at least the camera is safe

Okay. So imagine this:

  • Jack and the Providence Falconers have just won the Stanley Cup. The families of the players are starting to swarm the ice. Among them is Bitty.
  • He steps out onto the ice very tentatively, not sure how Jack is gonna want to play this with all of the cameras around
  • but as soon as Jack sees him he tosses his helmet and stick to the ground and rushes toward Bitty and lifts him up off the ground into a crushing hug and Bitty just automatically wraps his arms around Jack’s neck and starts whispering about how proud he is and Jack just holds him tight and buries his neck in his boyfriend’s shoulder.
  • And all around them people are screaming and confetti is falling and his teammates are celebrating, but Jack and Bitty are calm and safe in their own little world like the eye of a hurricane.
  • Of course cameras are zooming in on them, but George is standing nearby to make sure the press is respectful at least until the actual scheduled postgame interviews start and she’s ready to bash in some heads if she has to. 
  • Then, a few seconds later Bob and Alicia make it out to them and they don’t even wait for the hug to be over. They just throw their arms around Jack and Bitty in a big ol’ fashioned group hug. 
  • Jack sheds a tear into the crook of Bitty’s neck 
  • Because like?? hes never been this happy?? 
  • and when they break away they both have huge manic watery grins and they can’t look away from each other. 
  • Jack opens his mouth and he’s about to say ‘I love you Bits’ or something else super sappy but then Tater is tackling him and the crowd is chanting ‘Zimmerman’ and the cup is being thrust into his arms and he’s swept up into the celebration with his teammates 
  • and Alicia and Bitty just lean against each other, hands pressed to their hearts and Mr. Bad Bob Sir pats Bitty’s shoulder affectionately and smiles at his wife and everything is so beautiful. 

kerfundlesnachle  asked:

Hi when will the media become suspicious that when Bruce adopts another kid, batman get a new robin??

well, i don’t actually buy that people pay laser-focus attention to bruce’s life, because he’s kind of like steve jobs but with less of the american dream, and i don’t know anything or care to know anything about steve jobs. i didn’t know kylie jenner was a kardashian until twitter got up in arms about some t-shirt thing. i didn’t know donald trump existed until he started running for president, and he was literally on TV. there’s bound to be more people like me and hal “who the hell is bruce wayne” jordan, who give negative shits. 

the point is, i don’t think bruce wayne is all that famous outside of the circle of people who read business insider or live in gotham city, and if he is nationally famous, it’s because two fabulously rich white people were gunned down in an alleyway and they just so happened to be his parents. it’s not everyday rich white people die violently, so it might have gotten some media coverage. it’s probably listed as the top reason to never visit gotham city in your life in all the travel guide brochures, because if that could happen to them, it’s three times as likely to happen to your average american. the people who are actually going to know, and also care, about bruce wayne having adopted another child are going to be limited to gotham’s wealthy, and those are exactly the people who bruce puts on his act for. once you see a man come into a meeting wearing his pants inside out, you safely rule out any idea that this could potentially be batman. batman broke a man’s arm last night, and the next morning, bruce wayne was in the park waving enthusiastically at pigeons. he uses the back camera to take selfies when he has the newest iphone, do you think this man could really be batman?

that, and there’s also an amount of time between the adopting and the Grand Robining - there has to be at least six months leeway for them to train, and in tim’s case, he wasn’t adopted until after he was already robin. the only one that’s even kind of immediate is damian, and, uh, bruce wasn’t even there. so, no, i don’t think it’s all that obvious to people who don’t already know the Big Secret

“Big Happy Family”

SAMCRO/Happy Lowman
(GIF isn’t mine)

“Call Gemma,” Clay ordered Bobby as they all stood up from the large oak table, “Tell her we’re getting ready to lock it down and I need her up here.” Bobby nodded and pulled out his phone as he walked away, while Clay turned to the rest of his guys, “Alert your families. Go get them and bring them here if you need to. We need everyone here, it’s gonna get messy soon,” he grumbled, walking out to the bar and grabbing a beer that the prospect had opened for him.

Happy was tense, he was newly patched into SAMCRO. He grew up near Tacoma, born and raised in Washington, but when his mom got sick 18 months ago, she needed to be near someone who could watch over her. With Happy deep in the Tacoma charter’s business, he just didn’t have the time to care for her, so he ended up relocating her to California where her sister, his aunt, lived. His aunt had enough free time to watch over her, but he had patched Nomad anyway so he could be with her in Bakersfield as often as he could. Now with a lockdown imminent, he was faced with the problem of how to keep his family safe, without compromising their identity to the Redwood charter’s enemies. Happy knew better than to trust that a lockdown would keep anyone protected. Sure, as long as they were under this roof they wouldn’t be touched, but everyone seen entering and leaving the premises certainly gained a target on their back, he saw that with what happened to Gemma and to Jax’s son. So far he had been able to avoid all of that with his loved ones, but it was apparently no longer possible.

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creepyflyer666  asked:

For a fluff HC, would you like to write how the RFA would react to MC having to live at in college dorm further away from them? Like 2+ hours driving time. Only if you're feeling up to it of course :)

Sorry this took so long! I just always got lost when attempting to write it. Hope you enjoy though!



♬ why do you want to leave him? ಥ_ಥ

♬ education is useless anyway!

♬ please stay?

♬ he’d get it eventually and even drive you up there

♬ Zen would miss you so much

♬ 24/7 texting

♬ Skype goes from your least to most used app

loads of Skype and phone sex

♬ he loves listening to the fun stories you tell him

♬ he comes to pick you up whenever you are due to visit

♬ that way you can already catch up on the car ride home


★ he is very proud of you

★ but also salty, cause it’s so far away from him

★ Yoosungs thinks about switching over to your Uni

★ after all hell is the same, wherever you go

★ sadly, he’s been pretty lazy so his grades aren’t good enough

★ the two of you still raid until 2am every night

★ he gets his drivers license only so he can visit you

★ talks to you during the entire ride to your dorm

★ ever break longer than two days is spend together

★ when visiting on campus he never lets go of your hand


♨ she’s happy that you take your education serious

♨ and the school you did get into is a great one

♨ sometimes when you send her photo’s she gets nostalgic

♨ she asks you to text her as often as you can

♨ you text her after every lecture, even with photo’s

♨ Jaehee in return decides to start writing you letters

♨ she also sends you a lot of packages with thing to remember her

♨ you always make a video of you unboxing them

♨ Jaehee is very busy because of work, unable to call for weeks at a time

♨ but she never once misses out on sending your monthly package and letter


♛ you’re surprised he doesn’t seem to be sad at all

♛ little do you know that the two people you befriend are bodyguards

♛ he just wants you to be safe, okay?!

♛ perk of being rich: helicopters

♛ 2+ hour drive gets cut in less than half

♛ when he cant come to you, he sends someone to pick you up

♛ you see each other every weekend (at least) without fail

♛ still isn’t enough

♛ offers to pay for private professor if you come back

♛ you instantly have to move in with him once you’re done


☼ distance has never been an issue for Saeyoung

☼ especially not when he can hack the cameras on campus

☼ you’re so cute when you’re studying

☼ still, sometimes he misses cuddling with you

☼ good thing that his cars are hella fast, right?

☼ eventually seeing you once a week isn’t enough

☼ lucky for you, your boyfriend is a genius and hacker

☼ he enrols in your University to study business

☼ that way he can open that toy store he dreamed about

☼ he can also live in the same dorms as you •̀.̫•́✧

Reggie Mantle x Reader: PART ONE: Undercover Serpent

Request: No. My idea. 😇

A/N: This idea came to mind and I had to write it out. There isn’t much interaction between the reader and Reggie yet because this is where the story starts.

Words: 1626

Summary: Reader is Joaquin’s sister, their parents are non-existent and the Southside serpents take them in. Joaquin is with Kevin and you hate that he’s lying to him. You may be a serpent, but you’ve never really cared for what they do all you wanted was to part of something. You’re undercover at Riverdale High because that’s your job to make sure no one knows much about what your people do and the only one that knows is Jughead because of his dad, but that just might change when a sudden Jock starts taking and interest in the mystery girl who nobody knows.

Spoilers: This imagine will have FP x Alice, Betty x Archie, Veronica x Cheryl, Joaquin x Kevin, Asexual Jughead because I can and I shall see my ships rise somewhere lol. Also in this imagine Hal Cooper & Alice have been divorced for a year because he didn’t support Polly and Jason so Alice filed for divorced because she’s a queen.

Warnings: N/A

Unlike the Riverdale everyone cherished to you it was just a place. A place with fake people as they wore their masks pretending to be high and mighty. They lurked in the shadows and in the sunlight they shined as they wore their masks proudly. You had seen enough growing up in the Southside of town. There was nothing nice about it, there was no hypocrites everyone showed their true selves. They were all corrupt but unlike the other side of town they didn’t care to hide their deeds.

You and your brother lived in a trailer park where Jughead’s dad FP lived like many in the Southside. He took a keen interest in you and Joaquin after your parents died. His own family had just left him, and Jughead went to live with Archie because he didn’t want to leave Riverdale.

You grew up with plenty of the kids on the Southside all mostly becoming serpents as you and Joaquin joined too, you needed a family after all and they took you in with arms wide open. Although unlike many of them you wanted an education, they all mostly dropped out of Riverdale High. They were so close to making you drop out until FP helped you out by saying you were undercover to stay updated on anything in the high school that may be of use to the serpents.

Nobody but the Southside and Jughead knew your identity of being a Serpent as he was sworn to secrecy because he knew you only did it because you wanted a family and they offered you just that, also because he was very much ashamed of his father.

You wore your leather jacket with pride outside of school feeling a bit out place while you roamed the halls of Riverdale high with just a plain sweater. You kept to yourself, quiet and observing when your head wasn’t stuffed in a book or doing homework just trying your best to stay unnoticed.

Every now then you did talk to Jughead’s friends just to make sure they didn’t know anything about the recent current events that took place in Riverdale. You liked them even though they would never measure up to your friendship with your brother Joaquin who was now dating Kevin.  You all had a part to play in the serpents now. You being in Riverdale High only added to the pressure, you stayed in contact with Jughead’s friends and Joaquin made sure of what the Sherriff knew. You hated being the one on the inside being two-faced, but you couldn’t let down your family.

They talked about anything and everything in their lives sometimes you wished you could be as open as they were, but you couldn’t because one slip up and maybe this fantasy about leaving Riverdale after graduating would fade away.

Topics ranging from Cheryl and Veronica’s steamy dates and their double dates with Betty and Archie who had been sweethearts since they were small. Sometimes they would try to get Jughead to go out with them and it wasn’t until Jughead revealed he was asexual that they stopped trying to set him up. Jughead’s only love was burgers and writing. Sometimes they would ask you out with them especially if Joaquin would go, but you’d deny. No one knew you were a serpent and if they found out Joaquin was your brother they would figure you out. All they knew was your cover story, you were an only child that lived with your grandparents and you helped take care of them. You always made sure to contribute to the conversation just so they wouldn’t think you were onto them. Though keeping to yourself might just be what may reveal your true identity.

As you caught someone’s eyes. He saw you as the mysterious girl no one knew anything about not even her favorite color. As you sat alone in the students lounge as the rest were in the courtyard or cafeteria he approached you.

“Hey, (Y/N) right?” the tall caramel skin football player spoke as you looked up shocked that he was talking to you.

“The one and only” you added with a small smile trying to be polite even though you really wanted to finish that chapter of your textbook for your next quiz.

“What are you doing here all alone?” he sat next to you.

“Just studying, away from the riff raff” you closed your textbook.

“Do you like being alone? I mean I just never really see you around anyone beside Archie and them sometimes” he retorted trying to keep the conversation alive.

“What is this 20 questions” you said sarcastically as he gave you a smile “yeah I like being alone, I have one goal to graduate and get out here, I don’t need the drama of high school” you continued not knowing why you even answered, but it was somehow it was easy to talk to him.

“Wel-” you cut him off.

“If this is 20 questions it’s my turn Mantle” and he just chuckled.

“Do you like being alone?” you asked.

“No, I thrive with attention” he answered truthfully and you couldn’t help but let out a giggle which caused him to smile wider.

“Why do you need the attention?” you chuckled.

“Seems as if you forgot the rules too (Y/N)” he sassed “What’s your favorite color?” he just wanted to know more about you. But somehow this is what came out of his mouth.

“(Y/F/C)” you answered and asked your question again “So why do you need attention? Your already a football superstar how much attention do you need?”

“My parents work so much they forget they have a child, they actually never come to my games, they just say their proud and give me whatever I want as if that’s what I want” and the atmosphere changed you never thought maybe he was as alone too since people were always attached to him.

You didn’t know what to do so you just turned to him and pulled him into your arms. You always did hate seeing someone upset. Maybe the hug would’ve lasted longer if it wasn’t for Betty interrupting you.

“(Y/N), we’re meeting for the Blue & Gold” she stopped as you both pulled apart a bit startled by the blonde who tried to hide a smile but failed.

You collected your things as Reggie spoke again.

“Thanks, I guess we’ll continue this another time then” you both smiled at each other as you left with Betty and he stood there surprised by your actions and with an eagerness to get to you better.

You were in the Blue & Gold Office with Betty, Jughead, and Alice Betty’s mom. Although Jughead was okay with you being a serpent and keeping your secret, but joining their investigation made him uncomfortable until you lied to him and told him that you needed the extra-curricular.

Although you recognized Betty’s mom because ever since she split with Betty’s dad you’d remember seeing her around in the Southside around FP a couple of times. You remember asking him about her because you could feel the tension after her first visit and he was kind of drunk at that moment and he spilled out that he used to date her when they were younger and how in love they were. You felt like a kid listening to your parents talking about how they met.

“This is my mom (Y/N) and she will be working with us for the newspaper since the Chuck incident at the principal’s order.” Betty added.

“Hey A- um in (Y/N) I work with Betty and Jughead usually on photography with the schools camera, nice to meet you” you safe yourself because now their might someone else at school who can blow your cover.

“Nice to meet you too (Y/N)” Alice ignored the fact that she knows you as well and you all got to work on the next newspaper thankful no one noticed your small error in knowing Alice.

Soon Jughead and Betty left the room to pick something up and left you and Alice alone and she broke the silence.

“FP really has people everywhere doesn’t he” she hints at you.

You sigh “I’m not doing this for them, at least not all of it, I just want an education” you stared at her “so please don’t blow my cover, I don’t want the drama.”

“Oh my lips are sealed honey” she grinned knowing that you were untouchable or else FP would freak if she dared ruin what they had for drama as the sleuthing pair came back in the room.

Soon the bell rang indicating the end of the day was over and you made your way to the bus.

“Hey (Y/N)” Reggie tapped you in the shoulder “Do you need a ride?” he said scratching the back of his neck.

“Uhh no sorry my yellow limousine awaits” you couldn’t risk him knowing where you lived.

“It’s really not a problem” he kept insisting.

“Sorry I just have a lot things to do, maybe another time” you denied again running to the door of the bus.

You never knew where this bus went, you just always hopped in got off at good neighborhood to keep your story alive and walked home. Sometimes you’d take your bike but Joaquin had been fixing up the chain and you liked to walk while having your headphones plugged in blasting your music just taking your time before you had to be a pawn for information.

You loved the serpents you really did, but ever since Jason’s murder and the serpent’s involvement in it you had to face reality that maybe you’d never leave Riverdale and end up like the rest.


Part Two


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xxgwenstacyxx  asked:

omg I just wanted to rewatch Iron Man 3 ok, and it's been a while since I watched it (a really, /really/ long time) and I forgot it included watching Dummy fALL DOWN INTO THE SEA HELPLESSLY FLAILING WHYY?? needless to say, I started to cry and haven't recovered since I need cute fanfics including the bots now. I'm traumatized why would they do this T-T

Whelp, I also have feels about that scene, and depressing headcanons found here.

BUT BOTS I love the bots so much. 

There’s a soft whirr and a claw prodding against his side. Tony blinks blearily at his bot. 

“Not now Dum-E, daddy’s working.” Tony informs him, running at the bots claw. Dum-e just grabs onto his shirt and pulls hard enough to yank Tony onto his feet. You is behind him before he can lose his balance, stabalizing him, as Dum-E beeps victoriously. 

“You both suck. Tag teaming your old man.” Tony grumbles, but he allows himself to be dragged over to the couch. “Now what?” He asks the bots, and Dum-E spins around letting off a high pitched shriek, until Butterfingers shows up with a blanket. 

“Hey, Butterfingers.” Tony greets, reaching out to greet the robot. Butterfingers beeps excitedly, and promptly drops the blanket. Dum-E lets off an admonishing noise, and picks up the blanket before Butterfingers can run over it.  “You guys going to tuck me in?” 

You’s camera bobs up and down, Tony would laugh but he can already feels his eyes drifting shut, he always feels safest with the bots. 

Tony wakes up to  a cold smoothie pressed into his hand. It’s the first time he hasn’t woken up screaming in weeks, and he smiles at Dum-E. 

“Hey.” He greets. “Jarvis is this safe?” He asks, and Dum-E’s camera droops. 

“Yes, however it contains carrots and broccoli as well as an assortments of fruit, and a slice of ham.” Jarvis warns, Tony shrugs. Dum-E’s made worse for him, at least this one isn’t likely to kill him. 

“All food this time, good job.” He holds out his hand, taking a gulp of the frankly disgusting smoothie. Dum-E taps his claw against Tony’s hand and rolls away whirring happily to himself. 

“Okay boys it’s science time!” Tony informs the bots, Dum-e practically screams in excitement, pointing the fire extinguisher end at Tony. 

“No.” Tony says pointing at him, taking a step back. Dum-E squeezes the trigger slightly, spraying Tony’s shows with white foam. “DUM-E NO!” Tony attempts to dodge the spray as Dum-E releases the trigger. Butterfingers shakes his claw at Dum-E as an admonishment, and knocks over a dozen test tubes. 

“You.” Tony says, the robot turns to him beeping curiously. “You’re my new favorite. The other two can go to a community college.” Tony decides, there’s chaos after that, and Tony winds up covered in white foam and laughing when it’s all over. 

“I love you guys.” 

Austin Nights - Part 6

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: About 3200

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Warnings: Language, Not really smut but kinda a level above fluff

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Special thanks and shout out to @misguidedconqueress for reviewing, suggestions, and as always putting up with me.


You woke up tangled in the sheets of Jay’s apartment, this being the second time you woke to him missing. Before reaching for your phone to text him, you heard the shower running and him humming a melody. You crossed the room quietly to find him. Peeking in the bathroom you saw he was all suds up and rocking a fohawk.

He must of heard your small chuckle and asked. “Are you going to come join me?”

You crossed the tiled floor and lifted your shirt, pressing your breasts against the glass of the shower. “Are you going to call off work?”

He turned around to look at you and his eyes widened at the sight of what was exposed. His eyes danced between your chest and your playful eyes as he vulnerably showed his growing attraction. “I wish I could, sweetheart.” You bit your lip egging him on. “Once Thursday rolls around, I am all yours for the rest of the week.”

“I guess I can wait.” You sighed playfully bringing your shirt back down to cover yourself. 

“I mean, I’m sure it’s okay if I show up a few minutes late.” He compromised as his desire for you lingered.

You shook your head no and pressed your lips in a smile. “Think of it as motivation to make it through your day as quickly as possible.” You teased and turned to walk out of the bathroom.

“Oh you are not getting away that easy.” He taunted and quickly finished showering up.

You tiptoed quickly into the bedroom and stood on his bed waiting with a big grin on your face. He came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He slowly analyzed you starting from your legs going up and unconsciously licked his lips. You bounced a little with excitement. He waltzed over to you and wrapped his arms around your legs, his head at the height of your navel. His hands found their way up your side and barely lifted your shirt exposing a bit of skin. He pressed his lips on your waist, his unshaven stubble slightly tickling you.

His hands made his way back down your legs and he pressed his thumbs against your inner thighs. “Are you sure want to wait?” He finished his question by gentle biting your panties and releasing them so that they would snap against your skin.

You let out something between a breathy moan and a laugh but somehow managed to nod your head yes.

“Ah, you’re killing me Y/N.” He moaned and pressed his forehead against your waist. You ran your hands through his damp hair.

He unexpectedly swept you up into his arms. You squealed, caught off guard. “Ah, where are you taking me?” You playfully demanded.

“Breakfast,” He stated and then threw you over his shoulder.

“I can’t go like this!” You laughed.

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Supply Recommendations for Graphic Design Students

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something like this… so bear with me! It was requested by an anon that’s entering a university as a Graphic Design major, so here are some supplies I recommend and why! (I may do a spoken and visual extended version as a video, so let me know what you guys think!)

(disclaimer: this is my opinion and I haven’t tried everything in the world, so if you have your own recommendations definitely reblog and say so in your caption! I’d love to check out your favorite supplies!)

Categories include:

  • Day-to-day supplies
  • The Big One$
  • Projects
  • Some Fun and Fancy Stuff


Sharpie pens and markers

  • Cheap-ish
  • Reliable
  • You can find them basically anywhere
  • Great for black and white abstractions/sketches with different marker thicknesses
  • They also have pretty colors for note-taking!

X-Acto Knife

  • Cuts in a straight line
  • Replaceable blades
  • In most art and office stores and even in places like Walmart
  • If you cut something sticky and ruin your blade, just replace it!
  • Goes with a ruler to cut in a straight line

Masking Tape

  • Holds things down without ripping it
  • Keeps prints rolled up
  • Keep one with you or at home

USB Drive

  • Always have a USB drive ready for use!
  • Turn in files, take files to the printer, or even just taking files to a different machine to work on is always a possibility. 
  • If you make it a habit to keep it on you, then you won’t forget it on the days that really matter.

Noise canceling headphones (or at least ear buds)

  • Rowdy classmate ignorer
  • Helps blast music in your ears to help you focus
  • Marshmallow buds that go in your ears works best for this

A drink that makes you happy

  • That morning coffee before a 9AM studio 3-hour class, or that water bottle during an afternoon session can really help you out. 
  • Helps keep you going!
  • I know it sounds small, but your mood definitely affects your productivity!

A sketchbook (any kind will do!)

  • Literally, can by any paper quality, based on what you usually draw with or sketch with (like to use marker? Either have an extra page behind it or get marker paper)
  • Any price, any color, any size (try to aim for letter-size/A4)
  • Make sure it fits with what you usually carry around (backpacks can hold a 9″x12″, but purses would carry a Moleskine size or smaller)
  • Have 15 minutes before English starts and you thought of something? Take out that handy dandy sketchbook! Bored in said English class? Handy dandy sketchbook strikes again!

Notebook for notes

  • More than just for typical note taking!
  • Good for recording feedback
  • Track any last-minute changes to projects or deadlines
  • To-do lists will help understand what’s due next class and not get super anxious!

Metal cork-backed ruler

  • A great companion for that X-Acto knife!
  • Cork back helps not slide around
  • Metal means you can’t accidentally carve off the edge (like you would a plastic or wooden ruler)
  • Found in most art stores and can get pricey for bigger ones, but if you take care of it then it’ll last forever
  • Make sure to get at least two sizes (a longer one for trimming cover sheets for 16″x20″ mounts and a smaller one-foot ruler for trimming business cards and smaller things like that)

Post-it notes

  • Great for making notes on things that you don’t want to directly mark. 
  • Good for just keeping in mind anything you don’t want to forget (especially if you stick them to your laptop, they’ll be hard to miss).

Prisma Markers

  • These art markers are my personal favorite. 
  • You’ll hear all kinds of brands, preferences, and prices. 
  • Copics are nice and are very aesthetic, but they’re also about $7-$8 per marker. Concept markers from Jerry’s Artarama are very cheap at about $2 per marker, but the colors on their caps are sometimes misleading, and Prisma Markers are a happy medium at about $4 - $5 per marker. 
  • They’re at most art stores 
  • For me, they’re a happy medium price-wise and I like working with them. (Concept markers maybe I’d get the black because it’s cheaper)

Binder clips

  • Keep sketches and randomly sized and trimmed papers together
  • I prefer binder clips over paper clips because they can hold more and group things nicely
  • You can also hang things with these if you want on a thumbtack

Hair Ties

  • Keeps hair out of the way when creating mock-ups that include glue and X-acto knives
  • Rolls things up
  • Groups things up (markers and other utensils)
  • Cheap and effective!
  • Rubber bands are a little meaner, especially to hair or trying to get them off a long paper roll.

Circle Tool

  • Basically, something that makes perfect circles. 
  • This can either be a circle template, a compass, or some other device that you find that makes different sized circles. 
  • You can go cheap on these

The Toolbox

  • All these little things that I keep mentioning to bring with you need to be contained somewhere
  • I like putting what I’m using for a current project in a toolbox and bringing that to school.
  • I suggest going with something that’ll fit in a backpack or that you don’t mind carrying around.
  • Really only carry it if you think you’ll need it.
  • You can carry a smaller version of typical tools (pens, pencils, markers, scissors, x-acto, etc.) and leave the rest at home, too.

The Baggage

  • Not the emotional kind, but the one that carries all of these crazy supplies I’m recommending. 
  • In university, you don’t have all of your graphic design classes in one day (I would hope), so having a typical backpack works fine for the smaller supplies. 
  • If a project is due the next day and you’re planning to work at the school and you need to bring everything, then I highly suggest a rolling backpack!
  • Don’t kill your back!! Messenger bags only work if you’re not bringing much, otherwise, do a backpack (or a rolling one).



  • Almost all graphic designers will tell you to use a Mac, but of course, not all graphic designers can afford one.
  • If you can afford a Mac, I’d recommend it.
  • If you can’t afford a Mac, go with a cheaper alternative, but not TOO cheap. It still needs to last 4 years and run all of your programs.
  • Wait until you actually need to buy one (that way you can get the latest models or earlier models at cheaper prices).

External Hard Drives (BACK EVERYTHING UP!)

  • I would even say have at least two (current semester and archive(s))
  • You never know when previously mentioned laptop may die, malfunction, or wipe everything.
  • Keep a back-up for sending to competitions, putting in portfolios, and just for safe keeping.
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED. You need to know what you have and don’t have so you don’t “double save” something in two separate folders.

A decent phone with decent camera quality

  • Nowadays most people do have this phone already on them, but if you’re one of the low-budget phone holders, then I highly suggest to get a higher quality phone.
  • Picture taking for process photos can actually be done with a phone camera if it’s good enough, you can just fix things up in photoshop. 
  • Having a decent phone will let you also use helpful and productive apps such as camscanner, schedule makers, and Adobe apps
  • Raising your mood with a higher quality of life will help raise productivity!
  • If you can’t open snapchat without it force closing then you miss out on your friend’s lives or whenever they get an update on a project and you don’t. Social media can honestly be helpful sometimes as people post their process online!

Drawing tablet

  • Wacom works well enough for me!
  • You don’t have to go super expensive with all the bells and whistles for this… you just need something that draws.
  • These can get a little pricey (mine being at $90 and I got one step-up from the cheapest one at the time)
  • You don’t absolutely need a tablet, but it is very handy.
  • If you don’t do illustration often I would not recommend it.
  • You can also hold off on getting a tablet and just hand-draw something, scan it, and fix it in whatever program (or vectorize/image trace in illustrator and mess with it that way)


Tracing paper

  • Helps trace things when abstracting
  • Covers mounted work with a protective sheet
  • I prefer the rolls, but they’re way more expensive than the 9″x12″ pad (maybe not per foot, but it’s initially more expensive)

Spray mount/Adhesive spray

  • One way to stick two things together
  • You need a lot of space and throw away paper under what you’re spraying
  • You’ll definitely get all of it everywhere (which is good if you want to make sure corners don’t stick up on a mounted piece, but it’s bad if your garage floor is suddenly sticky)

Liquid cement

  • Another way to stick things together and is a little more forgiving. 
  • Elmer’s brand is the one that I have, and basically, if you mess up or “over-glue” something, you can rub the excess off (like you would the typical white Elmer’s glue).
  • When you’ve rubbed it off, it basically becomes those little gray things that erasers produce that you can just brush away. 
  • It comes with a designated brush attached to the lid on the inside (super convenient) and it’s easy to apply and store (smaller bottle than the adhesive spray can).

Portfolio case

  • For when you’re carrying larger pieces from one place to another (such as a mounted piece or a large editorial) like turning in your final presentation of your project.
  • You can get a big fancy one if you really want to, but at least get the bare minimum to carry something from one place to another without it getting folded or wet. (especially you commuters/bus-riders)


The big paper cutter

  • Even I don’t have this one, but whenever I use the one at school or at FedEx it makes trimming things down so much easier! 
  • You line it up, you drag the blade across, and then you’ve got a perfectly straight line. 
  • Again, if you can afford the money and space for it I recommend it, but my school provides one for us.
  • It’s kind of one of those things that you don’t NEED if you have an X-acto knife, but it speeds things up a bit

High-quality camera

  • Similar to the phone concept… taking nice photos of your work is always a plus. 
  • The camera I would reserve for mock-up photos for submitting pieces or getting photography for an editorial work. 
  • Someone in your class ought to have one that you can borrow (and maybe even the program will offer one to borrow), but it’s always good to have your own things.
  • Also, being able to stage your own photos instead of photoshopping mock-up templates always feels more authentic and looks better in a portfolio. (you’re not the only one looking up Photoshop mock-up templates in the design world)

Light table

  • You can either buy one or make one (easier than you think)
  • Very helpful when you’re tracing! 
  • This is the most useful when you’re doing abstractions or you’re trying to refine hand-drawn ideas. 
  • You can make one with a shadow-box frame and some LED lights. 
  • Again, not necessary since programs might actually have some at school that you can borrow.

A second monitor

  • Web design!
  • Programs like Brackets do live-preview, so when you code the changes apply immediately to a chrome preview window, so seeing the changes as you code is helpful! 
  • Putting up inspiration or just other documents to keep in mind on the other screen makes things easier to work with.

Fancy keyboard with custom keys

  • This one was actually a recommendation from my boyfriend (who is a tech geek). 
  • Basically, there are keyboards that you can map shortcuts to specific keys on the keyboard. 
  • There are some shortcut keys that you’ll use a million times in a project and if you feel that a function key being assigned to it would be easier instead, and you have money to splurge, this is the keyboard to go with! 
  • This is totally unnecessary, but could be lots of fun and helpful!

iPad and Apple pen

  • Digitally drawing on a tablet with a stylus can be good for digital note taking or just drawing in general (as an alternative to the drawing tablet). 
  • My professor uses his for sketch notes (which is always fun) and sometimes I see people doing illustrations straight into the tablet or just concepts. 
  • Sketching concepts digitally allows you to put down ideas quickly, but also be able to save them without having to worry about scanning or taking pictures of the drawings. 
  • Another splurge option that obviously has other uses than this, but is completely unnecessary.

MORE Prisma Markers

  • Remember when I said Prisma Markers before?
  • You really only need a basic color set and maybe a gray set. Any more than that then you’re falling into a fun and fancy category for supplies. 
  • They’re not the cheapest things in the world, but using markers definitely brings your sketches up a level versus pencil or black and white sketches.
  • It’s also good for making preliminary color schemes and other illustrations. 
  • Have several blacks because those are usually the first marker to go dry.

That’s all I got! I hope that helped and I’m sorry it was so long, I tried to condense… but I’ll make a visual/audio version that might be easier to digest!

Wait- do we need that

Part two in the series
Dad! Dean x Mom! Reader.
Summary: You and dean never expected to have children with the hunting life style but when you find out your pregnant, you get a little surprise.
Warnings: some cursing, stress, fluff, prolly ooc dean
(This one absolutely sucks but I promise parts three, four, and the finale will be better!)

You and Dean didn’t tell Sam cause he had guessed it right when the two of you got home. He was excited but was pretty confused when you said you were having not one but four babies.
You spent more time doing research on how to prepare and handle four babies then researching on hunts.
Hunts became secondary, Dean and Sam only took them if they were absolutely necessary or if anything like threatened you.
Dean was doing his secret research too, he was on baby proofing the bunker duty. He had learned so much about it that even the steps had padding and a gate at the top and bottom of the stairs. He and sam were a team on the bottles and baby furniture like cribs.
Cas liked to come by a lot and talk to you, he was interested in the four babies. You were now really showing and you were soon gonna find out the genders.
You and cas were in the middle of a discussion about cute blankets when Dean and Sam came in with an insane amount of baby bottles.
“What the hell is this?” You said giving the two a bitch face, closing the laptop as they set the bags full of bottles on the Library table.
Dean stuttered as he began to speak. “Well- uh- I thought because we’re having four and they’re gonna need bottles a lot multiple that by 3 and that by seven and I bought 84 bottles.” Dean said looking over to sam for support who shrugged and set down the rest of the bags.
You sighed looking at him like he was stupid before opening the laptop again and continuing your blanket search.
“I don’t think she’s happy with you.” Cas said looking at Dean who nodded in agreement. He had realized how stupid he was after he had bought them all but luckily he could return at least half of them. Safe rather than sorry right?

You and Dean had gone shopping the following day looking at bibs and other stuff.
“Wait- do we need that?” Dean said you thought he was pointing towards the baby monitor section. That made you sigh and nod, you guys would need a good one with a good camera because you were having four kids not just one which was still crazy to you.
Dean then turned you towards the what you thought looked like a car seat and height chair with a potty in it but it totally couldn’t be that.
“What the hell is that?” You said looking to dean with a confused look.
“I have no idea.” Dean then said looking over to you and then down at your belly hoping these kids wouldn’t end up being absolutely crazy.

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HCs to how RFA to MC not answering any messages for days because they are anxious about saying something wrong? :o (i'm sorry if this is weird, i myself have just been struggling with this for days aaaah)


  • He would freak at first
  • you hadn’t been online in days
  • you weren’t answering any messages
  • he was worried
  • you’d probably end up with 50+ messages and missed calls making sure you were okay
  • when you finally answer he nearly cries tears of joy
  • he thought for sure something tragic had happened
  • when you finally explained that you just didn’t know what to say he completely understood
  • and assured you no matter what you say he loves you for you and that wasn’t going to change


  • he was worried, you hadn’t reacted to anything he had said/sent
  • but when he realized you hadn’t talked to anyone in days
  • he got serious
  • he blew up your messages
  • even going as far as coming to the apartment just to make sure you were okay
  • you were embarrassed to find him on your doorstep 
  • and then have to explain why you hadn’t been speaking
  • he let out a huge sigh of relief when you told him
  • “is that all MC? you know i love you, it’s okay just check in every now and then so i know you’re okay.” 


  • he hadn’t been into the chat for about two days
  •  he had been out of town and had very limited access to internet
  • anyways, when he came back he noticed you hadn’t spoken to anyone while he was gone
  • he didn’t think much of it until you weren’t replying to him either
  • after his sixth call you answered
  • you could hear in his voice he was worried
  • “stay in the apartment, i will send driver kim to bring you to me”
  • he wanted to talk to you in person, explain how much you meant to him and how nothing you said would alter his feelings towards you


  • she had been busy
  • so busy in fact it had been nearly a week before she realized the two of you hadn’t spoken 
  • she called you almost immediately
  • apologizing for being so consumed in work
  • you assured her it was okay, you never knew what to say anyways
  • she promised to make more time for you
  • you promised to let her know you were okay at least once a day


  • he knew you were okay
  • (security cameras lololol)
  • so he wasn’t but so worried
  • he was concerned with why you wouldn’t respond to anyone
  • but as long as he knew you were safe he wasn’t going to pressure you
  • he did send you messages every now and then to let you know he was there if something was going on
  • after about a week of no reply, he decided to drop by
  • with honey buddha chips
  • you apologized, explaining why you never really replied
  • he 100% understood but let you know he wouldn’t judge you regardless of whatever stupid stuff you might say


Lost Stars [Tim Drake x Reader]

@niniel3nenya requested: “Hi!!! Can I… Can I ask for a Tim x Reader, based on “Lost Stars” by Keira Knightley? It’s just, I really love how you write. It’s really awesome :3″

A/N: I can’t believe I have never heard of this song before I mean… I just… I’m so disappointed in myself this is so beautiful. I literally watched the entire movie for this request and thank you because the movie was AMAZING.

I actually had trouble writing this. I think it’s not one of my best works… uh… I’m really sorry that it sucks, I really tried!

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1091



Please don’t see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies

The grin that spread across your face was horrifying in Tim’s eyes. It was a grin that meant you had something up your sleeve, something insane and irrational and definitely impossible.

“Please, god please no.” Tim begged you before you even revealed your plan.

“Oh come on Tim!” you whined to your best friend. “I swear you’ll like this!”

Tim rolled his eyes in annoyance. Of course you’d say that, but he knew it wasn’t like that. You had such ridiculous dreams you wanted to achieve and you always made him tag along.

Sometimes he wondered why he was your best friend, why he stuck around for you. But when he felt his heart skip a beat by just one simple glance at your face, he remembered why.

Please see me reaching out for someone I can’t see

“That doesn’t sound so bad…” Tim admitted once he heard your plan.

“Was there ever a doubt?” you laughed. “I’m not some clueless dreamer Tim. I can draw the line between fantasies and things we can actually do.” You couldn’t emphasize this enough since you knew he only saw you as a dreamer when in fact all your ideas were for him.

“Then why drag me into all of it?” Tim complained.

“I want you to be a little more spontaneous.”

Take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow

Tim sat on the couch and frowned. “Spontaneous? [F/N], I’m a vigilante. I take risks for a living.” 

“Risks and spontaneity aren’t the same thing.” you exclaimed. “You’re so stiff Tim, loosen up. Have some fun. Do something crazy for the heck of it! Do it for no reason at all!”

Tim gave you a skeptical look. “Why would anyone do that?”

You groaned. “See! That is what I’m talking about! Being spontaneous means not asking why.” you sighed. You took his hand and pulled him up, dragging him out of the house.

“Wha–what are you doing [F/N]?” Tim demanded, though he was letting you drag him out of the door, so he wasn’t fighting back.

“We’re going to have a night out in the city, and go with the flow.” 

Best laid plans; sometimes are just a one night stand

“But don’t we need a plan?” Tim asked cautiously as the two of you walked around the streets of Gotham. Clearly this was a bad idea since Gotham was dangerous at night, but you had a hero beside you. 

You rolled your eyes at him. “Plan? Who needs a plan?” 

Tim dropped his head onto his hand, shaking his head by how you managed to drag him into this. This was stupid.

But love makes you do stupid things. 

I’ll be damned; Cupid’s demanding back his arrow

You glanced down at your fingers still entwined with Tim’s. You felt your cheeks warm up but all you did was look up and smile.

You hadn’t planned for this to happen, but maybe something magical would come out of this. You truly hoped so.

“So, what spontaneous idea do you have in mind?” Tim questioned in a defeated voice.

“Oh I have a few…”

So let’s get drunk on our tears

“Why are we buying eggs?” Tim inquired. “What are we doing with five cartons of eggs?”

You stared at him. Wasn’t he supposed to be a detective? How could he not know what this amount of eggs were going to be used for?

But seeing his clueless face, you smirked. Oh he had no idea…

“You’ll see.”

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young

“Oh kill me now.” Tim cursed as he watched you throw another egg at a house. Out of all the things you chose to do, it was to egg someone’s house. “This is vandalism… not to mention childish.”

“Hey! He’s getting what he deserves!” you scoffed, throwing yet another egg at the house of the biggest bully at your school. The boy was ruthless to everyone and was rude to the janitors and teachers alike.

“Now, are you going to join me?” you asked, handing him the last carton. “Better do it quick before the cops come.”

Tim stared at you. In all honesty he wanted to make that guy pay as well, but he let the bully off every time. Now though, with the opportunity right in front of him…

“Screw this.” he mumbled, taking the carton from your hand and opening it. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he threw the eggs onto the wall.

It’s hunting season and this lamb is on the run

You squealed and clung onto Tim tightly. Due to the fact that Tim was much faster and stronger than you, to escape the police it was decided that he’d just carry you on his back.

So now he was jumping from roof to roof with you while giving you a piggyback ride as the sirens wailed behind the two of you.

“Bruce is going to kill us!” you said breathlessly.

“Worth it!” Tim exclaimed.

We’re searching for meaning…

Eventually you and Tim ended up on the outskirts of the city, panting and laughing like no tomorrow. Tim managed to lose the cops, and thankfully nobody saw your faces. Tim also reassured you that there were no cameras around, so you two were safe… from the law at least, but not from Bruce.

“Well, how was that?” you quizzed, looking at Tim.

Tim gave you the biggest grin ever. “You know what? That was awesome.”

“See?” You tilted your head up to see the array of stars that lit up the sky. It was faint due to the city lights, but it was there. “You know, you only have one life Tim. You put your life on the line every night for others, so don’t be afraid to live it to the fullest. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Live today.”

But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

“You’re right.” said Tim suddenly. You were only given a second before you were pulled into a kiss.

You couldn’t deny the burst of fireworks that exploded in your stomach and you were so shocked by the action your mind went blank. It was only when Tim pulled away did you finally find your voice.

“W-What are you doing?” you stammered, blushing madly. Tim grinned.

“Being spontaneous.” He gave you another quick kiss. “And living life to the fullest.”

I love modern AU Grantaire being a painter, but what if he loved photography instead?
  • He saved money for a year to afford a professional camera and he never goes out without it.
  • Still, he would be able to make beautiful photos with a smartphone
  • He always takes photos during les Amis’ rallies and protests, and they are always iconic images, that perfectly show the reason they are fighting for.
  • Once, during a rally, he took a photo of Combeferre and Feuilly so beautiful that they printed it on every leaflet for at least a 8 months.
  • He prints his photos on his own in a darkroom. He knows many techniques to alter photographs “the old way”.  He can’t use photoshop or any other software to safe his life.
  • He printed a solarized portrait of Enjolras. It’s his masterpiece, he feels like crying every time he looks at it.
  • A photo he took of Jehan was chosen for an exhibition about gender and gender roles. 
  • He has a folder where he keeps photos taken by his favourite photographers, and he frequently leafs through them when he is bored.
  • The only time he really got angry with Enjolras was when he was looking at Mapplethorpe’s photos at the Musain and the leader asked him please not to bring pornography to the meetings. He gave him an icy stare and just left, leaving all les Amis speechless and Enjolras blinking, shocked by the reaction and already feeling guilty. 
  • “It’s just that of all people I would have never thought you would be the one to belittle his work! Some photos are willingly challenging, I can’t deny it, but he took subjects such as homosexuality, gender, interracial love and sex in general and made art out of them! Where society saw sin and horror he saw beauty! In the 80s, Enjolras, while the whole world was turning its face away to ignore that same illness that was killing him from the inside! I can’t believe you are the one who can’t see that he was a revolutionary genius!”
  • Of course, Enjolras apologized in every way he could and understood he had to learn something more about modern art.
  • When he’s in a good mood he takes photos of his friends, so that he can look at them when he’s feeling down. 
  • When he has really bad days, he takes photos of himself. “I’m still here. With all my flaws, my imperfections and my horrible attitude, but I’m still here.”
  • Mankind invented photography to be able to freeze a moment in time forever. For someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife or in the eternity of principles and ideas, a little taste of immortality can mean the world.  
Tease me..

This is Part III to the Seth Rollins series. You can find the Masterlist here: Masterlist

Seth x Reader
Y/N = Your Name
Y/X/N = Your Ex’s Name
Language: Fluff, Smut, Strong Language
Word count: 2,374

When you both are ready, you went down to wait on Cesaro and Sheamus to join you. You were sitting in the lobby, both lost in your phones.

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Day Three- Fake Dating

“… Can you explain why we need to do this?”

“May, I’ve told you ten times already-”

“I’ve got very used to tuning the sound of your voice out the last few weeks.”

“Fine. We go out there holding hands and act like we’re not expecting the cameras to be there, then you kiss me on the cheek before we go our separate ways.”

“Why can’t you kiss me on the cheek?” May asked, pulling her hair into a ponytail and sliding her sunglasses up her nose.

“It’s a publicity stunt. It’ll look more authentic, since you’re considered to be nicer than I am.”

“Fine, fine. I still don’t understand why though, since a certain someone still hasn’t explained a thing.”

“Look, the press has been convinced we’re dating for years, and Solidad thinks that it’ll do wonders for our popularity if we fake date. And to be fair, she was right.”

“Okay then. These last few weeks have been weird but I want you to know that I will genuinely miss you when you go back home.”

“And I you, May,” Drew smiled. “I’ll call you.”

“Every day, like a good boyfriend should.”

“I’m not really-”

“Joking,” May emphasised, rolling her eyes. “Now let’s go.”

As planned, the two left the hotel lobby together, fingers tightly interlocked. May was much too comfortable about doing this despite her hesitations, Drew noted. His own palms were sweaty, and he made a mental note to send her an apogetic text about that afterwards. May, on the other hand, had her natural smile on as she graced the cameras, offering a shy wave.

“Have a safe trip,” she offered, letting go of his hand. This was sincere at least- the two did genuinely care about each other. He nodded in confirmation, and she leaned in to kiss his cheek.

He must have​ turned his head.

Instead of his cheek, her lips landed gently on his, lingering for only a moment before she pulled away. He was convinced that it was some sort of mistake, but she looked undeterred. She gave him one final goodbye before taking off, walking in opposite directions, just like they had agreed upon. Drew quickly gathered his thoughts before walking on himself, steeling the courage to steal another glance at May. She turned back at the same time he did, cameras still clicking at the two of them. Slowly, she lowered one eyelid, in what could only be described as a wink, before she pushed her sunglasses up her nose again and smiled.

The heat must have been getting to him.

Season Finale 5/7

AO3 link

The previous chapters.

Chapter 5: The Lower Levels

She hadn’t expected this assignment to be so… well, boring.

Boring was good. Boring was safe. But a small part of Elisabeth wished Alcor had been here to liven things up. At least then she’d have someone to snark with.

Bad idea. She still wasn’t sure about Alcors motivations. That sudden generosity of his was suspicious as hell, and she was too clever to fall for that. It was a good thing he wasn’t here, and her deal kept him from annoying her until she specifically summoned him. If only the same could be said about his little electronic spawn…

[So I’ve been looking at that data,] the Alcor Virus said. [And these guys sound a lot less like cultists and a lot more like scientists. This is all calculations and stuff. I’m still figuring out what they were trying to do, exactly, but it’s way more complicated than anything human could come up with. Must have had help.]

‘From their demon, obviously,’ she typed. ‘Did you find any info on it?’

[Not yet.]

“I can’t believe it,” the camera guy said. “This phone - especially designed and spelled to have reception anywhere on Earth - is barely working anymore. But yours doesn’t seem to have any problems at all. Who are you messaging anyway?”

“Does it matter?” She wished Tenney would hurry up. How much time did a man need in the bathroom anyway?

She was just impatient. Eager to get on with this show. Not worried, of course. It’s not like standing around in this gloomy corridor made her feel exposed or anything. That would be silly. She knew who was responsible for those ‘haunted lights and computers’ and it wasn’t a murderous ghost at all.

Had it been this quiet, a moment ago? Sure, they had been distracted by exploring, but no matter where you were in these living quarters, the faraway roar of the ocean and the faint creaks of metal were always in the background.

Not here, though. Not now. She could only hear her own breaths and those of Steve and April, and the quiet hum of the electronics they carried on their person.

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hey there!! i've just recently read ur fics and oh my god do i love them, sooo i was wondering if u read that adrien sidekick au that's been making rounds recently?? i just wanted to know if u could write that? thanks <3

three ways they could have almost met


Her first thought upon stepping into the filthy alleyway was, Oh, I’m on a movie set.

Because there was no way anyone as pretty as this guy would be sitting in a dark alley without a camera rolling somewhere.

He was sitting cross-legged against the wall, clad in a black hoodie and ripped jeans, laptop balanced on his knees and backpack slouched beside him. Blond hair escaped the edges of the hood, as did a straight, fine nose.

His head shot up at the sound of her footsteps and quiet panting, looking shocked and ethereal, and Ladybug stared.

Eyes like that had no responsibility existing outside of fiction.

Dimly, she registered the dirt smudged through the stubble on his jaw and the bone structure highlighted by the glow of his laptop, all pretty lips and defined cheekbones, but his eyes, oh, his eyes

Then a car honked, a fallen theater advert danced in the breeze, and Ladybug could breathe again.

“S-sorry!” she gasped, heart in her mouth and pounding harder than it ever had for life-threatening danger. “Sorry for disturbing you!”

And then she fled.


“The camera is the love of your life,” the photographer said as Adrien tried not to yawn. “You have not seen her in far too long. Let her know this in a single look.”

Which was all very well for people who had had girlfriends, Adrien thought, pressing the wine glass to his lips and trying to slouch artfully, but not for kids who’d been homeschooled since birth.

It was turning out to be one of those shoots; one of the ones that got put off twice because he didn’t have exactly the right level of natural stubble, one of the ones where he was wearing more leather than cotton, one where he made what the photographers called ‘bedroom eyes’ and what he called ‘I’m about to fall asleep; could we take a break soon?’

(The kind of shoot Gabriel had been strong-armed into allowing his son to attend more out of acknowledgement that making him model winter fashion all year ‘round would stunt his career rather than any sort of approval.)

(Adrien didn’t much care either way; modeling was modeling was modeling, and he had no intention of remaining here for the rest of his life.)

Absently, he let his thoughts drift to Ladybug, where she might be and what she might be doing. How amazing she’d been, single-handedly stringing last week’s akuma up from the Eiffel Tower, despite it being more than twenty times her size. When he might see her next, whether it be on the news or CCTV monitors or, if he was really lucky, in person.

(He still had dreams about the night she’d caught him in the alley — and dreams about what might have happened if she’d stayed.)

“Ouch, sorry— coming through!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

Adrien’s head snapped up.

Ladybug was pushing through the set, eyes focused intently on the screen of her weapon, walking fast with her lip caught in her teeth and no attention left to spare for her surroundings. “There’s an aku—”

And their eyes met.

She was looking at him, at him, with that cool, electric, ocean-deep gaze, and he couldn’t feel his legs anymore.

“Sorry,” she said, out of breath from her rush, and Adrien was seized by the wild urge to dump the glass of wine in his hand over his head — maybe that would knock him out of his trance for long enough to say something. “Wrong door.”

She turned on her heel, and he still couldn’t move.

She paused, and his heart soared.

She looked over her shoulder with a flirty little smile, and he just about died.

“But, uh…” She clicked her tongue and winked. “Keep up the good work, hot stuff.”

Adrien made a noise that was thirty-percent dazed agreement and seventy-percent lovesick sigh, and then she was gone.

Silence reigned, or at least Adrien thought so; it was kind of hard to hear over the ringing in his ears.

But, uh… Keep up the good work, hot stuff.

Good work, hot stuff.

Hot stuff.

He still couldn’t move.

After a moment, the photographer sighed too.

“Kid, I know that’s the look I asked for, but that’s not the look I meant.”


Ladybug was running, running, running; running out of time, running out of breath, just running, and the hotel seemed to go on forever, cameras tucked into every corner, tiny green lights glowing menacingly in each one.

She wasn’t going to make it.

She’d used her lucky charm too early, the akuma was still out there, and she had twenty seconds left to find somewhere she could release her transformation safely.

She wasn’t going to make it.

She had fifteen seconds left when she remembered the storage closet on the ground floor, and took off like a shot, setting her prayers on that last sliver of hope.

She wasn’t going to make it.

She had ten seconds left when she hit the top of the stairs, two flights too high and lungs cramping.

She wasn’t going to—

The power went out.

Or, at least, that was what it looked like. With a distant crash, every light in the hotel had gone off at once.

Ladybug stared at the nearest camera, mind blank, watching the light fade as the last seconds of her time ran out.


What just happened?


Was it safe?


Should she trust this?


Too late now.


She shut her eyes, prayed her guardian angel had this in hand, and let her transformation fade like a soft sigh.

The lights remained off.

They, and the cameras, remained powerless long enough for her to scoop up Tikki and scurry into the storage closet.

She leaned against the door, waiting for her breathing and pulse to slow down. She didn’t have food for Tikki, so she would have to hope the power stayed out long enough for her to venture out to the hotel kitchens or that the closet remained safe enough for long enough that Tikki could sleep it off. Neither prospect was pleasing, but…

She breathed deep and let it go.

Shuffling away from the door, she let it creak open a centimeter or two. “Hey… can you hear me?”

A light flickered, and Marinette’s heart lodged itself back in her mouth, door snapping safely shut under her clammy fingers.

That was all the light did, though. The rest of the hotel remained as dark and silent and still as it had been, and, eventually, that light stopped flickering, too.

Marinette cautiously eased the door back open. “Uh, blink once for no and twice for yes?”

The distant light blinked twice.

Marinette smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t have anything important to say.”

She took a deep breath, steeled her courage, and added, “Just, you know… Thank you.”

There was a long moment of silence, and then, somewhere nearby, a screen clicked on, and out of the darkness came a very familiar, ‘Nyahahahahahaha!

And, for the first time since her guardian had lit up the streets with that little animation, it didn’t scare her at all.

(She still waited out Tikki’s power nap, though. No sense in risking anyone knowing her identity, no matter how seemingly benevolent.)

sidekick!au by @geek-fashionista; this one’s mostly inspired by this post

takes place in an au of the au where there’s a bunch of space between adrien lighting up the billboards and shop windows and ladybug calling him on skype — these snippets take place in that time

(also thanks to @mirthaculous for tugging out the kinks in the idea of this one ♥♥♥)

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence short fic


So of course everyone is doing their post-convention posts about Anime Los Angeles, and I promise this SHOULD be the last time I’ll be gushing about the costume/cosplay at least for a little while, but I’ve been very eager to share pics for those who were requesting!

This is the first time I really put serious effort into attending ALA for more than just a single panel/gathering, and I have to say I really like what it’s become so far; I was really surprised by just HOW MANY badge-stickers exist at this event every year both by fans and by established ‘event hosts’, but I think it’s a very unique concept that really helps set Anime Los Angeles apart from other conventions and gives it that 'special feel’ that makes up for the lower attendance (even though AX has started to prove that there IS such a thing as too much…).

On that note, I was BLOWN AWAY by the response that the cosplay received over the weekend. I went to the convention expecting that people would mostly just want to do their own thing & I’d be walking around a lot unnoticed (which is absolutely fine; they’re not here for me), but I rarely went more than 2-3 minutes without being stopped and asked for a picture. People were so incredibly passionate and supportive! I’m hoping that those who snapped their own pics tag me in the coming days, but I’ve uploaded some of the “best shots” from my own phone here.

I definitely discovered some areas for improvement in the process as well; for one, I spent a lot of Day 1-2 learning that what I THINK is “level” for my head is actually “gazing at the floor”, and will need to remember to lift my noggin more in the future. More importantly, you get so used to turning your head in order to see out one of the eyes that it’s easy to forget the camera/phone needs to be in my 'blind spot’ for me to actually be looking straight forward. You can probably tell where that happened in some of these pictures.

A special thanks again to my handlers @amtrax, @blaze1216j, and Jesus Hernandez, who each spent a few hours of their convention time enabling me to enjoy mine. You all made this first-time costuming experience way more manageable and safe. And of course, a special thanks to Oshi Cosplay for letting this costume have a new home.

My goal by Anime Expo is to memorize/fine-tune at least 2 more mini dance routines (and bring a portable speaker to make use of them), figure out a more permanent solution for the sleeves, and brainstorm some ways to ensure future poses/photos come out looking even better. With that in mind, though, I think things went VERY well for this being my first-ever time doing this sort of thing.

colours | 3

Pairing: Luke + Reader | Calum + Reader

Summary: The last part and backstory of Colours.

Word Count: 1,023

Warnings: cursing, food tw, alcohol tw

A/N: dedicating this to @tadpolehemmings and @itsinthehood for helping me all this time round. <3

You open the drawer, trying to take a piece of paper. Instead, you grab a certain polaroid picture.

A polaroid of you and Luke.

Luke was drunk. There was no doubt about it, he kept trying to hug you, kiss up your neck and kiss you. Which made you blush. A whole lot. “Luke! Stop it,” you whined, pushing him away for what you thought was the millionth time.

“Y/N!” He shouts, hugging you. “You are cute, I swear. Cute as fuck,” he spoke, emphasising on ‘cute’. You blush once more, feeling heat creep up to your cheeks. “Luke, you’re drunk,” you state, trying to pry his hands off your face.

Luke shakes his head, like as if he was getting rid of water in his ears. “I am not,” he argues, a childish tone lacing his voice. You sigh. “Yes, you are,” you say. “No. I’m not!” He exclaims, pouting and stomping his foot onto the floor, just like a child. He grabs on to your waist tighter, and buries his face into your neck. “I’m not drunk,” he mumbles.

Suddenly, a flash of a camera goes off. You look towards where the light was, and see Aimee holding a polaroid picture and the camera. She winks, and gives you a thumbs up, passing you the polaroid before skipping away.

You sigh, smiling sadly, before putting the picture away, safely inside your drawer. Even if he hurt you so many times, he still is your true soulmate.

Meanwhile, Calum was in the grocery store, trying to get your favourite candies and snacks for your movie night. He walks by the alcohol section, seeing a certain brand of whiskey that brought him back memories.

You were drunk. There was no doubt about it, seeing that there were at least two glasses of whiskey on the table. You weren’t a strong drinker, and just one full glass of alcohol could cause some public ruckus from you.

“Doll, you need to stop drinking, you’re gonna get a really bad hangover tomorrow,” Calum spoke, gently shaking your shoulder, your figure hunched over the table. “N-No! I’m going to get drunk! Unbliva… Unbelievably drunk!” You shout over the loud thumping music, slightly messing up at the ‘unbelievable’ part.

“Why do you wanna get drunk?” Calum asks, furrowing his eyebrows. He remembers that you absolutely despise getting full-on drunk, unless you were celebrating or feeling down. You definitely weren’t celebrating anything, so Calum concludes that you were feeling down.

You look up at him, eyes bloodshot, wide and hair tangled. Calum still thought you were beautiful though; he never once did think you weren’t. “My soulmate gave up on me. I-I’ve been waiting for 3 years. He never did change his mind,” you hiccuped, tears welling in your eyes. “I just want him to love me!” You cry out, emphasising on the word ‘love’.

Calum sighs. “Let me love you,” he whispered.

Calum shakes his head, getting himself out of his thoughts. He walks towards the candy section, grabbing at the pack of gummy bears that you wanted.

You slam the beer can down onto the table, and Calum cringes at the noise. You pick up a gummy bear, before raising your hand up, looking at the gummy bear closely.

“Gummy bears, they’re tasty, chewy, and are little things of happiness. Except, that if you eat too much of these things-” you throw it back down onto the bowl. “They can rot your teeth. They’re have a ton of sugar in it. And it’s all artificial and doesn’t benefit your goddamned health. And then, you’ll feel pain in your teeth because it rot! Then you can’t eat gummy bears again,” you ramble.

You looked up at him, eyes bloodshot. “In my situation, my soulmate’s presence is sugar. In a shape of a gummy bear. I feed off of it, I love it, and eat way too much of it. Then, I realise its all artificial. It’s not love, it’s artificial, fake. But it’s too late! It’s already rotting my heart. And there comes the pain. All that pain,” you ramble. People probably would’ve thought you were crazy, but Calum understood every. Single. Thing. You. Said.

He could relate to it one hundred percent.

Calum looks down at the pack of gummy bears he was holding, and heaves a deep sigh. Sometimes, he’d ask himself if he soulmates were real.

Did Calum believe in soulmates? No, he didn’t. His soulmate gave up on him long before he even met her. Just like you. He was heartbroken. Calum couldn’t accept the fact that soulmates could give up on their partner.

That was, until he met you. He was used to seeing black, white, and grey. But every time he looked at you, he saw colours. It was like you were made for each other. No, not soulmates. You fit each other, what you went through, what you did for your soulmate, and how you felt.

We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together.

On the other hand, Luke was a mess. He knew he deserved this, he knew this was exactly how you felt when you realised your world was just a black, white, and grey.

The scattered empty beer cans seemed to represent his heart. Empty. Scattered all over the place. But could Luke do anything? No. Definitely not. It was too late.

Luke liked to deceive himself. He told himself he’d get over this, wake up the next day feeling normal and absolutely fine. But he knew he couldn’t. You waited for three years deceiving yourself that he’d come back for you. And now Luke’s going to spend a long time deceiving himself that he’d wake up and be “fine”.

Luke pulls himself up, using the glass coffee table to steady himself. His head was pounding, but that small amount of pain wouldn’t ever be able to be equivalent to the heartbreak that he was going through.

Luke stumbled around, opening a cupboard, reaching his hand out, feeling for any packet of food. His hand grabs on to a packet of candy. Gummy bears.

Edd- Thank you! Even though we don’t celebrate it, Tord was able to grab us some-

Tom- Illegal.

Edd- -yeah, uh some illegal fireworks…

Tord- Hey, hey friends! They weren’t mine, some pals lent them to me. Don’t take it out on me, at least we had a good time.

Tom- A dangerous time. Matt almost caught on fire twice.

Tord- But everything turned out safe in the end.

Matt- H-hey! Am I in the camera?

A Standing Ovation Cast

Here is a list of characters that appear as part of the ‘cast’ and my brief descriptions and notes about them. No spoilers for the plot and ending of the novel.

Izaya Orihara 折原臨也

I already made some notes of most new things we learned about Izaya in one of my previous posts, but here is some short notes for those that have not seen it.

- He is confirmed to be left-handed

- He knows nothing of baseball (and I would say sports in general)

- His wheelchair is worth more than 3 million yen. It is a new carbon nano-fiber made electronically operated model. It is one of a foreign maker’s high quality products (no name given on the creator).

-According to Sozoro, if he were to fall in love with one individual he would truly become evil and do anything to obtain that person. Essentially he’d become like Shinra.

-More PTSD shown. Izaya completely blanks out and clearly panics a bit when he sees Iroha in a bartender uniform. He seems fine when he is expecting it, but otherwise it throws him off guard.

Sozoro Densuke 坐傳助

A sort of body guard hired under Izaya. He dresses and behaves similar to a butler. He taught Traugott Geisendorfer. He was accused for a crime he did not commit. Izaya helped prove his innocence and helped save his family from trouble. In return, he has a 10 year contract with Izaya. He very much dislikes Izaya and has stated on quite a few occasions he would eliminate Izaya when he has the chance.

Nec ネク

A hacker working under Izaya. She helps find/gather information for him. Her real name is Hisae (last name). The name “Nec” is actually short for “Necromancer” and “Necrophilia,” nicknames given by other hackers. She shortened it to ‘Nec’ because it is cuter short.

She previously specialized in handling the articles of the deceased. She tried to hack into Izaya’s accounts, and unfortunately tried to hack in a server connected with Tsukumoya. This was her first failure as a hacker. Tsukumoya destroyed her computer (and her self-esteem). She eventually gets hired by Izaya though because of her skills.

She has stated that they have a more business relationship. She’s grateful that he gave her ‘purpose’ after her failure with Tsukumoya. She does say things like “I’ll kill him because he told my name,” but other than that she isn’t very hostile towards him. But she doesn’t praise him either. She knows how he is. “He’s the president right? An unsettling guy right? What else more is there to say?” She is rather teasing with Izaya. When Haruto asks where Izaya went when he was invited to the VIP room to see Hiura, she responds. “To hell. He went to hell.” Her banter is really fun to watch. Sozoro does the same, but there is more distaste and disapproval with Sozoro than with Nec. But I wouldn’t say they are friends. They really are just close business partners.

Haruto 遥人

A boy taken under by Izaya after losing both his father and mother - his father was killed by Himari’s father and his mother left mentally unstable. He is about elementary school age. He idolizes Izaya and tries to become like him. He is unaware of Izaya’s involvement with Himari’s father, which lead to his father’s murder.

Haruto’s Entry

Haruto Talking About His Past

Himari ひまり

A quiet girl taken under by Izaya. She is about the same age as Haruto. Her father killed Haruto’s father. She knows everything on the situation regarding her father and his actions, including Izaya’s involvement. She despises him but wants to become like him in order to get away and ‘to return Haruto back to the way he was.’ She is more mature and less naive than Haruto.

Himari’s Entry

Ryuusei Takioka 瀧岡劉生

He’s one of the top officials in the baseball team management. He is completely in charge of the management for the stadium. He’s maybe in his late twenties. He is someone described to be a distinguishable person within the Natsugawara group - a presence that is trying to gain total control. He actually has a lot of titles, but he is called by many people “the executive.”

The first impression of Ryuusei….he’s an asshole. His first scene is in the prologue when he comes in to hear about the murder. After listening and discussing the possibilities of who the murder is and his intention, he starts kicking the dead corpse (Amagi) bloody, leaving it in a worse state than it was before.

“What the hell were you doing….Amagii…! You worthless bitch!”

Ryuusei relentless drives in more kicks as he raises his voice.

“For dirtying! My theater! My stage! With your fresh blood!”

The same time he cut off his words he delivers another kick and continues to warp the dead body’s face even though it should be impossible to do so. Then, he tramples on his face with his blood stained shoe and crushes his temple like extinguishing the flame of a cigarette as his voice resonates with utter resentment.

“Couldn’t you have at least simultaneous killed each other? How about leaving just one clue by gouging out a piece of his flesh! Or at least running away to a place safe from the cameras before receiving the final blow!”

Ryuusei is rather…unstable, shall we put it. Literally before this he seemed rather composed and tried to figure out the situation and then starts beating up Amagi’s corpse not even shortly after the fact. I wouldn’t say this is not an antagonist I haven’t seen before, but he is certainly a wild card and quite sadistic.

Tamae Takioka 瀧岡珠江

She’s Namie 2.0. Not only is her name similar, the second kanji of her first name ( 江) is the exact same has the second character in Namie’s name, she is a secretary working for her brother, has a similar speech pattern, and she has a similar attitude. The only main difference is that she is not infatuated with her brother. Because of this though, she shows more emotion and is just more dimensional overall compared to Namie, so she’s enjoyable. Narita is a tease…again.

Ranzou Hiura 氷浦乱蔵

I originally thought he was also part of the same organization as Ryuusei. I think he is more of an “investor” shall we say. He is a guest at the stadium. He somehow figures out the “problem” Ryuusei is having and gets involved and tries to help Ryuusei solve his issue. He is a lieutenant governor, so he is an influential figure.

Michiaki Fudou 不藤道秋

One of the workers at the baseball stadium under Ryuusei. I think he is the head of security there. He was the original guy who found the body. I wouldn’t say he does not do a lot in the story. If I were to put it simply, he’s just a very unfortunate guy. Like, he doesn’t want to get involved, but Ryuusei forces invites him to be part of his personal team, which means getting into some dirty business. He also gets hospitalized in the end. Pretty much he gets pretty bad consequences throughout the story.

Iroha Mayuzumi 黛彩葉

She is officially a member of the “Third Investigation Division.” She usually walks around and sells alcohol, but behind the scenes she takes on the dirty jobs Ryuusei appoints to her. When there is trouble around the baseball stadium she is one of the members that resolves the issue with ‘not clean methods.’

She looks like an older Akane. She has short hair and a long side bang that covers one eye. She is often described as being surrounded with mystery. She is a professional killer, though it’s clear she doesn’t enjoy it. She ends up befriending Yuuki Usubara and leaves with them.

Ayumi Usubara 臼原歩美

This is a character we were introduced to from A Sunset with Izaya Orihara. He is described as a giant, probably more than 2 meters tall (roughly 6.5 feet). He has dyed blue hair and a black bandage wrapped around his face. To most people, he would seem like a pro wrestler, a yakuza, or an assassin. This is the guy who is capable of picking up a vending machine (though cannot throw it). He has a scar on his face, though most of it is covered by the bandage.

He previously worked for the Adamura family before the mine shut down and his employers terminated. He also was almost blown up by Izaya at the climax of the last installment and lost his job because of him, so he has been hunting Izaya down for revenge.

As it is mentioned in the novel, his name doesn’t fit him at all. Ayumi is usually a girl’s name. Also, just look at the second character of his first name. The first character 歩 usually means ‘to walk’ and the second character 美 means ‘beauty’….this monstrous giant’s name means something like ‘a walking beauty.’

Yuuki Usubara 臼原ユウキ

Ayumi’s step-mother. She’s 23 and five years younger than Ayumi. So she sort of just showed up in his life rather suddenly. Not long after they met/she got married to his father, Ayumi’s father died. No one believes it was Yuuki who did it because the Usubara family barely had any money because of his father’s medical expenses (he was sick before it seems), and she took on his debt. She told Iroha that getting married was just kind of spontaneous.

She is a woman with a short build enough for onlookers to assume she is a young girl more than a grown lady, and her features extraordinarily arranged, but she is more of a woman that the word ‘pretty’ would come to mind more than ‘beautiful.’ And such a fairy-like woman is seated at the same table as the monstrous giant.

Byakuyamaru Natsugawara 夏瓦白夜丸

He is the commander of the Natsugawara group. He literally doesn’t appear until the end, so there is not much I can really say about him. Based on what he says in the epilogue, he seems to know of Shinra and Celty.

Kanshirou Munakata 棟像寒四郎

Unless I missed something, this character is only mentioned throughout the story. He doesn’t appear officially, in other words he doesn’t have any lines. I’m surprised he showed up in the cast. But he is a well-known baseball player and the main batter for the Natsugawara serpents.

Hope this helps. Should I do something similar for the Sunset novel. I originally wasn’t expecting reoccurring characters from the last one, and there are some characters from both novels that ended up running away and have gone ‘missing’ because of Izaya. This could mean other characters can come back. Who knows. Anyway, let me know if there is anything to clarify or what you want to hear.