at least one team i like won yesterday

@jonsnown replied to your photo “Eeeeeeee, I’m so very very pleased. :)”

I have a Stantler named Stannis .. So I feel you. Also, so jealous you got the articuno!

I also have a Stantler named Stannis. :)  And a Magby named Jon, because lbr, he looks just like Kit. ;)

I live in Chicago, so it was pretty easy to go downtown, there are legendary raids all over there. Articuno’s not hard to get, at least with a huge team (also not a problem, so many people in Grant Park Pokemoning yesterday).

Lugia’s tougher though, and I kept timing out because of server lag, ugh, and then when we won the damn thing was a red circle with a golden berry, and my curveballs kept missing. >:(  Per Silph Road it’s a 5% chance, and yeah, I haven’t caught one yet. It’s supposed to stick around longer than Articuno, though, so eventually I should get one.

@crocordile replied to your photo “Eeeeeeee, I’m so very very pleased. :)”

I’m thinking of an asoiaf au… Sansa would love articuno

Yes. :) My reblogged Sansa + pokemon posts don’t have her with Articuno at all and they should, they should. (That Sansa - Arya team is almost perfect though.)