put the answer to this question under a readmore.

Before we go one word further, please keep in mind that Palomacy is currently the largest single network even attempting to advocate for he humane treatment of domestic Pigeons and Ringneck doves.

Palomacy stemmed from the parrot rescue, Mikaboo. 

Their founder did not intend or want to advocate for pigeons, but was compelled by compassion after finding out that pigeons and doves in CA shelters were just being destroyed because no one knew what to do with them, and there was no one even trying to advocate for them.

They are an Animal Rights leaning group, but follow Animal Welfare practices, insisting that birds who cannot fend for themselves be cared for, rather than destroyed.

Palomacy does overwhelmingly more good than harm and makes every effort they know of to mitigate the known risks of potential harm.

What they need, and the birds in their care deserve, is support.

And after all the shit I’ve shared with you guys and I’ve seen and heard and experienced from other breeders, I really can’t blame them for being skeptical of a breeder’s word and research.

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Speaking of Dove aging, ever since I first read the book, I figured Dove had to be at least 15 years old?? Puck says that Dove is the mare she learned to ride on, so not only was she at a disadvantage against sea monsters, but she's not a young pony either. Dove is a blessing.



Imagine secretly dating your favorite turtle. It’s his first relationship and he’s not really sure how to go about telling his family.

Imagine Leo being nervous.
His family’s approval means a lot to him and he wouldn’t know what to do if they frowned upon your relationship.
What if they didn’t want him getting attached? What if they thought that you would be too much of a distraction?
He’d visit you secretly and would hope that you understood his situation. He sat on the roof with you, looking down at the city.
“I just don’t want them to hate this, to hate us. I want them to be happy that I’m happy, Y/N?”
“I understand. But you can’t keep it a secret forever. I don’t want something like that.”
He looked away and said
“Believe me, I know. I’m just afraid that it will be different because I’m the oldest.”
“Leo…your family loves you. Maybe they’ll be surprised but I’m sure that they won’t be angry.”
He looked at you a smiled.
“How come you always say the perfect words?”
“It’s a gift.”
He kissed you gently, closing his eyes and getting lost in the feeling. He felt your arms wrap around him as you pulled yourself closer, your chests pressing against each other.
“Well it ain’t a secret now.” a familiar Brooklyn accent said.
You both pulled away and saw Raph grinning at the two of. Leo stared at his brother like he had a third eye and wondered how he hadn’t noticed him.
“R-Raph! What are you doing here?” Leo said.
“Sensei asked me to check on ya. Wanted to know what was takin’ so long.”
He looked between the two of you and said
“You wanna tell, big blue? Or should I?”
“I’ll tell Master Splinter. Just give me a minute.”
Raph walked away and Leo turned back to you.
“I’ll call you later, okay?”
He kissed you quickly and jumped after his brother, disappearing into the night.

Imagine Raph being a little selfish.
Growing up in a sewer, he had to share what little he had with his brothers. He wasn’t bitter about it but it did cause him to treasure what was his and his only. Including you.
He just couldn’t help but think about his brothers spending more time with you, simply because you’re dating. The very thought would make his throat tight and his fists clench.
He’d go over to your apartment a lot, whenever he could, and just enjoy being with you.
“It’s just ridiculous, Raph. Your brothers have never hit on me or anything before. Why would they now?”
“I dunno. To mess with me, cause they think I ain’t enough for ya. ‘sides, I like that it’s just us. None of my brothers, just you an’ me.”
“It is nice when we’re alone. But it feels weird to be sneaking around like this. We already have to be careful up here. I’d rather be honest with your family.”
Raph grunted and looked away.
You leaned your head on his shoulder and said
“I won’t force you to do anything. I just want you to know how I feel on the subject.”
“I know that ya right…can we do it later?”
“Thanks, tiger.”
He kissed you and enjoyed the feeling of the two of you alone but together.

Imagine Donnie being unsure,
On one hand, he knows that his family will probably be happy for him. Master Splinter likes you already and will most likely feel that you’re a good choice.
His brothers will probably tease a little bit but be all around accepting. So why is it so hard for him to tell them?
Why can’t he tell his family that he’s met the love of his life who, thankfully, loves him too? What is it that he’s so afraid of?
Donnie would mostly text and Skype you, smiling at your replies and saving the pictures you’d send him in a little file.
The conversations would be long, going on for hours until you fell asleep or his phone died. He’d be texting you one night, talking about possibly telling his family.
“Donnie, whatever you choose I’ll support you. But I’m pretty sure that they’re starting to figure it out.”
“Most likely. My brothers are smarter then I give them credit for. Besides, it’s hard to keep a secret like this.”
“I know. My sister’s know that I’m eating someone but there’s no way I can tell them. We can at least be honest with your brothers.”
“You’re right, dove, you always are. But I’m afraid that they won’t approve or that they won’t support us. If I found out that my brothers didn’t like us as couple and didn’t believe that we’d last, I’d be pretty upset. I just love you so much, Y/N.”
A few seconds after sending the text, he heard a knock on his door. Looking up, he was surprised to see Leo standing there.
“Uh, hey, Leo.”
“Hey, Don. Just came to tell you that you should double check who you send a text to.”
Donnie blushed as Leo turned to leave. His brother paused and added.
“By the way, Mikey says that he’s been shipping it from day one.”
Donnie buried his face is his pillow as Leo closed his door, smiling to himself.

Imagine Mikey being shy.
He always wanted to fall in love. He had dreamed of finding the one, someone he loved more then himself and could treat like royalty.
But now that he’s finally found you, he can barely believe it. The shortest, youngest turtle with the hottest person in existence? Goofball Mikey with an awesome, amazing, totally gorgeous lover?? Crazy man, just crazy. And if he can barely believe it, what will his brothers think?
“I’m just afraid that they won’t take it seriously, Y/N. I mean, I know that I love you more then anything but they don’t. What if they’re just like, oh its not real love it’s just goofy Mikey. You know?”
You smiled and kissed his forehead.
“Mikey, I know that your brothers tease but I can’t imagine them being like that.”
“You haven’t spent the last 17 years with them, angelcakes. They don’t always mean it but sometimes…”
“Michealangelo! If your brothers think that you being in love is just a big joke, then you need to set them straight. Cause I love being all secretive and secret agent like, but they’re the only ones we can tell.”
“That’s true.”
“Ninja up, Mikey Man.”
He laughed and kissed you.
“Babe, you always saw the most awesome things. I love you.”
“Love you too.”

criminal-ish (jane/kurt + rich dotcom fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 3. friends/enemies

series: what i never knew i always wanted



“Let me get this straight. You and Jane are married, you have two children and another one on the way, and no one thought to tell me about this?”

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You know, as much as I love studio ghibli, i have done very little ghibli art.

So… i didn’t really know how zines work. I applied for this zine thing on tumblr and drew this before I knew whether i was accepted. I found out later that it was in the wrong dimensions, so I was like “shit.” Luckily though I didn’t get accepted so I didn’t have to feel compelled to redraw/add to it.

The story behind it: I was reading Hayao Miyazaki’s concept book for Laputa, and he mentioned that originally, Sheeta was going to be the daughter of pirates. And she had like a gun and stuff. I thought that was like the coolest idea in the world. What I drew here is Sheeta post-movie, where maybe it’s been a while and she decided that she liked the adventurous lifestyle that pirates held, so she went back to Dola’s gang and Dola basically adopted her. And yeah the way she’s holding the broken bottle as if it’s supposed to be slung over her shoulder is a little awkward, I realize it now, but I wanted it to be visible at least. And I tried to position the dove (y'all remember those doves? i think everyone has that phase as a kid where they’re crushed because they found out that controlling birds using music is a lot harder than it appears) so that it looked like she had a wing, like in that Tezuka movie Metropolis, also because Miyazaki really loves wings and bird symbolism.

@ultracrii here’s your drabble.  I’m sorry this took long, but I have a harder time writing fluff.  Hope you enjoy.


Madi basked in the warm sun that beat down on her and Silver as he rowed one of the long boats out into the deep.  They’d left their things on the shore, and she’d asked him take her out in search of some lobsters.  He had rid himself of his shirt and wore only his pants and smile on his face.  The warm climate had been good to his skin over the last few weeks and had given him a nice golden tan.  

They were planning to sail for Nassau soon, and she knew that private times such as this would not last for much longer.  He had chosen to forgo a short trip with Flint to Ococo Island to rendezvous with Teach and Rackham and had stayed behind with her instead.  

“Is this far enough?” Silver asked, and she took a quick look around.  

“Yes.  I think so,” she replied.  “This spot is very near one of the beds where they normally dwell.  Hopefully enough of them have gathered so we can capture a few.”

She slowly stood up and stripped out of her skirt and blouse.

“What are you doing?” he asked.  

“Well I can’t exactly go down there…” she pointed to the water. “…fully dressed.  It will slow me down.”  

She stood before him in her camisole and panties, her dark skin gleaming against the white cotton.  Today she wore her hair down, and Silver thought she looked so soft and pretty in the light of the afternoon sun.  

He knew they were out here because she wanted to prepare something special for him to eat, but seeing her this way - beautiful, free, and uninhibited - took his mind entirely off of food.  And everything else.

“Come on,” she said, beckoning to him as she jumped from the boat and into the water.   She swam below the surface for a few seconds, then reappeared. He slipped out of his trousers and briefs and joined her.

“You’re naked,” she said, giggling.  

“I know,” he replied as he gathered her in his arms.  “Is that going to be a problem?”

“Not for me, but you’d better hope that none of the lobster decides to grab onto you…” she gently stroked him underwater.  “…when we are trying to grab a hold of them.”

He shivered at the thought of one of their sharp claws on his cock.  It was a frightening  thought.

Madi laughed at the expression on his face.  “You’d like the sight of that wouldn’t you?” he asked her.  “Minx.”

“I wouldn’t.  But it’s too late to get back into your briefs now.”

He kissed her then, wishing that instead of this war, all he had was more days and nights with her like this to look forward to.

“Come on, let’s go,” she said.  “I want to catch at least six.”

“Lead the way,” he answered, and they both dove into the deep.

in the willow-meads of tasarinan, i walked in the spring (bellarke one-shot)

a canon-verse twist on the “accidentally took a love potion/aphrodisiac and then ran into crush“ prompt requested by a couple of anons, set some unspecified number of years after s2. names of plants and places are stolen from tolkien and elder scrolls, but the fundamental error in trying to give a cutesy prompt some semblance of angst is mine, all mine.

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Mel, do you think that Juuzou will spare Touka's life because she left the flowers in the hospital?

I was honestly feeling a bit troubled with that scene at first, Touka giving Shinohara the flowers… but i think that’s the whole point. If Touka can “forgive” Shinohara and move on about what happened with her father and let that grudge go, then Juuzou can learn to do the same — spare a ghoul’s life and be able to make a decision. Shinohara is in a coma because of a ghoul, Touka’s father is dead/captured because of a dove, and yet she tried to fight against that feeling and tried to move on. The fact that Juuzou might have recognized her not only because he saw her in Anteiku but because he thought about the flowers while seeing her… i believe it’s somehow trying to teach him a lesson.

Despite all, what brings me hope is the fact that Juuzou is not a bad person. He’s not evil, he can be very ruthless but there’s also goodness in his heart. I just hope he remembers that he himself admitted that Haise, a ghoul, was the only person who didn’t treat him like a freak inside the CCG, and he considered him his friend. Juuzou has suffered a lot because of ghouls, but Kaneki always treated him kindly, i hope this can give him a new perspective — the fact that not all ghouls are evil. Akira and Amon are slowly understanding that, and although i’m not expecting Juuzou to change his mindset out of the blue, he can follow Touka’s example and learn to forgive and move on. Touka is not going to be bffs with any dove but at least she doesn’t feel the need to kill anyone out of rage anymore.