at least it's not about cream cheese

** tw: food mentions**

Honestly I wish food wasn’t so expensive in Canada. Like rip I miss my days in America when a bag of cheese is like 2$ and I could get cream cheese for a dollar— cream cheese is like 4$ for the small container at the store and like 6$ at our corner store likeeeeee I just wanna eat my bagels. It’s so frustrating when I’m looking for inexpensive meal ideas on Pinterest and everything is like “CHICKEN!! CHEESE!!!” Like okay cool those are the expensive things here. Like two chicken breasts are like 8$ish and a block of cheese (don’t buy shredded bc that’s taxed to hell and back) is like 7$-10$…… like……. dairy is so so expensive here and growing up poor in the states I have such a hard time adjusting to how to cook cheaply here, especially since I taught myself how to cook w Pinterest and google 💁🏻💁🏻 I’ve ended up eating a lot of vegan meals, since I have a lot of vegan friends who I like to feed so I’ve learned to make a lot of food without meat or dairy but we aren’t vegans all in all, and just a lot of food is expensive, especially if its premade or partially premade things (think block cheese vs already shredded cheese or frozen cans of juice vs juice in a jug) (heaven forbid I don’t have the energy to cook meals from scratch every night) so it still fucking sucks.

Sorry, this is me complaining about food lol but at least we can live on minimum wage and they have healthcare if they are citizens so I meannn I guess healthcare > 1$ cream cheese lol

Anyways I also just ate a pb&j but the peanut butter expired like a month about but peanut butter is fucking expensive too so we don’t throw it out yet BUT can y'all just say a little prayer that it doesn’t make me sick bc I can’t I to the doctor bc while I may live here a lot of the time, I’m not a citizen yet so I don’t have any healthcare 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wow this is a post, sorry 😐

I don’t have much to bitch about and it’s not as much of an issue for us as it was a few years ago but like we are by no means wealthy or well to do, since only one of us can work rn. It’s just a pain, food shouldn’t be so much ( I know there’s like exchange rates and shit too, but still. It makes me so mad sometimes)