at least it would be life size though

Rocky Road

Rocky Road
Jungkook | Reader
Description: After dumping your all too vanilla ex, you want to go back to your fuck buddy, who added a bit more flavor to your sex life.
Warning: Dom!Kook, Slapping, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Degrading Names, Master Kink, Hair Pulling, Choking, Intercourse
Word Count: 5,378
A/N: It’s 3:31 and I’m going to die. But I’ve been really craving dom!Kook and this idea seemed too good to pass up. Enjoy!

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Now this is interesting as hell:

Theoretical calculations suggest that an Earth-size planet’s own internal heat could keep its surface warm enough for liquid water if the surface were protected against heat loss by a thick hydrogen atmosphere. Such a hydrogen atmosphere is not possible on an Earth-size planet in our solar system, because solar heat would cause the hydrogen to escape into space fairly rapidly. But, as we will discuss further in Chapter 11, it is possible that Earth-size planets are sometimes ejected from solar systems in the process of forming, and sent into interstellar space. When an Earth-size planet is born, it might have a hydrogen atmosphere for a short time, particularly if it forms at a greater distance from its star or around a star cooler than our Sun. If such a planet is ejected into interstellar space before it loses this atmosphere, its thick hydrogen envelope might remain for many billions of years. Indeed, such “free-floating Earths” could conceivably be quite common in interstellar space, though their relatively small size and low brightness would make them extremely difficult to detect. If they exist, such planets could have surface oceans, as well as geothermal and chemical energy much like that sustaining life underground and around deep-sea vents on Earth. Although the total available energy would probably not sustain a huge amount of life, at least some might be possible.