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Aaron and Robert having meals/drinks together (requested by anon)

of course you are wild. you are the fire they suffocated because their eyes burned in the brightness. you are the wolf they kenneled because they feared you could fight them. you are made from ichor and despite your struggle you still show such kindness. you were never the tight cages they chained you in. you are much more. you are a dragon.


Time: “G-G-GET M-ME O…O-OFF…!! *is in one that doesn’t move*


CA: “Whoa we’re actually moving! I think. This is so nice..where we off to lil’ birdy?”

My children in a carousel. Time is legit terrified of any ride so he’d want to get off. This has been a long life dream and goal for Rain. To CA its like they’re actually moving and going somewhere straight or somethin and loves the birb so-

Y'know, whenever I see a crossover fanart with Cartoon Network shows, I feel kinda upset that TAWoG is always left out while other shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc., are almost always featured in there.

I mean, I know TAWoG isn’t as popular as them, nor everyone likes the show, but at least give ‘em some recognition! It’s one of the better shows on CN amongst the bubbling, overtaking-almost-the-whole-schedule cesspool that is TTG, at least…

A Good Audition Song...
  • Fits the time period of the show 
    • {Don’t bring in I Could Have Danced All Night for Catch Me If You Can}
  • Fits the style of the show 
    • {Thoroughly Modern Millie and Urinetown were written the same year but are definitely NOT the same style}
  • Not overdone 
    • {Not the time to bust out your Phantom of the Opera material}
  • Has a clear arc of beginning, middle, end 
    • {Even if you are singing for 20 seconds, there should still be a story and a journey to what you’re singing}
  • Written in present tense 
    • {Story songs can be really great but if you just sang a part of Meadowlark, you kind of miss the point}
  • Directed towards another person
    •  {It makes your acting more clear and concise. So don’t try and address the entire Argentine population Eva Peron}
  • Has at least one good sustained note 
    • {Give ‘em that money note. But not your absolute highest. Make ‘em want more. Play hard to get}
  • Playable for you accompanist 
    • {Jason Robert Brown writes great stuff but have mercy on your accompanist. They are people too}
  • Can be reasonably cut into an appropriate length for audition purposes 
    • {Some songs aren’t meant to be trimmed into 16 bar cuts. They need to roam wild and free}
  • Something you love to sing
    • {If you hate it, everyone behind the table will know}

{ The Sunken: *asks a question* }
{ The chatroom: *goes crazy with answers* }
{ Me: *lists every single answer down* }
{ The Sunken: *continues to count down* }
{ Tem..from Undertale: *says one more answer* }
{ Me: *repeats the answer* }
{ The Sunken: *dings with the last minute correct answer*


(hope it was what you were hoping for ^^)

“Make A Promise above the Pines Tress and Below The Shooting Stars”

Fun Fact 1 ; Dipper and Mabel have very loose agendas but every Saturday they would spend the entire day together with or without friends and end the day with a night below the stars 

Fun Fact 2  ; years later Mabel and Dipper have kids (I’m not telling you who’s ;p but at least one of em have demon babiesss~ ;p i think its obvious who im talking bout) and they live in the shack together with they’re Partners and babies ;p


FitzSimmons Season 1 iPhone Wallpapers
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Well, I call this stuff “Pines Plus” and long story short it’s the Pines family doing their “PINES PINES PINES” thingy but with Soos and Wendy and, after some time, Pacifica.

I’m really fond of the Pines family, and Pacifica, too, so one day I just decided to draw this.  Originally, back 2 years ago before Not What He Seems aired, it was just going to be Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica, but then Ford came into the picture, and one of my pals said I ought to throw Soos and Wendy in there, too, and…. well, here we are!

At least one of ‘em is a little awkward because I had to mash some more of the drawings into one picture than I would’ve liked…

Also funny story when I was still drawing this, I was considering having Pacifica punch Stan in the face by accident but having nobody notice, and then when Ford came to the party I was going to have HIM notice and start chuckling.

Internal Med sub-specialty personalities Part 1

Disclaimer: These are just my opinions based on my observations of my own program. This is in no way meant to be a definitive assessment of each sub-specialty. This is not a professional assessment. This is purely for fun. 

Cardiology: Some call it swagger, others call it cockiness. Either way, cardiologists got it. Competitive with everyone; some are just better at controlling themselves. Each one of them has at least one pair of really nice sneakers or watch. Very polarizing, people love ‘em or hate ‘em. The cards-bound med students and residents will definitely drag a rusty butter knife across your neck if offered the opportunity to interpret an EKG for an attending. They think they’re the best, and they have no problem telling you they are.

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Pulmonology/Crit Care: They all own at least two plaid shirts. Otherwise, they prefer to wear scrubs ALL DAY. Unassuming in the wards and ambulatory but they are intense as all hell in the ICUs. This is also present in their personalities. They are very laidback or constantly hardcore (with moments of awkwardness or goofiness) Get very excited by vent management and pressors. Like to teach through doing. Not as cocky as cardiologists but I would argue that they are the TRUE physio masters that cards claims to be.

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Gastroenterology: Everyone’s a foodie. Will talk over who has the best bowel prep regimen like it’s a prize-winning family recipe. Also competitive but funny as hell. You have to have a good sense of humor if you’re working with puke or poop, you know? Fave thing: scoping people. Enact fashion days, be it Bow Tie Tuesday, Fun Pants Friday, We Wear Pink Wednesday, etc. No idea why, but I’ve heard many people say GI people at various hospitals love this fashion stuff. 

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Nephrology: Quirky and smart as all hell. Their explanations are simultaneously brilliantly logical but mystifyingly illogical. Is a Trekkie or a sci fi fan. They all have fun shoes. Easygoing, laid back, and then drops genius on you, no big deal. The moment you think they’re not listening to you because they’re looking off into the distance, they’re doing mental calculations for how much free water deficit someone’s got. Chess players, always ten steps ahead.

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Endocrinology: The second super-nerds of IM (the first super-nerds being nephrologists). Fantasy novel fans. Team Novelty Socks. Highly logical but also mystifyingly illogical sometimes, too. VERY calm, quiet, pleasant. If you ask a question and genuinely want an answer, they have lots to say, but not in a obsequious way. And what they say is almost always right. Like to toss zebras out there, more than nephrologists. Which is saying a LOT. 

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True? Not true? Tell me your sub-specialty stereotypes! I want to know! 

Up next: Rheum, ID, Palliative, Hem/Onc

Things that happened 2day:

1. Some asshole attacked me for saying, in a bi support group, that I don’t identify as q****. Absolutely would not get off my case about it, told me it made me a homophobe, etc. And eventually I left the group, but like. Why are these people so fucking fragile? I’m not comfortable with it and people FREAKING OUT about that notion and DEMANDING explanations is not making that any better. Every time I interact with someone who IDs as q****, they do this. It just reinforces the idea to me that “q****” people are not the same as LGBT+ people and that the former should not be trusted.

2. Had 5 vials of blood taken, got prescribed new psych meds, found out they don’t work (at least not as sleep aids which was one of two things I got em for). I’m really not surprised 0.5mgs of Ativan isn’t putting me to sleep, but I am pretty sad about it.

3. Contemplated killing myself for most of the day over things that occurred 8-12 years ago. Realized it’s been over 10 years since my first suicide attempt. Sad about it. I really wish it had just worked.


“… and there they go again.”

“The worst kept secret in all of Paris.”

“It is good that it has come to light; certainly it is the least harmful clandestine love affair that I know of.”

“Athos, your capacity to subtly yet caustically erode any possible joy that may arise from two people finding happiness in each other is astounding; Porthos, let us leave this radiant couple to kiss in pea–oh. Oh. They’re–that’s–oh.”

“… how about I just close my eyes and push ‘em into the nearest room, yeah?”

“Aramis’ quarters are closest.”

“Well–Porthos’ has a bigger bed!”

“They’re not making children on my sheets–”

“–for god’s sake, Porthos–”

“–not unless I get to be a godfather to at least one of 'em.”

“… This conversation has taken a most unwelcome turn.”

“Well, not to worry, Athos, for they appear to have retreated to d'Artagnan’s rooms.”

“It’s so great to see them together, though; feels like at least one thing has gone right in all this mayhem and chaos.”

“I’ll drink to that, Porthos.”

“Can you imagine, though, our young d'Artagnan and lovely, fiery Constance–it seems as though it was just yesterday that they were bursting into the garrison, fighting with Athos and slapping me around, and now they’re somewhere above us, ripping each others’ clothes off–”


“–pressing kisses to bared skin–”

“–Aramis, no–”

“–panting and moaning–”

“Are you really writing bawdy fiction of d'Artagnan and Constance now, Aramis? Are you really.”

“–sweaty and tangled in ecstatic union–”

“Oh, for god’s sake. Porthos, just kiss him and make him shut up.”