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“Y/N..” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes playfully before returning your attention to the mirror, adding the finishing touches to your eyebrows before glancing over at Harry. 

“What are you whining for?” You tilted your head, smiling as he huffed and propped his chin up against his palm, his bottom lip stuck out in a cute pout. 

“You’re taking such a long time, love.. ‘m not gettin’ any younger here.” 

“Oh, hush. Niall won’t care if we’re a couple minutes late.” 

“Yeh don’ even need all tha’ makeup, y’know. I personally think you look beautiful jus’ the way yeh are.” 

“You’re only saying that to get us out the door.” You smiled as Harry got up from the foot of the bed, walking over and watching as you applied some mascara. 

“Are yeh at least wearin’ that really nice perfume?” Harry murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind as he kissed the back of your neck. 

“Mhm. Already put it on, silly.” You responded, giggling as he nudged against your neck and squeezed you a little tighter. You pursed your lips lightly as you spread a bit of matte lipstick on, raising an eyebrow as Harry sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth. 

“Tha’s the lipstick that doesn’t smudge, right?” 

“Yep! Good memory.” You teased, focused on getting the lipstick on just right that you didn’t even notice Harry had pulled away to check your outfit out for the night. A cute little crop top, black chelsea boots, and fuck- the black skinny jeans that made your ass look so good. 

“And you’re wearin’ those jeans.” He muttered lowly. 

As soon as you had capped the lipstick and tossed it back into your makeup bag, Harry had dragged you over to the bed, pushing you down and straddling you. “What the hell are you-” 

“Like you said- Niall won’t care if we’re a couple minutes late.” 


cheeky cheeky

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「  døes it bøther anyøne else
      that sømeøne else has yøur name  ?¿  」

      •|¡|•   Ø   !+¡   ].[

「  videø credit  」


PlayStation Heroes


Hey my fellow The 100 lovers :D Season 3 is starting in a few weeks and I bet we are all super excited to see our beloved children in action again :D To celebrate this special event, the wearegroundersnetwork is looking for new members :D


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  • Active and nice bloggers
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  • People who won’t spread hate!


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  • People with whom you can share your love for The 100 and all the characters
  • A spot on this snazzy network page
  • Eternal love and friendship

First of all… merry christmas everyone! I’ve been following a lot of nice people lately and I thought it could be a great christmas gift to share them with you. They all are nice people and they all have great blogs, so I highly recommend you to, at least, check out their blogs. I’m sure they will make your dashboard a better place <3 The ones that are in bold are the blogs that are following me back. I’m so sorry if I’m missing someone, I swear I’ve looked to my following list more than four times. Anyway, my blogroll is here, you should take a look too <3 I wish you have a merry christmas!

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