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Since our blog got 5k followers a while ago and our 1 year anniversary is coming up we decided to do a little something for it. As a reward for following us we’d like you to vote for your favorite Hermione Granger Harry Potter movie!

What will we get?

Once the votes are in we will make one gifset of Hermione per movie from least favorite to most favorite.

  • Voting will end on June 10th
  • You can vote once a day

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Bean bag chair!

I swear to god I love Cece and Winston so much. 

“A bean bag, Winston? You thought that would be a suitable gift for my bride?”

He drew a circle. She guessed bean bag chair. They had a moment. I mean, I would have guessed circle. I’m terrible at Pictionary. Sun? Boring cookie? Badly drawn rock? Decapitated head? Nipple?

Things I love about this:

  • One-on-one Pictionary.
  • Winston’s shirt.
  • The speed at which Winston draws.
  • The speed at which Cece jumps up and immediately guesses bean bag chair…from a circle.
  • Cece is correct.
  • Winston’s facial expression and how drops his pen.
  • Both Cece and Winston consider this a moment in their friendship.
  • Make-up, lighting, camera equipment, props, and such had to be set-up for a 2 second scene.
  • Cece and Winston have a game night. Other games must have been played. We must see this. Musical statues? Chinese whispers?
  • I’m guessing they have other nights. I’m imagining Winston getting a facial and loving it.
  • Cece immediately recognises her present from said moment.
  • The bean bag is temporary. Winston had to pad it with rice and oatmeal.
  • Of all things to pad it with he chose rice and oatmeal.
  • He ordered the bean bag chair under the alias ‘Admiral Jay Garage-A-Roo.’
  • Other aliases include Kenneth, Rick Smits, Big Poppy Jones, and Pontius Pilate. At least one of those had to be ad-libbed by Max or Lamorne. From Kenneth to Admiral Jay Garage-A-Roo. And James Wonder, of course.
  • Cece and Winston also got drunk and called Finland within this year.

Never in my life have I heard of one-on-one Pictionary.”

The 100 on Tumblr

Clarke Griffin: lots of social justice/awareness articles, LGBT/bi pride, other people’s artwork, photos of her sketchbook, positive quotes about moving on/recovery, model shots of attractive people (male and female)photos from long walks in the forest, very few but very organised tags #art, #photos, #text

Raven Reyes: self-positivity, female empowerment/feminism, photos of space, tons of selfies (both hers and other people’s, which always have tags like ’YAAS SLAY’), photosets of crowns/royal figures with the tag #me, answering people’s asks about sciency stuff and tagging Monty or Jasper when it’s not her department, vines of people singing in their cars

Bellamy Blake: photos of ancient ruins, aesthetic posts for ancient deities, long-winded responses to other people’s posts where he gently corrects their historical inaccuracies, Clarke’s artwork with tags like #looks great, Octavia’s rants with #get off Tumblr #I didn’t raise you to swear like that

Octavia Blake: horses, nature, fitspo, motivational quotes overlaid on a sunset like ‘live every day like it’s your last’, photos of Lincoln asleep, workout videos, angry all-caps comments on posts made by creepy fuckboys/ignorant assholes, sends Monty and Jasper anons saying things like ’hope you’re okay! :)’ but neither of them know it’s her

Jasper Jordan: videos of chemical explosions, gifsets of TV shows he’s never even seen, terrible 2009-era memes, the exact same cat video at least once a week, always says he’ll answer that ask Raven got sent but never gets round to it, literally no tags whatsoever, just puts ‘LMAO’ at the bottom of everything

Monty Green: mainly replies to Raven’s science questions in painstaking detail, Pokemon, 90s anime, tagging Jasper with inside jokes, obscure engineering jokes, always reblogs everyone’s selfies with the tag #my friends, mindfulness/relaxation posts, quotes about family and friendship, a very precise and meticulous tagging system

John Murphy: almost never posts anything (prefers just to scroll and look), sometimes writes vague statuses like ’i am very tired’, black and white photographs, 14-year-old-emo quotes and photosets (’welcome to my twisted mind’), the occasional nice plant, quietly likes Bellamy’s history posts and once sent Clarke an anon saying ‘good art’


I should have walked away



Jane Foster - Natalie Portman

Lady Sif - Jamie Alexander

Valkyrie - Tessa Thompson

Thor’s got game to say the least. All three are super baddies, all strong in their own ways, and all see him differently. I explain extra intrigue for this post if you’d care to read. Otherwise enjoy the gifset!

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LoliRock Secret Santa 2016 Sign-Ups - NOW OPEN!


  • Gift exchange will take place DECEMBER 23 -JANUARY 7
  • You are required to send your giftee ANONYMOUS love at least once a week until the day you submit your gift, which is when you’ll be revealed as your giftee’s Secret Santa :) Make sure you’ve got “Asks” enabled otherwise you can’t receive anon messages! DON’T REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY UNTIL GIFT EXCHANGE WEEK!!!
  • This is give to receive; you must give a gift to receive one! YOU MUST MAKE YOUR GIFT, DO NOT STEAL GIFS, ART (that incluudes treacing), FICS, AMVS, ETC!
  • Your gift can consist of anything you can reblog/post on tumblr that DOESN’T cost money! This can include ART, EDITS, GIFS/GIFSETS, AMVs, FANFICS, MANIPS, PHOTOSETS, ANIMATIONS - things of that kind of nature!
  • GIFTS NEED TO BE COMPLETE! For fics, we suggest oneshots, but if its multichapter, finish it before posting! Same goes for everything else!
  • ****IF YOU DON’T COMPLETE YOUR GIFT BEFORE THE NEXT SECRET SANTA YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE!!! We had way too many people do this; some got gifts and never gave their giftee their’s; if something comes up, let us know so we can find someone who can get their gift done please! Only exceptions are if you finish the gift PRIOR to 2017 sign ups or inform us of it before he deadline so we have time to let your giftee and the backup know. We understand that life happens.
  • HATE is not tolerated and you will lose your spot in LRSS if you post hate in your wishlists or gifts.
  • THINGS I’D LIKE: (this can range from ships you like, brotps, favorite characters, prompt ideas, what kind of gifts you’d like or prefer etc)
  • THINGS I DON’T LIKE: (includes things from notps, things you hate, types of gifts you don’t wants, triggers, just stuff you really don’t want to see as part of your gift)
  • WHAT I CAN DO: (can you make art, fics, gif sets, amvs, etc; can you do smut? what rating are you ok with going up to? stuff like that)
  • .WHAT I ABSOLUTELY CAN’T DO: (any ships you just can’t do? any themes that you find unbearable? hated character you don’t want to write for? hardcore anti smut kinda person? let us know!)
  • CAN YOU BE A BACK-UP GIFTER: (sometimes life catches up with us and we’re unable to finish a gift or something, let us know if you’d be willing to do more than one gift to make somebody’s Christmas)
  • ANYTHING WE DIDN’T ASK BUT YOU WANT US TO KNOW: (in case you forgot anything :P)


Now this is VERY important! Remember to tag your gifts with these (3) things:

1) lolirockss, lr secret santa, or lolirock secret santa (so we can find it and share it)

2) lolirock (so we can fill the tag up with your awesomeness! and its guaranteed to be seen by giftee and new curious visitors)

3) your giftee’s name (if you change your url during this time, send us an ‘fanmail” message letting us know so we can let your santa know!)

4) If you wanna upload a sneak peak, tag it #sneak peak or #teaser - submit it to us so you aren’t revealed please!!!

ALSO, if you’re gift is rather violent, or sexual, tag it properly. We trust that everyone knows that you tag smut as #smut #nsfw to protect the peoples, same goes for gore, blood, death, etc. Please be considerate!

That’s about it! You will get your gifee’s wishlist and name in a message around November 27-30th to guarantee sign ups stragglers get a chance! And it gives us time to match properly! If you have any questions, you can send us an ask on anon, or a fan mail if you’re question requires you not to be anonymous!

Let’s try and enjoy the season LoliRockers!

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to b1a4′s talented leader jung jinyoung: happy birthday! #happyjinyoungday


I got carried away and couldn’t keep everything in just 10 slides…


ETA: most photos were just stills found online, but the last slide has a screenshot of a gifset I believe from @bunchofbloom!

My current Sterek WIPs:

Just to make y’all understand how royally fucked I am with school taking all my writing time away from me. (don’t miss the links)

which is not an AU, contrary to popular belief. It’s canon Derek going blind, and I have a very interesting story planned for this. I posted a snippet of it forever ago. You can read it here.

first written during the S2-3A hiatus, and will therefore keep the “old school” Teen Wolf theme and characters. I haven’t written a word on it for over a year, but it’s one of those fics I refuse to trash. It will be completed.

Medical AU*
it’s still in the notes-only stage, but I have great plans for this fic. Inspired by personal events, it’ll be about Stiles getting a new doctor in charge of his meds: Derek Hale, who discovers there’s far more to fix other than Stiles’ insomnia and hyper vigilance. 

Ignited (Illuminated 2)
the long requested sequel to my 5k one-shot ‘Illuminated’, which I’ve been promising to complete ever since the Slash Madness Tournament. I’m sorry for the delay, but apparently I need forever to write emotional porn.

second installment to the random cowboy!Derek verse I started a couple weeks ago. It’ll be 3 parts in total, and I have them all mapped out. This one will feature Stiles keeping his promise from the first part.

this is somewhat purely for my self, because writing about Derek accepting and dealing with his PTSD helps me do the same. It’ll be very personal, but I know some of you will want to read it.

it all started with this gifset that I’ve been planning to make forever, which I’ve pretty much been bombed with requests to write a fic for every since I posted it. Probably won’t be 100k as someone wanted, but I’ll try extend it past its current 5k, in the very least.

( * = to be properly titled )

And that’s not to mention all the AUs that I’ve got planned but haven’t written enough on to be listed here. Or the #eternalmam verse. There’s just… so much I wanna write. Oh my god.