at least one of em

“ Well that outfit doesn’t seem to be working on me, OR you.”

“ Don’t flatter yourself. I said ultimate, ass wholes, sweet heart. You’re just a sad plain one.” 

Whats this? TWO doodles in one day ( 6 v 6 ; ) guess i got it bad with these two lol

two questions for two different gifsets i’ve been mulling over. if anyone had thoughts

1. which tennant should i use as a base for modern!casanova? also half wondering if maybe i should see if i can get away with using actual casanova

2. i’ve only seen jodie whittaker in broadchurch and i’m wondering where to start if i was looking for another source for thirteen gifs. (specifically thirteen x rose tbh) 

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I would love to see ur interpretation of Hazel! She's a character that's so versatile in how she's drawn in the fandom (weird wording sorry) and I'd love to see you version!! (Also I love how you do eyes and basically everything else!!! Aaaaa thank you!)

my bby… honestly all the pjo/hoo girls r Good i luv all of them..

hot & cold - boyfriend!tom

“You’re a cover stealer,” Tom mutters as he pulls the duvet out from where it’s wrapped under you, causing you to let out a sleepy whine. He wraps it around himself too, scooting up against your back.

“S'not on purpose,” you murmur in response, snuggling back into his chest.

“Still counts,” Tom whispers as he wraps his arm around you, his hand sliding under your shirt, his thumb briefly rubbing back and forth just above your navel before settling into place.


“No no no. Tooooom,” you groan, pushing his arm off of you. You were lying on your back in bed when he rolled over to his stomach in his sleep, extending his arm out on to you. The covers were already on the floor - the AC had broken the morning before, and you were dying from the heat.

Squinting, Tom cracks open his left eye to look at you. “You’re mean.”

“You’re too hot,” you retort, irritated at your lack of sleep while Tom seemed unaffected by the heat.

“Mmm, that’s what they tell me,” Tom mutters, turning his head and settling back into the pillows to sleep. You roll your eyes a forcefully nudge his shoulder, but he’s already back to sleep.



a little fluff for all you fluffy folks. thanks for all your requests, will def get out at least one or two tomorrow!!! keep ‘em coming!

I tried.

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Oh, could you do Space!Tybalt being gay as hell (but tbh everything Tyb Capulet does is Gay) :)

here he is!!! thanks a bunch for this request, i had a lot of fun with it!!

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Do you have any 8tracks or theme songs for your characters?

Hmm sort of? I used to back in the day but now I just like to keep to self. I’m also not v good w lyrics music but if I had to chose some songs maybe (spoiler i guess they’re all sad kinda lmao) here are some?? i guess

Pint: Ash veil  / Bad Blood

Marcel: Sega Sunset

Bri: When You Break / Set guitars to kill

Roxanne/Mercedes: Correct Me

Karel: What Went Down 

Rajenlo:  Stubborn Beast / ideally just Satsuki’s intro

Fernanda: you bet it’s a linkin park song


Hector…uhh, just about every impossibly exhasperating cocky asshole song

it is i
i am finally doing that meet the artist thing i was tagged to do ages ago lol

Not ‘together, together’ my ASS! I don’t care if this is kinda spoiler-y, this is part of the finale that mattered the most to me.

Dammit I thought they were gonna kiss in this moment. I actually leaned into my screen and started chanting, ‘Please kiss! Kiss! NOW KISS dammit!’

But they didn’t, obviously. But…at least we got to have a very touching shipper moment which was actually initiated by REN this time and that’s what made this scene golden for me.

We all know Nora’s feelings so the fact that this time it was Ren who initiated contact made me VERY happy as a RENORA/Flower Power shipper!

I’ve waited 4 seasons for this! I have endured four whole seasons for us to get to this point!

Dear RoosterTeeth, Okay we got some great RENORA moments, backstory and development this season. That’s beautiful. 

Please keep this up. We’ve already been hinted at Nora’s feelings for Ren from previous seasons (and even RWBY Chibi surprisingly) but if this moment here didn’t signify Ren’s feelings/interest in Nora ‘that way’ then I’ll be pissed.

Don’t let this drop RT. Keep it up. Let my babies kiss or at least date in Season 5. I don’t know what your plans for these two are for future arcs but I hope one of em leads to them kissing at least once at some point.

After this season, it’d be a shame if they didn’t.


Daveed’s, Jonathan’s, and Will’s music is beautiful so please go check that out!

So I’m going to list my favorite one’s

First is ‘Tonight’ by Clipping It is about sex pretty much, but Daveed is to handsome to not listen to

Second ‘Back up’ by Clipping It’s just has the best hook ever and others in the song really make it great.

Then ‘Story’ by Clipping. Their story series is the best thing you will come by, each one of them is it’s own story,but this one interests me more. I highly recommend

Forth is probably ‘Dominoes’ by Clipping because I just love how much it sounds like a huge concert. I don’t really know how to explain other than it’s wonderful.

and last but not least, 'Air 'em out.’ By Clipping It is one of their more popular songs. I would say 'Work Work’ by Clipping but this song is easier to rap along with. I find myself singing this daily.

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