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Imagine playing hard to get with Chris.

A/N: This is a request from a wonderfully loyal reader @m-a-t-91, I don’t really know if I lived up to your request ‘cause when I write- I kinda go into a state where I just write what comes to me. I think I wrote what you asked for, I dunno. Enjoy anyway. X

You could feel your best friend, Chris watching you from across the bar as you politely chatted with the third guy to hit on you in one night. You weren’t actually interested, you were just too nice to shoot him down. At least he was slightly better looking than the first two, it helped but he still wasn’t the one you wanted to be with. The one you wanted, the one you were in-love with- had been in-love with since the moment you met him was the blue eyed, brown haired Bostonian that you called a best friend. You didn’t know but he was in-love with you too, just waiting for the right time to tell you.

“Do you want me to get rid of him?” Chris mouthed at you and you bit back your smile, nodding ever so subtly. “Wear the ring,” he mouthed and tapped his ring finger on his left hand; a gesture to the bid the two of you had performed numerous times.

You did as you were told, watching him rise from his stool and disappear into the crowd. You continued to nod at the blond, faking a smile as he talked you through his gym regime. You could’ve listened to Chris talk about his gym regime all day but you couldn’t with this guy, with this guy- all you wanted to do was roll your eyes.

“There you are, my love.” You heard Chris’ voice and felt his warm hand touch the small of your back. “I’m sorry,” his gaze fell onto the blond gentleman who was stunned by the presence of the actor, Chris Evans. “Can I help you? Is there a reason you’re talking to my fiancée?” He asked, grabbing your left hand and holding it up to reveal your ring.

“Uh- no, um-” He stammered, swallowing his nerves as he got up. “I had no idea- I’m sorry, Cap. I didn’t notice the ring and- Have a good night,” he nodded at the both of you and rushed off, leaving you and Chris in stitches.

“I’m sorry, Cap?” You laughed, trying to ignore the butterflies forming in your stomach from Chris’ touch. “That’s fucking hilarious. I have never seen a guy bigger than you so terrified of you,” you said and Chris scoffed. “The role of Captain America has given you a few benefits.”

“First of all, he was not bigger than me. And even if he was, I’m much better looking than that doofus.” He argued and you rolled your eyes; the feeling of disappointment washed over him when he took his hand away. “And yes, the role of Captain America has given me a few benefits. You’re one of them, without it- I probably wouldn’t have met you.”

“But we met at your dad’s dentistry,” you narrowed your eyes in confusion.

“Yes, but you wouldn’t have been interested in talking to me if I wasn’t Captain America.” You rolled your eyes at that. “Please,” he chuckled softly. “Don’t act like you would’ve given me the time of day if I wasn’t Captain America, even after you knew who I was- you barely paid me any attention. All you did was ask for a selfie, you wouldn’t even give me your phone number.”

“I was raised not to trust random strangers, even if said random stranger was Captain America.”

“Bull-fucking-shit,” he laughed. “You just like playing hard to get, you’re like that with every guy.”

“Fuck you, Evans.” You playfully shoved him and he laughed harder, touching his left boob. “I do not like playing hard to get, I’m just not one of those girls who gives her number away willy nilly. Even if I knew who you were, you were still just some random guy. I couldn’t just give you my number, I had to know you were a guy worth trusting.” You told him and he chuckled. “And you are,” you patted his cheek gently and his heart fluttered at your touch, “'cause here we are now, best of friends.”

“I want more than friends,” you thought you heard him mutter under his breath. Your heart skipped a beat but you remained indifferent, just in case you heard him wrongly. “Y/N,” Chris moved in front of you, taking one of your hands in his. “Have you ever thought about dating a friend?”

Your breath hitched in your throat because you knew you had in fact heard what you heard; he was referring to himself and the possibility of him becoming something more to you. You had been wishing for something like that since- God, since before you met him. But like he said, you were prone to playing hard to get; you didn’t know why, you did do it with every guy. It probably had to do with the string of bad boyfriends, after the last one- you were done getting hurt. You knew Chris was a good guy but you couldn’t risk going through another heartbreak and you definitely didn’t want to lose him as a friend.

“Never,” you lied and shook your head.

“I see,” Chris mumbled; his heart sunk as you pulled your hand away. “Yeah, neither.” He forced a smile on his face but you could see the pain in his eyes; you suffered immediate guilt and regret. “I think it’s stupid to ruin a good friendship, I just- I was asking for a friend.”

“Yeah, sure.” You nodded, smiling even though you were dying on the inside. “This is why we’re best friends, we share a similar form of thinking.” You said and he nodded, chuckling with very limited humor. “I’m starving, do you want to go grab some Leone’s?”

“You know I do.” He smiled more genuinely; he couldn’t be with you but at least he could be around you. “Let’s go,” he held out his arm for you to take and you took it without hesitation. “What are we thinking? Eat in or take it back to my place?”

“Anything as long as I get to eat with you,” you told him and his smile widened a little bit. “You know I love you, right?” You asked and he nodded, pressing a quick kiss to the side of your head. “Good,” you managed a small smile, ignoring your aching heart. “Now let’s go get some pizza.”
• • • • • • • •
“I will never ever get sick of pizza,” you grinned as you took another slice from the box. Chris chuckled and took a sip of his beer, smiling as he watched you devour the slice. “Thank you so much for introducing me to Leone’s, it is honestly- the best.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled and lowered his beer onto the hardwood floor. “You know something, Y/N?” He quizzed, crawling across to sit next to you. “I think you’re amazing.” He told you when your facials prompted a continuation. “I think you’re beautiful and funny and talented and- perfect. I think you’re perfect,” he whispered and brushed your hair out of your face.

“I think I’m all of those things too,” you joked because you knew where he was going with all of that. “What can I say?” You dropped your slice back into the box and brushed the crumbs from your hands by swiping them together. “My parents made a masterpiece when they had me.”

“Can you please be serious for once in your life?” Chris narrowed his eyes at you; he was buzzed enough not to care about the consequences. “I’m trying to tell you I like you, Y/N. I’ve been trying to tell you all night,” he said and you sighed. “I know we’re best friends and you don’t want to ruin our friendship by giving this a shot, I don’t either- the last thing I want is to lose you.”

“Then stop,” you told him.

“I can’t,” he shook his head. “I can’t keep pretending I’m okay with just being friends anymore. I know you’re sick of it too, I’m not crazy- I can see the way you look at me. You want this too, you’re just too afraid of getting hurt again which is why you’re constantly playing hard to get.” He took your hands and pressed it to his heart. “But I would never hurt you, Y/N. I would never ever because- you do this to me, you make my heart beat- you make each day worth more than it should. There has never been a day with you that has been bad,” he told you.

“Chris, stop-” you tried to pull your hands away but he tightened his grip. “I can’t lose you, I can’t lose this. Maybe we try this out, maybe it works but- what if it doesn’t?” You felt your eyes well with tears. “What are we going to do then? Who am I going to have in my life?”

“Me,” he answered. “Because you’re never going to lose me, Y/N. You’re the love of my life, I didn’t realize it until now but- I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. As long as you’re around, you’re the one I’m going to love until my final breath.” You felt a smile stretch across your face; the tears that welled from the fear of losing him, fell out of joy. “Even as a ghost, I’ll still love you.”

“Shut up,” you managed a soft laugh and he smiled, leaning in to press his forehead against yours. “Fine,” you huffed and his breath hitched in his throat when he realized what you were about to agree to. “We can try this, but if things don’t work-”

“It will,” he interrupted excitedly.

“If it doesn’t,” you continued your previous sentence. “You don’t get to run out on me. You are going to stay my best friend until the end of time, even if you hate my guts- you’re going to be there for me. Those are my terms, otherwise- it’s a no.”

“More time with my best friend who is also the love of my life?” He quizzed rhetorically and smirked when you bit back your smile. “How could I possibly disagree to those terms?”

“Good,” you smiled. He released your wrists so he could caress your face; you wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned in. “Because I was getting a little sick of playing hard to get.” He chuckled then smiled when you pressed your lips against his.

Jensen please😍😍 - @atc74

Jensen laid back and opened his eyes as you rolled off of him, sweat-slicked and out of breath.

“You good?” He turned and looked at you, a wide grin on his face.

“I’m fuckin’ great, Ackles.” You sighed, giggling afterwards.

“Yeah, me too.” He rolled onto his side and slung his arm over your waist.

“When are we gonna tell Jared?” You rolled toward him and snuggled into his chest.

“Don’t say your brother’s name while you’re in bed with me.” Jensen faked a gag.

“Oh c’mon. We have to tell him soon…” You pulled back and looked up into the gorgeous green eyes you’d fallen in love with during your time in Vancouver.

“Yeah, I know. But right now, let’s just keep this between us. You’re too good to share, and the last thing I want is him going all big brother on me.” He chuckled.

“Me too. He could totally kick your ass.” You joked, shoving Jensen’s chest, noticing the tattoo that hadn’t worn off from the shirtless scene he’d filmed yesterday. “Hey, this is nice. I think you should get a real tattoo.” 

“What? No way. Not my thing… at least, not yet.” He shrugged.

“What does that mean?” You creased your eyebrows.

“I mean - it’s just - I vowed I’d never get a woman’s name tattooed on me and nothing else in my life means enough to me right now to get it permanently etched into my skin, ya know? Only thing I’d ever consider would be something involving our future kids.” He brushed hair out of your face. 

You didn’t miss it. He said ‘our future kids.’ Jensen wanted a future with you.

“We keep goin’ at it like this and kids are gonna be around a lot sooner than you think.” You chuckled, shaking your head and wiggling your eyebrows.

“Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.” He whispered, pulling you close and kissing the top of your head.

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「  døes it bøther anyøne else
      that sømeøne else has yøur name  ?¿  」

      •|¡|•   Ø   !+¡   ].[

「  videø credit  」


Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Thank you guys for enjoying part one! As promised, part two today and then I’ll be posting a chapter a week (at least I’m aiming to)! This is the last prologue-ish chapter, then everything will be ‘current’ time. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 5K+

The week had gone by rather swiftly, Rey adjusted to the new school easily unlike Ben, only really knowing Phasma and still staring at you unintentionally; but, on the plus side, he was able to befriend you (even if that was because of Rey). It had been hard on him when he sat diagonal to you, especially when he was always one of the firsts in class and you were one of the lasts, he constantly found himself finding something new about you that he couldn’t help but adore. He hated how enthralled he had become in you, it wasn’t fair, especially when you were technically taken by a boy that–lets just say–Ben had grown not too fond of.

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“Y/N..” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes playfully before returning your attention to the mirror, adding the finishing touches to your eyebrows before glancing over at Harry. 

“What are you whining for?” You tilted your head, smiling as he huffed and propped his chin up against his palm, his bottom lip stuck out in a cute pout. 

“You’re taking such a long time, love.. ‘m not gettin’ any younger here.” 

“Oh, hush. Niall won’t care if we’re a couple minutes late.” 

“Yeh don’ even need all tha’ makeup, y’know. I personally think you look beautiful jus’ the way yeh are.” 

“You’re only saying that to get us out the door.” You smiled as Harry got up from the foot of the bed, walking over and watching as you applied some mascara. 

“Are yeh at least wearin’ that really nice perfume?” Harry murmured, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind as he kissed the back of your neck. 

“Mhm. Already put it on, silly.” You responded, giggling as he nudged against your neck and squeezed you a little tighter. You pursed your lips lightly as you spread a bit of matte lipstick on, raising an eyebrow as Harry sucked his bottom lip in between his teeth. 

“Tha’s the lipstick that doesn’t smudge, right?” 

“Yep! Good memory.” You teased, focused on getting the lipstick on just right that you didn’t even notice Harry had pulled away to check your outfit out for the night. A cute little crop top, black chelsea boots, and fuck- the black skinny jeans that made your ass look so good. 

“And you’re wearin’ those jeans.” He muttered lowly. 

As soon as you had capped the lipstick and tossed it back into your makeup bag, Harry had dragged you over to the bed, pushing you down and straddling you. “What the hell are you-” 

“Like you said- Niall won’t care if we’re a couple minutes late.” 


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.:Imagine Poe protecting you from almost being assaulted:.

Request for anon

“I loved your protective/possessive poe one. Could you do one kinda similar but where he actually has to save the reader from some creep? Super fluffy and angsty??“

Gif not mine

Alright please read: THIS MIGHT BE TRIGGERING TO SOME NOODLES. The reader does not get raped, but comes very close to it. Luckily poe is there to help.

If I EVER post something that is too much for some of you, please tell me. I won’t post about, I won’t make a big deal, and I will take it down if I have to. I want you all to enjoy my blog and be safe as well. I know what it is like to be triggered, it’s not a fun feeling, so talk to me okay? I love you all so much!!

N/N means nickname


It was very late by the time you finished the X-Wing. One if the wings were detached from it, but you finally got it back on.

There were a only a few people still up, one of them being Poe.

You two talked a lot. He was a funny man who told good stories. You enjoyed his company. He was a good friend. Yet, you couldn’t deny the man’s beauty. You were not, however, ready for a relationship. It was a dark time, and you honestly didn’t want one for right now. Right now at least, but you would want one soon.

You walked over to your tool box, putting away your wrench when Poe walked up. “Damn, N/N. Looks awesome!”

“Thanks Dameron!” You stepped by him to admire your work. “Yeah she does look fantastic doesn’t she?” He nodded. “So what did Leia want?” You asked wiping the sweat off your grease-stained forehead.

He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Oh, just the report on the Starkiller base. Just wanted to know all the good stuff.”

“Nice, nice. Well, my dear, I must cut this conversation short as I crave a good nights sleep. I apologize.”

“Don’t even worry about it, N/N. I’ll see ya tomorrow, okay?” He smiled.

“Sounds good Dameron.” You say picking up your tool box, and walking towards your locker in the back room.

You let out a sigh while entering and started to remove your dirty clothing. You open your locker and put your box and gloves in it.

You were so focused on the task at hand, you didn’t notice someone come in until you felt a hand clap around your mouth and an unsettling voice at your ear.

“Don’t make a sound. If ya do, ill shoot ya, pretty. Now strip.”

You began to quietly sob as you worked on taking off your under suit. You didn’t dare look back, you were so afraid. Standing there in only your bra and shorts, you let out a pained scream as your assaulter pushed you roughly against the lockers.

You felt the cold of a gun against your head. “What did I say, pretty? No screaming. Not right now at least, you’ll be screaming soon enough.” He reached around in front of you and placed his hand in your underwear, and threatening to go lower until you suddenly felt him being ripped off.

You fell to the ground, covering your face with your arms, and crying out “I’m sorry!” You were expecting pain but all you heard was the sound of punches being thrown and pained groans.

“How dare you touch her! How dare you touch a woman like that, you bastard!” It was… Poe.

He must have heard you scream.

You assumed the fight was over when you heard a body hit the floor. You felt Poe’s gentle hand touch your shoulder.

“Y/N..” He quietly said.

You quickly shot up and wrapped your arms around his neck and began to sob. Hard.

“I-I was so s-scared Poe. I was alone, and h-he t-touched me and I-”

Poe held you tighter. “Ssshhh, N/N. It’s alright. He won’t hurt you anymore. I’m here. You’re safe. I got you. Just breathe.“

You calmed down, and fell asleep in his arms due to the nerves and exhaustion.

He picked you up in his arms, leaving the locker room and carrying you to your room. He set you down in the bed, placed your warm blankets upon you. He pulled up a chair beside you and held your hand tightly in his.

Nothing like this would ever happen again. Ever.

Okay so it turns out that the “Fight Me” fic was not supposed to be next. This one was. Instead of making some excuse or leaving it for the person who made the request to find, thinking I forgot their request (@berrystained - I’m so sorry!), I decided that I’d just upload it now. So here you are; you lucky bunnies get two fics in one night because I was impulsive and listened to my girlfriend rather than consult the checklist. Note to future self: always consult the list. 

Prompt: I’d like to request a Bucky x Reader fiction, if that’s ok. ☺️ I was thinking the reader could be studying World War 2 at Uni so she learnt about Bucky and all the girls agree that he is really good looking but then she sees him in New York and then you can take it from there.

“A Soldier, A Ghost” (Part 1)

You let your fingers linger on the edge of the page before turning it. No matter how many times you stared at the words, nothing was going in. Why had you chosen to major in history?

It wasn’t as if learning about Captain America and his Howling Commandos wasn’t interesting – they were your idols. Legends! Your dad had told you stories about them when you were 5. You were thrilled by the topic. However, something about seeing the black and white photos organised next to an entire page of small font text was less than thrilling…

“God, Captain America is so hot.”

And there was also that. Apparently, the friends you had made within the class had selected it as their major for… other reasons. Your “study” buddy, Maggie, sat across from you in the booth. You’d taken yourselves to a 50s diner across town to try and immerse yourself in the era but it seemed that she lacked the focus and you lacked the motivation. Neither of you had done much revision. Maggie turned the page of her own textbook and sighed. Again.

“Let me guess,” you quipped, “Captain America is hot? No, wait, bangin’. Incredible. Muscular. Fine. Smoking. Literally any adjective that positively describes his peak physical condition.”

Maggie rolled her eyes.
“Seriously, (y/n), lighten up a little. Are you telling me that if a man like him walked in here and asked you out, you’d say no?” She tossed her open textbook in front of you and let the picture of Steven Rogers and his best friend smile up at you. With a huff and a roll of your eyes, you promptly closed the book. Maggie looked disappointed.
“I’m here to study, Mags. Not debate my hypothetical attraction to historical figures.”

“Aww,” She whined sarcastically. “And just when I wanted to play ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ with former presidents.” You chuckled and stood up from the booth.
“I’m going to get a milkshake. Please pick something for us to revise in the meantime.”
“Get me a doughnut and I’ll think about it.” Maggie smiled sweetly, sliding a couple of coins across the table to you.

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Imagine cheating on Jared

I watch him get up from the bed, his messy hair in every direction, and his body showing clear signs of scratches in the back. When he turns around to watch me, all I can give him is a smile, leaning forward to get him back to bed.

“It’s late” He mutters against my lips, a smile pasted on his face, “Lover boy will be waiting”

“Shut up, don’t talk about Jared”

Charlie pulls away, laying his back on the bed, his eyes narrowed to the ceiling.

“It’s late” I repeat his words, “I better leave”

It takes me a matter of minutes to be ready to leave Charlie’s apartment. He’s also ready, and waiting for me in the kitchen, two cups of coffee waiting on the table.

“I’m late for the airport” I say in a hurry, sipping the coffee just before leaving a quick kiss on his lips, “I’ll call you whenever I’m free”

I hear a distant “Have fun”, before leaving the apartment.

As always, my car awaits for me parked a few blocks away from the apartment. I check my make up in the rear-view mirror and the same look of guilt pierce me through my reflection. I’m able to hold my own reproachful gaze for a couple of seconds, but I have to look away when I start to notice how much I hate myself every time I left Charlie’s apartment.

I hate myself, but only after I have trampled my relationship. Not before, when I’m still able to say no.

The clock on my car announces that it is past ten in the morning, and I’m already late to pick Jared at the airport. I drive like crazy through the crowded streets of LA, hoping that by some usual miracle, Jared’s airplane is delayed.

Weirdly enough, I find a free spot in the airport’s parking lot. I park the car and run inside the building. I notice the people looking at me, probably thinking that I’m about loose my flight, no running to pick someone up.

I get to the gate just in time to see Jared coming out with his suitcase, and the rest of the guys behind him. A smile takes over his face when he acknowledges I’m waiting for him, hurrying up in order to get to me.

“Hey” He says, pulling me into a tight hug.

“Good to see you” I mutter, sunken onto his chest.

The rest of the guys get closer to us, and I get to say hello to all of them. The smile on Jared’s lips is a constant reminder of what I’ve been doing and how he has no idea what I’ve been up to this last two months.

After we part from the guys, Jared and I head up to my car.

“Do you want to get something to eat before we go home?” I ask him, as we enter the car.

“I don’t know, I ate in the plane, but if you are hungry…”

“I’m ok” I interrupt him, a hint of a smile on my lips, “You must be tired”

“A bit” He shrugs, as I start the car, “It wasn’t as tiring as other tours, we got a lot more free time between cities”

I hear all about his tour and how wonderful everything turned up. I smile, and look amazed at every new thing he describes, trying to look as normal as possible. This is the first time I get to see Jared after my nightly encounters with Charlie started two months ago, and my head is torn apart. I’m lost, ashamed… guilty.

Once we are finally home, Jared runs upstairs to get some sleep and I stay in the living room in order to get some work done.

“Hey, babe”

I open my eyes, realizing that I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Jared is sitting on the coffee table, his permanent smile on his lips.

“Hey” I mutter, still asleep.

“Brandon called, he’s throwing a small party at his house” Jared informs me, “You wanna go?”

“Do you wanna go?” I ask him, straightening on the couch, “You look tired, don’t you wanna stay and rest?”

“Yeah, but I also really want to go, I haven’t seen him since long before tour started”

“Ok, let me get dressed”

I head upstairs to get a shower and choose something nice to use for the night. Jared gets in the room when I’m in the middle of the dress picking process, and I feel his hands holding my hips from behind.

“We still got time” He whispers on my ear.

“Not if we want to at least show up” I laugh, turning around to cup his face, “We have all the time in the world when we come back home”

“Whatever…” He mumbles, pulling away from me, but I reach for his hand to pull him close to me and kiss him on the lips, “I love you”

“I love you too” I mutter, feeling my heart ache.

Jared changes his clothes too, and in a matter of minutes we are on his car. Jared looks happy, giving me quick looks from time to time. His hand holds mine all the time, caressing my palm with his thumb. I just look at him, considering when would be a good time to confess. I love him too much to keep hiding what I’ve done.

We arrive noticing a couple of cards already parked outside the house. Jared parks the car and helps me out. Our hands are still holding each other as we approach the door. Brandon appears after a few seconds, and we receive bear hugs from one of Jared oldest friend.

“Come on, everybody is on the back”

The backyard is occupied by at least a dozen of Brandon’s friends. Everybody greets us as we walk towards Shannon.

“Tomo didn’t want to come?” I ask him, leaving Jared and Brandon talk by our side.

“He wanted, but he had already planned going out to have dinner with Vicki” Shannon shrugs, sipping his beer before speaking again, “I thought you two weren’t coming either”

“Jared wanted to come, he misses Brandon”

“Is everything alright?”

Shannon’s eyes inspect my face deeply. I know I look nervous, I’ve been nervous since my first night as a goddamn cheater. But I just suck it up, and provide the best smile I can.

“Great” I mutter, but Shannon looks unconvinced.

“Here you are!” Baelyn, Brandon’s girlfriend, appears out of nowhere, hugging his boyfriend from the back, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you”

“I was just talking with the Leto’s” Brandon says, turning to face his girlfriend.

Baelyn’s eyes focus on us three. I’m not a Leto, but I’ve been in their lives long enough to be considered part of the family. But here eyes are looking at me surprised, and it clearly ain’t for Brandon’s use of words.

I hear her whisper my name, and my eyes wide immediately.

“I didn’t thought you were coming” She says, not taking her eyes from my afraid gaze, “Are you two alright?”

“Of course we are alright” Jared laughs, holding me by the waist, “Why wouldn’t we?”

“I don’t know, I had the thought that maybe you two weren’t together anymore” She mutters.

She knows. Oh, God, she knows.

The three men look at her confused, but I know the fear on my eyes has become more evident. She whispers my name again, and I don’t have to think it too much to notice that she’s trying to make me talk.

“How’s Charlie, by the way?” She finally asks, “I tried to greet you two the other day at the cafeteria near his apartment, but you two looked kinda busy”

Jared’s body stiffens by my side, his eyes narrowing as he digests Baelyn’s words.

“Baelyn” Brandon shuts her, holding her arm tightly, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Jared is my friend too” She says, baring her teeth, “He has the right to know”

“But not like this!”

Jared lets go of my waist, starting to walk away towards the house. I look at the couple in front of me, discussing a topic that shouldn’t be discussed by anyone else other than Jared and me. Shannon is still by my side, looking at them discuss.

“What the fuck did you do?” I turn to face him, his eyes show me all the anger his body is hiding.

Realization finally hits me. I cheated on Jared. He knows. I have to talk to him. Now.

I ignore his question, starting to follow Jared’s footsteps. I’m afraid he’s left the party already, but a part of me wants him to go and leave the piece of trash that claimed to be his girlfriend. I look through the front window, his car is still parked outside, so he must be inside the house.

It ain’t that hard to find him. Jared is sitting in the middle of Brandon’s art studio looking at one of his pieces. The art of two girls resting their foreheads on the other, wrapping their hands on their necks, not even looking at each other at the eyes, feels too inappropriate for this moment. The title “Eye to Eye” hangs below it.

I take a step forward, sitting next to Jared on the small bench. Now that we are close together, I can notice the tears rolling down his cheeks, the heavy breathing on his chest, his shoulders trembling.

“Jared” I mutter, “I was going to tell you”

He stays quiet and I wait for a comment, an insult, anything.

“When?” He finally asks.

“I don’t know, I was thinking about it on our way here” I confess, “You really don’t know how sorry I am for doing this. How much I hate myself for not being able to stop”

Jared suddenly turns to face me, his eyes red due to the tears, “How long?” He asks me, ignoring my comment.

“A week after you left” I mutter.

“Two months” He whispers, avoiding my eyes.

Jared stands from the bench, getting closer to the hanging piece.

“I want you to go home and pick all of your stuff” He mutters, with a gravelly tone of voice, “I don’t want you there”


“I don’t want to see you ever again” He continues, “Now, go”

I stand from the bench, walking towards him. His back is as trembly as his shoulders. I want to rest my hands on his shoulders, turn him so I can face him. So he can say the same to my face.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why?” I whisper.

Jared finally turns to face me. The tears haven’t stop running through his cheeks, and the look of anger that I receive pierces my heart.

“Why would I do that? I know what you are going to say”

“No, you don’t” I protest, reaching his face, cupping it with trembly hands, “You deserve and explanation”

“I do, but I already know it” His hands reach mine, taking them away from his face, “You are going to say you were feeling lonely, that he was there when I wasn’t. Then you are going to promise me that it will never happen again, that you love me”

Shit. He did know it.

“”But Jared…”

“You already broke this relationship, there’s no turn back. Now go, I really don’t want to see you”

He turns again, giving me his back. Part of me wants to stay, beg him to listen to me, beg for forgiveness. But I know I don’t deserve it. Because what I did, was unforgivable.And if I were on his shoes, I would probably asking him the same. That’s why the more rational part of me forces me to back away and leave the house, leaving behind who I thought was the love of my life, my friends and everyone who was a part of me for the past years.

Imagine cheating on Jared | Part Two

TRUE ROMANCE + Book 2 of Soul Mate

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime?

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to be put up, I just realized in like two days it marks a month since the last part of soul mate was uplodaded and damn time flies! Here’s part one of the mini series I promised you all, the continuation of Soul Mate! (you can also find me on AO3 under the username dickren!)

Word Count: 4.5K+

Warning: None!

It was yet another beautiful morning in New York City where the sun shined it’s brightest, for once, you hadn’t slept in through your alarm so you actually had time to make it over to your favorite coffee shop. With a job like yours, an on call nurse, sleep was a gift and when it was given you took full advantage of it–which sometimes made you oversleep with how exhausted you had been. But, you loved your job and you wouldn’t trade it for the world, babies were your favorite kind of people–if that even made sense–so of course you didn’t dread what you did on a daily basis. What kind of life was it where you did a job you were never meant to do? A very cruel one that is. “Excuse me ma'am, are you alright?” Looking up from the book, you sniffled a bit before wiping the few tears that had escaped. “I saw you crying and wondered if you were okay?”

Nodding your, you smiled. “Oh, yeah, definitely…I was just reading this romance novel that literally killed me. Sorry if I worried you!” Shutting the book as you had reached its end, you looked at your watch and nearly panicked. “Oh, great, I’m almost late for work!” Standing up and picking up your things, you tossed the empty plastic coffee cup away along with the napkins before excusing yourself.

“It’s no problem, dear, hope you don’t get late to work,” The older woman smiled as she waved at you.

“Thank you, uh…?”

“Maz! Maz Kanata!” Nodding your head as your eyebrows furrowed the slightest, you simply shrugged at how unique her name was.

“Thank you, Maz!” Waving goodbye, you rushed out, stuffing the book into your purse as you rue the idea of living in New York where almost everywhere you went was packed, especially when your job was in the hospital on the fifth floor rather than first. Hearing your phone ring, you grunted as you searched for it. “He-hello? Hey, Rey!”

“Hey, you sound…out of breath? You alright?”

“Fine, yeah! Totally! Just the fact that I may be late to work-”

“It’s because of Soul Mate. Are you still reading Soul Mate? I swear, you’ve read that book a good ten times-”

“Fifteen,” You corrected, dodging crowds.

“Fifteen?! Not a surprise…let me guess, you cried yet again.”

“Of course! He loved her so much and she died for him! It so beautiful, Rey! Not my fault you don’t have a romantic bone in your body…” You mumbled, causing her to gasp.

“I am in a relationship with Finn, excuse you!”

“Yeah yeah, look, I gotta go-”

“Wait! Are you still coming tomorrow night? You know, I’d like my best friend at my engagement party.”

“You mean, excuse-to-go-drinking-and-clubbing? You know I’m not all that into drinking…or clubbing…”

“Yeah, that’s why you work with babies. But hey, you’re still going ‘cause you love me, right? It’s not like we’re going to a strip club or anything…”

Sighing, you nodded. “Of course, anything for you, Rey…”

“Good! Poe will be there…wink wink-”

“Hush! I don’t like him that way, I can’t say the same for him about me…the flyboy is always so smiley around me. Not that I don’t mind, his smile is great.”

“Alright, that is true. Still doesn’t beat my smile. But whatever.”

“Who else is going?”

“Uh, you, Poe, Finn and I of course…Leia and Han wanna stop by…Jessika-”

“Poes pilot buddies, sweet. Leia and Han were able to get out of their busy lives? You’d think those busy people wouldn’t…” You pouted the slightest. “Hmm, I guess they’re not busy enough helping the air force with supplies or busy dealing medical equipment to hospitals.”

“Hey, out of all of us, you see them the most. Resistance Hospital’s number one supporter is Leia Organa and Han Solo.”

“I do, but I don’t know them that well, I mean, Leia is sweet but when do I really see her? Moms a good friend of hers but with my nursing life I’m too busy handling babies. Plus, dad is a pilot so he’s friends with Han…but not that close, he’s more close with Luke.”

“Yeah, speaking of which, dad won’t be attending because he’ll be in Africa…but, he says he’d try skyping me so let’s see how that goes.”

“Ah, have fun with that.” Seeing the hospital come into view, you looked at your wrist watch and sighed. “Thank god, I’m on time. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Love you!”

“Love you, too,” Hanging up, you slid your phone into the pocket of your scrubs before quickening your speed. You loved your job but man were the long hours tiring, especially when you worked on only five hours of sleep with nearly twelve hour shifts. At least the doctors and nurses were nice and the job paid well for you to have a decent loft.

Swerving and darting past crowds of people, you sighed in relief as you made it out in one piece, only to have someone knock right into you and cause you to fall flat on your ass. “Hey, watch where you’re-Oh, oh I’m so sorry!” Furrowing your eyebrows at the tone they had, you only raised them as they had changed it. “I didn’t see you there…” Seeing a hand come into view, you instantly took it and only felt chills run down your spine.

“It’s fine, it’s fine…” Looking straight ahead, all you saw was a torso. “I don’t blame you, you’re really…” Eyes trailing up his body, your eyebrows raised. “Tall…” Unable to see his face as the sun was blinding you, you used your hand as a visor.

“Yeah, sorry, this tends to happen when I’m walking past crowds,” Trying to see his face, the glare from the sun didn’t help one bit.

“Do you occasionally run into people?” You asked, chuckling.

“Uh, sort of…except sometimes I can’t help them up because people get in the way and I feel terrible about it.”

“Glad to be an exception,” You nodded, still squinting your eyes. “I’m sorry, I can’t see your face at all and it’s weird talking to practically nothing…”

“Ah, right…” Shifting over, he instantly blocked the sun, your hand falling to your side as you smiled.

“Thanks,” Looking up at him, you nearly gawked. He wasn’t your ideal guy but boy was he good looking. You couldn’t tell if it was the nice slicked back dark hair or the dimpled smile or maybe the towering height…but something about him called to you. “That’s…better…”

“You seem like you’re in a rush, am I in your way?” He simply asked, causing you to shake your head.

“No, yeah, I mean no…well, yeah I have work in five minutes but you’re being nice and nice people are fairly hard to run into on these sidewalks so…” Smiling, you only melted at the sight of his own as his dimples appeared.

“I’ll take that as a compliment?” He chuckled, causing you to smile even more. “But, honestly, I feel as if I’m in your way so, please…” Moving to a side, he gestured for you to go, “I don’t want you to be late.”

“Oh, oh yeah. Yeah, it’s fine.” Swatting a hand, you shrugged. “I should go. Uh, thank you again…what’s your name?”

Grinning, he shook his head as he stuck his hand out. “I don’t believe I introduced myself, what man doesn’t introduce himself to the lady he rams himself into?”

“It’s alright, my name is Y/N, or nurse Y/L/N…” You chuckled, taking his hand and feeling the chills run down your spine once more, only to crawl across your skin and bring goosebumps.

“Lovely name, I’ll admit, especially the whole nurse additive,” He nodded, “Ben, my name is Ben, or Mister Solo, I really don’t have a cool add on.” He teased, causing you to laugh.

“Nice to meet you Ben, hope to see you again. Or crash into you again…”

“One day, maybe.” Ben laughed, waving at you before you rushed off.

“See you some other day!”


There had been a strange sense of warmth from Ben, you weren’t sure if it was physical or mental, the fact that you couldn’t differentiate if it were coming from the surrounding heat of the passing bodies and burning sun or if it had been radiating off of him. Was it actually body warmth or was there an unusual sense of familiarity, as if you had felt it before–déja vu kind of emotion. What ever it had been, the lingering sensation was felt the entire day, as if it hadn’t had the desire to leave. “Miss Y/L/N?” Looking over your shoulder as you had been lost in thought, you gave the young man a smile. “I thought I’d come by and check on my little Daisy,” Standing patiently by the door, you gave the man a nod before placing the file you had been holding onto down, gesturing for him to follow you.

Taking in a deep breath, you stopped at the little incubator the baby was lying in, picking up her files and reading them, “Little Daisy here is an angel, she barely fusses and…” Letting out a soft chuckle, you looked over to the father, “Sleeps a lot. I see you and Mrs.Lucas having no problems when she leaves our care.” Giving the man a nod, you closed the files and placed them back down. “As long as she gets her feeding on time, you should be good.”

Releasing a sigh, the man shut his eyes only to reopen them. “Oh, thank god. I mean, not like I wasn’t going to be upset that she’d keep us up all night, but I have long shifts and I feel terrible leaving my wife alone with the baby…of course, we have our dog, but you know dogs can’t do much,” He snickered, causing you to let out a small laugh. “But that, that is very good to hear…and that she is healthy?” He stated, more in a questioning tone.

Nodding your head as you stuck your freezing hands into the scrubs pockets. “Well, besides the fact that she is a preemie, she has slight breathing problems. But, no worries, she will be fine in no time.” Giving him a reassuring smile, he let out a sigh of relief. “She should be ready to go home in a few days,” Nodding your head, the man took in a deep breath.

“Thank you, for taking care of her,” Placing a hand on his chest, he bowed his head the slightest, “I’ll be honest, I was worried…we were worried, my wives sister had a preemie and he had to stay in NICU for a good fifteen days.”

Taking a step away, you spoke up, “It depends on the issues the baby is going through, lucky for you, Daisy isn’t suffering too much. She’ll be just fine, trouble with breathing is quite common for preemies.”

“Again, thank you for everything. Will we see you when we pick her up?” He asked, curiously.

“Most likely, I work really long shifts so there is a high chance. Plus,” Whispering, you leaned over, “Daisy is my favorite.” Giving him a wink, he only chuckled. “But I hope so, I’d like to say my goodbyes to the little angel before she leaves.”

Smiling, he nodded in agreement. “I should get going, thank you, once again.”

Watching the man walk away, you smiled as you waved goodbye before placing your stethoscopes on to check on one of the babies breathing. “Okay, little Johnny, let’s see how you’re doing today,” Sweetly speaking to the baby, you were about to check the babies breathing before the other nurse who helped you out went up to you.

“You have someone asking for you outside,” Furrowing your eyebrows, you placed the stethoscope back around your neck, “Someone by the name of…Leia?” Growing wide eyed, you nodded.

“Oh, oh Mrs.Organa,” Moving to a side, you aimed for the door. “Mind checking on Johnny’s breathing and chart it?”

“Of course,” The nurse gave you a thumbs up before you exited the room, looking down the hall, then turning the opposite way to see the older woman standing there.

“Mrs.Organa?” Looking up, she smiled.

“Oh, please call me Leia, Y/N.” Walking over to you, you stuck your hand out for her to shake, only for her to pull you into a hug. “I haven’t seen you in a while! You’ve turned into quite the lady.”

Softly laughing, you looked over at her as she now held onto your hands. “Well, it’s been a while, although I see you from afar…here and there. How are you? How is the business? Han?”

Taking in a breath, Leia responded. “I’m doing good, the business is fine…Han, well, Han is Han…” Laughing, you grinned. “How about you? How are you doing with being a nurse? Let alone, working such long hours?”

“I-…I’m doing fine, surviving,” You stated, “I love what I do, so I don’t mind the short hours of sleep, though I do appreciate my time off, they are wonderful for sleeping in or walking my dog…or catching up on the outside world.”

“You should take a few days off, I spoke to a few of your coworkers and saw your records, you work the hardest out of 'em all, lots of hours…I promise you, if you don’t take a day off–at least a day–I will personally take it off for you.” Laughing, Leia only arched an eyebrow. “I’m serious, Y/N! Your mother sometimes worries…your health is important.”

“Thanks, mom,” You teased, “But I’m fine, very fine. Plus, I think I am taking off the weekend. I mean, it is Rey’s engagement party tomorrow night and I’m usually on call on the weekends, so-”

“Do you work every day?”

“I mean, it’s not like I have other things to do besides walk the dog, watch TV…and sleep?” You shrugged, causing Leia to shake her head.

“You don’t have a boyfriend?”

“N…No…” You nervously stated, rubbing the back of your neck, “I mean, I’ve gone on dates here and there and they aren’t the one and it’s kind of hard because it’s like we never click. And then when I think we do, it just flat out fails, so I’ve taken a break…”

Arching an eyebrow, she placed her hands on her hips, “For how long?”

Awkwardly laughing, you scratched your head, “Uh…a year-”

“A YEAR?!” She shouted, causing the passer by-ers to give her a weird look before she apologized.

“What? I’ve kinda given up-”

“Y/N, honey, there has to be someone out there for you, I feel it…I mean, you’re a lovely, intelligent, well rounded girl…there has to be someone.” Leia insisted as you pushed your hand through your hair. Truth is, you did feel like something was missing in your life, as if it had been there before but you had lost it, not remembering when or what it even was.

“Leia, trust me, I’m fine!” You stated. “I’m a-okay being single, plus, my life is too busy to have someone else in it-”

“That’s because you make it busy,” Leia crossed her arms. “That’s it, you work tomorrow and I’m making sure you get Saturday and Sunday off.” She pointed a finger before walking off, only to turn around as your eyes followed her. “Scratch that, Saturday till next Friday off. Then you can go back to on call,” She winked, causing you to gasp.

“But I can’t-” Calling out to her, she only left your sight as she rounded the corner. “I can’t miss Daisy’s departure…” You frowned, only to sigh as you went back into your 'work space’. At least you had a good four hours left before you had your take out dinner and five hour sleep.

And so those four hours had gone ever so quickly–as they always had–and you couldn’t help but be the slightest of upset that you’d be leaving the babies side. You loved being surrounded by them, they were the purest things breathing and living, mind you, the sight of them made you tear up because they were that cute. It was sad to think that you were already in your mid twenties and hadn’t found the one, let alone, had to see hundreds of parents having newborns. Wasn’t like you envied them, although you were a tad bit jealous, but still, you were happy for them.

Saying your goodbyes and clocking out, you headed down the stairs rather than the crowded elevator before hitting the lobby, rushing over to catch a taxi as walking a few blocks wasn’t in your agenda at the moment. “Taxi!” You called out, seeing one stop and ready to go in, just before someone else’s hand went to reach for the handle, too. “Oh, uh-”

“No, you can go, I’ll just-”

“No, you can-” Looking up, you smiled, recognizing the face and towering height. “Ben? I didn’t think see you another day would be the same day, but hey…”

Lightly chuckling, Ben shrugged. “At least we didn’t crash, though I’m sure you were about to steal my taxi,” He pointed, making your mouth fall into an 'o’.

“Uh, no, last time I checked…you were stealing mine.” You pointed to yourself, only to see Ben arch an eyebrow.

“How about we just share the cab, I’ll feel guilty if I took it knowing you’d stay behind waiting,” He suggested.

“Are you saying that you wouldn’t give up a cab for a lady?” You asked, causing Ben to nod. “Wow, rude!” Gently snacking his arm, he only laughed, the two of you nearly jumping as the taxi driver honked. “That’s our cue to go in.”

“Yeah,” Quickly opening the door for you, you had slid in, followed by Ben. Telling the driver where to go, you looked over to Ben, waiting for him to say his address. “Oh, no, I’ll just walk home when you get dropped off.”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you shook your head. “W-what? No way-”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I usually don’t take the cab, but since it was convenient, I took it. I don’t mind walking-”

“No, Ben, come on…” You looked at him with your head slightly tilted. “I’ll-I’ll lend you my bike, or-”

Laughing, Ben only shook his head. “I’m fine, though I could’ve gone for a skateboard…”

“Skateboard? What are you, fifteen?” You teased, causing Ben to stick out his tongue. “Scratch that, twelve?”

“Haha, very funny, Y/N. No, I’m actually sixteen, get it right.” He winked, causing your eyebrow to raise as you lied your hand on your chest.

“Whoa-ho, so-rry. Didn’t know you could be so tall at sixteen, but hey, life surprises you in many ways.”

“I’ve been this tall since I was thirteen, actually,” Ben stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Blinking, your jaw hung loose. “N-no way! That’s a lie, that tall since thirteen? How tall are you anyways?” You curiously asked. If you had to guess, he was probably six feet…easily six feet. He towered you like all the buildings in New York.

“Six-three,” Nearly choking on your own spit, you gulped. Six-three? He did seem as if he were a foot taller than you, or so it felt. “My mom hates it because she only has men in her life, excluding my cousin–and even then, my cousin is tall, too. We’re all tall, ranging from five-seven to six-three…then there’s mom, a whopping five-one,” He chuckled, making you laugh as you couldn’t believe the poor lady was a damn ant to the rest of her family.

“I’m sorry for her, though I kind of feel her pain…my father and older brother are tall, my mother is of a decent height…and then there’s me, I’m pretty short compared to them.” You shrugged as Ben looked over to you and half smiled.

“Yeah, but it’s cute,” He sweetly stated, causing you to casually avert your eyes and look at your far more interesting nails as you tried not to blush–although you clearly did. “Oh god, that sounded creepy, I’m sorry…”

Shooting your head up, you shook your head. “No-no, it’s fine! I’ll take it as-as a compliment,” You nodded with a smile, Ben letting out a small sigh of relief as he felt his own cheeks heat up from embarrassment. How could he have possibly blurted that out. Sure he was suave, but not that suave, especially around someone he had (quote on quote) just met that made his heart flutter. He’d be lying if he said you weren’t making him the slightest of nervous.

“I’m sorry, I really feel like I’m being a creep…” He nervously snickered. “I mean, I’m thirty and you’re probably like twenty or something-”

“Thirty? You don’t look it…” You nearly gasped, only to furrow your eyebrows. “Twenty? Do I really look that young?” Looking back over to you, Ben nodded.

“I could have sworn you were twenty, or at least in your early twenties…” He knitted his eyebrows as you shook your head, fighting a smile.

“Twenty five, but close enough,” You swatted a hand as Ben shrugged the slightest. “Five years isn’t a big difference, so your creepiness is taken as kindness…sorta?”

Arching an eyebrow, Ben tilted his head, “Sorta? So I am being creepy?” Feeling the guilt rush back, Ben only rubbed his face in embarrassment.

Shaking your head and waving your hands, you corrected yourself. “No, no! I mean, I’m saying it’s sort of kind? I-I-”

“We are here,” The taxi driver interrupted, causing you to slouch as you nervously turned away to give the money, only to have Ben stop you.

“What are you-” Seeing him pay, you tried pulling his hand back. “Ben, it’s fine, I can-”

Pushing your hand down, Ben thanked the driver before turning to you. “It’s enough that I nearly ran you over today and almost stole your ride, it’s the least I can do.”

“But I-” Watching him get out of the car, you placed your money back into your wallet, tossing it into your purse as the door next to you opened. “I can pay you back-”

“Don’t think about it,” He pointed a finger as you got out of the cab, shutting the door as you turned to face him. “It’s no big deal.”

“But I-”

“Y/N…” Crossing his arms, you only let out a deep breath.

“I seriously-” Hovering his index finger over your lips, you frowned.

“Like I said, no big deal. Honestly, a few dollars doesn’t bug me, I work y'know,” He shrugged.

“I work, too! I could’ve-” Turning you around by your shoulders, Ben guided you around the cab and to the entrance of the building. “Look, that’s very kind of you, but-”

“The cab is gone, Y/N, you can’t do anything about it.” Shrugging, Ben dug his hands into the pocket of his jacket as you turned around. “Say it’s my treat…of some sort.”

Pouting, you crossed your arms. “I feel terrible.”

“Fine,” Ben sighed as he took his hand out of his pocket in order to push his hair back. “You can pay me back another time, but not in cash…anything but cash. I seriously don’t need it.” He insisted, causing you to narrow your eyebrows.

Nodding your head, your hands fell to your side. “Alright, fair enough. What can it be?”

Tapping his chin, Ben smiled, “I’ll let you know…eventually.”

“What if we don’t see each other again?”

“Oh, I’m sure we will.” Taking a few steps back, as if to walk away, he gave you a wink, “After all, we did see each other again today!”

Letting out a breath, you waved goodbye as Ben had been waving to you before he had turned around and jogged off. Sitting on the seats of the steps, you lied your chin in the palm of your hands, taking in a deep breath as you looked up to the darkening sky.

You promised yourself you wouldn’t fall for somebody else, but the way Ben was making you feel by just being a kind gentleman didn’t help at all. Something about him was so appealing–and it wasn’t just his looks nor his persona–it was something else, something you couldn’t physically hold onto or point out. And it was bothering you–big time.

Entering your loft and being greeted by an eager pup, you knelt down and pet him as you tossed your keys and purse onto the counter of your kitchen, “Hey, Astro,” You smiled, getting a sufficient amount of licks as a representation of the dogs love for you. You wouldn’t lie, at the time, all the love you needed was from your dog. “You’re the only boy I need in my life, right?” Watching the pup tilt his head, you only let out a huff as you stood up, patting your thigh for him to follow you as you went over to add more food to his bowl. “Jeez, you eat so much…”

Microwaving food rather than ordering take out, you plopped yourself onto your couch to watch the endless amounts of shows hogging up your DVR, only to finish your food and knock out there and then. Sure, you loved your job, but man were the hours long–at times, you tend to find yourself falling asleep in places other than your bed.

Running into you wasn’t a coincidence, and he knew that for sure. The feeling that ran through his skin after coming to contact with your own earlier that day only hovered in the back of his mind, it was a feeling he hadn’t felt in so long. Your touch was unique and only you made his body feel such sort of way. Throughout the day, he couldn’t help but subconsciously touch the hand that had held your own.

It was a shame he had known you, yet, you hadn’t know him.Lying back on his bed, an arm crossed behind his head as the other had been holding onto a book, hand shutting it as he placed it on his chest, Ben let out a sigh. This must’ve been Ben’s fifteenth time rereading the romance slash science fiction novel and each time he had, he only grew more anxious. It was a shame he had to read a damn book to relive the moments you two had once shared in another life. 

“Fifteenth time? Really, Ben?” Grunting, he rubbed his face, a sudden wave of images overflowing in his mind.

You were standing in front of him with wide eyes full of surprise, Ben towering in front of you as he searched them. The silence had waved over the two of you, the words 'Because, I love you that much’ echoed in his head before Ben had shot his eyes open. It pained him knowing only he had remembered it all.

He hoped. He had hoped that maybe, just maybe, you had dreamt about it. That maybe they felt like a faint remembrance, a recollection of some sort that had been stowed away in the deepest parts of your brain where they had been hidden for as long as forever.

Putting the leather book onto the nightstand, he quickly shut off the lamp before finding himself lost in the darkness. Why did he have to suffer this way? It was enough that he had lost you then…maybe this was a second chance?

A/N: ALRIGHT! PART ONE OF TRUE ROMANCE IS UP AND I’M SO HAPPY! It’s gonna be so cute and not as heart breaking and angsty as Soul Mate was…can’t wait to update more! Feedback is always welcomed! xo

PROFESSOR REN III // masterlist

A/N: Serious talk, you guys are going to hate Hux so much this chapter so to those of you who do like Hux, I’m sorry…but this is a Kylo fic and it does get the ball rolling (let alone, the angst) and I’ve been told I am the angst queen so I’ve gotta do my job. Thank you guys so much for supporting this small story as it’s been a pretty fun one to write and share, so enjoy and thank you for reading! If you’ve missed them, here are part one and part two. P.S. your lovely feedback is more than welcomed!

Warning: Hux is a major asshat and reader is referred to a not-so-nice term.

Word Count: 4.1K+

The time must’ve flown by rather quickly while you had been on your date with Kylo–let alone–shared such moment in his car. As soon as you had gotten out of his car, you hadn’t realized it was already half past ten at night. Of course, you weren’t so fond of walking alone at such hours, but at least you made it to your dorm safe and in one piece. As for Kylo, himself, he had found himself sitting in his car, tightly grasping the steering wheel. How was he supposed to look at you as just a student when the two of you kissed each other as if there had been no tomorrow?

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SWALLOWTAIL || a Father Ren AU

Overall Summary: As Father Skywalker steps down from his position, his nephew [once known as Ben Solo] steps up and takes the title as Father. Throughout his time of being a Father, he encounters much troublesome acquaintances and enemies, along with a soon-to-be lover with a whole story of her own. As he preaches to the mass during the day, at night, a more violent side comes to play. It is his job–amongst a few others–to protect the beloved town of Swallowtail from an uprising evil. 

A/N: This is/going to be the most sinful thing I’ve ever written and, in all honesty, I am not ashamed when I really should be. This is something totally different than I usually write as it’s an x OC rather than x reader (you could still read it as x reader and avoid the description) as I feel it’d give me more freedom to write. Aside from being a rather modern au, it’ll have supernatural depictions within it if enough of you like it/want more. Anyways, have fun sinning and enjoy!

Warning: Mentions of blood/gore, sexual content, and vulgar language

Word Count: 6.2K+

Heavy rainfall poured down the poorly lit alleyways, ragged panting echoing throughout the brick walls as rapid footsteps sprinted across the soaked concrete. Hearing the sound of the puddles being splashed with every step they took as they ran, the lonesome soul continuously looked over their shoulder as they felt fear coursing through their veins. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but their time was up and evil was out to get them.

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Day 1: Dragon

This is a bit late, but I still wanted to get this out for the start of Azula Week 2017! (inspiration)


PlayStation Heroes

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Hey my fellow The 100 lovers :D Season 3 is starting in a few weeks and I bet we are all super excited to see our beloved children in action again :D To celebrate this special event, the wearegroundersnetwork is looking for new members :D


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So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I thought since I’ve met a goal of mine recently, now’s a great time to start doing a Blog of the Month! Also, it’s a great excuse to use my transparent Jared gif I made ;) *wink wink*.

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  • Ends August 30th. Winners will be announced on September 1st.
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What I’m looking for:
  • Supernatural or Multi-fandom blog.
  • A blog with a nice url, clean theme, icon and posts.
  • Must be pretty active.
  • Nice tagging system.
  • A blogger who is generally nice and welcoming.
Winner benefits:
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Runner up benefits:
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