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poll for the audience: what are the movies where you knew instantly—instantly, while watching, first time—that they were your faves?


joy ride and mirror gem parallels 

lapis has five interlacing diamonds but peridot has only four

if the rose diamond theory was correct and that there were 5 original diamonds, this means that peridot is indeed much younger than lapis and it would make sense that peridot wouldn’t recognize rose as a diamond any longer

the thing is that was peridots pod

and what would incline lapis to create that symbol on her own and not in the presence of any homeworld gem? She had to question whether or not Steven was a crystal gem so I don’t think lapis recognized steven as his mom. 

I’m just wondering if these symbols were personal symbols rather than universal symbols

because these two might have a some connection somehow 

clenches fist

Because I know y'all will never tire of my couple rants

I long for the mythical days of yore when PDA was supposedly a rare sight in Seoul.

Like, I get it, you’re both going to go to a motel later and he’s going to be like a dog attached to a leg. But there’s no need to start the fun times in this cafe.

Spare us all, please.

raylenx asked:

I have to say that I'm pretty intrigued with the Jack and Carl thing, even though I'm somewhat uncomfortable with them being the bullies. I keep wanting to make them turn into better people after their interactions with Steve and Bucky :P Regardless of my personal opinions though, I think you and faun-songs should definitely turn the Jack and Carl thing into a full on fic.

I don’t think I’ll ever turn it into a full fic, but I have learned a lot just writing these bits for it, and it’s been a lot of fun. :) 

I think if I DID write a fic, it would be a more explicitly dark story. I’d want to get into why Jack and Carl are bullies in the first place, what their own issues with sexuality are, and why they pick on Steve and Bucky in the first place. I don’t really think they wind up as better people after all this - they just end up different. 

Even Steve and Bucky aren’t the good guys in this - they’re very manipulative, and even predatory, taking advantage of their bullies’ insecurities and desires in order to get inside their heads. And once their in, they flip everything and change them just for the sake of changing them. 

In a way, Steve and Bucky become the bullies, forcing Carl and Jack to adapt to their desires and expectations. There’s something about bullying in general that can really change you as a person, since it demands that you conform to what other people want from you. Carl and Jack try to make those demands of Bucky and Steve, who use sexuality to flip it back on them and take the upper hand. Maybe Jack and Carl were always into guys and just didn’t realize it before Steve and Bucky forced them to, but that still creates a power struggle. Both sets are trying to say “I won’t be like you, but I can make you be like me,” and in the end, Bucky and Steve win.

I don’t think Steve and Bucky mean to make them fall in love, or become better people: they just feel vindicated that Carl and Jack are no longer the people the used to be. Bucky and Steve wind up having a lot of control over them, and they get off on it - and not in a good way. It’s a very mean, carnal dynamic, and if I were going to make a whole fic, I’d want to make sure that dynamic wasn’t romanticized.

At least that’s how I see it. My interest here is mainly in the manipulation and power struggle, and that’s just for personal reasons. That might make it more uncomfortable for people, but I think it’s better than assuming that Jack and Carl get fixed with sex. True, its not a very realistic story, but that doesn’t mean it’s romantic, and that’s what I’d want to explore in my fic. :) 

*ALSO The fact that Steve and Bucky force this change means that Carl and Jack never had the chance to become better people on their own. Maybe they would have, maybe they wouldn’t have, but now they’ll never know, and that takes away a lot of their agency. I think Steve and Bucky are bringing out something in Carl and Jack that was already there, but I still don’t think that gives them the right to do it.