at least the bags under my eyes are designer

Sugar Goals 2015

- Take sugaring more seriously and put in the work
- Hustle my A$$ off
- Start my own online business
- Get a better job in London
- Move to London (a nice apartment all paid for would be nice)
- I would like a pet (Pug dog)
- Earn up to £5-10k a month
- Become a spoilt boyfriend
- Try freestyling
- Go on a couple of holidays (LA, Australia and Dubai)
- Get Veneers/teeth whitening
- Have monthly facials and anti-ageing treatments (Botox) and get my fillers topped up.
- Get filler injected under my eyes to help get rid of my dark circles.
- Get a professional chemical peel (TCA) done
- Get a personal trainer and work out regularly
- Eat organic
- Buy a nice car (BMW/Audi)
- A new MacBook Pro
- Designer wardrobe (Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Saint Laurent etc)
- New man bags (Cèline luggage, Balenciaga and Givenchy)
- Fab collection of shoes (Christian Louboutins, Givenchy high tops, Jimmy Choo)
- Fab accessories (Cartier love bracelet in rose gold and silver/some nice watches)
- Save at least £20k by the end of the year
- Give back to those in need (charity work)
- Always go with my gut instinct
- Make some sugar friends
- Share my journey with all you lovely cupcakes.