at least now i have a use for this blog.....

ahah wow what its been 2 months since Ive been on here

Am I dead?no.will I ever stop neglecting this blog to hell and back?maybe,gonna try to at least for now.have I been doing nothing all this time?not quite!

This is just kinda a “Im still here” post of sorts,I want to use this blog again so I felt like talking a bit about whats going to be on it now was a good idea.

-a thing you might have seen being mentioned around (mostly by my pal @seashelbby) is the lisa the pointless repainted project,wich I’m part of as a sprite artist!so thats what Ive being doing lately,tainting sprites of this wonderful game,Im going to attach a few Ive done to this post but more will come in the future
-Next to that Ive also been redoing some of my old sprites for my lisa ocs,wich I plan to revamp almost completaly,so thats a thing thats gonna come too
-As far as art goes,I think its pretty safe to say that it’ll be mostly pointless fanart,still love the original lisa games and all but pointless became p dam special to me so yeah : v
Ok with all that out of the way,heres some edits

sea otter clarence

aeromorph arnold

mcdonalds clowns with stuff like (sexy)hamburglar spence mack,grimace as the unspoken one and sundae dog carrot tail just to show bunch of them

Ive also resprited parts of the tv cutscene(rick and dil,also working on roy) wich I will make a different post for

so uh yeah this is p much all I wanted to say/show,have a good day ya’ll

but first, some music

alright looks like theres at least some interest in the jewish omgcp network!! if any of y’all have experience w coding/graphics (or with running networks i guess??) and are willing to lend a hand/mod i could definitely use some help running things.

i’m gonna make some tentative steps to get some things set up right now, but please keep spreading the word and letting me know if you’re interested!

right now, i’m thinking the network would be focused on helping people connect with other jewish fans (though i hesitate to make a list of jewish blogs public, so the list of members would likely only be available to other members), and at least one chat, probably on discord (possibly one for general chatting, and another specifically for talking jewish headcanons/other fanwork?) 

if theres anything else you’d like to see from the network, please let me know! i’m definitely open to ideas as this project is definitely still in its infancy!


I haven’t opened my game in over a week but I just finished a good chunk of my final project so I figured I’d at least go in CAS and do the  No Filter challenge by @butterfly-tattoo :3

I was tagged by the following lovely people @loniden, @aandidas, @vixrotre, @evvvvvve

Rules:  take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

The pictures on the left have overlays + makeup and the pictures on the right have nothing. I’m actually super lame and never use overlays/makeup much >.>

I tag (if you want and haven’t done it before): @cat-nerd-sims, @paper-lioness, @vodkasimmer, @woogooghost@schtaeffsims, @simsy-baby and @literallywhothe



So, I think it’s pretty self explanatory. It hurts but one of my favourite authors turned out to be transphobic. After finally being excited to read their fics (uni is hard and I have no time for hobbies) I come to find this….

For those of you who don’t know, I’m trans, and it hurts more than anything to be portrayed as disgusting and unwanted and “female of any kind”. This triggered my dysphoria so badly and it still lasts now. 

I follow a lot of mlm blogs and thankfully, real people accept us. Real gay cis men wouldn’t say shit like this (at least not the ones I’ve come across. There’s a lot of supportive people in the mlm community)

To portray Hoseok and Namjoon as transphobic assholes is really insulting. I feel like they would be open and accepting towards transgender people. 

Anyway, I originally commented politely, but that comment was deleted. (sadly I didn’t get a screenshot because I expected it to not be deleted???) My comment said:

Tbh I was excited to read this since I love your work but I barely got into it and had to stop… I’m a trans boy and it really hurts to be portrayed as disgusting and “females of any kind”…. I used to love your work but seeing as you’re transphobic I guess I won’t read your stuff anymore haha

(I still have it because I sent it to my gf to ask if it sounded rude etc) Not rude, right? So I don’t see why it got deleted…. So I commented again and… deleted again. Now I’ve moved on from being hurt and I’ve become angry. 

TL;DR ethereal_yoongi is transphobic, says trans men are females, won’t even apologise when called out politely or change it. TRANS MEN ARE A PART OF THE MLM COMMUNITY!!!


Akira: We have been clearly dating for at least two years and you decided to not tell me that you’re a magical giant purple cat warrior.

Yukari: *amused giggle*

Himari: Also possibly you could have said something at any point to let us know that Akira was a girl. If only to spare Ichika this gay awakening drama she’s choosing to have in the kitchen at this very second.

Yukari: *amused giggle*

Just gonna throw some more angel demon AU at you peeps~


Backgrounds are *fun* (please note sarcasm) at least I’m getting a little better?  

   Due to the fact that there are 223 of you all that have followed me in the short time I’ve had this account, I wanted to say thank you to each and every single one of you because you all have been simply amazing. Now, I may not have had the opportunity to talk with every single one of ya’ll but I can say that I would like to do so nonetheless or at least try in the future. I hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays and here’s to a new year awaiting us in the near future! 

   Now, lets get to spreading some of that positivity, shall we~? 

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Ello, I am back from the dead. well.. not really. Idk how many years its been since Ive been away… i am sorry. 

I have no reason of why I left except just… i wasnt feeling it. Just before my inactivity, I had started uni and i really had to pull my shit together. I stopped drawing altogether and just shut tumblr out of my life. But now that my life is beginning to steady itself, I decided to draw something for this blog again. It feels weird to use a tablet again, hahaha. And it seems that the no.6 fandom has dramatically decreased. (well at least the content and blogs)

In the meantime, I’ve just got to say that I wont be frequently using this blog anymore. I wont delete it, and may come back sometimes.

And also thank you for putting up with me, even though I may be a few years late haha.


  • I am now on my spring break! I’ve also been working the past few weeks on my inbox and clearing it out and answering stuff.
  • In my queue are 50 asks! For the next fifty days or so Askarkham will have at least one post a day! (not counting my posts today [March 24] haha)
  • Post time will be between 9:00 and 10:00 am (US Central Standard/Chicago Time)
  • This means the askbox is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN AGAIN WHEEE
  • But wait wait wait, before you ask something, please take a look at my FAQ? I wrote some things down as guidelines more than rules just so folks have a better chance of getting their asks answered rather than overlooked or deleted.^^’ So take a look if you haven’t already.
  • EDIT: OH BEFORE I FORGET, If you see any mistakes, please please let me now privately rather than commenting, because even when it becomes fixed the comment is forever. :’)
  • BUT FEEL FREE TO COMMENT THOUGH ON OTHER THINGS. I also really really really ask as a favor (and I wish I didn’t have to ask tbh) is if you liked something (and I mean like as in enjoyed) then please reblog? It helps my work get seen and means a lot.^^’
  •  That’s about it! I’ve got some packing to do now soooo. ^^ Stay rad my angel babies :’)


hatsunekei  asked:

Happy Blogaversary Donatello!

Why thank you.

Now for an Anniversary Special:

Facts about Donnie’s Blog!

1. I started off with my own generic theme. But for the past few years Raph makes my themes for me.

2. I used to have a shoutbox on this blog. 

3. I was once killed by the Death Note. 

4. I lose at least 5 followers every time I do an M!A.

5. I got my first tcest ask within the first week of my blog at the ripe innocent age of 15. Thank you, tumblr for ruining my innocence.

6. I get medical asks the most.

7. On here somewhere is an Ax bodyspray ad.

8. I have helped more than one person pass science classes. You are welcome.

9. I have been flamed for accidentally posting art theft submitted to me when I didn’t know it wasn’t theirs. I have since learned. Don’t steal art. 

10. I have still never sent hate to anyone. Not even anonymously.

11. This is my only blog. Always has been.

12. I learn as much from your asks as you do from me answering. It inspires me to research things I would never think of doing. I like that.

The new tumblr mobile app update sucks! The reason I’m almost always on mobile, or at least I used to be, is because it is quicker. You can do everything in two clicks. Now you can’t! They moved everything around and now it’s ridiculously inconvenient to access the inbox and likes and reblog posts. Why the hell do you need two stages of reblogging??? Why not keep it in one stage? Ugh by now I should know better and not update the app at all cause with every update it just progressively gets worse.

@staff me not happy

I remember this post that talked about bots spamming the vocaloid #, and the poster made vocaart to help everyone, especially underappreciated artists. It did help because famous vocaloid blogs allowed more people to have their art be reblogged and had more people check them out, but now it’s like voca blogs abandoned that or at least to me since it looks like no vocaloid blog is going through that tag or they go through it but only reblog the pixiv posts and some popular posts.


****Our First “Official” Haul**** Haul

Hello fellow lifters, this is our new blog. Two peeps who shall remain nameless just trying to save some cash. Call us Gucci (16) & Prada (20) 

A little bit about

Stores hit: Belk & Meijer 

Gucci: Nike sports bra & 5 Pairs of Panties, Nyx eyeshadow Palette, set of makeup brushes, Nyx concealer 2x, Nyx liquid lipstick 2x, revlon liquid lipstick, ardell lashes. 

Prada: nighty sleep gowns 2x, Jeans 2x, panties x4, starburst jelly beans 2x, set of makeup brushes, nyx liquid lipstick 3x, a wallet for my mom, boxers for the bf, and last but not least…. a pair of Michael  Kors Flats!!!! 

Total saved: $611 (roughly)

Now, what I have noticed about this community is that a lot of blogs don’t explain how they actually get away with all these things. Below i’ll describe pretty much our whole trip. :) 

Keep in mind, it’s after 5pm on a weekday. We go to Belk first. Grabbed one of those single person shopping carts and just started filling it with clothes, as if we were actually shopping. checking price tags (as well as security sensors). We wanted to scope out the makeup as well, which was all behind the counter, but we spent a good deal of time with the beauty associate, which i think built some trust for us. You want to grab stuff that you want, but also a few things you don’t want That way you don’t leave the dressing room with an empty cart. Leave thing behind like clothes you didn’t get, but DO NOT take off tags and leave them in the dressing room. 
The most exciting part of the belk part of the haul was definitely the shoes. I got SO lucky. They were the display shoes, both of them out and untagged! AND MY SIZE, i slipped them bitches in my cart under some clothes, and off to the dressing room. 
I will say, my purse was Wayyy too full tbh, but because of the trust we built earlier, i was confident enough to go with it. We headed straight for the door from the dressing room, cutting through clothes avoiding the main aisles. Got out with hella stuff. Victory!! 
Because the makeup was locked up, we decided to hit up meijer for some eyeliner. Came out with a lot more than eyeliner though ;) 
In Meijer we headed straight for the makeup aisle, and started off being kind to the store associate who greet you as you walk in. Now, don’t be too kind, be nonchalant.  We picked out eyeliner, but after previously talking to the store associate from belk, gucci decided to get what the associate had recommended in the first place. Gucci grabbed a basket and we put our stuff in it as we “shopped”. Made our way to the pet aisle after getting everything we wanted (not as much as belk because we concealed on the floor here).
So between the huge buckets of cat litter and Gucci creating blindspots, i crouched down and filled my purse with the products while making sure no customers noticed me. 
Always leave immediately after concealing. The longer you stay, the more time LP has to apprehend you. 

Hopefully this story will help some of you babes, and we will continue to post our hauls officially. 

We’re still here

Hey guys! So uh. I haven’t touched this blog in… awhile. Last year and until February this year, I was living overseas as a student in Japan. As you can imagine, I was very busy and didn’t have time to focus on this blog. Now that I’m back in Australia and a bit more chilled out, I’ll try to be more active on this blog, and try to post at least once a week.

I’m sorry to everyone that’s sent us messages over the last year. I have not been intentionally ignoring you, I have just not had the spoons to work on Sensory People.

Here’s to a new year, and a new year of Sensory People! Thank you all for your patience.

- Liese

anonymous asked:

do you follow any furry blogs? i'm a new furry and i want some good content

i dont actually x( pretty much just aesthetic for this acc, but i kinda want a furry sideblog now

i recommend checking the #clean furry or #safe furry tag bc theres always a lot of art from tumblr artists in there! the normal tag tends to have a lot of stolen art (and porn)

(and if anyone has any furry blogs to rec for anon, could you reply w/ them? :>)


hello it’s still me but i’m gonna move blogs pretty soon!!! if you still want to follow me then you’ll find me over at @floaromanights! reasons being this is actually a sideblog, which kind of limits the interactions I can have with mutuals or people i follow as I can’t directly ask and/or reply.

this blog won’t be deleted any time soon (as if I don’t get most of my followers/mutuals back i’ll probably return to this OR if tumblr can finally let us switch what blog we want as our primary I’ll 100% come back) so for now it’ll remain an archive.

this post will be now be queued until i regain at least 500 of my followers back.

Tom: he… he uh.. left?

Tord: hey’ ya friend

Tom: fuck.

Tord: Ya’ know you’d think that you would at least try to not insult me every five minutes. Honestly JW you would think that you either really love me or really hate me.

Tom: I can assure you it’s definitely the latter.

Tord: Yeah. The feeling’s mutual. Now seriously, stop. I have work to do and I can’t do that when I have to be standing next to you 24/7.

Tom: It’s not like I enjoy this freakin bonding thing either you commie! I don’t want your ugly mug up in my business either!

Tord: What’s that?

Tom: Some dumb blog that Edd made for us to do…

Tord: Interesting…

tagged by: @smol-overlord; thanks friend!

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 people.

1. How tall are you? 5′9″

2. What color and style is your hair? long, brown and curly/ wavy

3. What color are your eyes? green

4. Do you wear glasses? yup yup

5. Do you have braces? used to, but not anymore

6. What is your fashion sense? 

7. Do you have any siblings? yep, sure do

8. What kind of student are you? the kind that does well, but procrastinates waaaayyyy too often

9. What are your favourite subjects? art, history, and science

10. What are your favourite TV shows? any of the ones I blog about; but specifically… Supernatural, Vikings (need to catch up), Star Wars: Clone Wars, and last but certainly not least Spongebob, a classic

11. Favorite books? right now, I’m digging City of Bones (i kno I’m kinda late on this one, but better late than never right?)

12. Favorite pastimes? reading, knitting, playing N64, doodling, painting

13. Any regrets? a few

14. What is your dream job? freelance artiste

15. Do you want to get married? yes

16. Do you want to have kids and how many? of course, at least three

17. How many countries have you visited? not too many

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