at least leave your door unlocked

The Arrangement (pt 9)

“Is the child even mine, Y/N?”

You stare at him wide-eyed. Did he really just ask that? You felt like you couldn’t breathe in that moment. Jimin was actually being serious. He had actually thought that low of you. He had doubted your love and sincerity towards him. 
His faith in you had shattered and in turn, he had shattered your heart. 

You turned away from him, unable to look at him anymore. Jimin scoffed as you turned away, not noticing the single tear that fell from your eyes. You sat there in silence for another minute. Jimin was still fuming. He wanted answers from you and he wanted them now. 

Just as he was about to start yelling again, you cut him off. 

“You really want to know what’s going on between me and Tae?” you said with a straight face, wiping away the tears in your eyes. You take out your keys from your purse and push them into Jimin’s hands. “Go inside the house”

Jimin eyed the keys in his hands curiously. “Don’t avoid this conversation by telling me to go into the fucking house” he sneered at you. 

“Dammit Jimin just go into the house!” you almost yelled back. Jimin had finally noticed the pained expression on your face, but he didn’t care. He got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. You too had gotten out of the car, and walked lifelessly behind Jimin to the front door. 

Jimin managed to find the house keys amongst the many keychains you had and finally put the key in the door. As he tried to unlock the door, he noticed your hands in fists as you tried to control the shaking. You had wiped away your tears, but it was quite obvious that you were upset. 

Jimin finally unlocked the door and opened it to find a rather dark house. You both would usually leave at least a small lamp on so that you weren’t met with a dark house, but no such lights were on today. Jimin’s frustration only grew as he struggled to find the light switch near the entrance. Soon though, he found the switch and turned it on. 


Jimin jumped back from the sudden burst of noise. Jimin looked around the house, only to find it full. Full of his family, friends, and various decorations. There in front of Jimin stood all of his favorite things. The most important people in his life and some of his friends he hadn’t seen in a very long time. There in front of him stood some family from out of the country that he had also missed seeing. There in front of him stood hundreds upon hundreds of decorations in all his favorite colors. Ballons were floating on the ceiling and banners and streamers filled the house. There was something childish yet classy about it and Jimin loved it. Jimin couldn’t even begin to take it all in. He just stood there and smiled at everyone like a fool, totally forgetting about the whole ordeal that happened in the car. 

Suddenly, a group of guys surrounded him and messed with his hair and gave him a few light hits and punches. “Happy Birthday, Jimin!” they said in turns. “Were you surprised??” asked Jungkook.

“How do you like it??” ask Namjoon. 

“We spent like hours with the decorations he better like it” said Hoseok.

“Hours? Well me and Y/N spent weeks, no months, planning this whole thing. We literally went shopping every week because she thought of something new to get. You must have known, right Jimin? Like weren’t you the least bit suspicious?” asked Taehyung as he threw his arm around Jimin’s shoulders. 

And that’s when it hit him. That’s when he remembered what he had just accused you of and Jimin’s heart sank. What had he just done. 

He turned around quickly, finally facing you with his eyes wide. You gave him the smallest of smiles and Jimin noticed your lips trembling as you tried your hardest to hold back tears and break down. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you say in almost a whisper, but he could still hear it. 

He tries to reach out for you, but you walk away into the sea of guests. and before he can try again, he is greeted by more guests, blocking him entirely. 

You try your hardest to smile and greet guests, but you eventually excuse yourself to change into something a little comfortable. You all but run into your shared bedroom with Jimin and lock yourself into the bathroom. You finally let the tears fall freely and you cover your mouth to hold back the sobs. You don’t know how long you stood there in the bathroom, but by now you were numb. You can hear the party at full swing outside, with loud music and people talking. Surely no one would miss your presence. You realize you can’t stay in the bathroom forever though so you will yourself to get through just tonight. You wipe off all the tear-stained makeup and wash your face with warm water. But your eyes are still kind of red. You walk into your side of the closet and try to find something more suitable for the party. 

Jimin is finally free of most of the guests at this point and begins his search for you again. He had seen you talking to a few people, but that was at least half an hour ago. 

“Sweetheart, Happy Birthday” Jimin hears. His mom and dad walk up to him, arms open for a hug. Jimin gives them a warm smile, despite his mind being focused on finding you. 

“Thank you” he says as he returns the hug. 

“Jimin, this is your last birthday as just a married man! Come next birthday, you’ll be a father too” Jimins father said. He was probably more excited than Jimin for the baby to arrive. He couldn’t wait to spoil his grandchild. 

“That’s right Jimin! The baby will be here for your next birthday darling” his mother chimes. “Enjoy this while it lasts son. You and Y/N will have your hands full this time next year” she continues. 

“Uh.. speaking of Y/N, have you seen her?” Jimin asks nervously. 

“Oh, I believe I heard her saying that she was going to go change into something more comfortable. But she’s been missing for a while, Why don’t you go change and make sure she’s ok too sweetheart?” Jimins mom says as she practically pushes him in the direction of their shared room. 

Jimin walks nervously towards their room, not knowing how to approach you and beg for your forgiveness. Why did he ever doubt you? The look on your face when you had just wished him happy birthday haunted his mind. 

He opens the door to your shared room and to his surprise, it is also fully decorated. There are balloons dancing across the ceiling and twinkle lights around the room. Jimin walked further into the room sitting on the bed as he tried to take it all in. He noticed the light on inside the bathroom and realized you were inside. He looked around the room and realized just how much you had planned. You really had gone the extra mile. 

Jimin finally notices a wrapped present on his nightstand. It was beautifully wrapped with a bouncy bow on the top. He had no doubt in his mind that you wrapped it. 

He carefully ripped the wrapping paper off, only to be met with a white box. He slid the box open and Jimin was shocked. Inside laid the childhood book he had you about all those many nights ago, The Velveteen Rabbit. The book had been published many times, but Jimin had initially owned a very old copy, dating back to around the 50′s. When he tried to find the same book, he couldn’t find the same copy or anyone willing to sell. But the book that laid in front of him was something beyond his imagination. 

He opened up the front cover and looked at the first page. The publishing date of this book dated back to 1922, meaning this was the very first edition. This must have cost a fortune, let alone impossible to find. 

Inside the book also had a small card. Jimin took the card out and placed the book on the side of the bed. He carefully opened up the card to find your small and beautiful handwriting on a pretty birthday card.

Dearest Jimin,

Happy Birthday, sweets! I thank god for blessing me with you everyday. And I guess I’m also thanking your parents for what they did 22 years and 9 months ago. ;)

 I know that we didn’t get into this marriage by choice, but I can happily say now that I always, always will pick you. I love you so, so much. I know I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks, but I hope you finally understand why and hopefully this all makes up for it. Did you like your gift? You really weren’t kidding when you said it was hard to find! I hope one day in the future, we can read this book to our child and maybe they will love it as much as you do. You’re going to be a wonderful father, Jimin. I just know it. I can’t wait to meet our little baby in a few months! Ok, I’m rambling…in a letter. Anyways, love you baby. Hope you have a wonderful day <3



Jimins hands trembled as he read the letter. How could he have doubted your love for him? How could he have been so stupid? Just then, he heard the door of your bathroom and you emerge, seconds later. Jimin stands up and meets your eyes for the first time in a while. 

It’s obvious that you’ve been crying but you tried to cover it well. But he could still tell. The glow from your eyes were long gone. You look at Jimin with a blank expression, as if you had just seen right through him and it sends a shiver down his spine and it scared him. 

You break eye contact and start to make your way to your door but Jimin stops you as he grabs your wrists. “Baby I- I’m so sor-” he starts. But before he can finish, you yank your hand out of his and walk out the door, leaving Jimin alone in the room.

Jimin stood frozen in the room as the door slammed shut after you walked out. How was he going to make it up to you?

You had returned to the party and Jimin soon followed behind you but you had already started mingling with guests again. You refused to even look in Jimin’s direction. If you even felt him coming closer to you, you would make the effort to move away. 

Jimin noticed you avoiding him and it was hard to get to you. There were so many guests! But Jimin wasn’t the only one who noticed the change. Taehyung also noticed the second you tried to excuse yourself to go change. You seemed really upset and it was easy to see that it was because something had happened between you and Jimin. Though it wasn’t in his place to pry, he felt bad that you were so upset on the day you spent the last 2 months planning. 

Taehyung had found you amongst the crowd and the people you were talking to had excused themselves. You gave Taehyung a small smile, but even he could tell how forced it was. “hey…you okay?” he asks slowly, hoping not to get anyone else’s attention.

Your smile slowly fades only for you to give him a faker smile seconds later. “I’m fine, Tae. Why?” you say, hoping not to discuss anything at the moment. You knew that if you talked about it, you would end up crying again.

“H-have you been crying? I don’t mean to pry, but is everything ok between you and Jimin? I just don’t want you to be upset today after all you planning for it!” he says. 

But before you could answer, you felt arms snake around your waist. “Nothing is going on, Tae. Don’t worry about. And thanks again man for throwing me this party. You’ve planned it so well with Y/n” Jimin says, showing up out of the blue. You look up at Jimin, surprised that you didn’t see him coming. Both the anger and sadness filled you up again. Taehyung could practically see all the tension in the air. 

You pulled Jimin’s arms around your waist, rather forcefully. “Excuse me boys, but I’m going to set up the food” you say as you give Taehyung another fake smile and walk towards the kitchen, not even giving Jimin a glance.”

“Dude what the hell happened?” Taehyung asks Jimin, pulling him to a corner. 

“Nothing, just drop it” says Jimin, growing frustrated. 

“I usually would, but not today. Do you you have any idea how much time and effort your wife put into planning tonight? She’s been excited about this for months. She has poured her love into every step of planning, and yet here she looks like she’s going to breakdown at any second. Look, I get that it’s your birthday and you don’t want to be listening to this right now, but whatever it is that happened between you two, I hope you can make up. You’re my best friend, Jimin. But Y/N is a good friend now too” Taehyung explains.

Jimin looked at Taehyung with a pained expression. He knew he had hurt you badly. It was evident in your eyes. But Jimin didn’t want to tell his best friend that just moments before you of cheating with him. Come to think of it, it was stupid that he even doubted you. He should have known his best friend would never betray him like that. And more importantly, he should have known you would have never betrayed him like that. He should have never doubted you. But he couldn’t tell Taehyung, at least not now. “It’s none of your business Taehyung, so drop it. Whatever it is, it’s between me and Y/n, so stay out of it” Jimin says before walking away, not even seeing Taehyung’s hurt expression.

Jimin kept trying to get you alone after that multiple times, but you evaded him at all costs. It was hard to enjoy the party when he could only focus on you and making things right with you. Before he could attempt talking to you again though, he was called to cut a cake. Everyone starting singing happy birthday and people were pushing you to go stand next to Jimin. You stood there awkwardly as people were singing and Jimin kept looking at you. Finally the song was over and Jimin blew out the candles. People then started to chant “Kiss” in hopes of you to kiss the birthday boy. You kept trying to wave it off, but it seemed like no one was having it. Jimin looked at you hopefully. He didn’t care that everyone else was in the room. He just wanted to kiss you senseless and show you just how sorry he was and how much he had loved you. 

You turned to Jimin, and any smile you had one was quickly gone and Jimin’s heart sank. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you said quietly as you kissed him on the cheek really quickly before turning to face everyone else. Jimin tried to keep his smile up, but people could kind of sense the tension at this point. 

You almost never called him Jimin anymore. It was always “sweets” or some other cute nickname you would come up with it. So when you use his real name, he knew it was serious. 

The rest of the party went rather slowly for both you and Jimin. People had started drinking and everyone was having their fun. Jimin tried to make the most of the party that you had worked for and decided that you needed your space for now. You on the other hand were just trying to make it through the rest of the night. Fortunately for you though, Taehyung and the rest of his friends had kept you company for the majority of the time.

 Pretty soon though, people filed out of the house. Though you had wanted the party to end, you were anxious now. You realized that after everyone would leave, you would be alone with Jimin and you really didn’t want that. You anxiously waited as one by one, the guests started to leave. Eventually your parents and Jimin’s parents were leaving too 

On their way out, Jimin’s mom pulled Jimin to the side. “I don’t know what happened between you two, but don’t keep a pregnant woman mad at you for too long, son. It’s not too good to keep the mother of your child angry at you. Trust me when I say your father can vouch for that” she says. Jimin gives her a small smile as she too leaves. Maybe you were just this mad because you were hormonal? He just needed to get you alone and he could work things out. 

Soon enough, there were just a few people left and they were all starting getting ready to leave too. One by one, they filed out, and you were getting more antsy by the second. One friend of Jimin’s though was quite drunk. His girlfriend struggled to even get him walking properly and since she was far smaller than him, she needed help getting him to the car. “Hey birthday boy, sorry to ask you of this, but could you help me get this drunk ass to our car? I don’t think I can support his weight” she asked. 

As much as Jimin wanted to just kick the remaining people out of his house, he knew he should help his friend. He turned to look back at you as you began to clean some things in the kitchen. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a second. I need to talk to you” he said before grabbing his friend by the shoulders and heading out the door. You said your goodbyes and then, it was just you in the house. You swallowed the lump in your throat and decided that you could clean everything else in the morning. You were both physically and emotionally drained. 

Before turning off the lights in the room, you took one more glance at all the decorations. “I hope he liked it..” you said out loud. 

Jimin practically threw his friend into the car before running back to the house. He yanked the door open, only to find the house somewhat dark again. He ran to his room, only to find the bathroom lights on. He was relieved that you were still here. For a moment, he thought you had left. 

How was he going to make this up to you? What words would make things right again? He called you a slut, he said he regretted marrying you. He asked if the child was even his, and he could practically see your heart break. He sat on the bed, running his hands through has hair nervously. 

Soon, you had finished your night time routine and you hadn’t even realized that you had started to cry again. You came out of the bathroom with your hand placed protectively over your stomach. The only comfort you had right now was the little one inside you. Oh how you just wanted to hold you baby soon. 

You jumped a little when you saw Jimin, not expecting him. You decided that you didn’t want to be in the same room as him for a while, so you walked to your side of the bed and grabbed your pillow while Jimin was trying to form the right words. Jimin noticed your tear stained face and he felt his heart drop at how sad you looked in that moment. You just look so drained, and he was the reason behind it all. 

“Y/N I’m so– wait what are you doing” he asked as you grabbed your pillow. You didn’t reply and instead you just made your way back to your old room, thankful that a bed was still there.

Jimin was surprised for a second and didn’t register what was happening. Recently, you had been saying that you found it hard to sleep without him there and he felt the same too. You always snuggled up to him at the end of the day and now, you didn’t even want to be in the same room? After a hot second, Jimin followed you.

“Wait, don’t just leave. Y/N I’m sorry, ok? Just look at me baby, please” he was pleading as he followed behind you like a lost dog. But you didnt reply and you were crying again. You practically ran the last few steps and before Jimin could reach you, you closed the door on his face and locked the door. You layed down on the bed and tried to calm your heart. You were so hurt, so tired. You just wanted to sleep. 

Jimin on the other hand was pounding on your door, not wanting you to sleep alone and in pain. He needed you as much as you needed him to sleep. And more than anything, he wanted your love for him again. 

“Baby, please” he said. “I’m sorry ok? I didn’t mean the things I said. Please, let me see you ok? Let me hold you tonight and we can talk through everything in the morning” he was begging. But you never opened the door, and Jimin knew to give up till the sun rose again. He was going to get you to forgive him, one way or another. No more mistakes, he thought to himself. No. More. Mistakes.


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His Throne [JHS]

Genre: Smut, some angst, some fluff

Word Count: 4,413

Summary: You, a maid for the royal family, have sex with the irresistible prince Jung Hoseok on his throne.

Tags: degradation, some praise, choking (kinda?), prince!Hoseok, dom!Hoseok, thigh riding

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: So I figured since I just turned 18, I should challenge myself and write my first smut! It kinda totally sucks, but what can ya do?  PCs to vikttoria16.

Version: Jimin | Jungkook | Namjoon | Yoongi | Seokjin | Taehyung

You’d been working for the royal family for over a decade now. You knew every nook and cranny—every secret passage and hidden room in that palace. It was practically your home. You took care of it, constantly sweeping and dusting and mopping.

You also took care of Jung Hoseok, the spoiled prince residing in it. You always cleaned his room, washed his clothes and made his meals. But then somewhere in the mess of everything, you began taking care of him in a different way.

You always had a close friendship with the prince but that’s all it was—friendship. Until one day, two years ago, he approached you. That’s when it all began, your secret relationship with the seductive prince.

No one knew about your relationship, everyone always assumed it was purely friendship. No one ever expected the handsome prince to fall for a lowly maid like yourself, which made the relationship all the more perfect, in a sense.

At least twice a week you two would meet up for discreet, eager sex, and today was one of those days.

“Come ride me,” Hoseok demanded sternly, eyes already mentally undressing you. He sat in his gold throne with his crown sitting crookedly on his head. His robe fell around him, engulfing him in a pool of black fur.

Keep reading

Rescuer | Baby Driver Imagine


Requested: yes, thank you, @rory-is-in-ravenclaw , I hope you like this!!

Rating: PG-13, physical abuse bc YN gets held for ransom by Baby’s team, a lot of fluff and some lawbreaking (I mean it’s a Baby Driver fic so there had to be) also some cursing!!

Summary: Baby wakes up without you in his bed and knows something is wrong, he will do anything to make it right.
(Or the one where Doc sends the team to kidnap you so rope Baby back in).

You had woken up with a hand over your mouth, more specifically a hand with a cloth in it. You hadn’t stayed awake long enough to thrash around and resist like your instincts told you to do.

Baby, however, had woken up in the same bed several hours later. He reached for you without opening his eyes but his hand hit the mattress flatly. Your side of the bed was cold. This had forced him to open his eyes quickly, looking around for you in your shared bedroom. He called your name but all he got back was deafening silence pierced by the screeching of his tinnitus that never left him. He slipped in an earbud and checked his phone for texts from you, a note- anything, he searched around the house in every room where he thought you could possibly be, a sense of dread and panic swimming up from his stomach to his heart. His head swirled partly because of how tired he felt, and possibly because of how worried he was that you had left without a trace.

Baby tried to think of all the possibilities: you and him hadn’t fought in a long time, and all of your things were here, every single thing was where it was supposed to be, so you hadn’t left him without saying goodbye.

The door was unlocked. Baby knew that you made it a priority to make sure to lock your doors, especially at night. You never forgot, ever. And you would have locked the door behind you if you had gone out of the house in your right mind.

Maybe this was some sick prank- Baby kept hoping that you would jump out from behind a corner he had somehow missed looking in before. He knew you hadn’t gone on a run, or went out for food, you would have texted him to let him know first to avoid the feeling of overwhelming concern he felt now.

Baby circled back around to the bedroom and ran a hand through his hair, checking his phone one more time and trying to text and call your contact before throwing it down on the bed. It felt useless now that he couldn’t talk to you on it.

For the first time, Baby noticed that your phone was still sat on your bedside table- on silent, as you always kept it that way when the two of you were sleeping. Baby’s eyes widened as he processed what he was seeing: “oh shit.”

The picked up your phone, the plastic and metal cold on his hands, clearly nobody had touched it in a long time.

He set it back down before pacing back and forth throughout the room, his brain tricking him every so often into thinking that he heard your voice or that the door had been unlocked and pushed open, he knew it wasn’t real and that something was seriously wrong. It wasn’t like you to just leave, and it definitely wasn’t like you to leave your phone by your bed.

Then his burner phone began to ring from inside the drawer if the bedside table on Baby’s side of the bed. It hadn’t rung in weeks, or at least Baby hadn’t answered it in weeks. Baby had made it clear that he was done with Doc and the life of crime that he had been forced to live for so long.

This time though, he picked up the phone and answered without hesitation. His mind was already starting to put the pieces together that Doc, or somebody from the team, was behind this situation.
“Hello?” Baby spoke as soon as the line connected.

“Well, it’s nice to hear your voice again, Baby! It’s been a while, weeks, even.” Doc sounded friendly, as though he was making small talk. This was not a time Baby was willing to make small talk.

“Where is she?”

“You’ll have to be more specific, Baby, it’s been so long since we last spoke that-”

“Doc- cut the bull shit, okay? I know you’re going to want something from me to get her back, I swear to god if any of you fucks lay a finger on her, you’re going to lose a hand.” Baby had had enough. Doc only chuckled.
“Listen, Baby, we all know how much you love her, we’ve been watching the two of you fall in love, haven’t we?” Baby could hear several statements of agreement come from the team in the background.

“Now, listen, we miss you around here, Baby, come home.”

Baby bristled at the word home.

“That is not my home, and you are not my family-” he cut himself off before he could finish, he had begun to say that you were his family, but he didn’t want to hear that phrase warped and used to mock him later or ever.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll think otherwise when you stop in to see us. Make it sooner than later- you know where to find us.”

Baby drove faster than he’d ever driven in his life, only waiting to put on pants before leaving the house. No sunglasses, no music, just the need to know that his lover was safe.

Baby was met by Doc at the door, who held his arms open as if he wanted to embrace him. Baby stepped forward but remained far enough away that the embrace couldn’t happen. He stayed still as Doc closed the gap between them and wrapped his arms like a constrictor around Baby. Baby’s body only became more tense. “The prodigal son returns to his father!” Doc smirked at Baby as he pulled away. “M'not your son,” Baby protested. Doc said nothing as he led Baby through the hallways down farther than Baby had ever gone into the building. Now they were in the basement, far away from the usual planning room with the long table and chalkboard.

“Where is she, Doc,” Baby implored, hoping that maybe he would be shown compassion. Doc acted as though he hadn’t heard Baby’s voice at all. Doc used a key to open a thick metal door at he end of the hallway and Baby couldn’t help but think that it looked like a dungeon.

“You ignored us, Baby,” Doc said cooly as the door swung open. baby followed through and tried not to flinch so visibly when Doc spun on his heel to face him. “Now, we have leverage. You’re done when we say you are, Baby, you know that. I hope you’ve had a nice little vacation with your little girlfriend- she’s a pretty little thing- isn’t she? Let’s not do anything to jeopardize that.”

Baby tried to look unbothered by his comment. Now that they were in the room, Baby eyes adjusted and he could see the entire team seated on folding metal chairs, Darling sat on Buddy’s lap as usual. Bats held a rope in his hand and then Baby followed the rope with his eyes he registered that you were attached, by your ankle, the rope clearly tied too tight around your ankle, it looked wrongly colored and raw, most likely from you moving farther than the rope would allow.

Baby’s entire body went weak at the sight of you crumpled on the floor and not moving, you were still in his clothes that you’d fallen asleep in, a tee shirt that was too big even for Baby, looking like a dress on you.

“Let her go- you know I’ll do whatever you tell me too, I just- I just have to know that she’s okay first-” Baby pleaded and tried to not let anyone hear that his voice had broken. He felt more vulnerable than ever without his music and sunglasses.

“Come on, guys can’t we at least let him check on her-” Darling was silenced by Buddy placing a firm hand on her thigh. Doc raised an eyebrow. “Baby, looks like you still have some allies here- that’s good. Don’t let that stop being true.”

Baby looked at Doc and nodded obediently, he’d do anything to ensure your safety. Doc scanned his face, wrinkles forming due to worry. Baby turned back to look at you, not daring to step any closer before he was given permission, he knew that the last thing he needed was the team even more on edge, or worse, angry.

“Fine, you can see her.” Doc said slowly, Baby felt as though he couldn’t move fast enough to drop to his knees by your side and begin checking for a pulse.

Finally after what felt like agonizing years, he found it. It was steady and consistent and more than Baby had dared to hope for. The team watched silently, Darling looked troubled and whispered something to Buddy, who only shook his head.

Your skin was cold from laying on the heartless metal floor, Baby picked you up softly, speaking to you quietly.

“Okay, YN, gonna pick you up now, you’re going to be okay, I won’t let anything bad happen to you. He pulled you gently into his lap, making sure that your clothes covered as much of you as they could. His eyes widened and his nostrils flared at the sight of your face, it was usually serene and pure, now you looked troubled, even though you were unconscious and as Baby smoothed your hair back he found bruises, darkened, hand shaped bruised with certain points that were darker than others that resembled rings.

Buddy’s rings.

It took everything in Baby not to lung at his team member, he simply lifted his head and looked around. "Why the fuck did she get hit.” He said, his teeth clenched. “Why would you hit her like this, she’s not one of you, you didn’t have to do this?” Baby knew his voice had gotten a bit whiny and he stopped himself.

Cradling you in his arms and rubbing up and down your arms to warm you up. All the movement caused you to stir, your legs curling slightly closer before being stopped abruptly by the unrelenting hold on your ankle that Bats controlled with the rope.
“You may hate me, but you don’t have to do this, Bats, you know that you don’t,” Baby looked from Bats to the rope and then back at Bats. He received only a shrug in return.

Your eyes flashed open and you began to jerk, your last memory being a man’s hand swinging towards your face in this very room, but now you breathed in and heard Baby’s voice and saw him. You were so thankful he was here now.

“You came,” you breathed, looking up at him. He nodded. “Of course I did, you’re going to be alright, they’re not going to touch you ever again.” The last part was directed at the team, Baby received no assurance that his demands would be met and he grew furious, the last thing he wanted to do was scare you but he couldn’t hold back a yell. “Do not fucking touch her!”

Buddy sat up in his chair, Darling relinquished her seat and Buddy stood up, walking over to where Baby and you were sitting on the floor.

“Listen kid, there’s no need to yell. We can hear you just fine,” his voice was taunting and unfeeling.

“Why did you do this?” Baby questioned, trying to control his emotions.

“Well, why don’t you tell him, sweetheart?” Buddy reached for your face and you winced away before he could do so. “Don’t.” Baby growled at Buddy, who threw up his hands in mock surrender before talking again. Crouching down so he could see your eyes.

“Tell him what happened, sweetheart. Or it’s gonna happen again,” baby wrapped you tighter in his arms without thinking and you shook your head.

“I- I tried to run away,” you spoke quietly, your voice hoarse.
“And?” Buddy said, requesting you continue.

“I fought,” you mumbled again.

“What was that, princess?” Buddy glowered at you, and showed off some deep red scrapes on his arm.

“Your little bitch here did this to me, after I told her that I wouldn’t have to fuck her up if she just stay put, clearly she can’t follow basic directions,” Buddy snarled and Baby’s eyes squinted with anger.

“So you beat her until she was unconscious?” Buddy rolled his eyes. “A tap never hurt anybody,”

Baby’s voice shook. “Don’t do it again.” Buddy shrugged. “You did this to her, don’t know why you’re so pissed at me, you’re the one who brought her here,” Baby shook his head.

“This has nothing to do with her, you’re all pissed at me for trying to live a good life and took it out on my family,” he was so angry and so scared. “Baby, it’s okay, I’m okay,” you spoke softly so only Baby could hear. He shook his head. “Stop, it’s not,” he couldn’t help but be proud that you had held your own so well.

“Baby, we have a job to do. Your girl will be staying in here with Buddy while the rest of you complete the job. You will be briefed on the way there. So far things have gone relatively well, there’s no permanent damage to your girl. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?”

Baby let his head fall slightly in defeat.

“I’m so sorry, YN, I’m so sorry, so, so sorry,” he said and kissed your hair, his hand cupping your head close to his chest. You wished he didn’t have to leave you again.

You tried not to show it but you were scared. It had been a rough morning.

First, you’d woken up in the back of a van, on the floor. You’d started screaming until Darling had crawled into the back where you were and silenced you with a hand over your mouth.

“Calm down, chica, you’re okay, were taking you to a spot to wait for Baby to show up. Our boss is mad that your boy has been ignoring him, and now we have to do this. I know you’re scared, but trust me, I know Baby well, and he find you as soon as he can. We’re not here to hurt you, just need to get your boys attention, okay?” You could feel hit tears streaming down your face.

“Why, why do you guys listen to your boss? Why can’t you just let Baby leave?” You we’re trying not to sob but you were so fearful.

“Sh, c'mere, Chica.” The woman drew you close to her and smoothed your hair before continuing. “You and Baby are so young, you don’t understand how this all works, just do as you’re asked and you’re going to be alright, these guys may seem scary but I promise that you don’t need to be scared unless you try something stupid.” You nodded, and Darling looked at you tenderly, almost in a maternal way. More than she wanted to admit, she wanted to take care of you. “I’m Darling, your name is?”

You told her, sure that they already knew your name. “Lovely, well, YN, we’re close to our stop and I can’t let you remember the way in, you understand don’t you?” You began to back away fearfully on your hands and knees shaking your head, and crouching against the wall of the truck.

“No, my love, this will only be harder if you resist, alright? This won’t hurt you, it’s medical grade- I made sure of that. Only the best for the kid’s girl.”

She held up a medical looking mask, blue with white trim, with soft elastic hooks for your ears. She held your face firmly in her hand as she held the mask against your mouth and nose.

You convulsed, trying to avoid breathing long enough to get away some how but within a few seconds, your vision blurred all you could hear was the truck braking and Darling kissing your head and mumbling, “sweet dreams, mi amor.”

You felt your body slump and you were knocked out.

The next time you awoke, you were in a dark room propped up against the wall. Across from you there was a door, next to the door sat a man whose arms were crossed, watching you stir awake.

“Glad to see you up and at ‘em,” he said, and you could tell he really couldn’t care less what you did.

“Where am I?” You questioned, trying to stand but failing due to the drugs that were still in your system. “Easy there, take it easy,” he warned. “What do you want?” You questioned again, this made the man crack a slight smile. “I can see why he likes you,” he said calmly.
“What do you want, I don’t have any money, Baby and I didn’t do anything to you guys?”

The man sighed and stepped across the room towards you. You felt more vulnerable than ever in just a tee shirt that reached the middle of your thighs.

“We don’t want anything from you, we just need you to get Baby’s attention, and you will, we just need you to sit in here until he comes and not do anything stupid,” you tried to process all the information, fear racking through your body.

“Why are you doing this?” You questioned, the man shrugged. “Our boy has been slacking lately, missing work, we just need him back.” Your brows furrowed.

“Where are we?” The man shook his head, suddenly seeming much less calm and pleasant, his dark skin now forming a frown. “I said don’t do anything stupid. Do you really think that I would tell you where we are?” You didn’t respond, looking around the dimly lit room.

“Stay here and don’t move, and again, do not do anything stupid,” he said, and left the room, slamming the door behind him. There were no windows, only a small slit in the door that was filled in with glass. You began searching for a second door, a hole in the floor, somewhere to hide- anything. There was nothing. You walked to the door and peered out, pressing on the glass with your hands. You started to pound on the glass, trying to get it to break.
You knew that breaking the glass most likely wouldn’t help you much but you wanted to try anyway.

Suddenly, a figure walked swiftly to the door from down the hallway. You could tell that there were only lights on the ceiling every few feet so his presence took you by surprise. You helped as he banged on the door with his fist. You ran away from the door as you watched the knob twist open, you could tell a key was used to get the door open and noticed that there was a slot for the key on this side of the door.

The man burst into the room.

“Didn’t Bats tell you not to do anything stupid?” You blinked in shock, backed against the wall. When you didn’t respond, the man strode over to you determined, placing a hand above your head on the wall. “Answer me,” he demanded and you nodded quickly, not wanting and trouble.

“Good. So why were you doing something so painfully goddamn stupid?” Your eyes widened and you shook your head, not sure of what to say.

“I said, answer me.” He snarled and you tried to think of something to say. “I-I’m sorry,” you offered, looking at the ground, turning your head so you were as far away from him as possible.

“We were trying to be so fucking nice to you, y'know that? We left you in here with no cuffs, no rope, no tape over your mouth, and you repay us like this?”

You said sorry again, you couldn’t think of anything else to do.

“Alright, sweetheart.” His words were neutral enough but somehow they made you wince in fear.

“I’m going to come back sooner than you think and if you try anything again, you better believe that it won’t be pretty.” He slapped his hand over your head, making his way to the door, this could be your only chance. You ran to the door and tried to follow the man out of the room. You were unsuccessful and he pushed you backwards, you stumbled and fell back.

“What the hell did I just tell you?” He roared and you put your hands over your face as he walked back into the rom. He grabbed at the neck of your shirt and swung at your face. You yelped in pain as his hand connected with the side of your head, you could feel his rings digging into your skin and grabbed your injury with both hands, tears welling in your eyes, an ache settling deep into your head.

“That’s what happens when you do stupid things, sweetheart. Now you’re going to have consequences.”

He stormed from the room and returned moments later with a rope. You shook your head, trying to run away but you couldn’t, the man had shut the door behind him and had you cornered. You swung your hands in desperation, one connecting with his forearm. He hissed and you saw that you had done some damage, the trail where your nails had been was raised and an angry shade of fuchsia.

“You bitch.” He growled at you, putting a hand around your neck. “I should really do some damage, how would you like that? For Baby to come in and see you fucked up?”

You shook your head as best you could with his hand on your throat.

“I won’t do it again, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” you pleaded and he sighed, removing his hand. “You better be on your best behavior now, sweetheart.” You nodded and allowed him to tie the rope far too tight around your ankle, connecting the other end to a u-shaped metal hook on the wall, the rope was looped through it and tied securely. You could move far less than before and you sat down when you were told to do so.

“Now, for the final goddamn time,” he punctuated his statement with another blow to your face, this time you could tell that you would have a black eye. “Do not,” he glared down at you, “do anything stupid.”

You nodded and he wound up as though he was going to kick you in the side. You flinched and threw your hands up for protection. “See, sweetheart? Things could get much nastier for you here,” you didn’t respond until he delivered a final blow to your head, knocking you out.

You’d awoken in Baby’s arms, his hands trying desperately to find a pulse and to warm you up. He could see the bruises on your face, and you wanted to tell him that they probably looked worse than they felt. The room was much fuller now, your ankle was still tied so tight that your foot had begun to go numb. Instead of being connected to the wall, the end was held by the first man you’d talked to. The worse of the two had Darling on his lap,
Baby was facing them, on the floor with you cradled into his chest. He whispered kind things to you and then began to shout at the others in the room.

He returned to apologizing to you and this time you only curled closer to him. “It’s okay, Baby, you have to go, I know you’ll come back, I trust you,” you said. Baby kissed your head again and wished he’d brought his jacket- anything to keep you warm and more comfortable in this hellish room.
..(back to real time).

“So it’s settled,” Doc spoke confidently. “Baby, Darling and Bats, follow me,” it wasn’t a request, you and Baby both knew he had no choice. Before leaving the room, Baby walked up to Buddy, pure anger and fear coursing through his veins.

“Do not touch her again. I will kill you,” Baby said darkly and this time Biddy said nothing. Everyone knew that he was serious about the threat.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, beautiful girl, I love you.”
Your heart swelled and you were glad your arms were free to wrap around Baby.
“I love you too, be safe, come back in one piece,” you said. Neither of you wanted to let go until Buddy walked up and grabbed the rope attached to your ankle. “Visiting hours are over, Baby, go now. The sooner you leave the sooner you can come back.”

Baby reluctantly nodded and squeezed you tighter before he let go. You missed his warmth. You were exhausted physically and emotionally and you propped yourself up against the wall, trying to find the best place to sit. Buddy left but told you that he would be right outside the door. You knew what he meant and he didn’t have to warn you again. It felt as though you’d been waiting hours before you finally gave in, laying on the floor and falling asleep.

You woke up to the sound of yelling , Baby’s voice was clear and you ran to the door to see what was happening. “Baby, this will not be your last job. Do you understand?” A voice spoke calmly and you knew it belonged to who Baby called Doc. “Fine just- just let me take her home,” Baby said quietly. The key was twisted in the lock and you backed away as the door sung open. Baby’s face was the only one you registered and you ran to each other. “Are we going home?” You questioned. Baby nodded, working as fast as he could to undo the knot on your leg. Once you were free, Baby picked you up in his arms and the two of you left the building, exiting the long hallways and finally made it back to his familiar Subaru.

“I brought these, for you,” Baby didn’t start the car, just reached into his back seat and pulled out a bag. Inside you found too much food to eat by yourself and your favorite sweatpants, as well as a sweatshirt. You put them on, and Baby smiled a little when he saw you start to eat. “YN,” he paused to take a deep breath. “YN this’s all my fault, they were right in there and I understand if you never want to see me again, I’ll bring you home and I’ll never come around again, ” he offered, looking at you seriously, you could see guilt all over his face.

“No, Baby, you got me out of there, and the only person I want to be with it you,” you said and embraced him again. You could feel tears dripping down his face. “I- I was so scared the whole time, when I couldn’t find you and when I had to leave- I can’t imagine how much worse it had to have been for you. I’m just so, so sorry, YN,” you shook your head and held the shaking boy close to your heart. You shushed him and rubbed your hand over his hair softly. “No, Baby, listen to me, I love you, and I don’t blame you for this, I love you.” You repeated it and Baby looked at you with red eyes. “I love you, I won’t ever let anything happen to you, I promise I’ll do anything for you, I love you so much, YN,” he said. You knew how sincere he was and your heart swelled.

By now it was almost afternoon, and Baby took you home to your apartment, laying you in bed with the TV on and blankets folded up to your chin and not leaving your side for weeks until you were completely better.

When You Least Expect It

Requested by @gracefullydrunk, an Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader fic where the reader and Sam discover they are soulmates after reader gets mildly injured on a hunt.

Warning: A/B/O dynamics, smut

Word Count: 2700ish

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Goldilocks || 06

Happy kind of early 700 followers! How?! I only reached 600 last week. You guys spoil me. As thanks, here’s 6.4k of “pure,” unadulterated Goldilocks.

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: Masturbation, hand job, just general cringe worthy stuff

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“Wait, random arguments about ass? Or just like, getting mad about nothing? Because one of those is definitely better than the other.”

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous || Next Part

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. Special thanks to @echo-writes


Taehyung’s room, too hot.

Jimin’s room, too cold.

You flop onto the empty sofa. Just right.

While you love Taehyung and his bed, there is a strong possibility that you would give your nonexistent left testicle to kick out Jungkook and sleep here again. Couch is love. Couch is life. You contemplate taking a nap while you have the house to yourself, but then you smell it, something that is awfully, unmistakably him.

You roll sideways, onto the floor, almost hitting the coffee table.

He’s contaminated it.

Jungkook has gone and rubbed his stupid smell all over your precious couch-bed. Not that you… know what he smells like. You cringe. Spending a third night in Taehyung’s bed might not be so bad after all. If you just down another dose of god knows how old NyQuil like the past two days, at least you’ll be spared the horror of another wet dream.

Besides, you’d probably have to fight Jungkook for the couch anyway. Then again, maybe you could shove the golden haired muscle pig into Jimin’s room. That would take care of two problems.

The sound of jingling keys pulls your attention to the entryway. It’s too early for Jimin to be home from work and Jungkook can’t get in without someone unlocking the door for him (maybe there’s still a chance you could “accidentally” leave him outside at some point). So the logical conclusion is, Taehyung is home from school early.

You’re pretty sure he had an exam today, but because your friend is surprisingly one of those people who can get a solid 95% without reading the textbook, studying, or even attending lectures in some cases, he probably finished in less than twenty minutes. Classic Tae. Technically, you’re not supposed to be home either, but your first class was canceled despite having spent all weekend slaving away, shut inside the bathroom on Jimin’s laptop to finish writing your essay.

The bathroom? Yes. Don’t judge yourself. What were you going to do? Continue suffering in Jimin’s room? Move to Taehyung’s and get distracted by the mess that would even put a garbage dump to shame? Or worst of all, confront Jinglekook in the living room or kitchen?

So there you found yourself, in the bathroom hunkered under a layer of blankets in the bathtub and on a throne of pillows, telling all three guys to “fuck off- go piss on a tree” whenever they came knocking. The only time you let them in was the rare occasion you had to leave for important things like food or when you left for a four hour shift at work on Sunday.

You were being difficult, yes.

But if a certain someone hadn’t taken your beloved couch, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Suddenly, the door swings open, slamming against the wall and bouncing back to hit a very excited looking Taehyung in the shoulder. Leave it to him to make an entrance.

“I’m home early~ before everyone else~” he playfully sings to himself. You contemplate telling him you’re here, but then, “Gonna go watch porn~ with the volume on~”

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Jealous - Harry Styles Imagine

A/N: i hope you like this story!

requested: by @fairlygothparent i hope i didn’t disappoint x

word count: 3,089

(not my picture; credits to owner!)

Although Harry has always been a stubborn guy, Y/N still managed to find her way around it. So when she proposed that the two of them go to the theaters to watch ‘It’, he gave in without a second thought, even though he had a writing session right at the same time.

Harry hadn’t expected much from the movie but he didn’t exactly enjoy watching it. Truth be told, he was never a huge fan of clowns and watching ‘It’ only added up to the pile of reasons as to why he despises them. Y/N, on the other hand, quite enjoyed the movie. She got a bit scared at certain times but in an overall view she liked it.

On their way back to the car, she was rambling about how scary some parts were and how weird others were. And in all honesty, Harry had barely payed attention to the movie so he didn’t really know what she was talking about. He just wanted to avoid having to look at another fucking clown and get out of there.

On their drive back home the car was strangely and unusually silent. There was no humming to music, no talking. Just absolute silence.

“You okay, love?”, he asked, looking quickly to his right, so he didn’t lose focus on the road, only to find her mindlessly scrolling through her phone. Not to his surprise, he didn’t get much of an answer. In fact, he received utter silence, it’s almost as if she hadn’t even heard him speak. Sensing the strangeness this situation held, a frown placed itself upon Harry’s face, and — to nudge her out of whatever trance she was — he placed his free hand on her thigh.

“Love?”, he tried once again.

“Oh! Sorry, H. Was just curious about the movie and was just googling about it. Sorry. What did you say?”, Y/N replied, finally looking at him.

“Oh, yeah? What were you curious about?”

“Nothing, really. Just the cast…”, she replied, getting distracted once again by whatever she was looking at in her phone. “By the way, under all that creepy ass make up that freaking clown wore, the actor is quite beautiful himself… Wow…,” she finished, her attention immediately fading from Harry and back to her phone once again.

Ignoring the weird, bubbly, unsettling feeling on the pit of his stomach Harry decided to not give it much of a thought. She was just curious, right? How bad could it get?

But it didn’t stop there.

More frequently than he’d like to admit it, Harry has caught Y/N watching interviews and other videos on the internet of that actor from the movie they had watched. Bill Skarsgård. He even unintentionally learned his name, for Y/N would occasionally watch interviews at a rather loud volume in her laptop.

He’d also catch her wandering on and off from conversations, which only resulted in her apologizing and jokingly saying that Bill decided to pop up on her mind just now, always laughing as she said it.

However, as situations like this became more frequent, there was no denying that Harry was indeed jealous. For his own sake, he even googled ‘Bill Skarsgård’ himself just to see what he looked like and as soon as he tapped on his wikipedia picture, he practically understood why Y/N was almost drooling over him.

He was a handsome guy. Harry wasn’t going to deny that.

Y/N would still pay him attention and such but the fact that this Bill dude kept popping in and out of her head started to bother him a bit. After all, he was her boyfriend. Not Bill.

Y/N wasn’t one to obsess and well, ‘fangirl’, over people and other celebrities very often. The only time Harry actually got to see her going wild about something was when he released his solo album. He wasn’t overreacting, right? Why does this whole situation seems so off to him?

He’s jealous. Boy, is he jealous. Harry can’t remember the last time he felt like this — either way it had been too long or he never felt it in such intensity.

Although he was well aware of the fact that he was, in fact, very jealous, he hadn’t acknowledged just how much. He knew it was a lot but not to the extent he feels it right at this moment.

Harry has been wary about attending this event altogether on the days prior to today. It was some type of early party for movie award event soon to happen, where all actors, directors and producers of latest successful movies would attend. To Harry’s dismay, it did include Bill Skarsgård.

As soon as Y/N saw him across the room, she immediately let go of Harry’s hand, saying she’d be “right back”, as she took quick strides so she could reach him faster. At that, Harry’s stomach flipped a bit. Every time both of them were able to attend such events, they’d always be together. They met people together, spent time together, ate together… It wasn’t a matter of being clingy or anything like that, but simply because the two enjoyed doing things together on their complexity. So, to see Y/N walk away without even glancing back at him was enough to set him off the edge. Harry was so jealous that not even the word ‘jealous’ itself would understand what he was feeling. He hated getting angry — specially when Y/N was involved — and his temper wasn’t always the best, but it wasn’t the worst either.

This time, however, it was bad. Harry felt as though his blood was boiling. He was mad. Perhaps it was the fear of losing her to Bill, perhaps it was the insecurity that came along with jealousy — he wouldn’t know. Right now, Harry was thinking way more with his heart than with his brain. He knew that it was unlikely that she’d leave him for an actor she doesn’t even know just because of his looks. But his judgement was clouded right now. He couldn’t think properly.

Harry has lost count on how many hours has it been since Y/N left his side to chase Bill around to chat. He followed his own procedure though, doing everything he usually did on these events — except she wasn’t with him this time. Talking to people, meeting new ones, sipping and biting a little here and there; that kind of thing. He still kept an eye on her, though. Not that he was watching her every move but he would occasionally just follow her with his gaze around the room, making sure she was okay; which she was — more than just okay though. Harry has noticed how much his Y/N and the actor-she-was-obsessing-over were laughing. He could see just how comfortable she already was around him. He couldn’t help but feel a punch to his gut again.

And that’s pretty much how the rest of the night went: with Y/N chatting the night away with her new friend and Harry doing the usual — this time, however, with a very unsettling feeling of sharp needles poking him on his gut.

As the party died down and the people started to leave, Y/N finally showed up. But with Bill Skarsgård by her side.

“Haz! Hey! This is Bill, the actor that plays ‘It’, you know? The one we talked about?”, she eagerly started.

‘More like the one you talked about’, Harry thought.

“And, Bill, this is my boyfriend, Harry”, she continued, motioning her hands in between the two guys.

Although he was pissed off jealous, he wasn’t going to forget his manners now. Politely, Harry extended his arm and shook Bill’s hand.

“Hello, ‘s nice to meet you”, Harry said with a straight face and barely no emotion in his voice. Y/N gave him a look as to ask him ‘what the hell is going on?!’. Harry loved meeting new people and whenever he got to do so, he’d always try to chat with them or at least be welcoming. She knew that. It just felt… odd to her to see him not be his perky self.

Nonetheless, Bill had been quite polite himself in response. He even attempted to make small conversation with Harry but he just wasn’t having it.

After Y/N finished chatting with Bill and Harry had said goodbye to everyone else, they were good to head home.

“So,” Y/N started, “what happened back there?”. Harry had acted so strangely and even though it was something almost as small as an ant, she still noticed it. It was just so… unlike him.

As soon as she asked him, Harry sternly glanced at her and then back at the car, clicking his keys and unlocking the doors. After the two of them silently settled down in his car, she tried again.



“Oh, so we’re playing the silent treatment now? Care to at least let me know your motives?”, she asked. Y/N was definitely getting mad herself. This situation couldn’t get more immature. ‘Silent treatment is immature’, she thought.

She got no response from him and decided to leave it, at least until they got home. The ride remained completely silent as expected, apart from the sound of other cars driving by.

As soon as Harry pulled up to the driveway and the car halted, Y/N got out of the car and entered their home, leaving the door open, not caring to wait up for him.

“So..?!”, she started right after he closed the door shut. Just as he turned around, Y/N could clearly see how angry he was. Was he angry with her? At her? What had she done? She has no ounce of idea what could’ve possibly set him off like that and to make matters worse, he wouldn’t even explain it to her himself.

Harry, on the other hand, didn’t want to explain. He didn’t want to come off as petty about this whole situation. I mean, c’mon, if she really liked Bill way better than she did him, Y/N wouldn’t even be here anymore, right? Rationally speaking Harry knew there was nothing to worry about or fret over, but his heart was screaming at his mind. He was insecure.

‘God, is it that easy to lose her?’

‘Am I not enough for her that she feels the need to get close to another guy?’

He couldn’t help it but be angry at himself, mostly. He might’ve been taking it out on her through this silent treatment non-sense but he was scared.

What was one supposed to do when their heart spoke one thing and their mind the exact opposite? Who was he to trust?

“Harry?”, she tried again. Y/N’s patience was wearing thin and she was on the verge of just giving it up and going to bed. “Will you just talk to me? Please?”

Her voice was calm. Way calmer than it was before. If Harry’s temper depended on that, only, he’s sure he’d just forget about it and talk properly to her. But that wasn’t the way any human being functioned. And he was angry and the fact that she kept pressing on it didn’t help one bit.

“Talk to you?!”, Harry huffed, “Just like you’ve been talking to me the whole night, yeah? Wow. I really can’t believe you…”

Y/N was immediately taken aback by his tone. The room was quiet just seconds ago and the change of the mood in the room was way too sudden for her.

“What are you trying to say?”, Y/N asked, partly satisfied he was now talking to her and partly regretful that he was. If she knew he’d act this way, she would’ve just given up on the idea long ago.

“Oh, so now the princess doesn’t get what I’m trying to say?! I wonder why?! Must’ve been because you probably have that Bill guy on your tiny little brain now too, yeah?!”


“Excuse me?! Tiny little brain? Are you serious? And why are you bringing Bill to this? He’s got nothing to do with this, Harry. Stop being so immature!”

“Oh, sweetheart! He’s got everything to do with this! Don’t tell me he doesn’t when it’s as clear as day he’s the reason you’re acting like this…”

By this point they were both screaming at each other’s faces in the middle of their living room. Harry was out of his mind, that’s for sure. He didn’t mean to be so rude about it to her. Y/N was also slightly out of hers, the yelling was starting to take her way too far out.

“Acting like what, Styles?! You’re gonna have to explain to me since apparently my ‘tiny little brain’ can't absorb information!”, she loudly said, mocking his previous words.

“It’s just-”, Harry was finally coming to his senses now. The tone he was using with her was in no way right and he was being unacceptably harsh towards her. All he wanted to do was apologize. That is, until she spoke again.

“Just what?! Big boy can’t handle the competition?!”

‘Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Y/N, you screwed up big time now. Shit.’, she thought.

Y/N hadn’t meant to say that, but this whole argument and yelling were taking her way too far out of her mind. And now there was no going back on her words. They were sharp, and they stung right where Harry was hurting the most.

Harry didn’t ever want to think about not being enough for her — although he still did, at times. He knew she deserved the best of all the best things and he just wished that what he had to offer her was enough. But hearing her say it, somehow, hurt way more than he ever imagined possible. And the anger that was dying down just thirty seconds ago, grew bigger than he intended to.

“What did you sa- Oh! So I do have competition now, huh? Honestly, Y/N, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were cheating on me with that guy!”, he spat.

“What?! I met him today, Harry! Today! And even if I had considered the thought, it wouldn’t have been possible, alright?! You were there the whole fucking time!”, Y/N spat back.

She was going too far. She was aware of it. So far, actually, she feared she wouldn’t be able to fix what she said. Y/N was making it worse for herself. She basically admitted that the thought of cheating on him was somewhat possible. What was she doing? What were they doing?

“You know what?! Just leave if that’s what you wanna do! I’m not stopping you! You should go! I’m sorry for not being enough for you to the extent you wanna think about being with another guy!”

Harry sighed in defeat and lowered his voice. Their argument was taking a toll on him, emotionally speaking, and he felt drained from all sort of emotion and energy. He just felt this huge weight inside of him.

Once again, was it really that easy to lose her?

Y/N, realizing and letting reality unfold itself right before her eyes, also let out a heavy sigh before thinking through her words, afraid of letting something she doesn’t mean roll off her lips again.

“No- Harry,” she started, repeatedly shaking her head.

He had stepped back now, and as soon as she looked up at him, she saw how distressed he was in this moment. A prominent frown plastered upon his forehead, tears pricking at his eyes, hands desperately searching for something for them to fidget on and bottom lip slightly jumping.

“No, Y/N. It’s okay. Just go.” Harry’s voice slightly shook and he was ready to break. He never thought he’d lose her like this. At least, not so sudden and to someone else.

“No! Harry! No, please. That’s not what I want. Please, I-”, she tried her boundaries by taking one step closer to him. She was desperate too. She didn’t wanna lose him either. “I’m sorry. For what I said and for acting like that lately. I didn’t mean to make you think that I don’t want to be with you anymore. I’m sorry. Please, hear me out, Haz. I’m so sorry.”

Y/N was now crying too. The realization of how bad were the words she just said to him was downing on her and at this moment, she’s never hated anyone as much as she hates herself for hurting him this bad. Sure, Harry had said some pretty harsh words to her too, but none of them compared to what she had told him. At least, not to her.

“Harry”, she lowly uttered, “I- Shit, I’m so stupid… You don’t have competition and I shouldn’t have said that. I never thought of cheating on you and I never will. You know how I feel about cheating… That was so… unlike me to say something as horrible as that. I’m sorry. Please, love. Forgive me”, she asked, grabbing his hands tightly in hers and placing light kisses on his knuckles.

“You still want to be wit- with me?”. The intensity in which his voice shook with each word he spoke was enough to make her heart break even further.

“Of course I do, Haz. I love you. You know that, don’t you?”, she asked, hoping with everything she had left he’d tell her he knows she loves him.

“I’m sorry too, love. I shouldn’t have said any of that to you either. I was just… scared and kind of jealous too, you know? I think I overreacted a bit on the jealous part and I apologize for that too. And just for the record, your mind is brilliant.” Harry replied, wiping his tears, as well as hers, with the back of his hand.

“Come here”, he said, embracing her in a tight hug, “I love you.”

“Promise we’ll never let it get this bad? If you’re ever feeling insecure or scared or jealous, just talk to me? Please? I don’t want to be in this kind of situation with you again”, Y/N requested. She hated seeing him like that and wished upon everything they’d never find themselves in an emotional place like this again.

“I promise”, Harry replied, contently placing a gentle kiss on her head.

“I promise too”.

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All Yours

“You could’ve had feelings for anyone else, but nope. You heart was stuck on the sleeping boy in your lap.


↠fluffy angst (if you will ;–;)↞

word count: 4.2k


The cool surface of the granite countertop rested against your elbow. You watched the hands of your wristwatch tick slower and slower as each second passed. You blew a breath of air upward, moving strands of hair out of your eyes. This felt like the longest shift of your life.

There was something about Thursdays at your university coffee shop that made it seem like barren land; except for maybe a couple of students and other adults who sat quietly, tapping away at their laptop keyboards. Maybe it was because other students were out in the town buying snacks and drinks to prepare for their usual Friday nights in the dormitories.

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BTS REACTS TO: s/o doing the mannequin-head dance

Anon Asked: bts react to their s/o doing mannequin-head dances XD (if u dont know what it is, try looking up for it)

Anon Asked:  bts react to their s/o doing a mannequin-head dance XD



Truth be told, there’s no rational or logical explanation as to why you would be doing this, but the thing is you are. And you were killing it. From the voguing, the death drops, and the legendary no-hair hair flips, it was all a sight to be seen. A scene that was quite a sight. One must be mentally prepared to have such grace bestowed upon them - unfortunately for Jin, he simply wasn’t ready. He barged into the room yelling your name, and you spun around, mannequin head whipping along with you. You faced him, posed statuesque and all, and he just stood there, mouth agape, eyes wide, and utterly confused. He tried to say something, but the only sound that came out was his windshield wiper laugh.

“I- I just- What were you doing?”

“[y/n], no sane person would be doing this!”

“You’re crazy, jagi!”

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You were home alone, but inspired. After hours of surfing YouTube, you’ve caught yourself in the deep depths of BTS MVs and Dance videos. Watching the amount of work and effort your boyfriend put into his job was motivating to say the least. As the hours went by, the recommendations got weirder - and your mind followed along willingly. With just enough leisure time and under the influence, YouTube has blessed you with Mannequin-Head Dance videos. Carrying a new sense of self and eagerness, you’ve got to recording one of yourself dancing to BS&T, planning to send it to Yoongi. It would’ve been a damn good plan, too, if he hadn’t shown up himself. He unlocked the door to your apartment, and caught you mid-leg kick on the ground. Your mannequin head rolled off, and the hoodie fell, leaving you and your boyfriend in silence, staring one another in the eye.


“Shh. Don’t worry about it, babes.”

“… I - you know what… alright.”

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One thing you and Hoseok had in common was your love for dancing. Truth be told, you were shit at it, but as long as Hobi was a good dancer, you considered yourself good by association. Later on in the day, the two of you were to go out after he had finished work. The anticipation was killing you and time seemed to move dangerously slow in spite of you. You were desperate to kill time, but a knife and gun wouldn’t do. Instead, you made use of the couple hours you had until Hobi arrived, and entertained yourself. You were getting into it too. You danced in front of the mirror with your hoodie on and the mannequin on the top of your head, laughing hysterically at the sight of yourself. You did a quick twirl and dabbed hard, the head falling out the hoodie with a thud and rolling at the feet of your boyfriend who stood by the bedroom doorway watching you. There was no moment of silence, no sense of confusion or hesitation between the two of you. J-Hope headed straight for the closet to grab a hoodie and join you.

*cue dance montage with Fergalicious playing in the background*

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The question isn’t “why are you doing that” but “why hadn’t you done that”. Namjoon had been ignoring you basically all day. Well, that was a stretch. He had himself cooped up and playing hermit in his office doing work, writing lyrics, lord knows what. The problem is, he was there with you. Your boyfriend has been so busy as of late, and the little time you finally have with one another, he spends in his office doing work instead of showering you with attention. It wasn’t as if you were asking for a lot. You just wanted him to worship the very ground you walked on is all. The goal now was to capture his attention somehow. A couple memes down the road, you’ve found your answer, and got straight too it. You blasted 24K Magic from your cellphone, and practically kicked down the door - instantly catching his eye. Namjoon spun around and you got right down to the dancing. You had barely gotten through the first minute of the song. The two of you were already crying of laughter.

“[y/n], what are you doing?”

“You look stupid.”

“Here I thought, Namjoon, an intellectual, would appreciate the arts.”

“God, my jagi is a nut case…”

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Your boyfriend puts in a lot of work when it came to dancing. You could see it. He was crazy good at it, it made you wish you were as good as him. You could fantasize about all the choreography and sexy songs the two of you would dance to all day. But unlike your ChimChim, you were born with two left feet. Swiping through your discover feed on instagram, you found a video of Jimin’s old contemporary dance videos floating around. You watched it in awe and wished you were that good. You scrolled a little further down and immediately was met with a mannequin-head dance video that instantly sparked an eureka moment. It took hours of practice for you to get the gist of Jimin’s contemporary dance routine before you were confident enough to do it yourself. You put on one of the hoodies you stole from him, got the mannequin head, hit record, and made your own mannequin-head dance video doing Jimin’s routine. More than satisfied with the results, you sent the video to your boyfriend and waited for his response. He called not too shortly after, fighting his giggle fits

“Jagiya, what is wrong with you?!”

“Wow Jiminie, I worked so hard and that’s your response?”

“Have you always been this weird?”

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TaeTae had called you not too much eariler saying he was coming over. Its been a while since you’ve gotten some time with him in person, and felt the need to make this moment extra special. You weren’t too good at romantic stuff. You stressed yourself out over what he would like, and always felt as if the results were lacking. And you certainly weren’t good at playing it sexy. It felt awkward and unnatural. What was natural between you and your boyfriend was simply a good laugh and childish games. You seen a couple mannequin-head dance videos trending on twitter, insta and youtube and was pretty drawn to the idea. You prepared the music, put on the get up, and posed on the bed when you heard his footsteps nearing the door. The moment he opened it, you struck a pose, the mannequin head violently swinging as you did so and hit play. Taehyung was so taken aback and startled by you, he practically fell on the floor dying of laughter.

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Prior to you doing it, Jungkook had been practically spamming your phone with videos of the mannequin-head challenge. When he first showed it to you, it low key freaked you out. But the way your boyfriend died laughing every time he saw a new one eventually grew on you. Surely enough, you were on the bandwagon, too. You bought yourself a mannequin-head just for Kookie. You showed up at his dorm wearing a hoodie with a bag in your hand, telling him it was a gift. You pulled out the mannequin head and the boy already knew exactly what you were about it do. You didn’t even have to dance. You propped the mannequin head on top of your head, threw the hoodie over and struck a pose. Jungkookie was tearing up, and practically gasping for air.

“[y/n], wait wait wait, I have to take a picture.”

“Why are you laughing, I didn’t even do anything yet”

“You should see yourself!”

“Wait ‘til Tae Tae sees this!”

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{PART 1} Betrayal // Jay Park

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary//Request: You find out you’re pregnant, and before you can tell Jay - he admits that he hasn’t been honest with you.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3: Final}

You sat stationary in the parking lot of a 7/11 about two and a half miles out of town, staring blankly at your pitiful expression in the reflection of the car windshield with something so small yet so important held between your fingers on your lap. As you waited for the egg timer on your phone to count down to 0, you couldn’t help but feel the unfamiliar feeling of absolute terror mixed with a hidden element of excitement as you said to yourself; “Am I really pregnant?

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Mix-Up pt. 1

<- Prologue | Part 2 ->

Short: After joining the sorority on your new university you accidentally get roomed with a notorious frat boy called Jongdae.
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut
Words: 4468
Notes for Update: 25
Warnings: ppl being mean, frat boys being frat boys, really nothing. 
A/n: The first part of my new series, i’m excited and had fun writing this actually. It’s based on a dream i had once. Thank you to @sechens for inspiring me to write this series.

Your pov

You wrapped your hair up in a towel on top of your head, drying off your skin and rubbing some cream onto your face. The tiny bathroom was fogged up from your warm shower, but you felt properly refreshed now. After that bullshit of a hazing you needed it. You had to be at class in 3 hours, so you had enough time to rest and read a bit before going.

When you exited the shower you bumped into something, staggering back and holding onto your towel for dear life.

“Excuse me?” an unfamiliar, male, voice sounded.

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The Shadows Under the Window

This came from a little half-dream I had, when I’d started to wake up but was kind of dozing off again.  (Also I don’t know how formatting works for submissions so if you need to add a ‘keep reading’ somewhere feel free)

It happens to so many of us.

Perhaps you’re up late studying or putting the final touches on a paper; perhaps it’s the weekend, your friends are out of town and your roommate has already gone to bed, leaving you to your own thoughts.  Some nights the shadows collecting like dust in the corners of your dorm room beyond the pale glow of your laptop screen will seem to press a little closer, the branches swaying in the fog outside your window will sound a little more like fingernails on the glass.  For some, those are the nights you leave an extra cup of milk outside your door and double-check the clasp of your iron chain before you go to bed.    But for others, those are the nights you find yourself thinking: “I wonder…”

Don’t break the salt line in the doorway as you leave; leave a note for your roommate, just in case.

In the older history building, some of the first floor has been renovated, but the second floor never has.  The classrooms up there are always faintly musty and the blackboards never seem to get clean no matter how much you try and erase them.  The one in the far eastern corner of the building, the least used of any on that floor,  is crowded with too many of those old wooden chairs with the desks attached.  Classes held there sometimes find handprints on the blackboard in the mornings.  Whoever comes in first erases them and leaves a packet of butter or coffee creamer on their chair when they leave.  The main entrance is the only door to stay unlocked at night.  Make sure the salt packets are still in your pockets before you go inside; say a polite hello to the slender cat-shaped shadow sitting under the streetlight as you pass.

Bring a pen and paper with you, and an offering– depending on your request, you may need more than dining-hall butter or cream cheese packets.  A bottle of Bailey’s, heavy cream, even a pint of good vanilla ice cream could earn you a bit of extra favor.  

Move quietly once you’re inside; don’t let the front door slam behind you when you come in, don’t run up the stairs.  Take your time down the second-floor hallway.  Stay aware of your surroundings, but don’t look too closely into the shadows or the windows in the doors of the other rooms.  

Open the door of the eastern classroom slowly.  There will be a deep shadow in the farthest corner from the door, just under the windows where the light of the streetlamp doesn’t quite clear the sill.  Sit down in the light, on the floor near the corner.  Face into the shadows, but leave a few feet between you and them.  Be still.  Don’t turn around.  You may feel someone watching you, hear a creak like someone settling into a chair; don’t turn around.

The eyes-crawling-up-your-back feeling will fade if you sit and wait.  The door might open and click softly closed again behind you.  They will leave you be if you leave Them be.

If you wait long enough, she will come, should it please her to.  The corner will be empty.  You will blink, and she will be there.  Try not to jump.  

A small, slight figure, slender and pale. Round dark china-doll eyes will study you from the shadows as long cornsilk-blonde hair drapes around her head and shoulders.  Set your offering on the floor between you, and when she nods her approval write your question down and hold the paper out to her.  Don’t let your hand cross into the shadows.  You may feel, for just a moment as she takes it from you, a faint cool touch like fingertips across your wrist, though her child-sized hand does not leave the shadow under the window.  Keep your hands in your lap, out of reach, while she reads.

If you request a favor, remember the rules: be polite, choose your words carefully, gamble with nothing you can’t afford to lose.  If she accepts, she will look up at you and nod.  If she refuses, she will give you back the paper.  Bow politely where you sit before rising to leave.  

She may grant the occasional favor, but most come to her for questions.  The sort of questions with answers hinted at in whispers in dark dorm rooms and notes of caution left on study room desks, that make students who have Seen touch their iron and walk a little faster.  There are risks to asking too much, of course, and every answer has its price, but if you want to Know, she will tell you.  Her voice will sound like a whisper into a porcelain teapot, muted and echoing at the same time; her lips will never seem to move.

(You may notice, as she speaks, that you have yet to see her blink)

When she has answered your question, tell her you appreciate her time– keep your voice low– and that you will remember your agreement.  She will nod, and as you bow and rise to leave you will hear the hiss of tearing paper.  Don’t turn around; keep your pace even as you walk to the door.  As you open the door, you may glimpse from the corner of your eye the movement as she brings her hands to her mouth, or hear the sound of someone chewing as you step into the hall.  If you glance back into the room the reflected light from the window, moving as you close the door, may momentarily cast a shadow on the wall in the far back corner; a shadow seven feet high with deer-like branching horns and long hands with too many fingers.  Don’t stare; doesn’t matter what it looked like, you saw nothing.  Shut your eyes if you have to.  Close the door softly and walk out of the building the same way you came in.  Walk with purpose, but don’t rush; keep your wits about you, as always.

Should you glance back up at the window of the eastern classroom (don’t) you might see a white face in the window for just a moment, a small hand pressed against the glass.

Eyes forward.  Walk back to your dorm; be polite to the shadows but don’t linger.  Make sure the door latches behind you when you enter the building.  Watch the salt line by your door when you get back to your room.  If the milk or butter is gone, set out more before you lock the door for the night.  Put the note aside out of sight (no need to worry your roommate, and you never know when you might need it again).  Check your iron chain again before you go to bed.

Don’t forget where you heard what you learned.  She won’t.  


@godhelpthesickies pLEASE DONT BE SAD (and sorry i took forever orz my brain is working very slowly)


There are two digits written at the top of his test. Red ink bleeds into the page, and even when he turns the paper around they show through. At first, the numbers don’t register to him–they’re unreadable, unreachable, and he feels numb all over, like nothing can touch him.

And then the score registers–61–and Rich suddenly feels like he can’t breathe.

Normally he’d be fine crumpling up the exam papers and tossing them into the nearest recycling bin, but that currently isn’t a viable option for him. 61 is far below the class’s failing grade, which means the teacher is going to call home. There’s no way he’ll be able to hide this from his dad.

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Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary- You and Bucky are married and in love. Hydra attacks the apartment you and Bucky live in. You kill the agents, but you get shot in the process. What happens in the aftermath? Angst!

Message- I’ve read some fic’s where Bucky is dating/ is married to a woman who doesn’t live their life in the shadows/ darkness like he does and he’s always says he loves that they aren’t tainted like he is (I love fic’s like that btw). Anyway that got me wondering about what would happen if something happened that pushed the reader into the “darkness”. There is a lot of angst in this.

Warnings- reader was shot and killed some hydra agents. PTSD. Angst. Nightmares. 

Word Count- 2200ish

“Bucky, Bucky, come quick! Y/N was shot! She’s in medical now!” Natasha yelled as she ran into the gym. Bucky jumped out of the ring and started to run towards the medical wing, Natasha and Steve were right behind him. They were stopped by Bruce right outside of the room, where you were being healed in the cradle.

“She’s going to be okay, it was a through and through. Your apartment was attacked by a couple Hydra agents, but she shot them.” Bruce says. Bucky takes a shaky breath and leans against the wall.

“Hear that, Buck. She’s gonna be okay.” Steve says as he grips Bucky’s shoulder.

“T-t-this is my fault. They wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for me! She’s gonna hate me!” Bucky sobs and Steve hugs him.

“She loves you so much, there’s no way that that’s true and this was not your fault. You got that, Buck?” Steve says and Bucky nods.

“Hey, she’s healed and is resting in one of the beds. You can go in.” Tony says as he walks out. Bucky pushes his way into the room.

“Hey, doll. How are you do-?” Bucky says as he walks towards you.

“GET OUT! I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU!” You scream. At that Bucky stops and he can feel his eyes start to water.

“Doll, p-please.” Bucky whispers as he takes a step closer to you.

“GET OUT!” You scream and Bucky turns and runs out of the room. What he doesn’t see is you hysterically sobbing as he does. Bucky crashes into Steve as he runs into the hall.

“Buck, what’s wrong.” Steve asks as he takes in Bucky’s tear stained face.

“S-she hates me, she said she doesn’t want to see me.” Bucky sobbed as he clung to Steve.

“I-I’m sure that that’s not true, let me talk to her. I’ll find out what’s going on.” Steve says and Bucky let go of Steve so he could go talk to you. When Steve goes in, you stay completely silent, acting like he’s not even there. The rest of the team tries to speak to you and has little success. The only person who you will speak to is Pepper and even then it’s like pulling teeth to get you to say anything.

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Thank God For Porn

Originally posted by robbie-andrewkay

Pairing:  Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt:  Anonymous asked: #60 for Pan

Warning:  SMUT! Cursing

A/N:  This is definitely an A.U! Hope you enjoy, loves!


Living on your own was a lot harder than you expected. Sure it gave you unprecedented freedoms, and you really didn’t have to worry about wearing clothes around the house, but still. Your tiny flat was always eerily quiet, and paying the rent was never fun. However, you still enjoyed being on your own, the solace of the flat always bringing you joy.

This joy was short lived, though. You were sitting in your living room slumped against the faux leather couch, finally allowing yourself to relax after a stressful day of work. You sighed loudly, letting your eyes slowly drop, the sound of the T.V. fading into nothingness. Just when you were about to allow yourself to fall asleep, your phone rang loudly throughout the flat. You groaned loudly, slightly pissed that you couldn’t have at least a few moments of peace. You reluctantly forced yourself to stand, walking over to where you set your phone. You picked it up and saw it was your boss calling. You sighed loudly before answering. “Hello?”

“(Y/N), we need you to come in early tomorrow. John’s taking the day off and we need you to cover for him. See you at 6:00 a.m. sharp.” And with that, your boss promptly hung up. You wanted to scream, but you didn’t. You just sighed, and decided to go to sleep. You would need all the sleep you could get for tomorrow. You undressed quickly, and decided to forgo any real pajamas. You crawled into bed with only your underwear and attempted to get comfortable. You reached over to the bed side table, and turned off the lamp sitting there. After what felt like mere seconds, you felt sleep consume your body, the last thing you thought before falling to sleep was “Tomorrow is gonna be hell.”

You had all but forced yourself awake. You slowly sat up, a long yawn escaping from your throat. You rubbed your face, attempting to wake up more. You threw your legs over the edge of the bed and slowly stood up. Walking over to the closet, you chose an outfit that would at least keep you comfortable during the day. After putting on the ensemble of a flannel and leggings, you went into the bathroom for put on some light make-up and throw your hair up into a ponytail. When you were ready to leave it was 5:30, leaving your 30 minutes to get to the diner to start your shift. You walked out your flat and locked the door behind you, silently hoping that today wouldn’t be too horrible. You got into your car and drove to the diner, ready to start the day.

The day was hectic to say the least. The customers were rude, your boss was incredibly hard on you, and the tips were absolutely horrible. The only bright side was you were allowed to leave early, seeing as you had worked for almost twelve hours straight. The only thing your mind at this point was getting home, and going to sleep. You got into your car, and sped home.

You parked quickly, and rushed to the front door of your flat; you unlocked the door and stepped in, slamming the door behind you. You plopped yourself down on the couch, a deep sigh resonated through the flat. You felt like complete and utter shit. You wanted nothing more than to eat and go to sleep. Just when you were getting comfortable, you heard a knock on your day. Confused, you stood up and walked over to the door.

You opened the door and saw a boy you had never seen before. He was dressed in almost all green, his outfit reminding you of the forest. His mousy hair was swooped perfectly on his head. He had the greenest eyes you had ever seen, and his boyish face gave him the appearance of youth. He looked…kind of cute. One thing that stood out, however, was his expression. He looked as if he was about to pass out, his body hunched over slightly, a look of pain crossed his boyish features. He looked up at you, and his body swayed slightly. You caught him in before he fell over, and the one thing you hear is a quiet whisper of “Help me,” before promptly passing out in your arms.

Your eyes widened in shock, not sure what to do about the boy asleep in your arms. You decided, against all better judgement, to help him. You dragged him into your flat, kicking the door shut behind you with your foot. You pulled his limp body over to the couch and laid him flat on the cold leather. Once he was situated on the couch, you simply stared at him. You had no idea what to do about the stranger on your couch. Before he had passed out, you could tell he was in pain, but at the same time you had no idea who he was. Against all better judgement, you knew you needed to help him.

You walked into the kitchen, deciding you needed a drink. You got a beer from the fridge, and hoisted yourself onto the counter. You sighed lowly before taking a sip of your beer. Almost an hour and a half had passed, your first beer long gone and you were already halfway through your second. You had been mulling over the pros and cons of letting the stranger stay with you. You were so lost in thought that you almost hadn’t noticed the boy slowly awaking on your couch. Almost.

You heard a soft groan escape from the boy’s lips like a silent prayer. You got off the counter and got a water bottle from the fridge. You walked over to where the boy was laying, and tapped his shoulder with your free hand, the other holding out the cold water. He looked up a you and gratefully took the water. He had downed half the bottle before stopping to breathe. You decided you needed some answers. “So, mind telling me your name? I mean, if you’re going to be staying here, I figured I should at least no your name.”

He merely chuckled in response, seemingly pleased with the sass in your voice. A light smirk danced across his lips as if it were meant to be there. You had to admit, you found his expression…attractive. “Oh, I’m sorry love. Did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Peter. Peter Pan.”

Your expression turned into one of disbelief. Okay. It’s official. You have an insane man in your house. “Right, you’re Peter Pan. And I’m Wendy Darling. Now would you mind telling me who you really are, otherwise I might kick you out of my house, no matter how hurt you are.”

At this, he let a full in laugh. “Now, love, I really am Peter Pan. I never understood why you people never believe me when I tell them that.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re a storybook character? You’re not supposed to be real. What are you doing here anyways, and why do you seem to be hurt?” You didn’t exactly believe his story, per say, but you knew he needed help.  

“Well love, as it turns out I got into some trouble with some people who didn’t want their son in Neverland. One even tried to kill me, hence the injury. I’m sorry to bother you, love I just needed a place to go, I suppose.” You looked at him, concern etched across your face. You kneeled down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder as a way to comfort him.

“Well, you can stay here as long as you need. It seems like you could use it. I’m (Y/N), by the way. I figured you deserved to know, seeing as we might be living together.”

He smiled, the first real smile you had seen while he was here. You gave a soft smile in return, knowing that this would be the start of a good friendship.

Time Skip (Six Months Later)

Peter Pan was NOT what you expected him to be. Whoever gave Disney the idea that he was a sweet, kind boy was incredibly wrong.  He was mischievous, evil, and completely childish. Even worse, he knew practically nothing about our world, being on Neverland so long kept him from knowing all of the world’s advances. You had to teach him just about everything. He had become attached to technology, loving the “magic story box”, his words, not yours.

But no matter how incredibly infuriating Peter was, you couldn’t help grow fond of him. His constant sense of adventure meant you never had a boring day, and he always knew how to make you smile. He’d tell you stories of his adventures, his eyes lighting up at the fond memories.  You had fallen in love with the green of his eyes, the way they reminded you of a forest and sparkled in the sun. You had fallen in love with the curve of his plump lips when he smirked. You had fallen in love with everything about the demon boy, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The day had started off normally. You had awoken early to get ready for the day. After putting on your clothes and make-up, you stepped out of your room to the kitchen. You filled the kettle with water and put in on the stove, turning it on and waiting for the water to boil. You scrolled through your phone, not bothering to look up when you heard Peter walk into the kitchen. The familiar whistle of the kettle rang through the apartment, and you walked over and poured the scalding water into two mugs. After the tea was done steeping, the pair of you lazily sipped your tea in silence.

You looked over at the time and realized you needed to leave soon. You quickly washed out your mug and put your shoes on. “Bye Peter! I’ll be home later. Call if you need anything!” you exclaimed. You merely got a nod in response. That was odd. Peter was unusually quiet this morning. Usually, he had some sort of snarky remark at the ready, but the silence was not something you were used to. You thought nothing of it, thinking maybe he hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

Work, as usual, was hectic. The amount of strangers flirting with you today, and the obnoxious people who thought they were better than everyone in the diner was enough to make anyone exhausted. After your shift was over, you decided you deserved a coffee to wake yourself up. After getting your coffee in a shop that was completely overpriced, you drove home, ready to relax and not have to worry about anything for the rest of the night.

When you got home, you closed the door behind yourself, then automatically flopping onto the couch, letting a giant groan into the comfy black leather. Just as your thoughts began to subside you heard a noise, like a groan, ringing through the flat. Confused, you stood up, walking towards the noise, seemingly coming from Peter’s room. As you got closer, however, you heard a mixture of male and female moans and groans. Your face flushed red, unsure of what to do in this situation. You weren’t naive, far from it, actually. You knew what those noises meant; you just never imagined you’d hear them here.  You took a deep breath in, deciding to go in and confront the situation. Yes, it’s not like you and Peter were dating, but it still hurt. And you wanted to give him a piece of your mind. You wrapped your hand around the door knob, and pushed the door open.

What you saw, you can honestly say, you didn’t expect. Pan was sitting down at the computer you had gotten him, his shirt long gone and his trousers around his ankles, his hand wrapped tightly around his manhood. The computer was displaying a woman, her face contorted in pleasure as she harshly rode her partner, whom shared the same look of absolute pleasure on his face. Your eyes widened at the sight, your mouth gaping open and your face flushing an impossible shade of red. You were so shocked and aroused you had no idea what to do, so you quickly said the first thing that came to mind. “Are…Are you watching porn?!”

At the sound of your voice, Peter let out a startled yelp, nearly falling out of his chair. He quickly paused the video, and turned to face you with embarrassment clear on his face. “(Y/N)! I-I can explain, love!” he stammered out, his pants still in a pool around his legs. You looked down at the exposed area and immediately regretted, feeling your face getting warmer as you did so. This action didn’t go unnoticed by Peter, however. His embarrassment quickly faded, in its place a cocky smirk took over.

He stepped out his pants, his fully naked body on display. He walked over to and fear over took your entire being. For every step he made towards you, you took a step back, until it was you pressed up against the wall, his arms caging you in. He leaned down until your lips were merely inches apart, his breath fanning across your face. “Did you like what you saw, my little lost girl?” he says, his normally low voice dripping with lust. You nearly moaned at his words, and you could feel the heat of arousal bloom in your stomach.

Your eyes snapped shut and you tilted your head slightly to the side, trying to put some distance between you and the naked male trapping you against the wall. You suddenly felt one of his long fingers tilting your chin back towards him, making little space between the two of you.  He leaned down ever so slightly so his lips would brush against yours. “Let’s play.” He muttered silently before slamming his lips against yours in a passionate kiss.

Your mind went blank; the feeling of his lips finally upon yours was better than you had ever imagined. You pressed your lips against his with equal fervor. It felt as if you were made to be here, your lips molded against his, the feel of this body fitting against yours perfectly. You felt Peter open his mouth slightly, his tongue poking out and tracing the line of your lips, begging for entrance.

You moaned softly at the feeling, opening your lips slightly to allow him in. His tongue immediately darted into your mouth, his tongue moving against your own. It felt like the two of you stayed like this for hours, wrapped up in each other’s embraces and not willing to break free just yet. Peter suddenly pulled away, his breath coming out in heavy pants.

You opened your eyes, and saw him before you, his eyes dark with lust and a hungry expression plastered on his face. You saw something inside the boy snap, and he quickly descended upon your neck, biting and sucking harshly at any skin that he came across. You moaned at the sensation, your eyes quickly closed and your hands flew up to grip his hair as if to keep him in place. He smirked at your actions, obviously pleased that he drew it out of you. You felt his hand trail up under the length of your shirt, simply kneading the flesh of your hip.

You felt him tug on the fabric of your shirt, as if silently asking if it was okay for him to take it off. You merely nodded in response, eager to get rid of any clothing and to be closer to him. He made quick work of your shirt and bra, throwing them across the room when he was done with the flimsy material. His hands trailed over the smooth skin of your stomach, until finally reaching your breasts. He cupped them in each hand, his thumb rolling over your nipples.

You moaned loudly, the feeling of his hands against one of your most intimate areas was absolutely sinful. His assault on your breasts never ceased or slowed, even while he was tailing bites down your neck to where you wanted him most. He bit down on your collarbone, making you gasp loudly. He simply smirked against your skin in response. He kissed a trail from you collarbone to the top of your breast. He planted a quick kiss to the sensitive skin before taking his thumb off your nipples, only for it to be replaced with his lips.

Your hand shot to cover your mouth, embarrassed by the sounds escaping you. You suddenly felt his hand wrap around your wrist, forcing you to uncover your mouth. Your eyes shoot upon, looking at him in slight confusion. “No, love. Don’t cover your pretty sounds. I want to hear everything I do to you.” He whispered, the words dripping with lust. You whimpered and felt yourself grow surprisingly wet. You saw him smirk in return, and he suddenly unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them and your underwear down in a single tug. You stepped out of the uncomfortable denim and stood fully naked in front of Peter.

He looked upon your naked form, love and lust prominent in his gaze. “My God, love, you are so beautiful. You have no idea what you do to me.”

His hand dragged down the front of your body, the feeling of his calloused hand on your smooth skin sent shivers down your spine. He finally reached the place you desperately wanted, your cunt throbbing with need for him.

“Peter, please.” You moaned out, desperate to feel him in you. He chuckled slightly, loving how desperate you were for him.

“How could I ever say no to my little lost girl?” he said before he slowly dragged the tip of his finger against your outer lips. You gasped, the feeling of his finger sending shocks through your body. You were so needy for him, it was hard to concentrate on anything else other than him. He suddenly pushed a finger completely inside of you, and you moaned loudly at the intrusion. He pumped his finger slowly in and out of you, the slow pace driving you insane. You whimpered, desperate for more friction. He pushed another finger into, keeping the same slow pace.

Peter leaned down, his breath tickling your ear. “You have no idea what you do to me, do you love? While watching that horrid video the only thing I could see was the image of you on me, riding me for all I’m worth. You’d like that wouldn’t you, (Y/N)? Do you like the idea of riding my cock until you come?” You moaned at the filthy words, the confession making your cunt wetter than it already was.

He groaned, noticing you becoming wetter at his words. He could feel you tightening around the two digits, your moans and whimpers becoming louder and more frequent. The small calls of his name in such a way sent arousal straight to his already hard cock. He suddenly pulled his fingers out of you, and you whined at the loss. He placed a small kiss upon your forehead before putting his fingers in his mouth, making eye contact as he sucked them dry. You moaned at the sight, seeing him like this was truly erotic.

He suddenly gripped your hips, pushing up against the wall. “Jump.” He said, his voice deep with arousal. You did as he asked, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a sweet kiss, and he slowly positioned his cock at your entrance, and slowly slid into your wet heat. You both moaned in unison, both feeling complete, like a missing jigsaw piece finally getting into place.

Peter quickly picked up the pace; practically slamming into you and a relentless pace, the mixture of your moans and groans filled the room. He buried his face in your neck, whispering things that went from sweet to dirty, such as I love you; your cunt feels like home; you take me so well; you’re so bloody tight love. Your hands were in his hair, not caring how hard you tugged on the mousy locks. Peter didn’t seem to mind, it actually seemed to spur him on more.

You felt yourself approaching your climax, your cunt tightening around his perfect cock. You moaned is name loudly, your grip on his hair tightening.

“That’s it love. Come around my cock. Scream my name; let everyone know who you belong to.” Peters voiced was muffled by your neck, but you could hear him loud and clear. You came with a loud cry of his name, your vision becoming blurry from pleasure. Peter followed shortly behind you, a drawn out groan of your name on his lips.

The both of you stood there, you still pressed against the wall and Peter still buried in your neck. You limply hung off of him, your breathing coming out as load panting, still trying to catch your breath. Peter carried you over the bed and carefully lay you down as if he was afraid to hurt you.  He crawled into bed next to you, pulling you into his chest and not letting you move. You smiled slightly, fading in and out of consciousness. Peter placed a light kiss upon your forehead before quietly whispering, “Go to sleep, love. I’ll be here when you wake up. I love you, my little lost girl.”

You simply smiled before replying with a simple “I love you too, Peter Pan.”

Just Friends (part six) - Stiles Stilinski

Stiles prided himself in his attempts to be calm and collected.  Sure he was quite the spazz, but when it came to break ups, fall outs, fighting, and other various forms of drama, he liked to think that he could keep himself calm.  That he could walk away and breathe before making rash decisions.  And that’s exactly what he did this morning when y/n did not answer her door.  Or the calls.  Or texts.  But before he’d even made the call to her, Scott had called him.

“Stiles buddy where are you? I thought we were gonna meet at the library today” Scott said, and Stiles sighed.  “Stiles? Where are you?” Scott asked, sounding concerned at Stiles’ lack of an answer.

“I’m kinda at y/n’s house right now” Scott groaned.  

“You can’t skip school-”

“I’m not, I came here to pick her up… I got coffee and breakfast for her cause I thought she’d like it-”

“Unimportant detail” Scott monotoned.

“Okay but she specifically said a ride to school was okay… and  knocked a lot and texted a lot and she hasn’t responded to me at all” Stiles rambled on, running a hand through his hair nervously.

“Don’t stress Stiles, she’s probably just not feeling well” Scott reassured as best as he could.  To be honest, he barely knew you.  Only what Stiles would go on and on about, not that it gave him much insight on your personal life.  But hey, at least he knew your hair smelled like berries, and your eyes sparkled like the sun.

“She was fine yesterday” Stiles mumbled.

“Alright well maybe it’s… you know… a girl thing”

“Like.. drama-?”

“Like her period” Scott breathed.  “Look, skip school or whatever, I’ll cover for you” Scott said.  “But just this once”

“Fine.  I’m coming” Stiles sighed.  “I might be a little late to first period, tell Coach my car broke down if I am?”

“He’s still gonna give you hell.  But alright” Scott said.

“Thanks man”

“See you soon”

And that was the end of their call.  But Stiles quickly scrolled through his contacts in search of your name.  He didn’t hesitate to press it, tapping his foot as it rang.

“Hey! You’ve reached y/n.  Sorry I couldn’t come to the phone, but leave a message!” Your cheerful voice said, and Stiles internally cursed.  But he still left a message, the nervous wreck he was.  You never picked up.  

His feet dragged a little when he walked back to his car.  Taking his time putting on his seat belt, and starting the engine.  Stiles definitely wasn’t cool with texting and driving especially after hearing his father getting case after case about it.  But he kept his phone on his lap, ready to pick up if you were to reach him at all.

He couldn’t remember the last time you didn’t answer the phone, or text him back.

Stiles’ palms were sweaty on the wheel, and he was licking and biting at his lips every ten seconds.  Maybe he shouldn’t have left.  Maybe he should’ve climbed to your window, or hung around to see if you answered.  But by the time he even considered going back, he was a the school parking lot.  And he came to a sad realization.  If you’d wanted to reach him, you would have already.

The boy ran into the school, backpack slung onto one shoulder as the bell rang.  He was late just barely by thirty seconds to class.  He found Scott already explaining an elaborate lie to Coach.

“I’m here!” Stiles wheezed, making his way to the back row where Scott had his things.  His friend followed behind him, watching as Stiles caught his breath.

“Well? Anything happen?”

“I called her” Stiles said.  “I left her a message but she didn’t respond” Scott nodded.

“Then she’s probably just sleeping” Scott shrugged.  “Again, I doubt you have anything to worry about” Stiles nodded, finger tapping on the desk, and leg bouncing under it.

“Yeah, you’re probably right” He said, silencing his phone, and putting it in his bag.

What’s the worst that could happen? You missing one day of school probably just meant you weren’t feeling well, Stiles thought optimistically.


Scott walked with Stiles out of Economics, going on about one of Coach’s outbursts and laughing.  Stiles offered small chuckles, but just couldn’t focus.  He reached for his bag-

Scott slapped his arm.


“Just leave her alone” Scott told his friend as calmly as possible.  “If she’s not feeling well, she’s not going to want to sit around on the phone with you and talk about turtles”

“Awe you remembered-”

“Not the point” Scott couldn’t hold back his eye roll.  Lydia bounded up to them.

“Hey guys- nice eye roll” She giggled at Scott.  “What’d Stiles do this time?”

“He’s obsessing over y/n again” Scott said.  Lydia smiled cheekily over to the pale boy.

“Ooh” SHe said, mimicking what Stiles thought was a six year old.  “He’s blushing Scott, I think our boy’s got a little crush” She said.  Stiles had the urge to shove them both on the ground and run off.

“Oh, I know he does” Scott chuckled.  “He’s freaking out because he was supposed to drive he to school but she didn’t answer the door”

“Or her texts, or my calls” Stiles piped up.  “Straight up ignored” He grumbled to the floor.

“Peculiar” Lydia commented, brows drawing together.  “Has she said anything at all?”

“Well I’d like to know.  But McStupid here keeps punching me when I try to look!” Lydia slapped a hand on Scott’s shoulder.


“Don’t ever meddle in someone else’s love life!” Lydia scolded.  Stiles took the opportunity to quickly pull out his phone.

“SHE CALLED!” He yelled, rushing to the side of the hallway to be out of the way.  He clicked on the voicemail box, and brought his phone to his ear.  The first thing he heard was your shaky intake of breath, and it made his heart lurch.

“What what is it?” Lydia asked, worried about the pained expression he was making.  But Stiles didn’t say anything, just listen to your string of stutters and cries.  A hand came over his mouth slowly as he tried to make sense of your incoherent whimpers.  Scott heard a small blip of your cry, and instantly felt bad.  He was the one who told Stiles not to worry.

“I’m so-”

“Sh” Stiles interrupted, holding his phone closer to hear you better.

Stiles I-” And that was when the line cut.  Stiles dropped his phone from his ear, watching the screen flicker back to a mess of missed calls.  Mostly from his father and Scott.

“She’s hurting” He said, eyes wet.  “I can tell- I mean it’s obvious- but it’s really serious she’s broken and I’m not there to help her pick up the pieces” He said.  Lydia put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Stiles, I admire your compassion, but some things people just have to learn to handle alone-”

“But she doesn’t” Stiles argued quietly.  “She shouldn’t have to” Lydia sighed.

“Stiles…” Scott tried.  “Look man we get you like her- a lot- we get that trust me I’d do anything to make sure Kira never feels a hint of sadness again” Scott said.  “But she’s still going to feel sad every once in a while.  And some days, there’s going to be the chance that there’s nothing I can do but let her work it out herself-”

“You don’t get it” Stiles grumbled, pushing off the wall, and storming away from his friends.

“Stiles! You can’t just skip-!” Lydia called, running after him when he neared the entrance of the school.

“Watch me” He spat.  No, he wasn’t trying to hurt his friends feelings, it’s not their fault they didn’t understand you needed him.  But at the same time, he couldn’t believe they were so against the idea of him helping you.

“Stiles” Lydia spoke softer, putting her hand on his shoulder.  “Look, I know what you’re talking about.  I know tat you think-” She paused, licking her lips to think of a better choice of words, but none came to mind.  “-that she needs you” She finished.  “But Stiles, as your friend, you can’t just skip school because she’s a little sad” She sighed softly.  “Maybe after go over and-”

She was cut off by Stiles’ phone ringing in his hand.

“It’s her” He said quickly, answering it and walking outside.  “y/n? y/n are you okay?” He rushed the words out, and barely noticed Lydia standing behind him as he paced the steps.

“Stiles” You were crying, and he instantly shot his hand to his pocket in search for his keys.  “Stiles I- I did-”

“It’s okay, it’s okay just breathe I’m here”

“I’m sc-scared”

“Why? It’s okay, you’re sa-”

“I did something bad” You whispered, voice cracking.  Stiles’ brow furrowed.

“You’re going to be okay I’m coming over right now okay?”

“No!” You screamed out.  “No don’t come!”

“y/n I need to see you-”

“Don’t come Stiles don’t come” You whimpered.  “Please don’t come” Stiles nodded, walking towards his jeep.  “Please don’t, please please don’t come”

“Alright, alright I won’t” He heard something fall, to the floor maybe he couldn’t really tell.

“Ok-okay” You stuttered.  “I gotta go” He heard you sniffle a few times.

“Alright, I’ll probably call you in a bit when I leave school” Stiles said, unlocking his car door.

“Okay” You whispered.

“Text me though alright?”

“Okay, I will” You said.  “Bye Stiles-”

“y/n” You hummed into the receiver.  “You’re my sunshine, okay?” There was a pause between you, but he could hear a small breath leave your lips in the hint of a smile.  Not really a laugh or a giggle, but a soft sound that he knew meant he lifted your spirits at least a little.

“You’re mine too Stiles” You responded through tears.  Then you ended the call.

Stiles got in his Jeep and drove to your house.

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Last Goodbye (TOP Scenario)

Archived | Posted February 8

So… Surprise? Haha. With Tabi’s enlistment being tomorrow (February 9, 2017), this is something I wrote in honor(?) of it. He’ll be missed for the 2 years or so that he’ll be gone, but time will hopefully move quickly! We’ll wait for you to come back, you lovable and gorgeous dork. I hope you’ll like this, people. Enjoy~

Summary: His enlistment was creeping closer at lightning speed. You weren’t ready for it and he seemed to sense that.

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Resident Assistant!Jimin
  • (Pic: RA!Jimin with his fellow RAs, Hobi and Yoongi)
  • Imagine RA!Jimin
  • He introduces himself at the first floor meeting and your like, wow
  • He has a really nice smile, like really nice
  • And his arms look really nice in that standard res life polo, but anyway
  • He seems really sweet
  • All the other girls think he’s cute too
  • But you try not to look into this too much, because he’s your RA
  • But he’s only a year older than you so it’s not that bad, right?
  • You make it a point to introduce yourself separately, outside the meeting
  • Like, it can’t hurt to at least be friends, can it?
  • And when you do, he breaks out into that heart-wrenching smile of his, and did it get warmer in here?
  • It may or may not drive you a little crazy that you have to have this angel live in the same building as you
  • His room is right next to the laundry room, so there is always a chance you’ll run into him
  • Surprisingly, you don’t run into him much outside of the dorm
  • All bets are off in the building, though
  • You try taking showers at odd hours so you won’t run into him while he’s doing rounds
  • But it’s all futile because one time you leave your key in your room and need to get him to unlock your door because where the hell is your roommate
  • At least you brought a change of clothes to the shower, but your hair is soaking wet and whoops you’re not wearing a bra
  • He’s very good natured about it, though
  • His whole face lights up when you approach him
  • Come to think of it, he’s always smiling
  • Once he unlocks your door, he leaves you with a bright smile and a “Good night!”
  • Fast forward to a week later
  • He and another RA host an outing to the nearby city for a food festival
  • And you and your friend are like why not, because food and going into the city and, for yourself at least, Jimin
  • It takes a bit to get into the city, so you spend the trip talking to your friend and also Jimin
  • You find out he has a younger brother and enjoys dancing
  • When you get to the food festival, though, you split up, you going with your friend and him going with the other RA’s
  • And for the first few stalls all is well
  • But you kind of forget about your pesky food allergy
  • Your throat starts to feel scratchy
  • You tell your friend, but you say just need water and to sit down
  • But she insists on getting the RA
  • You think she’s just going to bring one of the female RA’s
  • Nope
  • It’s Jimin
  • Of course
  • He asks if you want to return to campus
  • You just nod
  • After all, you’re definitely not going to be eating more, since there’s the possibility that you might, um, lose it later on
  • But you don’t say that
  • Because nothing drives boys away like vomit
  • Moving on
  • You get up, and you feel a bit dizzy
  • He asks if you need help
  • And that’s how you end up holding hands with RA
  • It’s really nice, given the circumstances
  • Your fingers are intertwined and everything
  • You stop at a store and he buys you a huge water bottle and some Benadryl with his own money
  • He continues to hold your hand until you get on the subway
  • Then he starts rubbing soothing circles on your back
  • You start to feel butterflies in your stomach
  • No wait, you’re just getting queasy
  • Your heart’s beating faster is it because he’s so close or is it from the lack of oxygen
  • You remember the epipen in your purse because of course
  • You hand it to the nearest person and tell them to stab it into your upper thigh
  • And of course it’s Jimin and of course you’re wearing a skirt/dress
  • You’d rather he hike your dress up under different circumstances ANYWAY
  • He succeeds, but you still feel a little nauseous
  • Scratch that, a lot nauseous
  • Oh shit
  • You’re lucid enough to aim away from Jimin, but you still get some on your shoes
  • (You’re going to have to wash those)
  • You would probably be mortified but you’re too busy recovering from losing your lunch
  • Luckily the next stop is a hospital
  • He walks you there, and he’s still holding your hand as tight as ever
  • Somewhere in your mind, you’re in shock, but a bigger part of you is just glad to get to a hospital
  • Your friend talks to the front desk while Jimin goes with you into a room
  • You have to give your medical information to the attendant, and feel a little flustered when you have to give your height and weight but it’s all good
  • Through all this Jimin’s rubbing your shoulder comfortingly
  • He leaves you when you go to the back to get checked
  • Because someone has to call your parents
  • Oh god
  • Hopefully he’s talking to your mom, because your dad would be embarrassing for multiple reasons
  • Your friend keeps you company in the back
  • You have to get an IV
  • (Shit)
  • You don’t have to wear a hospital gown though, so that’s good
  • The drugs make you a little woozy
  • Jimin comes into the back while you’re getting settled on the cot
  • You apparently have to stay here for 4 hours
  • Which seems long but you’re starting to feel sleepy
  • Your friend heads back to campus because 4 hours hell no I have a bio test
  • So it’s just you and Jimin for 4 hours
  • Except you’ll probably just sleep
  • But it’s no problem because he brought some schoolwork
  • Because on top of being good looking and ridiculously sweet he’s also a good student of course he is
  • You’re awake for 30 minutes before checking out and the whole time he’s greeting the nurses and doctors with that adorable smile of his and checking up on you
  • Then you fall asleep because wow these drugs are strong
  • About 3 hours later you wake up because you’re thirsty
  • (No not like that)
  • Anyway
  • You find yourself with the sheets drawn up
  • Apparently you were shivering in your sleep
  • He looks really concerned because you just bolted up, but you’re just thirsty
  • He hands you a water bottle but still looks at you with concern
  • He tells you that you’ll just take a cab back to campus instead of the subway
  • Somewhere in your mind you’re like wow that’s at least half an hour in close proximity alone with him and it would drive you crazy if you weren’t so damn tired
  • A nurse finally tells you that you can go and they take out the IV and everything
  • He guides you to the cab still holding you bc you’re still tired
  • He even opens the door for you and helps you in
  • You’re kind of quiet the whole ride but he is chatting up the driver the whole time
  • You start to drift off and end up falling asleep on his shoulder
  • (The driver makes a comment while you’re asleep about you being cute and he just smiles but you don’t know that)
  • He wakes you up and when you get back all your friends and the other RA’s are so worried but you assure them that you’re fine
  • You just want to rest so you go to your dorm and sleep
  • You wake up to knocking on your door
  • Oh look at that it’s Jimin and you look terrible but he looks wow
  • How can anyone look this good in the morning
  • Anyway he asks how you’re doing and you say fine bc you don’t want him to see this hot mess for too long
  • He says that you can come to him for anything
  • But you probably won’t bc he’s so cute and you’re a little intimidated
  • You see at breakfast the next day
  • He’s with one of his friends and you kind of giggle at how small he looks next to him
  • Why is he so cute
  • Once again he asks how you are doing
  • You tell him he really doesn’t have to worry (but he still will anyways)
  • A few days later you get a care package from home
  • Oh look there’s cookies
  • Make sure to share them with the RA! Gee thanks mom
  • There might as well have been a winky face at the end of that note
  • The cookies look really good and you make a mental note to grab some for yourself
  • But then you see Jimin and you panic and just hand him the whole box
  • He asks if you want any, but you say it’s fine and start walking back to your room
  • But then a few moments you come back because you wanted cookies
  • You look at him sheepishly and he says that he expected you to be back
  • So you take one, but he keeps telling you to take more
  • You stay there talking to him for a bit, actually
  • Suddenly, one of the other RA’s passes by
  • Jimin offers him some cookies but the other RA looks between the two of you with this look and declines
  • The cookies were really good btw
  • He tells you that when he returns the box the next day
  • You take the box back and go to close the door but wait
  • Jimin stops you
  • He makes a joke about the cookies being sweet but you being sweeter
  • You blush and are like what??? bc wait you didn’t expect this
  • He starts talking about a good bakery of campus
  • They don’t have anything you’re allergic to, according to him
  • Basically he wants to take you out
  • He thinks you’re cute
  • You’re silent for a moment bc your gorgeous RA??? Just asked you out???
  • But then you smile and accept, telling him that he’s the sweet one
  • And he gives you that smile and you heart’s beating so fast that you might have to go the hospital again for completely different reasons
  • The end (for now)

(A/N: Fun fact, this was 90% based on real life events. Also, I will eventually write a full fic about this, but for now, here’s the headcanon)

He cheats on you

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff

Words: 1485

Warning: cheating, some sex and angst.

Tags: @pizxagordon

Request: I don’t know where to request the prompt since [noob alert!] basically i’m a noob 😂 but please number 12! He cheats on you. Thank you so much. And i Love your works so much <3

Notes: the gif doesn’t fit at all but I just couldn’t find any good one.

“Do you think he will like it?” You asked Wanda as you bite your lip.

You two had decided to spend Saturday morning shopping since everyone else in the facility was hangover or too lazy to do anything. So you just headed to the biggest mall in Atlanta and started shopping using Tony’s credit card. Of course, he was unaware of this fact.

“Of course he will. He will drool all over the place the second he sees you wearing that”, she winked.

Wanda had insisted on walking into Victoria Secret’s store and there you were, checking out the sexiest pieces of underwear you had ever seen. You couldn’t even imagine yourself wearing one of those, not even for your boyfriend: Clint Barton. Would he really like this thing? It wouldn’t really cover you, it couldn’t even be considered a piece of clothing for fuck’s sake.

“I don’t know…” You mumbled looking at the bra and its matching tongue. You weren’t even the tongue type, you thought they were extremely uncomfortable.

“C’mon! Live a little, tease him, play with him, he will love it”, she said.

“How do you even know it? Have you been into his head?” You asked narrowing your eyes at her.

“Look, you know I don’t do that without people’s permission. But…sometimes, some things sneak in”, she told you with a wink. “So when I tell you that Clint will love that, you just listen to me and take them.” You sighed and looked at the clothes again. “It’s on Tony anyway”, she added making you laugh.

You ended up buying them, just like Wanda bought some other sexy stuff. You wish you had her confident but you were the shy one when it came to sex life. You didn’t have many boyfriends, actually Clint was your second one, and you weren’t the type of girl who had one night stands, so it could be said that your sex life had been short. Clint never cared about it, he even said he liked the fact that not many got to touch your body in the past.

“Ok, let’s go home. I’m exhausted”, Wanda said when you came out of Primark.

“I agree” you nodded checking your phone. No words from Clint since you left the complex.

You two went to the parking lot where you had parked Tony’s Audi. Of course, he didn’t know that either. You were the one driving since Wanda had been the one taking the car when you left the HQ.

“Do you want to watch a movie now?” She asked.

“I was thinking about showing what we bought to Clint”, you said biting your lip as you blushed.

“That’s my girl! You have to tell me everything afterwards. Well, not everything, please”, you laughed shaking your head as you drove to the highway that would take you the complex.

Once you got there you found Tony waiting for you at the parking lot. He started yelling at both of you for taking his car without his permission. Luckily for you two, he hadn’t noticed the detail of the missing credit card. Otherwise, you would be long dead by now.

“Where’s Clint?” You interrupted Tony. It wasn’t the first time you took one of his cars without his permission and it wouldn’t be the last so the lecture made no sense at all.

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” Tony said crossing his arms. You raised an eyebrow trying not to smile which made him huff. “Training with Natasha”, he replied.

Smiling widely you winked at Wanda and hurried to the elevator. You just couldn’t wait any longer. You wanted to know if he liked what you bought, if he thought you looked sexy and hot wearing that underwear. You prayed Wanda was right and he liked them. When the elevator’s doors opened at the gym you walked out and looked around for your boyfriend.

He was nowhere to be seen but you heard some strange noises coming out of the showers Tony made built next to the gym. You put the bags down and walked to the showers, the noises getting louder and louder. They were groans and moans and gaps.

“Damn Nat”, you froze when you recognised Clint’s voice.

This couldn’t be happening. He wouldn’t do this to you. Probably it was just someone whose voice was too similar to Clint’s. That was all, because Clint loved you, and he would never cheat on you. Slowly and afraid, you walked into the showers and gasped as you saw Nat pinned against the wall, with Clint pushing against her over and over again. They weren’t even hiding. They were just…there.

“Clint?” Your voice came out like a whisper, but it was loud enough for Nat to open her eyes and spot you.

“Clint!” She exclaimed.

The tone in her voice made the man stopped and looked back, his eyes meeting yours and widening. Before he could react you had already dropped your bags and turned around, running to the stairs since you didn’t want to wait for the elevator to come back down.

You ran up four floors to your room and locked the door before you took a bag from the closet. You could take many things. You could take some lies, you could take some fights but not this. This was too much. He had humiliated you. He had cheated on you with Natasha, someone you thought it was your friend.

Without hesitation and with tears running down your cheeks, you started throwing as much clothes as you could inside of the bag. You knew not many clothes would fit in there but you just would come back in a few days to pick everything up. There was no way you were going to stay there with him after what you had just seen. Where would you go? Maybe Fury could send you far away from there, on a long mission.

“Open the door!” Clint’s voice echoed through the door.

His voice made you cry even more but you didn’t stop nor unlocked the door. There was no coming back from there. It hasn’t been just a kiss, which you may had been able to talk about, it had been sex. You took your stuff from the bathroom, your laptop and your charger and threw everything into the bag before zipping it.

When you unlocked the door you took a deep breath before opening the door and finding him on the other side. His hair was still wet but at least he was dressed. He looked at you up and down before he saw the bag and realised what you had been doing.

“No…no, please, don’t leave”, he said trying to come close to you but you didn’t listen.

Without giving him a second look you walked to the stairs again and started hurried down to the parking lot. You would need one of Tony’s cars but he would understand this time. You had to leave.

Clint was following you the whole time, begging you stay, to listen to what he had to say. But with every word that left his mouth your heart broke a bit more. When you got the parking, Tony was there. He looked at you frowning but got up as soon as he saw your face covered in tears and the bag in your hand. Seconds later, Clint walked in following you.

“What’s going on?” He asked walking to you.

“I’m leaving. I need a car”, you said.

“What?” He asked confused.

“Don’t leave. Please.” Clint said taking your arm but you just pulled away.

“Tony, please”, you begged him, trying to ignore Clint.

“It was mistake, babe!” Clint exclaimed.

“Yes, Barton, it was a mistake. A huge one. Now I’m leaving so you can go and fuck Natasha all over again”, you snapped without even looking at him

Tony’s eyes widened when you said that and he looked at Clint. He couldn’t believe it. Natasha and Clint had always been good friends but he thought the love Clint felt for you was much stronger than that.

“Tony…” you whispered.

“Take the Audi. I’ll call you later”, he said.

You nodded and walked to the closet where Tony had the keys of all his cars. You took the one you had left there some minutes ago and walked to the black car. You unlocked it and threw the bag to backseat before getting up. Tony was stopping Clint from coming anywhere near the car while your now ex was trying to walk pass him. Taking a deep breath you started the engine and drove out of the parking lot, trying to figure out a way to keep on going with your life, a way to fix your now broken heart and a way to forget about the man you had loved the most in your entire life.

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182. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”-silverflint

               Your Hips, Your Lips, Your Skin On Mine

“I’m probably going to have to cancel my class.” Flint props his phone against his chin while he tries to balance his coffee and unlocking his front door at the same time. He nudges the package that had been waiting outside his apartment inside the door with his foot. At least it hadn’t been left in the snow this time. You’d think they’d know better than to leave art supplies outside in December, but nope.

“What, why?”

“Apparently Idelle is getting married and she has to fly to Belize to do it.” Flint rolls his eyes. He still can’t believe it’s happening. It had come out of nowhere. He hadn’t even realized she was engaged, which apparently she hadn’t been before yesterday. It was all a little rushed in his opinion. Who the fuck just gets engaged and married like that?

“Anyway, it’s a shame cause it’s the last class of the semester, but it’s too late to find a fucking replacement.” He sets his coffee down on the counter and sighs.

There’s a pause from Max’s end and then, “I could get you a model.”

“What? Really?”

“I mean.” Max hesitates. “Maybe.”

He can see her making her “considering shit from all angles” face even over the phone. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch except…some people are dicks.”


“He has a disability. Is that going to be a problem?”

“No.” Flint says promptly. “All I need is a body that my students can draw.”

“Well, when you say it like that.” Max says and laughs. “I’ll talk to him and let you know.”

“You would be a lifesaver. I’ll owe you forever.”

“Mmm, I’ll remember that.”

Flint ends the call and takes a sip of coffee. Jesus, if this works maybe his whole fucking day isn’t ruined after all. Usually he has backup models but it’s the end of the semester and no one has time for anything. And all because Idelle had to go get fucking engaged and fly to fucking Belize to get fucking married.

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Not sure you're taking prompts, but if you are can we get a Sanvers Overprotective Maggie post 2x19 fic?

Alex rested her back against the wall next to her window. She had turned the lights off ten minutes ago, but the car was still there. It had been there for the past fifty-seven minutes. She checked her watch. Fifty-eight.

Alex looked around her darkened apartment, knowing that she could navigate it without the light. She mentally located every gun in the apartment, but settled on her favorite new toy in the kitchen drawer.

The man was sitting in the car, phone pressed to his ears when her feet hit the street. There was no way he’d seen her. Alex had taken a secure route and was hyper-aware of her surroundings. She’d be damned if she got kidnapped again.

She crept up on the car and waited, crouched near the back passenger door. When she heard loud laughing, she opened the passenger door and in one swift movement, sat in the seat, her gun pointed at the man.

He automatically reached for the center console, but she grabbed his hand and pinned it to the smooth leather between them. “Why are you sitting outside my apartment?”

Before he could answer, she saw a picture of herself taped to the dashboard just above the radio. She pressed her gun to his chest. “Tell me!” Rage and fear were coursing through her. So soon after she had been kidnapped someone was sitting outside her apartment.

The man dropped his phone and Alex caught it before it hit the man’s lap. As she caught it, she saw something shining on his belt. She moved his jacket out of the way and saw an NCPD badge. “What the hell is going on?”

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