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ppl on sehun's ig are either supporting him or saying that he's not gay. i don't know exo that long but by the things i know, sehun droped many hints and now that he said he likes men i guess he's trying to come out. at least i came out like that. always dropping hints and getting more obvious over the time. i don't get why so many people are trying to make everything hetero. like? he literally said he likes men? sorry but some peoples behavior is just so upsetting ._.

idk what to say thats exactly how I see it, youre not even the first one who told me they came out like that so who knows? I just want people to support him no matter what and yeah theyre like ‘ok but he didnt ACTUALLY came out’ like they randomly have a problem with people thinking he is or might not be straight but when people talk about him and a girl no ones saying ‘uhm you dont know if he rlly likes girls’ and thats why heteronormativity sucks.


Books. They are lined up on shelves or stacked on a table. There they are wrapped up in their jackets, lines of neat print on nicely bound pages. They look like such orderly, static things. Then you, the reader come along. You open the book jacket, and it can be like opening the gates to an unknown city, or opening the lid of a treasure chest. You read the first word and you’re off on a journey of exploration and discovery.”
David Almond

↳ Day 12: Two Three princesses you think are best friends


Frozen + “Over the Moon” by Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel (Rent, 2005)

Worth the watch. I promise. [I’m crying]

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When error!sans is using the anti-void to tell a story, can Core!Frisk see that (i.e. does it function like a portal)?

Those are one-sided so I don’t think they can see it. At most they can feel an invisible distortion in space but only because they’re omnipresent (and thus it technically appears inside them). They probably can’t tell what is it caused by though.

Wow yes okay

I’m dedicating an entire video JUST to fresh angst…

Because I enjoy making my favourite characters cry

[Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

[This is a WIP!]

throughout that entire video I was waiting for dan to make a “420 let’s bake” joke and he didn’t,,, idk whether to be glad or concerned