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Lust & Errors 02 (AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Dom themes, marijuana usage, inappropriate step-siblings stuff, very light dubcon.

SummaryStep brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: If you read all this, you deserve a kookie, forreal. The other BTS members feature in this (briefly) and SHOUTS OUT TO TOP FOR MAKING AN APPEARANCE. Also, to clear things up, I switched the ages around and Jungkook is a year older than the OC, Taehyung and Jimin. The three of them are seniors in high school and Jungkook graduated last year so he don’t go to school with them anymore. OH AND THE FIRST SCENE IS INSPIRED BY BLACK SWAN THE MOVIE. LOL BYE.


01 | 02 | 03 | 04.

Four days later.

It was a Monday. 

Humiliation washed over you like a fucking Tsunami. Your chest was heavy, palms sweaty, heart pounding, eyes stinging with tears, bottom lip quivering and a lump in your throat that was disabling you from speaking. 

Choi Seunghyun was an esteemed dance director - known all over the country and the day you auditioned and were accepted into his Studio, to say you were thrilled was a complete understatement. He was every bit professional, focused and dedicated to the art of making well-rounded ballerinas like yourself. Yes, he was tough and ruthless and sometimes even cruel when it came to instructing, never really even cracking a smile, just one hundred percent intent on working hard with his students - but that kind of behavior was what crafted good, professional dancers.

However… With your entire year of knowing him and being his student, you never knew he could be this cruel. After all your hard work, endless hours practicing in the studio, basically living, breathing and eating ballet all for the sake of the lead position in the upcoming show - he had the nerve to take it away from you

You were utterly shocked and mortified by the words that had come out of his mouth.

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GOT7: Being unable to make you reach orgasm (M)

Lyly’s note: Here comes (STFU, I’m puntastic 😈) a great request. This is so important I hope I did it justice, a lot of couples struggle with this issue. I sincerely wish you all the chance to experience orgasms & to find a partner with whom you are comfortable enough to communicate well. #ThatJustGotReal. Don’t hesitate to write if you have questions or need someone. #ImChill #BeenThere.



At first, Jaebum didn’t think too much of it, he knew it could be stress or nervousness. But after a while, it starts to drain him and he thinks about it very often. Is he doing something wrong? Should he be doing something more? He doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so he tries to spice things up in the bedroom instead. His attempts come off slightly awkward and when you end up asking him if he finds you boring in bed, he finally tells you about his worries. Things get easier after Jaebum’s initial confession, you both talk about your secret fantasies and end up a lot closer.


He was very open with you from the start, he asked about your preferences and told you his. After a few weeks of intimacy, he wonders again what he can do to help you get off. Jinyoung is a giver and he wants to feel that you’re as relaxed and pleased by this relationship as he is. He’s very rational about the “issue”, he even reads about the subject to find out great tips. One night, he asks if you ever climaxed before and if you’d be comfortable enough to show him how you do it and help you both.


Poor man. You’re not even thinking or minding it this early in your relationship, but he’s already obsessing. You can sense something is off since Youngjae seems to avoid intimacy with you and don’t understand why. His attitude makes you feel very self-conscious too… When you decide to tell him about your insecurities, Youngjae lets out a sigh of relief and ends up talking about his too. You both reassure each other and promise to get out of this deadlock together. He’s secretly really glad he didn’t have to ask Jinyoung for advice, he was afraid he’d be teased about this for years.

He’s the type that worries too much and ends up with Sexual Performance Anxiety. Protect this sunshine at all costs.


Jackson secretly tortures himself about not being able to make you cum. He wants to so bad and he really tries his best. He makes sure you know how much he loves you, that you’re comfortable enough, that sex is more than enjoyable You often tell him that you’re perfectly pleased with your intimate life, so he feels like asking about it directly could burden you. Putting you on the spot is the last thing that he wants to do, but one day he gets tipsy and spits it out. You’re so surprised to find out he was worrying all this time that you can’t help but laugh. You two end up spending an amazing erotic night, laughing and talking about all your fantasies & preferences.


He always acts so confident about his skills in bed, that you don’t understand why he suddenly begins to change his style. Bambam is actually so worried by the fact that he can’t make you cum, that he’s seriously contemplating asking one of his hyungs for advice, but he doesn’t. Instead, he tries to spice things up. Don’t get me wrong, you love wild Bambam, but you also enjoy the occasional more normal round. Like, you know, an actual bed for example. One day, you can’t deal with his weird antics anymore and after a looooong discussion, you end up guessing why he’s been acting so weird. You wish he talked to you directly, but hey… At least you two can work something out with the gadgets he just bought…


It doesn’t really affect his confidence, but after a while Mark wants to make sure this relationship fulfills you. He wants to be able to have the same effect on you as you have on him, so he searches for information on Google. What he reads clearly doesn’t reassure him and he realizes he has to be straightforward with you. He says he’s thankful to have a girlfriend who doesn’t feel pressured into faking pleasure for his sake. You reassure him by saying that although you haven’t orgasm yet, all your time together was more than amazing. The next time you have sex, you make sure you’re vocal about what gets you off and you both enjoy yourselves even more.


Whenever he’s caught in the moment, having sex with you, Yugyeom never doubts that you’re enjoying yourself. After all, your chemistry is undeniable, but somehow the thought of you being unsatisfied always comes creeping when he’s away. He’s a bit too shy to ask straightforwardly how to make you cum, so instead he turns the conversation he dreads into a playful phone call. One day late, after a concert, he calls from an hotel room and tells you how much he’d want you right now. He starts by telling how bad he needs you and then he asks how you’d want him to touch you right now, in details. He makes sure to listen to everything you say because he wants to use it all when you both reunite.


s3e1 thoughts

honestly though, I can’t help but wonder what all of this shit is doing to morty emotionally. I mean when you think about it, it’s easier to see why he’s been having the psychotic breaks in s3e1 and with the purge episode–He put the events in action that fucked over his entire home universe. Jessica c-137? He watched her mutate into a grasshopper mutant flesh monster along with everyone else. His original dad and mom and sister left behind in the hellhole to die, and when he and summer do come back in the premiere, the streets he knew, all of the inhabitants…

gone. all of it crumbling back into wilderness. The sky’s a smoggy grey, cars crashed and abandoned and starting to be overtaken by vines and grass, the houses returning to the wild and falling open with blight. He and Summer (not his sister Summer, but a Summer) find his original family having become feral after at least a year of just killing the cronenburg beasts that their neighbors and coworkers and friends and everyone they have ever known became (because of Rick). He sees his mother (his mother, not just a Beth he and Rick picked out like you’re choosing between peanut butter brands at the grocery) barely speaking, and only looks at him maybe once. Maybe she doesn’t even recognize him as her son anymore, knowing that her father’s only one of an army of himself and her son just the same. How would she know that that morty was her son? If she knew, did she care? Or did she look at him and only see the destruction that her father caused and emotionally disowned morty because he was always part of Rick’s plans and assumed that morty had just as big of a role in the end of their world?

And the last that morty and summer see of them before being taken away was their flash-frozen bodies (did they survive? did they die? Nobody knows, but they saw the Ricks point their guns and shoot them into being cryogenically frozen without a thought) After this point, Morty doesn’t even know if his real family is alive any more.

And consider: Rick and Morty are just interlopers in their new reality. Morty saw the carnage his own body from that reality resulted in and had to bury himself. Look down into a grave he dug and see his face staring vacantly back. Maybe he’s in biology class one day (one of the rare days rick says he can go) and they’re learning about the stages of decomposition. Maybe in his mind he sees the insects eating his body and shitting out soil when they’re done eating the dead.  And somewhere in the back of his mind he knows that could just as easily be him if an adventure goes wrong. Or maybe it’s Rick’s mouth that’s choked with worms, Rick’s eye that sways from its socket like a rotten fruit. 

And when Rick dies, that’s it. The last remnant from his home reality gone. Maybe he’s relieved that there’s no more senseless running around trying to get megaseeds to shove up his ass or crystals to harvest or governments to topple or anything, he can just be a normal kid again and jerk off and go to school for once. But then he’d be alone in a universe that’s not his home, with the one person that he shared the experience with gone, and a mother and father and sister that aren’t really his. Maybe sometimes when he’s alone he just wishes his grandfather would use his portal gun just to go get the best ice cream in the universe (and the next few universes over) with him, or at least tell him that he’s proud of him once in a while. 

But he doesn’t have that Rick. All he has is a Rick that tells him to suck it up and bury his own dead body and insults and belittles him at every turn and orchestrates his daughter’s divorce just so he can get the power in the family. Which he says as much in a furious crazed monologue that sounds an awful lot like an abuser showing how they’ve cut off Morty from the final person that would put their foot down with Rick taking their son off on a jaunt that could get him killed.

ha sungwoon - demigod!au; apollo

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  • he thinks hes cool but in reality hes a loser/dork 
  • is best friends with noh taehyun from the hermes cabin and they’re both loving playing pranks
  • like during capture the flag, they’re in charge of setting traps but they do more then just set simple traps
  • they always do stupid things like leave a trail of whoopee cushions in the river and it pissed off guanlin, the child of hephaestus, so much that he burned the ends of their shirts
  • they tried to prank the demeter cabin by mowing the roof but it would just grow back on its own??? and the two of them are extremely confused but they keep trying to mow it?? 
  • and thats when you come out you’re even more confused
  • “uhm, excuse me, what are you guys doing to our roof??” 
  • “we just thought the grass on your roof was getting long!” sungwoon laughed 
  • “so were mowing it!” taehyun finished 
  • “why? it’s just gonna grow back? its charmed?”
  • it doesn’t help that you’re a newer camper too so you’re just really really confused at this point 
  • and your head counselor, lee euiwoong comes out angrily 
  • “leave our roof alone! you always do something stupid to our home okay just go away our mom ended up charming it you idiots, we’re gonna end up planting velociraptors if you keep going up there”
  • and they’re snickering as they come down but you’re kinda just ???? like whats so funny ??? 
  • when you have that confused look on your face sungwoon frowns and hes about to speak but euiwoong got a head start 
  • “those two are the stupid pranksters of this camp. i mean all the hermes campers love to pull pranks but these two just get so into it. just ignore them” euiwoong rolls eyes and is about to push you in the cabin to finish the tour 
  • “god you demeter kids are soo booooring, laugh a little jeez” taehyun starts 
  • “but i don’t get it, whats funny??” your face is deadpan is too. 
  • euiwoong hold his laughter but taehyun can see him grinning and glares at him 
  • sungwoon kinda just sits their, a little distracted, cause you’re just kinda, sorta, really, jeongmal jeongmal jinjja daebak real heol wanjeon pretty. 
  • like flowers are literally blooming behind you and there’s a flower in your hair as tradition of all demeter new comers
  • “c’mon lets go sungwoon, euiwoongs being a meanie again” taehyun sticks his tongue out at him 
  • did i just start a euiwoong and taehyun ship??
  • and sungwoon is just looking behind him, watching you go back into the demeter cabin as hes getting dragged away mumbling an “uh oki” 
  • and hes just sorta mesmerized by your beauty like omg he’s such a day dreamer but obviously you would never ever notice him
  • oh but honey boi u do
  • you noticed him at the campfire one night and he has such a sweet voice when he sings, like it was so soothing that you almost fell asleep on euiwoong’s shoulder 
  • he saw you with your eyes closed and he almost had a heart attack, was he making you fall asleep??? was his voice that boring?? 
  • the next time he sees you, you and the entire demeter cabin were harvesting the strawberries 
  • he watches you patiently wait for the strawberries to grow as you use your chlorokinesis
  • “if you can control the plants, why are you going so slow??” he asked bluntly, squatting next to you 
  • “because its healthier for the plant, if i rush, i might rip out roots, especially since i’m harvesting” you mindlessly input, not bothering to look at who it was 
  • you picked out one of the berries and offered one to him and that’s when you guys meet eyes and you realize who it is
  • your heart is banging against your cracking ribs
  • hes slightly flustered because your noses are just about to touch 
  • both of you red face step back and you just go back to your strawberries
  • he notices how awkwardly balled up you are now, hugging your knees as you raise the strawberry stems 
  • “w-why are you here again? here to attempt so pull a prank? steal strawberries and give them away? even though that’s our intent??”
  • awe u smol bean gettin all nervous 
  • “no i came to visit you” he smirks, his cocky apollo side is showing and you’re blushing all over again 
  • but euiwoong had already prewarned you, telling you to stay away from the aphrodite and apollo boys as they are just a bunch cocky fuck boys that love playing with people’s feelings
  • and euiwoong was definite that sungwoon was not an exception 
  • “that’s sweet of you,” you just blandly respond, hiding your true colors
  • he’s scrunching his nose, highly unamused by your mild tone 
  • “stop being so boring” he huffed and got up and trotted off in his puff of arrogance 
  • and you just shrug it off 
  • but he comes back because honestly he’s such a little pup and he really wants your attention
  • so you’re carrying a huge basket of strawberries to the big house while the rest of your siblings go off to the mess hall to fed everyone else
  • and as your walking, sungwoon walks by your side, taking strawberries from your basket 
  • “stop,” you tug the basket away from him, pouting “these are for mr.d and chiron” 
  • and you were so cute he didn’t even bother to argue and just nodded
  • and hes reaching for the basket and you pull away, looking at him with disbelief
  • “i literally just tol-” 
  • “calm down, i’m helping you carrying the basket idiot” he snatched the basket from you
  • and your red again, stomach fluttering with butterflies and fingers fidgeting 
  • but when you get to big house he leaves the basket on the porch and steals a berry 
  • you’re about to scowl him but hes already off running with the biggest grin on his face and a berry between his lips 
  • when he turns around you can’t help but touch your warm cheeks as a small smile spreads across your face
  • and as he biting the strawberry his flushed cheeks are redder than the fruit itself
  • he starts to wonder if your lips are that sweet probably are tbh 
  • the next encounter is at the stables as you’re cleaning the pegai as punishment 
  • you may or may not have been on the big house porch and accidentally wondered how big a bean stalk was and grew one through the roof
  • you notice that there’s only one golden white one which, its pretty, but yea just one?? why is he so special ?
  • and guess who’s about to go a pegasus ride??? sungwoon!!
  • and he sees you and slyly walks over to you, leaning against the low wall that surrounded the pegasus, 
  • “i see that you’re cleaning my pegasus, solace.” he smirks “that’s too kind of you” 
  • you just rolled your eyes explaining your situation which led to him bursting into laughter, making fun of you 
  • “you’ve been here for how long??? and you still can’t control your powers?” he snorted 
  • hes lucky your’re patient
  • instead of continuing his teasing, he starts climbing the pegasus and offers a hand
  • you, with your hair stuck on your face, dirt smeared on cheeks and a dirty brush in your hand, is confused all over again 
  • why is he so c o nfu s ing  ???
  • “c’mon, lets go on a ride” 
  • “i’m kinda not allowed to, ya know cause i’m in trouble” 
  • “you’re doing it again, you’re being a boring demeter kid.” 
  • you didn’t have time to fight back since he threw the brush out of your hand and pulls you onto the pegasus 
  • “hang on!” he’s joyfully laughs as you slightly squeal and you guys fly out
  • in the sky, there is a brief calm silence, eyes closed, wind tangled within your hair 
  • and you finally sigh and ask him 
  • “why are you doing this?” 
  • hes avoiding your glance as he mumbles into his reins 
  • “i dunno,,,,,” 
  • he’s not used to liking someone, feelings feel kinda foreign to him 
  • he’s used just checking girls out, think they’re fine af and that’d be it
  • you made him feel soft and chummy in the inside, and he just wasn’t to used to it, almost afraid of it
  • and you just sigh and your grip around his stomach tightens and your cheeks rest against his back 
  • “thats fine, i’ll just wait” 
  • blushies on both ends!!!!! 
  • and you he settles the pegasus back at the stables and (lucky you!!!) you don’t get caught 
  • and he just awkwardly stutters away, but of course not without giving you a small smile 
  • god he’s such a sleaze, but hes so cute?? can i really betray euiwoong’s warning 
  • and so you guys resume your daily lives once again, occasionally speaking to each 
  • whenever you passed him when he was with taehyun, you could see the boy nudging sungwoon while snicker and giggling 
  • omg and taehyun would the obnoxious ‘heeEELLlllLLOOOOO y.n!!!!!” 
  • but one day, one of your demeter sister tells you about how she really likes sungwoon
  • “like he’s so sweet, he helped me up the climbing wall when it was my first time and he eve-” 
  • and just keeps rambling and you’re forcing you smiles and lot of over excited “uh huhs”
  • and you kinda throw yourself into a black hole and get slightly insecure 
  • because she’s so perfect for him there’s no way he could possibly like me if he could have her or just anyone else, so many girls are willing to do so much for him anyways forget him omg sungwoon isn’t worth 
  • and so as you walk through camp now, you avoid his gaze, you don’t clean up the stables, you dont even bat an eyelash at the apollo cabin anymore 
  • of course he notices i mean the boy stares you 24/7
  • and he panics 
  • he thinks he did something wrong so he ends up asking taehyun to ask euiwoong what the heck is going on
  • and when euiwoong just utters the first syllable of his name, you just roll your eyes, admitting defeat and agreeing that sungwoon is bad news; he just has way to many girls on him
  • and euiwoong’s like goddamnit but he isn’t omg why can’t you listen to me now the boy likes you !!!!!!
  • but he obviously can’t say that now so instead he’s like 
  • “well maybe you can give him a chance??” 
  • “that doesn’t matter anymore, he’s too popular, and plus he needs someone who would be willing to go wild with him, someone who would hop fences, sneak out in the middle of the night, climb the highest trees, and steal strawberries with, not someone boring demeter kid” 
  • euiwoong: fuck
  • but at least the camp leader managed to get you to go to dinner !! in one piece !! in a kinda sloppily lw mess !!!
  • this continues for the rest of week
  • taehyun has had enough of panicked sungwoon and euiwoong is getting sick of depressed you
  • so the two of them decide to sit next to each other in hopes to lure their partners together
  • you arrive first and you’re good at blocking out your feelings so you just keep it casual, greeting euiwoong and taehyun 
  • someone how it didn’t correlate with you that taehyun = sungwoon 
  • so when sungwoon sat down it got awkward
  • the tension was tHIcK
  • you cleared your throat, feeling uncomfortable you got up and excused yourself 
  • taehyun nudge sungwoon and he hurriedly runs after you 
  • you’re speed walking towards the cabin but sungwoon easily catches up to you 
  • “wait wait y.n please wait” 
  • so take a deep breathe and turn towards him 
  • “yes, whats up” 
  • “did i do something wrong, you’re avoiding me” 
  • “i’m not avoiding you, and you did nothing wrong” 
  • “okay, then talk to me” 
  • “i’m just trying to get over you because i know someone else is better for you okay?” 
  • you both can’t believe that you just confessed, now you really can’t look him in the eyes
  • and you’re about to escape into your cabin but he’s already engulfed you in his arms 
  • “why would you ever think that??” 
  • he sighing into the back of your shoulders. 
  • and you’re sighing too, feeling his warmth surround you
  • “you knew i liked you, so why would you bother?” he asked 
  • and now you’re red, he liked you ???? 
  • and he laughed and flicks you on the forehead 
  • “don’t ever doubt yourself again, i like you, and it doesn’t matter if someone else likes me or they’re a supposed “better fit” for me okay?” 
  • i’m not crying ur crying
  • now you guys do everything together
  • he takes you on pegasus rides, helps your harvest eats all the strawberries 
  • he still plays pranks on you every once in a while but they’d be really cute 
  • her once charmed your blanket into a garden and your freaked out cause you were like omg wheres my bed 
  • even euiwoong was in on it was cracking up him and taehyun are exchanging high fives
  • he’s been exposed to world of pranks
  • it turned out to be some 3d blanket the hermes and hephaestus cabin was working on 
  • well they wanted real life fire but sungwoon modified it to become a garden cause fire kinda scares you
  • he figured out the coding to add roses and would change it that when he was just feelin some lovin 
  • and when you get hurt he’s immediately there, since he has vitakinesis 
  • you’ve definitely became a little bit of a daredevil now that you’ve been dating him
  • he snuck you out after curfew once and you guys climbed up a tree to watch the stars and just talked 
  • you giggled when he told you how he’s super cautious when he walks around camp now, afraid of stepping on the flowers 
  • “you know, its like having a pet pig and eating pork” 
  • “so i’m your pet pig now?” 
  • “nOOO” 
  • and it’s past 12 and hes tired and tired sungwoon means clingy sungwoon 
  • he doesn’t let you go when you guys make it to the demeter cabin
  • you end up having to drag him into the cabin, praying that no one was awake 
  • and you guys snuggle under the sheets, legs tangled and noses bumping
  • he hums a simple song into the back of your neck which helps you fall asleep
  • and when euiwoong finds you both in your bed all cuddled up the next morning, he sighs
  • yall lucky he’s the one doing cabin inspection today
  • sungwoon is literally the sun to your flower
Think Again . . .

Think again–that’s what I’ve been doing since this last kerfuffle, dog and pony show, bait ‘n switch, push me/pull you, what-ever-you-want-to-call it circus. I’ve been thinking and feeling and processing your many heartfelt explanations and reactions.  I hear you all.

Love, money, and power– these motivate all of us, not just actors. Read any detective or mystery fiction, the motivation is some combination of these three things. And all three can be used for ill or for good. I need money to put a roof over my head and bread on the table. I can use money to support charities and the arts, or it can blind me to be greedy.  Most actors will have a 10 or 15 year career, if lucky. Exceptionally lucky ones will have longer. Did you watch the Feud?  Even A-listers can struggle at the end. I don’t begrudge actors endorsements or money made from cons. They’ll need the money from these later.  And buying art or a house can be good investments.

Their bodies are their instruments– face, figure, heart, mind. All will fade. All can be corrupted. Acting itself combines lying and truth. You are not the character (the lie), but you must represent the truth of what that character does, perceives, feels. There must show truth in the lie for acting to work.

To survive, actors need recognition– critics, box office, social media, some combination that gets them parts and better parts. Privacy that comes from obscurity is death, the end.  When we stop looking, they stop working.  Many actors do have private lives. They work hard to keep it that way.  Look how little Tobias gives away. But if you thrust your hip into your co-star’s groin, or if you post pics of your location, and your alleged SO posts pics from the same location, I’m sorry, but a plea for privacy seems disingenuous. And because nothing logically has added up for the last three years, I have to assume there’s been both truth and lies behind this– at least one lie, possibly two lies, maybe even three. Why? I’m not one to believe much in conspiracy theories. In general, I usually trust incompetence over conspiracies. And if by some wild chance there has been a conspiracy behind this mess, it’s an extremely incompetent one.  

On the other hand, Perhaps this has been a super clever ploy because I’m now quite ready to give these actors the gift of privacy. The heart wants what the heart wants. And that goes for me, too. I don’t care who they are with anymore, and I mean that without any bitterness. Truly, I wish them well. Their performances have given me pleasure.  I do care that fans have been disrespected, threatened, and called names. This has been done in the name of but not by the actors. I still believe these actors are essentially good people with good hearts and good intentions. I don’t know what choices they have had or what professional or personal pressures they have faced. I do know many fans are hurting and that saddens me, and it has affected me.  

I’m a consumer of art. I had Starz before Outlander, and I will have it after Outlander.  I’ve been a fan, and maybe I will stay a fan, or maybe I will just be a viewer. I don’t know. I read all the books after I started watching the show, and I still want to see how the show portrays the next two books. A fan does more than just watch a show. A fan is more invested both in love and in money than a viewer. A fan follows, clicks, likes, buys. A fan spreads the word. There’s no hurry for me. I don’t have to decide today. I’m still thinking, and thinking again. Time is on my side, and that is my power as a consumer.  

GOT House


Angst, Smut and a little bit of Fluff

Words count: 4.138

The party was all your expected it to be, the big house was full of bodies dancing to the music, enjoying the incredible amount of drinks offered. It was a tipical party at the GOT house, it was maybe the third or fourth time you came to one, not that you weren’t invited to all of them, because you were, all girls from your sorority were invited to all their parties. You had your strong reasons not to go.

This time one of your sisters begged you to go, it had been her birthday and because the exams week fell just together with her special day, she didn’t had time to celebrate, but the GOT boys had a party ready for the day the exams ended and she wanted to enjoy it and celebrate her birthday. So there you were. 

It was fun, many people you knew, all your sisters, drinks, music and a good time, you tried to not think of what could happen. Some of your friends were really surprised to see you at the party, one even left her boyfriend in the middle of their hot make out to greet you and go enjoy the dance floor with you. You felt sorry for Mark but he just smiled and waved happily at you, not looking the least bit upset at been replaced by his girlfriend. He was definetely your favorite member of the fraternity, always polite and happy, plus he makes one of your best friends happy and always gave her the spaces she needed, but never failing to be protective, like in that exact moment where he was standing against the wall just watching her from afar to make sure no silly boy would hit on his girl or bother any of her friends.

You danced until your body was sweating and your mouth dry. You excused yourself from your group to go at the kitchen grab something to drink. When you arrived a boy from your class invited you to the group of people there and a round of shots of tequila took place at the kitchen counter. With a cup of mixed vodka you made your way back to the dance floor to your friends, the music now was more sensual and you walked in the middle of the circle of your friends swinging your hips until you reached the floor, you lifted your hips up and wiggled your ass before walking back into the circle laughing and pushing one of your friends to the middle of it so she would do her sexy move.

The girls took turns on it until it was Mark’s girlfriend’s turn. All girls opened the circle enough to let him see what his girlfriend was doing, just to tease him. Laughing and sipping on your drink you looked at him to see his reaction, he was talking with someone when he saw his girlfriend dancing. He shallowed hard as his mouth hung open, his friend turned around to see what was going on, his eyes scanned the group of girls with a smile on his lips until his eyes landed on you. Lowering your cup from your lips your eyes met his, adverting back to your friends you excused yourself again going to refill your cup.

Hitting the empty cup on the counter you asked your classmate to refil it. With a smile and a not funny joke he did it. You drank the vodka and asked for more. With a worried look he refilled the cup and you walked away with the cup in hand. As your tried to make your way to the living room that was being made of dace floor someone pulled you against the wall near the stairs and tried to kiss you.

You had seen this boy once or twice before but didn’t knew him, trying to push him away fighting to not let him kiss you, your cup dropped at he same time he was wanked away from you. Looking up to thank your savior you met with JB’s eyes.

“You shouldn’t drink so much that you can’t protect yourself from an asshole” he said sternly at you over the loud music, his eyes glaring at you. Annoyed with his words and from dropping your drink you rolled your eyes before turning back to the way you were making before been pushed against the wall once more. “You should at least be greatful that I helped you out!” He held you by the arm.

“I can protect myself from assholes very well, thank you!” You freed your arm from his hold and he stepped again in front of you. “Move Jaebum!” You ordered trying to push him away.

“See? You can’t! I’m not even trying to force anything!” He laughed fireing up your anger. Taking a couple steps towards you he had you corned against the wall once again “you are lucky I helped you, now show me how polite you are and say "thanks JB” so we can go our ways" 

“You don’t deserve my politeness!” You spat at him without thinking. JB was taken by surprise and took a step back freeing you. As you tried to walk away he held you by the arms and forced you against the wall, his hold on your arms was painful but you didn’t had time to complain as he forcefully kissed you.

Trashing against him you tried to free yourself with no use. When he broke off the kiss your hand flew up hitting his cheek with as much force as your full of alcohol body could muster. The sound of the slap was everything you could hear as his head swinged to the side, with a red cheek and fire in his eyes JB forced his lips on yours again.


Counsiouness hit you before your eyes managed to open. Even when you were awake enough to open your eyes you didn’t, pulling the covers up your neck and curling up your sore body. You knew exactly where you were and what you had done last night, the weight on your heart was painful and it wasn’t because of what you did, but at how you let life repeat itself once again in a bigger scale this time.

Taking a deep breath and opening your eyes, you saw the grey sheets and tidy room, not wanting to move but knowing you should, slowly you turned your back flat on the bed, when you heard the sound of a door opening. JB came into the room wearing just a pair of black boxers, damp body and wet hair with a gray towel around his neck. His eyes landed on yours and he stayed in place not moving, not saying anything just staring at you. His right cheek was slightly swollen and you knew it was because of you.

“I-I…. I’ll leave in a couple of minutes” you said looking away from him “… Just gonna dress up and….” You closed your eyes trying to block him and the memories away. Trying to make everything disappear. The reason you never went to the fraternities parties, the reason why you would never stay too long around the campus. So you wouldn’t see those eyes that made your heart race.

When you parted your eyes open again he wasn’t there anymore, the bed dipped by your side, his warm breath hit your neck as his arm rested against your waist. JB pulled you, pressing your back against his chest. He nuzzled the back of your neck and closed his eyes. “Don’t leave… At least not yet!” He tangled his legs with yours hugging you tighter. 

His fame ran wild, all girls knew how he was and still they were all crazy about JB and spending a night with him, trying to be the one to change him. But all of them would be invited to rejoin the party right after sex was over and clean up was done. JB wanted sex and not spend the night, he had his reasons why “let me pretend you don’t regret it just for a little bit longer.” He begged you.

You shallowed dryly, he kissed you an second time forcefully on the night before, forced his tongue into your mouth and you bite it making him whimper and break the kiss. He moved to your neck, held you by the waist as you pushed his shoulders away. You don’t remember the moment you stopped fighting him, maybe was when he kissed the spot right under your ear? Your hands held on him for dear life. You kissed him desperately, hands on his hair trying to keep him as close as you could, somehow you both made into his room while making up. 

His body pressed yours against the door, his hands were lost on your hair as he kissed you as deep as he possibly could. When he broke the kiss to breath you pushed him away with all your strength, he looked lost when his eyes met yours. You knew JB for so long, he would have let you go the moment you had said so, but you never parted your lips to tell him to stop. 

Moving away from the door you swiftly unbuckled his pants and pulled it down at the same time you dropped to your knees. His erection stood hard after you pulled his boxers down. Tongue swirled around the head of his dick as one of your hands held the part you couldn’t fit on your mouth and the other founded his balls. 

With eyes closed, head tilted back a hand gripping on your hair JB moaned loudly, the sound made you more exited and you bobbed your head faster. As pleasurable as it was he didn’t want to be sucked.

With a light pull of your hair he took a step back and pulled you to your feet. His hands pulled your blouse up through your head, with little struggle he undid the buttons and zipper of your shorts, your stick on bra was quickly replaced by his lips, and you weren’t sure if your panties were still one piece.

After undressing you JB discarded his clothes too, pushed you back on his bed as he reached for a condom, his lips were back on yours as he rolled it on and slid his dick into you. He was hard, tick and big, you weren’t wet enough, you cried a complain as he filled you. His lips were all over your neck and chest. His hands worked your body, touching every right place as he moved his hips ramming on you, the way his dick filled you up and hit your spot made the pain give place to the pleasure. 

Your eyes fell shut your mouth hung open as moans and cries of pleasure left your lips. His heavy breathing hitting your neck as quiet moans left his lips. As your climax grew closer and your walls clenched on him he moved harder. Your body shivered and trembled with the intense waves of shock from your climax, JB came right after you letting his body weigh on top of yours as he tried to catch his breath. 

Once he had calmed down he rolled off of you and walked to the conected bathroom to discard the used condom. Sitting up you looked around for your clothes, JB came back and pushed your back flat on the bed as he climbed back in bed and rested by your side.

His hand was draped over your waist, one of his legs over your and his face against your neck. Warmth spread through your body as his breath hit your neck, your body started to mold itself against his as the alcohol influence started to subside. 

A groan made you open your eyes, only to close it again blinded by the ceiling light. A hand squeesed one of your boobs as a hard dick pressed on your lower back. JB kissed your neck as softly asked if you were tired and wanted to sleep, you didn’t reply him making him believe you were almost asleep, he slid his hand down to your waist and his body away from yours just enough to not be pressing his erection on you. 

Sliding your hand back you held his dick and slowly stated to pump it. A long and quiet gasp left his lips as your hand moved faster. His moans stated to grow louder and more frequent, your thumb caresses the tip of his dick spreading the drops of pre cum around it.

Pressing his body over yours he reached for a condom at the bedside table and rolled it on. Pressing your chest against the bed you wiggled your hips in the air. JB positioned himself behind you pulling his hips closer and higher in the air before sliding on you again. This time his fingers reached over your clit to play with it as he thrusted hard and fast on you filling the room with sounds of skin slapping sking. Soon engouh you reached your climax again moaning and shivering as you pressed your hips back towards JB as his thrusts got erratic and he buried his dick on you as he came.

Your body flatted on bed tired, your couldn’t remember when he got out of bed to discard the condom or how long it took for him to come back and turn the lights off before gettin back in bed with you. You know he hugged you tightly as if he was afraid you would disappear into thin air, the loud music of the on going party not bothering you as you driffted to dream land.

“I know you hate me” his voice brought you back from the memories of the previous night “but… Please….” He took your silence as a negative answer.

“Do you find yourself on the right to ask for something? After last night? After what you’ve done to me?” Your voice came out rasher than what you expected but you didn’t regret it, he deserved all thorns you could give him.

“Last night was the best night of my life” he confessed pressing his chest harder against your back. “I know you want to leave and forget what happened and wish I would just disappear. I guess the happiness of one is the misery of the other…. There is nothing that can fix what I did, no excuse that can explain it. I was young, wanted to be one of the cool guys and you liked me. It was so nice to be liked from someone so amazing like you…. Talking with you, been close to you, making out with you, it was always so good made me feel like life was good…. But whenever we were at school I would blow it and push you away…. I took your feelings for me for granted.” He breathed against your neck bringing back all those high school memories your always tried your hardest to forget.

It hurt you. He hurt you. Knowing each other since sixth grade made him one of your oldest friends, at least that was what people always said and were impressed by. 

But from being classmates to friends took a year or two, after growing close it was just a blink of eyes until you found yourself crushing on him through the late years of high school. Sharing a similar taste of music and mutual friends, have you two exchanging messages on the quick message app, on the computer. A few weeks later you both were walking that familiar path you both shared on the way home, shy waves goodbye before each turned to their side to head the rest of the way home. 

One day he asked you to wait for him, he walked you all the way to your building, he kissed you on the lips by the building entrance. 

The next day you didn’t know how to act around him, but he just looked like it had never happened before.

A couple of days during the week we would walk you home, you both would kiss and make out in the empty stairs of your building. Other days he wouldn’t even look at you.

One day you came home to an empty house and his excuse to borrow a book. The way his hands held your body, how he kissed you, was much different, the way he touched you was different, where he touched you.

He left long before your parents came back home, on the next day a friend asked you about you and him, soon you heard other girls talking about the speculations. And then JB said in front of them, in front of you, that nothing had ever happened between you.

When it was time to enrollee for the last high school year, you begged your parents to let you go to a different school, they were very reluctant about it, but a job opportunity to stay one year abroad came to your dad, and you didn’t need to see JB for your last year of school.

Unfortunately, you both aimed big to a good university, and both got in. In the same class of freshman.

Three years down the road, you always tried your best to not cross paths with him. Avoiding all places you knew he’d be. It wasn’t hard, he quickly became popular, part of the most famous fraternity in school. The few times you both had to interact you made sure to put venom on your every word, and after a while he grew used to it, also threading you with thorns. Making clear to everyone that the hatred feeling was mutual.

Only two of your friends knew what happened between you two. One that had attended the same school as both of you and one you trusted so much, and the fact she dated one of JB’s best friends helped you to open up about it since she heard stories about it.

“I-I’m sorry about what I did to you last night, I shouldn’t have done it! I know saying that the alcohol was the reason why I forcefully kisse you is no excuse… But, God! How I missed the taste of your lips” he said pulling you closer to him, his arm over your waist, his hand resting over the space between your breasts, his nose caressing the back of your neck.

There was so much on your mind but at the same time it was empty, no worlds came up when you parted your lips, no hate came to you when you heard him talking about the previous night. Because you wanted it too. You had always wondered how it would be to kiss him again, how it would feel. His hands were warm and somehow soft even though he played baseball for school. His body brought such a warm feeling to yours, the type you never felt before with any of the guys you dated and slept with, not even on your first time. He brought shivers over your body, and even though you both had had two quick turns on sex he made you feel really good. 

Just when he had his arms around you again, that you realized how much you had missed being in his arms.

No words came out of your lips, but you rested your hand on top of his and closed your eyes once more.

JB didn’t know when you fell, asleep again, if was before or after he had aplogized, but you slept again in his arms, and that was more than enough to him.

His cheek still hurt, you did have lots of strength for such a small girl. He deserved to be hit at least a few more times, he had been horrible to you, he knew it. 

There was no excuse to forgive and forget what he did. He had broken your heart and he only realized it when you hit him, so hurt from that past. He couldn’t change it but hoped that his words could at least make you think about it and not have such a heavy heart about it it anymore. 

He had been the most sincere he had even been to a girl, in the slightly drunk state you both were on the previous night, and with the little foreplay and intimacy shared before and during the sex, stil, it had been the best night of his life. For the first time since his first time he slept with his partner, he wanted and did fall asleep with you in his arms. He woke up needing more of you, maybe it was just because of the alcohol, but it was you who he desired to have sex with. 

No one controls it’s own heart and JB was no exection. He was crazy about you ever since he first kissed you, but his young and silly mind made him lose you. Every single time you’d walk by, his eyes would follow you until you were out of sight, he’d lose his train of thoughts, he always looked a bit dumb. Yu had always been great with words, and you used it against him, making snarky remarks whenever both of you were in the same conversation. Making him look like a fool, making him say mean things back at you even though he just wanted to push your hair back away from your face, fix that sleeve of your dress on your shoulder, tell you how you looked like an angel sitting there against the sun.

He just wished to be able to take care of you, and heal your hurt heart.

Opening your eyes once more, you weren’t sure how long you slept for, maybe a few hours or just a couple of minutes. JB was still there. His warmth all around your body, his strong heart beat on your back, his calm breathing on your neck.

“(Y/N) you are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seeing, if I thought you looked like an angle whenever you cursed me, now you are just a goddess, after seeing you sleeping” he wispered on your ear.

“Jaebum” you said quietly and felt him hold his breath, waiting for your words. “Last night, we both did it, even if you forced the kiss, I never told you to stop, we both did it because we wanted to have sex. We wanted each other.” Your voice grew quiet as you admitted to him.

His fingers slipped in between yours and his lips kissed your shoulder. “I don’t know what to do right now, if I open my arm won’t you just push me away and leave forever?" 

"You can’t hold me in your bed forever” even though it would feel good, you thought and turned around inside his arms. Your fingers brushing against his lips and his eyes. “You can start by walking me home.” You suggested.

You walked out of the shower, dressed on your shorts and a plain black shirt tied around your waist, his clothes were too big for you. He was dressed, one of his signature ripped Jeans and a plain white shirt and sneakers. He waited you signal that you were ready to leave. He walked in front of you, his finger locked with yours, you let him guide you through his house. Once you reached the first floor the noise boys that lived in the house and were already awake, grew quiet. You still heard them mumble something in between the lines “did (Y/N) slept here with hyung?”

Their curious eyes and mumbles stopped as soon as the front door closed behind your back. JB made sure to walk by your side, even though there was a short cut from his place to yours, he calmly walked on the side walk following the path around and across the block to the house where your sorority was placed.

Once in your front door he kisses the back of your hand before letting it go. You held his cheeks and pecked his lips with yours. “We’ll see each other around, okay?" 

With a small smile playing on his lips he pressed his lips against yours once again nodding his head and kissing your forehead before biding a quiet goodbye. Back away until he stands on the side walk again.

He waits you walk in, and is enough to let him hear the screams and cheers from the girls inside your home. With a bigger smile and some color to his cheeks he, walks towards the short cut, heading to his house, so he, also can be questioned by his friends about what happened last night. 

I’ve been thinking about doing a kind of series of this, like one scenario for each member of the group as a member of the fraternity, I have a couple ideas for each member sitting on a file. What do you guys think?

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Hello! I heard you were taking requests?? Could you do a cute little kissing in the rain headcannon/scenario (up to you??) for Levi, Eren, Armin, Ymir, and Mikasa if that's too many people you can just choose the ones you want?? Thank you so much if you get around to this! -much love

Howdy, anon! We hope you don’t mind but we decided to split these and each take someone for a scenario. Mod spookzz will do Eren and mod Elle is doing Levi (can u tell who our bias are??? lmao). Enjoy!


You aren’t sure when you started feeling different about Eren–you’ve known him for too long to be certain anymore, but if you had to venture a wild guess, you might say you’ve always felt this way, at least if you were truly honest with yourself. Eren had never been just another friend; he was nothing like Jean or Armin, and even the title of best friend you had given him when the two of you were no older than eight years old could do your feelings any justice. Silence was comfortable with Eren in ways it just wouldn’t be with anyone else, and no matter how many times your pessimistic side tried to convince you that there was no way you and Eren would keep in touch for the rest of your lives, there was a stronger side of you–the better side–that fought for otherwise. No matter what way you tried to see it, you always pictured you and Eren ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, laughing together as you reminisced with old yearbooks and even older inside jokes.

You’re laughing now as you fall into stride next to Eren, the misty smell of rain permeating your senses and you both know its about to start pouring. Neither of you brought an umbrella and your fingers are icy as you shove them under your armpits in an effort to escape the dropping temperature. Eren is so much taller than you now and you wonder when he’d sprouted and where you’d been to completely miss it. The rest of him had followed suit–he was no longer the scrawny bean pole you’d teased him to be when you were teenagers, and you knew that, despite your best efforts to think otherwise, he had grown into an extremely attractive man. An extremely attractive man that, someday, would have an extremely attractive girlfriend. The thought caused your lips to involuntarily curl into a displeased frown, and the sudden action from laughing to practically scowling had Eren sending you a concerned look.

“Are you–?”

The words never get to finish escaping his lips as the first drop of rain slaps against his cheek, and then another on his eyebrow until finally its full-on raining just enough to soak your clothes through to the bone if you stand there long enough. Thankful for the interruption that allowed you to escape Eren’s prying question, you jerk your head toward your home, the place you’d been heading in the first place.

“Come on, we’re going to get soaked!” you called, trying to yell over the rain and taking a step back as you connect your gaze with Eren’s.

You register something solid against your back and you barely realize its a telephone pole before Eren is closing the distance between the two of you, slyly slipping his hand behind your back and carding his fingers through your semi-wet locks of hair. His teal eyes focus so intently on yours that they become all you can see, and suddenly the once deafening sound of the rain becomes silent.

You can feel his breath ghost across your lips and then involuntarily open, your own chest rising and falling while your heart tries desperately to jump from your chest. You aren’t sure what’s happening or why he’s so close, but all too suddenly you’re assaulted with a memory.

Last week in your intro to philosophy class a girl had asked how true love could possibly exist if no one could explain it. She always asked questions like that–questions she thought might earn her brownie points or kudos from the professor for “thinking outside the box”. It was intensely tiring and you were extremely sick of her attitude. Eren knew your feelings about the girl since he shared the same philosophy class with you, and you could feel his eyes on you as you finally decided to answer her directly. 

“Love is supposed to be unexplainable,” you’d tried, gritting your teeth in annoyance. “It’s supposed to be like…like a kiss in the rain! Impulsive, exciting, and no one can really explain why they feel so inclined to do it when they know it’s only going to get them soaked but they just do and no one minds it in the slightest.”

After class Eren had fallen into step beside you, unusually quiet when he was always so anxious to talk after his least favorite class. Finally he spoke, though it was quiet. “Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?”

You’d blushed, eyes glued to the floor, and only offered a simple shake of your head.

“Then how do you know what it feels like?” Eren had pressed, his eyes practically burning holes through you.

“I guess I don’t,” you finally responded, fingertips digging too tightly into your clutched textbook. “But I can dream, can’t I?”

Eren had merely shrugged, and the topic had been dropped as you entered your next lecture. Things had been normal between the two of you–like the small yet intimate conversation had never even taken place.

Until now.

You swallowed thickly as your back pressed further into the pole, Eren’s fingers finding purchase on the fabric of your jacket and the other hand still gripping tightly to your hair.

“Do you want to know what it feels like?” Eren whispered against your goose-bump covered skin, eyes searching yours.

You knew exactly what he was referring to and you immediately knew the answer, but you had no intention of admitting it aloud. You knew your eyes must have given your true feelings away because Eren’s softened with an unmistakable hunger, and then he was pressing his lips against yours while the rain continued falling around you. A few drops slip over your lips, between them and you weren’t sure if the rain drop had started on you or Eren.

He’d taken you by complete surprise but after the shock had worn off you were doing your best to kiss him back, your palms laying flat against his shoulders while he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. The moments fly by and extend forever, but when he finally pulls away you know you’re blushing as your eyes flutter open.

“There’s your kiss.” He’s matter-of-fact and confident, but you can still hear the small nervousness slip through his tone. “Was it everything you were expecting?” he asks just as quietly while your heart hammers away in your chest, your brain and the organ communicating just what meaning had been behind his impulsive, exciting behavior.

“Everything and more,” you whisper back, smiling encouragingly back at him and slipping your fingers between his. You find yourself immersed in happiness when he doesn’t pull away, and the two of you begin your final trek to your house, hearts in hand. 

Mod Elle here to deliver you an AU that no one asked for. The one time I have a chance to write fluff and it comes out bittersweet. I hope you enjoy, anon! 


The pungent odor of decay and rot was temporarily muted by the frigid rain that fell from the angry skies, chilling you straight down to the bone. Against your back, the shotgun’s metal barrel felt like ice, your soaked-through clothing sticking to your skin, offering little to no protection against the elements and against them.

They were still there—any human who had been subjected to this nightmare recognized the low, throaty moans of pain that echoed from their festering lips. Still, the rain slowed them down, or so you and your partner had observed one morning, which gave you ample time to put distance between you and them.

A quiet string of curse words tugged you from your reverie, eyes sliding to the profile of your partner and the way his brow furrowed in concentration. A pile of boxes and other material blocking the intersection was your current obstacle and, from the way they were mounted on top of one another, there was no way that the car two of you had been driving thus far would make it through.

“Fucking fantastic,” you muttered underneath your breath and placed a hand on your hip, studying the situation for a few more moments until you glanced over in his direction. “So what now, Levi?”

“We walk,” came his simplistic answer accompanied by the taciturn expression that had taken you months to figure out.

If you had the option to choose one person to be by your side when the world was ending, Levi Ackerman wasn’t that horrible of a pick. He was fierce when faced with a horde and even more deadly when it came to corrupt humans, so your chances of survival increased drastically the day you met him. Solemn and over times guarded, Levi was an anomaly that you still hadn’t figured out completely despite the fact that you two had been traveling with one another for the better part of the year.

Despite his blunt, abrasive words, the two of you somehow managed to come full circle and develop a level of trust that extended far beyond words. Whenever you felt like there was no point in pressing on, Levi would be there to pick you up and knock some sense into your thick skull.

Slowly, that trust blossomed into something more; something that was dangerous in this world, where death and loss came too quick and too sudden. The feeling whenever his cool gaze met your own scared you more than anything—more than zombies and more than anything else this messed up world could possibly offer you. How could you develop romantic feelings for someone who might not even be there when the dawn broke through the next morning?

To the best of your abilities, you swallowed down your own feelings and simply did your best to survive, which led to your current situation.

“Levi, it’s storming and we’re freezing our asses off. We need that car.”

Slate-colored hues flickered from the blockade to where you were standing, ebony hair plastered against his forehead and neck until he eventually agreed, “Fine. We can’t take time to move all of that with the horde behind us, so we’ll have to blow it up.”

You blinked in disbelief. “Blow it up?” you questioned incredulously, making sure to keep your voice down. “Levi, that’s insane. We’ll attract every damn zombie in a five-mile radius. No—no way.”

“Unless you have any more bright ideas,” came Levi’s blasé response as he dug around in the bag slung across his shoulder. Retrieving the bomb, he took a moment and looked at the disdain painted across your features, yet it didn’t derail his actions. Instead, he judged the amount of debris blocking your way, a soft sigh falling from his lips. “I’ll go back for the car while you go ahead.”

“No way.” When Levi raised his eyebrow at your heated protest, you stalked closer and reached out, fingertips digging into the soaked material of his jacket to get your point across as you protested, “If you even think that I’m going to stay here while you go back across town where the horde is waiting for you, then you’re an idiot.”

Unfazed by your reaction, Levi’s narrowed eyes sliced straight you. “I survived a lot longer than you did without anyone by my side. Get to higher ground and wait for me. If I’m not back in—”

“Levi,” you sharply interrupted, your grip on his forearms tightening, “I don’t give a damn about what you want me to do. I am not staying here while you risk your life!

In retaliation, he parted his lips to throw something back at you that would sound too convincing and logical, so you did the only thing you could think of to stop him from saying anything else.

You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his own.

The cold chill of the rain fell down on the both of you, but the only thing you took notice of was the way Levi froze as soon as your lips made contact with his own. You refused to let him break away and kissed him harder, allowing your desperation and every other emotion you couldn’t properly express to flow through the moment. He shifted until his hands tangled in your wet hair and pulled you closer, paying no mind to the fact that you could catch your deaths out in this weather.

Nothing mattered in the moment except for him and the way his fingers pulled through your hair and traveled down your neck, or the way his body shifted closer to your own. Levi was the first to pull back and rest his forehead on your own, his hot breath fanning out across your still-tingling lips.

Neither of you said anything in that moment before you reached down for his hand, quietly threading your fingers through his own. It took him a moment, but Levi eventually squeezed back, murmuring, “We’ll get the car and drive it through. Let’s go.”

You didn’t know what the future would hold or if you even had a future to begin with, but having Levi by your side made you feel safe and that was all you could really ask for.

I'm So Sorry (OPEN)

Anti’s boss talked with him. He ordered to have some people eliminated. Anti said that he was up for it – he wanted to make up for everything that happened and get on his good side. However, things didn’t go the way he imagined. Amongst all the people Anti was given, one of his friends was on the list. His boss walked away with a smug look on his face and said that this was how he could prove his loyalty.

Anti was /furious/.

He was afraid of his boss and that was the /only/ person he was afraid of. But Anti’s other biggest fear was to hurt someone he cared for – to lose someone else. Consumed by fear, anger and confusion, Anti lost it and went nuts. He began to attack restlessly like an actual wild animal. He wasn’t even recognizable anymore.

And in his fit of rage, he ended up hurting them. He hurt them. The one person he cared for – so much so that they ended up hospitalized and in critical condition.

Anti went to see them everyday, even though they didn’t awaken for at least four now. He brought flowers every time he went and sat by their bedside, repeating how /sorry/ he was.

On one day when he came to see them, his ears above his head and two tails out, claws out and hair a mess with tear stains on his cheeks, they were awake.


Givenchy Fall - Winter 2017/2018.

Riccardo Tisci has left the position of creative director at the maison Givenchy, a labor he was doing for the last twelve years, and it is impossible for me to not get emotional, or even worst, personal. Even if at this time you don’t like anymore what he was doing lately for the fashion house because of Kanye West, Kardashians, shalow fame or whatever the reason, certainly you liked at least one of his collections, because Tisci is one of a kind in this crazy, wild world. Mixing codes to pull out an un-rare result, he was able to present an ultra-chic, sleek, elegant woman with street wear from subcultures, sportswear, tribal or religious inspiration and yet showing that mysterious allure, a key to this brand. And this collection was a great homage from the in-house to this cool kid. Selecting the most representative looks between 2005 to 2017, the plot twist was for the choice of showing every look in red, striking, passionate, bloody, sensual red. This is a character that must be missed, a long story has just ended in fashion world.

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Rainy Days includes songs such as “Holocene” by Bon Iver or “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. I update this playlist pretty much all the time adding some new songs I think are perfect to listen to on those rainy days.

“Warm” is my favourite playlist for sure! I loved it so much that I decided to create a second one inspired by it! This are the playlist I always listen to while I’m on Tumblr, doing homework, etc. It is a really chill playlist and I’m sure you are all going to love it! You can enjoy follow them both and enjoy :)

You might be thinking, what? But I had to include this playlist because in my opinion the CW televison series “The 100″ has one of the best soundtracks and some of the songs from the show have become all time faves of mine, such as “We Come Running” by Youngblood Hawke or “Home II” by Dotan.

I guess the title is pretty much explanatory itself! Autumn is just around the corner, so this playlists collects some of my favourite “autumnal vibes” songs such as “Youth” by Daughter and “Promise” by Ben Howard. It is one of my favourite ones as well and I update it every single day!

This playlist, shorter than all the other ones, includes all of the songs mentioned in Kenna’s Youtube video “ Autumn Playlist // pt. 1”. It includes songs such as “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran and “Something wild” by Lindsey Stirling, the song from the movie “Pete’s Dragon”, I have to admit I have listened to this song at least 100 times and it is my current favourite song!

This one is not a playlist made by me but it’s Spotify’s. It’s description is: “darker days, cooler temperatures, rain and yellowed leaves. Embrace the mood of the season with harmonious and comforting songs” and I couldn’t agree anymore! You’ll find songs such as “Let It All Go” by Birdy and RHODES and “Little Lover” by BROADHURST.

This playlist isn’t mine either but Orion’s, you may know her from her tumblr @sskeptical or Yotube channel @ Orion Vanessa Carloto. She is one of my favourite people on earth and of course, her taste in music is on point! Some of the songs featured in the playlist are “Barcelona” by George Ezra or “WArm Foothills” by alt-J

  • SUNBEAMSJESS inspired by Jessie from the Youtube channel “sunbeamsjess”

This has to be one of my favourite ones as well and it’s pretty similar to the playlist “Warm”. Most of the songs are songs featured on Jess’ vlogs or just songs that have the same vibe and remind me of her such as “Warm” by SG Lewis or “Alive” by Khai, which have featured many of her videos.

If you don’t know her, check her out on Youtube @sunbeamsjess and I’m sure you will love her (although probably not as much as I do, I don’t think that’s even possible!)

I’ve combined this two together because they have a similar style of music. They are pretty different than the rest of the playlists and a lot more “pop and well know music” but as the name of the playlist suggests, the songs on both playlists are huge songs that are quite old (oldie but goldie, for sure) and I’m sure you have listened to most of them, at least a couple of years back. They include songs such as “Big Girls Don’t Cry” by Fergie or “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt

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I have anxiety and people are making me anxious about the finale could you recommend some cs ff so i can read those and not feel bad anymore please

These are all actually coming from @swanemma bc she is like my personal fic librarian so all credit goes to her!! since you said you’re anxious/upset I told her to rec some more fluffy ones or at least ones that aren’t going to break your heart

again, these are all rec’s made by Maya and she has plenty more if you need them. Trust me, I have a list like a mile long that she made for me that I need to get through lmao

Hope this helps out though <3

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can i request some dva and lucio polyship thoughts?

  • Oh man, these two wild kids would be a blast to be in a relationship with!
  • Having a bad day? Not anymore, they won’t let you stay down for long!
  • The sex is great. A+. Expect to go at least three rounds, because they have boundless energy
  • D.Va loves showing the both of you off during her streams
  • Lucio either has you and in VIP seating or he’s serenading the two of you onstage, there is no in-between
  • Fights are just as passionate as the lovemaking; they almost always end in a screaming match
  • Apologies are slow-coming, but when one of you finally swallows your pride, the other two are quick to follow
  • Lucio is naturally warm, so he sleeps in the middle while you and cuddle him on either side
  • Hope you’re okay with constantly having your picture taken, because the both of them are celebrities, and they love any attention the media will give them and their significant others!

-mod Viena

where the wild things went
  • Vice: Hello Max. This is your first film in five years. What on earth have you been doing with your time?
  • Max: Just living, you know? Living, going to school, getting done with school.
  • Vice: Did you ever worry, "Hang on, what if I've forgotten how to act"?
  • Max: I didn't really think about it until the first day or two shooting then I was like, "What the fuck am I doing here?". For the first couple of days the learning curve was pretty steep again.
  • Vice: How does one even go about preparing to play a sociopath? Presumably it wasn't method acting.
  • Max: I kind of feel like there is no such thing as acting that isn't method to some degree because if you're not actually experiencing it, then you're a fucking liar. I was talking with Billy [O'Brien - director] about it and - I forget the word that he keeps using - but it's an intuitive process. You just kind of feel it out, you know? I was pretty miserable while we were shooting, just because you're in a super dark brain space all day. Especially living in a place like Minnesota where we were shooting, six days a week. You don't get the opportunity to turn it off, you know? And that's great as far as the actual creative process goes but it sucks as far as trying to be a person.
  • Vice: Have you ever done a psychopath test?
  • Max: I don't think so.
  • Vice: Would you like to do one?
  • Max: Yeah, let's do it! Is it legit or is it some Facebook nonsense?
  • Vice: Oh, Facebook nonsense probably.
  • Max: So you're not licensed?
  • Vice: We're not unlicensed.
  • Max: I'm pretty sure it's an either-or thing.
  • Vice: So there are eight statements. You either agree or disagree. First one: "You rarely catch me making any plans. I'm far too spontaneous".
  • Max: Yeah, absolutely.
  • Vice: "If I got a better offer, I wouldn't mind cancelling longstanding plans".
  • Max: Yeah, that's probably true.
  • Vice: "It would be fun to drive fast cars, ride rollercoasters or go skydiving".
  • Max: I've been skydiving. Fast cars are fun. I don't get the appeal of rollercoasters. I guess I haven't really done a true roller coaster. It feels artificial.
  • Vice: Shall we disagree?
  • Max: No, let's agree.
  • Vice: Alright. "I think it's okay to step over other people to achieve my ambitions".
  • Max: I don't know. I don't think you necessarily need to it. I can't think of many situations that I've been in where that's necessary, where there isn't some other course of action you could take. Let's disagree.
  • Vice: Do you have an ambition?
  • Max: In the broader context of my life, I just want to gain skills. Recently I was doing an outdoor programme back in the States through this thing called NOLS [National Outdoor Leadership School], so I was off doing that for a couple of months. Getting better at being outdoors and learning how the natural world works. And I love playing music so getting better at that. Just learning to be a better, more competent person. Trying to not be a dick.
  • Vice: It's a good motto. Okay: "I'm very persuasive and getting people to get what I want is a real talent of mine".
  • Max: Agree! I think I'm pretty good at that. I've been manipulating my parents for years.
  • Vice: The perks of being a child star... What was that whole experience like?
  • Max: Really awful! Especially for children, the film world is just terrible. You can't grow up in that world and still have a connection to reality. At least if you're, like, really in it. Especially the poor folks out there who have stage parents. It's just so sheltered. The creative aspect of acting is one of the more amazing things that I've gotten to experience but everything outside of that is pretty bizarre.
  • Vice: Was it enough to make you think you might not want to do it anymore?
  • Max: I think, probably, yeah. Especially once Where the Wild Things Are came out. And that was my first real acting role too. Being thrown in the deep end as a young, pretty vulnerable person. And then you have an experience like that and there's all this stigma around it, back in the "real world". I went to the same school since I was in second grade, through most of high school, and I knew all these kids and they were my friends before and after but there was, coming back, this weird stigma, these weird assumptions that if you're in a film, you're an asshole and you don't exist in a grounded real world way.
  • Vice: What are your memories of working on that film?
  • Max: It was really important to Spike that the set was conducive to a child. So we had a million kids on set. All the crew was kind of invited to bring their families. And as a way to kind of understand the vibe that Spike wanted to cultivate, there was always music on set. The Smiths, Cemetery Gates and Big Mouth Strikes Again, all those songs. I have really wonderful nine-year-old memories of romping around on set and that music playing.
  • Vice: How does one move past an experience like that and into the world of adult acting?
  • Max: I think you just grow up and learn to be a person. I think one of the biggest learning curves for me, as a result of those experiences and then applying that to the real world, was that it took me a long time to learn to take a compliment. From twelve through to however old, you just kind of shut down. There's this assumption of an agenda. But you grow up and you learn to be a person and you temper the experiences of working in the film world with what people are actually like and you balance that.
  • Vice: Is there one thing you know now that you wish you knew then?
  • Max: No, I don't think so. I am the person I am as a result of a lot of those experiences and I love the people that I met and especially those people that I have experiences with. It is what it is. Can't change the past!
  • Vice: Okay: "My ability to make quick decisions means that I would suit a dangerous job".
  • Max: [Takes long time to decide answer] I dunno... The idea of being a smokejumper appeals to me.
  • Vice: What's a smokejumper?
  • Max: It's a term for the folks in the US that are forest firefighters and jump out of airplanes. That appeals to me.
  • Vice: What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't acting?
  • Max: Working in outdoor education probably. Working with kids or being in the outdoors. Or both.
  • Vice: Do you have a desire to keep acting?
  • Max: Yeah. I mean, I like doing it and I think creatively it's really cool and the people you get the opportunities to work with are often really wonderful people. It allows me to do other things in my own life. My parents have kind of helped me gain this perspective of it, but I think it's best for me to view it as a hobby. I like acting but I don't think it's healthy to do films back to back.
  • Vice: What was it about this script?
  • Max: I love Billy and I love Nick Ryan, the producer. I love Robbie Ryan, our cinematographer and I think, aesthetically, just the, Midwest middle America vibe, that's really cool. And the humour of the script. It's genuine and it has real emotion embedded in it but it's funny! That Fargo humour really appeals to me.
  • Vice: Do you have a favourite movie?
  • Max: It changes periodically, of course. Birdman has been one of my favourite films ever. It came out a couple of years ago and I've watched it half a dozen times. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. I rewatched that pretty recently and remembered how good it was. People keep talking to me about Donnie Darko in relation to this film and I like that one quite a bit.
  • Vice: "When others are crumbling under pressure, I'm usually the one with a cool head". Agree or disagree?
  • Max: Yes. I think so.
  • Vice: When was was the last time you lost your cool?
  • Max: I've been working on that skill and I think I'm getting pretty good at it. It's been awhile since I've been genuinely, deeply upset about something. One of my favourite things in the world is this scar right here [shows us a fairly impressive scar on his knuckle]. I got it punching walls. It was like the perfect teenage angst motivation. The first time, I was really upset in my house because I had read something about the use of American drone warfare and just how upsetting it was and how a bunch of civilians had just been murdered somewhere in the world. And then the second time was me being upsetting at my parents.
  • Vice: Alright, last one: "I'm rarely to blame for things going wrong, it's usually the fault of the people around me".
  • Max: I mean, yeah. But I'll disagree.
  • Vice: Okay, let's see your results… You're 61% psychopath! "Though your conscience is in the right place, you have a pragmatic streak and generally aren't afraid to do your own dirty work".
  • Max: I'll take that.
  • Vice: There's more! "You're no shrinking violet but you're no daredevil either. You generally have a little trouble seeing things from other people's perspectives, but at the same time you're no pushover. Everything in moderation, including moderation, might sum up your approach to life".
  • Max: I like that. I'll take it!
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they asked me yesterday
who i would travel the world with,
and still i think you.

i described you with a fond smile
and a thousand caveats,
talked about how you will always be
a wild thing,
always moving on.

in my poems,
i call you the boy.
you are not the first boy,
not the last boy,
but you are the boy,
i’ve said,
with nothing but wanderlust,
and alcohol in your veins.

three years have quelled the drinking,
but not the leaving.
you are always
at least one plane ride from where i am,
always one skype call away from

i do not regret this.
you let me feel like i could be wild,
but you will never feel like home.

dear boy,
we will never be ‘home.’
will always be at least one plane ride away,
one skype call too far,
and i am not tumbleweed,

i am a rose,
in need of roots to grow,
and you are ever moving on.
so go.
be wild.
and know this rose loves you
with every part of her
that still can.
—  it’s been three years and i still write you love poems, Drea Onzagle
Prompt 1: Welcome Home

This is from my personal prompt list. These will vary between one-shots and multi-chaps. I’ll post them on my fanfiction account, too, so check me out over there! (Link in bio)

Prompt 1: Welcome Home 


Post-”The Last”


Sakura’s hands trembled. Each expert chop shredded away the round cabbage she’d purchased earlier that day in the market when the sun was high and the streets were busy. Now, it is almost evening. It is time for families to gather, for meals to be prepared. It is time for friends to speak of joyous memories and mundane duties, with smiles on their faces and food in their stomachs. 

With an expert flick of her blade, the sliced vegetable gathered atop her knife. She separated it equally into three mounds, placing it neatly beside the Tonkatsu pork chops she had finished frying only minutes before.
The woman took a step back to eye her plates. Were they presentable? Did it taste well? Sakura had followed her mother’s recipe perfectly, but she had a knack for making even the freshest foods inedible. There’s nothing wrong with adding healthy ingredients…but many tended to be bitter and hard to swallow.
With a vicious inhale, the slender woman devoured the aroma of her hard work and went to fix the table.

She had very important guests coming.
As she sat the last of the chopsticks down, three simple knocks rapped on her front door. Wiping her sweaty hands on the front of her apron, she untied it and hung the worn thing on the handle of her kitchen oven. Sakura’s steps were slow and graceful, despite her uneven heartbeat.
Naruto stood before her with masculinity and aristocracy. Though his eyes would always show innocents, it was clear that he had mature. He was no longer the wild, sly fox of his youth—after all, he would be Hokage in a few years.  

Training was difficult and tedious for the Kyuubi. Sadly, because he was busy learning the trade, he and Sakura rarely saw each other much anymore. Still, the man made sure to keep at least one day out of the year open for her.
Sasuke had promised the same.
Naruto smiled—a charming little thing that showed off the whiteness of his teeth—and brushed by her petite form. “It smells great, Sakura-chan. Is the teme here yet?”

Sasuke had always been punctual. She assumed that if he had not made it to her home at seven on the dot, he wouldn’t be arriving at all.
The man had been traveling for months now—searching for a redemption he would not find in the loneliness of damp forests and unfamiliar towns. It worked out well for the village, because he was often put on secret reconnaissance missions, and he could protect his people from the outside.
Still, Sakura missed seeing him.

She respired, letting the heartache flow from her lips as if it were the very air inside of her.  "I don’t think he’ll make it…again.“  
It was the second year in a row.
Together the old friends sat, sipping frothy green tea and speaking of important assignments and hospital conundrums. As they conversed, Sakura realized how…utterly uneventful her entire year had been. When she was a girl, a new year meant a new start. Things like a different hairstyle or losing weight to suit her structure better had always been at the top of her lists of "change”. 

She did not have the time for such thoughts anymore. The business of her life had taken such a strong hold; a full year had come and gone uninterestingly, but busily. Though Konoha’s peace was always a blessing, the woman couldn’t help but feel…trapped.
It was almost like life was just an endless cycle of scraped knees, emergency surgeries, and non-threatening missions.
Naruto spoke of his expecting wife and how excited he was. His years have been a lot more interesting. Hinata was three months along now—and although she had just started to show, the entire village already knew of their pregnancy. 

A hero’s child was soon to be born. Everyone was excited to meet the heir. Sakura, especially. 

The blush-haired woman finished her meal and gathered her dishes dazedly as Naruto continued. He waved his arms wildly with excitement. “She eats all of the time now. I’m lucky that she craves ramen, at least!”

“What if your child develops that habit? Make sure she takes all of the proper prenatal vitamins and only eats ramen as a treat. It’s so high in sodium!”  
She couldn’t help chiding him. Naruto always had a way of reminding her of his prepubescent self, and of better days—innocent days—when she had something to pick on him about. She grinned as he brought her his empty dish, leaning against her as he rinsed and scrubbed.

“You’re getting better at making food, ya know.”

“I practice all of the time." 

"It’s a pity you’ll throw that one away. I'm…really sorry, Sakura.”
The sincerity behind Naruto’s words was not lost on Sakura. She discards the leftovers and leans against her counter, thinking of Sasuke and wherever he may be.

“It’s alright. The food is cold, but his heart is warm. Something must have come up for him to be absent.”

She had hoped to woo Sasuke with her improving skills as a housewife. For a moment, the night before, she could almost picture the subtle quirk of his eyebrow as he walked into her home. Perhaps he would say, “It smells nice in here. Did you cook all of this? I’m impressed!”  
She rolls her eyes.

As a Genin, Sasuke had expected her to train more and get stronger, so she could be a useful kunoichi and defend herself. As a Chunin, Sakura had become one of the strongest ninjas in the entire nation. Now, as a Jōnin—powerful and famous and an expert in medical expertise—she was worried about childhood fantasies all over again?

It all felt silly. She is caught in between, no longer a child and not yet a woman. The ripe age of 20 tended to do that to you.

Naruto left not long after. He was the anxious type, and when away from Hinata for too long he began to get antsy. Sakura enjoyed his company, though, and reminded him that he was always welcomed in her home.
When he left, he took his brightness with him. The emptiness of her one-bedroom flat only taunted her. But, life was as happy as it was sad, and loneliness was nothing to dread. It would be bedtime soon, but Sakura was not tired in the least. 

She sat on her couch and zoned out to the news and weather, frowning slightly at the imminent chance of rain.

As her television blared and its cool blue glow tinted the color of her living room, a small knock sounded on her door. The wind had been howling since midnight, sending waves of fallen leaves against her home. For a moment, she thought that something from outside had come loose and pecked against the wood of her door.

But then, it happened again.

Wrapping her shawl around slender shoulders, she toed on her slippers and grabbed her hidden kunai from underneath her coffee table. She was a kunoichi, after all.
Tentative steps led her to the front of her home, and with an excruciatingly slow turn, the knob unlocked and she peeked on into the darkness of the night.  

The tall man brushed passed her and shook the leaves from his floppy black hair, letting them fall on the ground of her foyer. She took his cloak in a bewildered panic, brushing the smooth cotton with her fingertips before hanging it on a coat rack. 

“W-w-welcome…” her voice faltered, and the phrase she’d worked so hard on tumbled gracelessly to her newly dirtied floor.

“I didn’t make it in time.”

Sasuke’s statement caused a red heat to feather her cheeks. She smiled as warmly as she could, shaking her head in a ‘don’t-worry-about-it’ gesture. “You must be hungry. Can I make you something to eat? You can use my bathroom if you need to.”

Sasuke was the type of man that could look impeccable even in the thickest of grime. Sakura could not remember a time when he smelled of perspiration or of body odor, even in the longest and most grueling of missions. His scent, however, was always different, almost like his body soaked up the environment around him. 

He smells humid and rainy like he’d encountered a heavy thunderstorm that left him completely dry. She inhaled him.

“Ah,” He says, under the impression that her unabashed sniffing had caught something rather unpleasant. He followed her to her small restroom and took the spare clothes she had. It was a simple black top and men’s bottoms, still soft and new from a recent purchase.

“I’ve been stocking up on spare clothing,” She explains. “I always get strange visitors in the middle of the night. You wouldn’t believe how many stone-cold ninjas are too afraid of Tsunade to go to the hospital!”

Sakura knows that, if he’d let her, she would babble for hours. But he wants to wash up, and her mouth would certainly send him back out to the wilds if she didn’t keep calm. 

She makes her way to the kitchen and starts to prepare a modest meal—rice balls with bonito flake filling. She is grateful for her mother’s advice in this moment—to always leave her rice out to soak overnight—and it gives her plenty of time to fix her hair and fold up the shawl left on her couch.
When everything looks presentable, the woman turns on her tea kettle and waits, thinking of all of the things Sasuke has missed out on, and all of the things she wanted to tell him.

For some reason, Sakura only has unimportant things pop into her head. Though she knows no one would be interested in the strange price increase on deer antlers and thisslebush flowers like she is, (because they are used frequently in the medical field), she can’t help wanting to express this to him.
Sakura wants to tell Sasuke that the red bridge they used to meet on has a loose plank—the third to the right. She wants him to know that the cabbage vendor has a new grandson, and that her landlord just turned 68, and that she broke her favorite glass vase a few months ago and still hasn’t found a replacement.

Sakura doesn’t want to talk about how long he will stay, or when he will be leaving again.

When he walked into the kitchen—barefoot and still toweling off his thick, ebony locks—she had just finished shaping the last onigiri. She is shy with her steps but genuine with her smile. So when Sakura places the food down on the table and pulls the chair out for him, Sasuke can’t help but eye her skeptically.
She’s not angry like his mother would have been for arriving so late.
She’s not needy like Naruto is when he hasn’t seen Sasuke for a while.
She’s not nagging like Kakashi does when Sasuke doesn’t give notice of a delayed arrival. 

No, she is simply Sakura—warm, inviting, and loving—like she always had been.

Sasuke looked at the meal in front of him. He cannot remember how long it has been since having food prepared just for his sake.
During his travels, if anyone asked where he was coming from, Sasuke said he belonged to the land—that he was just a roamer with no home to come back to. But he has found his home in Sakura, no matter where he lays his head at night.

Placing his towel over the armrest of the chair, Sasuke approached her. His words could never fully convey his gratitude, his thankfulness—not like his actions could. 

Gathering her face in his hands, he meets her gaze fully.
In this proximity, Sasuke can see the flecks of gold and silver in her shocked irises, and the feathering blush that blooms across the bridge of her nose, and the parted mouth pant that escaped just before her breath was captured against his lips.

And when he moves away, still in her gravitational pull, Sakura says the words she’s wanted to say to him the most—the words that wouldn’t come out before.
It is not about deer antlers, or thisslebush flowers, or the vase she cannot replace. 

It is about them.

“Welcome home, Sasuke-kun.”

And in the end, Sakura knew she was right. Because the food may grow cold as their kisses get deeper, but his heart will always be warm. In her hands, he could never grow cold again.

Watching Yuri on Ice Epi 6

This was supposed to be up by now but cri my laptop decided to crash on me. Tumblr too good for my laptop I see 😭 THIS IS LONG SO I PUT THE KEEP READING ON SO YUP. 

BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST what are those!?!?!?




• Viktuuri on their date i wish

• Then a wild Guan-Hong and Leo appear out of nowhere (MY NEW OTP GOSH THEY ARE SO CUTE)


this is me right here. if i had friends ;-; 

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Older sister appreciation, the other day a woman said to my older sister that it was a shame, my sister's oldest child was a girl and not a boy. so here is an awesome list of older sisters
  Judy Funnie (doug’s older sister)
External image
External image
Debbie Thornberry (heavy metal loving, long natural wavy hair, daughter of a husband wife due The Wild Thornberry’s)
External image
External image
Olga Pataki ( Helga’s older sister was beautiful, kind, smart, and sensitive. from Hey Arnold)
External image
External image
Cornelia ( one of the main character of W.I.T.C.H beautiful and strong)
External image
External image
Irma ( sarcastic, fun, down to earth badass from W.I.T.C.H)
External image
External image
Black Fire (Star Fire’s evil, hotter older sister)
External image
External image
Jasmine Fenton ( happy, supportive, and silly Danny’s older sister Jazz from Danny Phantom)
External image

Kim Possible ( DO I even have to say anymore no she is the main character)
External image

Cree ( number 5’s older teen sister from Codename Kids Next Door)
External image
External image
Reggie Rocket ( the only female in the main cast, great at all sports half white half Hawaiian , Rocket Power)
External image

Merida ( Disney’s first princess with out a prince falling in love, big sister to three crazy kids)

Elsa ( from Disney’s Frozen, punished for her sister’s mistake Elsa was locked away from everyone, yet still so strong and loving this sister runs away in the hopes the true freedom)
External image

Olga, Tatiana, and Maria ( each a Romanova, Anastasia’s dead sisters)
External image
External image
Tanya ( big sister to An American Tail, and Fievel Goes West)
External image

Sango ( from Inuyasha, the most tragic story is her’s)
External image
External image
Shego ( villain from Kim Possible has twin younger brothers)
External image
External image
Violet (shy, cute, and she’s a hero its the big sister from the Incredibles)

Wendy ( Peter Pan, Wendy was big sister for two little boys)
External image

Vicky ( Vicky is Timmie’s baby sitter from The Fairly Odd Parents, and she has a little sister Tootie. I like how wicked Vicky is)
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Dee Dee ( Dexter’s Laboratory, Dee Dee is the comic relief)
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Susan and Mary ( Johnny Test, and his identical twin genius big sisters)    
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Shock ( child witch from the Nightmare Before Christmas)
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Ginger ( redhead Ginger from As told by Ginger was a big sister)
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Courtney (from As Told By Ginger, her younger brother Blake)
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Becky ( from Recess Becky Detweiler, Tj’s older sister, college student)
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Margo ( Despicable Me, Margo is the leader and the one that gets most hurt by the return to the adoption agency)
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Jerrica ( Old school cartoon Jerrica is a singer that goes by the name of Jem)

Daphne ( she is Bloom’s older sister from Winx Club)
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Panty ( Panty is older sister to Stocking in Panty and Stocking)
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Nani ( Lilo’s older sister quit her prosurfing career to support her little sister, Lilo and Stitch)
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She-ra ( from He-man)
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Proud Of You - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Female!Reader (platonic), Alec x Magnus (Malec) 

Requested by: @ikissbiebr

Request:  the reader is like alec’s little sister(the lightwoods raised her like their own when the reader’s parents died) and on the night of the wedding she is nowhere to be found, alec is a bit mad and disappointed because he thinks she didn’t come to the wedding on purpose but she was actually fighting demons on her own outside the institute and she comes back injured and alec is worried because the runes don’t work on her anymore because the demon venum is too powerful and already spreading fast? xx

Warnings: near death experience 

A/N: sorry for my absence these past days guys, but I’ve been drained after my exams, and I probably will be next week as well, so please bear with me… but here is a little one shot at least^^ ENJOY! 

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*gif not mine* 

He didn’t know what to do. Nothing worked, as he just had to see her scream in pain as the demon venom spread through her body like wild fire. 

His golden suit were already covered in her blood as he held her close to his chest. 

 How could he have thought Y/n hadn’t come to the wedding on purpose, didn’t he know her better than this? 

He should have been worried when she didn’t show up, not seethe in anger as he stood in front of his friends and family. 

 Luckily the wedding had been cut short by his own accords when Magnus walked in. 

This being the reason why they had found Y/n lying on the floor just inside of the door of the institute. Alec tried drawing the iratze again, but in vain. It had no effect on her. Magnus gently placed a hand on Alec’s shoulder, diverting his attention. 

 «Let me.» Magnus whispered, kneeling down beside Alec, placing both his hands just a few centimeters on both side of her head. The shimmering blue fog, known as the warlocks magic spread from Magnus’ hands, traveling from her head down to her toes. 

Just like a flicker of light, her body fell limp.


The light burned her eyes as she opened them, her body feeling drained like she had just run through the whole of the US. «You’re awake!» Alec sprung into her sight of vision.

 «How long was I out?» She asked as she groggily sat up, her body screaming in protest. 

 «A day.» 

 «A day?» She inquired closer, and Alec nodded as Magnus came into Y/n’s view. 

 «Seeing the circumstances your healing period was extended, because I had to use my magic to heal you, since the iratze didn’t work on you.» Magnus spoke as he gently placed a hand on Alec’s shoulder. The simple movement didn’t escape Y/n’s notice, as she eyed the two men in front of her.

 «Alec…» Y/n whispered as her eyes went back and forth between them. 

 «What is it, Y/n? Does it hurt anywhere?» Alec took her hand in his, eyes full of concern. 

 «You finally did it, didn’t you?» A huge smile spread on her face, and Magnus shook his head, smiling over at Y/n, nodding behind Alec’s back, happiness shining from his features. 

 Before Alec got the chance to answer, Y/n, despite the pains in her body, launched herself at him, embracing the person who had been like a older brother to her her whole life. 

 «I’m so proud of you.» She whispered, smiling at Magnus over Alec’s shoulder. It seemed like Alec had finally understood what she was saying, embracing her back. 

 «I take it you’re okay then.» He said back, and Y/n could do nothing but smile. 

Why had that demon showed up out of no where, keeper her away from the wedding?

 It seemed like she had missed quiet the show.

Jehanparnasse | Day Six | Modern AU | 2ks

Pre-relationship Jehanparnasse. Mostly an excuse to write the members of Patron-Minette as roommates because I love that concept way too much

Jehan was sticking out like a sore thumb amongst the dreary buildings, their tie-dye hoodie almost drawing a target on their back. When Eponine had specified “bad neighbourhood”, Jehan had never pictured it to be that bad. They weren’t one to judge, but you know things are bad when Eponine Thénardier herself tries to discourage from you hanging out somewhere. Still, Jehan walked on. They had an important errand to run and they wouldn’t let themself be intimidated by a few tags and onlookers.

The stairwell of the building they entered had not seen a broom for at least a decade. Overhead, the neons lights were winking at them, casting a gloomy light worthy of a cheap horror movie. For a second, Jehan thought about what Enjolras would say if he came down here, how enraged he would be. They were enraged too. They took a mental note to mention that during the next ABC meeting, but it wasn’t why they had come.

Second apartment on the third floor, that’s what Eponine had said. “There’s a huge indent on the door. Unmistakable.”. Unmistakable indeed. Suddenly nervous, Jehan swallowed hard and plunged their hands in the front pocket of their hoodie. It’s just a courtesy visit, they kept telling themself. It wasn’t weird, right? Why would it be weird? The plain door was staring back at them, daring them to knock. They did, though timidly. For the longest time, no one answered. Then, heavy steps rose from behind the panel and the door creaked open.

“What d'you want?”

The man standing before them was about twice their height and four times their weight, all in muscles that would have put Bahorel to shame. Gueulemer, no doubt. Jehan flashed their softest smile. After all, elephants were scared of mice, weren’t they?

“Is Montparnasse here?”

Gueulemer frowned, his eyebrows drawing menacing lines.

“You’re a cop?”


“That’s what a copper’d say.”

Jehan looked down at themself, wondering what about them screamed “cop” so badly. They’d never seen a cop wearing hoverkicks before. In absence of an answer, Gueulemer was already closing the door.

“No, wait!” Jehan exclaimed. “I’m a friend of Eponine’s!”

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Natasha Romanoff - A Winter Soldier Headcanon

After the events of The Avengers, Nick Fury probably calls Natasha in and tells her, “I need you to keep an eye on Steve Rogers.”

Because Fury’s not an idiot.  He’s seen for himself how lost and out of time Cap is.  All his friends are gone.  Peggy is old and her mind’s fading away.  The records probably show that Steve has no other living relatives, no other friends to anchor him in this here and now.

Fury probably looks at the dates between the train job where Bucky Barnes died and when Steve crashes the plane.  He doesn’t like the picture he’s coming up with.

Steve’s Catholic.  But war does a lot of shit to a great many people, including their religious beliefs.  Just because Steve wouldn’t be eating a gun, doesn’t mean he’d be averse to repeating a heroic sacrifice yet again

So Nick lays it out on the table for Nat and Nat probably gives him her best unimpressed look because, “I am not sleeping with Steve Rogers.”

She’s probably played that kind of game a lot of times before.  It was a job, a mission, there were objectives to accomplish.  But she’s done with this kind of bullshit.  And okay, Steve is attractive and his kindness is absolutely fucking unreal and it would be easy to pull off.  Play the game.  Maybe love him for real.  Keep him safe and grounded.  

Love is for children.  Natasha Alianova Romanoff is done with that.  She’s not playing.

Fury has the grace to look abashed and tells her that card is off the table.  It’s simple.  Cap needs a friend.  Cap needs somebody.  He’s smart enough to figure out why Nat is there.  But at least she’d be a friendly face, if not an actual buddy-buddy, BFF. 

So Nat starts in by trying to set Steve up on dates.  In the process, she learns more about Steve.  She learns that he used to sing, so the Barbershop Quartet comment wasn’t a joke.  He’d sung with Jim, Monty and Gabe, once upon a time. 

Nat takes a wild guess and checks the files if Barnes played the piano.  He did. 

Steve doesn’t really sing anymore.  Though there was one heartstopping moment where he sang a Winnie the Pooh song for a little Captain America fan.  The kid lit up like Christmas. 

Steve likes to draw.  Nat has seen at least one sketchbook.  She’s flipped it open once, only to find her face in there.  She flips it closed again. 

Steve sees a lot more than people take him for.

It is hilariously, ridiculously easy to like Steve Rogers.  Steve figures out how to use most tech in minutes but he’ll pretend that he doesn’t know how to work a microwave, if only to mess with Tony Stark’s head.  He’s a bit of a little shit that way.  Clint would approve. 

When they do that fake kiss, it’s clumsy, but his hands settle nicely at her waist and they’re warm and he’s surprisingly easy to lead but it’s obvious that he’s uncomfortable.  She senses, rather, the sharp intake of breath as they resume the kiss for the benefit of the agents searching for them and it’s better but she has the distinct feeling he’s thinking of someone else. Just to make it work.

Nat idly wonders if that was how he’d kissed Peggy Carter goodbye.  She can’t help but tease him for it, only to see his ears go red. 

That’s another thing about Steve Rogers.  He grew up in Brooklyn, didn’t exactly live a sheltered life, went into the Army, seen a lot of shit go down.  He’s able to fight down and dirty like nobody’s business, Irish temper and Brooklyn rage working hand in hand, wicked and vicious and fast.  Watching him go to war is a thing of beauty. 

And after all that, it is still hilariously, ridiculously easy to make him blush pink.  It’s adorable.

When Nat figures out that Bucky Barnes is Steve’s key, her heart breaks for him.  Fucking hell.  She could try to convince herself otherwise, but her heart breaks for him all the same.

And she’s not surprised that when the numbness and the shock fade and Steve’s fine mind is up and running once more, his thoughts are to burn HYDRA to the ground.  Salt the earth.  All or nothing.

He’s done it before.  Just for Barnes.  It’s not new.

She gains Steve’s trust and his friendship and in return he gets hers.  They’re both hard-won things.  She doesn’t give this lightly to anyone and Clint would probably smirk and say that he’s got the bullet holes to prove it, because he’s a human disaster.  It’s part of his charm. 

Steve’s a human disaster in his own way too.  She could tell him that the Red Room is vicious and cruel and that they make up a life for you and put it in your head and take it away at their whim, men and women who think it’s fun to play god, fucking around with people’s lives, their very souls.  She could tell him that there may not be much of Barnes left in the Winter Soldier, that he’s chasing a dead man, a ghost and even if they find each other, Steve would either be burying a body or be burying his heart. 

Because she gets it now, remembers the train job, remembers the plane crash, remembers the dates.  Puts the bits of information together, sees the picture that Fury was afraid to speak aloud. 

Love like that isn’t for children.  Love like that isn’t supposed to be real.  

Steve Rogers wasn’t supposed to be real but she found him bleeding and alive on the shores of the Potomac.

Alive with gunshot wounds that should’ve been on his head instead of his body, if he had been going up against one of the best snipers in the world. 

Alive when he could’ve been left in the river to drown. 

Alive when she could see the boot prints on the ground, the other marks that tell a different story. 

Steve Rogers wasn’t supposed to be real, but she’d kissed him once, to hide him.  Listened to him joke and banter.  Heard him sing.  Seen him draw a picture of her that made her think, That couldn’t be me.  That couldn’t possibly fucking be me.  

So she hands him the Winter Soldier’s file.  Lets him get on his quest.  He already knows what she’s supposed to tell him, what Sam has already been saying.  

But she’ll pull him close and tell him to hope.  She’ll hope for him. 

She’ll hope there’s enough left in James Buchanan Barnes to make his way back home. 

She’ll hope that there’s enough left of Steven Grant Rogers to keep fighting this particular good fight.  To find his home again. 

She’ll hope for both of them. 

- end -

Note:  In the end, Bucky and Nat found the Official Russian (I’m actually Romanian but never mind - Bucky) Ex-Assassin Guardian Angel Support Group to Two Blonde Human Disasters.  Just like Dark Lords of the Sith, there can only be two.  ** cackling **