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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

It’s the time of year for summer break, swimming, and oh, yes storms. June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season on the Atlantic coast, but we’re not alone. Our neighboring planets have seen their fair share of volatile weather, too (like the Cassini spacecraft’s view of the unique six-sided jet stream at Saturn’s north pole known as “the hexagon”). 

This week, we present 10 of the solar system’s greatest storms.

1. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

With tumultuous winds peaking at 400 mph, the Great Red Spot has been swirling wildly over Jupiter’s skies for at least 150 years and possibly much longer. People saw a big spot on Jupiter as early as the 1600s when they started stargazing through telescopes, though it’s unclear whether they were looking at a different storm. Today, scientists know the Great Red Spot has been there for a while, but what causes its swirl of reddish hues remains to be discovered. More >

2. Jupiter’s Little Red Spot

Despite its unofficial name, the Little Red Spot is about as wide as Earth. The storm reached its current size when three smaller spots collided and merged in the year 2000. More >

3. Saturn’s Hexagon

The planet’s rings might get most of the glory, but another shape’s been competing for attention: the hexagon. This jet stream is home to a massive hurricane tightly centered on the north pole, with an eye about 50 times larger than the average hurricane eye on Earth. Numerous small vortices spin clockwise while the hexagon and hurricane spin counterclockwise. The biggest of these vortices, seen near the lower right corner of the hexagon and appearing whitish, spans about 2,200 miles, approximately twice the size of the largest hurricane on Earth. More>

4. Monster Storm on Saturn 

A tempest erupted in 2010, extending approximately 9,000 miles north-south large enough to eventually eat its own tail before petering out. The storm raged for 200 days, making it the longest-lasting, planet-encircling storm ever seen on Saturn. More >

5. Mars’ Dust Storm 

Better cover your eyes. Dust storms are a frequent guest on the Red Planet, but one dust storm in 2001 larger by far than any seen on Earth raised a cloud of dust that engulfed the entire planet for three months. As the Sun warmed the airborne dust, the upper atmospheric temperature rose by about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. More >

6. Neptune’s Great Dark Spot

Several large, dark spots on Neptune are similar to Jupiter’s hurricane-like storms. The largest spot, named the “Great Dark Spot” by its discoverers, contains a storm big enough for Earth to fit neatly inside. And, it looks to be an anticyclone similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. More >

7. Sun Twister 

Not to be confused with Earth’s tornadoes, a stalk-like prominence rose up above the Sun, then split into about four strands that twisted themselves into a knot and dispersed over a two-hour period. This close-up shows the effect is one of airy gracefulness. More >

8. Titan’s Arrow-shaped Storm 

The storm blew across the equatorial region of Titan, creating large effects in the form of dark and likely “wet” from liquid hydrocarbons areas on the surface of the moon. The part of the storm visible here measures 750 miles in length east-to-west. The wings of the storm that trail off to the northwest and southwest from the easternmost point of the storm are each 930 miles long. More >

9. Geomagnetic Storms

On March 9, 1989, a huge cloud of solar material exploded from the sun, twisting toward Earth. When this cloud of magnetized solar material called a coronal mass ejection reached our planet, it set off a chain of events in near-Earth space that ultimately knocked out an entire power grid area to the Canadian province Quebec for nine hours. More >

10. Super Typhoon Tip

Back on Earth, Typhoon Tip of 1979 remains the biggest storm to ever hit our planet, making landfall in Japan. The tropical cyclone saw sustained winds peak at 190 mph and the diameter of circulation spanned approximately 1,380 miles. Fortunately, we now have plans to better predict future storms on Earth. NASA recently launched a new fleet of hurricane-tracking satellites, known as the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS), which will use the same GPS technology you and I use in our cars to measure wind speed and ultimately improve how to track and forecast hurricanes. More >

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Hurricane Irma thrashes the Caribbean

Powerful Hurricane Irma cut a swathe of deadly destruction as it roared through the Caribbean, claiming at least nine lives and turning the tropical islands of St Martin and Barbuda into mountains of rubble.

One of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record, the rare Category Five hurricane churned westward off the northern coast of Puerto Rico early Thursday on a potential collision course with south Florida where at-risk areas were evacuated.

St Martin — a pristine resort known for its vibrant nightlife which is divided between France and the Netherlands — suffered the full fury of the storm, with rescuers on the French side saying eight people had died and another 21 were injured. (AFP)

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View of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Sint Maarten Dutch part of Saint Martin island in the Caribbean, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Defence/Handout via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Hurricane Irma approaches Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma, a record Category 5 storm, is seen approaching Puerto Rico in this NOAA National Weather Service National Hurricane Center satellite image taken on Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: NOAA National Weather Service National Hurricane Center/Handout via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Waves break over a dock as Hurricane Irma slammed across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

St. Maarten

View of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on St. Maarten Dutch part of Saint Martin island in the Caribbean, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Defence/Handout via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

People look out from a house as Hurricane Irma howls past Puerto Rico after thrashing several smaller Caribbean islands, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A street is flooded during the passing of Hurricane Irma on Sept. 6, 2017 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. (Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A palm tree buckles under winds and rain as Hurricane Irma slammed across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Waves crash against the seawall as Hurricane Irma slammed across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A man carrying an umbrella walks on a street as Hurricane Irma howls past Puerto Rico after thrashing several smaller Caribbean islands, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

View of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on St. Maarten Dutch part of Saint Martin island in the Carribean, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Defence/Handout via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A rescue team from the local emergency management agency inspects flooded areas after the passing of Hurricane Irma on Sept. 6, 2017 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. (Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Families gather at a shelter in a local church during the evening before the arrival of Hurricane Irma in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic, Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. Dominicans wait for the arrival of Hurricane Irma after it lashed Puerto Rico with heavy rain and powerful winds, leaving nearly 900,000 people without power as authorities struggled to get aid to small Caribbean islands already devastated by the historic storm. ( Photo: Tatiana Fernandez/AP)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

People take shelter in a school as Hurricane Irma slammed across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

A lone police car on patrol during the passing of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. (Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A man removes debris from a car following high winds as Hurricane Irma nears San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017, in this image taken from social media. (Photo: Nicole Pellot/Handout via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

A man reacts in the winds and rain as Hurricane Irma slammed across islands in the northern Caribbean on Wednesday, in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Alvin Baez/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Hurricane Irma churns past Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma, ranked as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century, churns across the Atlantic Ocean past Puerto Rico over Dominican Republic in this NASA GOES satellite image taken at 1715 EDT (2115 GMT) on Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: NASA/Handout via Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A member of the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) monitors the trajectory of Hurricane Irma in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Sept. 6, 2017. (Photo: Ricardo Rojas/Reuters)

Source: Yahoo News Photo Staff

eiriee  asked:

It's really interesting how different seas can feel even though they're basically all connected. To me, in the UK, The Sea as a concept is a mother, but The North Sea is male (at least from the Newcastle area), The Channel plays about more and maybe smirks, and from my side the Atlantic feels dark green. Ive not yet bonded with the North Sea here in Scotland, despite living the closest i ever have. I don't know if I should walk out into it and paddle about or read stories about it. Ah, The Sea.

That tickles me too. That, geographically speaking, there is only one ocean on this planet. Every “separate” ocean we identify is technically connected to all the others, so really, The Ocean as we know it is really a singular body of water.

And yet, I think part of the reason why it feels so different in different places is because it’s not a monolith. It contains multitudes, in the form of ecosystems, species distribution, current patterns, temperature gradients, salinity…

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Atlantic has warm water flowing up into it from the tropical seas. In that same hemisphere, the Pacific has frigid water flowing down from the Arctic.

I think, too, the attitudes of the people living around it have also helped to shape the Ocean’s various souls. Where I live, on the Mid-Atlantic coast of North America, the ocean is seen as a place to go to rest and relax; to rejoice in the heat, the freedom, of summer; to tan and play with your friends and family. 

And sure, part of that mindset comes from the fact that, due to the way the climate lines up, the Mid-Atlantic coast is the perfect place to do all of the above in the summer; it was naturally that kind of place. But I think that generations of people coming for that purpose has influenced the spirit of the Atlantic in that region, making Her all the more the loving–yet still dangerous and fiercely powerful–motherly spirit I experience.

I’m sure if I were to talk to someone from the New England area, where the beaches are rocky and the summers are cooler, they would have a very different opinion of the Atlantic’s spirit. And they’d be right, of course, because She’s a different Atlantic to them. Maybe She’s even a He to them.

I’m sure your Atlantic is very different to mine, too.

Ugh, I love this stuff. Ocean feels and regional animism.


Compared to other groups of animals, there aren’t all that many mammal species. But Cetacea, the order of the whales, with its mere 80-90 species is unusually small, even by mammal standards; primates for example have almost 400 species, and the order of the rodents has about 2200! And yet, despite their small numbers, there is such an incredible diversity between the whales, from the big and mighty bowhead whale to the small and sleek harbour porpoise. Not only do the depicted species illustrate this broad diversity in shapes and sizes, they also occur in a single geographical location for at least part of their ranges.

This is a really old drawing, but I still quite like it!

"WAR AND PEACE" (2016) Review

“WAR AND PEACE” (2016) Review

I have a confession to make. I have never seen a movie or television adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 novel, “War and Peace”. Never. Well … I once made an attempt to watch the 1956 movie adaptation directed by King Vidor. Unfortunately, I could never go the distance. In fact, I have never read the novel.

However, many years passed. When I heard about the BBC’s latest adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give “WAR AND PEACE” a chance. The six-part miniseries is simply about the experiences of five Russian families during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century. Those families include the Bezukhovs, the Bolkonskys, the Rostovs, the Kuragins, and theDrubetskoys. The miniseries seemed to be divided into three segments during a period between 1805 and 1812-13. The first segment featured the introduction of the main characters and Russia’s preparation of a war against Napoleon’s France. This culminates into the Battle of Austerlitz in which two major characters - Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky and Count Nikolai Ilyich Rostov - participate.

The second segment featured the characters’ personal experiences at home. During this period, the miniseries explored Count Pyotr “Pierre” Kirillovich Bezukhov’s failed marriage with the beautiful, but vapid and unfaithful Princess Yelena “Hélène” Vasilyevna Kuragina; the Rostov family’s financial woes and how it affected Nikolai Rostov; the emotional strains within the Bolkonsky family; Prince Boris Drubetskoy’s efforts to advance his military career; and especially Countess Natalya “Natasha” Ilyinichna Rostova’s love life, which included both Andrei Bolkonsky and Prince Anatole Vasilyevich Kuragin. This segment also included news of Treaties of Tilsit of 1807, which ended hostilities between Imperial France and Imperial Russia and Prussia. The miniseries’ final segment focused on France’s invasion of Russia in 1812 and the characters’ efforts to survive it.

I could compare director Tom Harper and screenwriter Andrew Davies’ adaptation with Tolstoy’s novel, but it would be a useless effort. As I had earlier pointed out, I have never read the novel. But I do have at least two complaints about the productions. One of them revolved around the relationship between Natasha Rostova and Andrei Bolkonsky. I realize that the publicity machine on both sides of the Atlantic had undergone a great effort to build up the relationship between the pair. Frankly, I found the publicity campaign rather wasted. The Natasha/Andrei romance struck me as a disappointing and wasted effort. The majority of their story arc - which began with their meeting at a ball near the end of Episode Three, continued with Natasha’s brief romance with the slimy Anatole Kuragin, and ended with Natasha’s romances with both men crashing around her by the end of Episode Four; had moved … so damn fast that it left my head spinning. I cannot help but wonder if the entire arc could have been portrayed with more detail if the series had stretched a bit longer.

I also had a problem with Edward K. Gibbon’s costume designs. I found most of them very colorful, especially for the aristocratic characters. But I also found most of them rather troublesome. Well … to be honest, I found them either mediocre or historically questionable. One of them left me gritting my teeth:

But my jaw had literally dropped at the sight of a few costumes worn by actresses Tuppence Middleton and Gillian Anderson - including those shown in the images below:

WHAT IN THE HELL??? Their costumes looked more appropriate for present-day evening wear than the early 19th century. What was Mr. Gibbons thinking?

Despite the rushed Natasha Rostova/Andrei Bolkonsky romance and despite the rather questionable costumes, I managed to enjoy “WAR AND PEACE” very much. I am a sucker for family sagas, especially when they are seeped in a historical background. And “WAR AND PEACE” nearly pushed every one of my buttons when it comes to a well made saga. It had everything - romance, family struggles, historical events and personages. When I realized that Tolstoy had originally focused his tale on five families, I did not think Andrew Davies would be able to translate the author’s novel in a tight story without losing its epic quality.

There were certain sequences that really blew my mind, thanks to Davies’ writing and especially, Tom Harper’s direction. I thought Harper did an outstanding job of re-creating battles like Austerlitz and Borodino, along with the French Army’s retreat from Moscow. Harper also did a great job in directing large parties and ball scenes. My two favorites are the party held at St. Petersburg socialite Anna Pavlovna Scherer’s salon in Episode 1 and the ball where Natasha and Andrei met in Episode 3.

But it was not just the battle and crowd scenes that impressed me. “WAR AND PEACE” is - after all - a melodrama, even if many literary critics are inclined not to admit it. I never thought I would find myself getting caught up in the lives of the saga’s main characters. But I did. I must admit that I admire how Tolstoy … and Davies managed to allow the three main characters - Pierre, Natasha and Andrei - to interact with the five families, regardless of blood connection or marriage. I especially enjoyed the explorations into the lives of Pierre, the Rostovs and the Bolkonskys. At first glance, some might regard the miniseries’ ending that featured a picnic with the families of the three leads as a bit on the saccharine. It did have a “happily ever after” tinge about it. But I read in a newspaper article that complained about Tolstoy’s “realistic” ending - one that featured a less-than-happy view of the protagonists’ lives and a critique from Tolstoy on all forms of mainstream history. Thanks to Davies’ screenplay, audiences were spared of this.

“WAR AND PEACE” featured a good number of first-rate performances from a supporting cast that included Stephen Rea, Gillian Anderson, Tuppence Middleton, Callum Turner, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jessie Buckley, Adrian Edmondson, Aisling Loftus, Rebecca Front and Aneurin Barnard. However, I was especially impressed by certain supporting performances. One came from Greta Scacchi, who portrayed the Rostov family’s practical and sometimes ruthless matriarch Countess Natalya Rostova. I also enjoyed Brian Cox’s portrayal of the world weary General Mikhail Kutuzov, who has to contend with not only Napolean’s army, but also the amateurish interference of the Czar. Tom Burke did a great job in portraying the wolfish and ambitious army officer, Fedor Dolokhov, who eventually becomes a better man following Napoleon’s invasion. Jack Lowden’s portrayal of the young Count Nikolai Rostov really impressed me, especially when his character found himself torn between following his heart and marrying a wealthy woman to restore his family’s fortunes. And Jim Broadbent gave a very colorful performance as Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky, the mercurial and controlling patriarch of the Bolkonsky family.

And what about the production’s three leads? Lily James gave a very charming performance as Countess Natasha Rostova. Well … I take that back. Describing James’ performance as simply “charming” seemed to hint that I found it rather shallow. Yes, James handled Natasha’s “light” moments with her usual competence. More importantly, she did an excellent job in conveying Natasha’s personal struggles - especially during the series’ second half. There were times when I did not know what to make of the Prince Andrei Bolkonsky. He struck me as a very unusual protagonist. Although I found him rather honorable and filled with valor, Andrei did not always struck me as likable - especially in his relationship with adoring, yet ignored wife Lise. And Norton superbly captured the many nuances of Andrei’s character. If Andrei Bolkonsky struck me as an unusual protagonist, Count Pierre Bezukhov struck me as one of a kind. Well … one of a kind for a literary piece written in the 19th century. Sometimes, I get the feeling that someone like Pierre could easily translate into a late 20th century or early 21st century geek. Or perhaps not. I think Pierre is too kind and open-minded to be considered a geek. But he is very unusual for a leading man. And thanks to Paul Dano’s superb portrayal, Pierre has become one of my favorite fictional characters. He did a stupendous job in conveying Pierre’s character from this insecure and rather naive man to a man who learned to find wisdom and inner peace through his struggles. Dano was so good that I had assumed that his performance would garner him a major acting nomination. It did not and I am still flabbergasted by this travesty.

My taste in period dramas usually focused on stories set in the United States or Great Britain … with the occasional foray into France. I was very reluctant to tackle this latest adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s most famous novel. But I was in the mood for something new and decided to watch the six-part miniseries. I am happy to say that despite some flaws, I ended up enjoying “WAR AND PEACE” very much, thanks to Andrew Davies’ screenplay, Tom Harper’s direction and an excellent cast led by Paul Dano, James Norton and Lily James.

Highways I Call Home

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Summary: Request fic for @imhere4newt. “hey oh boy oh boy i just read part 3 of california and whenever you can or want to would you make another part? smut or no smut, up to you. but i’m in love with this little fic thing.”

A/N: In case you missed it, here’s links to the rest of the California series.

Part 1 - Sing A Song For Californiax

Part 2 - What I’d Do Just To Get Back In Her Armsx

Part 3 - Tonight Belongs To Mex

It was finally June.  Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge had been released on June 8 – one week ago. Gerard had called you ecstatically on the phone to tell you it had sold 11,000 copies in its first week (though he joked that his mom must’ve bought at least half of them). You yourself had gone down to the record store where you and Gerard had had your first date (way back in the early 90s’), and bought a copy. You weren’t surprised the album was a hit – it sounded fucking amazing. And you smiled to yourself every time you heard “I’m Not Okay”, because you knew Gerard had written it for you.

You’d played the album at least a dozen times on the two-day drive from Belleville, New Jersey to Los Angeles. You would have preferred to fly there, like you had in January, but, this time, you were taking a whole moving van full of stuff with you. Because this time, you wouldn’t be going back to the small town where you’d lived for your entire life. You were moving to California, permanently.

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Title: Planes

Character(s): Steve Rogers

Pairing(s): Steve Rogers x reader

Request: None.

Summary: Terrified of flying but stuck on a plane to the States, you are comforted by a handsome stranger.

Warnings: None.

Words: 1071


For as long as you could remember, you had been a nervous wreck when it came to planes. No matter where you were going, how long or short the flight was, you were sure to freak out. You had finally found your dream job - working in an important laboratory, developing new technologies - but you would have to fly from your home in London across the Atlantic to get to the interview. You could only hope that after about 5 plane-free years, your fears had disappeared, or lessened, at least. But stepping into the airport, you could already tell they hadn’t.

As you searched for the check-in desk, a man slammed into you from the side and you stumbled, catching yourself on your suitcase.

“Oi, watch it, would you?” he snapped.

“Sorry,” you mumbled, face flushing.

He stalked past you, stomping on your foot in his business shoes as he did. You yanked your foot back and yelped. Spotting the correct check-in you quickly dragged your bag over, joining the queue behind a group of old ladies in sunhats. The queue was unbearably long. Your only reprieve was the handsome blonde man in the line behind you. You stole quick glances at him and you waited, and hoped he didn’t notice you. Luckily, he towered over you, being the tiny little thing you were. He hadn’t even noticed you yet.

He was probably the most gorgeous man you’d ever seen. He had chiselled features, yet a soft smile on his lips. He was tall and muscular, yet he moved like he was afraid to break something, like he was aware of his strength, and didn’t want to use it. You thought he looked familiar, but couldn’t place where from.

Once you were all checked in, and had gone through security without majorly embarrassing yourself, you took a seat by the gates, waiting to board. You were seated across from a serious looking red-headed woman dressed all in black. You could feel her eyes on you, sizing you up, and you willed your cheeks to remain a normal colour. When the blonde man took a seat beside you, you nearly lost it. You were already terrified of getting on this huge metal tube and flying for the better part of a day, and now you had to worry about maintaining a charade of normalcy in front of this guy, who was probably the god Apollo himself. Jesus.

You reached up to tuck your hair behind your ear, but on realising your hand was shaking like a leaf, you dropped it into your lap abruptly. You saw his head turn slightly from the corner of your eye and silently prayed for the gates to open immediately.

But they didn’t. It was at least another half an hour before the gates finally opened, and you were able to walk quickly away from scary red-head and hunky blonde. You scrambled for your passport and boarding pass and handed it to the attendant to check. Then you began to board the plane. You tried to steady your breathing as you walked on, smiling at the flight attendant as you did. You had a window seat, and whether that was a good thing or not, you weren’t sure.

You had thought that you were finally in the clear, but lo and behold, hunky blonde takes the seat beside you. You cursed internally as he gave you a small smile. You smiled back and returned to staring straight ahead resolutely. You could smell his cologne, Calvin Klein you thought, though you weren’t sure which one. He was wringing his hands in his lap and you couldn’t help but watch him from the corner of your eye.

“I really don’t like planes,” you felt his breath warm against your ear and nearly jumped out of your skin. You gave him a questioning look, wondering why he was even talking to you, and not to the beautiful blonde girl sitting across from you, or even to the scary red-head, who was seated in front of you.

“Had a bad experience on one a few years ago,” he said carefully. “What’s your take?”

“On planes?” you stammered.

He nodded, smiling kindly.

“Hate them,” you admitted. “Never liked them.”

“You get panicked on planes?” he lowered his voice a bit.

You let out a breath. “That obvious?”

He nodded regretfully. “You’re shaking like crazy.” He placed his hand on yours squeezing gently and you could feel your cheeks heating up. God, he was an Adonis. His big hands were warm against your small, cold ones. Your heart was beating a mile a minute. The man’s eyes met yours and you were almost shocked at how blue they were. His cheeks went red and he pulled his hand away quickly.

He cleared his throat. “I’m Steve.”

“Y/N.” He shook your hand and gave you a big smile.

“What brings you to the states, Y/N?” “I have a job interview, all going well, maybe I’ll be living there soon.”

“Big job?” he asked.

“Yeah. It’s pretty much a dream of mine,” you admitted, smiling to yourself. “It’s based in Washington, as far as I know.”

You were some of the first people on the plane, and as you chatted, more people filed on and into their seats. Time passed painfully slowly, and the suspense was seriously getting to you.

By the time it was time for take-off, you were a wreck. You could see Steve watching you from the corner of your eye, and tried to keep up an image of being totally together. You weren’t exactly sure it was working though. As the plane began moving along the runway faster and faster you slammed your hand down on the armrest beside you, holding on tightly and squeezing your eyes shut.

Then you realised that the armrest was very.. bumpy. You were holding Steve’s hand. And he was squeezing back. You thought you might faint. As the wheels left the tarmac of the runway, Steve began rubbing small circles on your hand with his thumb, reassuring you. You glanced over at him and he gave you a smile that made you melt a little.

By the time Steve spoke again when the plane was through the clouds, you hadn’t even noticed the plane rising at all.

“Maybe I can show you around New York if you ever visit.”


“Let no bell toll!–lest her sweet soul, amid its hallowed mirth, 

Should catch the note, as it doth float up from the damnéd Earth.”

The lines on the page blurred; Guy’s voice caught; he couldn’t finish. A gentle hand took him by the elbow, led him past the casket to his seat. Other hands patted him consolingly as he bent forward and gave in to quiet sobs.

The service continued toward its inevitable conclusion. Family members and friends came forward and spoke, but Guy paid them scant attention. He just wanted it to be over, to place her remains in their final resting place so her soul could ascend. And then, for him, one last duty to perform.

His mind wandered. He longed to be free of the details, the many arrangements. It had perforce been a simple service, but he’d done his best to make it tasteful. She would have appreciated that. He hoped she would have. She would have approved of the dress, at least. It was the sight of her wearing it, beautiful even now as she lay in the casket, that had been his undoing at the pulpit.

There had been some raised eyebrows when he insisted she be buried in it, especially from the few who had been in on the secret of its procuring. It had been worn by a famous actress on the other side of the Atlantic in her most iconic role, and had cost him a small fortune, then a smaller but still significant sum to enlist the city’s dressmaker in deceiving his bride-to-be as to its origins. He’d planned to reveal the truth to her on their wedding night. She would have appreciated the joke. He hoped she would have.

Something intruded on Guy’s thoughts. A stranger had stepped to the pulpit. He was small of stature, dark-haired. There was something odd about his clothes; the coat and vest appeared to be well-tailored, even expensive, but they were ridiculously out of fashion. The tie, for example, was outlandishly long and narrow.

An eccentric, thought Guy. Please let him not mar the proceedings. This day has been difficult enough already.

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oh. the other side of i know my sister like i know my own mind, and a thing that i’ve seen people talking about, is that the same is not true of Eliza (or Peggy) about Angelica. she never lets anyone know her as well as she does herself. she keeps herself safe, and i would venture to say that it’s about keeping the people she loves safe too. 

i will choose her happiness over mine every time is mutual, but the problem with be careful with that one, love, he will do what it takes to survive / you’ve married an icarus, he’s flown too close to the sun is that it takes one to know one: i’m the oldest and the wittiest and the gossip and the new york city-est, insidious 

except for how Angelica never does fly too close to the sun, she keeps her politically advantageous affair on the other side of both the atlantic and the english channel from her husband, she marries for her family and makes peace with it, she does her best to keep her emotional affair from hurting the people she cares about.

there’s a difference between if i tell her that i love him she’d be silently resigned, he’d be mine, she would say ‘i’m fine’ she’d be lying and at least my dear eliza’s his wife, at least i keep his eyes in my life and it’s the difference between you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind and i love my sister more than anything in this life

because while Eliza says the world has no right to my heart, Angelica’s heart has always been in reserve, has always belonged to private realms. and it keeps her safe. it keeps the people she loves safe. she is happy 

but she will never be satisfied

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Yo!, Carrie is a beautiful name and I will only ever hold a grudge against one person with that name. But, I will die before someone ever calls me Carrie. The reason is because it’s the name of my half sister on my father’s side of the family, and the only public post I’m making regarding how I feel about that witch is that you could fill at least the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans with all the bad blood between us and I will still never forgive her for the things she said to my step-mom.  It’s a nice name, but I’mma have to pass. Thank you though, hunny! 

Creepypasta #802: Time To Get Away

Length: Long

Vacation. We all need one at some point. I work on a customer service team, so my entire waking life is spent dealing with other people and their problems. The pay is alright, enough to keep me going. But every once in a while you just need to get away.

So I took a little vacation time. I went to The Virgin Islands all by myself. What better way to relax than to distance myself from anyone who knows me?

It was the third day, I think. Memory’s a bit hazy now. I had finished up drinking on one of those Tiki bars they set up on the beach. Smoked a lot of grass. This particular beach was facing a pile of gigantic boulders set out in the pristine water, ten yards from the sand. Stacked so high they obscured the horizon. The locals said you could often find tunnels between the stones that would burrow to the other side, sometimes opening to a hidden beach!

So I gave it a go. I swam out through the crystal clear water and found a tunnel. I made my way through and found a way out to the other side, and I found myself on my own secret beach face to face with the Atlantic Ocean! There was another one of those stacks of boulders out about fifty yards out, sort of blocking the view, but still just breathtaking! At least until a loudmouthed group of five obnoxiously drunk college kids spoiled the serenity. So I decided to swim out the to the other stones.

It was a tiring swim, and my current state of inebriation didn’t help. I’d never been a strong swimmer, but after about ten minutes I made it over there. I looked back at the beach I’d left, and I could still see and hear the college kids. So I found a crevice in the stones and I made my way inside, looking for a tunnel through. I wandered around in the dark for god knows how long. 

The bit of light seeping through the small cracks to the outside seemed to darken, and I feared a storm was coming. I remember I began to panic after it started getting really dark, and I turned to leave. Just then I heard laughter coming from somewhere in the cave and my heart began to race. I was elated when I finally saw a bit of dim light coming from a large crack in the tunnel, and I was happy to find it was the same hole I entered through!

But when I got outside it was all wrong. I gazed into the distance, but there was no other beach. There was no island. As far as the eye could see, there was only the open ocean.

I’ve been around my small beach more times than I can remember now, and there’s no sign of any other land. Nothing but the sea. And behind me, from the darkness, the laughter.

Credits to: TheGuyWithOneUpVote


“Atlantic Reality”
Driving in Newfoundland, Canada

The Newfoundland cod fishing industry collapsed entirely in the early 1990s owing to overfishing. By 1993 six cod populations had collapsed, spawning biomass had decreased by at least 75% in all stocks, by 90% in three of the six stocks, and by 99% in the case of ‘northern’ cod, previously the largest cod fishery in the world. <Wikipedia>

Many towns now depend on tourists, often arriving during the iceberg season in June, for their survival. Miniature villages and fishing boats can be found in unmarked streams by the side of highways. Ironically, they depict fishing villages where there is no longer a fishing industry, or towns that no longer exist at all. Both the miniatures and the towns they depict are picturesque tourist attractions.


Featuring politician’s son!Draco and activist!Hermione. All of this is inspired by a lovely fic, bite marks by @provocative-envy, which everyone should read asap!

  • The Malfoys have been in American politics since Draco’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather Armand, who was apparently an aristocrat, crossed the Atlantic under the protection of the British Crown to oversee the colony of South Carolina. When signs of civil unrest led him to believe there would be a revolution, Armand quickly switched sides and managed to get a seat at the Constitutional Convention. Nearly every Malfoy since has either held public office or at least played an important role in shaping public policy.
  • Draco’s father has been a member of the US House of Representatives since he was like, 32, which means Draco was basically raised in the public eye. Which means campaign photoshoots after soccer practice, and hired bodyguards waiting outside the brownstone in D.C., and perfectly coordinated outfits and cufflinks and emerald green ties in Windsor knots, and GOP fundraisers with David and Charles Koch, and a long, long, line of Average Americans trying to suck up to him his entire life.
  • Hermione Granger is anything but an Average American. She comes from a half Indian, half American family of Democrats who drive Priuses and installed solar panels on the roof of their three story mini-mansion just outside of Arlington for like, energy efficient purposes, apparently, which irks Draco’s father and his Big Oil donors, and also probably the soul of his dead grandfather Abraxas, who was accused of some sort of racist hazing scandal, or something, when he played for Georgetown’s lacrosse team, back in the 40s. but.
  • Hermione is just really infuriating. She has a lot to say about Draco and his family history - like when their AP US History class did the Civil War unit, and she sourly noted that the current Malfoy estate still maintains slave quarters on their property, or that time during a chemistry club meeting when Potter suggested they set up a table on carbon emissions at the Student Activities Fair and Hermione gave Draco a dry look, like, would your dad be amenable to that, Malfoy? Seeing as he just voted against the President’s climate change action legislation last week?
  • The thing is, no one’s talked to Draco like this in his life. Not even Pansy, who’s about the bitchiest person he knows. Even the internship he took with his dad’s office the summer before senior year (where, to be fair, basically all he did was spend three months coercing Lucius’s aides into proofreading his college applications, lazing around drinking all the imported coffee he could find, and playing a fuck ton of Call of Duty on the 72″ flatscreen with Blaise and Theo in the conference room) prepared him for the onslaught of nastiness thrown his way by Hermione Fucking Granger.
  • He’s annoyed by this bushy-haired girl who doesn’t seem to have any respect for him, or his family, or their history. and he doesn’t get her. He doesn’t get her anger, or her fierce scowl, or her complete and utter disregard for the conservative values he’s been raised on, or the way her brown eyes flicker with specks of green when she’s about to win an argument. Draco doesn’t understand the sharp lines of her jaw when she throws her hair over her shoulder with a huff of indignation, or the soft curve of her waist that’s exposed as she reaches up to put some books away on the top shelf, or the quick half smile she flashes when she catches him staring.
  • But he wants to.

Captain Dick, Black Loyalist Ranger

Richard Pierpoint was born about 1744 in Bundu in what is now Senegal. When he was about sixteen he was captured and sold as a slave. He survived the crossing of the Atlantic and was sold to a British officer named Pierpoint, probably in one of the northern British colonies. Richard Pierpoint would have acted as his personal servant.

In 1776, with the outbreak of the American Revolution, many African American slaves were offered freedom on the condition that they fought on the side of the British. By at least 1780 Pierpoint was one of about a dozen Africans fighting with the Butler’s Rangersregiment. Some members of the regiment were former black slaves, which enlisted blacks only as non-combatant labourers or sappers. The total number of black soldiers in Butler’s Rangers is unknown, although Pierpoint is the only one who enters into the historical record.

Pierpoint settled in Canada with many other Black Loyalists, but war with America found him once more in 1812. He enlisted in a coloured Loyalist regiment and, despite being in his 60s, served with distinction at several important engagements. 

reasons why the MARO parade of champions is special
  • same venue every year that, when updated, only changes the ballroom panels and chandeliers slightly
  • no backdrop behind the stage, we used to have a black curtain but one guy fell behind the stage into the curtain at the 2008 parade of champs so that was the last year we had that
  • in recent years, champions have danced out to hit songs from popular artists such as Ke$ha and Nikki Minaj
  • the roll-clap side-step thing while dancers are waiting to do their step (credit to Kevin Broesler for the tradition of that choreography)
  • we always wait to have one big parade of champs with everyone at the end on Sunday, not individual ones on each day
  • there’s at least 4 or 5 former and/or current World Champions in the parade every year
  • there are literally so many people packed into this ballroom and even the hotel staff are clapping along side-stage and kids and teachers and families are practically touching the stage because they’re so close
  • there is always a fire marshal  that threatens to kick everyone out of the Marriott because its so crowded”
  • etc. ??? 

The wind was a wee bit brisk and chilly for July, to put it mildly, and Algy had some difficulty maintaining his poise on the lighthouse rocks, at least on the windward side. But whichever way he looked he could see the ocean stretching out into the distance, with islands dotted here and there on the horizon all around, and that - combined with the perpetual sound of the sea - made him happy, even though his feathers were starting to shiver…

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Tangentially related: European cinema might not even allow all that much bloodless violence in a PG-13 rated film. We will, however, allow more sexual content in a PG-13 than the US does. It's interesting to see which one of sex and violence each side of the Atlantic considers more in need of restriction in 'child-safe' media.

Yeah, and I feel like in both sex and violence the parameters we use (at least in the US, don’t know in detail how it works other places) to determine offensiveness are really skewed.

Like for sex, there’s so much focus on which specific body parts are visible, which… who gives a shit?  “What a nipple looks like” is not a dangerous secret.

What I would like rating committees to look at in sex scenes is whether the content requires someone to already understand things like “in real life, girls don’t usually like when you do that without asking” or “in real life, people’s bodies don’t have to look like that to be attractive.”

…Then again, the whole idea of a committee judging the moral value of art bothers me, and I’m not all that comfortable saying “well, it’s okay if they use the right moral standards.”  I’ll personally support media that meets my standards but I wouldn’t want it formally enforced.

I just think that if we have to formally enforce standards, they could at least be sensible ones, instead of worrying about whether children are prematurely exposed to the vowel in between “f” and “ck.”

Travel Across The Sea For You - One Shot

There’s this feeling that you get when you are on the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean to the person you love. It’s the feeling that you just want to drop everything that you’re doing and get on a plane to get to them because a skype call or a text message or even a normal phone call just simply isn’t enough for you. That feeling was the same feeling that Adam currently had considering that he was in Vegas right now and well Taylor was in London about to play a large festival in a couple of days. Adam wanted to be there for her considering that Taylor had been on top of the world after the performance in Norwich the other night. Adam wanted to be back in London with Taylor considering that it was the place that they’d first met on the nights of the Brits. However Adam had a show to do tonight and tomorrow night, not to mention the fact that he was supposed to have a new single out in a matter of weeks and it wasn’t finished yet. Most DJ’s don’t work to schedules or deadlines but the label and Adam’s fans are desperate for new music and the new stuff that Adam had been working on was good, just not quite right yet.

Taylor had not texted Adam at all over the past couple of days, he’d tried messaging her but the time zones made it hard and he knew that she was very busy with everything to do and friends to see. He knew that he could get on a plane at a moment’s notice but then he will have problems with his record label contract and fans which is something that seeing as he’d come so far he just didn’t want to blow it all away because of a girl, no matter how much he loved Taylor. Adam was sitting at the sound desk in the studio when the sound of his phone started to go off. He wasn’t expecting a call so it was a surprise to him to get a call but if there was a chance that it could be Taylor then he was hardly going to ignore it. Everyone else he could possibly be getting a call from knew that he was in the studio today and so they never call when he’s in the studio.

“Hello Adam speaking?” Adam said as he picked up the phone, he’d been too eager to find out who was calling to actually look at the caller ID of his phone – not that he really checked caller ID most of the time anyway.
“Hey handsome” Taylor spoke up and instantly there was a smile on Adam’s face, Taylor had finally called him.
“Hi Beautiful…I’m surprised to hear that beautiful voice of yours, shouldn’t you be busy?” Adam asked, he didn’t want Taylor to be jeopardising her career or something she is supposed to be doing right now simply to talk to him.
“Nope, I have a day off so I’m simply in the hotel room relaxing and trying to find something on TV…which there is nothing reasonable on. You don’t want to talk to me? I can go…” Taylor started to trail off and Adam never wanted to do anything like that.
“No no no, I love talking to you because I love you but I just didn’t want you to get in trouble with talking with me. How was your show the other day? From what I saw on twitter it looked like you had a great time” Adam asked, he wanted to keep Taylor talking even if he was supposed to be working right now. He didn’t know when Taylor would get to call him again so he wanted to keep her talking for as long as possible and hear all about her trip considering he couldn’t be there with her.
“Norwich crowds are amazing, I loved performing and I can’t wait to play another festival in a couple of days. I can see now why you love doing them so much, they have such a buzz” Taylor explained and even Adam could tell how happy she was about the last show and her big London one. He loved playing the festivals and like she had said, he got large buzz performing at the festivals as they are different to other shows which both he and Taylor perform.


Taylor sat in the dressing room, scrolling through Tumblr and looking at all the fans hype for the show. She knew so many people whom she followed on Tumblr were going to be in the audience and that made her even more excited knowing that she had all her girlfriends and family in the audience as well. This show was going to be huge and she couldn’t wait to get out there and perform for everyone considering her Norwich show was great fun and this was longer. She was performing her whole 1989 set at this festival tonight which was exciting for her, she’d only done a couple of festivals with this tour and never usually got to do her whole set with the dancers and everything so tonight was really special. However something didn’t feel right, it was like she was missing something and she had a feeling it had to do with her boyfriend. Being in London meant she was close to where she met Adam for the first time and last time she was here was when they met so being here today gave her a weird feeling considering Adam’s not here with her.

Adam had convinced the label to push the dead line back so he could get to London and see Taylor perform before taking a couple of days off with her to go and meet his family. He wanted her to meet his family as he’d met hers and she thought it would be an appropriate time in their relationship. He wasn’t sure when they would have another time to head back to Scotland and be able to see his parents. Adam was an hour out of London and looking at his watching there was 2 hours till Taylor went out on stage. It would be close but Adam was sure that he would get to Taylor’s show in time to see her absolutely own it. He valued spending time with Taylor considering they were in a relationship, it was easier for him to get to her when needed than her to get to him considering that she’s a much bigger star than he is.
“Adam! What are you doing here?” Andrea asked as Adam got out of the car, he’d not told her that he was going to come considering Adam knew that Andrea would tell Taylor that he was coming and he didn’t want that.
“Well I wanted to be here for her and well what better way to do it than to surprise her” Adam explained.
“Good call, I can tell that she needs something like this. The tour and everything with me is getting to her a bit lately so she’ll be really happy to see you” Andrea explained. Adam remembered the moment he found out that Andrea was sick with Cancer and the nights where he’d held Taylor as she cried herself to sleep because she was so scared to lose her mother.
“Glad to hear that it was a good decision. But I’d really like to keep my appearance a surprise for Taylor, which means I need to get to the seat or something and out of sight where fans could see me” Adam explained, he didn’t want to push Andrea to move but he had travelled all this way and he planned to keep his appearance a surprise for Taylor to see when she hits the stage tonight.

Taylor stood backstage and looking out at the crowd, she was the next one to go out on stage and the butterflies in her stomach were more than obvious. However she spotted one sitting next to her mother and it was like all her nerves and anxiety over the show disappeared. She saw the one person whom she’d spent all last night thinking about and wondering what he was doing. She’d never really been this caught up on a guy before, not in the way where she’d spend a whole night thinking about a boy and wondering what exactly he was up to on the other side of the Atlantic. At least she hadn’t been like this in ages and it was exciting and yet daunting at the same time because when she’d made so much progress in being happy with herself, she didn’t want to be taking steps backwards again because of a boy. Adam was sitting in the audience and would be watching her perform, she would be able to lock eyes with him in a matter of minutes and know that he’s so proud of her to be doing what she is. She would give him the biggest hug and kiss after the show but for now, she just needed to get the show over with as there were so many people out there who are there to see her and counting on a show. You can do this Tay, you’ve got fans out there who love you and well just think that Adam is out there now and he’s here because he wants to see you shine Taylor thought as she took her microphone from the stagehand and the music started to play. This was it, this was her shot to give the best performance she could and she was going to do everything she could about it.


Adam couldn’t believe it, he’d seen her perform numerous times and yet this time was one of the best she could ever do. The whole time she was on stage, he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face and he had a feeling that he wasn’t the only one who felt this way. The only difference was that he was the only one who would get to go backstage now and show a massive amount of love to Taylor because he was so proud of her. Taylor took her final bow and blew a kiss to the crowd and winked to him, she knew he was here and yet she was being so subtle about it on stage. Adam left the booth as soon as Taylor was off the stage and made his way backstage and around to where Taylor’s dressing room was across from the actual park. He knocked on her door and waited for her to allow him in, although instead of the ‘come in’ which he was expecting. Taylor opened the door, pulled Adam into the room and shut the door behind them.

“Surprise” Adam said pulling back from the kiss which he had placed on Taylor’s lips the minute which the door had been shut again. They were a very affectionate couple but behind closed doors, it was the only time where they knew they couldn’t be posted online about without them knowing.
“What are you doing here? I thought you had a deadline in Vegas to meet?” Taylor asked, she loved that Adam was here but she didn’t understand how he could pick her over the deadline as his career meant everything to him and she never wanted to get in the way of that.
“Well I have this girlfriend who happened to be playing one of the biggest festivals of the summer in the city where we met so I felt that I had to be here for it” Adam said before leaning down and placing another kiss on Taylor’s lips just to show how happy he really was to be here.
“Lucky girl if you’re flying all the way from Vegas for her” Adam flirted and Taylor couldn’t help but blush.
“I like to think that I’m the lucky man considering she’s an incredible girl that I could never imagine not having in my life” Adam said and Taylor swatted his chest as he was being such a charmer at the moment.
“Always the charmer aren’t you? Seriously though I’m so happy you’re here…I love you!” Taylor said once more before breaking away from Adam to actually get changed out of her shake it off outfit and into something more comfortable and appropriate for hanging with Adam.