at least she taught me something

title: uncle, uncle, uncle
rating: K
pairings/characters: sarada, shisui
summary: sarada and shisui have an unparalled uncle/neice relationship
author’s note: none of you can convince me that this isn’t exactly how sarada and shisui would have been (that is of course, when they’re not teaming up to piss off sasuke)

Sarada takes a deep breath, and for the umpteenth time today, prepares herself to successfully complete the jutsu at hand. The water below her is steaming (so is she) as she weaves the appropriate hand signs and focuses her chakra through the movements. Her eyes snap open, sharingan whirling to a point where she’s almost seeing red.

“Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!”

The same thing that happened the last twenty-three times happens again—despite her immaculate chakra control and intense focus, she yields what looks like two wimpy water snakes instead of two fearful water dragons, that mockingly dance around her head for a maximum of twelve seconds before dismembering out of her control into a shower of rain drops, soaking her yet again.

“Dammit,” she hisses, shaking her head, thinking she must look like a wet dog at this point. “Maybe I’m using up too much chakra using my sharingan,” she considers aloud, and gets ready to focus herself again, before another thought dawns on her. “But if I can’t do this with my sharingan what’s the point?”

She drops her arms, cursing her Papa’s genes. She thought about how much easier combining elemental chakra natures and jutsu would be if she were of a water or earth nature by birth. Water and earth are neutral and adaptable; if harnessed correctly, possess healing qualities, as they’re not destructive by nature. But of course, in the tradition of the Uchiha, Sarada had, for better for worse, chakra of a fire nature; which meant that water jutsu was extremely difficult—creating a jutsu that required both fire and water natures seemed near impossible. But, again, in the tradition of the Uchiha, she’d rather slit her own throat than put her pride at risk by giving up before she’d tried every single trick in the book. Twice. 

“You are aware that water jutsu kind of goes against all the chakra you have inside of you, right?” A sarcastic voice questions, startling her. She whirls around, sharingan ablaze, ready to trap whoever was spying on her in a genjutsu they’d never forget.

Instead of finding an enemy, she comes face to face with an all-too-familiar face.

“Mama says it’s not nice to spy on people, Uncle Shisui,” she sighs.

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Studying is hard.

My mom was very involved in my studies. She was a highschool drop out due to her family financial issues but she made the best of it. She did have a lot of dreams to do something and be rich.
She always wanted me to be the best at studies.I was a bright student. Definitely above average. I wasn’t allowed to go out to play or waste time on any extra curricular activities. Studies was everything.
As I got older, my mother couldn’t keep up with my studies and hence, couldn’t monitor me. So, she resorted to nagging. I was a teenager and studies bored me beyond a limit. Which is normal as I had to study all the time. When her nagging didn’t help, she started with the emotional blackmail. You see my dad had left my mom when I was a year old. So, she, kinda, blamed me for it.
And she never let me forget. She used to say, “If you weren’t in my life, I would go to work and make lots of money and live a lavish life. So I want you to study and do something great and be rich so we can enjoy later.”
It did hurt. I was only 13 or 14 when I real used the true meaning of her words. But I had been hearing this all my life. It didn’t really affect me the begining. Or so I thought.
But I loved my mother. A lot. She was the only person I had after all. I used to tell her I loved her. Hugged her. But I never got that love back. She never said it back. As i grew older I started understanding it. She didn’t love me at all. I was a project. I was a chance for her to do something in her life. I was to be her achievement. It wasn’t my success but, hers.
My mother discouraged me from any sort of social life. “Friends are only for a few days but studies will give you a successful career forever. Also, none of them want to be your friends they are here to only create obstacles in your life. Then they will climb over you and you will be here only. A failure.”
I had only friends who were in my class and the only time i interacted with them was at school. Till today i haven’t invited a single friend home nor have i gone for a sleepover or party or picnic in my life with them. I grew to distrust people. And be suspicious of those who were nice to me for no reason. I still am.
I took up Chartered Accountancy as I was good with numbers and money.
Chartered Accountancy was fun. It let me work as an intern for 3 years. And its still going on. It has 3 exams. One entrance exam. Then a year later a main exam. And then 3 years later the final exam.
My mother got cancer.
And she passed away in 2013.
I didn’t care.
I was so numb and without feeling. She didn’t love me. I knew that. She knew that. She just wanted me to succeed so that she could prove to herself that she at least got something right. And now she was dead before anything was achieved.
And, I was left. Alone.
No friends. No feelings. Who do I talk to?
All my life I was taught not to trust anyone. All my life I was taught not to make friends. And now I don’t know how.
As my mother was gone, I had no motivation to study. I was living her dream so long that I had no dreams of my own. So I continued… I still had my final exam to go. Chartered Accountancy final exams are held twice a year.
That’s when the procrastination set in.
You see its difficult to study when there is no one to nag me or emotionally blackmail me or manipulate me to study.
My mind and soul is willing but I cannot bring myself to study. This went on for 3 years. Almost 6 failures.
It’s now 2017.
I have finally decided to make it my dream and bring it to reality.
I will do it.
I will study and make it happen.
One exam.
8 subjects.
Why not?
I just don’t want to end up like my mother.

Come Back

by @iamkstewteam

for @nely-luna77: “Clarke gets angry and avoids Bellamy and it’s literally hurting him on the inside and he takes it out on everyone until she comes back”

rated: general audiences

[read on AO3]

you can send us prompts and read more of our fics @bellarkepromptfills!

The rain was falling heavily from the sky, like a metheor or a drop ship. But nothing could distract him. Bellamy was kneeling on a muddy ground, aiming his gun at the bushes, even though it didn’t seem to be anything in there. But he knew there was.

He held his breath and took a shot, then stood up and headed towards the bushes. He leaned forward to pick up his prey - a dead frog - and put it in a bag full of similar-sized animals.

Then he looked up to the sky, not even blinking when the raindrops fell into his eyes. He wondered where she was right now. Maybe in a warm, cozy cave, far away from any danger, but she might be as well somewhere in the forests, freezing as she tried to make it to a safe place.

‘She could’ve stayed here,’ he thought, and changed back into numb person he’s been for over a month now. As he reached the gate to Arcadia, there was nothing dreamy or fond about him.

In the guard station Harper and Miller were talking and laughing while getting ready for their shift. Bellamy handed over his gun and turned towards the exit without speaking a word. His friends stared at his soaking wet uniform and the bag he was holding. Somehow they were aware of what’s inside.

Bellamy felt their gaze on his back, but when he turned around they pretended to be very busy. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“You’ve got a problem?” Miller and Harper exchanged looks but didn’t comment.

“Didn’t think so,” he muttered and headed to the cantine.

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Conditioned (Part 2)

(You ask Tae for some help around the apartment and he learns that you have some other things in mind.)

Warnings:  Smut.  Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Masturbation.  Female Dom.  Male Sub.  Just shy of 8k words.


11:13am (unknown number)    Do you have a hammer I can borrow?

11:13am (unknown number)    Also, are you available to come with the hammer to do the actual hammering of nails into the wall?

Tae looked curiously at the text messages on his phone.  The number was unknown and the request came out of the blue.  Who is this? He texted back.

11:15am (unknown number)   Because it looked like you had a pretty strong grip when you had your hand wrapped around you cock at the bar that night.  I think you would do a good job at nailing things.

Tae went slack jawed at the realization that it was you texting him.  It had been two weeks since he saw you at the bar and he had given up hope of hearing from you.  He thought about that night repeatedly, remembering the feeling of standing in a public hallway, masturbating while you watched him.  Almost every night since then, Tae would look out his bedroom window, staring into the darkness, replaying the events of that night, and stroking himself to an orgasm.

That same night at the bar, you left with Jimin.  Everyone had exited the bar at the same time.  Jin and Youngsook jumped into a cab together, so eager to go home and have sex with each other that they didn’t even bother saying good bye.  Tae hailed a taxi for Miri and held the door for her like a gentleman.  Miri had lingered, offering to share the taxi with Tae, but he politely declined and sent the cab on its way.  Tae then turned to see you and Jimin, whispering to each other and laughing. Jimin’s arm was around your waist but slowly creeped downward until his hand was planted firmly on your ass.   You and Jimin took the next taxi together, leaving Tae alone on the street with nothing more than a wave good bye and well wishes for a good night.

Jimin called Tae the next day to share what happened between the two of you.

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We are the ones they left behind

I was having Leia feels, and Mara feels, and… this happened. Well. If you wanted an AU where Leia and Mara became friends when they were still teenagers, well, here it is!

The first time Leia Organa meets Mara Jade, neither are where they are supposed to be.

Leia is twelve, she is supposed to stay with her father, to learn about Coruscant and the Senate and not to wander away under any circumstances. Rebellious as she is, she of course decided to explore on her own, and that’s how she ended up in the library.

She walks through the silent rooms, seeing all the holo pads in their shelves. There is an air of knowledge in the room, of wisdom, but also, and that confuses Leia, of overwhelming loss. She can’t properly quantify it, doesn’t understand, but she knows it’s there, and Leia Organa knows to trust her instincts.

It sits heavy on her mind, that feeling of loss, of tragedy. It’s similar to the dark moods that sometimes come over Madam Sabe, when she remembers her sister, only less… personal. It feels as though something terrible happened to the whole galaxy, instead of just one woman.

Leia is so caught up in this feeling, in trying to understand it, that she doesn’t see the other girl until she’s literally stumbling over her. The other girl is sitting in a corner of one of the darker rooms, clutching a datapad to her chest with one hand, a vibro blade held in the other, her red hair sticking of her head wildly. There’s a fierce look in her eyes, a bit like a trapped animal, that makes Leia want to scramble away immediately, even though the other girl can’t be older than ten.

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Prompt from @themarieffect
Okay!! Pre-SSHG, (maybe a make up 8th year or something? Because Horcruxes took up 7th )Hermione being taught chemistry by Snape, at her own request, since he is partly Muggle and a Potions Master and would probably have at least better than basic comprehension? (Also, I just can’t see young Hermione completely abandoning science just because she learns she’s a witch)


(Okay, so this gestated a little and this came out lol)

“…And our illustrious Headmistress would like me to remind all of you,” Snape said to his class of eighth years, bitterness heavy in his voice, “that if you require any extra assistance that all staff members have office hours.”

The glare he leveled at the class said that whoever dared to use his office hours would suffer a most terrible fate.

No one dared to move.

“You are dismissed,” he said in a clipped tone. The students scrambled to leave and he watched them go dispassionately. At least this would be an easy class to deal with.


Four weeks into the school year he had just bitten into a sandwich when an authoritative knock came upon his office door.

“Enter,” Snape snapped.

To his dismay, it was not Minerva, but Hermione Granger standing there. What fresh hell was this?

“Sorry to disturb your snack,” she said, marching into the room. Her patent leather shoes–a strange tendency to him, as most students switched to dragonhide in their first year–clicking a little on the stones. “I need you to tutor me.”

“Miss Granger, much to my dismay, you are, indeed passing my class.”

She rolled her eyes. “No, I need to help in Chemistry, and as far as I’ve researched, you’re the only one on staff who’s got his A-levels.”

He blinked. The hell?

“Granger, I am your Defense teacher.”

“You also taught Potions.”

Merlin, was she thick?

“Look,” she said hurriedly, “I know it’s not even remotely like Potions, but I’ve got to pass my A-levels and you’re the only one who can help me.”

“Why the hell do you want your A-levels? That’s over-achieving, even for you.”

She huffed and dropped her books on his desk. “My parents aren’t very trusting after everything.” Her tone was even but the set of her chin told him it bothered her. “I’ve found that the more Muggle things I do, the happier they are. I’m hoping that if I get them comfortable again I can reintroduce the whole me-being-a-witch-and-that-not-changing thing.”

Snape steepled his fingers pensively. “Why do you require assistance in Chemistry, Miss Granger? Surely the texts are sufficient.”

“I understand the geology and biology fine.I have no trouble with physics, I’ve always been good with numbers. Chemisty…It’s hard to explain. I just need help, and you’re the only one who can.”

He sighed. If he said no, Minerva would find out and he would lose any and all peace he had left to him. “Very well, Granger. Owl me your available time for study and I will let you know when I am free for you to invade my office.”

She beamed at him. “Thank you, sir!”


(There ya go, hope you liked it!)
(PS - she didn’t really need help, she just wanted to spend time with him and by time graduation rolled around he was thoroughly infatuated and they started seeing each other a few months later. And lived happily ever after.)

It has been a week and I still cannot believe the absolute perfect genius of the official cassian andor playlist on spotify and I need to break it down for everyone who hasn’t listened to it:

  1. what do I even do with “ain’t no man” I mean: “there ain’t no man that can save me / there ain’t no man that can enslave me / ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in” and “you got to serve something, ain’t that right / I know it gets dark but there’s always a light” and “not a whole lot of time for me or you / got a whole lot of reasons to be mad, let’s not pick one”
  2. the tone of “gimme something good” is just so raw and rough and stern
  3. obviously “ophelia” kills me every time: “heaven help the fool who falls in love” like okay star wars be less subtle but also “and I don’t feel no remorse, and you can’t see past my blinders” okay
  4. “lake michigan” gives us “heaven is a switchboard that you want to fight / she would even miss you if you taught her sight” but also “sky is burning/ but at least we’re warm”
  5. the chorus to “man on the moon” is just stellar with “I’m just a man on the moon / I’m not coming down anytime soon / I’m just a man on the moon / feet off the ground, I’m floating in you”
  6. “when my time comes” is the most ridiculously cassian song there is: “I lived less like a workhorse / more like a slave / I thought that one quick moment / that was noble or brave / would be worth the most of my life” and “I wanted to pay for my successes / with all my defeats / and if heaven was all / that was promised to me / why don’t I pray for death?” and “you can stare into the abyss, but it’s starin’ right back” like can we talk about cassian’s passive death wish?
  7. the only reason to include “honey I’ve been thinking about you” is to focus on how cassian is falling in love, there’s no other reason to do this
  8. “24 frames” is a perfect mix of “cassian is falling in love with jyn” and “cassian is an unapologetic rebel”. lyrics of note include my favorite bit of “you thought god was an architect, now you know / he’s something like a pipe bomb ready to blow” , “this is how you make yourself vanish into nothing / and this is how you make yourself worthy of the love that she / gave to you / back when you didn’t own a beautiful thing” and “everything you built that’s all for show goes up in flames”
  9. and then we get “human” which is like EADU EADU EADU all over the place with “some people got the real problems / some people out of luck / some people think I can solve them / lord heavens above / I’m only human after all / I’m only human after all / don’t put the blame on me / don’t put the blame on me”
  10. we have another “cassian is thinking about jyn way more than necessary” song with “the girl” which has the softest and least expected tone for this unapologetic’s rebel’s playlist
  11. “down in the valley” includes the lyrics “I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade / like ridin’ around on railcars and workin’ long days” which is the third reference to slavery in this playlist guys I’m pretty sure cassian and his family were slaves under the empire before he joined the rebellion :(
  12. cassian is back on the angsty romance express with “alone”: “you come into the world alone / and you go out of the world alone / but in between, there’s you and me”
  13. then we’re preparing to head to scarif with “ends of the earth”:  “I’m on a river that winds on forever / follow ‘til I get where I’m goin’ / maybe I’m headin’ to die but I’m still gonna try / I guess I’m goin’ alone”
  14. “hold back the river” like okay B Y E but also “lonely water, lonely water, won’t you let us wander / let us hold each other / hold back the river, let me look in your eyes” FIGHT ME PLAYLIST DESIGNER
  15. also “man on fire” can get out of here with “I wanna see our bodies burning like the old big sun / I wanna know what we’ve been learning and learning from”
  16. “the way we move” continues to rub it in with “at the last supper honey / make sure you get something, something to eat / there we are extending into shooting stars” like at this point I’m assuming the playlist designer was just crying into their beer over the end of the movie
  17. but then “babel” slowly eases us back into mildly less upsetting territory with “I know the time has numbered my days / and I’ll go along with everything you say” and some romance because that’s where cassian’s head is these days with “I ain’t ever lived a year better spent in love”
  18. “S.O.B.” aka the most unapologetic rebel ever with repeated “son of a bitch get me a drink”s and “now for seventeen years I’ve been throwing them back / seventeen more will bury me”
  19. our playlist designer has opened another drink and is crying again with “you’re gone but you’re not forgot / you got the cash but your credit’s no good / you flipped the script and you shot the plot / and I remember I remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink / a saturday night kinda pink” in “sedona”
  20. “spirits” is another A-list cassian andor song with “I got guns in my head and they won’t go / spirits in my head and they won’t go”
  21. cassian finding some unexpected happiness with “even the darkness has arms” where we get this gem: “even the darkness has arms / but they ain’t got you / baby, I have it, and I have you too”
  22. “california” brings the rudeness level back up to a 10 with “someday I’ll be coming home / with a cast iron soul” and “I can see the water / I can taste the sea”
  23. I bet you didn’t expect the playlist to be this long, did you? well we’re not done yet! onto “only son” which mostly makes me think cassian was an only child and then the rebellion became his family, which fits
  24. “all my days” AKA THE MOST RIDICULOUS INSANE HEART EYES SONG ON THIS LIST EVEN WORSE THAN “OPHELIA” I MEAN WHAT THE HELL BUT ALSO THANK YOU “well I have been searching all of my days”, “well I have been quietly standing in the shade / all of my days”, “well many a night I found myself with no friends standing near / all of my days” and finally “now I see clearly / it’s you I’m looking for / all of my days / soon I’ll smile / I know I’ll feel this loneliness no more / all of my days / for I look around me / and it seems you’ve found me / and it’s coming into sight” OKAY THEN BUDDY you cannot make this stuff up
  25. I’m fairly certain that “don’t carry it all” is the musical equivalent to the whole hangar speech scene: “this I swear to all, this I swear to all” and “you must bear your neighbors burden within reason / and your labors will be borne when all is done, and nobody nobody knows / let the yoke fall from our shoulders / don’t carry it all don’t carry it all” which honestly is a nice penultimate lyrics song
  26. my response to “in the aeroplane over the sea” is essentially so that happened I mean “and one day we will die / and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea / but for now we are young / let us lay in the sun / and count every beautiful thing we can see / love to be / in the arms of all I’m keeping here with me” and mostly I think our playlist designer is moving towards the acceptance stage of grief because it has a hard brightness to it
  27. AND THEN FINALLY “rogue one”, the soundtrack for when they head off to scarif, full of hope and purpose and rebellions are built on hope

I’d put this under a cut but I really wanted you all to see how long the playlist was. I also wanted everyone to appreciate the genius of it, listen to it asap, and have some lyrics on hand for any more of those amazing photosets and gifsets people are making

eta: I missed two in the original post because this playlist is so kriffing long

His Childhood Sweetheart - Ashton Irwin Smut

Originally posted by suitelikechocolate


Word count - 7663 ish

Pairing - Y/N and Ashton

Smut?: YAS!!!


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anonymous asked:

It's been awhile since you wrote about Chrobin so maybe you could do that serious fever thing with him too? More Chrom love!!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

He paced back and forth like a madman. Chrom’s face was pale and tense with concern, but nothing like yours. You were gaunt and pallid and sickly, and your temperature was terribly high.

You’d contracted an awful fever shortly after discovering you were pregnant, the north winds invaded your happy days and presented you with illness.

The entire castle was worried for their queen, but none perhaps so much as its Exalt. Chrom could barely stand seeing you in pain, much less suffering in such a way. He could only pray you would be in a better state when they finally let him back into the room.

He’d been far too protective of you when he watched them try and heal you the first time.

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payformeplease  asked:

Your work is so wonderful! I just started following you so I don't know if you've answer these questions already. How did you first get into drawing? What sorts of things do you do in order to improve? And what particularly drew you into character design and animation?

Hey thanks for the kind words. I don’t really know how to answer this in one sentence only so here goes the ramble:
As a kid I REAlly loved drawing and writing and just being creative in general. In high school it was photography. But I never realised I could actually be an artist you know, that it could be something I do.

So I was sitting in a bakery with a friend once, by the end of high school. I was wondering what to do with my life and all that and suddenly she asks ‘Hey why don’t you become an artist? I think it’d really suit your personality.’. Now I realise how dumb this situation might seem to you, but at that point I swear my whole universe turned upside down like 60 times. Suddenly I realised all these animation movies were done by artists, by real people, I mean it’s an actual job that exists. So that day I found online some private drawing teacher and called her very worried, telling her that I have no idea if I’m talented or whatever but I really wanna learn to draw. 
It’s weird I know but the moments when I was drawing there it felt like something so close to me. Fortunately, after a few visits she said there is hope for me hah. And then I prepared for a local private university where they had Animation. Eventually I dropped out because we did everything but draw and animate there. And ever since, I’ve been studying online, reading books and just being self-taught. 

Now about the things I do to practice - this isn’t going to be brief either but I hope it would be helpful to at least someone.
One thing I realised was that I can’t study many things at the same time, I just kept failing miserably at everything. So I decided - I’m gonna start with anatomy. I spent a good few months doing mostly gesture and figure drawings, reading anatomy books and drawing from them. Then I took some character design classes (Schoolism and CG master academy). And this is where I am now actually. I also took classes on Environment design and Colour & Light (still on that). Another thing I also find very useful is doing master studies. First black and white to learn values, then in colour to learn that too. Small studies like 30 minutes have been very useful to me. Also studies from life to observe light etc.
As for characters I think sketching people is very helpful and is something I myself need to do more. Studying other people’s designs to understand why they are successful is also a good exercise. Studying animation screen caps or character expressions too. 
In general just draw a lot, it’s gonna be useful in any case. I always tell myself that there is a certain number of bad drawings I need to do before a good one comes. So the faster I get them out the sooner a good drawing will ‘emerge’.

I’m not sure where my love for character design came from. I just love how diverse people can be, how different and rich in emotions and looks  and moods they are and all that. It’s endless. I do love creating environments too but it’s something I find more difficult because I haven’t done it enough yet. So I guess characters are also kinda like my comfort zone for now. 

Okay well I hope that answers your questions and that the whole thing would be useful or encouraging to at least one person out there. 

Fic: You will climb until you find places you'll never let go; M; (Brosca/Zevran)

This is the first DA fic I ever wrote - dated 2009! - and I felt like sharing because the world could always use more Dwarf Ladies. 
Warden Brosca/Zevran, rated M, 6000-ish words

He doesn’t love her because she is brave and would love her even if she wasn’t.

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Caller Number 9

Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Original Scan: ©

Chapters 1-5

Chapter 6: Dial in Request

It’s 2 in the morning on Monday and she should be fast asleep, but instead she’s sitting on her couch, blanket wrapped around her, tea at her side and a deep voice in her ear. Y/N’s going to regret this tomorrow morning when she wakes up with red eyes and bruised bags under her eyes. Just the thought of her exhaustion tomorrow makes her want to press the end button, but when the person on the other end chuckles she doesn’t mind.

Which is weird.

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vixsimmer  asked:

3, 8, 26 💗 Love your blog!! Have a good day :)

hello angel thank you so much!!! you’re too sweet<3

3. 3 people you look up to: i think the person i look up to most is my mom. she’s been through some tough shit but she’s one of the most honest, open, loving people i know and she means the world to me. i also really look up to my english teacher from my senior year of high school. he taught me a lot and really pushed me to do my best. aaaaaaaaaand last but not least i also really look up to my best friend tbh. like i said in another ask, we’ve been friends for almost 10 years, but it seems like every day i learn something new about her and i really admire the strong, independent individual that she’s become:) 

8. 3 things you like to do: i like to write a lot, i want to be a novelist someday :) i also like napping, playing the sims (duh), and finding new music :) 

26. favorite food?: fuck this is hard. my favorite food would probably have to be either mac and cheese or garlic bread (i’m all about those carbs man)

thank you so much for asking <33 you have a good day too!

Prince!Jun {Req}
  • would probably do royal sports like horse riding and archery
  • also secretly like plants + flowers but we’ll get to that later anyway
  • prince!jun would wear nothing but the finest white suits and does not care if he gets a speck on it tbh
  • looks intimidating because he’s so tall + handsome
  • but is actually the most caring prince the kingdom could ask for
  • like, sometimes, when he goes out to just stroll around the village he’ll help out an old lady carry her groceries or get a fruit on a cart that’s too high for a little kid to reach and pay for it- things like that
  • but although he is very sweet, he does have this headstrong confidence
  • it confuses everyone tbh bc he’s so nice yet so…..conceited… wot-
  • prince!jun is also known for his heartbreaking ways
  • as in all the princesses from outlying countries chase after him and he’ll hand-pick one and woo her then after a month break off all contact
  • when servant!minghao asked him why he doesn’t just pick someone, jun says its “too much commitment, it’d be a distraction! i got a kingdom to run, hao”
  • it drives the king & queen nuts honestly
  • but on a bigger picture, jun’s future kingdom was currently preparing to go to war with another country
  • the current strategy was that instead of fighting, jun’s father planned to compile so many soldiers that it would intimidate the other country
  • problem? not enough troops
  • solution? ally with the kingdom with the most number of troops
  • and when negotiating, you need to give one to get one
  • in other words: an arranged marriage between prince!jun and you, as your father was the king of this military-strong kingdom
  • oh when you found out, you were furious as hell like the horses in the stables probably heard you shouting at your parents
  • you: at least tell me who i’m marrying! // your mother: you are to be wed to the son of the first kingdom, prince junhui. // you: wHAT
  • and it was not the this-is-so-awesome “wHAT”, it was the you-gotta-be-freaking-kidding-me “wHAT” bc ofc youve heard of prince junhui and his playboy ways as it was popular topic of gossip among the maids
  • for you, this was your worst fear, having to marry someone who won’t even truly love you. just like everyone else in your life
  • jun’s reaction was more quiet. after his parents told him, he stormed off to his garden to think
  • when minghao came to look for him and asked him how he felt about it, jun only gave him a fake smile and said “they’d be the luckiest person to be with me then" 
  • minghao: “wow….”
  • you arrived five days later and met the royal family and the queen & king were quite lovely and jun was ofc such a flirt and would always wink at you and give you compliments but you always shrugged them off which made jun kinda like “whoa ok….”
  • and although the kingdom was beautiful and your room was gorgeous and the castle staff were all nice… missed home more than anything
  • the wedding was announced two months after your arrival (it was going to be in the summer next year) and when you had seen it, you felt your heart sink so you decided to take a stroll around the palace to clear your head
  • while going on this walk, you discover a beautiful garden that was kind of hidden because it’s behind the palace, near the servants fields
  • you’re admiring a bunch of white orchids when you hear someone clear their throat and you jump and see…..jun
  • jun smiles at you and goes “like those? i grew them by myself.” and you’re so surprised like “you like gardening?” and he has this playfully hurt look on his face while he puts a hand to his chest like “yes, i like gardening! who wouldn’t like flowers? they’re as beautiful as me” and you know he’s joking this time so you laugh
  • and then jun is tilting his head and says “you know….you’re different” and you ask “what do you mean?” and jun goes “well…..and hear me out, okay? i’m not trying to be cocky but…..usually people fall all over my feet the second they see me. but you…?” he pauses with a chuckle. “you just shrug me off" 
  • you: "well, looks aren’t everything to me, junhui. and it doesn’t help when we were both thrown into this whole crazy situation against our own free will…” and jun is nodding but then says sadly “but since when did we ever have free will, right? our whole lives were planned before we were even born” and you’re just whoa,,,,,yes,,,,,maybe this prince is much more than girls and fancy suits
  • but then jun is clearing his throat and looking embarassed, like he said too much. then his eyes brighten and he asks you “would you like a tour of the kingdom? you know, since you’ve been stuck in this castle for the past two months” and always up for an adventure, you grin and tell him “sure!”
  • and when you both are in the village, you come to see that jun, as usual, is a sweetheart to all his people. he looked so natural just helping everyone around, it makes you happy. on the tour, jun shows you all his favorite street food, introduces you to a lot of villagers that he knows by name and you both watch some street performances then go home
  • jun when you both are going back to the castle: “so what do you think of the kingdom?” // you: it’s beautiful. thank you for taking me around, junhui // jun: “you can just call me jun, you know” *smiles* “and next time i’m taking you to the ocean!" 
  • and this becomes a thing, you both just going for tours around the village and as promised, jun took you to the ocean and he loved the way your eyes lit up and when you told him that your kingdom was also by the sea, he then realized that you missed home
  • and so he gets minghao and asks him to research as much about your kingdom as he can because he has this amazing idea for you
  • jun when he took you to the archery area and you beat him: "no way! nobody beats me at archery. one more round?” // you: *roll your eyes and smile* okay but youre looking at someone who has been trained in archery since they could walk
  • sadly for jun, he lost his second round and he’s just so determined, its kind of cute to you
  • and you’re all wHOA rED LIGHT, DID I JUST SAY JUN IS CUTE- 
  • and your mind is all like “pfft you like him, don’t deny it" 
  • but yes, you begin to slowly trust jun the more you hang out with him and you also start developing a crush on this cute and headstrong prince who secretly loves to garden
  • and you felt your crush hit so hard when jun surprised you with a dinner in the garden pavilion consisting of all the staple foods from your kingdom and you were like !!!!! this guy is too cute….
  • so among the candlelight, you thank jun for all this and he smiles and says "anything to make you smile” and youre blushing and jun has this smirk like “awwwww, is (prince)ss Y/N blushing?” and youre like “hush and eat your mussels" 
  • later, jun produces a bouquet of white orchids- just like the ones you were admiring that day in the garden two months ago
  • jun: "i know our wedding is ten months away but, if you’d like….i’d like to court you properly before we’re married. would you give the honor to do so?” and you grin, take the flowers and fling your arms around jun’s neck and he laughs and says “is this a yes????” and you pull back and say “yes! of course i’d love to" 
  • and so begins this fairytale romance where you both are like yin and yang, balancing each other out
  • when jun is getting too cocky, you can just flick him on the forehead and he’ll stop like "jeez your flicks are beestings!” and youre like “good!” and then you both are laughing
  • like prince!jun is so different now, more humble
  • and servant!minghao is so happy for his best friend and even the king & queen notice the difference bc jun is no longer being passive, he actually participates in the meetings and comes up with solutions for the problems of the country
  • jun always taking you on dates to the ocean and when you ask him why he does that, he says “because it reminds you of home. if you’re going to be taken away from that, i’d like you to at least see something that reminds you of the place you love” and thats when you knew: you had fallen in love with him
  • and jun also tells you why his garden is so special to him when you both were just relaxing under the cherry blossoms
  • jun: “when i was little, my grandma used to always take me out here whenever i wanted to play. she taught me the different types and i began to love flowers as much as she did. but then…..she passed away when i was eleven.” and you’re just like speechless bc what do you say to that? so instead of speaking, you gently hug jun. “she was my biggest supporter. she would’ve loved you. you’re just like her. kind, fun and down-to-earth.” jun says and smiles down at you and you smile back
  • you: “i would’ve been honored to meet her” and jun keeps looking at you in adoration and youre like “what’s wr-”
  • you dont finish the sentence because jun is kissing you and youre like !!!!! oMGGGG FIRST KISS but you kiss back ofc and it goes on for a few minutes until you both are breathless
  • jun: “i…..i love you y/n" 
  • and youre just so wowed (plus…..prince jun stuttering? oh goodness) but: "i love you too, jun” you reply quietly
  • servant!minghao just happening to walk in on you two but when he sees you both kissing, he immediately turns and walks back with a big smile bc his best friend is no longer afraid of falling in love and he’s happy for him~
  • and you both are so cute and jun learns a lot from you and everyone can see that he’s maturing really fast
  • if you two argue, jun is the one who apologizes first and makes it up to you with white orchids
  • jun also spoiling you and making sure you have the best because you deserve the best
  • jun getting nervous whenever you’re all dressed up fancy bc dAaanggg you look good ;-;
  • a month before the wedding, things began to get busier. people were starting to arrive for the wedding and you and jun were being pulled away for tailoring and you both always had to do rehearsals for the wedding
  • and like, jun pulls you out to the garden three weeks before the wedding
  • you: “what are we doing?” // jun: “remember those flowers i’ve been secretly planting and wouldn’t tell you about?”
  • ofc you remember. you were so curious bc jun said you’d like them more than the white orchids. “yeah, are they blooming?” and jun nods “youre gonna love this”
  • and you both stand in silence and then, just as the sun reached it’s lowest point in the horizon, jun points “look now”
  • and before you, a million of pink heart-shaped flowers begin to bloom and lightly illuminate the dark garden
  • “wow….” you say, breathless from the beautiful sight. “what are these called?”
  • “bleeding hearts,” jun promptly says with a smile. “i thought it’d be fitting for what i’m about to do”
  • and youre like ??? just as jun gets down one knee and you put a hand over your mouth bc you know what he’s going to do “jun….”
  • jun’s not listening though. “y/n, i know we have to get married anyway but i’d feel better knowing you want to spend the rest of your life willingly with someone like me. you’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me and i know that i’m not perfect but i promise to try my best. i’ll treat you like a real queen/king and make sure you’re happy every day. i promise to be there for you and to never leave you even if things go rocky between. Y/N Y/L/N…….will you marry me?”
  • you: *almost crying and squealing and youre knocking him down with a hug* “YES! Yes, of course I will, Jun!” you say as he’s laughing and holding you
  • jun: “thank you. for everything. i love you.”
  • you: “i love you too, jun." 
  • and you both lived happily ever after ^^
  • b y e im gonna cryyyy prince!jun would be so cute ;-;

Today has been a hard day.

This morning we all got the news that Carrie Fisher passed away, and it seemed like a little bit of the light had gone out of everything. I admit, I cried for a while before I could pull myself together long enough to function.

Then I wiped my face, put on the makeup I rarely wear, foundation and eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, I did everything. I put on my favorite clothes and my best perfume, and my most comfortable shoes, and I went to work. Carrie, I felt, would have appreciated it. I put it on with the intention of forcing myself to not cry while I was at work, but it felt a little bit like celebrating her life.

I did it because, like a lot of little girls who were into Star Wars and other ‘nerdy boy’ things, she was my hero. She was the space princess I looked up to as a little girl, the one who taught me I could be badass and pretty, and still wear a dress, and the one who taught me that just because you need help doesn’t make you weak. She taught me that I could be a leader, and kind, and strong, and independent, all at the same time.

She carried that over from her character. Her advocacy and tenacity for everything she stood for helped so many people who needed it, me least of all, and her humor and intelligence was something to aspire to.

She was a phenomenal person, and a personal hero.

So when I put on my makeup and my perfume and clothes, I wasn’t thinking of mourning her. I was thinking of celebrating her, and what she would have wanted. I tried to be kinder today, to laugh louder, and enjoy what I have. I wanted her to be proud of the legacy that she left with me. Maybe she wouldn’t have chosen what I did, maybe she would have forgone the makeup, maybe this, maybe that, but she was part of who shaped me into a confident woman, and I hope I made her proud.

So tonight I’m having a drink. Just one. I don’t need to numb anything or get drunk to handle the news. But this is my toast to Carrie. For everything she was to me. I hope she knew that she was loved, and that she was an inspiration. I hope she knew that she made us all laugh, and she made us better. Whatever turns her life took, she inspired me as a little girl with her hair in buns, and she inspired me now, with everything she stood for and everything she went through to be standing where she was.

I’ll miss you, Carrie. Rest in peace.

This is for @marvelingjules because she is having a stressful weekend and I hope that she gets as much comfort as Tony and Sam do in this one. <3

It’s over 1k so watch out for the cut.

Sam had been distant lately. Distant and busy and Tony worried about his boyfriend.

“Sam,” he said when he entered the living room and found him hunched over a stack of papers.

“Mrph,” Sam gave back and furiously scribbled something down. “Not now, Tony,” he then said and added another part to whatever he was writing.

“Okay then,” Tony mumbled and shrugged, but he eyed Sam for a few more seconds before he went to get something to eat.

He made sandwiches for himself, but he also made a few for Sam, since he didn’t know when he last ate.

When they were done, he silently placed them next to Sam who didn’t even seem to notice him.

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Aiden- We’re Celebrating

Request- Can you do a Aiden (teen wolf) imagine where reader is Scott’s twin and he didn’t die and Ethan didn’t left. And pack is fighting dread doctors and after is fluff?? PS. Sorry about my english and i LOVE your imagines!! ♥

A/N- Here you go hun. I decided to change it from the dread doctors to the dead pool, because I don’t really like the dread doctors as villains. I hope you like it and don’t worry your english is very good! Next up is a Lydia imagine.

You stared in the mirror at your reflection, smoothing down your hair and wondering if you looked like someone who wasn’t freaking out on the inside. All it took was one quick peek at the circles under your eyes and you knew that wasn’t the case. You had tried to cover them up with makeup, but concealer could only do so much.
You blamed your haggard appearance on everything going on, including Kate, the Deadpool, and the fact your twin brother was worth 25 million dead. You and Stiles had been up all night with Lydia, trying to help her crack the last part of the hit list. She had finally done it around three in the morning, but you had been anything but relieved.
The first two keys had been names of the dead, but the third was Derek’s name. Even thought he hadn’t died, you all realized the chilling fact that he probably would be soon. With that happy thought, you had gone home and quickly passed out, only to wake up two hours later for school.
“Y/n!” a voice called from outside your bedroom door. “Are you ready?”
“Yeah!” you called, walking out of your bathroom and scooping up your backpack.
You pushed open your bedroom door to see Scott standing there, two helmets in his hands. He held one out to you and you gladly took it.
“You shouldn’t have been up so late,” he scolded, his brown eyes filled with concern. “You look exhausted.”
“I’ll sleep in chemistry,” you told him with a shrug.
He gave you a look and you rolled your e yes. “What? It’s not like Harris is there to give me detention anymore.”
Scott sighed. “You should still be paying attention.”
“That’s kind of hard to do when my brother is on a hit list for supernatural creatures!”
Scott sighed. “You don’t need to worry about me.”
“Scott, someone tried to burn you alive,” you hissed. “How am I not supposed to worry?”
“Okay, you’re right, but maybe you could worry a little quieter,” he suggested. “Mom is still asleep.”
You sighed, lowering your voice a little bit. “I know. Sorry.”
“We should probably get out of here before we’re late,” Scott advised. “Maybe Harris isn’t there to torture us anymore, but I doubt detention has improved.”

You hopped off Scott’s bike, handing his spare helmet back to him and giving him a soft smile. “Be careful, okay?”
“You too,” he told you. “I know you’re not on the list, but I don’t want anyone to try and hurt you to get to me. Just no going off on your own okay? And no talking to strangers, or anyone who looks suspicious-”
“And if someone in a white van offers me candy, I’ll be sure to turn them down,” you cut him off.
Scott rolled his eyes, giving you a sharp look. “You know what I mean.”
“I do,” you told him, placing your hand on his shoulder. “But I’ll be fine.”
Suddenly a loud rumbling filled the parking lot, and in no time at all Aiden and Ethan were pulling up next to Scott.
“Hey,” Aiden told you, pulling off his helmet and immediately walking over to you.
He wrapped his arms around you, bringing you into a tight hug that nearly knocked the wind out of you. His arms wrapped around your waist as he buried his face in your air, just breathing you in.
“Can’t breathe,” you murmured into his neck.
“Sorry,” he apologized, pulling away. “I’m just glad to see you alive.”
“You’re on the hit list, not me,” you told him quietly.
“We’re all targets,” he told you, reaching out to smooth down your hair. “I just want to make sure you’re safe.”
“You and everyone else,” you muttered. “I can take care of myself, Aiden.”
“I know that, but just be smart, okay?”
“Well, you are dating me for my brains,” you joked.
Aiden smirked. “I’m pretty sure I’m dating you for the great sex, but that’s-”
Scott loudly cleared his throat, shooting Aiden a sharp glare. You bit the inside of your cheek, trying to fight the smile forming on your face. Your eyes flicked from Scott, who looked like he was about to lunge and hit him, and Aiden, who scratched his neck nervously.
“Well,” you said, breaking the intense silence in the air. “Let’s go to class.”

You hopped off of Scott’s bike in front of the vet clinic, looking anxiously around at Kira, Ethan, Aiden and your brother. Heavy rain was falling all around you, soaking into your clothes and your hair. Scott had gotten a call from Satomi only an hour ago, begging for his help, since several different assassins were hunting her and her pack down separately.
The betas she had left were scattered all over town, and she had no hope of finding them and saving them by herself. So there you were, meeting with the strongest fighters of the pack to try and save them on what seemed like the night from hell.
The weather was like something out of the bible, and you would be surprised if Beacon Hills didn’t flood that night. With that as one obstacle, you had no idea if you would even manage to save Satomi’s pack in time.
“Alright,” Scott announced. “Ethan and Aiden, you’re with me. We know where most of them are, but I’m sending the girls to the school to try and intercept Brett and his sister.”
“We’re not sending them by themselves,” Aiden protested, looking over at you. “Y/n’s human.”
“But I’m not helpless,” you told him, flashing him the sharp knife you carried. “I know how to fight, Aiden.”
“But they’re killers-”
“No they’re hunters,” you told him. “At least, they used to be. Allison taught me everything she knew and now I know how hunters think. I’m probably more qualified than any of you, and I’m not on that list either.”
“She’s got a point,” Kira said softly.
“Kira’s right,” Scott told Aiden. “If you’re really worried, why don’t we send them in two separate vehicles? That way, if something happens to the other, they still have a chance to get away.”
“Where are we going to get another car?” Ethan asked.
“She could take Aiden’s bike,” Kira suggested. “And then I’ll take my car.”
You looked over at Aiden, raising your eyebrows at him. He shot a glance toward his bike, and you could tell he was reluctant. He felt the same way toward that thing that Stiles felt toward the jeep, and you knew it was his baby.
“Oh, come on,” you told him. “I’ve driven it thousands of times. I won’t scratch it I promise.”
“I’m more concerned about the scratches you could get,” Aiden told you. “You think they’re not going to kill you cause you’re not on the list? They’ll kill anyone in their way, Y/n.”
“Then I won’t get in their way,” you told him. “We’ll get in and get out, and we’ll save them.”
Aiden sighed, and you could tell he was struggling with something in his head.
“Guys,” Scott warned. “We don’t have time for this.”
“Fine,” Aiden told you, handing you his helmet. “But not a scratch. On you or the bike.”
“Got it,” you told him, starting to turn away.
“Wait, Y/n,” he called, grabbing your wrist and tugging you back.
“Yeah?” you asked, and suddenly he was slamming his lips onto yours, kissing you like this might be the last time he ever got to do it.
“Be careful,” he whispered when you finally pulled away.
You nodded, turning your back on him and heading toward his bike.

“Lori, run!” you heard a voice yell, and you were just able to make out a shape coming towards you in the pouring rain.
You saw a girl with short hair, soaked to the bone with rain as she ran past the bus you were perched on. She looked incredibly young, even younger than Liam, and it occurred to you that she was much too young to be running for her life.
She headed towards the lacrosse field, and you were about to go after her when another shape came hurtling toward you. It was giant guy with dark hair that you recognized as Brett Talbot, and no sooner had he passed you when an arrow flew into his shoulder.
He cried out in pain, whirling around just in time to be whacked in the face by an assassin with a crossbow. Brett fell to the ground, quickly pushing himself up as the assassin stood over him. The man raised the crossbow, but before he had time to pull the trigger you were jumping off of the bus and landing on his back.
He fell the ground, but quickly through you off of him so that you landed hard on the wet pavement. You jumped up just as he did, and he swung his crossbow at you. You ducked, but his fist came crashing towards your face, and you cursed it connected with your lip.
You gritted your teeth, lunging forward and kicking the man between the legs. His knees buckled, and you took the opportunity to grab the crossbow and slam it into his head, knocking him out cold.
You stumbled back, spitting blood onto the ground as you looked at his unconscious body. You looked over at Brett, who was getting to his feet and snarling at you.
“Wait, wait, wait!” you cried, holding up your hands. “Satomi sent me!”
“You’re with Scott?” he asked uneasily.
You nodded quickly. “I’m his sister. You can trust me.”
Brett’s eyes narrowed, looking from you to where his sister had disappeared to. “I guess I have to.”

Aiden, Ethan and Scott pulled into the parking lot of the vet clinic, coming back from their second trip to get all of Satomi’s pack members to the clinic. Aiden hopped out of the car, anxious to see if you had already gotten there.
There had been no word from you or Kira the first trip they had made back, and Aiden was beginning to grow worried. He knew you were a big girl and that you could take care of yourself, but you were still his girlfriend. After almost losing his life to the nogitsune two months ago, he was a lot more mindful of the people he cared about and you were definitely one of them.
He pushed open the door to the clinic, noticing Kira popping her head out of the exam room. He noticed you weren’t with her, and panic instantly filled up inside him. He stormed past her and into the exam room, relief instantly coursing through his body when he saw you there, leaning against the counter.
You had been toweling off your hair, and you looked up at him, flashing him a bloody smile. You grabbed his helmet that you had set down and pushed away from the counter.
“Don’t worry,” you began, handing it back to him. “Not a scr-”
“Oh my god,” Aiden breathed, reaching out and grabbing your chin.
You blinked, sure he would be concerned about his bike, but it clearly meant nothing to him right then. He examined your face, all thoughts of his motorcycle forgotten as he took in the blood.
“Aiden,” you protested. “Jesus, I’m fine. It’s just a split lip.”
“Just?” Aiden repeated. “Y/n, you’re-”
“Alive,” you cut him off. “And with an incredibly small amount of injuries considering I jumped down from a bus.”
“You jumped from a bus?!” Aiden cried.
You shrugged. “An assassin broke my fall.”
Aiden shook his head in disbelief, looking you over for any more injuries. You raised your eyebrows at him, certain you looked awful with your busted lip and soaked hair, but he didn’t seem to care. He leaned forward, his arms snaking around your waist and pulling you closer until your lips met.
He fingers tangled in your drenched hair, and yours gripped his soggy leather jacket, holding onto him for dear life. He held you as tightly as he could, convinced that it would be in everyone’s best interest if he never let you go.
You kissed until you ran out of air, or maybe you only broke apart due to Scott clearing his throat in the doorway. Kira let out an “Aw” and your brother shot her a look.
“What?” you asked breathlessly, pulling away from Aiden. “None of us died. We’re celebrating.”
Scott rolled his eyes and Kira gave him a sympathetic smile. “I think what he’s thinking is that we should save the celebrating for when we’re not being hunted down.”
“And when you’re behind closed doors,” Scott added, crossing his arms over his chest.
You smiled. “I’ll be sure to let you know if that ever happens.”
Aiden suppressed a smile, wrapping an arm tightly around your shoulders. Scott rolled his eyes at you again, but you could tell he was just relieved you and everyone else were safe.
“After this is all over,” Kira said with a sigh. “We have to go on a double date.”
“No way!” you and Scott cried in unison.
You both looked at each other and laughed, and Aiden squeezed your hand. Maybe things had been pretty chaotic lately, but you felt like they might just for out in your favor for once.

Something that occurred to me recently is that Syndra could very well have feelings of jealousy towards Karma. Think about it: 

  • Karma used her power to kill a lot of people and ends up as the most influential person in Ionia 
  • Syndra kills one person in, at least what she believes to be, self defense and is ostracized for it.
  • Karma grew up in a society where magic was not seen as terrifying and surrounded by people who taught her
  • Syndra was abandoned by her family and was taught her magic by a sole person who’s word was law
  • When Karma rebelled against her society to drive back the invaders she’s called a hero
  • When Syndra rebelled against a totalitarian instructor, a man who tried to take away the one thing that brought her joy, she’s called a murderer

This likely ends up being, quite possibly, the largest reason Karma and Syndra don’t get along.

Choices (Jimin x Reader x Jin) - Part 2

Anonymous asked:
Hi can I request a mini series/ fanfiction (if you guys have the time, preferably in highschool, with a love triangle. Kinda angsty and fluffy? With V and Jimin or Jimin and Jin please!

A/N: Nothing to say about this part xD Just that it’ll get a lot interesting as the story progress… I promise xD Hope you like it O3O

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word count: 1,551

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

“Jimin,” She sighed, rubbing her temple, “What did you do this time?”

“Why do you always blame me? I mean, I went through this with hyung already. This time, it’s actually Y/N’s fault.” Jimin replied, annoyed with the situation.

“Is that true?” Mrs. Kim turned to you for an answer and you nodded, “What happened?”

“Well, I forgot my assignment at home and when I told Mr. Hoon, he just sent me and Jimin to you.” You explained. You noticed how tired and stressed she looked. Being a principal must be rough, plus the additional work with all the trouble Jimin gets in. He’s not a idiot, he even gets higher grades than you. It’s just that he’s bored with classes since he already knows most of the material that was being taught. He studied ahead during the summer. Plus, he needed something to entertain him.

At least she had Jin, he was a big help around the school. He was known as student council president and the precious son of Mrs. Kim, while Jimin on the other hand was known as the troublemaker, and the main reason for Mrs. Kim’s stress. Jimin took care of his mother just as much as Jin does. He just doesn’t want to show it. It’s like he’s taking care of her secretly. Of course there were times Jimin refused to do things because he thought they were wrong, but other than that, he did everything his mother would ask him.

Jin on the other hand always had a soft spot for his mother, when his father died, he was old enough to understand the pain she went through and decided to do his best to follow her wishes. For example, he changed his last name for her, knowing that Jimin wouldn’t. A part of Jin really didn’t want to change it, but he had to, for her. The two brothers had their differences, but they were close because they only had each other to look out for -excluding their mother. The three of you became closer after the divorce, they understood you and you understood them. Of course, Jimin was closer to you because of the age difference between you and him.

“Well, Mr. Hoon likes to sent a lot of kids to me, even with knowing how busy I am. But, to prevent him from complaining to the school board, I have to assign you and Jimin to clean up the classroom after school. But don’t worry, I’ll convince him to let you hand in your assignment tomorrow.” Mrs. Kim explained with a weak smile, “You guys can go back to class now.”

Before you left, Jimin turned to her, “Take care of yourself okay? When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just remember to drink the bottle I gave you this morning.” She nodded with a smile before sending us back to class.

“What did you give her this morning?” You asked, being nosey as you made your way back to class.

“Just this healthy drink my dad used to make for her. I found the recipe a few days ago and I thought I’d make it for her. She’s actually getting a lot better from that drink, she’s not as stressed as before.” He explained with a smile on his face as he brushed his faded orange hair back. The only reason he got away with having orange hair was when it faded, the shade looked somewhat brown and the teachers gave up on trying to get him to dye it black again. Now you thought about the fact that Jimin got away with a lot of things he’s done.

“I think one of the reasons she’s getting better is because of the old memories of your dad.” You added, he looked at you in agreement and nodded slowly. He didn’t say much for the rest of the day until after school when you had to clean the classroom. You were sweeping the floor with a frown on your face. Jimin was supposed to help, but he decided to sleep instead. He fell asleep on his desk quickly, making you do most of the cleaning by yourself.

“Jimin,” You whispered, trying to wake him up, “PARK JIMIN!” He quickly shot up from the noise.

“What? What happened?” He mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Finally, you’re awake. Now help me out so we can leave faster. It looks like it’s about to rain.” You told him, looking through the window at the dark grey clouds.

“Okay, okay, I’ll help you, but you have to make a really good dinner tonight.” He smirked, taking the broom in his hand. You rolled your eyes and continued to tidy up. By the time you two finished, the rain already kicked in and the last bus had already left.

“What are we going to do?” You asked, staring blankly at the heavy rain from the front door.

He gave you a cheeky smile before answering, “Race.”

“Wha-” Before you could finish asking him, he grabbed onto your arm and ran outside into the rain.

“Jimin!” You yelled after him, trying to keep up with his speed. He let go of your wrist and ran ahead, “I’m getting wet!”

Then you better run faster!“ He laughed. You couldn’t help but laugh with him. You were finally having some fun. Taking you away from the stress that the final assignment gave you. You chased after him. When you finally caught up, he was doing a dance. Your eyes followed his every move, admiring how beautiful it looked in the rain. Each step he took caused a splash, making the two of you completely soaked.

After the little dance, he started to walking back to the house. It wasn’t that far from the school, maybe around 15 minutes of walking? You usually went over to Jimin’s house after school to do homework and eat dinner. You wouldn’t go back home until it got really dark. Sure there were times where you would be too lazy to go home and just stayed the night instead, It’s not like they minded. And it’s not like you really had a curfew in the first place. By the time you arrived at his house, you two looked like you just had a shower with your clothes on.

"I can’t believe you made me run in the rain.” You scold him, grabbing a towel from one of the drawers to dry yourself off. It wasn’t enough. You dried some parts of your hair, but your uniform was still soaking wet. You were lucky you weren’t wearing something white, or sheer.

“Oh shut up, you had fun with it.” He snapped back at you, stealing the towel from you for himself.

“Yes, yes I did. It was fun.” You smiled, snatching the towel back.

“Well, don’t mind me I’m gonna go change out of this wet uniform.” He smirked, leaving you alone in the living room as he disappeared to his room upstairs.

“That bastard knew I had to come here first and purposely made me get all wet in the rain.” You said out loud, pissed at his actions. You were still trying your best to dry off what you could.

“Who’s the bastard?” A voice from upstairs asked, you looked up to see Jin in a sweater and sweat pants.

“Oppa! You were home?” You asked with a smile.

“I’ve been home for a while now. Did Jimin make you run in the rain again?” He asked, you nodded and he sighed, “You know, next time it rains just call me and I’ll drive you two back. I mean look at you, you’re soaked! Come up here, I’ll lend you some dry clothes.” You followed him to his bedroom where you were hit with the strong scent of Jin, he would look around for clothes you could borrow, only to find that nothing that would work.

“Here, take my sweater. It’s nice and warm, plus, it’s long enough to cover everything. My pants are too big for you.” He said, after taking off his sweater for you. You took the sweater and went to the bathroom to take off your uniform. Now you were only dressed in his warm sweater, still lingering with the fresh scent of him. You walked out of his bathroom to find him staring at you with wide eyes.

“You look so cute!” He exclaimed, patting your head. You couldn’t help but lift his sweater up to your nose to smell him as he left the room. But he turned around and caught you. “Are you smelling my sweater?”

You blushed before answering, “Only because I think you smell good.”

“I think you smell good too.” He chuckled before heading downstairs, “Come on, you can help me make dinner.” You nodded and followed.

Jimin came out after changing and had some clothes in his hands for you, but when he saw you exit Jin’s bedroom in nothing but his sweater, jealously rushed over him. Whenever he tried to do something nice for someone, Jin always takes that away by doing it first. At least that’s what it felt like. He quickly calmed down and place the clothes back in his room before heading to the kitchen himself.

~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)

Princess Emma and the Curse Not Cast

I re-watched 6x10 and this is what I realized about princess Emma.

The thing with Emma raised by Snowing is not that she was raised by her parents but in how she was raised. She wasn’t raised to think for herself. She was heavily sheltered. It was clear the views she had were those of her parents. That her parents had been the ones raising Henry. That she’d never really had a responsibility a day in her life. 

When Regina finds her she says something along the lines of “My father told me you were a liar.” Not something a 30+ year old grown woman should be saying. At least not in that way. That is something a 5 year old says who has been taught not to talk to strangers. Repeating what has been droned into her head without question and seemingly no real awareness of and belief in the facts to back it up.

She has a son, yet it’s clear that even at her age she refers to her parents for everything, including raising him. Which after 13 years of raising him should not have been the case given the simple thing she did so for. Henry asks her a simple question of whether the sword she has is for him and she looks at her parents, clearly for an okay, confirmation that it’s okay for him to have a sword, before he’s allowed to really have it.

She seems terrified of making mistakes. 

Her immediate solution to a threat, as future Queen, is to surrender. No assembling armies, no conversing with other magic users who might be able to incapacitate the Queen. No trying to reason with the Queen. No asking why she did what she did. Nothing. Just surrender.

So this AU shows us that because of how Snowing would have raised her, without responsibilities and constantly protecting her from challenges and therefore giving her no chances to make mistakes of her own and learn from them, she would have become a terrified girl with a naive mind with no opinion of her own because it has probably always been opposed and no backbone. Kind of like how young Regina was until she became the Queen. And Regina had an entirely different mother.

Princess Emma is basically terrifying in that she’s exactly what no one should want to be. Woefully unprepared for what life throws at you. Which, now that I think about it, was also the case with Young Regina.

It doesn’t justify what Regina did to Emma. Not in the slightest. What she went through was horrible and Regina was at least partially at fault for it. Because as Regina said Emma has told her countless times, there is always a choice. But she wasn’t the only one that made choices that got Emma hurt. She wasn’t acting alone in the least. But in the end it does tell us that everything happens for a reason. And while Emma’s experiences have left her scarred, in most ways they have also left her better for it. In that she’s better equipped to handle the harsh world she lives in. Which clearly would not have been the case had she been raised by Snowing specifically. 

There’s a reason people talk about being thankful for both the good and bad experiences in your life. It doesn’t mean you have to love and forgive the people who’ve hurt you and keep them in your life. Sometimes it’s better not to. But it is important to acknowledge that those experiences have often taught you something important. That they’ve made you who you are, exactly who you were meant to be.

And whether you keep the people who brought them about in your life is your prerogative.

Emma has chosen to do so when it comes to Regina, I think for the simple reason, that by the time she fully realized whom Regina had been and still was to some extent, she already loved her. And knowing whom Regina had been didn’t change that. She just happens to be lucky that Regina changed for the better. Which only kept Emma’s love for her alive. And before that the fact that Regina had lovingly raised Henry. Because anyone who actually manages to raise a child with love and affection, strict or not, can’t be that bad, right? After horrors I’m sure Emma has been through in the foster system I’d say she most likely believes the answer is “no.” Because I’m sure she’s come across many outwardly “nice” people tasked with raising her who made horrible parents or none at all. 

And the beauty of it is that Regina actually loves her, couldn’t not love her given whom Emma is as a person. Given whom Emma has been to her. And she literally loves Emma more than life itself. She’s literally the one person who does not want to hurt Emma and strives every day to do right by her. I’d say that the fact that she inadvertently has hurt Emma in the past, when she made Emma collateral damage, has only made that need to protect her now stronger. So much so that she’s literally willing to kill herself to keep her other half from hurting Emma. The truth is that Regina didn’t set out to hurt Emma. Emma was a pawn like Regina and circumstances, the places they were maneuvered into, made them enemies by default.

It’s like being pushed into the ring for a fight to the death. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is. All you know, all that matters, is that only one will leave that ring alive. So it comes down to how badly do you want to survive? Because it’s kill or be killed. And everything the Evil Queen has done has been from that mindset. A bloody fight to the death in which she made it her mission to win in order to survive.

Because without Rumple molding Regina into the monster he needed and making Emma the savior for this particular curse Emma would not have been. Without Emma’s parents giving her up she would not have been. And without Regina being pushed by Rumple to enact the curse and doing so Emma would not have been.

So Emma became collateral damage simply because of the title she carried. And because of whom her parents were. Because of the position Rumple, Regina and her parents maneuvered her into. Because that’s what made it complicated, isn’t it? That none of Regina’s actions were ever about hurting Emma personally. Emma has always just ended up as collateral damage. And now even that has lessened by a lot. Because Regina won’t stand for it anymore. And if you really look, you’ll notice that even the Queen has done absolutely nothing that was meant to hurt Emma personally. She talks trash, but that’s it. It has always been about the feud that started long before Emma’s birth that she got tangled up in because she was born into it and made part of a fight that was never about her. Even in the way the Queen retaliates when Emma attacks her personally tells us that her heart isn’t really in it. Or actually it is, but not in attacking Emma but I believe in protecting her in her own way and trying to rectify the wrongs she has done to Emma personally as well.

Because now Emma and Regina have beat the odds pushing them to be enemies precisely because of the lives they’ve led. Exactly because of the spots they were maneuvered into. Because it made them understand each other. Two imperfect people who wronged others, one in way worse ways than the other, who’ve just been searching for someone to understand the struggle life has been for them and accept and love them for who they are. And tell them that it’s okay. That their past is okay. That it doesn’t define them. And that it doesn’t mean they can’t make better choices for a better future. But believes that they can.