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Hey! I’m opening my full commissions! I did my quick commissions months ago and I’m really excited to be releasing all the options (and i’m sure will smith is just as happy to be showing off deku). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Any additional characters are $10+ each. Paypal only + commission progress will start after payment is secured. I have at least five slots available each week and everything is in USD. Prices may also be changed according to the request made and evaluated; this mostly applies to group and scenery options.

A few limitations are mechas (light mecha is alright), furries, gore, nsfw, anything I’m morally against but other that that, I’m all set. Order Form + Process and additional info are below the cut!

You can email me at and if you have any inquires, my askbox is always open and you’re free to ask via email as well. Do signal boost if you can and I hope you have a nice day! \ (•◡•) /

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Camp Headcanons (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Anon. requested: “This could be hc or a fic but reader and Evan go to a wilderness camp (trees!!) (they don’t know that the other is going) they end up thinking Evans name is a girls name (like evana or something like that idk) and you get put in a cabin together (like each cabin has two people or something ) and it’s too late to change so you spend the summer basically living together and find out you actually really like each other maybe smut idk”


I liked this a lot!!! So here’s my first headcanon feel free to request more!!!

*fem!reader btw

Warnings: smut smut smUT SMUT


-Heidi probably saw the camp on Facebook and signed Evan up bc “you need to get out of the house” and “you’ll like it look at all the nature!! Trees!!!”
-hes low key hype bc there’s so many new trees!! he’s only seen pictures of them!!! now he’ll get to go and see them irl!!
-but also high key anxious™ because he knows he’ll have to interact with all new people
-and he’s not all excited about having to share cabins with people but hey at least it’s boys with boys and girls with girls, right? (wrONG)
-you’re going bc you wanted a change of scenery
-you’re v outdoorsy and have unfortunately already seen everything to see in your town nature wise, and even been on hikes and walks outside your town.
-you saw the camp and were like “why not, new people, new scenery”
-you and Evan go to the same school btw you know each other but don’t talk. You’ve seen him around and smile at him in hallways and class and such but it’s just bc you’re nice.
-usually he tries to smile back but just averts his eyes and walks
-you’re just so nice to him?? and he doesn’t understand but he definitely has a low key crush on you
-like you know what I mean he isn’t pining after you very much but he low key would date you and wants to ask you out but he’s so anxious and you’re so pretty?
-you get to the camp first and go to information station and get ur cabin # and roomie name
-it says Evana Hansen (eh-vawn-uh)
-“wow what a cool name hehe that sounds a lot like that Evan kid at school wonder if they’re related”
-“wow that would suck if they are why would you name your kids so closely” ((side note fun fact my friends Mom almost named her and her twin Alexander and Alexandria yikes))
-so you go to the cabin and choose a bed and start putting some clothes in the dresser and closet on that side of the cabin
-door opens, you turn around to greet evana
-ur met with a very red, shocked, Evan
-“oh, hey? I think you have the wrong cabin, sorry?”
-“n-no so-orry they, uh, they had my n-name as E-evana? A-and though I-I-I was a girl I g-guess, sorry”
-“oh, haha, that sucks. Well, hey roomie, I’m y/n”
-hes just so shook bc you’re not like freaking out?? He thought you’d say he was a creep and that he probably hoped they’d think he was a girl and put him in a cabin with a girl or something
-but you’re so nice to him and you introduce himself and then the whole “I know” scene happens"
-“you know?” “Yeah well I’ve just seen you in science class and you know a lot about nature and trees and stuff and I just really like trees” or something along those lines
-you ask him his favorite tree and he’s so shocked bc!! That’s like such a weird thing for someone to have and you actually thought he might have a fav tree!! And he does!!
-you guys talk for a while about trees and nature in general until it’s time for dinner and then he’s all nervous about it
-so he’s definitely fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and you notice and recognize his tick and carefully take his hand in yours
-he jumps a bit and at first you’re like “ah shit sorry I should’ve asked you just looked nervous i was trying to help calm you”
-and he just kinda stutters that is okay but he’s blushing so much
-so for the next couple weeks of camp you guys have this best friends relationship and talk and hang out even when you don’t have to and stay up late talking together
-and then there’s a few movie events at camp where you can lay out a blanket on the lawn and watch horror movies (mostly cabin in the woods type bc teenagers are fucking masochists) on a big screen
-you love horror movies and were hype to go and Evan is like meh not so much but he’s still gonna go he’s just gonna probably cry a lil bit
-but he ends up getting the courage to ask you out to go
-“do y-you maybe wanna, go to th-th-that, uh, that horror m-movie, uh, to-together? I mean I guess we’re already going together but like together together like as a d-date” he speaks hella fast and ur just
-“Evan, honey, calm down, yes I’d love to go on a date with you” and he’s just a happy blushing mess
-you kiss his cheek and go out to the dining hall and he blushes again
-he doesn’t know you heard him go “yES!” when you left but you did and giggle until he catches up to you.
-low key holding hands under the table from now on
-so Evans a nervous wreck during the movie bc it’s scary and creepy
-and it’s Friday the 13th so he’s all kinda of freaking out bc there’s a big lake near the camp you’re at
-(you notice he tries to stay far from the lake there ever since y'all watched the movie)
-you see this and stroke your thumb on his hand
-jump scares definitely scare and make him jump and he squeezes your hand a bit each time so you just lay your head on his shoulder and kiss his cheek every once in a while
-he’s hella blushy at the nude scenes
-but y'all survive the movie and hold hands walking back to the cabin
-and you get there and he’s still hella freaked out so when you come out of the bathroom after putting in pajamas you see him sitting on his bed fidgeting and sit next to him and just hug him
-after a few minutes you get up to go to your own bed and he just holds on
-“p-please don’t l-leave”
-so you cuddle all night and it’s kinda awkward and clumsy but it’s still so warming and comforting
-you guys keep going to some of the movies but none of the really creepy cabin in the woods ones (no matter how much you want to)
-you take the time that almost all of camp is at movies to go on cute little dates and walks together and you just talk and maybe make out a little (you guys had your first kiss the morning after that first movie and like two weeks later he got comfortable enough to do some light making out)
-and then sometime a month and a half after y'all do the nastayyyy
-okay but they’re playing Nightmare On Elm Street and you both decided the last thing Evan needs is to be afraid to sleep so you guys definitely skip this one.
-You chill out at the cabin instead and just talk and cuddle
-you guys kiss and start to make out
-you were both sitting on his bed (which is both of yours now lets be real yall fall asleep cuddling there like every night) at first but after like five minutes you’re straddling him and sitting in his lap with your arms around his neck loosely.
-you can definitely feel the tent in his pants get bigger after you’ve been sitting in his lap for a while and moved a bit to adjust your position and pull back
-“o-oh go-od i-I’m sorry I-I get it I-if y-you wanna dump m-me and g-get a n-new cabin n-now”
-“Evan it’s fine… do you want me to, maybe, help you out?” ;))
-“oh, uh, y-yeah, I-if you want though”
-so you go back to making out and slowly make your way to his jawline and neck and start with kissing lightly but after a moment you’re giving him hickeys around the neckline of his t-shirt.
-he just mOANS but he’s so embarrassed by it and blushes
-he’s rolling and unrolling the hem of your shirt now and you pull back and put your hands on It like you’re gonna take it off
-you look at him like ‘is this okay?’ And he just nods (a little excitedly and it’s just so cute’
-so you slowly take your shirt off and fling it onto your bed and he just doesn’t know what to do so you slowly take his hands, again checking to make sure it’s okay, and direct them to your chest.
-at first they just sit there but eventually he starts to slowly massage them
-you bite your lip and ur slightly holding back a moan but also wishing he would pick up the pace a bit
-you reach for his shirt and he tenses but give you the okay and you take it off and fling it to yours
-your hands instantly rest on his chest and you’re just shook because he seems like he’d be a baby and have like no hair but he’s got a hella hairy chest
-and it def turns you on a bit more
-after some more making out he eventually lets his hands travel to your back and he fumbles with the clip but gets your bra off pretty fast
-Youre hella impressed like that was good for his first time
-he kisses your lips and slowly and hesitantly travels down to kiss your jaw and then collarbone and then the top of your breast
-he leaves a hickey there and you just let out a moan and man that turns him on
-this boy definitely could get off to your pleasure and moans
-after a while you stand to take off your shorts and he slips his off too real quick
-you push him to lay back on the bed and climb on top and straddle him again
-you grind down a bit and he lets out a groan and it’s so deep and turns you tf on
-you lean down and kiss his Adam’s apple and then down his neck and leave more hickeys on his his collarbone and he moans and rests his hands on your waist
-he’s rubbing the fabric of your panties between his thumb and finger and you can tell he’s low key itching to get it off so you stand up to do so and he has this look of realization
-“uh, do you have a condom?”
-at first you’re like shit and upset but remember you have a few still in your backpack
- thank god ou never empty the small pockets and you brought this bag
-hes so relieved and watches as you take your panties off and walk over and slowly pull his boxers down
-hes leaning against his elbows (and looks hella hot with the amount of hickeys and his swollen lips and bare chest) and blushes when his member springs free
-youre kinda rushing and rip the condom open and quickly put it on his cock and he’s just biting his lip
-“have you ever done this before?” “N-no, sorry, I-is that a problem?” “No, it’s fine, babe, I’m just gonna take the lead”
-climbing on top again you give him a gentle kiss and sit up, slowly lowering yourself onto him
-he suppressed a moan and you bite your lip, making sure he’s okay before you start riding him
-hes a groaning mess and he slowly stars to thrust up every time you slam down onto him
-your hands travel to his hair and you lace your fingers through it
-he definitely finds this hot and has a kink like this, not necessarily hair pulling but just running fingers through his hair
-your eyes are closed so you don’t notice his hands move to rest on your waist until they’re there and then his thumb is at your core
-you shudder a bit at the contact and he slowly starts to rubs your clit a bit and you moan so loud
-you both come within a minute after that and when your done you tie up and throw the condom away and cuddle
-after putting on underwear at least because you both agree sheets and blankets on your dick/vagina is hella weird feeling
-needless to say you both are very glad you came to camp :) ;)
-youre both glad you came to camp because you both came at camp ((BRB DELETING MY BLOG IM SORRY FOR THAT))

ME:A Companions Reactions

Mass Effect Andromeda companions reactions to the Pathfinder having a meltdown after everything they’ve been through.

Liam: Shit, he knew this was coming. After everything they had been through? He’s surprised that it hasn’t happened sooner. He sits with them, their backs propped up against the wall, beers in hand as he just listens to them talk and cry. He puts a hand on their shoulder, offering support and telling them how he admires how far they have come. If romanced: He scoots over and scoops them almost into his lap, squeezing them closely as their chest heaves in sobs, and he rubs their back as he starts telling stories of his past to try and get their mind off of things.

Cora: She makes sure to get them somewhere calm and quiet, and gets them to sit down and rest. Her commando training kicks in and she uses this to get them to breath in, and out. In and out. She recites Sarissa’s manuals calmly and softly until the Pathfinder calms down at least a little, and Cora tells them how proud she is of how they are doing at this job, especially with not having any training whatsoever. Their father picked them for a reason; they can do this. If romanced: she wraps her arms around their chest, hugging them gently. After they calm down a bit, she takes their hand and drags them to her room on the Tempest and has them help her water the plants. It’s not much, but it’s at least relaxing.

Vetra: Oh, no. She’s seen this before. She remembered when Sid had a breakdown after losing mom and dad left. After doing a lot of hunting and digging, she manages to find a package of the Pathfinders favorite cookies and brings them to a nice spot on Kadara, overlooking the scenery. They sit and talk about anything and everything; their lives before the Initiative, their parents, their plans and dreams. If Romanced: Vetra spends all evening making their favorite meal (somewhat butchering it, but the Pathfinder still loves it) and they sit down and watch a movie together. A sappy, romantic thing that lets the Pathfinder let out their emotions and be able to blame it on the movie, all while Vetra hugs them to her side.

Peebee: Uh oh…it’s finally happening, huh? She sometimes forgets everything Ryder has been through. But she’s not really good at the whole…weepy, supportive thing. She knows what helps her, though! So she drags the Pathfinder to her escape pod and they create a zero gravity environment and just float, letting all their pain and worries drift away. If Romanced: After they spend a lot of time just floating, she takes the Pathfinder to their quarters and they enjoy some…stress relief together, after which they just lay together, silently holding and supporting each other, no words needed.

Drack: Oh, jeez. He knew this was coming. He can’t blame the kid; they’ve been through a lot. He thumps them on the shoulder and drags them out to Kadara, where he has set up a shooting range with various targets, many of which are canisters that explode. While they are both shooting, he gives them a talking to about how tough life can be, but he knows how tough they are (for a human) and that they’ll get through it. After a lot of ammo and a lot of explosions, they share a lot of drinks together at Kralla’s Song.

Jaal: Poor Ryder! He cannot believe how they have been holding this in for so long; it’s a surprise they haven’t fallen apart even sooner. He drags them to their quarters and makes them sit down and talk it all out; he refuses to leave until they have gotten everything of their chest. He feels so sorry for all they have been through that even he shares some tears with them, and they spend hours together just talking and letting everything out. If Romanced: He holds them in his arms, stroking their soft hair as they shake and sob. When they finally cry themselves out, they are stretched out on the Pathfinder’s bed, Jaal stroking their cheek and looking lovingly into their eyes. He asks them about everything; their live before they game to Andromeda, their family, their childhood. It’s a long night, but by the end of it they both feel so much better.

Kallo: He isn’t surprised; they’ve been through so much. He isn’t sure how to make them feel better, but eventually gets an idea! He finds a large area of open space and has them come over so that they can fly the Tempest around themselves. He stands behind them, a hand on their shoulder as he instructs them what they have to do. By the end of it, the Pathfinder has a huge grin on their face, and they give Kallo a huge hug (that is returned a little awkwardly).

Suvi: Oh, she feels so bad for them. She meets them in their quarters and makes them a nice cup of her favorite tea (some of the last she has) and she makes them sit and drink it to calm down a bit. She doesn’t know quite what to do, so she launches off on all of the things they have learned about the life in Andromeda. Plants, creatures, even the rocks, she explains everything until the Pathfinder calms down, smiling into their cup of tea. If Romanced: She holds them on the couch, sipping their tea and she reads to them out of the book she is currently reading. Ryder just loves to listen to her voice, and eventually they drift off, tucked against Suvi’s shoulder as she continues reading out loud, stroking their back.

Gil: Well, shit. Had to come eventually. Well, the only thing that can solve this is alcohol and a lot of cards. He takes them out on the town, and they spend the evening playing cards against each other, dancing, and just enjoying themselves to get their minds off of everything. If Romanced: After they enjoy their night out on the town, they go back on the Tempest and Gil takes through the rounds of what he does to take care of the ship, and Ryder sits happily (and somewhat intoxicated) watching him as he waves his arms around, happily describing everything. Eventually they end up in each other’s arms, dancing to music that only they can hear.


Reyes: When they stumble into his room, he can immediately tell something is wrong. When they collapse on the couch next to him, head in their hands, he leans forward and orders some of their best whiskey, and they share a few drinks as the Pathfinder just talks about everything that has gone wrong so far. Reyes listens quietly, putting a hand on their shoulder in silent support; he knows how hard life can be out here. If Romanced: He wraps them in his arms and stands them up, softly dancing to music (a lot slower than the music that is playing), swaying side to side. After Ryder cries themselves out, they fall asleep with their head in Reyes’ lap on the couch, and he sends a message to make sure no one disturbs them for the next hour or so as he lets them rest, running his hand through their hair.

Avela: She feels so bad for the Pathfinder, and here she is asking even more of them. They’ve been through so much, it hardly seems fair. The next time Ryder visits, she takes them on a small tour through the museum, talking softly about all the pieces they have gathered. If Romanced: She takes Ryder on a tour through Aya, taking them to her favorite spots, letting them see all the grace and beauty of their city. They find a nice spot by a waterfall and Avela surprised them with fresh fruit, which they share together as they listen to the sound of the water. Ryder talks to Avela about everything, what they’ve been through, their stress, all they’ve lost. Avela wraps them in a hug and they sit there, silently enjoying their time together.


okay, once you got ur opentoonz downloaded, you’re looking at this screen.

and you’re thinking to yourself, what is this fresh hell, how do i draw, what’s going on 

ya gotta do one thing first my bro. go to ‘window’ and click on ‘toolbar’, then just drag that friendly little line of symbols to the side where it can latch on like a baby to its momma’s breast. that’s where u get ur brush tool. there is not a keyboard shortcut for this, which is odd, but OH WELL. 

EDIT: you can configure your own shortcuts by going to File! they don’t work fo me half the time, but it is possible.

also, stretch your window out so it has room to breathe. you may be noticing at this point that the windows in this program have a tendency to follow your cursor around like lost baby ducklings. haven’t figured out how to keep this from happening yet.

next, in order to enable onionskin, click on the paintbucket tool, go to the canvas, and right click. in the menu that opens, there will be an option to enable onionskin! this is absolutely ridiculous and i don’t know why they did it like this but at least it’s there.

take ur brush tool, and make a stroke. try it again. and again. click on the brush button again, and try. reselect the frame you’re on and try. change to a different tab and give that a whirl. it’s gonna take a few tries, and probably a few program crashes. 

EDIT: if your program is having trouble registering strokes like mine was, you need to slow down. let your cursor hang out for a moment where you’re gonna lay ur stroke, really let it relax and get to know the scenery, and then start your stroke nice and smooth.

and also you might accidentally delete some of your windows and can’t put them back the way they were supposed to work. if you delete your canvas area, you can get it back by opening the ‘viewer’ window and placing it where your old canvas went. 

yyyeah i fucked up a little bit. 

….. i fucked up a lot, but i think i’ve found my preferred workspace!! to the left, i have my toolbar, on the top, i have my tool settings, and on the bottom, i have my xsheet. now if i could just get those play buttons to stay on the screen…

let’s take a look at that xsheet!! from side to side, we have your layers, which i’m not bothering with right now, and up and down, we have your frames! wow, you might not ever think to yourself. this is an efficient and space-saving way to show frames. anyway.

get urself a shitty bouncing ball going, with a lot of pain and frustration. one drawing per frame. that one frame that is rlly bright yellow? i accidentally added a memo and can’t figure out how to remove it. not important. 

check out how your animation works in the comboviewer window after you’ve disabled onionskin using the paintbucket. (you can use the plain viewer window, but it usually fucks up how many frames get shown.) (also, there are some little triangle brackets to the left of the frames, and if they don’t encompass all the frames you wanna show, they might not show up.)

okay, looking pretty good! let’s render it! save your scene, go to the batches tab, and click the +add render button. navigate to sandbox > scenes, and click on ur saved project.

then, you gotta hit the little racecar start flag button up there. your computer will probably ask if toonz has permission to allow incoming connections - hit okay. 

if ur project’s icon turns green, it worked. if it turns red, it didn’t. i don’t know what happens after a project has been successfully rendered cause mine isn’t working. i will get back to yall when i figure out why.

Some of the paladins being like really testy about being stuck in the one outfit they left in, because “these are like, my least favorite socks!” (Lance) but some of them being fine with it, like Pidge (“I always wear this shirt anyway. It’s my ‘sneaking’ shirt.”)

Badboy!Luke - Part 6

Originally posted by fruckinluke

Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4  |  Part 5

A/N: I know I haven’t updated this since November, but  better late than never.

Warnings: Angst (slight bullying(verbal comments) towards Y/N)

Summary so far(because it’s been a while): Y/N has decided to give Luke a chance to prove he’s not a fuckboy.


I was sat in his car, he was driving me to god knows where. He had simply knocked on my door and said he was cashing in on the date I owed him. It had been a week since I had agreed to go out with him.

After waiting for a week I had assumed he had forgotten and moved on. That wouldn’t have surprised me, it would have only confirmed my original suspicions. Although when I asked him why he had waited this long, he simply said, he needed time to prepare.

It was nice to know that he had at least put some thought into this date if it took him a whole week to prepare for it.

The journey is quiet, only some soft music playing from the radio as we drove through town. It was nice, I stared out the window as the sun started to disappear beneath the tree line.

Eventually his car pulled to a stop on the top of a small hill. I climb out, taking in the scenery around me. It was beautiful. There were trees everywhere, the golden glow of the sunset illuminated the area.

Luke gestures for me to follow him into the woods. I walk behind him, looking around in awe at how beautiful the area was. I had no idea that this place even existed, and I know that I will be coming here more often from now on.

We walk through the trees, until we come to an opening, there was a lake, the water a deep blue. It reminded me of his eyes, a beautiful pool of colour. There was a  picnic blanket laid down on the bank. A hamper of food sat next to it, although it was knocked over. Whatever was inside it was scattered around it on the floor.

“No, no, no” Luke groaned. Walking away from me towards the blanket. The panic was evident on his face. I had never seen him like this before. Usually he was in control but here it looked like he was out of his element.

“What happened?” I ask as I walk up behind him.

“I don’t know I left the picnic here ready, and ugh- everything is ruined” he groans as he runs a hand through his hair in frustration.

“The foxes probably got to it. Why would you leave a hamper full of food in the middle of nowhere?” you asked in amusement.  Wondering why he  didn’t just bring the picnic in the car and carry it here.

“I wanted to surprise you. So that you would walk here and find it and it would be all romantic and shit.” he sighs.

“Well I appreciate the thought” I nudge his shoulder in reassurance.

“But it’s ruined” he whines, reminding me of a small child. I find it cute but also kind of funny considering his badboy appearance.

“So what? We don’t have food, we can still sit and enjoy the scenery. I came out because I wanted to spend time with you, not for food.” I try to reassure him. It seems to be working as a small smile appears on his face.

“Although, I will never deny food, just for future reference” I add smile, trying to lighten his mood.

We sit down by the lake, our bodies were close but not touching. We talk about anything and everything until the sun had disappeared completely. I wasn’t sure how long we had been there, time just seemed to fly, conversation was flowing easily, and I found myself enjoying his company.

“ I should be getting home, it’s late and my parents will worry” I say quietly. I didn’t want to leave, but I knew mum would panic if I weren’t home soon.

“Ok” he smiles understandingly. “I wouldn’t want them to think I’m a bad influence” he jokes.

“You. Never” I chuckle.

He smiles as he leads me back to his car.

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anonymous asked:

I would like to see what went through harrys head when he was kissing one of the other contestants

Derek is hot.

It’s the first thing Harry thought when he stepped out of the limo on the first night, and it’s all he can think of now. Superficial, he knows, but it’s true. He’s toned and defined, his hair is thick, his confidence is beyond sexy. He’s not the kind of guy Harry is typically attracted to, but it’s impossible to think otherwise about this guy. And while Derek seems nice enough, appears to be intelligent, there’s just no fire like Harry wants there to be.

He blames Louis for that.

That first date set the tone for the rest of Harry’s experience here. He’s continuously comparing the other men to Louis, trying to find someone who’s as good, who could be better. He tried to convince himself he only feels so strongly about Louis because he was the first one, that they had an adrenaline filled night together, so now, nothing else can top it. But then he thinks about Louis’ eyes, his jaw, his Goddamn laugh, and he knows he’s only kidding himself. Louis is the one to beat and it’s looking unlikely that anyone will be able to do that. He’s not even sure if he wants anyone to do that, happy with packing up and heading home with Louis by his side.


It’s unfair, really, that Louis swooped in so early on, and Harry owes it to the other men to at least give them a chance.

The scenery is lovely. He and Derek are enjoying a quiet dinner on the vineyard - well, more or less pretending to eat while they talk about Derek’s ex - overlooking the mountains. It’s breathtaking, really, horribly romantic. The wine is to die for, as are Derek’s arms, and that’s what Harry focuses on as he leans in to kiss him, hoping his physical connection will lead to an emotional one.

It’s nice. Really nice, actually. Derek kisses back just the way Harry likes, soft and close, just the way it should be on a first date. Harry thinks Derek tastes a little bit like the red wine they’ve been sharing, thinks it feels good when Derek slides his hands into Harry’s hair, thinks about pressing Louis up against that wall in the hotel in oversized sweatpants, his cheeks pink from a day in the sun. He breaks the kiss, then.

When he pulls back, Derek is smiling, his lips wet, and Harry feels guilty. He’s staring at Derek but all he can see is Louis Tomlinson.

Jesus fucking Christ.

“Derek, will you accept this rose?” he asks, reaching for it on the table. His voice doesn’t sound like his own.

“Of course,” he says, placing his hand on Harry’s knee. His palm is bigger than Louis’, Harry thinks. How is it possible that he already has Louis’ touch memorized?

Jesus fucking Christ.

He is so fucking fucked.

Over the next week, Harry also kisses Bryce, Evan, and Frankie, and every time, his mind spins with This is nice, but where’s the spark. Where’re ice blue eyes. He beats himself up after it every time, starts handing out roses like gum, his guilt taking over his rationality.

And then, after a much too sexually explicit version of Truth or Dare on the basketball court at the mansion with Louis, Harry finds himself pressing Louis up against the basketball pole, their mouths seared together. His entire body feels electrified, can’t believe they just spent the better part of the night making fun of one another, stomach tense from laughter, and now, Harry would pay any kind of money to make the cameras go away.

Louis doesn’t kiss Harry the way he typically likes. It’s not soft, it’s too quick.

It’s better than the way he typically likes, and how is that possible.

He whines into Harry’s mouth after Harry holds him closer and Harry all but screams, bites at him harder, feels the need to prove something to himself, not quite sure what. This the kind of spark he was looking for, the passion, the need.

Later, at the rose ceremony, Harry asks Louis if he was serious about having a sex swing. Louis swallows heavily and whispers, “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Fuck offering Louis a single rose. He’s giving him a whole damn bouquet.

Sarcasm - Drabble


Prompt: “I was being sarcastic.”

A/N: Requests are open. And I will write all the one’s I’m owing when my pc gets back from limbo (soon, I hope).


Fine, it wasn’t one of your super clever plans. Read: one of the failures of one of those had led you to where you were. Maybe one of those would come soon and actually work.

You rested your hand on your holder again, missing the cold feel of your gun that was supposed to be there.

At least they had just moved you to one with an actual window. How cool is that? And you had your boyfriend to keep you company.

“Well, this is a nice change of scenery,” he said.

You looked at him with a bored expression.

“This is a prison cell,” you deadpanned, looking around. At least the window provided some vision on the dark forest surrounding the enemy base.

Bucky looked at you, jokingly imitating your bored look.

“I was being sarcastic.”

Maybe not such a great company.

“Great,” you sighed and folded your legs near your chest, resting your head on your knees.

So what if you were locked in a prison cell in a hidden HYDRA base with your boyfriend?

“Things could be worse,” Bucky shrugged.

Indeed, they could. But they could be better also. You could make this wasted time turn into productive time, by one of the world’s most classic ways. So you drapped your legs over Bucky’s and turned to face him, placing your hand on the back of his neck to pull him down for a kiss. Bucky took no time at all to respond eargerly, circlng his arms, both warm and cold ones, around you.

You mentally classified this as one of those clever plans.

“Told you we shouldn’t worry too much.”  

A big flash of white light startled you enough to look at the barred doors of the cell.

“We came as fast as we could, but apparently you two are enjoying your time in prison,” Steve smirked, suit sharp and shield in hand, Sam grinning devilishly besind him, also in full suit plus with a camera in hands. They still took longer than expected. “Ready to go or do you want a few more minutes?”


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Twelve Days of Twelve: Favorite Series

“July 17: Favorite Series. What series that the 12th Doctor featured in has been your favorite?”

This is a tough one!  

I think all of Capaldi’s tenure meshed very well together as smaller pieces of a bigger picture.  I loved them all (particularly S9 & S10), but I’d have to saySeries 9 wins the title of favorite series by a hair’s breadth.

Some of the stand-outs for me:

Character Dynamics:

Series 8 did much of the heavy lifting in terms of fleshing out Twelve and Clara’s characters and navigating their new relationship.  When Series 9 came around, all that work paid off beautifully: both Twelve and Clara had found their groove, and the two of them had developed a Doctor/Companion rapport that was a joy to watch. It seemed like everyone was having a blast, and it really showed.  Not even to mention Missy: The Magician’s Apprentice/Witch’s Familiar really allowed Michelle Gomez to devour the scenery in every on-screen appearance.  All three actors (Peter/Jenna/Michelle) had an amazing chemistry, and I loved watching them all work off each other.

Structure & Connectivity:

I really enjoyed Moffat’s decision to use the two-parter structure throughout Series 9. With that extra-breathing room, there seemed to be ample space to settle into each story, and the one-off characters that the Doctor and Clara met on their adventures felt more developed; In my case, at least, I found myself caring more about those characters than similarly placed ones in other series’.

I also thought this series did a nice job of connecting the Moffat/RTD/Classic Who Eras in a way that (in my opinion) didn’t feel forced, but added extra layers of enjoyment for long-time fans .  For me, those moments (Davros & Twelve’s conversations which felt like it picked up where Genesis of the Daleks left off; the flashback to Ten/Donna/Caecilius in The Girl Who Died) really amplified the feeling that everything was part of a larger epic story (and Series 10 has continued to carry that torch masterfully).

Peter F***n Capaldi:

More than anything, Series 9 served as a showcase for Peter Capaldi as an acting tour de force.  All of the Doctors have had some incredible moments, but Twelve has an understated magnetism and gravitas that will be difficult to replicate.  In the hands of other actors, his speeches, could be played for grandiosity: however, instead of going big, Peter very effectively draws the audience, and is able to communicate more with a single look than I thought possible.  One of the things I love about Twelve, is that he’s such a raw nerve of emotion, and he was given wonderful material to work with (especially Heaven Sent): Somewhere between his conversation with Davros on compassion and his War speech in the Zygon Inversion, Twelve cemented his place in my heart as my Doctor.

Behind the Scenes Talent:

Speaking of Heaven Sent, Series 9 showcased some remarkable work from women working behind the scenes.  Sarah Dollard (who is fast becoming one of my favorite writers on the show) made her writing debut for the series and gave Clara a beautiful exit in Face The Raven. Rachel Talalay outdid herself once again with the beautifully directed and visually stunning Heaven Sent/Hell Bent finale (*side-note* someone please let this women direct a big-budget superhero/sci-fi movie already!  Or anything. I would honestly watch any project she directs in the future).  A favorite moment: those beautiful “Old-West” style shots of Twelve on Gallifrey that scream “Rebel Time-Lord” in every detail.

There is so much to love about Capaldi’s run, but more than anything else I hope that Moffat, Peter, and all those who worked on the show on and off-screen feel proud of and appreciated for their wonderful work.  Thank you all for sharing it with us.

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what animes do you see? *

Of the animes that have been released this season I’m currently watching (kind of first impressions because why not?): 

  • Black Clover. I really was not planning to follow this anime because I knew since forever that it was not going to be a good thing to watch but given that I lost a bet, I am forced to follow it. This is undoubtedly one of the worst “first episode” I’ve seen in a long time, terrible pacing even by Pierrot’s standards and one of the worst performances of a character I’ve seen. Someone could tell me where’s the joke in a teenager constantly wanting to sexually harass flirt with a nun?
  • Garo: Vanishing Line. This one here has the word “rule of cool” all over the face and I really just hope it’s gonna be mindless action for the rest of the season, which will make it entertaining or at least that’s what I expect. It has some strange decisions in the direction but to have a badass that likes of tiddies without being a fool and a loli with some kind of tragic past doing some typical pursuit deserve that you give an opportunity. It seems that this is the kind of anime that MAPPA is enjoying most to do in the last few years and I totally support it.
  • Gintama: Porori-hen. I don’t have much to say since we all really know what it is about, and this season does not have to be any different. The only good thing is that they are gonna animate arcs that I thought it would not get adapted, some very funny to watch before returning to the beloved “serious arcs”.
  • Houseki no Kuni. Easily the rarest anime I’m watching, the designs are not something much seen despite not being amazing at all and the characters itself are quite strange and are some kind of special beings fighting against… some kind of evil force? When I read the synopsis before I thought it would be a kind of survival anime but it may be one of personal self-discovery or it may just be “weird” to watch for its somewhat curious atmosphere, story and animation.
  • Inuyashiki. I do not know how to talk about this particular anime since two good personal friends had already recommended it to me a long time ago, but could not give me the good impression that they gave it through their recommendation. It is sad because it has to be in such way, and the victimization with the main character is not something I like at all, there is still more story and characters to reveal so all my faith is set in it since I have not read the manga. Its opening and ending are very good and I’ve long since promised to finish it, so that’s what I’m going to do.
  • Juuni Taisen. The first one on my list to be possibly dropped because there’s not something in it that calls my interest, its character design is eccentric but not in a way that I could like because it looks ridiculous and the reason why they fight doesn’t catches my interest because it hasn’t even been established in the first place. I literally ran to watch it when I found out that it was an adaptation of a Nisiosin’s work and that it would have Sawano Hiroyuki involved, but sadly that is not enough. Possibly I’ll gonna watch it once finished.
  • Kekkai Sensen & Beyond. This is my favorite anime of the season and rightly so, despite having had a change of staff has remained intact what made characteristic to the first season, again making great use of the charisma of its characters, its very striking soundtrack and one of the most incredible settings in recent years. The only thing I expect is something of continuity for the main characters of Libra and a concise story, which was what missed the first season.
  • Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau. This is the last anime I’ve watched because I really did not plan to watch it, but in a discord recommended it so I decided to give it a try. I really liked the setting and some construction of the world, the animation is nice as well as the designs of the characters and the sceneries. I know it’s also being adapted from a manga so I have doubts about that, personally I felt it like a kind of mix between Shinsekai Yori and No.6 (even the protagonists are alike). If it ends up being like the first one it will be a very good anime, and it will end as the second, it will be somewhat at least enjoyable to watch.
  • Mahoutsukai no Yome. I ended up watching this because a friend read the manga and recommended it to me, and because the cover has caught my attention for a long time. The same thing as with Inuyashiki, I do not like the situation in which the protagonists are, I feel it manipulative and really unnecessary, unless what the mangaka wants to do is develop the character, but this romantic story with a being like Elias… I do not know what to think about it, are they romanticizing something that should not be romantic? Anyway, I enjoyed the technical section and feel that it’s well set, at the moment, it’s my only reason to keep watching it.
  • Osomatsu-san 2. As Gintama, more referential comedy but if I’m honest, I have a special affection for the sextuples for the way I met the anime, I really find them very funny and pleasant to watch, even if sometimes they go wild with some things, still have the same spirit of the first season.
  • Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara. I really wanted to watched this arc being animated but I’m having problems with some decisions taken in the direction section, I still hope they do a good job with some moments that are to come and that I have long wanted to see. I still do not recover the change of Erina’s seiyuu but the new is doing it very well, I just hope they reduce the excessive use of chibis that is becoming annoying. 


  • Net-juu no Susume. Well, I just saw this anime thanks to a last minute recommendation since I didn’t even know of its existence. In fact, it’s an unexpectedly nice anime to watch, although its animation is very limited and lacks detail, the protagonists are not remarkable but it is easy to identify with them, especially for those who are more related to the world of MMO and want to find the husbando/waifu of your dreams. It’s cute. 

I don’t know if I’ll eventually watch some other anime but that’s it for now. Thanks for asking little anon! 

Dialogue/Description Balance

Every writer falls into one four categories of capability. Either they excel at writing description (but not dialogue), at dialogue (but not description), at both, or at neither.

What I usually find is a person tends to be in one of the first two categories: either they have great description but their dialogue is lacking in some capacity, or their dialogue is great but the description is weak. I tend to fall in the latter category.

Nevertheless, I’m going to be talking all about dialogue and description, how to fake it if you can’t do one or both, and how to find a balance between them so that the story flows effortlessly (well, that’s the hope).

Before I start in, I just want to clarify that description includes not only of the setting and characters but also of their actions in scenes, how they move and react as they converse.

Also, as a general rule, if you are lacking in one or both of these areas (or any part of writing), don’t worry about it when you’re writing the first draft. Just get it down. Then go back in after its done, knowing your weaknesses, and revise the hell out of it.

Description Writing Tips

  • Study the art of good description: To improve your description writing skills, read description that you like, from any story or piece of writing. Really try to break down what exactly you like about it, what they do, where they put the description, what they don’t describe, etc.
  • Practice: get a photo you like—or better yet, go outside (gasp!)—and try to describe the scenery, every detail you can. Be excessive, over the top. Just practice noticing the little details.

  • Details make characters feel real: This is fairly obvious. But what may not be is what details should be included. Many writers do the typical hair and eye color (which I’m guilty of too). This is not a bad thing, but it is nice to try to move beyond that or at least add to it. In any case, any description you have of a character, try to use it for more than just a description. It should be incorporated into the story. Think about what details would be important. Why is it significant that his eyes are blue? Is it because they look haunting or mystical? Because they affect others or perhaps the main character? This is just a simple example, but hopefully you get the idea.

Dialogue Writing Tips

  • Study conversations: Similar to the description section, it’s helpful to study good dialogue in stories, noticing everything about it, like the things being said, what’s not said, and even how it’s being said. Also listen to people converse in real life…Listen to the way they talk, how they say certain phrases, their tones, facial expressions, body language. It’s all a part of the dialogue.
  • Practice: To start off, just try writing the same sentence/thought/idea, but have different people say it. How does it change if someone is shy? Bold? Angry? Bossy? Now pick one character, and try changing who this person is saying it to. Everyone speaks differently depending on the person and situation. For instance, if a character is at work, are they polite and respectful? Formal? Loud and obnoxious? This will say a lot about them as character, without you having to describe it!

  • Not everything has to be said: Whether they’re best friends or enemies, a lot is passed without saying a thing. Maybe two characters are close and read each other’s minds or finish each other’s sentences. One glance could equal not only a whole conversation, but also say a ton about the nature of the relationship between the two characters. Maybe two characters are in the relationship, and it’s clear that they’re not happy, not because they say they’re unhappy, but just by their actions and words (or lack thereof). For instance, if they’re angry at each other, they’ll probably avoid one another very purposefully and use very short, direct statements. It’s also important to note that some pieces of dialogue are just filler and can be taken out. For instance, if you have a scene with a conversation that takes place on a phone, you don’t want to include the formalities like “Hi.” “Hey.” “How are you?” “I’m fine…” Etc. That will just bog the story down and add clutter to the writing. We all know that people don’t just start right into the meaty part of a conversation. The only instance I can see these formalities being used is if it’s purposeful and says something about the characters’ relationship. For instance, maybe they were close, but now it’s awkward as they both clearly don’t know what to say.

How to Balance Description and Dialogue:

  • Placement of description is important: When it comes to describing scenery, there are separate paragraphs dedicated to it. Usually the details are broadly scoped, with a few smaller, significant details. As the characters move through the scene, smaller and smaller idiosyncrasies should crop up. Sprinkle them in with the dialogue and movement. When it comes to description of a person, it’s rare to find a large paragraph dedicated to just the outer appearance. Maybe a small, flash description (like the first one or two things someone would notice about the person), with more details sprinkled in as the scene/dialogue progresses. It’s important to find a balance so that it doesn’t feel like its separate chunks of description and dialogue. They should mix together a bit in a scene.
  • The point of view can change the balance: If it’s in first person, there will probably be a bit less description than when writing in third. Most people don’t think in such detailed descriptions, so it doesn’t feel quite realistic. Of course, there’s always room for breaking rules. For instance, if the point of view character is an artist of some sort and that’s part of their personality to be flowery and excessive in their thoughts and probably their speech as well.
  • EVERYTHING should push the story forward: it’s difficult to truly know what should be said, what should be described, and what should be perhaps left out altogether. My piece of advice is that whatever you’re writing, it should push the storyline forward. Basically, everything has a purpose in the story. We learn something important to the plot or characters or situation that is relevant. Of course not everything has to relate to the “main plot”, but it should be relevant in some capacity.
  • General things to keep in mind:
    • Conversations will say something about the relationship of the characters speaking. It just will. What that says can and should affect the plot, in some way.
    • The more detailed the description, the more the reader will think that place/person is significant. If you focus on it, you’re drawing attention to it.
    • Read your writing aloud! I can’t stress this enough. If it sounds/feels awkward. It probably is. Focus on that section, and work with it. Take your time to figure it out. If you can’t fix it or even identify those awkward parts, try to get some readers. Preferably not close friends or family as they can be biased or not what to hurt your feelings.
    • Everyone has their own style of writing. It’s not an exact science.
    • Test styles out. Try a new format. Experiment with a new point of view. Take the time to find what works for you.

Hope this helped. And I’m happy to answer any questions or clarify if needed. Happy writing.

Let’s Just Pretend

PHEW. IT’S DONE. Some Noctis x f!reader for y’all. This is the longest thing I have written EVER, and I’m quite proud of it? Anyway, enjoy!

Imma tag @fieryfantasy bc she’s a babe.

Noctis x f!reader


3658 words.

“I need you to pretend to be my date.”

“Excuse me?” You said, looking up from your book.

You and Noctis had been studying for your final exams of your last year at school. Well, you had been studying, Noctis had studied for twenty minutes and then become invested in just about anything else which didn’t involve the geography of Eos. He had been talking to you about an upcoming ball, to celebrate the summer solstice, which he was required to attend when his request made you abandon your work entirely.

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Gaara NSFW and Pregnant SO headcanons?

I’ve written some NSFW here and some pregnancy stuff here but not a lot so I can try for some more


•Okay Gaara is kind of funny. As soon as he learns his s/o is pregnant, he expects that baby bump to just pop up out of nowhere. The first few months it’s difficult to really think of his s/o as pregnant because the bump?? Where is it?? Even when their stomach gets a little swollen, Gaara runs his palm over the skin sometimes and is just amazed that something is growing inside there

•He’s definitely much more careful with his s/o, and gets a little paranoid sometimes. In general, the whole pregnancy/baby thing worries Gaara because babies???? Small miniature people??? One growing inside his s/o??? Eh???? He can sense the chakra growing and yeah in general, Gaara is just curiously perplexed by babies and birth 

•Like the first time the baby kicks, Gaara is shocked. Just absolutely astounded. When his s/o comes running to get him, all excited and prattling on about the baby the baby! and takes his hand to place it on his stomach, Gaara does not expect that little bump on his hand. That’s probably the first time Gaara realizes oh god… this is my baby in here. They’re moving. This is going to be my baby 

•He rubs his s/o’s belly a lot. Especially at night when they’re in bed together about to fall asleep. It soothes his s/o, and in a way, helps Gaara sleep better too? He’ll fall asleep with a hand resting on their stomach awwww

•When it comes closer to their due date, Gaara gets nervous since he’s so wrapped up in Kazekage duties. He’d ask Temari or Kankuro, also Baki (if he agreed tbh) to watch over his s/o, or at least keep them occupied and escort them around the Kazekage building, if possible. He wants them close, but knows he can’t focus much on his work if they’re in his office the entire time. But hanging around the Kazekage HQ during the day isn’t bad

•Not that the Suna isn’t nice and all but it’s a little sandy. Just a little. I can see him bringing his s/o on diplomatic missions, especially to nice places like Konoha for some fresh air and scenery that isn’t just sand. Sand and desert. Plus, imagine Naruto being ridiculously excited to meet Gaara’s pregnant s/o like hooooo my god Naruto will not stop congratulating them and feeling the s/o’s belly and damn calm down Naruto. This is Gaara’s baby, not yours

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(i hope it's okay to send this request in.) i've been feeling a little lost and lonely lately because i'm now spending more time on my own than i'm used to, do you have any head canons for how shigezane would use his free time to comfort his mc? ❤️

i hope you feel better soon, anon!! ❤️ take care of yourself! 

Shigezane comforting you

  • He starts with flowers. Ibano’s lessons are finally going to be put to good use. Your room is filled with so many flower arrangements that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. He’s got all your favorites. Ibano sheds a proud tear or two.
  • And then, of course, it’s food! Now, he’s not actually very good at cooking. He tried, but he can’t possibly make you eat that! So he goes to the kitchen and makes puppy eyes at the maids while they make your favorite dessert, and then he proudly carts the fruits of their labor to your room. It’s the thought that counts, right?
  • Now that you’re full of dessert, it’s time for some good old fashioned cuddling. Wanna put your head in his lap and have your hair toyed with? Sit out on the veranda and chat while looking at the scenery? Lie in bed and snuggle? Just say the word.
  • Your room smells too sweet thanks to all the flowers (he may have gone overboard), and he’s itching to get out and about. How about some shopping in town, or maybe a nice slow walk up to the romantic cliff that shows up at least once in every main route? Maybe a short getaway to that really nice onsen resort he’s been hearing rumors about?
  • The most important thing is really just to spend time with you

[personal stuff - feel free to ignore]

The reality if my life right now is that I’m in deep shit.

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have depression. It’s not new, it started back in spring and was really bad during the summer, and it it still really bad now. I thought it would get better once the school year starts, but it didn’t. In fact from my subjective point of view it kinda got worse, especially in the last few weeks.

Now I’ve dealt with mental illnesses before, it’s nothing new for me, however I have never had actual depression, so I have no skills to deal with it. Add to that what I have by default (chronic illness, multiple anxiety disorders, gender dysphoria, etc) and it quickly becomes absolutely unbearable.

This time last year I was going to all my classes, doing homework all weekends, and somehow managing to find time to consume ridiculous amounts of fiction (and produce some too). Now I barely can pay attention during the lectures and I can’t keep up with even the simplest of tasks. To be honest, I don’t have enough focus to even read a goddamned textbook. I’m constantly tired, I can’t concentrate, I’m irritable as hell and worst of all, I don’t even care.

I’ve had bad moments last school year for sure, a ton of them, and I got through because I was insanely motivated and passionate about what I was doing. That passion is gone. Now I’m just tired all the time. All I want to do is sleep. I’m crying almost every day and I have around three mental breakdowns a week. Nothing is enjoyable anymore and on bad days like today even the little things, like my favorite games or podcasts or candy, don’t matter to me.

And I have suicidal thoughts. It’s not like I’m actively planning anything, but the thoughts are there. When I’m in a car, I’m wishing for a car crash. When I’m crossing the road, I don’t look both ways. When I am falling asleep, I hope I don’t wake up. And I’ve hurt myself. I’ve scratched, I picked at my wounds, I cut myself. Not often, but I have.

So the truth is, I’m in no condition to study. Studying is a full time job and I don’t have energy to make myself coffee in the morning. Going back after the organization mess ups and chickenpox would be difficult as it is, with all of my absences and missed tests and homework piling up. With depression that severe, it is not realistic.

Problem is, university is my legal reason for stay. I could be kicked out of the country if I stop going, and I can’t go back to Russia, I just can’t. Also I don’t want to leave uni. I don’t wanna to be the disappointment again, the failure. I feel so guilty already. I feel like people would be better off without me. But even the thought of putting clothes on is exhausting. So I don’t know if I can manage even going to lectures, let alone writing tests and doing homework.

And I don’t know what to do. I know drugs don’t help most people (statistically, okay? it’s what depression research says), and my history with psychiatric drugs is… traumatic, so I’m not going there. I know therapy works (again, statistically), but we can’t afford even one visit a week, and I’d probably need more. Rest doesn’t help, work doesn’t help, nothing helps and I feel so trapped. And alone. Trapped and alone.

Fuck knows why I’m typing this even, cause it’s not like I care about tumblr either. The people, maybe, but they don’t need my whining and shitposts. No wonder I get zero activity for the last half a year. My blog is trash and everyone knows it. But I guess I’m documenting this cause, idk, seeing it on screen is more calming than having a swarm of thoughts in my head.

But yeah, tl;dr: I’m screwed.

The Dinner


It was coming up on two weeks since Cameron left to report for duty. The time went by fast but that was because i kept myself busy scheduling clients back to back. Cam and i FaceTimed almost every night usually until he or i would fall asleep. Some nights we had a little fun (😉) but most nights we just stayed up talking. He was so funny and had me crackin up about stories from his day. But as much as i enjoyed our FaceTime calls, i was ready for him to come back home because i was missing our sessions more than anything. He told me he was coming back from base on Memorial day and i was lit because i knew i was getting some (much needed) dick that same night. The only plans i made for memorial day was a dinner at my parent’s house that evening with my half-brother and his family, but that night i had no other plans than to have my legs wrapped around Cam. 

Growing up as a military brat, my family always took federal holidays pertaining to the service very seriously. Memorial day was like our Pre-Fourth-of-July and normally on holidays, my brother would drop in to celebrate. Jeremy (half-brother) and I were never really close growing up though, reason being was that he was a product of my dad’s first marriage. His Ex-wife was jealous of my parent’s relationship so in spite of his happiness, she kept his son from him. When Jeremy was old enough, he started coming around on his own, learning that the lies his mother told him about his dad and “his new family” weren’t true. Since then, Jeremy always made an effort to come around at least on the holidays.

I had spent majority of the afternoon at my parent’s house helping with dinner prep and talking with my mom and Summer (Sister-in-law) and playing with Liliana (niece) while my dad and Jeremy marinated then grilled the steaks.

When the food had finished cooking, everyone gathered to make their plates and headed out to the patio to enjoy the scenery and a nice meal. I had noticed my mom making an extra plate and setting out another placement at the table but i didn’t think much of it because I had my hands full with my busy-body niece who had finally fell asleep in my arms after playing all afternoon. By the time we all sat down at the table, Dad’s guest came walking through the house. i couldn’t make out the face, but the figure looked familiar. It wasn’t until he walked through the patio doors that i realized it was Cam. 

Surprised, I almost asked “what are you doing here?” but i caught myself because i didn’t want to be obvious that Cam and i have been talking since we met. But damn, i wish he would’ve given me a heads up that he was coming.

He walked towards his seat lookin all good and flashing that sexy ass smile of his. He greeted my parents first then stuck out his hand as he introduced himself to my brother and his wife. When it came to me, he greeted me subtly, acting like he couldn’t remember my name. I went along with it though. He knew how i felt about involving my parents in my business. They always over-analyzed everything and if i would have acted like i knew Cam like i know him, they would have internalized the relationship to make it seem like it was more than what it was and i didn’t want to go through all that with them. The twenty one questions, the “what are your intentions with my daughter?” type shit. And I know they do it because they care, but i just wasn’t ready for that yet. I barely knew anything about Cameron other than the fact that he could lay pipe and i wasn’t ready for an interrogation from my mom and dad about him. 

“Cameron, Thank you for joining us! We’re delighted to have you here.” My mom said as Cam took his seat. 

“Oh no, thank you for having me Mrs. Dianne. Everything looks delicious, wow.” 

“So Cameron, how are you liking your new position as a PO?” My dad asked taking a bite.

“I like it a lot. I’m definitely a lot busier when i get to base but it helps the time go by faster. The new schedule is nice too, two weeks on, two weeks off. It’s like having a vacation every month. And having a private living quarter is nice too. No more bunking with three other guys.” he replied taking a sip of his wine.

The whole while he and my dad were talking, i couldn’t help but look at him. i tried to be modest but he was so cute the way he interacted with my family. He was fitting right in, making us laugh, talking sports with my dad and Jeremy and even offered some advice to my mom about home repairs. I couldn’t take it, he was making me wet. I wanted to jump across the table and fuck him in his seat. I already knew he had me dickmatized, but now i was starting to become attracted to his personality too. I guess all the late night calls and cupcakin was starting to take an affect on me.

I guess my staring wasn’t as discrete as i hoped it was because when i looked up, Jeremy was looking dead at me smiling.

“Y’all fuckin?” he mouthed to me across the table.

“Shut up!” i mouthed back as my eyes got big and started smiling.

I looked around to see if anyone else was paying attention to me and Jeremy’s silent conversation but everyone else was swooning over Cam too. I looked back at Jeremy who was silently laughing to himself and shaking his head.

Damn. Was i being that obvious that even my older brother, who i never see, was able to tell? Shit. This is the first time that i’m seeing Cam like this. Actual boyfriend material and not just someone i’m fuckin. I was beginning to become infatuated with Cameron. And for the first time in months, I actually hadn’t thought about Stefon. 

After dinner was over Summer and I helped my mom clean up everything. I cleared the table while Summer and my mom packed up the extra food. Jeremy, Cam and my dad were inside the house still talking about sports and future football drafts. But i guess Cam somehow managed to sneak away from the conversation and make his way out to the patio where i was.

While i was outside grabbing the dirty dishes from the table, i felt a presence behind me and someone touch my arm. But i knew who it was so i didn’t have to look back. Cam hugged me tight and kissed my head.

“You look amazing.” he said still holding me tightly. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” i asked

“I wanted to surprise you. Did i?”

“Ummm, definitely, but it was a nice surprise. I’m glad you came though cuz I missed you.”

“Well how about after we finish here, we go to my place and you can show me how much you missed me?”

“Sounds good.” I said laughing as he and I finished picking up the rest of the dishes.

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Im glad Kala FINALLY getting her mind right!

Also Shout out to the CC creators! thanks yall for all the new CC yall been dropping. i’m loving it! everything is poppin!! ❤️❤️❤️


tardisgrump  asked:

How about some coraline au with some platonic reader/trio and exploring stuff i guess

(THAT’S MY FAVORITE AU BECAUSE CORALINE IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE!! I hope this turns out to your liking! I can’t decide whether I like Nikki as the cat and Neil as Wyborne, or if I like QM as the cat and both Nikki and Neil in the role of Wyborne, but because you asked for the trio I’ll have it as both Nikki and Neil as Wyborne. Thanks!)

Now do you believe me?” Max asked, gesticulating exaggeratedly to the perfect mirror world before him. Neil scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Oh please, we’re in the same forest. It’s gonna take more than a fancy tent to convince me.”

“But why would i lie to you about this?!” Max tried, clearly frustrated that Neil still wouldn’t believe him. He groaned. “C’mon, the other camp is just a little ways this way.” Nikki stifled a laugh at that name. The “Other Camp” sounded pretty fake, but she was always happy to sneak out of camp at night. She elbowed you and gestured towards Max. 

“Time to head to the ‘Other Camp’, eh (Y/N)?” She asked, raising her eyebrows and beginning to walk behind Max, who was taking strides much quicker than usual, and had his hands balled into fists at his sides. You followed beside Nikki a few steps behind Max and Neil. 

“I dunno, Nikki, Max seems pretty worked up about this..” You observed, taking note of how much more annoyed he seemed than usual.

“Nah, you know Max. He’s usually angry.”

“I guess..” The four of you walked in the chilly night air until you looked out to see lights coming into view. A triumphant smile grew on Max’s face.

“See? Look at this place! It’s amazing!” He shouted, throwing his arms up as you approached the ‘Other Camp’. A gasp escaped your lips, Neil’s crossed arms dropped to his sides and his mouth fell open, and Nikki stared ahead, slack-jawed. Twinkling lights hung all around the camp, swooping above you against the backdrop of a dazzling sky. There were no ragged, cramped tents, but instead beautiful cozy looking cabins. The mess hall and counselor’s cabin were new and refurbished, practically sparkling. Max beelined for the latter, and knocked on the door. Immediately, a tall man with a striking resemblance to David answered the door. His smile faltered for a moment upon seeing Max with others from his world, but it was such a brief change that one could easily have convinced themselves it was nothing, and a bright grin replaced it immediately. 

“Why, Max! You’ve brought friends! What an unexpected surprise!” His gaze turned from Max and Neil to you and Nikki, and your breath hitched as you made eye contact. You found yourself staring directly at a pair of buttons. Sky blue buttons, sewn in place of his eyes. You glanced over to Nikki, who looked more or less confused, then to Neil, who seemed just as frightened as you. Max cleared his throat.

“Yeah. Is that.. All right?” Max sounded unsure of himself for a moment, but was reassured when the blonde, button-eyed doppelgänger nodded.

“Well of course! The more the merrier! You’ll always be my favorite camper, Max,” That line unsettled you, for some reason. “But your friends are more than welcome!” He smiled sweetly at all of you, then patted Max’s head. To your surprise, Max allowed it. “Jen and I will be finished with dinner soon. Why don’t you show your friends around?” He and Max’s exchange went on for just a moment longer, then the stranger left you all to your own devices.

As soon as he was gone, Max smirked.

“Told you.”

Nikki was the first to chime in. “He.. actually had BUTTON eyes?! I thought you just meant like, cute! Like how you can say people have button noses!”

“What? No, Nikki,-”

“Who the hell was that?!” Neil cried, grabbing Max by the shoulders and effectively cutting him off. He looked like he’d just seen a ghost, with a sheet white face and anxious eyes.

Max blinked. “Calm down, dude. His name is Daniel. He’s like.. He’s like David but better! Everything is better here! Just like I fucking told you, Neil!”

Neil let go of him and put a hand to his forehead. “How..How is this even possible..?”

“Who cares? Would you rather stay here-” Max gestured to the beautiful scenery around you, “Or back in Camp Campbell?”

“Yeah, this place is pretty cool!” Nikki chirped, throwing an arm around Neil. You glanced around hesitantly. It was pretty nice, you had to admit. It seemed too good to be true, and you were at least half sure it was a dream, but you ignored your creeping suspicions and joined Nikki and Neil. 

“It wouldn’t hurt to just look around a little, would it?” You asked. Neil pursed his lips and surveyed the area once more.

“I…Suppose not..”

“Yeah, that’s the spirit, Neil!” Nikki cheered loudly, then continued. “So Max, is Button guy the only one here? Do we have the whole camp to ourselves, or are there other button people?”

“No way, there are tons of other campers!” Max seemed excited. “And get this: They’re the same as the original campers. Nerris and Harrison are actually good performers here! Preston puts on bearable shows! it’s great!”

Neil scrunched up his nose. “So then.. are there other versions of us..? Of you?”

Max paused. “I.. Huh. There are other versions of you guys, but they aren’t here. Usually they’re with Daniel. And there’s never another version of me.”

You decided to pipe up. “Maybe us being here cancels out the existence of the other versions of ourselves?” You offered. Max shrugged.

“Makes sense to me.” Clearly, he didn’t feel like debating this anymore. “Look Neil, the point is, this place is infinitely better than Camp Campbell could ever be, so why question it, right? It hasn’t given me any reason to. Now will you just drop it and come with me? Harrison has a show tonight, and you’re not gonna wanna miss it. Trust me.”

Neil only tried a little longer to make sense of this, before giving in and allowing Max to take everyone to the show. You all followed Max, commenting on the place around you and talking amongst yourselves as you walked through the perfect version of Camp Campbell, seeing just how much potential the original could have, seeing all that it could be. Neil eventually warmed up to the place as he caught a glimpse of the science lab that this camp had. It took forever for Max to tear him away from it so that you could all make it to the “Better Harrison’s” show. 

Not long after, you came upon a large, magnificent outdoor stage, complete with high tech lights and props, and four empty seats up front. You all sat down and immediately, a light shone on the red curtains covering the stage. They parted, revealing a button-eyed Harrison (who welcomed you all warmly), and the show began.