at least the devil was an angel at one point

New Event

First an announcement I haven’t had time to post:

It’s the return of Ninja outfit gacha, starting 4th April and ending 9th April. It buffs attack, and as usual will come with every 4☆ and above trigger. Playing a 10 pull will ensure at least one trigger that is 4☆ or above.

Next we have a Skill Type Pick Up Gacha, starting 10th April and ending 16th April:

All 5☆ and above triggers will be Skill type for sure and 3 and 4☆ triggers will be more likely to be Skill. No 7☆ trigger will be available in this gacha though.

Lastly, there is a new event starting 10th April, also ending 16th April, where you can get devil/angel accessories:

Like the last double outfit event, you play both sides (in this case ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’) to get the specific outfit points for each event gacha.