at least the colouring is nice

Nnnnyeahhh I did kinda make a mess of it. Watercolours and I do not get along.

At least my nice sketchbook has something colourful in it now

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  • I’m doing this because later on I’m going to be making a series off this entire AU post and so I just need to express my love for this idea
  • I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and have often imagined Yoongi as a Slytherin and so we’re going to go with it and with my idea and hope it goes places
  • Slytherin! Yoongi always had his natural brown hair but then he accidentally dyed it silvery blonde in third year after doing a potions spell wrong
  • But he grew to it and so continued to keep it that colour afterwards
  • His parents are rich and actually quite chill but he always had super nice and well made robes and a really good wand
  • His parents are, though, pure-blood and have been Slytherin’s for the longest time and expect Yoongi to at least keep up the family name and keep the bloodline pure
  • He follows this rule for around 3 years until you appear

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« All we can do is…
Simply rise to the challenge
. »

(fan)art on tumblr

I’m still baffled by the fact that i get to look at so much art here for free and not only that, I can also choose what kind of art I want on my dash.

The artists of tumblr are amazing, there are so many different styles, there’s water colours, digital art in all its variations, pencil or ink drawings and everything inbetween, there’s photorealistic art (or witchcraft as I like to call it), there are so many colours in your works or none at all, some of you put so much effort into your backgrounds, others convey all the emotions by showing us almost nothing at all, and everytime you put your work on here you have to sit back and hope that at least a few people who look at the finished piece like it enough so they’ll move their cursor to that little heart and click it or even hit reblog. Maybe two or three people leave a nice comment or some cool tags. You can only hope there’s no angry anon who’s pissed because your work shows a ship they don’t like or - god beware - you dared to draw some original characters instead of their favourites. Those anons are obnoxious, wrong and don’t deserve any attention at all.

I can honestly say that I would pay money to see your art displayed the way it deserves. Just imagine a world wide travelling exhibition with art from  @alifetimeaheadtoprovethat, @purrlockholmes, @miesart, @clairedrawsairdraws, @tillieke, @arkarti, @enerjax, @willietheplaidjacket, @rdjlock, @wolfcharm, @hollyashes and @ruiriel to name just a few. I’d be so there!! 

Damn, I wish I had the money to fly you over here to paint my walls. It’d be so amazing to walk into the front door to be greeted by @tillieke‘s life sized John Finnemore modelling a silly hat or to have John and Sherlock watching over you in your favourite reading spot and the Cabin Crew brightening each day when you’re sitting down at the kitchen table. Well, if I ever win the lottery I’ll have to buy some plane tickets.  Until then I will enjoy your art here.

TLDR: Thank you to all artists out there, you’re brilliant!

I know people are a little anxious about how good a possible stormlight archive movie would be, but here are some positives:

  • Screenshots to caption
  • its unlikely to be word perfect so we’ll probably get some new memes
  • There will definitely be at least one dramatic scene with music we can replace
  • Renarin gets a canon eye colour
  • Films bring more merchandise a lot of the time
  • It would be really nice to know what the stick looks like. I appreciate that in the book, brandon was more focused on portraying the stick’s noble personality, but I’d be interested to see how they interpret the stick’s appearance.
  • Wyndle’s voice is going to be incredible, I just know it.

“At least my own dear dragon is a precious cutie, Kaiba-boy,…”

“It’s a just shitty imitation of the majestic Blue-Eyes…”

“… just like me.”

“I think it’s about time for me to leave.”

I only wanted to make a quick coloured sketch, because I had this short conversation in mind… It escalated and became some kind of royalty-styled portrait thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it was a nice practice for lighting and contrasts, so I get that going for me. And I actually really like it.
I wish my English was good enough to write longer stories. But all I can do is drawing stuff :T

And during painting I noticed I adore Pegasus wearing black clothes. He is just marvelous.

Btw. requests are on the way, I hope I get some of them done the next days!

Wild and Horned Hermit 37 Summary thing - 80% Fangirl Delusions (?), 20% Canon Stuff

Okay everyone sit down, we need to talk about Wild and Horned Hermit 37.

It’s gay. It’s… pretty damn gay.

Also Sanae makes some Light Yagami faces and hints at plot to come. This isn’t a super exciting, fast-paced chapter or anything, but it’s really easy going and really nice to read after a stressful day. (Those of you uninterested in the ReiMari should scroll down until you see the Sanae pictures.) So let’s dive in.

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Things I would say to my TC if I was brave enough
  • You’re really cute and it makes me happy
  • You smell nice (at least I think you do?)
  • You have really nice hair
  • You always look grumpy - is something wrong?
  • I missed you when you went away
  • Your handwriting is v unique and I <3 it
  • When I don’t feel okay, I look at you and feel better
  • We would be better than Ezria tbh
  • I can never decide what colour your eyes are. You should get closer to me so I can figure it out
  • I wish we spoke
  • Your hands… fuck, your hands
  • I’m in heart eyes emoji with you
  • You make me want to be better
  • I believe in you. You can do whatever you want
  • We should grab coffee some time
  • Invite me to your house. Drive me there.
  • Let’s get a dog. You can name it if I can pick it.
  • I think I’ll die loving you

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omg this is odd but I really love when you take the time to talk about colourings or what you love about a post and how it makes you feel you know ? its both rlly cute to hear about what u think and also probably means so much to the people who make the things. idk. wholesome. living up to the brand. ily.

HFJDK this is so sweet :(( i love u more wtf


HEY FRIENDS here are the results from that survey I did of Ilvermorny/Hogwarts houses, made easy to look at with PIE CHARTS! (sorry for the ugly default Ilvermorny colours) I only had a sample size of 215 so it’s obvsly not accurate, but it’s still something.

SO my population here could absolutely be skewed due to surveying mostly my friends + the nice side of the internet, but BASICALLY, there are a LOT of Thunderbirds, and not many Wampuses. The Gryffindors are fairly even across Ilvermorny houses, and the Thunderbirds are fairly even across Hogwarts houses. So we can at least conclude that the two schools sort their students by different traits (or the Pottermore quizzes at least use different algorithms lol). Hogwarts sorts by values, which we know can be harmful; but Ilvermorny seems to sort more by skills or hobbies, which is nicer I think.

Anyway, here’s the raw data if anyone’s interested. thanks for everyone who participated! :)


**Fiery Moffat Beach** by damian mccudden
Via Flickr:
Hey everyone, Moffat Beach, Qld, Australia. Tonights sunset was spectacular to say the least, I was watching the sky most of the afternoon and thought it might light up nicely so I went down to Moffat Beach for a shoot. Haven’t really been out for many Sunset shoots lately so glad I made the venture out today to capture this stunning sunset. Hope you like this shot, Thanks for looking!

BOLD = your character DOES NOT enjoy this.

italic = your character is begrudgingly okay with this,
used to it or will at least look the other way.

strikethrough = your character displays this trait,
approves of or engages in this behavior (or item).

swearing/profanity | being petted | certain colours | nail-biting | quiet environments or people| loud environments or people | slang usage | mumbling | tapping | knocking | rocking back and forth | humming | twiddling their thumbs | nails on a chalkboard | hedonism | off-key singing | obnoxiousness | overconfidence or cockiness | crying | shyness | scratching |proper grammar/formal speech | not chewing with their mouth closed | belching | unkempt people | poor hygiene | yelling | certain smells (smoke, gunpowder, blood, etc.) | religious people | non-religious people | hypocrisy | arrogance | ignorance | defiance | prejudice |assumptions being made about them | rumours | arguing | infidelity or cheating |backstabbing | routines | gluttony | laziness | procrastination

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Do you have any specific wishes and hopes for VRAINS?

I want Yusaku to Egao tbh. Not a huge fan of Stoic Protagonist. 

I also think it’d be nice to have a female rival, or at least an androgynous one. 

Or like… what if the rival is actually a Keet who’s super hyper and excitable? That’d be nice. 

Mostly I just don’t want a bunch of serious people, man. I’m into the egao. The thing is, if the tone of an anime starts off too serious or stoic I feel less sympathy for the characters when they eventually suffer. *Shrugs*

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1 and 6 for the ask

Answered 1 here!

6: what’s your least favorite design? what would you change about it? Least fave is probably Lapis purely because of the colours. The design itself is pretty bland, but fairly nice to look at, but the neon ruins it. I’d just darken the colours and make them a more deep blue rather than cyan/turquoise.