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Jonerys Week: Day 7 - Free Choice 
My heartbreaking/bittersweet head canon for how it’s going to end.
Eddard Aemon Targaryen - First of his Name, Lord of Dragonstone, and Rightful Heir to the Seven Kingdoms, only child of Queen Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow, King in the North. His parents gave their lives for him. His father fought bravely until the very end, his mother gave her last breath to bring him into this world. He’s grown up listening to stories of their bravery and love for each other, how they banded together to protect the realm and bring about a peace they would never themselves see. With his parents faithful companions, Drogon and Ghost by his side, he has vowed to be a just and fair ruler with all the Honor of a Wolf and the Strength of a Dragon, to continue the legacy of Fire and Ice and to bring peace and prosperity to the Kingdom of Westeros once and for all. 

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The 100 on Tumblr

Clarke Griffin: lots of social justice/awareness articles, LGBT/bi pride, other people’s artwork, photos of her sketchbook, positive quotes about moving on/recovery, model shots of attractive people (male and female)photos from long walks in the forest, very few but very organised tags #art, #photos, #text

Raven Reyes: self-positivity, female empowerment/feminism, photos of space, tons of selfies (both hers and other people’s, which always have tags like ’YAAS SLAY’), photosets of crowns/royal figures with the tag #me, answering people’s asks about sciency stuff and tagging Monty or Jasper when it’s not her department, vines of people singing in their cars

Bellamy Blake: photos of ancient ruins, aesthetic posts for ancient deities, long-winded responses to other people’s posts where he gently corrects their historical inaccuracies, Clarke’s artwork with tags like #looks great, Octavia’s rants with #get off Tumblr #I didn’t raise you to swear like that

Octavia Blake: horses, nature, fitspo, motivational quotes overlaid on a sunset like ‘live every day like it’s your last’, photos of Lincoln asleep, workout videos, angry all-caps comments on posts made by creepy fuckboys/ignorant assholes, sends Monty and Jasper anons saying things like ’hope you’re okay! :)’ but neither of them know it’s her

Jasper Jordan: videos of chemical explosions, gifsets of TV shows he’s never even seen, terrible 2009-era memes, the exact same cat video at least once a week, always says he’ll answer that ask Raven got sent but never gets round to it, literally no tags whatsoever, just puts ‘LMAO’ at the bottom of everything

Monty Green: mainly replies to Raven’s science questions in painstaking detail, Pokemon, 90s anime, tagging Jasper with inside jokes, obscure engineering jokes, always reblogs everyone’s selfies with the tag #my friends, mindfulness/relaxation posts, quotes about family and friendship, a very precise and meticulous tagging system

John Murphy: almost never posts anything (prefers just to scroll and look), sometimes writes vague statuses like ’i am very tired’, black and white photographs, 14-year-old-emo quotes and photosets (’welcome to my twisted mind’), the occasional nice plant, quietly likes Bellamy’s history posts and once sent Clarke an anon saying ‘good art’

Wow, you must be the fakest supercorp shipper I have ever seen. 

Yes, Chris Wood is an actor and by all accounts, he is not the worst dick this planet has to offer. However, he’s not some golden wonderboy who can do no wrong and can’t ever be criticized for fear of hurting his straight white boy feelings a bit.

He’s an ACTOR. Part of his JOB is to take criticism. And while death threats are completely over the line and I’d never make one, I definitely have seen way more instances of “Get a job, Chris!” than I have EVER seen “Chris needs to die” from the Supercorp fandom. 

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t bad eggs in the Supercorp fandom (as there are in EVERY fandom, including the Karamels and Sanvers, believe me, I’ve encountered quite enough of them to know that). I don’t doubt that there are Supercorp fans who have made legitimate death threats to both Chris Wood and people who like him or his slave-owning character or his abusive fictional relationship with Kara Danvers on Supergirl. In fact, I’d guarantee that there are people who have made death threats towards the Karamels. But there are plenty - more than plenty - Karamels who have sent death threats and hateful messages to the Supercorp fandom, too. As well as Karamels who hate on Katie McGrath or Mehcad Brooks (I don’t have any proof of death threats said towards/about either one of them, but I know Mehcad got a lot of hate when he was first cast and continues to get racist messages from fans). 

However. Things like calling him “Crispy Wormwood” or making jokes about his forehead and his receding hairline, while somewhat immature, are really not all that harmful in the long run. Chris Wood is a straight cisgendered white man who makes a lot of money as an actor and lives a life of luxury that most of us can’t even contemplate. He lives a life of complete and utter privilege. A few (well, more than few, the Supercorp fandom is MASSIVE) people making jokes about his shiny forehead or his receding hairline probably don’t even make a dent in his ego. And they’re not even comparable to the kinds of things said towards/about Mehcad or Katie (or even Melissa and Chyler and Sharon and David, I’m sure) since most of those comments are based in sexism and racism. Both Mehcad and Katie have to deal with things like sexism and racism on a daily basis through a number of microaggressions I’m sure most fans aren’t even aware of or could accurately count up. Whereas Chris Wood doesn’t have any of that. Men don’t get routinely shamed for having big foreheads, or killed for having big foreheads, or are unable to get jobs because they have big foreheads. He’s not dealing with microaggressions of any kind in his daily life and since he’s such a woke feminist bae according to all of you guys, he would be the first to admit that. Which means that seeing a few comments about his forehead or his hairline really aren’t going to affect him all that much, if he even sees them at all. 

As for the other hate directed at him, well. Suffice it to say a lot of us were pretty pissed off at how this season went on Supergirl and had Chris Wood dealt with it a little differently, things might be a little different. Because there is an enormous difference between just “doing your job” and saying a few nice things about your character or the ship you’re in because it’s your job you don’t want to get in trouble, and completely gassing up what is clearly an abusive relationship and talking about your sexist slave-owning character as if he’s just “misunderstood” and “really the hero of the story” and making it sound like Kara becoming his mentor and essentially being sidelined in favor of his character’s storyline was in any way of a good thing. If Chris Wood was a much of a woke feminist bae as you all want to believe he is, he’d have said some different things about his character and the ship he was forced into. He can’t help how his character was written, of course he can’t. No one’s blaming him for the writing or for the character’s existence, that would be ludicrous. You may notice that we all hate Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith to a rather absurd degree, too, because we know where to place our blame, thank you very much. 

But look at how Melissa Benoist handled some of the questions about Karamel lobbed at her in interviews versus how Chris Wood handled them. Melissa so clearly can tell that this relationship is written badly and doesn’t think it’s the best but as the main actor in the show, she is forced to say a bunch of nice things about it. But she manages to dodge a lot of those questions and often repeats herself with what are more than likely lines fed to her by the studios (i.e. “Kara is happy” “You can’t trust a Luthor”). Chris Wood doesn’t do any of that. He seems quite happy to call a relationship where he screams at the woman he claims to love in the middle of her workplace and physically refuses to let her leave an argument she is trying to walk away from so as to keep from making even more of a scene than he’s already made “the sweetest couple on TV right now!” He seems perfectly happy to just say that him not listening to Kara (about how best to protect people, about their relationship, about how slavery and sexism are bad things) isn’t a symptom of his rampant misogyny that really should be resolved long before he and Kara become an item, but is really just his poor little character just being a misunderstood hero all along. He seems perfectly happy to talk about how his character has basically taken over the show and gets the actual hero’s journey this season that should have belonged to Kara instead of making sure that audiences know he’s there to support Kara/Melissa and not the other way around (a la Tyler Hoechlin as Superman). 

We can criticize Chris Wood all we want and we have plenty to criticize him for regarding his participation in ruining this show and bringing it down so far from its promising, more feminist start. We can call him the worst actor of our generation all we want because that’s an opinion on his skills and everyone has different tastes. We can call him ugly all we want because plenty of us think he is and again, everyone has different tastes. We can make jokes about his forehead and his receding hairline because they really aren’t going to do anything to hurt him (or his fans as much as they seem personally oppressed every time we make a forehead joke). We can call him out for talking about his character and his character’s relationship with Kara in a way that makes it pretty obvious he has zero clue how UNfeminist it is. And you’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would be aware of it, wouldn’t you? You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would realize how incredibly racist it was to replace a Black love interest with a white slave-owning love interest. You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would realize how incredibly sexist it was to have his character get the only real character arc this season instead of the show’s titular female lead. You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would have had at least a few things to say to make sure viewers knew he had at least some awareness of what was happening with the writing and, while he can’t do anything to change that, that he doesn’t agree with it and that he as an actor still supports Kara/Melissa’s storyline. But he never did. Not once. 

So as a fellow Supercorp shipper (and an extremely bitter Karolsen shipper for that matter), I’d like you to stop and think for a moment about this post. I’d like you to go look at some of the bullshit Karamels have said about us and some of the things Karamels have said about the actors in this show that aren’t their favorite woke feminist white boy bae Chris Wood. I’d like you to see some of the slurs they throw at us that are abelist, homophobic, racist, and sexist. I’d like you to look at some of the things they’ve said about James as a character and how often they talk about him in incredibly racist ways. I’d like you to see all the homophobic things they say about Supercorp as a ship and the people who ship them. And yes, I know there are some Supercorps who have done some really nasty shit (sending death threats to Karamels and saying racist things to Rahul Kohli for starters), but the Karamels are in NO WAY innocent in any of this.

In fact, that’s actually how I became an “anti” as you might term it. I wasn’t even in the fandom for a really long time, though I have watched this show from day one. And I made one comment on one review about 2x13 and got a SLEW of hate sent back to me about how I was “crazy” and a bitch and a professional hater. All because I wrote about how I disliked Mon-El and Karamel. Just once. 

And it never stopped. I wasn’t writing anything about the actors or any of the shippers. I was JUST writing about the ship and the characters and I got continually harassed on the internet for it. Eventually I started talking to a few people on Tumblr who shared my opinions and found an entire fandom who agreed with me, an entire community who felt the way I did. 

So yeah. Now I write shit about the actors. Now I write shit about the shippers. Because they attacked me first. They called me names first and were hateful to ME first so now I don’t give a shit about how any of them feel because maybe they deserve to have a little bit of their own medicine dished back to them, to feel the way I felt. Now I troll them and make comments on their posts about how ugly Chris Wood looks in one particular gif in a gifset because it’s exactly the kind of shit that was done to me, but now I can at least find it kinda funny. 

Is it juvenile? Sure. But I’m bitter and angry over how this fandom treated ME and it didn’t come from the Supercorps. It came from the Karamels. 

You say you’re here to protect those of us Supercorps who got jumped on and harassed on the internet because of some toxic people in the fandom? Well, I’m one of those toxic people, but I used to be one of the people you claim you want to side with and help. I’d guarantee a lot that the people who are now so “toxic” were once more like me and have since gained a shit load of bitterness and resentment, not just towards the shippers but towards the producers and the writers who have done this to us, who have taken a show that used to be about feminism and made it a show about glorifying sexist mediocre white men. But we can’t say anything critical without getting a shitload of hate back from people who think Mon-El is just a space puppy who has literally done no wrong ever in his life (including owning slaves and being a sexist douchebag who was involved in a tyrannical monarchy that oppressed its people? Sure, Jan). It’s not our fault they think criticism of a fictional character somehow is an attack on the entire show as a whole, the actor behind said character, and themselves as shippers. Or that those shippers seem to think that the characters are real and have feelings and that us disliking them and saying so on the internet will somehow hurt Mon-El’s feelings or something. Don’t ask to me to tell you how Karamel minds work, I’d prefer not to have to put myself in the shoes of a bigot who romanticizes an abusive relationship. 

Chris Wood doesn’t need your protection, he never has. If you want to appreciate him for his terrible acting and his five expressions and his bland looks, go right ahead. No one can stop you and no one honestly gives a shit. But don’t act like the Karamels are these saintly victims who just get continually shit on by the “toxic” Supercorp fandom and not that the Supercorp fandom is actually more routinely shit on by the Karamels and that’s how some of us became more “toxic” in the first place. 

Go take your place at the Karamel table and leave the Supercorp shippers alone. Maybe you can be like M’gann and change the minds of some of the Karamels, show them the light or something (although I’m not sure you have any light to show them). Try to be less of a Mon-El at least, abandoning his own people for his own self-gain and absolving himself of every sin he’s ever committed and eschewing the blame somewhere else.


I should have walked away

Hey I’m so gonna fail my next exam but at least the LeFou/Part of Your World thing is almost done! (・ω・)b I just need to draw a dumb aftermatch/bonus picture (I’ve got two ideas and I’m making them both) and so I’ll probably post the full gifset tonight or tomorrow


Bean bag chair!

I swear to god I love Cece and Winston so much. 

“A bean bag, Winston? You thought that would be a suitable gift for my bride?”

He drew a circle. She guessed bean bag chair. They had a moment. I mean, I would have guessed circle. I’m terrible at Pictionary. Sun? Boring cookie? Badly drawn rock? Decapitated head? Nipple?

Things I love about this:

  • One-on-one Pictionary.
  • Winston’s shirt.
  • The speed at which Winston draws.
  • The speed at which Cece jumps up and immediately guesses bean bag chair…from a circle.
  • Cece is correct.
  • Winston’s facial expression and how drops his pen.
  • Both Cece and Winston consider this a moment in their friendship.
  • Make-up, lighting, camera equipment, props, and such had to be set-up for a 2 second scene.
  • Cece and Winston have a game night. Other games must have been played. We must see this. Musical statues? Chinese whispers?
  • I’m guessing they have other nights. I’m imagining Winston getting a facial and loving it.
  • Cece immediately recognises her present from said moment.
  • The bean bag is temporary. Winston had to pad it with rice and oatmeal.
  • Of all things to pad it with he chose rice and oatmeal.
  • He ordered the bean bag chair under the alias ‘Admiral Jay Garage-A-Roo.’
  • Other aliases include Kenneth, Rick Smits, Big Poppy Jones, and Pontius Pilate. At least one of those had to be ad-libbed by Max or Lamorne. From Kenneth to Admiral Jay Garage-A-Roo. And James Wonder, of course.
  • Cece and Winston also got drunk and called Finland within this year.

Never in my life have I heard of one-on-one Pictionary.”
Picarto.TV - nighttimepixels' Channel
nighttimepixels is live on Picarto.TV! Watch our streamer do Creative stuff and chat with likeminded people. 152 have watched nighttimepixels’ stream!

alright, the stream is live! <3

come in and say hi if you’d like, stick around, ask questions, just chat, whatever. ^^ i’ll be working on that gif i had mentioned previously - Stretch has won out in the end, but i’ve got an idea for Classic Sans i’ll do after this gifset ;)

alright, stream is over! have to go take care of a few things. i’ll stream again soon though - and seriously, thank you all so much for coming! it was wonderful. <3 as promised, i’ll post the finished gif later tonight/tomorrow morning. ;D

anonymous asked:

Please can you post the image from your new Drumfred icon I AM IN PAIN. Btw. I'm the anon who asked for "Lord Alfred" and "Alfred" gifset asdfghj sorry I didn't realize Drummond didn't address him that many times, I mean I knew it happened at least once each, but I'm surprised it didn't happen often. If you could still make it (bigger sized gifs then) I'd be forever grateful!

my icon is a (very bad) attempt to color leo’s ig icon (sorry, bub), then edited as i usually do with all my icons

about that gifset, i was waiting for last night’s episode, but don’t worry, i’m going to do it anyway

now that i’ve FIIINALY got through the whole trilogy and posted that gifset ive been working years on: i kept a word document of every banter ash & tali had in me1! (or at least, every one i could trigger. i went through those elevators a lot.) these are being posted for archival purposes, since there are…pretty much no sources on me1 banter. unless otherwise noted, this is all elevator talk.

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LoliRock Secret Santa 2016 Sign-Ups - NOW OPEN!


  • Gift exchange will take place DECEMBER 23 -JANUARY 7
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  • HATE is not tolerated and you will lose your spot in LRSS if you post hate in your wishlists or gifts.
  • THINGS I’D LIKE: (this can range from ships you like, brotps, favorite characters, prompt ideas, what kind of gifts you’d like or prefer etc)
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ALSO, if you’re gift is rather violent, or sexual, tag it properly. We trust that everyone knows that you tag smut as #smut #nsfw to protect the peoples, same goes for gore, blood, death, etc. Please be considerate!

That’s about it! You will get your gifee’s wishlist and name in a message around November 27-30th to guarantee sign ups stragglers get a chance! And it gives us time to match properly! If you have any questions, you can send us an ask on anon, or a fan mail if you’re question requires you not to be anonymous!

Let’s try and enjoy the season LoliRockers!

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Okay okay okay so that gifset of Thrandui saying to Tauriel “You think it is love? Are you ready to die for it?” got me thinking, and I’m making this its own post instead of leaving what I said in the tags because I messed my tags up. So here we go.

In that scene, Thranduil is clearly in more than just physical pain. To name the least of what’s hurting him, he’s lost his moose, which for the sake of this post I’ll assume he’s had since he was little-bitty. Not only that, but he’s also seen his kin felled all around him, and watched people he cared for suffer. It’s very obvious, since his debut in An Unexpected Journey, that Thranduil isn’t fond of war.

But why is this? Jokingly, you could say he didn’t wanna mess up his perfect hair or robes or something it’s true y’all but there’s a deeper reason.

So we know that Thranduil lost Oropher in battle, and I’m going to assume that’s what happened to his unnamed wife too - since she’s Thranduil’s lady, she was most likely a badass. And we can guess that he was incredibly attached to them both, because whenever Thranduil’s wife is mentioned he gets teary-eyed, and we can say because of that that he truly loves the people he’s close to.

Back to Tauriel- Thranduil asks her if she’s ready to die for Kili, her love. It’s made clear that Thranduil isn’t too fond of Tauriel, or at the least, he isn’t fond of Legolas’s feelings for her (another hint at how much he really loves his kin.) So my question is, why does Thranduil ask her this, a question that gives some hint that he cares about Tauriel’s well-being?

Oropher, his wife, or both of them, died for him. In that battle he lost the both of them, but not just to any wound. They sacrificed themselves for him, they died for their love for him. And that pain, to Thranduil, is so insurmountably great that he wouldn’t wish it on anyone else, not even the she-Elf he deemed as less-than to himself and his son.

Enjoy your feelings (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧


I got carried away and couldn’t keep everything in just 10 slides…


ETA: most photos were just stills found online, but the last slide has a screenshot of a gifset I believe from @bunchofbloom!


to b1a4′s talented leader jung jinyoung: happy birthday! #happyjinyoungday

My current Sterek WIPs:

Just to make y’all understand how royally fucked I am with school taking all my writing time away from me. (don’t miss the links)

which is not an AU, contrary to popular belief. It’s canon Derek going blind, and I have a very interesting story planned for this. I posted a snippet of it forever ago. You can read it here.

first written during the S2-3A hiatus, and will therefore keep the “old school” Teen Wolf theme and characters. I haven’t written a word on it for over a year, but it’s one of those fics I refuse to trash. It will be completed.

Medical AU*
it’s still in the notes-only stage, but I have great plans for this fic. Inspired by personal events, it’ll be about Stiles getting a new doctor in charge of his meds: Derek Hale, who discovers there’s far more to fix other than Stiles’ insomnia and hyper vigilance. 

Ignited (Illuminated 2)
the long requested sequel to my 5k one-shot ‘Illuminated’, which I’ve been promising to complete ever since the Slash Madness Tournament. I’m sorry for the delay, but apparently I need forever to write emotional porn.

second installment to the random cowboy!Derek verse I started a couple weeks ago. It’ll be 3 parts in total, and I have them all mapped out. This one will feature Stiles keeping his promise from the first part.

this is somewhat purely for my self, because writing about Derek accepting and dealing with his PTSD helps me do the same. It’ll be very personal, but I know some of you will want to read it.

it all started with this gifset that I’ve been planning to make forever, which I’ve pretty much been bombed with requests to write a fic for every since I posted it. Probably won’t be 100k as someone wanted, but I’ll try extend it past its current 5k, in the very least.

( * = to be properly titled )

And that’s not to mention all the AUs that I’ve got planned but haven’t written enough on to be listed here. Or the #eternalmam verse. There’s just… so much I wanna write. Oh my god.