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Fanfiction Vocab

As anyone who follows my main blog knows, I have a definite shipper bias. I actually became interested in the language while searching for endearments I could have Spock say to Jim in my fanfiction. Whoever you ship, if a Vulcan is included and you create fanworks, it can be really interesting to include some Vuhlkansu.

So for a fun post on this early-summer Friday (at least in my part of the world), I’ve compiled a list of vocabulary and phrases that might be relevant to shippers and fanfiction writers.

Also, if anyone knows of writers using the language in their fics, let me know! I’d eventually like to compile a Vulcan language-specific fic rec list to share on this blog.

Relationship Status

Bondmate/Spouse Telsu
Husband Sa-telsu; adun
Fiancé Sa-kugalsu
Fiancée Ko-kugalsu
Lover Ashausu
Wife Ko-telsu; adun'a

Sexual Orientation

Asexual (adj.) Riguv-, riguvik
Bisexual (adj.) Dah-guv-, dah-guvik
Bisexuality Dah-guv'es
Homosexuality Ka-ashau'es
Homosexual man Sa-ka-ashausu
Homosexual woman/lesbian Ko-ka-ashausu
Heterosexuality Vath-ashau'es Heterosexual man Ba-vath-ashausu
Heterosexual woman Ko-vath-ashausu


Beautiful Vaksurik
Beloved (n.) Ashayam
Beloved, darling, sweetheart (n.) Ashal-veh
Beloved, darling (adj.) Ashal-, Ashalik
Cute Petakov(-)
Love (n.) Ashaya

Romantic Vocabulary

Embrace Nartaya (n.), nartau (v.)
Finger embrace (n.) Ozh’esta
Honeymoon (n.) Wuhr-sa'le
Kiss Shok (n.), Shok-tor (v.)
Love Ashaya (n.), ashau (v.)
Loving (adj.) Ashaun-, ashaunik
Love potion Ashau-krel-masu
Love story Ashaya-var

Sexual and Anatomical Vocabulary

Anal Pekh-razh-, pekh-razhik*
Anus Pekh-razh*
Body Vukhut
Breast Thak
Clitoris Ko-Lok
Copulate Az’ir’kh’ar
Ejaculate (v.) Khrasau
Ejaculation Khrasaya
Erect Abul-, abulik (adj.)
Erection Abun
Erotic Guv-dau-, guv-dauk
Penis Lok
Mate (v.) Katelau
Nipple Thasek-gonaf
Sexual Guvik
Sexual favors Dihrf
Vagina Keshtan-ur*
Vaginal Keshtan-urik*
Vulva Kotik si-guv-kruslar

*Thanks to the ultra-logical Vulcans, these aren’t exactly the sexiest terms, so use them with caution in your fics: keshtan-ur literally means “birth tunnel” and pekh-razh literally means “feces hole.” I humbly suggest that razh, literally “hole,” could serve for any sexy orifice.


I cherish thee Taluhk nash-veh k’dular (traditional Vulcan)
I love you Ashau nash-veh tu
Feeling “head-over-heels” for someone Shon-ha-lock/shan’hal’lak (literally the engulfment)

Note: T’hy’la, the word created by Gene Roddenberry meaning “friend/brother/lover,” will eventually have its own post, as there’s too much to cover here.


I found a pal while visiting my dad weeks ago she is neighbor’s wife’s cat but she is so dirty and skinny because the husband neglected her..we feeds her while we are there but now im back home im so worried abt this baby (my dad feeds her when she visit his house tho) …my mom tried to contact the wife abt her like if she still want to keep the cat bc her husband seriously didn’t feed her..hope we can get her though or at least let the wife know abt it..her name is moza btw she is so chill

“Don’t look at my wife!” - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Unfortunately I still have some issues with the hashtags, so some of my fanfictions just don’t show up. So if you want some more fanfiction goodness, just scroll through my blog and you might discover something nice ;D I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summary - Tony makes a party that’s the best he can do and invites a lot of people. A mixture of famous, political people and friends. Bucky doesn’t like the idea of being around so many people and have to talk to them. But Steve convinces Bucky to stay at least for an hour. Luckily he held his promise.

Words - 1,010

Warnings - reader x husband (you’ll see), a long ass gaze oh my god, did I just made a funny pun? no. sorry, that’s it, if I forgot something tell me ♥

Originally posted by multifandomfantasychild

Bucky’s POV

It was loud. So loud.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. They talked louder than the next group. The bass of the music almost made the cocktail and martini glasses vibrate. One group laughed about the oh so funny joke someone made. He already knew the pointé and even after it was explained, he didn’t like the joke. The lights were flickering around. Someone played pool with his friend to impress the girls.

Ugh, he just hated parties.

It was too much for him.

He enjoyed the silence. 

He enjoyed the darkness. 

He enjoyed to be alone.

Just 10 minutes and Steve would already let him go.

Bucky had enough already. More than enough. He just wanted to get to his suite that was luckily seperated by 10 floors. He probably had your silence in there.

Bucky closed his eyes and sat back in his chair, crossing his strong arms in front of his chest letting out a heavy sigh.

“Oh wow. I heared about that metal arm. Can I touch it? You look so strong with it.”

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“I hate ‘childfree’ people. They’re so hostile and they never shut up about it.”

Weirdly, yes: my childfree blog will talk a lot about childfree stuff. If you don’t like childfree talk then I’d recommend checking out, say, the entire rest of the internet.

But in case you picture me traipsing the streets from dawn until dusk, handing out crazed homemade pamphlets and shoving people’s pushchair-bound infants into traffic, I’ll have to disappoint you.

In fact, to illustrate, here’s some pretty serious restraint I showed recently.

I was at the vet with one of our small animals. She was safe in her enclosed carry-case, and we were in the waiting room. My pet is now well on the road to recovery but at the time, we’d been hearing things like ‘tumour’ and ‘operation’, and I was waiting to see if those awful words were about to come true.

So we’re waiting for our name to be called, and in comes a busy mum with a small girl - maybe three, carried at the hip along with the car keys, purse and phone. From what I vaguely overheard, they were just here to collect some specialist dog food. I wasn’t taking much in, lost inside my own head in that dark whirlpool of tumour, operation. Tumour, operation.

Then I hear a young voice, directed at me, saying, “Kitty. Kitty.”

I glance up. The small girl is pointing with her entire splayed hand at my carry-case. “Kitty,” she says to her mother again, who is busy talking to the receptionist, and I’m unnerved to realise the statement is taking on a tone of command.

Her mum glances round, and spots me and my carry-case - the cause of her toddler’s attention.

“Yes,” she says, distracted. “I think so, sweetheart.”

Kitty!” the little girl says again, more insistently this time, almost angry, and then, my ultimate nightmare: “I wanna see!

Her mum looks into my eyes.

This woman and I never exchanged a single word with each other, but we communicated plenty. My head was a cold black mess of ‘tumour’ and ‘operation’ and I looked at her in the sternest way I could think to say in silence: you do not even have my permission to ask permission.

“Oh,” she says, “no, sweetheart. I don’t think we’re allowed to look at the kitty.”

The child commences a tantrum and screaming. The mum (now harassed, with an air that suggests I’ve selfishly caused her a major problem) pays for her special dog food and out they go, car keys jangling, the little girl still screaming that she wants to see. 

The important thing here - and what I want you to take away - is what I didn’t say to this person.

In fact, I said nothing to her. I let her continue on with her day and her life, untroubled by me and the things that I thought. I did the nice thing. I did the decent thing. 

But here on the net, this is my safe space. This is where I can say all the things I wanted to say, and say them in the presence of people I know will understand.

I wanted to say, “Are you serious? It’s not even a cat. You don’t have a clue who or what I have in this case, or why they’re here, or how sick they are. You just know your kid wants to see a cat that I don’t even have. And that’s all that matters to you.”

I wanted to say, “How dare you assume your kid is automatically allowed to see (and what, ideally touch?) a stranger’s sick animal. How dare you think you’ve got some grounds to be offended when I don’t gladly throw open the cage door for her grasping, cruel little hands.”

I wanted to say, “This is a veterinary waiting room. Animals here are sick, injured or dying. It’s not a free fucking zoo.”

All these things, I didn’t say.

I did the decent thing, the nice thing, by not pouring all my rage and disbelief out over this woman. I held my tongue and let her walk away. 

She’s probably forgotten me. 

Or I’ve got a cameo role in an anecdote of hers. “One day I took Lily to the vet, and some bitch made her cry by not letting Lil just look at her cat. Like Jesus, it’s only a cat.”

So, to be honest? 

No - I’m not hostile. At least, I’m not a fraction as hostile as I could be. 

And no, I don’t go on about it all the time. Or, at least, I keep 99% of my thoughts on the matter constrained to my blog, my husband and my journal.

If you don’t like what you find here, you’re very welcome to take your special dog food, your car keys, your screaming toddler and leave.









In appreciation, I’d like to do a giveaway (I’m not sure how other blogs do this but I’ll give it a go). I just got a printer and thought about doing prints of some illustrations to sell. But my first one will be a giveaway for you guys!

Reblog this post and I’ll put your name in a box and pick the lucky person (or people, depending on my budget/how many enter) for an 8x10 signed print of one of the illustrations—your choice! You have from now until April 10th. Make sure I can send you an ask or message to get your addy and choice of print!

(I know several of you are in Venezuela or outside the US—I’ll do my best and see what I can do about shipping it via FedEx/UPS to get to you if you’re selected since I know regular postal mail doesn’t really arrive in Venezuela, at least according to my husband who told me once about how he went to camp in the US, sent a postcard, and came home and then the postcard arrived ages later).

And feel free to lemme know what you think if you like the idea of buying a print of one of these illustrations! 


Also ps. I know some of you guys are art blogs and I try to follow as many of you as Tumblr lets me but that means I can’t remember all of you and I want to follow you on my new art blog can you remind me so I can find you?

anonymous asked:

so this is really awkward, but i just wanted to ask you how you make friends in the fandom? like i want to talk to people but i'm really shy and i always think i'll be annoying people and i just don't really know what to say... i dunno, i kinda feel like everyone already has friends and yeah. urgh this is so embarassing. sorry!

Okay, first of all, know that I think literally EVERYONE feels this way. Like I swear, in real life I can be pretty outgoing and confident but when it comes to tumblr, I feel all these exact emotions. Everyone else is much cooler and I am a bother. So don’t be sorry!

Secondly, all I can really say is: be chill, be casual, just go for it! Do not be intimidated by anyone. Everyone LOVES receiving messages and making friends is always awesome! Just don’t overthink it!

That’s the short version.

Here’s the long version. (Because I know that if something makes you nervous, being told to “just doooo it, bro” is unhelpful advice. So here is my real advice:


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Ebook Tree REMOVES Stolen Work


I didn’t receive a formal response to my complaint, but when I searched under my pen name and “The Gift” I couldn’t find it anymore.  It was removed.

Calling all fanfiction writers!!!!! If your works were stolen by Ebooks and you have not filed a DMCA complaint - DO SO NOW. IT WORKS. If you have filed a complaint, go back to the site and search for your stories. It looks like we do not receive any notification from Ebooks if it’s been removed.

Special thanks to besinaao3 and fyeahcopyright​ for leading the charge and sending out instructions on how to file a DMCA complaint.

Score one for the little people!

I will keep my A03 account. It looks like A03 has taken some additional precautions to stop this from happening in the future. I do plan on keeping the stories locked. Only registered users can read them. This was a recommendation of A03. At least for the time being. I need to confer with my technical support (aka the husband).

If you are not a registered user at A03 then you can read my stories on my Tumblr blog.