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Did you ever actually like tayor's song "look what you made me do?" I'm confused I remember you freaking out over it one day and then hating it the next

That’s not entirely true, but the novelty of it wore off pretty quickly. I did like some of the lyrics and sound design choices but the droning, tuneless, repetitive chorus started sounding like a torture device. It’s one of those things where you get caught up in the hype but it starts to fall apart when you think about it critically. Like Suicide Squad.

Honestly of the four singles she’s put out so far I kind of like “Call it What You Want” and “Gorgeous” is at least listenable. LWYMMD has its moments but wears out its charm after about three listens. “Ready For It” sounds like she just discovered what a bass pedal does, which makes it a little exhausting on the ears. But I do like some of the lyrical wordplay where the last half of the word starts the next half of the verse. I’m a sucker for things like that.

Day 19: Cloud + Flapper Witch + Succubus 🕷

Watch out for this little gal; she may show you a good time, but she always seems like she’s keeping something from you…

This one was a lot of fun to sketch and outline! The colours are a little messy, but it was still a lot of fun. I got to search up different 1920’s styles; in hair, costume, etc.
And yes, the actual style of the drawing was inspired by Lackadaisy, a comic set in the 20’s with anthro cats. If you guys have never heard of it, I at least recommend checking it out due to its gorgeous artwork, funny and interesting story, and likeable characters.

If you’re wondering how the cloud theme fits in, I tried making her scarf thingy more cloud-like to go with the outfit, where it has witchy and succubus aspects!