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Tame Impala just played their last confirmed show of 2017 and proved they should headline all the festivals (umm yeahhh) AND the first and last time they play Love/Paranoia (well for now…)

By Rhian Daly Jul 30, 2017

Kevin Parker’s band closed out day two at Panorama with a phenomenal and fun set.

It’s always bittersweet when bands come to the end of touring an album. On the one hand, them taking a break from travelling the world and getting back to work means new music. On the other, who knows whether it’ll be mere months or a couple of years until you get to see them again?

Tonight (July 29), Tame Impala played their final confirmed show of the year, headlining the second day of New York’s Panorama festival. You’d be forgiven for thinking they’d already put third album ‘Currents‘ to bed – it’s only their second show since the beginning of February, the other one being a warm-up for tonight just north-east of NYC in Port Chester. On Randall’s Island, located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, they give the record a spectacular send-off.

‘Let It Happen’ is the first big moment of the night, the field bathed in Tame’s technicolour visuals as the song’s fluorescent synth line rises and falls like the air-punching hands of the dancing crowd. Rarity ‘Sundown Syndrome’ is a skipping, psych delight while ‘The Moment’ sounds more vibrant and gigantic than ever.

“I think this might be our biggest US show ever,” says frontman Kevin Parker after ‘Mind Mischief’. “No one’s told me, but maybe they didn’t want to jinx it.” He promises the Perth group’s best performance and they come pretty close to delivering it. ‘The Less I Know The Better’ is just getting into its groove when Parker cuts it short. “Who was out of time?” he asks his bandmates before restarting. Afterwards, he’s still not happy, but synth player Jay Watson is on hand to put a positive spin on things. “You got to hear it one and half times longer,” he jokes.

That aside, Tame are slick and tight while still making things look effortless and fun. There’s no end of kaleidoscopic and trippy visuals to accompany their (mostly) flawless versions of tracks both prime for raving to (‘Elephant’) and more emotional ones (‘Yes I’m Changing’). It’s just as well, because by the sounds of it Parker would be quite jealous of day one headliner Frank Ocean without them. “That’s the kind of show that makes me think ‘Well, at least our show has lasers’,” he tells the audience after a particularly strobe-heavy ‘Eventually’.

Their live show may be less out-of-the-ordinary than Ocean’s art experiment, but that doesn’t diminish its power in any way. Tonight, Tame prove themselves to be festival-headlining kings who seem like they’ve done more of this bill-topping thing than they actually have. The songs all sound as crystalline and gorgeous as you’d hope, while the band’s laidback approach makes everything feel like one big dance party full of new, like-minded friends. As the band bring things to an end with an exquisite encore of ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’, it’s not hard to imagine Parker and his going doing the same, stunning thing at Glastonbury in a couple of years time. We’ll see you down the front when it happens.

God speed Currents - you did good.

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"I'm not going to let you out of my sight."

Theron had only looked away for a few seconds.

The controls for the door hadn’t been responding, so he was attempting to plug in to the ancient system to force an override. He had ignored her smirk and the amused suggestion that maybe the Force could open it, seeing as the temple ruins had been built by Sith eons ago. It was one of many scattered about the Pelath-Ri Marches on Voss, and the third they’d crawled through today in search of the artifact Sana Rae had seen in a vision. At the second they had nearly been decapitated by a trap triggered by Force telekinesis. While Theron could have been accused of being a thrillseeker, he still preferred his head where it was thank you very much.

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do you watch voltron?

i did! i watched the first two seasons and i really liked them! but i kinda lost interest during the wait between season 2 and season 3 

tbh it reminds me a lot of a show that i watched when i was a kid called voltes v, and when i introduced one of my best friends to voltron she even went so far as to say that it was a rip-off of voltes v lol. the opening sequence is hella catchy btw:


For anon…enjoy! c/p means choice powers.

Despite your eyes stinging, you desperately attempted opening them. A dull ache reverberated off your skull and into your head. You felt a stiffness cover your body. Voices. You began to hear voices, murmured tones. Dazed, your head swung in a slight circle as your consciousness strengthened. Finally, your eyes began to adjust.

Bright lights were focused on you and you alone. You figured they were theater lights given the heat and brightness they gave off. Looking down, you noticed you were strapped to a metal slab by your torso, stomach, wrists, thighs, and ankles. Your breathing became shallow as panic set in.

“Where,” you croaked, “Where am I?”
“It seems you’re awake,” a malicious voice purred.
“What…What do you want with me?” you paused to catch a breath, “I haven’t done anything to you.”
“No, you haven’t,” he continued to hum, “However, you will become a fine asset to us.”
You lifted your head in question, but stopped when you couldn’t pin the figure to the voice.
“Research, my naive one,” he stated, “Your biology makes you the perfect subject,” he paused for effect before thrumming, “Test subject.”
Your eyes widened as fear burst through you.

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Babygirl! Love ur blog, your shots, and your art work! <3 Youre great, can I ask a "Jealous Tony stark would include", thanks <3

I love that you guys give me nicknames, and thank you! Here’s your request!

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

Jealous Tony Stark would include…

-The thing that makes Tony jealous, is when someone obviously flirts with you, especially when it’s in front of him.

- Step 1: Have physical contact with you. Whether that be by putting an arm around your shoulders or waist, holding your hand and giving you a peck on the cheek.

- You know this is him warning you that he’s jealous and honestly you think it’s kind of funny, and play along, giving the interaction back.

- If the person doesn’t get the message, Tony will take it to Step 2.

- Step 2: Make sure the person knows who he is. “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Tony Stark, but I’m also known as Iron man, you might have heard of me. I’m an Avenger, you know, world’s mightiest heroes?”

-  By now you’re trying to laugh.

- If the person still doesn’t back off or comments about him being a ‘playboy’ and ‘no good’ for you, is when Step 3 take place.

- Step 3: Call the suit, or at least the laser hand. “Sorry what was that?”

- By now they’ve got the message and are running for the hills, leaving you to give smooches to him and remind him how much you love him.

Hope you like it!

Requests for Would Includes and Ships are open!

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Studio Nights

Featuring: Suga/Reader

Written by: Admin M

Originally posted by haru-haru10

It’s 3am.

Yoongi was still in his studio, and unfortunately, you were also still at yours. It was now only four days before your final review and somehow no one else was in there with you. It’s just you, your music, and your project.

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Give Me Your Hand (Save Me) You/J-Hope

a/n wow my first fic for my bts bias~ the one where Hoseok is everything.

His grip is rough, scorching through the material of your shirt, and you try to shake him off, but the plastic armor suddenly weighs a thousand tons. And you’re so tired—so tired of running, of hiding. Hoseok’s smile promises an easy end.

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What Are You Looking At? Part 2

Part 1

I’m starting a tag list if anyone wants on. Just let me know. Requests are open and I would love to see what you guys want written. As always, feedback is appreciated. In other news, HOLY CRAP, I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU GUYS.

*clears throat* Now that that’s over, on to the story.

It’s been four months since that mission with Steve and Natasha. Steve had been avoiding you since that night on the roof and before you could get answers, Fury sent you on an undercover recon mission. Classified documents were leaking from somewhere, and the intel appeared to be coming from a small team of specialists.

You’d been with this team for three months and you finally believed you found the source of your troubles, so you decided to check in.

You opened your cupboard and removed the panel to reveal the secure phone line, scanned your thumb, and picked it up. “Hello?” an unfamiliar voice said.

“Who is this? This line connects directly to Director Fury”

“Director Fury is dead.” In your shock, you didn’t realize anyone had entered your room until an object connected with the back of your head and you were knocked unconscious.

You came to with your hands tied to the ceiling and our feet hanging a few inches from the floor..

“Finally, you’re awake.” Bainbridge said. He was the agent that had welcomed you onto this ‘team’.

“You wouldn’t have had to wait if you hadn’t knocked me out. What do you want? I assume I’m not tied up because you have a liking for that kind of thing.” You snarked.

“You are very funny.” he said before punching you in the stomach. “You are not here to talk, you are here to answer my questions.”

“See, therein lies the problem.” you sassed “Answering your questions requires me to talk. Something tells me you’re not the brains of this operation.”

A punch to the face that sent your head flying back.

You felt a cut on your face open. Wait, is the ceiling cracking? You tugged a bit viciously at your restraints and saw a few hairline cracks appear. I can work with this

“It’s Avery isn’t it? Or maybe Phillips? It could be either, really. Everyone’s smarter than you.”

Another gut punch.

“Oh sweetheart, it’s all of us. But Sitwell’s the one who told us to cross you off in particular.” Bainbridge said, walking over to a table to pick up a knife. “Now you’re gonna tell me how much you know.” He said moving towards you, then paused. “Why are you smiling?”

You gave him a grin full of malice. “You called me sweetheart.”

You kicked him in the crotch and he doubled over in pain. You put your feet on his shoulders and jumped to get the momentum you needed. The force of your fall was enough to break the piece of ceiling you’d been tied to.

When your feet hit the ground, Bainbridge tackled you. It was a struggle to get out of his hold with your hands tied but you managed to get a grasp on the knife and plunge it into his chest. He went slack and you rolled him off of you.

You heard the doorknob jiggle and you rushed to stand by the doorframe. Avery walked in and, before she had a chance to react, you vaulted onto her back, looped the rope that was still tied to your wrists around her throat, and tightened your grip. She slammed you back into the wall, but you held on.

“Shhh. It’ll be over quick”,you whispered,“ Just go to sleep.”

You felt her body relax so you let her drop and removed the gun from her holster. Two down, where are you Phillips?

You gingerly stepped into the hallway and rounded a corner. Phillips surprised you, pulled you back against his chest with his baton pressed to your airway ,and spoke against your ear.

“Sitwell didn’t say you’d be this tough.”

“Then I guess now you’ll why I got the name Nightshade.” you managed to get out before taking a knee, flipping Phillips over your shoulder, and putting a bullet between his eyes.

After cleaning up and removing your restraints, you gathered your weapons and headed out the door. You’d just started your car when your phone received an alert.


You gave a heavy sigh. “Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

It took some time, but you finally found Steve and Natasha. They’d been in the company of a man named Sam Wilson. Let’s just say you did some digging.

You tried calling Steve’s phone, but it went to voicemail, as expected. However, with Nat, it rang once before she answered.

“Shade? Are you okay?” she asked.

“I will be as long as you don’t shoot me.”

“What does that mean?” 

She got her answer when you walked onto the roof of the nondescript, four-story building they were in.

“Now, who are we stalking?”

“Thank God you’re alright.” Steve said, walking towards you and extended an arm. You guessed as a means to hug you. But before he could, you grabbed the imposing arm, flipped Steve onto his back, and knelt on his chest.

“Don’t you ‘thank God! you’re alright’ me, Rogers. I should kick your ass.” You said.

“What did I do?!” He huffed.

“You ignored me for four months! You wouldn’t return my calls! And when everything went to hell you STILL didn’t answer! You could’ve died, you jerk!”

“You were undercover.” he tried to reason.

“That’s no excuse! If I bothered calling, I clearly wasn’t in that deep.”

“Shade, let him up and kill him later. We need to get Sitwell and we can’t miss Sam’s cue.” Nat said.

“Ugh, fine.”,you stood up and gave Steve a hand,“ but only because he’s the one who put out a hit on my life.”

“What?” Steve questioned, shocked.

“You’d know if you’d ever answered the phone.” you said angrily, and turned to Nat.

“What are we up against?” you asked.

“HYDRA.” she replied.

“You’re joking. How deep does it go? Aside from Sitwell.”

“Probably all of top brass.”

“That’s…impossible. Next you’ll be telling me he’s HYDRA.” you said, pointing at Steve.

Nat shrugged and you sighed before seeing the ‘sniper’ in her hand, causing you to crack a smile.

“Can I at least hold the laser pointer?”

“Nope”, Nat said popping the ‘p’ “I already rock-paper-scissored for it.”

You were on the roof when Sitwell gave up the needed information, but you were busy relishing the one punch you got in before Steve stopped you and then it was time to move.

You all were in the car on the way to stop Project Insight.

“Hydra doesn’t like leaks.” Sitwell said.

“Yeah, well why don’t you try sticking a cork in it.” Sam inserted.

“I could always hit him again.” you suggested.

“Shade.” Steve said with a hint of warning in his voice.

“I still don’t understand why I have to sit next to him.” you remarked.

“Because you got to hold the laser pointer.” Nat said.

“Excuse me? That was you, and you got to kick him off the building.” you shot back.

“I will turn this car around!” Sam shouted from the front.

“And go where?”,you sassed,“ This thing launches in 16 hours we’re already cutting it close don’t you think?”

Steve gave you a pointed look. “Now is not the time. And we’ll just have to bypass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly.”

“What?”, Sitwell interjected,“Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea.”

You were so close to just snapping his neck when there was a thud on the roof and a hand that appeared to be metal broke through the window,grabbed Sitwell, and tossed him into oncoming traffic.

Nat stopped to think before vaulting into the passenger seat and straight into Steve’s lap to move him and Sam out of the way of what would have been some very clean head shots.

Sam slammed on the breaks and the man went flying from the roof and onto the road. 

You couldn’t help but be impressed, and slightly worried. Okay, a lot worried. Nat managed to retrieve her gun from the floorboard and was about to shoot when an armored vehicle rear-ended you and pushed the four of you towards the stoic soldier. 

When you got close enough, he leaped onto the car and clung to the roof. Suddenly, his metal arm came crashing through the windshield to rip out the steering wheel.

“Well that’s just lovely.” you grumbled.

 Steve hauled you into the front seat said a quick ‘hang on’ and broke off the passenger side door. You still have no idea how the four of you managed to fit on that door. 

You just knew that if you four could do it, Jack most definitely could’ve survived the Titanic.

The door stopped sliding and you and Nat ducked behind a car to avoid the gunfire. “Divide and conquer?” you asked.

“Just like old times.” she confirmed.

You swiftly moved across the lanes of traffic while evading bullets, dove off the overpass, rappelled down the side, and tried to clear people from the area before setting up a voice playback next to one car and hid behind the opposite vehicle. It wasn’t long before the soldier came in your direction. Nat’s hand-off was going perfectly.

Originally posted by ageofultron

When the car exploded, you kicked the gun out of his hands, leaped onto his soldiers, and attempted to wrap a cord around his neck. But he grabbed you and threw you from his neck, slamming you into a mustang before you fell to the ground.  

You raised your head and made the mistake of looking him in the eyes. They were somewhat unsettling and stopped you in your tracks, but you were forced back into motion when he picked up his gun. He was about to shoot when you threw a taser disk and temporarily disabled his metal arm, giving you time to make a hasty exit.

You didn’t get far when a bullet pierced your left shoulder and you dropped to the floor.

You frantically started checking your surroundings  for the Soldier and then he hopped on to the hood of a car on the other side of the street.

Your heart was pounding, but despite the fact that you were probably gonna die, all you could think about were your potential killer’s eyes. You’d finally figured out what was wrong with them.

They were blue.

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Page Turner+Naysaya Thoughts

Here are my thoughts of the episodes, in no particular order.

1. The Horror…the Horror of wasted chips.

2. I’m glad to see that, at least, one of the Laser Puppies is in good condition.


4. Like Master, Like Student


6. Happy Tree Friends Moose finally got a safe job.



9. Janna is so turned on right now…

10. I was expecting Naysaya to have Tim Curry’s voice when he emerged from Marco’s neck.

11. First. Marco and now, Janna is breaking the Fourth Wall. She’s looking directly at us…PS Janna’s looking really hot in this picture. XD


13. DANG IT! You have got to be KIDDING ME!

14. It’s all Tom’s fault!

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

15.  I guess Marco will be just as hairy as his Dad when he grows up.

16. My reaction at the end of the episode.

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Hi Aivi! I just wanted to ask... Is "Rose's Theme" that melody that plays when Steven talks to the Rose statue in the episode "An Indirect Kiss"? I really really really love that one too much! And another thing... There's a song that plays every time Greg appears (Well, at least in "Laser Light Canon" and "Onion Trade", and other versions of it in "Cat Fingers" and "Rose's Room") is it called "Greg's Theme" or something? Totally love that one too!

Thank you so much! That is indeed Rose’s theme, originally composed by Rebecca Sugar. And yes, the second melody that you mentioned is Greg’s theme–nice catch! More specifically, it’s Greg and Steven’s father-and-son theme, and one of the very first songs that we composed for the show. It’s called “luv u”.