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While cleaning out my drafts I found a ridiculous, ridiculously old wip

Guess who?

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Oh my lord, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore, Fem…


Granted, the mood of the cg’s are different, but Otomate could’ve at least changed the perspective so that it didn’t look too similar. And this isn’t about me being nitpicky either…

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for me i don't even know if it's laurel and not just KC, she wasn't likeable on Gossip Girl either.

To be fair, I didn’t really know KC before Arrow.  I’d seen “Taken”, of course, but I had no impression of her in that beyond “his daughter’s skanky friend who died”.  When I found out that she was played by KC I had to go back and watch again. 

I never watched Gossip Girl or Melrose Place.  I saw her as Ruby 1.0 on SPN but that was after I’d already seen her on Arrow.  Funny thing there: I didn’t mind her on SPN.  Ruby, as a character, seemed to fit her.  I liked her over Ruby 2.0, in fact.  So I went from this super negative view of her as Laurel in s1 of Arrow to almost liking her in SPN. 

Yes.  Go ahead and tell me that I hate LL mindlessly.  I’ll be over here laughing my ass off. 

(that said, I’ve learned enough of KC in the intervening years that I doubt I’ll ever like her in anything ever again… her interviews and con panel outtakes have sufficiently hardened me against her)

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Hi! Good luck with the blog!!! >_< Could I request the volleyball captains getting married with their s/o?

VOLLEYBALL CAPTAINS!!!! (p.s. i might get carried away; p.p.s. i had to rewrite bokuto’s thrice because my laptop keeps dying on me >.<)

Bokuto: He’d probably have a ton of energy stored up for the big event. After months of preparation and waiting and scolding, all the anxiety and excitement and nerves finally come rushing out. He’d been meaning to save for after the wedding (if you know what I mean), but unfortunately, he was at his limit and couldn’t store it for any longer. By the time they had an hour left before the ceremony began, he was literally running all over the place to the point Akaashi had to force the former high school volleyball captain into his dressing room, locked in. He wasn’t allowed out until the ceremony began.

When it did begin, he’d still have a ton of energy left. Being pent up in a small room didn’t help much with releasing all the nervous wreck that had been building up inside him, and now, standing at the altar, the anxiety to see his s/o was driving him crazy. Why does he have to wait until now to see them? They were going to be bound for the rest of their lives—surely they could afford to allow him to sneak a peak of them for at least a few minutes before the thing started?

Then, it happened. The double doors swung open, and everyone rose, and he felt his breath hitch, them entering the room, gracing everyone with their presence. There was a small smile on their face, and Bokuto could tell they were nervous as well, but surely they weren’t as nervous as he was now because all the excitement and anxiety had collapsed, leaving him with sweaty palms and a frazzled mind.

He stared at them even when they arrived in front of him, smiling softly at his stunned face. He couldn’t even hear the priest, and only when they shot him an urgent look did he realise his was supposed to say something now. He swallowed, trying to remember what weddings were supposed to be like. Had they said their vows? Had he said his vows?

He took a big gulp of air, and forced the only words he could think of out of his mouth: “Hoot, hoot.”

The room was silent. Somewhere in the crowd, there was a loud laughter echoing through the sanctuary. He blushed, and he saw them laugh softly, and before the priest could repeat his question, he heard them say, “I do too.”

It’s a good thing his energy returned later that night.

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*strums guitar* I really want to get Taco Bell and watch a movie, but it’s late and I can’t just leave anymore because my parents will be like “what are you doing???? it’s late???? go to bed?????” and also it’s storming outside which isn’t safe to drive in so yeah stay safe kids.