at least the hug looks decent

Am i a stydia shipper? Yes
Do i think malia deserves better? Yes
Do i think stalia deserved a decent break up where they like you know actually talk and a FUCKING HUG AT LEAST when stiles returned? Yes
Jeff is treating malia like shit and acting like she’s isn’t a main character

Insecure ( harry styles )

A/N: so this one is gonna be a bit shorter but yeah this is what I felt like writing tonight so I hope you still enjoy it! :)

I stepped in front of the full size mirror in my bedroom, instantly letting out disappointed sigh. I ran my hands over the black fabric that tightly hugged every curve, making me feel exposed to say the least. Tonight was the first night Harry and I were able to have alone time after him coming back from his tour, and all I wanted was for him to find me decent looking.

“Y/N do you think- wo wow” Harry let out as he entered the bedroom, still wearing nothing but his towel. “Wow what”? I questioned, spinning around to face him. “Wow you obviously” he replied, biting down on his bottom lip. “Stop” I mumbled, turning my heel towards my make up table. “Something wrong”? Harry asked, sitting down beside me with furrowed eyebrows.

“I don`t look like Harry Styles` girlfriend should look like, that`s what`s wrong” I muttered, looking anywhere but at him. “What”? Harry let out, in that utterly confused way only possible by him. “Everyone`s used to you dating goddess like models and I obviously don`t fit in that category” I said, furiously blinking back tears. 

“Okay well first of all” Harry started, still sporting his confused expression. “I`d like to remind you that you are the second girlfriend I`ve had since being in the band”. “All the others have been rumors and you know it”. I nodded reluctantly lifting my gaze to meet Harry`s. “And what you also should know by now, is that I, am strongly of the opinion that you are one the most gorgeous girls to ever set foot on this planet” he finished, flashing me one of his million dollar smiles.

“Well thank you if you actually mean it” I said, still clearly blushing from his little speech. “I do Y/N” he stated, now with a more serious expression.”Fine Styles, you win” I smiled, reaching for his hand, intending to give it a grateful squeeze.

Harry being who he is, grabbed it, and instantly proceeded to pull me onto his lap, wrapping me in a giant hug. “I love you, you know” he purred, voice slightly muffled by my hair. “I love you too, pretty fricking much” I replied, making Harry chuckle. I let out a sigh, this time of bliss, feeling very lucky about having a guy who no matter what, always makes me feel good enough. 


[ 美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal ]  Sailor Moon Crystal Season III. trailer

Infinity is my favorite SM Arc and I was looking forward for the new season ‘cause of the new style(I hoped they won’t look like 10 years old girls in the final animation but I was wrong) and animation…..not anymore XD It will be as lame and lazy as it used to be but I admit that they really do how to draw decent eyes now at least! And I miss the lips! That was the best part in Crystal.