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hey @ goyim could y'all reblog this if you're actually willing to listen to Jewish people and protect us?

we really need allies right now, and I know seeing this on people’s blogs could be comforting to other Jewish people. But please don’t do this as performative allyship- actually try and help us irl, or at least learn about antisemitism enough to spot it and call it out.

So… here’s a little idea I’ve been toying with lately. As you guys already know, my computer got infected and hacked due to downloading some CC that was behind links. I lost my Netflix account to hackers and seriously risked losing my PayPal account, too. Needless to say, I won’t be touching an link (or other similar service) with a 10-foot pole from now on.

However, here’s the thing: I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that finding cc that is not hidden behind a paywall or an link lately is becoming harder and harder.

And this is why I’d like to start an “Ad-free Creators United” project, a database/cc finds blog to make it easier for everyone to find creations that are NOT hidden behind an or Patreon link. To do this, however, I’ll need the help of a few fellow simmers, aka… YOU!

What are you looking for?
TS2, TS3 and TS4 players who are willing to help me hunt down FREE custom content for sims games and help me keep the cc finds blog updated.

What does “free” content mean?
Any cc creation that is NOT hidden behind an, or Patreon link.

Will this be something like Paysites Must Be Destroyed?
Nope. The blog will be solely dedicated to promoting creations that are shared for free (with no or Patreon links) by their original creators. Basically, it’ll be just a cc finds blog for free creations. No re-uploading of pay content.

How do I participate?
Send me an ask or a message if you’re willing to help me with the finds blog. Please, only send me your message if you’re ACTUALLY willing to work on this. If you don’t have enough time and/or are unsure on whether you can work on the blog itself, you are encouraged to reblog this post and spread the word around.

Fine, I want to take part to this. How many people do you need?
For now, I’ll need:

  • 2 persons to take care of TS2 cc finds;
  • 1 person to take care of TS3 cc finds (I’ll be the other person :D);
  • 2 persons to take care of TS4 cc finds;

Last but not least…

Are you a creator who doesn’t use Get your name added to the database!
If you’re a creator and you’re sharing your creations for free, please reblog this post and fill in the following form:

  • Creator name: [your name]
  • Blog url: [the blog where you share your sims creations]
  • Games you create for: [a list of the sims game/s you create cc for]
  • What you create: [CAS, furniture, objects, retextures, mods, traits, retextures, recolors, mesh conversions, new meshes? List anything you usually create for here]
10 Reasons Not To Relapse:

1) Withdrawals. Those weren’t fun, were they?

2) The mental torture and anxiety of realizing the dope is almost out…

3) …and having to experience that feeling every single day.

4) Your freedom will be lost once again. The dope will be making all the decisions now, and it doesn’t care how its choices will destroy you.

5) Do you really want to lose your clean time? Even if it’s a day, so many people will never be able to achieve a day of sobriety.

6) Oh, but you might not get an opportunity to ever get clean again, because there’s a good chance you’ll O.D.

7) You’ll go back to the same lifestyle that brought you to get clean to begin with.

8) Think you feel shitty now? You’ll feel even shitter when you relapse.

9) Think of your worst drug run and double it: that’s what you’ll have to look forward to.

10) I may not know you personally, but I know you don’t deserve to relive the horror that is active addiction. You may question your worth, but let me be the one to tell you that you deserve SO MUCH BETTER than having a needle in your arm, powder in your nose, or toxin in your lungs.

Now, don’t be ashamed or feel hopeless if you relapsed, because relapse is a part of lot of people’s stories, including mine. Relapse doesn’t mean you can’t get clean again; in fact it’s a big incentive to say “fuck you addiction!” And try again!

** This post is for the addicts who are about to pick up. I just wanted to try to prevent at least one person’s relapse, because as many of us know, relapses are miserable. **

but first, some music


anon said: “consider this: coran being in a pearl-type love situation with king alfor. he was in love with him but in the end he fell in love with allura’s mother…alfor sacrificed himself to save allura and sent coran to keep her safe…coran loves allura like a daughter but there’s some underlying stuff down there (jealousy) and what i’m really getting at- it’s over isn’t it…but with coran (you don’t have to do it it’s just a cheeky suggestion)” 

i accidentally deleted the ask (nice going frog) but my askbox has been a bit off lately so i saved what they said. honestly any chance for overly dramatic voltron characters i’ll take pffft. enjoy a little not-really-storyboard i drew at 5am this morning! *wink*

anonymous asked:

well clyde, if you could go hang out with more than one person, who would they be and what would you want to do?

CLYDE: I wish it was as easy to hang out with everybody as it is to list this DREAM TEAM down but I guess it’ll have to do.

CLYDE: First off, there’s Token. He’s the cool part of the DREAMSQUAD™, and thus the foundation of it all. So I drew him first. 

CLYDE: He’s got sunglasses on cause he’s cool and stuff, as stated previously.

CLYDE: Then the HOT part of the group. Again, essential to the rest of the group, but not as important as being cool.

CLYDE: So Bebe. Cause she’s. Yknow.


CLYDE: n’stuff.

CLYDE: And UGH I GUESS I gotta add my BEST FRIEND or whatever.

CLYDE: Craig adds smell to the group, so I guess if we come across somebody blind they at least know we’re there?

CLYDE: He’s helpful in that aspect of the group and not in any other way useful whatsoever god I hope he doesn’t read this blog for real I’m gonna get my ass kicked.

CLYDE: Then there’s me. I’m the core, the heart. The emotion, if you will.

CLYDE: Also I’m the hotness too but the rules I made up for this group is that you can only be one thing and I guess I gotta be the super awesome core or whatever :///.

CLYDE: And, I mean. Jimmy. Come on.

CLYDE: You gotta have a good chuckle now and then. Who else better than Jimmy?

CLYDE: Also have you seen his smile? Heart warming. Absolutely stunning. He’s good for that too but mostly jokes.

CLYDE: Tweek’s there too I guess. If Craig’s there he’s probably there too.

CLYDE: He doesn’t really add much to the group other than being really stressed all the time.

CLYDE: I guess he makes some funny faces some times but JIMMY already has the funny factor down so what else is there for Tweek! NOTHING, I say!

CLYDE: It’s just literally everybody I hang out with anyways but with Bebe there too!

CLYDE: What the fuck now I just wanna hang out with them even more!

CLYDE: I just had a slumber party with them, I just can’t seem to get enough of them! In like, a not-gay way, of course!

CLYDE: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s almost time!! Season 5 is nearly upon us, so let’s tide ourselves over the final hurdle, the last week, by celebrating some of everyone’s favourite moments from the past 4 seasons!

Between 20th – 26th Sept, join in by counting down each day with a different theme however you want to - whether it be gifs, edits, photos, drawings, writing or anything at all you feel like doing, please join in!

20th Sept // Day 1 – favourite season

21st Sept // Day 2 – favourite cold open

22nd Sept // Day 3 – favourite episode

23rd Sept // Day 4 – favourite Peraltiago moment

24th Sept // Day 5 – favourite location

25th Sept // Day 6 – funniest moment(s)/quote(s)

26th Sept // Day 7 – free day!

And finally… ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Five Countdown Week’ is the like the least catchy thing ever (sorry guys, my bad), so let’s use the tag #b99week to share your posts with everyone else participating! Tagged posts will be reblogged onto this blog as well!

Hopefully people will see this and participate, but most importantly - have fun guys! There’s not long left now!

I’ve hit 2K followers!!

My heart is warm and I’m definitely feeling the love! Before we get into the giveaway, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you. I don’t know why, but for some reason you all thought I was worth a follow, so thank you!

Now. The giveaway.

Seen that this is my first giveaway, I’m keeping it simple. I’ll be doing a book depository giveaway! So, the rules:

  1. MUST be following me (no giveaway blogs please and thank you)
  2. Must like AND/OR reblog this post.
    (1 like = one entry and 1 reblog = one entry)
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age OR have permission from parent/guardian to give me your mailing address.
  4. I’ll be using a random name picker website to pick the winner
  5. The winner will get to pick $20 worth of books on and the prize will be sent directly to you!

I’ll be picking the winner on June 2nd.

Good luck everyone, and thank you again!!

tittypocalypse  asked:

Since people like throwing random advice at you in regards to all your health stuff, how often do you get “go vegan! That’ll fix everything!”?

At least twice a day. It used to be a lot more but people seem to have gotten the hint now that it’s unhelpful and actually dangerous to my health to suggest certain vegan substitutes. Talk about something long enough I suppose and it will sink in.

Also weirdly enough when I started pre-emptively blocking nazi and TERF blogs the number of “try harder/you deserve to die/paleo diet is the one true way” messages dropped by an incredible amount, but I suppose that’s to be expected when you block people who belive physical superiority is a thing and moral purity comes from percieved self control and making others more like you.

ShukaBlog 2017.11.19: Gamsahamnida.

[Original Post] [←Zenkai no ShukaBlog!]

I have safely returned to Japan.
I’m home~!

*(The title means “Thank you” in Korean. Shuka writes the words phonetically in katakana so that her Japanese readers can read it. I decided to do something similar and romanize it, rather than translate it.)

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Some News that might be good

I know, yeah, you Might or might not be wondering: “Uh.. were’nt you gonna stay away from Tumblr, and move on in life?”

I was plainning to, as you can read in my apology and update posts from some weeks ago; but huh, I guess that wont be like it anymore.

I watched an old video of my favourite youtuber, DrossRotzank. The video is called “La gente Molesta de Youtube” (Youtube’s Annoying People) and its not in his channel anymore, I found it reuploaded by someone else. It made me think a lot about my own Internet experience, its not a lot different of what he described, and in his own terms, I lost the battle by letting those annoying people make me stop posting here, and even deleting my blogs.

Deleting my blogs made me lose all of my old drawings (or at least it made me lose track of em,, since I also ruinned my computer, with all my files, Im using my brother’s) And it made me lose what I had been building for so many time; A Fanbase around me and my art. . And by losing that, I lost the love and support of more than 30k people. I will have to start almost over again. At least I will try to not make the same mistakes I made when I started.

But I also learnt some good things when I was away, as my friends said, I needed a break, to think things out, and to get help. People who “hate” me seemed so many and so strong back then, but now I truly realize that theyre nothing compared to those who loved me.

So yeah, Hello!! I’m back from my Mental Rehabilitation, my Break, whatever,,

I dont think I’ll keep using this blog tho, since I made myself a new username and all, I dont want to waste it, so, I’ll just freely give it,

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Words from a Wannabe Witch

Oh boy where to start.

I am VERY new to witchcraft, and I have some things to put down (since this blog is basically an online journal that the whole world could see)


Sigils, at least for me, are the easiest thing to do if you want to dip a toe into the water of magic. They are especially great because you make it, charge it, and BAM you’re done! Now go celebrate with a smoothie or some-such.

If you can’t get your grubby hands on some tarot cards, use a deck of playing cards!!!

look up some associations, or just make up your own!

On the note of divination, pendulums are radical

Talk to your plants with em! (You can only really do y/n questions but still…) Or any other spirit you want to contact!


What to Expect from a Conjuror

With spirit companion shops popping up often now and having different sets of rules about what they are willing to do, it’s easy to get confused on what exactly you should be expecting from a conjuror. Here’s a list of a few different things to expect from a conjuror or shop. If you have any questions about anything listed here, please don’t hesitate to send us an ask! (A list of resources is linked below)


Customer Service

It may be hard to realize, but spirit companionship can and often is a lifetime commitment, not only for you, but for the conjuror as well. They should be willing to work with you and answer your questions days, months, even sometimes a year or so after you have worked with them. 

Of course, don’t expect them to be able to talk with you 24/7, but a good conjuror will keep various forms of communication open should you have any questions or need any help.


I always recommend asking a conjuror about their experience with spirit work before working with them. Ask them things like: How long have you been working with spirits? How long have you been conjuring? How long have you been working with “X” spirit or “X” species? How long have you been conjuring for the public/other people?

A conjuror who is not willing to offer specifics to these kinds of questions may not be entirely trustworthy.


This may seem like a given, but all too often there will be a conjuror who lies about how much experience they have or how long they vet, and this can be very dangerous for you and any spirit or person they work with. 

Look for consistencies or inconsistencies to help discern whether or not what is being said is true.


It’s always important to check a shop’s reviews and talk to others who have worked with them before to see how reliable they can be. Not only do you need to know how well they do with conjuring spirits, but how well they do with customer service and other shop aspects that tend to get pushed aside. 

This may seem counter-intuitive, but ask the shop directly about how reliable they feel and how reliable they were in the past. A good shop will let you know of any improvements that they would like to make, and even tell you how they were in the past or let you know of what improvements with all of their services. 


Since shops are now being used as informational blogs as well, the shop should at least have a few resources that they can give to beginners (note: it does not have to be resources they have made, it could simply be links to helpful posts). If you are getting your first companion from them, ask them for help or even just a few tips. 


It’s always important for any shop to be ethical. I recommend asking the conjuror about their process of conjuring and vetting. Do they do everything with the spirit’s consent? Do they tell the spirits everything that is/will be happening? Do they treat the spirits properly?

Extra Resources

Hello! We are happy to announce the opening of a new sports animanga blog, fyeah-dive. This blog dedicated to everything that is related to the new summer 2017 sports anime, DIVE!! by Eto Mori.

We will be tracking three tags: #dive!!, #dive!!anime, and #dive!!edit

  • please make sure one of these tags are in the first five tags of your post
  • visit our faq page if you do not see your work posted before sending us an ask

Are you going to recruit members? How many users will you end up recruiting?

  • no, not right now; i will post it when I deem the time is right and the blog is running smoothly.
  • I’ll probably have at least 3 admins (including myself) and some moderators to queue posts

Can we be affiliates?

  • Yes please! We are still a relatively new blog and we would like to get all the help we can! You can submit your icon to the blog directly^^

What will/won’t you guys reblog?

  • We will be reblogging graphics, gifsets, gifs, edits, fanart, official art- basically everything that is from the fandom.
  • The things that we won’t reblog is probably going to be fanfiction and text posts (unless they are from the official website/twitter)

That’s all the information I have right now! if you guys have anymore questions, please feel free to submit an ask!! I’m excited to get this blog started!

Please reblog this post and spread it around! I’d appreciate the help!

Am I heartless for not caring?
Have I turned into a monster?
You broke me, and now I’m not capable
of feeling anything.
I used to care with everything I had,
but you drained my heart of its goodness and
now I have nothing.
I am nothing but empty.
Nothing but tired.
So, go ahead.
Tell me you miss me.
Tell me you’re worried.
Tell me you’re in pain.
I can’t shed a single tear for you,
not anymore.
Maybe I’m a monster,
maybe I’m heartless,
but at least I’ve stopped hurting.
—  nothing left // c.r.h.

guys, an important note:

          i always try my best to stay clear from drama as much as i can, and i pride myself on having a blog that is a safe place for as many people as possible. however, this includes it being a safe space for myself, and this is exactly why i’m writing this.

          i got to know about this situation involving Hash/ mybigfatcock/ whatever other names about a week ago or so, if i remember well. he’d ever been someone i talked to and we had a few threads going, so when he made a post about going through a stressful situation, i naturally messaged him over discord to ask if everything was okay. the story didn’t have many details, but he told me a few people (mainly, Greyjoy roleplayers) had blocked him, because of a situation that happened with @ircnbcrn/ Jackie. i listened to him, and i kept the position i always have in such cases — i don’t take sides. whatever happens between A and B, is between A and B and i have no wish to start gossiping or judging who is right and who is wrong.

          however, considering the posts i have seen on the dash today and which show undeniable proof that this person makes others uncomfortable and emotionally manipulates them, i honestly can’t stay neutral anymore. i don’t think i have any information to contribute, since Hash was ever nice and friendly towards me personally, but i want to make clear i do not, in any way, condone the things he’s done and that i only learned about today. i knew he’d proposed to Jackie writing a non-consensual thread, as stated above, which he said he regretted and would never do again to anyone — so, having never had any personal issues with him, i believed it. apparently, i was wrong to do so, and hopefully my good will did not serve in any way to provoke anything bad. i have now blocked him on discord and i have blocked his urls that i know of here on tumblr: mybigfatcock and boaredtodeath. 

          on this topic, and because we spoke on discord yesterday, he told me he was thinking of creating new blogs (at least for Euron), and he inclusively told me of potential urls he was thinking of using: lcrdreaper, drownedcrow, gcdliest. which i am making public, in case eventually any of these start following someone. please notice, though, that he only told me he was thinking of using one of these — i cannot say if he did/ will, or if these will eventually be used by a completely different person.

          i honestly have no patience nor time for this sort of things, and this is why i’m making clear all that has happened on my end, as someone who used to roleplay/talk to this person. hopefully, i will never have to concern myself with this topic again. but, if any of my followers has been personally affected and is in need of someone to talk to, please feel free to come to me and i’ll certainly listen to you and help to the best of my ability.

thank you for your attention!


bean sprout moodboard 🎠🌱🍧

rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.

thank you for tagging me @suzychi-sims and @ceiuu​ 💘

i don’t really know who to tag cos i have seen so many ppl doing this/getting tagged already!!

[!] we are hiring! 3 new admins

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing amazingly well. I mentioned in a post earlier that we were hiring, so here we are!!

I have some unfortunate news to share. Our dear and beloved admin Cynthia (longguks) has decided to leave the blog. We’ve been pushing this announcement sooo actually so shamefully back because we’ve had no time to start requiting right away, but I think it’s been way too long and too disrespectful to the tremendous help Cynthia has given us. Thank you Cynnamon Roll for putting up with my atrocious puns and helping the blog achieve what I believe was its peak. I can’t thank you enough, really!!

And of course, our other main admin, Emma, has deactivated her Tumblr due to personal conflicts. We are eternally grateful for the support she’s given this blog over the years, reaching out when we were completely down even though she left already. I know you’re taking a break from social media, but I hope you see this, Emma, and know how thankful I am to have had you guide me when I first joined the blog and help me through a time when the blog was dead. Wishing you the best of luck.

ANNNDDD, my favorite plant v3r4 (mumamoo). I seriously can’t believe you’ve put up with me for as long as you did, and I am forever grateful for the time we’ve had together, both regarding making posts and our stupid bickering and attempts to be the cooler person (let’s be honest, neither of us is cool alright). When I first joined and got to know you, man I thought you were the most edgy, cool person ever, and I never thought we’d come to the point in our friendship we’re at right now. Wishing you all the best in university and life!!

The best way to run the blog is to have at least six admins, so we’re hiring! As excited as we are to be requiting a new admin, please make sure you fit the following requirements so we can run the blog as smoothly as possible.

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Dear anon, if you don’t have intention to write to us again, please at least take care of that person. We don’t know who they are, so we can’t do anything to help them, but if anyone knows who they are, please, offer them all the possible help. To that person, if you’re reading, I just want you to know you’re strong. You’re strong and what you do is amazing, and we’re sorry it isn’t being noticed. Please, you may not believe it right now, but your life is the most important and precious thing there is, and its value is inestimable. An AU, a blog, as important as it might seem to you, it’s not worth it. Nothing is worth it, really. We’re sure you’re struggling, and we know life is hard, but please never forget how important you are. You have yet so many things to do, so many things to see, and it can’t end here. We hope you’re still here with us, and if you are, please, please, never give up. We love you, everyone loves you. Please, stay strong, you can do it. ♥︎

( carnival phantasm shinji voice ) haha some idiots fell for my brilliant trap !! 

i’m kidding holy shit — this is literally the most unexpected thing, of all the blogs i have, i certainly didn’t think THIS blog would get so many followers !! i started this blog like a year ago or whatnot, not knowing what to expect of the fandom, or of how long i’d stay — well, here i am still !! as odd as it may sound, shinji is like … one of my coping muses, i’ve used him to help myself distinguish the differences between action & fundamental aspects of a person, which i mentioned in a post — when i started his blog, i thought heavily at least about this aspect, knowing that in some way or another, he’d help me come to terms with the shit i’ve been through. after countless hours of research & character building ( an aspect common across all of my blogs haha ), his blog is where it is now, & i’m happy to report that indeed, i have gotten much closer to coming fully to terms with my own trauma, as well as becoming more open-minded to the circumstances of others & learning to differentiate wicked actions from truly wicked people… which i’ve also probably written a post about. 

i’d like to give a few special shoutouts —
@jewelcrest, ley, i adore you so much !! i rarely have such writing chemistry with another person & shinji adores your rin so much !! you’re such a wonderful person to talk to & i’m so glad we’ve grown close ; i will cherish you always !! 
@aliferos , aster, you’ve stayed with me through my ups & downs & that means so much to me !! every single one of my muses adores birdy, as do i !! thank you for gracing me with your presence when you came to visit massachusetts, you’re a shining light in my life & i love you so much !!
@factaerrata / @ofstorytellers & honestly all of your blogs goddamn, kei, how fuckign long have we known each other now ? you’ve also been a brilliant friend & i honestly have very few frienships that have endured for as long as ours, so you’re honestly a miracle ok  
@cuhullin , @vesselize, @warcrowned oki, vivi, shadow, meme with me forever i swear to god. you two make me smile so much ok it’s really ridiculous ily both.
@grimprim, @seetheirsoul, @martyrssiah, jupiter, blue, matt !! you are also huge supports for me ; i owe this blog’s existence to matt jesus christ thank u matt for beginning to open my eyes to all of this
@ridireacht, @ulsterswardog, aias, siegs, you’re both so wonderful & have great art & honest to god listen seeing you both on my dash makes me so happy chr i s t ….

& the rest of you, my entire heckin blog roll, i love every single one of you holy shit all of you reblog this because i can’t type out 600 urls in alphabetical order but u kno…. 

thank you all so much !!

@absoluteneed / @accidentalphenom / @adikema / @aecorus / @babybcts / @becausehecheats / @bokudou / @bopnty / @bowofbenbulben / @caliburnus / @centurybled / @cuelebres / @dancerinparis / @daiengi / @devilsmorals / @diabolgod / @dyaud / @elymagus / @endlxssocean / @falsebeing / @glxtzy / @goblincrown / @godhowled / @godschose / @godxofxegypt / @halfofxerxes / @heiwanoryu / @horclogium / @homra-no-artemis / @hokuaii@healersigned / @inesprit / @jewelmagus / @jishnc / @kcguya / @kingartoria / @kxrei / @luciferborn / @lack–two / @martyrbled / @misetos@magnificentgoldenking / @millenniumpharaoh / @noircisaint / @nordiixa / @narcasse / @noiadehelm / @obdurcte / @oduibhne / @ofchaldea / @pelagaios / @paradiseburnt / @rosaxui / @roueglas / @seulerose / @sesshcmaru / @sagelyliberation / @shinku-maji@starwished / @starmarkcd@shiicn / @stockpilemana / @stonerot / @sollupe / @tortorem / @thievinggentleman / @taleinspired / @ulmash / @unmegami / @virtuoushope / @vessillya / @wargod / @xmemoriia / @yonah / & honestly everyone good god holy fuck