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First picture was taken when I was out biking with my dad yesterday and the second one is taken today. Me without any makeup, never mind these huge bags under my eyes in the second pic).

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Heya, that pun really was on 'point'. Paps 'punctured' the walls sans was pulling up. In fact, I would take it a 'stab' further and say he shattered them. Tho allow me to 'point' out a lil something... I think Paps might hate puns cuz he doesn't always get em right away, which could make him feel dumb. Maybe he's more insecure than he lets on. And the great Papyrus will have no such thing! With that lil head-canon in mind, the bonus kinda hurts... Now, I'm curious about your interpretation?

How can u pun so well, is there a school u can attent to where they teach u? I would go there…

And in my opinion Papyrus gets puns immediately - and he hates them, because they’re the simpliest (yea right) easiest jokes to make. I think since he loves puzzles, the more complicated the better, he finds puns lazy (but of course), and cheap.

And when they make him smile EVEN a little bit - t-that’s just a disgrace!


ok so huh, i wanted to draw an HECKTON of characters who end up all connected and i love them all so much ok?? ok.

lance, rachel and toby (you know lance, the 90s girl and the wolf) are mine; leda, rufus, logan, coco and kaleo (cute hat boy, scarf guy, purple man, kid and dad) are by @jpegfluffyubercharged, aria (mechanical arm) is by @timetraveler-nox and rumyia (wolf mask) is by @rrhmh!

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit by spreading positivity!

eyY! i suppose this’ll be in no particular order so y’know, bear w me.

1. sebaciel

2. well written sebaciel angst

3. yana toboso’s art

4. my cat

5. when my art doesn’t look like it was birthed from satan’s left asshole