at least the coloring is decent i guess

Shokugeki no Souma Season 3 Episode 1: Momo Akanegakubo’s Cake

Well, I’m back, it’s been like years since I did a last post. Let’s see how this goes.

Side note, yet important note:  My heart goes out to all the victims in Las Vegas. It’s crazy and a real tragedy. I have a friend who was in Mandalay Bay when it happened and she heard all the gunshots.  I seriously have no idea what drives a person to desire to take another’s life…I encourage you to donate in any way you can whether it be financially or finding a way to make a blood donation. Thank you.

We’re back for another season and I’m super HYPE! I have some free time now and have mostly recovered from a hernia surgery so I can cook and bake things again!
This episode did a quick glance at 4th seat’s cake. Momo Akanegakubo is part of the Elite Ten and the best patissiere in all of the Academy. Damn I wish I had her skills. 

Disclaimer: I started the process before I watched the OVA that reveals the inside of the cake and some of the flavors. I just used what I had on hand at home. Also the inside is not pretty, I have warned you.

I also made two versions, One that was smaller and one that I tried to make larger and with more height. I ONLY had those two and I dropped the bigger one so I tried to re-glaze it but it got all messed up so I took a picture of the only decent side :P

version 1: smaller and the caramel was wack so I had to redo it.

version 2: a little more height. but yeah I couldn’t get the color to match the anime (nor a maple leaf garnish, maybe it just fell off a tree who knows?) but tis’ still a pretty color no? I mean I guess it’s close to the anime?

The DISASTER inside, oh well. at least I tried…it’s supposed to be strawberry mousse, rosemary crumble, yuzu curd and brown butter cake.

Thank you for your support and staying followed to me despite me not posting at all! I will most likely be working on random episodes as I see fit and plausible.

The next flurry of pictures is the process. so you can stop here really if you’re not interested. I do have a couple more pictures of the finished dessert at the end of it with a little extra treat on the plate. Feel free to read more!

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I’m what people refer to as an “anti-sjw”. It’s not something I identify as, but I don’t imagine anyone really gives a shit what I identify as. The truth is that it is an umbrella that covers many different groups of people and I happen to fit under the umbrella whether I like it or not.

Long intro is long…

What I meant to say is that I am an anti-sjw, but there are many things that I am not.

I’m not racist. Big whoop, right? Gold star for not being the lowest hanging fruit of bigots. I don’t think white people are superior to any other race. I don’t think any other race is inferior to white people. I judge people based on who they are and what they prove themselves to be, not skin color.

I’m not sexist. Another big whoop. Anyone with a decent mother should understand the power of women. It really only takes meeting one solitary good woman to realize that, though we may have SOME differences, we are two sides of the human coin. We are the yin and yang.

I’m not homophobic. This is probably the thing I’m accused of the least, for whatever reason. I guess it may be because gays include white cis men, which puts them low on the progressive stack. I see no reason to judge people based on which sex they are attracted to. Some people say it’s a choice, some people say it’s not, I don’t think it matters at all.

I’m not transphobic. I’ve done enough basic internet searching to know that trans people are valid. Whether it’s a mental illness or some sort of physical condition, trans people have valid reasons for wanting to transition. I believe they should be allowed to transition, preferably having it covered by health insurance and whatnot. At least the basics.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking at least one of two things. I either didn’t cover every type of discrimination, including one that you face, or that claiming not to be bigoted is a big fucking red flag.

I get it, when people used to say “I’m not racist” I pretty much automatically assumed that they probably were. The thing is, the political tide has shifted in a very strange direction. We live in an age where, in the western world, people actually have to defend themselves against accusations of being a bigot due to there being some sort of anti-bigotry witch hunt.

On some level, I appreciate it. I was someone who considered themselves a progressive and I still consider myself a liberal. Putting social pressure on people to purge bigotry from their lives is a good thing. What’s bad is that we have stopped caring about actual bigotry. We’re now on some superficial level of bigotry where small problems often get more attention than larger issues, which are more of an afterthought. This is a problem.

Not just a problem for us cishet white males who actually do care about people other than themselves. It’s also a problem for everyone who is effected by bigotry. There are only two ways this trend can go and I’m pretty sure I know which one is going to win out. Either bigotry of all kinds will begin to lose meaning, as they already are beginning to do, or some sort of neo-Marxist dystopian society will emerge and destroy society.

I don’t want either of these things to happen, but let’s be perfectly fucking realistic here. The whole neo-Marxist dystopia isn’t going to happen. What’s going to happen, what IS happening, is an uprising from the right-wing. This is not inherently bad, I’m not trying to be alarmist. 

The left and right both have good ideas as far as I’m concerned and the right-wing has progressed a lot in the past 100 years for people who scorn labels like “progressive”. The problem is that the far-left is what triggered the uprising. The pendulum swings, as we all know, and far-left won’t swing to progressive conservative. It will eventually swing to the far-right.

This is why I made this post. As far as any of you know, I’m really not a bigot. I’m really not racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic. So why make the leap into assuming that I am? I’m not saying that you should believe that every person is good in this world. 

Bad people exist. Bigotry is real. The thing is that you just can’t assume everyone is a bigot based on faulty logic and far below standard reasoning. Be reasonable. Good people exist too.


Top Twelve Favorite Uranium Pokemon

After I posted my review of Uranium, I felt bad because I don’t think I highlighted the good fakemon enough and spent a lot of time discussing the bad ones. So I wanted to show off some of the coolest ones I ran across in the game. This favorites list is based on the design and concept of the pokemon and not necessarily their stats or abilities.

Apologies for a few of these pics looking a bit janky and weird, I need to still evolve/catch those in my save game before taking proper screencaps.

1.) Linkite

Pretty sure this is my favorite fakemon of the whole game. It has simple, striking imagery. It’s clearly a ghost-type based on the Substitute doll; the idea behind it is that it is the spirit of a pokemon that died while in its pokeball. It’s a dark idea without going too overboard, and it’s quite creepy and disturbing and just darn clever. Wanted to use in my playthrough but stats are super-bad and only way it can evolve is via trading, which I couldn’t do with my copy of the game at the time.

2.) Metalynx

While I do not care for the look of the Water and Fire starters, nor do I think much of Metalynx’s pre-evolution, I feel Metalynx itself is an excellent design. It’s unqiue and creative, and looks quite badass, and it served me well in my playthrough. I have noted elsewhere I think the floral pattern on his back looks a bit out-of-place and silly (I assume it was an attempt to tie in the whole ‘he’s a grass type, really!’ thing) but that’s my only little nitpick. The Mega form is quite nice too. 

3.) Nucleon

The pokemon itself is very overpowered with its ability (Atomizate, like Pixelate but with Nuclear typing) + Hyper Voice, especially with a choice scarf, so it can actually be pretty boring to use. I’m also a bit miffed I didn’t teach my Eevee Shadow Ball before it evolved into Nucleon, because in terms of non-Normal/Nuclear Special moves, Shadow Ball really is the best. But Nucleon can’t learn it, only Eevee can. I had to stick with flippin’ Hidden Power. 

Anyway! Point is, the design is very beautiful. 

4.) Gargryph

l really love the concept behind this poke. When you visit the town you get one from, there are these statues all over the place and only later do you discover they’re alive. They’re obviously based on gargoyles, (or a ‘grotesque’ if you wanna be pedantic) specifically one that looks like a griffin. It’s actually really surprising Pokemon has never had anything resembling a griffin before. That’s a shame, because they’re really cool mythical beasts. This pokemon has a cool Ability called Rebuild, which restores a little HP if it wasn’t hit by an attack that turn. It complements a walling-pokemon style very nicely, especially one with Protect that carries Leftovers to maximize that recovery. 

Unfortunately, this guy’s only good stat is its physical defense. Being a pure Rock type, it’s weak to so many special attacks it’s pretty damn difficult to use it effectively. But I still like the idea behind it as a walling/support poke, even if I could never get it to work. The sprite looks surprisingly really nice, too! One of the best in the game.

5.) Navighast

This is a Ghost/Fighting type, based on undead/cursed pirates. My first impression (its pre-evos are Swabone and Skelerogue) was that it looked too similar to Cubone/Marowak. And there are indeed strong similarities. But as it evolves it becomes more and more unique from that, and the idea behind it is different and really cool. The game features a rivalry between sea-faring ninjas and pirates, so some of the pokemon reflect that theme, this being the pirate-side of things. And who couldn’t love a pirate-themed pokemon? Besides, the typing combo is admittedly very fun.

6.) Firoke

This game has three lines of bug types that are closely related and become entwined in a truly awesome subplot. Obviously you can guess this is right up my alley– that subplot was my favorite part of the game. Of the three elemental bug lines, I would say Smore/Firoke ended up with the best design. It’s also quite exciting to have a Fire/Bug type (only one of those in real pokemon), and a red ant is perfect for that. Its sprite is also the least weird-looking of the bugs and actually quite decent.

7.) Stenowatt

It be an electric raptor. What more do I need to say? :P I love the color combination and the design. Also feathered dinos make me happy.

8.) Empirilla

This game includes some fan-made evolutions of real pokemon. This ‘lil fellah is actually pretty neat, and prob. my favorite of the evolutions from real pokes. I never much liked Primeape, and Empirilla looks way neater to me, so it’s an improvement in my mind. It also relates back to the original designs well.

9.) Baaschaf

This black sheep is perhaps understated in its strength, as the design is nothing extreme or dramatic. Rather, it’s just a very solid design. It fits into the pokemon universe well, and differentiates itself just fine from Mareep’s line. 

10.) Raffiti

So, yes, this is absolutely a Smeargle clone. But that’s OK because it’s BETTER than Smeargle’s design, which I never liked, haha. Also its stats are better than Smeargle’s, too. Plus it’s pure Dark type! That’s pretty neat.

11.) Geigeroach

Obviously my bug bias is clear here. But, c’mon. Nuclear cockroach. I would have been gravely disappointed if such a thing wasn’t included in the game. I should point out the thing is nigh impossible to actually use in battle; dual Something/Nuclear types always carry a buttload of x2 and x4 weaknesses, due to the nature of Nuclear typing, and if you combine that with a type that already has a lot of weaknesses, it’s only making it worse. Its stats are also poopy. So, yeah, you ain’t using this guy. But DANG DUDE the design is cool.

12.) Lavent

The stats are underwhelming, but I appreciate that this one’s based off geothermal vents and giant tube worms. An area that was just begging for a pokemon, honestly!

Honorable Mentions:

These are pokemon you can receive as eggs, either from an NPC or from the local Pokemon Professor for dex progress. I’m only placing them as HMs because I didn’t know about them until post-game, but they really are among the coolest designs.


This thing reminds me so much of an Ultra Beast. (I’m pretty sure these were designed well before Sun/Moon was a thing.) After all, Ultra Beasts look … super weird and not like typical pokemon at all. It’s really damn hard to define exactly what an Ultra Beast looks like. But that *point* that thing does. It also has a weird unexpected type combo the way a lot of Ultra Beasts do– this one is Grass/Electric. 

Luxelong & Oblivicorn

The Dragon/Fairy Luxelong and the Fairy unicorn line that can lead to the Normal Kiricorn or the Dark Oblivicorn are both damn cool, and it’s kind of a shame I didn’t know about them until it was too late. I guess it’s motivation for the post-game, if I get around to it!

Space Sushi

This is for @backupmakeshiftlifeinwaiting for the Galra Mini Exchange over at @galraweek

Ao3 Link | Have some Uliro fluff~

“What is this dish called again?” Ulaz asked. He had half hidden, peering over the top of the counter. When Shiro had initially asked why, Ulaz had explained it was a ‘safety precaution’ following the incident where Lance had tricked him into eating chocolate by assuring him it wasn’t fruit. The Paladins had quickly learned that Ulaz didn’t seem to like sweet stuff very much. After trying a piece of the chocolate, he had promptly spat it out, as if it tasted unpleasant.

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i’m really grumpy bummed that i can’t post any art since my laptop is still on the fritz 


i remembered i had these two nerds in an attachment in an email i sent to myself to look at color/palette comparisons on different screens, sooo… here ya go, a very lowkey and nonsense tideover until i can get this tech nonsense sorted out TvTb

oh, and since i’ve got the ‘original’ res too:

Review: Society6 towels

Art-printed beach and bath towels are now on offer through S6, so I thought I’d take a look at them. Mermaids and beach towels seem well matched!

I ordered 3: Jellyfish mermaid, Coral mermaid, and Pink and Pearls mermaid. The towels are printed on one side and plain white on the other. The printed side is soft and silky, the white side is more textured and absorbent, so clearly one side is for show/for lying on, and one is for drying you off. 

First, the good news. As usual, Society 6 printing is GORGEOUS. The colors are bright, the detail is crisp - the towels look exactly like the paintings, with all the watercolor details captured. So cool!

These are going out as gifts, so I haven’t used them or put them through the wash - I’ll report back when I have more info on their longevity. Looking at them now, they seem to be thick and decent quality, so I’m guessing they’ll be nice to use and last pretty well through repeated washings. 

The bad news is that the shipping, at least internationally, sucks. It took about 3 weeks for these to arrive - extremely slow compared to other companies, even considering that it’s print-on-demand. If you’re ordering something for a gift, plan way ahead.

Other than that, I’m happy to report that these are some good-looking items, that show off the artwork really well. I’ll be ordering more! You can pick one up in my Society6 shop!


Guess who just finished shading the second character °o° I also added some WIPs from in between that show different stages of the overall process.

It was actually a little painfull with having a sore throat all day long (at this time already being accompanied by sneezing - so I guess I just cold a cold, oh jeez). So the drawing process was often interrupted by getting another cup of tea/milk/whatsoever

I’m having mixed feelings about this picture at this point. The coloring turned out decent in my opinion, yet while drawing I noticed some parts where I could’ve done better. Also the constant bleeding through the lines my markers did at this picture frustrated me, because I usually tend to avoid that at all costs. At least the majority of my markers didn’t decide to get all smudgy because the paper was soaked with ink :o On a side note I simply love how Nuffie’s hair and Joshua’s pattern turned out. Hyay

Now onto getting a proper background for this done,… also I need to adjust the shading on Joshua’s shirt. And then it’s time to hit the books again. Because there’s still one exam waiting for me in this exam period. Just. One. More.

Oh gosh this picture turned out so colorful. Me gusta ♥~

leiathesleia  asked:


Some fun Munday asks!

✫: Why you began RPing.

Oh man. It was so long ago and I was so young that I have trouble remembering. I think originally I started rping because…it was a cool thing that my friends were doing at the time. It’s been a hobby I’ve shared with friends for a long time!

✽: Favorite season?

I like fall. It’s not too hot, cold enough to wear sweaters, and I love the colors the leaves change into.

▶: A talent of the Mun’s (besides RPing, of course!)

This question always stumps me, because I honestly don’t…feel like I have a lot of talents??;;;

But I guess I’m…pretty decent at drawing?? I’m not always happy with my art, but I’ve come a long way since I started and I’m at least happy with my progress.