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Half Naked

Fandom: Heroes of Olympus

Pairing: Leo Valdez x Reader

Warning: N/A

Request: requested by @theheroesofmyheart; Could you write me a Leo Valdez x reader pool party fic? Make them all embarrassed about each other in their bathing suits:)

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Dating Underfell Papyrus Headcanons!
  • Papyrus is kind of a tsundere. Actually, he’s completely tsundere. He’ll cross his arms and scowl down at you with flushed cheeks and demand that you go on a date with him, BUT NOT BECAUSE HE LIKES YOU OR ANYTHING. Why is he asking you out, then? Well, because- because reasons, okay? J-Just shut up.
  • If he’s embarrassed or flustered, he tends to go on the defensive. And if you happen to call him out on it, he’ll just scowl at you before insulting your intelligence. You don’t miss the way his cheekbones flush, though.
  • For all his degrading remarks, he’ll brag about you a lot. Like, a lot. If Sans is dating anyone, he’ll immediately launch into a lengthy speech about how my human is better than your human.
  • He’ll then start to list all the reasons you’re so perfect, much to his brothers annoyance. You can’t get him to shut up.
  • He’s actually kind of a romantic, and will take you out on surprisingly sweet dates. If you question him, he’ll just roll his eyes and retort that the Great and Terrible Papyrus is fantastic at all measures of life, including courting.
  • He’s actually kind of a anxious little shit, and read his dating handbook cover to cover five times in the week leading up to your date. He wants things to be perfect, after all.
  • He’ll sometimes pick you up and carry you around for no reason whatsoever, although he claims it’s because you’re walking too slow.
  • He gets annoyed pretty easily, although he’s never genuinely pissed at you. Most of the time.
  • He’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He acts hard and cold, but he’s really just a sweetheart on the inside.
  • He’s incredibly tall (about six feet seven, if you were wondering), and will often use his height to try and intimate you. It doesn’t exactly work, now that you’ve seen his sugary insides.
  • He’s a sucker for puppy eyes. He’d come in, sockets blazing, and then he’ll see you all cuddled up on the couch and staring at him with that stupidly cute face of yours. He’ll just crumble.
  • Lots of hugs. He’s kind of sucker for anything cuddly, and will often just walk up to you, wrap his arms around your waist and  bury his face in your shoulder.
  • He’s kind of sappy, around you. He drops his bravado, and he actually starts smiling. He even laughs. Sans is floored.
  • He’s very protective. If anyone even dares to look at you the wrong way, he’ll probably kill them. At the very least, he’ll threaten to.
  • He’s actually a decent cook, once you teach him how to make things edible. After a few lessons (in which he’d grumbled that he didn’t need to be taught), he made some pretty damn good lasagna.
  • He’s actually kind of a gentlemen. He’ll hold doors open for you and pull out your chair, and when you first start dating, his hands wouldn’t ever stray.
  • However, now that you’ve been dating for a while, he’ll be a bit more… adventurous with his touches. He likes the  face you make when you try to act natural, even though his fingers are slowly creeping up your thigh.
  • Rough sex. And like, a lot of it.
  • Gentle, sweet sex, in which he’ll whisper soft words of assurance and love into your ears as he presses kisses onto your lips.
  • He’s in desperate need of a hug. Being captain of the royal guard is kind of stressful, after all, and you’ll sometimes see him come home all dressed up in his armor and ego, only to find him slumped over the sink in the bathroom when he thinks you’ve gone to bed.
  • It’s hard for him to keep up his facade, all the time. Life gets to him sometimes, no matter how Great and Terrible he is.
  • Most of the time, he feels more Terrible than he does Great.
  • He’ll sometimes stare at you in the early hours of the morning, when the sun is just stirring over the horizon long after you’ve fallen asleep. He’ll press his teeth against your forehead softly, and whisper that he loves you. That you’re his whole world. That you’re the  reason he smile in the morning, and what he looks forward to all day at training. He loves you so, so much.
  • Maybe one day he’ll have the courage to tell you when you’re awake.

I love my little tsundere edgelord. He’s just too huggable for words. Sometimes I want to just squish him!

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Tyren just confirmed forever with candids lol you know what like camren ruined my life but now i'm thinkin if camren was ever real, wouldn't we have at least something? Idk like a kissin picture or least hugging lmao but no we have bags in the back of the car pretend they are camren and dinah jane uploading a half ass pic that is supposed be camren? Idk i just think we deserved more i mean most of us gave more than 4 four years to this group i deserve a fuckin decent camren pic 😂😂

Sweets, not any HD Ty*en pic could ever trump the hundreds of loving looks we got between Lauren and Camila for years. And tbh the fact that we only ever got to see glimpse of their romantic intimacy makes it even more real to me, because it’s a more realistic and authentic perspective of Lauren “I want my private life to stay private” Jauregui. 

Not So Vanilla Anymore- Dan(iel) Howell fic

A/N: Hello! Another fic coming your way, enjoy!

Pairing: Dan x reader

Warnings: Swearing, handjob, little bit of blowjob

Date night.

Despite being with Dan for almost a year, I find myself scrambling for hours, trying on different outfits only to dislike them. My stomach filled with butterflies and my hands were slightly sweaty, I was nervous.

I know he doesn’t really care about my appearance, not in a mean way of course, but he doesn’t mind if I don’t dress up. Which kind of helps, but I like to look decent, it’s the least I could do.

I only had about an hour left before I finally decided with some shorts and a nice top, looking around at the mess I’ve created. Why is dating so hard? Why do I make it harder? I finish getting ready, lounging around as I finished a bit earlier.

The doorbell rang, signaling Dan was here. I gathered my necessities and opened the door. He greeted me with a smile, leaning in to give me a quick peck.

Things between us are pretty vanilla, kisses, hugs, holding hands. We’ve made out a couple times, but never further than that, which made me wonder if he wanted to do more. We never really spoke about the topic, I’m guessing he didn’t want to pressure me and I just never knew how to bring it up to him.

“How are you, Y/N?” His voice brings me out of my thoughts. He kindly smiles down at me, his hands resting on my waist.

“‘M good. What about yourself, Mr. Howell?” I tease, watching as he inwardly groans and rolls his eyes, maintaining the smirk on his face.

“Just about ready to go, wouldn’t wanna miss the film now would we?” Dan answers, wrapping an arm around me to lead me out, closing my door behind us.

We walk out to catch a taxi, debating what movie to watch. I couldn’t help but notice his hand on my inner thigh while we were in the taxi, his fingers occasionally tapping or squeezing lightly.

“You look cute tonight,” he whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. Something about his voice made the tension a bit more sexual. Maybe I was just aroused. It’s all in my head.

However my suspicions were confirmed when he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, slipping his hand through my top and squeezing my breast. I slightly jump and look over to him, Dan not meeting my gaze as he acts like nothing happened. He then takes my nipple in between his fingers and tweaks it, making me bite my lip to hold in a moan.

“Dan,” I hiss, looking at the driver who doesn’t seem to notice what Dan’s doing.

He looks down and chuckles, continuing his actions at a faster pace. I lean my head back, the way his fingers pinch and pull at my nipple making me feel unbelievably good.

Before I realize, he pulls away as the driver says we’ve arrived, pulling up on the side. He smirks at me, giving me a slight nudge so I can get out. I glare at him but do so anyway, not wanting to piss the driver off.

We get in line to get tickets and I shove Dan.

“What’s wrong, princess?” He teases, chuckling at my attempt to glare at him.

“What the hell was that?!” I whisper, not wanting to attract attention.

This makes him smirk as he brings me in for a hug, swaying us from side to side. “I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

I try to shake him off, annoyed that he would do that.

“I’m gonna get you back,” I say in the most threatening voice I could muster, though apparently wasn’t much as it made him laugh.

“Sure you will, Y/N.”

We get our tickets and go in, looking for the right theater room. By the time we get there, all the good middle seats were taken, so we had no choice but to take the ones in the back, though they weren’t too bad so I can’t really complain.

The previews passed and the lights dimmed, signaling that the film would begin. I looked around to see that there weren’t many people our age considering the time, seemed to only be older people and that we were the one of two couples that sat near the back, the other one sitting two rows in front. I guess people don’t like these seats either.

Halfway through, I still felt incredibly aroused, the way Dan’s skilled fingers played with my nipple permanently in my mind. I looked around to make sure no one was looking before I boldly place my hand directly over his crotch. He tenses at the touch, looking at me questioningly but I face forward, copying his actions from the cab.

I leave it there for a bit before I begin to apply pressure, moving in slow circles. He takes a sharp breath in, frantically looking around before whispering, “Y/N, stop.”

But I took that as encouragement to keep going, rubbing faster. He groans quietly, seemingly to be debating whether to stop me or not. Since he doesn’t, I take it a step further and slowly unbutton his jeans, reaching in to palm him through his boxers.

“Oh fuck,” he quietly groans, throwing his head back.

“Told you I would get my revenge,” I mumble, the idea of me giving him a handjob in public exciting me.

“Fuck, I need you Y/N,” he whispers, putting a hand on my thigh and squeezing it.

“What do you want me to do?” I whisper back, slowing down my pace.

“Touch me, make me come all over your hand,” he responds, someone a few rows in front giving us a harsh ‘shhhhh!’

I giggle to myself and look around before taking his shaft out of his boxers, wrapping my hand around it before jerking it. He hisses at the contact and bites his lip, holding in any other sound.

After debating it, I lower my head and lick the tip to add some lubrication. He accidentally lets out a moan, trying to play it off as a cough. I continue to jerk Dan off, him taking deep breaths to keep quiet.

I lean down again to bob my head a couple times as he almost lets out a moan, quickly placing his own hand on his mouth, muffling the sound. He pulls my head up, whispering, “I’m close.”

I pick up the pace and I feel him twitch in my hand, quickly followed by his cum seeping out over himself and my hand. We giggle to ourselves, once again being shushed by an older couple in front.

He fixes himself and gets up, tugging me along with him.

Once we’re out, I say to him, “The movie isn’t done yet.”

“Fuck the movie, I’m not done with you,” he says quickly, smirking once again over to me.

Guess things have changed from now on, and I don’t mind one bit.

Rafael Barba | Beloved Bewilderment

[Part two happened, any many more are sure to come…]

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

She could have just advised if she wasn’t interested anymore.
Then, at least, he wouldn’t be here worrying like he was.

Of course, Rafael contemplated, they hadn’t really been seeing each other too terribly long. Two months tops, honestly; and considering both of their insanely packed schedules- with him busy in the court room and her busy… elsewhere, he wasn’t quite certain where she disappeared to so often… they really only found the opportunity to get together maybe twice a week.

But, despite the minimal face to face: they typically still stayed in contact. He could text her, she’d respond eventually. She’d message him, and he’d reply as soon as he could. Or one of them would call, they’d have a sweet conversation, and make plans. She’d say how she looked forward to seeing him, he’d be thankful she couldn’t see him blush…

In fact, he had switched the little notification sound that came from his cell when it was her calling or sending a message. The difference was subtle, more of a ’ZING’ than a ’DING’, most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Rafael could, though, of course.
The ’DING’ meant someone wanted something from him.
The ’ZING’ meant; Genevieve.

Yet, unfortunately, it’s been about a week and a half of ’DING’s… and no ’ZING’s… Despite his many rings and ’ZING’s sent her way.

She could have told him she wasn’t interested, or at least that she was alright. It felt cheap, to have grown so attached over such little time and so few times seeing her face- just to have it all disappear so suddenly.

But, if there was one thing Rafael wasn’t, it was a quitter.
And so, after getting out of the office late one evening, he decided to take that extra turn, and to go towards the apartment he’d picked her up from a few times before- yet had never been welcomed into.

This wouldn’t be weird, right? To check in?
He hoped not… because he definitely was about to do just that.

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Am i a stydia shipper? Yes
Do i think malia deserves better? Yes
Do i think stalia deserved a decent break up where they like you know actually talk and a FUCKING HUG AT LEAST when stiles returned? Yes
Jeff is treating malia like shit and acting like she’s isn’t a main character

Doctor’s Appointment - Steve Randle Imagine

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! I feel like Steve, Darry and Two-Bit are so underappreciated so I love when you guys request things for them!

Word Count: 510

Warnings: None

Pairing: Steve Randle x Reader

“Babydoll?” Steve’s hand is on my back, gently caressing it. “You gotta get up.”

I can hardly open my mouth. My head is pounding, my throat is dry and every inch of my body aches. “No,” is all I can get out.

“Why not? Are ya sick?” He presses his bare wrist to my forehead and whistles, a sound that makes my head feel as though it’s pulsating. “You’ve gotta stay home. I’ll schedule a doctor’s appointment for you.”

My eyes snap open at the word “doctor” and I force myself to sit up. “No… I’ll go to work, actually.”

Taking my face in his hands. he studies me. “No. You’re not going to work.”

“Steve! I’m going to work! I have to,” I protest.

Steve shakes his head. “I don’t wanna boss you around, but you’re going to the doctor.” He picks up the phone and dials the doctor’s number, ignoring my glare. He schedules an appointment in forty minutes and hangs up.

“I hate you,” I mutter. getting up to make myself brush my teeth and look semi-decent.

“Is there any particular reason you’re so opposed to seeing the doctor?”

I ignore him and start brushing my teeth.

“C'mon, babe. Play fair and at least talk to me.”

Steve leans against the doorway, arms crossed, as I spit out my toothpaste. “I hate the doctor cause the doctor I had when I was younger completely sucked. All doctors suck and you can’t make you go.”

Steve pulls me into a hug and gently rubs my back. “Babydoll, I wouldn’t send ya to a sketchy doctor. I’ll even go back with ya, okay?”

Resting my head on his warm chest, I nod. “Fine. I’ll go.”

The clinic is cold and smells like antibacterial soap was used to mop the floors. Steve checks me in as I start to have a sneezing fit, so the receptionist hands me on of the stretchy face masks. She has a blond beehive and the longest, pinkest fake nails I’ve ever seen.

Steve and I sit in cold, hard waiting room chairs. “I hate it here.”

Steve kisses my forehead. He’s about to say something, but a doctor who looks like he’s in his mid-forties comes out and calls me back.

I trudge back to his office beside Steve, then sit on the paper-covered bed. “Hi, Miss Y/N L/N. I’m Dr. Michaels.” I shake his hand and relax. He’s not a jerk.

Dr. Michaels asks about my symptoms and checks me out, then prescribes a couple things to get the flu out of me as quickly as possible. The appointment is over in twenty minutes and before I know it, I’m falling asleep in Steve’s car on the way home.

“Thanks for makin’ me go, babe,” I yawn.

Steve doesn’t answer. He just rests his hand on my knee, smiles and takes us home.


Originally posted by random-fandom-imagines98

A/N: Hey guys so this is my first imagine, and I have had this idea for a while. However, it was never intended to be a multi chapter story but here we are! :D I have some big ideas for this, and please let me know what you think. I never wanted it to be a long-shot, but oh well! Also my inbox and requests are open!

Word Count: 1268

Summary: Y/N and Oliver were best friends during their Hogwarts days, but what happens when they both graduate and go separate ways? Takes place during the summer before Harry’s fifth year. 

Part Two

It had been a slow morning at the ministry. Actually, the Aurors office has been slow all week long, but Y/N was not sulking over the lack of work. Instead she was using the moments of peace to catch up on some light reading that has been lying around on her desk for months. Y/N was just losing herself in the novel when suddenly the novel was snatched from her hands by her friend/co-worker Tonks.

“Tonks! I was just getting to the climax. It is my favorite part of any book!” Y/N whined. Tonks ignored your statements, and instead slammed down a morning edition of the Daily Prophet on your desk. “Oh, trust me when I tell you that I have something even better. Read the headline on page 3. Tonks sat on the edge of your desk as you sigh and flip the flimsy paper between your hands. Once on page 3 you read aloud “Puddlemere United’s Keeper out for next game. Reserve Keeper to take place.”

Y/N’s hearts began to flutter and sped quickly. She knew what this meant not only would Puddlemere United be playing this Saturday, but Oliver Wood would be starting Keeper! However, you were not going to show Tonks the brief moment of excitement you felt. Instead you opted to shut the paper, kick your feet up on your desk, and place your hands behind your head “Why would I care about Puddlemere United?”

“Shove it Y/N you know exactly why.” Tonks rolled her eyes at the Y/H/C haired girl who only gave an eyebrow raise in return. “Your best friend just so happens to be that particular reserve Keeper they are referring to!” “Correction you see he is my ex-best friend.” You turn your chair around to hide your hurt expression. “Y/N, you and Oliver are still friends!” “Well excuse me for thinking that friends return your owls every now and then, or came to see me during off season. Obviously, he does neither as you can see. Honestly, I have not spoken or heard from him in oh let me see over a year! So, forgive me for thinking otherwise.” Y/N’s voice raised more than she had intended it to, and she never registered the water beginning to build up in her eyes. She quickly sniffled it away before turning back to face Tonks. “Look Tonks I did not mean to yell. I am just scared to see him again. It seems he has moved on and forgotten about me.”

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Phil got to Four Mill

Summary: After planning a celebration for Phil reaching four million subscribers, Dan nervously awaits Phil’s response to it. The answer is not what he expected.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 999 (I did that unintentionally)

“I need to go grab something, I’ll be back in a minute, Hun,” Dan said as he turned his phone off and got up from the couch. Phil responded with a quick, “Sure,” and Dan was off. Once he was out of earshot, he raced down the hallway to his room and slammed the door shut. Shit, he thought. Dan didn’t want Phil to be suspicious, and there’s nothing like a slamming door cutting through the silence to raise suspicion. Dan paused for a moment to ensure that Phil didn’t ask about the door, and then he typed in his computer password as quickly as possible.

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How about some Bakugou & Tamaki headcanons of their fem crush being really into cute pastel stuff??


  • The whole pastel thing makes him feel… too cutesy for him and he isn’t the type of guy who doesn’t like too much bright colors and what not. However if they like it, then who is he to argue with them.
  • He will argue with his crush if they start replacing his things with pastel colors, like no, pastel doesn’t it him at all. He doesn’t even go near them if they want to put something pastel on him too. Bakugou is out of there. Effing Prompto.
  • If they start begging him to put some pastel on them maybe he would, to keep them quiet about it at least. They would decorate his hair with some pastel dye color and he isn’t too happy about that, but seeing them enjoy themselves is always nice to see too.
  • One time, he shows up at school with the pastel dyed hair. And IF anyone tries to tease him about it, who knows what will happen to them. He’s only wearing it for his s/o only.
  • Tamaki looks at them curiously, pastel is all bright colors. It really doesn’t interests him but crush thinks pastel stuff looks cute on him. honestly.
  • His crush decorates his fluffy hair with pastel flower crowns, pastel headbands, pastel everything and took pictures of him secretly. He honestly looks adorable in pastel colors! Tamaki finds out and gets flustered about it!
  • Eventually Tamaki finds the whole pastel fascination adorable to him… he doesn’t admit that he likes all the bright colors as much anymore. He handmades pastel flower crowns for his crush and watches them squeal, hugging him tightly.
  • Nejire teases him about the pastel flower crowns, but Mirio finds it quite adorable that his crush got him into it. Tamaki puffs his cheeks and mumbles, can’t he have some decent privacy at least???
The first move

A/N - For the Bruce anon :)


“This is bullshit and you know it.” You narrowed your eyes at the boys in front of you who had cornered you on the way to the kitchen.

“What are you talking about?” You asked cautiously. Did they know about the fact you were about to cheat?

It was just one potato you frowned as you held it in your napkin.

“Come on Y/N, tonights the perfect night to tell him! You can’t just leave!”

“Oh!” You sighed in relief before realising what Dick had just said. “Wait. Tell him what?”

It was painfully obvious apparently but honestly all you could think about was eating this goddamned potato. Even if you did promise to do this stupid diet with him as part of the new charity phase that was popular among the socialites of Gotham.

“Tell him how you’re in love with him.” Tim almost begged in frustration. He knew you couldn’t be this oblivious when it came to Bruce. I mean you struggled to find a flaw in him, despite being sympathetic to the boys who could find plenty. They appreciated that while you may not agree with them, you still accepted them at ridiculous hours in the morning, for a cry, advice or even a snack.

You weren’t even a good seamstress but they sure did appreciate it when you took classes to help Alfred with repairs or even for one of Damian’s class projects.

“I’m not in love with Bruce.” You laughed with note of disbelief. “I mean I love your father very dearly but I’m not in love with him.” you tried to convince them.

“Bullshit.” Jason snorted “We’re not blind.”

“Oh yeah. Because it seems like you are!” You retorted maturely. In your defence though, you were fucking hungry, and you knew Bruce’s guest Charlene would never let you live it down if she saw you scoff the potato.

Ugh. Maybe okay the potato wasn’t the only reason you snuck off as you could barely stand it, watching her not so subtly rubbing up against his leg.

You understood his angle though, flirt to ensure donations.

Damian snickered at you snapping at Jason and turned to him “Good job pissing off mother.”

“Okay - even if I did like Bruce and he didn’t feel the same way back, that’s at least 30 years of friendship that’s going to turn awkward.” You argued. God why were you acting like this? Stop it Y/N, you’re better than this.

“Sorry guys, I’m just really missing decent food and I promised Bruce.”

“You know he’s only doing that thing because he thinks it’s important to you right?” Tim looked at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh god damnit.” You groaned as Dick chuckled and pulled you into a hug

“I remember going through this myself and I got this amazing advice, if they don’t reciprocate and they lose your friendship it’s their loss. Real friends understand and don’t let you slip away that easily.”  You nodded as Dick recited the advice you had once given him.

You heard the door open and Bruce appeared with a concerned look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You said quickly as Bruce gave his sons a quick look and they started to disperse back to the table.

Dick gave you a small “You’ve got this, trust me” smile as he walked off.

Bruce stood next to you as you looked sadly at the potato in its napkin nest.

“I figured that was the reason you went out.” He chuckled “but what the boys were doing, i was sure there was going to be a fight club of sorts.”

“You know the first rule.” You smiled up at him but lowered your gaze as you reached his smile.

God, you knew if you didn’t tell him now they wouldn’t stop badgering you about it. Even your home wasn’t safe from them, or your work, you smiled thinking back to the time Damian had showed up demanding to speak to “his mother”.

“ Will you be joining us back at the table?” He asked breaking you from your memory.

“Will you go on a date with me?” You asked with a deep breath, getting it over and done with before spending the rest of the night wanting to punch Charlene in her perfect face.

“I thought you’d never ask.” he said quietly and you looked up at him to see him wearing a smirk. “I thought Miss Birlingham would of pushed you to either break this stupid diet or you to do something about us.”

“You brought her here to get me to do something?” You glared at him

He smiled in return and started walking off

“Wait, why didn’t you make the first move?” You asked him confused and he stopped in front of the door to look back at you.

“I wanted you to be clear on your feelings for me.” He said before opening the door to reveal Richard, Tim and Jason attempting to hold back Damian from Charlene.


Insecure ( harry styles )

A/N: so this one is gonna be a bit shorter but yeah this is what I felt like writing tonight so I hope you still enjoy it! :)

I stepped in front of the full size mirror in my bedroom, instantly letting out disappointed sigh. I ran my hands over the black fabric that tightly hugged every curve, making me feel exposed to say the least. Tonight was the first night Harry and I were able to have alone time after him coming back from his tour, and all I wanted was for him to find me decent looking.

“Y/N do you think- wo wow” Harry let out as he entered the bedroom, still wearing nothing but his towel. “Wow what”? I questioned, spinning around to face him. “Wow you obviously” he replied, biting down on his bottom lip. “Stop” I mumbled, turning my heel towards my make up table. “Something wrong”? Harry asked, sitting down beside me with furrowed eyebrows.

“I don`t look like Harry Styles` girlfriend should look like, that`s what`s wrong” I muttered, looking anywhere but at him. “What”? Harry let out, in that utterly confused way only possible by him. “Everyone`s used to you dating goddess like models and I obviously don`t fit in that category” I said, furiously blinking back tears. 

“Okay well first of all” Harry started, still sporting his confused expression. “I`d like to remind you that you are the second girlfriend I`ve had since being in the band”. “All the others have been rumors and you know it”. I nodded reluctantly lifting my gaze to meet Harry`s. “And what you also should know by now, is that I, am strongly of the opinion that you are one the most gorgeous girls to ever set foot on this planet” he finished, flashing me one of his million dollar smiles.

“Well thank you if you actually mean it” I said, still clearly blushing from his little speech. “I do Y/N” he stated, now with a more serious expression.”Fine Styles, you win” I smiled, reaching for his hand, intending to give it a grateful squeeze.

Harry being who he is, grabbed it, and instantly proceeded to pull me onto his lap, wrapping me in a giant hug. “I love you, you know” he purred, voice slightly muffled by my hair. “I love you too, pretty fricking much” I replied, making Harry chuckle. I let out a sigh, this time of bliss, feeling very lucky about having a guy who no matter what, always makes me feel good enough. 

Be Careful - Thomas Imagine

         "Be careful.“ You whispered as you saw Thomas running into the maze.

        You said that everyday, whether he could hear it or not. It was somewhat of a good luck charm of yours to keep him safe. You sauntered away from the maze entrance and to your job, looking back a few times, almost expecting Thomas to run back out and hug you. 

        The antagonizing feeling of loneliness overwhelms your system as you make your way to your job; which was a med jack. It was a pretty decent job, at least you wern’t a slopper or a bagger. 

        You yawned once you got into the building. You should have gotten more sleep, but you were up all night thinking about life before the glade, which ended up making you sad so you had to stop.

        "Hey, Y/n. Get enough sleep last night?” Clint laughed and punched you slightly in the shoulder, which prompted you to push him to the ground. You’re just not in the mood this morning.

        “Sorry.” He laughed once more before going into another room.

        “Maybe I can get some sleep.” You sighed before sitting in a chair. You rested your head on your hand and began to doze off.


      “Wake up shank, you got an injury to tend to!” You heard Clint yell.

        You jolted awake and stood up to find your wounded glader. To your surprise and dismay, it was Thomas.

        “Oh, hey Y/n.” He chuckled nervously.

        You sighed and shook your head, only to hear him groan.

        “I know, but I tripped! It’s not my fault!”

        “But still, I don’t like seeing you here every other day." 

        "You know you love kissing my cuts.” He winked.

        “That I do enjoy, but it seems that you twisted your ankle. Congratulations, you get to stay off your feet for a while.”

        “At least I have you to take care of me.” He smiled.

        You grinned back at him before kissing him on the cheek.

        “What else would I be here for.”


[ 美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal ]  Sailor Moon Crystal Season III. trailer

Infinity is my favorite SM Arc and I was looking forward for the new season ‘cause of the new style(I hoped they won’t look like 10 years old girls in the final animation but I was wrong) and animation…..not anymore XD It will be as lame and lazy as it used to be but I admit that they really do how to draw decent eyes now at least! And I miss the lips! That was the best part in Crystal.

Request -- Your writing is so awesome aaahh! Can you write a Dean oneshot based off the song Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips? Like the reader seemed like she died, but a year or so later she comes back, and it's all fluffy

(I hope that you like it! xx)

Dean was startled awake by the loud blaring of classic rock blasting through the speakers of his alarm clock, the music that would usually get him up onto his feet in the morning when he wanted to do anything but that; today, though, a weight was pulling his heart down into the abyss of sorrow that he had dug himself for a year now. He slammed down the snooze button on the clock, sending it crashing to the hard ground without a care, and turned on his side as it broke into little pieces with the red numbers blinking on and off again and never quite giving up on completely dying; misery had always been a permanent fixture on his face, but was now highlighted with much more sorrow than what had been present for the last several months.

He could still see the flames, which were seared onto the backs of his eyelids in a perfect recollection, growing higher and higher in the stretch of midnight sky above him as if they had plans to reach the heavens somehow. The horrific scene that didn’t belong on such a serene night had been in right in front of him had been beyond terrifying at the fact that you hadn’t been behind right behind him like he had thought when he had escaped the burning deserted building at Sam’s heels. He remembered how he went to sprint back in without hesitation as if he couldn’t see that the fire had completely engulfed the property and that he would have probably killed himself if his younger brother hadn’t yanked him back and started to tell him that it was impossible, that there was neither a way in nor out; once realization came upon him that what he was being told was true, he had been absolutely frozen in comprehension. Sam had been required to force his brother, numb with grieve, into the passenger’s seat of the Impala and drive them both away from the incident as sirens drew closer to them; the loss of you had taken a toll on him as well, like he had been hollowed out and completely empty, but knew that the pain that he was feeling was nothing compared to Dean’s when he turned his head and saw silent tears streaking down his brother’s face. Trying to be brave was always one of Dean’s best characteristics.

One year later and laying in bed, Dean was determined to maintain that same courage and go on with his hell of a life; he finally stood up and ignored the burden on his shoulders as he looked into the mirror and inspected the bags under his eyes that had come about in sleepless anticipation of this day, before moving his green gaze to the picture that he had stuck in the frame of the glass. The photo was of you, one that he had taken in the earlier days of your relationship; a big, beautiful grin was the most prominent part of your face, and just made you look all the more stunning. He ran his fingers over your cheek before sighing sadly and pulling on a t-shirt and stiff jeans before folding the photograph, which already had a white and wrinkled crease from him doing the same thing every day, in half before stuffing it inside of his pocket. Grabbing his bag, he walked out of his room and found the bunker to be empty because apparently, he was running late and Sam was already waiting for him in the car; there was no time for breakfast or to make himself as sane as possible before the long trip.

“Sorry,” Dean said as he threw his bag into the backseat, slipping into the driver’s seat before adjusting his mirrors and turning on the engine.

“It’s alright,” Sam’s eyes were searching for any trace of sadness in his brother’s expression, but he knew that he wouldn’t find a single one; he was just as good at hiding his emotions as he was acting brave. “Look, man, I can drive if you don’t feel like it.”

“I’m okay,” Was Dean’s muttered response, already driving onto the main road.

“Are you sure? Because—”

“I said that I’m okay!” he suddenly yelled, cutting Sam off; he then took a deep breath before relaxing his hands, which were almost white as they clutched the steering wheel too hard. “I’m sorry, Sammy.”

"Don’t apologize,” Sam replied with a slight smile in order to reassure his grieving sibling; he wasn’t hurt at all by Dean’s abrupt shouting, but they did confirm that he would need to keep at least one eye on him at all times. “It’s alright.”

The morning that had made Dean’s heart and head ache soon turned into afternoon, when his mood became just a slight bit lighter; Sam had brought him back a cheeseburger and a slice of pie when they had stopped for a quick bite, which had made him content, and some excellent progress in the research for the case had been made while the older brother was driving. It was when they finally switched off, though, and Dean was in the passenger’s seat that thing started to blur for him; the distraction of driving wasn’t his anymore, so thoughts of you kicked in the door to his mind and flooded it. He was reminded of your beautiful smile, the way you had hugged him whenever he was feeling down, how sweet your voice had sounded whenever you had spoken his name; he knew that he should probably be grateful that he remembered those things, but they still pained him and he wished at least twice during the drive that he could feel absolutely nothing.

At last, they pulled into an actually decent-looking motel inside of the small town that their case was in. Sam hopped out right away, eager to get to sleep, but stopped in his tracks when he noticed that his brother wasn’t following him.

“Dean…?” he asked, and his brother slowly got out of the car.

“I, um—” Dean scratched the back of his neck, looking down. “I just really need to be alone for a bit, Sammy. Just drive around and think.”

Sam hesitated, frowning a bit; he didn’t like the idea of him going out by himself while he was mourning internally.

“Do you really think that it will help you out?”

He nodded. “Hell, I sure hope so.”

Looking down at the hand that held the keys, Sam threw them to his brother.

“Don’t make me regret letting you do this, and be back soon.”

“Alright, mother,” Dean scoffed, getting back into the Impala and revving the engine to taunt Sam until he went with a roll of his eyes to go rent the both of them a room; it was only then that the joking manner disappeared, and desolation made itself a home inside of him once more.

Dean only drove for several miles, barely even focusing on the road when he pulled over into a small pocket of gravel, shutting the car off and leaning into his seat; he pulled out the worn photograph of you, studying it with a small smile for a few moments before taking his cell phone out. He scrolled through his contacts, and his heart rate got quicker when he landed on your name; even though he did this every night without success, he always wondered if that night would be the night that you finally picked up. Pressing ‘call’, he hesitantly brought the phone to his ear and squeezed his eyes shut, practically praying for you to say “hello” to him in a wind-chime voice that didn’t contain a single care in the world; that didn’t happen, though, and it just went to the same voicemail that he heard every night and didn’t mind listening to you if it meant hearing you talk.

Snapping the phone shut, he tossed it onto the dashboard and buried his face in his hands, just glad that someone that he didn’t know was still paying your phone bill and was the reason that he could still hear you every day.

"Damn it,” he whimpered to himself, anger rising up in him and causing him to punch the steering wheel. “Damn it!”

Tears started to spring up in his eyes, and he let them roll down his cheeks; there was no one that could see him, or hear him. He was completely alone.

"I’m so, so sorry, Y/N,” he whispered. “God, I’m so sorry.”

He was so wrapped up in his sorrow that he hit his head on the roof of the car when his phone started to ring, and he grabbed for it with a couple curses on his tongue; they weren’t said when he saw who was calling, though. Your name flashed on the caller ID, and he didn’t know what to think; so, he answered it.

"Hello?” The word was only a ghost of a murmur, and his entire mouth went dry at what he heard on the other line.

“Dean?” It was your voice. Loud and clear. He’d recognize it anywhere, at any time; doubt whirled around his head, and he shook it.

“No,” he growled, gripping his phone too tightly. “Quit screwing around. Who the hell are you?!”

"There’s a dead end a few miles ahead of you. Go there.”

The next thing that he heard was a click on the other end of the line; even though he didn’t know what to make of the situation quite yet, he wasted no time in turning the key in the ignition and stomping on the gas pedal. He was going to kill whoever was messing with him.

When he approached the end of the street, though, his breath caught; your car was parked there—and in the light of his headlights, it was clearly you sitting on the hood of it. You didn’t turn around when he turned his own car off, and nervousness spiked inside of you when you heard the sound of him stepping out; you half-expected him to say something, but knew that he wasn’t going to when second after second passed. Finally, you jumped off of the hood and turned to face him; saltwater filled your eyes the instant yours met with his, and you had to hold yourself back from embracing him. He had to do the same, and took one step towards you with a paradox of disbelief and faith inside of his gaze.

Y/N?” You nodded, allowing yourself to grin at him; he then stepped back, shaking his head. “No. It can’t be.”

“I’ll prove it, then.” He watched as you did the holy water, salt, and the silver test on yourself, and realized that you weren’t crying out in pain in front of him; when his eyes locked with yours again, a smirk came onto your face. “Believe me now?”

Dean ran towards you and hugged you to him tightly, nearly knocking the wind out of you with the force of his hold; you didn’t mind it, though, and pressed your lips with all your might to his. He kissed you back passionately, crushing his mouth to yours and cradling you into your chest before pulling away.

“How…?” he questioned, all smiles. “I…I thought that you—”

“That I died,” You finished his sentence, and he nodded. “No, I escaped. Not without a burn or two, though. I still have scars.”

“Then why? Why didn’t you come back to me and Sam?!” Betrayal filled his tone, and he ran his hands through his hair. “Y/N, I’ve been thinking that you’ve been dead this whole year!”

"Just listen to me,” you told him, shutting him up. “Back then, I—I thought that you guys were better off without me. I actually still think that.”

“What?” His voice was incredulous. “Why would you ever think that?”

"I thought that ever since I joined the two of you!” you cried. “I didn’t run as fast, I didn’t swing hard enough…I was holding you back, and I didn’t deserve everything that you gave me.”

“No, no,” he replied, taking your face in his hands. “You did deserve everything. You deserve more. If those things were true, I sure as hell didn’t notice, even before I loved you! I’ve been loving you even though I thought that you were gone, Y/N, and I hate hearing this now that I know that you’re alive, that you’re still breathing.”

"I still love you too, Dean,” you confessed, leaning into the touch of his hands. “I’m just…so sorry for ever leaving you. It was a mistake, too big of one.”

“I’ll say,” he responded, and you looked up confusedly to see an odd twinkle in his eyes. “Now, why don’t we got back to the motel and see Sam?”

You were beyond shocked; you knew that you weren’t worthy of him after everything that you had done. “What?!”

“You heard me!” he exclaimed, gesturing to your car. “Get in that old junker of yours and let’s go!”

“Wait,” you mumbled, grabbing onto the sleeve of his jacket and pulling you towards him. “Are you…are you being serious?”

“Does this face make it look like I’m joking?” he teased, and then abruptly grew soft. “I love you, Y/N. I’m not going to turn my back on you now, after everything that’s happened. I need you by my side.”

You became so overwhelmed with joy that you threw your arms around his neck, locking your mouth with his once more and the both of you shared your affections with each other through the gesture; all of your regret that you had been feeling disappeared as your fear ebbed, and you knew that you were safe with him again.

"I need you too, Dean,” you told him quietly, burying your head into the crook of his neck. “I always will.”

“Good,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to your forehead before smiling at you. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Brother!Sammy (Pt. 10)

A/N: Woo-hoo! The last part to this fanfic! I’m actually proud of this story, to be honest. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I’m posting it a day earlier because I just finished it. I hope y’all like it. I’m going to now focus on the last few requests I still have in my inbox and then start on my new Nate fanfic, “Neighbors.” Happy reading 💖

Pairing: Reader + Sam Wilkinson + Nate Maloley

Word Count: 5,000+ words

Summary: Wedding day is finally here 😁

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 // MASTERLIST

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Okay we just got out of our J2 photo and I’m shaking a tiny bit but I’m going to try to document this because I forget things easily and I never want to forget this so here we go

Okay first of all, a friend we see at every con gave us this photo we weren’t expecting it this was a big deal
We are cosplaying Sam Wesson and Dean Smith so we were in decently appropriate J2 cosplays so that was good

Um um um okay so the idea was that we could be Wesson and Smith looking at them all confused because they are also us
But like, nervous. Nervous.

When it was our turn, Jared looked at John like she was a normal patron, but then he looked at me and he looked like -I don’t want to jinx this- he looked like he remembered me.

He hugged me like people hug people that they know. At least, I’m really pretty sure that was that hug. It was a really good hug.
And he asked me how I was and I squeaked a “good” or something, I know I definitely asked him how he was

We repositioned ourselves so we were in the middle and Jared put his hand on my shoulder and stepped between Chris (the photographer) and us to tell us that he and Jensen had just been talking about their favorite gag reels and Jared’s favorite was from this episode we were cosplaying
//he specifically stepped in the way so no one could stop him from talking to us.
I just.

Then it was picture time and I told him to look confused but like, at me
And I just now realized that was the first time I Sam-faced at him oh wow
Yeah, so he made sure I would get the photo I wanted. I think he realized that these photos are really important and he wanted to make sure it was good

Oh yeah, John and Jensen existed too I guess

But Jared!
Thank the gods for Jared

After the picture Jared said “Thanks, babe” which might be something he tells everyone but it seemed really funny to me because I was cosplaying Sam?

I passed Jensen on the way out and, realizing that I hadn’t said anything to him, apologized for taking so long and he looked at me like ‘are you shitting me that was nothing’


Fuck, I’m still shaking I’m sorry I’m not even going to edit this I just wanted to post it before it all went it of my head I’ll edit it later

. Oculto . 2

Full Summary: When Levy takes a job requiring that she retrieve a treasure from ancient ruins, she doesn’t expect there to be a guardian.  In fact, she rejects Mira’s offer of sending someone with her or even the idea that she should invite anyone other than Lily with her.  “Good thing it’s Mira, she’s probably already sent Gajeel after us.”

Author’s Note:  Time for the next chapter!  I hope you all enjoy!

The meeting with the client went by fairly quickly after they’d dropped off a letter that would be mailed to the guildhall, much to Levy’s relief.

Their client was a middle-aged one whose gaze was a little bit too directed at her lacking chest, as if he was disappointed, and Levy forced herself not to smack him upside the head after he made some kind of snide comment under his breath. Lily was watching with care throughout the entire interaction, silently promising Levy that he’d kill the man if he so much as layed a finger on her in Gajeel’s place.

Their instructions were simple.

Find a treasure that was hidden within the ruins of an ancient people and bring it back. Receive her payment and head home. Ask no questions about the treasure, as it concerned him that she might run off with it.

She’d given him a look, fighting the urge to snap at him to go find it himself if he thought the mage he hired was going to run off and steal it. She’d been smart in her questions, asking if there was anything defending it or if anyone had tried to take it before and what had happened to them.

He’d answered with a sly smirk that made her uncomfortable, “Not that I know of.”

When they left the client’s home and were a decent distance away, Levy gave a shaky smile and murmured, “I hate clients sometimes.”

“They can be a nuisance, but they are what pay us and we can’t complain about that,” Lily said with a reassuring look from his place in her arms. She’d grabbed him and hugged him to her chest when she’d become worried that the man would try to grab her and he’d simply let her. “At least you won’t have to deal with him until it’s time to come back and bring him his treasure.”

Levy narrowed her eyes thoughtfully, a pout sliding across her face. “I don’t want to see him at all, honestly. Anyways, do you think he was lying? I’m sure there’s some kind of guardian beast or spirit or something. Some kind of defensive magic. There has to be. A piece of treasure wouldn’t be left undefended in a bunch of ancient ruins, would it?”

“I don’t believe it would have been left undefended,” Lily agreed with a heavy sigh. “At least we’ll be prepared.”

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Well the only thing that pleases me about next week’s promo is that we might, I mean MIGHT just get some closure on the Tom storyline.  Thing is while I LOVE Ryan Eggold’s performance and consider it the highlight of the show, their attempt to persuade me that there’s any ‘love’ there between him and Liz is irritating as hell.  It’s like they’re trying to make a Liz/Red/Tom triangle and I’m sorry but I just don’t buy it.  Between Red and Tom at this point there’s really no decision to be made.

Now Liz/Kessler, at least while I just don’t think they have the proper chemistry is at least believable and frankly less offensive.  He’s a good guy, he clearly cares about her.  Heck, I could see Red pushing for Liz to go with Donald because he believed she’d be better off with the G-Man than the Master Criminal. 

So attention TPTB, while we need plenty of Lizzington each week, we don’t necessarily have to see it getting romantic in the near future and we can even live with Liz being with someone else…but for god’s sakes not Tom Keen.  The man is a classic example of a sociopathic abuser. 

On to other details…I did like that while Liz made it clear she doesn’t take anything Red says at face value, (which he himself is the first to admit is a wise move,) she didn’t assume he was lying about Powell killing himself.  She knew Red would tell her the truth…as far as it went, she just also knows that Red *never* tells her everything and understandably is getting a bit tired of it.

And I LOVED Red looking at Liz’s old photos.


Very well said Winnie! Thank you for the submit!

I agree with every single one of your comments above. Although I don’t see a romantic connection between Liz and Ressler, at the very least, he’s a decent human being. 

And Lizzington shippers don’t expect a romance full of hugs, kisses, and adoring words each week, but we do want to be able to respect and root for our female lead.