at least seinfeld is on

  • Liv: You know that manslaughter is the least serious murder charge?
  • Ravi: You don't say.
  • Liv: Manslaughter. Literally, the slaughter of a man. Sounds brutal, doesn't it?
  • Ravi: Heinous.
  • Liv: Yet it's the most socially acceptable form of murder.
  • Ravi: So you think we should change the name.
  • Liv: Yes, I do How about "inadvertent life-ending"?
  • Ravi: "Unintentional snuff-out".
  • Liv: How about "I can't believe it's not murder"?

zevraanarainai  asked:

fuck/marry/kill sonic the hedgehog, jerry seinfeld, shrek

god damn it

fuck jerry seinfeld. at least he’s a human

marry shrek. he treats fiona well, i could probably do worse

kill sonic. i couldn’t stand his voice after like two days of being married, and there’s no way a human can stand up to that kind of speed in bed. also he’s a cartoon hedgehog

i went to the official seinfeld blog through the link on the festivus mode popup and it…actually looks nice? and it has a custom theme. somebody hired a graphic designer to make official seinfeld blog look nice and at least one person to run the blog and get people talking about seinfeld on social media. someone did this for a sitcom that’s been in syndication for over a decade