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Dany didn’t move a finger to help rescue Yara, even when she was in a position capable of doing so. She could easily use her dragon to intimidate Cersei and simply insist that freeing her captured allies is the condition for a truce. (Before the dragonpit meeting, Dany was dominant over Cersei in battlefield. So she entered the meeting having an upper hand over Cersei, and therefore, more bargaining power). 

Will Theon and Yara continue to follow Dany if they survive Euron?

Would Jon appreciate this gesture from Dany (regarding the survival of her allies)? –> More evidence of Dany booting her allies the moment they are no longer useful to her. She wouldn’t have come to rescue Jon if he were not her love interest.

Bear in mind that Dany was more than capable of helping her allies. It did not harm her if she at least tried to save them. 

Another inktober that was kinda cheating since it’s sort of fanart for tiny programs first snow ;)

okay going to breakdown my thoughts

1) what the fuck
2) what the fuck
3) what the fuck

The trial was really fucking good. Easily the best buildup and reveals since jailbreak, i loved every second, blue diamond’s hair-wig looked iffy but that was my only animation gripe, somehow they managed to make the pink diamond plot interesting again after ‘the rose reveal that wasn’t’ in season 3.

homeworld is fucking beautiful, some weird futurist high art concept, giant head building included (wonder if that’s a representation of PD or WD)

Off color gems were really cool too conceptually - good to see they didn’t all get shattered - but feels a bit like they’re redoing the famethyst. i get the feeling all these plot threads are building up to a 'hey the crystal gems have an army again’ but i do hope each of the little subgroups gets more time. The drones are interesting and terrifying

and then lars fucking dies. they honestly killed him. like, this is probably imo the worst thing rebecca sugar has ever done and i hold her personally responsible, because 'death’ is not a redemption arc you give to jerk characters it’s one you give to fucking villains. lars was a grumpy teenager who in the end was probably gonna turn out alright once he had a few years to find who he was, but now he’s a pink zombie stuck on another planet who half the fandom hates without good reason. i hope he gets back to earth safe and gets to have potluck one day. it’s the least he deserves.

oh and steven got home consequence-free yet again without saving anyone or doing anything of value. what a dick of a character he gets his fucking cryhug and a sandwich but he let lars and two zircons fucking die. so tired of this baby protagonist

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour when i have no money

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Number 88 for the drabble thing?

AHHHHHHHHH! I’m sorry for the angst!!! Here’s #88: “After everything…I’d still choose you.”

It didn’t feel the same anymore.

The streets, the air, the woods, everything about Beacon Hills felt wrong. All ties that were distinctively Hale were just gone the second Scott’s eyes flickered….and stayed red. The last tether slipped away, just out of reach as he tried desperately to hold onto it. Truth be told he never wanted to be the Alpha, even as a child he happily let his sister prepare for the role.

With Peter….being Peter, Cora with minimal pack bonds in Beacon Hills, and everyone else dead he was it. Everything fell on his shoulders to keep the territory his family held for hundreds of years, and while he barely got by it wasn’t something he could keep up forever.

Of course saving Cora had been worth it; at the very least he got to save someone from his family.

All this being said and done, Derek still felt like he let his mother down.

First Paige, Kate, the fire, Laura, Peter, the pack, the innocent people he let die under his control, the Nemeton, Peter again, losing their territory. Everything, for a lack of a better term, was fucked.

Derek dug his palms into his eyes when they went heavy with unshed tears, unable to watch the rain pitter patter against the window. He was tired and heavy, he felt like he was suffocating and unable to crawl out of his own skin.

The only thing he could to do was leave, leave Beacon Hills, and most importantly leave the McCall territory.

His mind was made up a second later, thoughts of where to go and of who to tell –if he told anyone at all– rolled through his head. Before those thoughts could manifest into real plans his ears picked up on the elevator squealing on it’s way up to the loft. His brows furrowed in confusion because as far as he knew the town has gone quiet for now, there’d be no reason for anyone to be here.

Peter has his own apartment, Cora returned to South America, and Isaac has opted to join Scott.

Derek was, is, an Omega.

Nobody should be here.

For a moment he thought of hiding himself away, but when he heard the familiar erratic heartbeat from the elevator he made no move to hide. Instead Derek focused back on the overcast skies and thundering rain, the cold from the window and radiated into his skin to the very marrow of his bones.

The loft door opened and closed, the silence after that was near deafening.

“Scott…he said you left in a rush after the Jennifer and Deucalion thing,” Stiles said, voice raspy and unsure, “are you okay?”

Okay? That was a word for it.

Derek was screaming, crying out, shouting into the void to no avail. Has been since he was sixteen yet he’s never found something to pull him out. Everything just pulls him back under.

“I’m fine. Go home Stiles.”

“I don’t have to be a werewolf to know that’s a lie,” Stiles said.

Footsteps drew closer and Derek tensed.

“It doesn’t matter, just go,” Derek muttered as he crossed his arms almost defensively. Really…he just wanted to curl into himself and try to feel anything but pain. Maybe he’d be able to smell something other than smoke and ash for once.

A hand, warm and reassuring, fell on his shoulder. It held something that Derek didn’t know what to do with. A promise. Comfort. Maybe something else he couldn’t quite describe since it’s been so long since he’d been given something like that. He dared himself to look over, his neck stiff as he caught the pale hand on his shoulder, chewed fingernails at the ends of thin fingers.

“Let it out.”

Derek frowned, “what?”

“Let it out Derek,” Stiles repeated, “scream, cry, punch through brick if you need…but you can’t keep it in anymore.”

Derek inhaled sharply, his head falling as his gaze landed on the floor, trying to blink the sting out of his eyes. The hand on his shoulder moved to his neck, then his face until he was forced to look up to meet Stiles’ eyes. There was no hate or malice in them. No disgust or disdain. Just acceptance and patience which was more than enough to finally break his walls.

He fell into Stiles, hiding his ugly tears in the shoulder of Stiles’ hoodie, holding on to the teen for dear life as he finally let everything from the past eleven years out. Nasty sounding sobs rattled his chest and he’s never felt so small before. His shoulders shook, his head was pounding, and the sorrow that rolled through him was debilitating.

“Derek,” Stiles said, holding Derek tight, “after everything…I’d still choose you.”

His sobbing paused for a moment, their intensity fading a bit.

“Scott…as much as I love him, he could never be the Alpha you were.”

“Thank you,” Derek rasped, sniffling as he hid his face again, finally breathing in something other than ash and smoke.

He breathed in hope.


Stanley running into the weird and wild long before he gets called out to Oregon, though.

Give me more magical realism gothic americana, you guys.

  • He’s been places, seen things. Things that creep into the flophouses and settle in with the destitute. Maybe they’re low on luck just like him.

  • He’s hid out in more than a few barns and abandoned homes with creaking floorboards and whispers in the air. He’s felt wispy fingers stroke his hair, things bending over to rasp their secrets in his good ear.

  • He’s learned the hard way, always follow the hobo signs and nameless chalk sigils scrawled out on the sides of buildings and gutted cars. There are signs everywhere, and you have to know how to look for them. He tells that to the new ones, lost kids that he once was. There are always things out there ready to gobble up the young and lost.

  • When he looses the car for a bit he learns that sermons and church dinners are unpleasant and foreign always but it beats sleeping out in the streets. He sits through each sermon, loud and alien and trying not to think of how far he is from his home and family.

  • Church’s have their own ghosts but few things are bold enough to try anything, to wade through the mass of sleeping bodies and cots.

  • He’s been taken in by more than one cult for a day or so on the promise of shelter and food. He didn’t feel the grace of god reaching down for him. Or anything like being back home, all the holidays and rituals he aches for every year. But something was there, reaching at him with grubby hands. He gets out. He draws a sign. He leaves town.

  • Something followed him through at least three towns before he got arrested. He knows this saved his life or soul or whatever that thing wanted that he had. Stanley can’t begin to guess what it could’ve been, he doesn’t have anything worth taking.

(this is all I’m going to do right now but I’m gonna be dumping these kinds of thoughts in this tag so if this is your jam check back sometime)

Said bug last night was extremely dastardly.  It involved poltergeists in Divisadero Budget Books - at least in this case, if a ghost hunter is balls deep in the bookstore attempting to do his/her job, if you try to leave the game and come back for whatever reason, that bitch will throw eighty billion script errors and refuse to work anymore.  Try to replace the building and the game will crash.

… among other shit.  I had to reset the whole town.

Stop.  xD

This bug was so egregious I sat dicking with my game in the daytime on my own computer.  No pics taken; was too busy and honestly I’m way too spoiled on 4K in Sunset Valley.

I think I got the situation fixed, but the reset caused my sims to be un-scary peasantry.

Happy to terrorize faces.

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Baz.

The first thing I notice when I wake up is that for once, I’m not cold. I’m about to fall contentedly back into sleep when I hear soft breaths next to me, and my eyes fly open. Simon. I’m on his bed, and he has his arms wrapped around my waist, the top of his head tucked under my chin. I smile and inhale deeply (yes, I’m smelling his hair) (no, that’s not weird).

I wonder what the time is, but I don’t want to move. Today is Sunday, and I’m desperately hoping I won’t have any superhero assignments. I don’t want to have to lie to him so soon into our relationship.

I sigh, lifting a hand to stroke his hair gently. I don’t want to think about that now. Whatever eventually happens between us, however he reacts when he finds out (or, more likely, when I’m forced to break up with him to protect my family’s secret), I’ll deal with it when I have to.

Simon stirs, lifting his head and meeting my eyes. His nose brushes against mine and he smiles.

‘Hey, Baz.’ His voice is still thick with sleep.

‘Hey,’ I whisper back, tugging my fingers through a knot. I love his hair, especially when it’s messy like this after he’s just woken up.

‘Can we just stay here all day?’ he says.

‘No,’ I say. ‘We still have to study.’

‘Who cares about that,’ he mumbles, and moves one hand from my waist to cup my cheek. He kisses me softly. ‘We can do this instead.’

My mouth quirks up at the corners. ‘Mm. Tempting, but…’

He doesn’t let me finish, deepening the kiss. I close my eyes, feeling my whole body responding to his touch, melting into him.

‘You’re very persuasive,’ I say, when I’m able to get a word in.

He says nothing, just keeps kissing me, though I feel him smirk. I pull him closer.


We don’t spend all of Sunday snogging on his bed. Eventually Simon gets hungry, and we decide to get dressed and go searching for breakfast. I wait for him at the entrance to the building and as soon as we step outside he reaches for my hand. He swings our hands between us as we walk to the nearest café on-campus.

Simon is obsessed with their sour cherry scones. I order my coffee and insist on buying his breakfast. He smiles at me as he accepts the bag.

‘Does that make this our first date? Since you paid?’

I roll my eyes. ‘We come here at least four times a week, I don’t think this counts.’

He pouts. ‘Fine. But I want to go on a proper date with you. Lunch. Or dinner. Or dessert. I don’t care.’

I nudge him with my elbow. ‘You don’t care, as long as it involves food.’

He nudges me back. ‘No, as long as it involves you.’

I raise an eyebrow to let him know how cheesy I think he’s being, but neither of us is fooled, maybe because I can’t resist leaning over and kissing him on the cheek, right on one of his moles (I love his moles. I could map them out in my sleep.).

‘Is this okay?’ I ask, drawing away.


‘This. Us. Holding hands and me kissing you in public.’ I glance around. No-one’s even looking at us. I see a girl from one of our lectures walk past and she only gives us a knowing smile. (Were we really that obvious?)

‘Yeah,’ Simon says, still grinning up at me. ‘Are you okay with it?’

‘Of course.’

‘Good, because I’m going to brag to everyone that posh and pretentious smart-arse Baz is dating me.’

‘Pretentious?’ I say, stopping in front of our building. A few more steps and I would have him backed against the brick wall.

He blushes. ‘Well, you are.’

I frown.

‘You are! You iron all your shirts and you wear designer jeans all the time.’

I step closer and lower my voice. ‘So you’ve been looking at my jeans.’

He turns a darker shade of red and shoves me away with the hand that isn’t holding the bag of scones. ‘Oh, sod off, Baz.’

I laugh and grab his hand, lifting it up to kiss the back of his knuckles. He leads me back into the building and towards the stairwell.

It’s only the first day, and it’s perfect.


The second day is just as perfect. We have to go to classes, and Simon’s falling behind after a weekend spent with no study (which is his fault really), but sitting together in the middle of the lecture hall somehow makes it feel more real. I’m left-handed and he’s right-handed which lets us hold hands the entire time. I discover that Simon is extremely fond of holding hands.

He keeps sneaking glances at me throughout the lecture. I don’t think he’s paying attention at all. I try my best to focus, but I end up having to restrain myself from doodling his name all over my notes. (I’ve got to at least save some dignity.)

I’m eyeing the clock, waiting for the last two minutes to tick by so we can go back to our room and get some privacy, when he nudges me and slides over his notebook. I see my name doodled in the margins, over and over again. He’s blushing madly, and he hides his face in my shoulder.

I slide my notebook next to his, so he can see that I’ve done the exact same thing (despite my best efforts). I uncap my pen and write two more words in the bottom corner of the page: we match.

Simon looks up and grins at me.

I smile back. I like us like this.

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To the “only one merc” thing

(I have written a really big analysis with references and explanations to this but since the webpage keeps refreshing when I hit the background panel, its lost and I wont rewrite those 500 words again sorry. Its lost. So here is the short version)
Jay Pinkterton has stated that there is only one every merc, one Soldier, one Demoman etc.. no clones.

I went through all comics and noticed that, of course, that we truly never see any merc “double”. But also never more than 5 from RED or BLU (with one excepting I will talk about later) The original team, the classic team and the current team shown in the catch-up comic has the same line up in a 4/5 split.
RED, as we know from the game is an attack line-up: RED Scout, RED Soldier, RED Pyro, RED Heavy and RED Sniper (all 3 Offense classes, 1 Defense and 1 Support)
BLU as we know from the game, has a defense line-up: BLU Demoman, BLU Engineer, BLU MEdic and BLU Spy. (2 Defense and 2 Support).

Throughout the story comics we get to know that the current team got fired, but also gets re-hired by Miss Pauling. Since then, every merc wears RED. We also know, that this team is hired to attack Gray Mann. And what did the latter do? Hired a defending team, the CTF, which are shown in BLU here. the current teams Medic gets also hired by Gray, but he still wears RED. This is the only confusing part for me, because he is hired to help defending, but it could also be meant as a hint that he is still loyal to the attacking/his own team (which he later joins!). The only mercenary from the current team who is not shown in RED is also the only one who is not re-hired by Miss Pauling in the story: The Engineer. He is hired by the Administrator, to build and fix here life-expanding machine, keeping her safe. He wears BLU and I can imagine why, because he hides together with the Administrator clearly defending and supporting her life. He is no way in any attacking position.

In the update comics we also see the mercenaries always splitted up in two teams, but we never see more than 5 people in one team (which also shows the team balance of 4/5 continually). Except from the point where the two Grey brothers die and MvM starts. Since then we only see the whole team, or rather both teams once, in the comic  A Fate worse than chess. They are still 9 people, who just lost their jobs from both sides and they are also still evenly splitted into 4/5 groups! (RED(5): Soldier, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper and Spy; BLU(4): Scout, Pyro, Heavy and Medic). And also into clear defined defending/attacking sides. RED has 1 offense, 2 Defense and 2 Support which is clearly defensive, while BLU has 2 Offense, 1 Defense and 1 Support which is the Heavy, medic combo, clearly offensive. After that we see the whole team in a few more update comics, but also only shown in one colour: RED. They are re-hired at that point, fighting for the same side.

From this we can clearly understand what Pinkteron means. The mercenaries get hired by both sides alternating, probably the brothers trying to steal from each other by just paying more, so the mercenaries ge to switch sides as it comes. Blutarch hires the REDs Heavy by offering more money, then Redmond will hire the BLU Demoman in exchange by doing the same. 
This also explains why they already know each other so much and work together so well in the story comic, because they all did fight alongside each other at least once. 

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It all keeps crumbling - Feysand (Modern Time AU)

Inspired by this post by likehemmins but the acc is unavailable. *fuck this*

It all keeps crumbling - Feysand fluff (Modern time AU)

chapter one - Date night

After all the time of not talking Feyre had hoped Tamlin would show up. He promised. Then again he had promised to come to her house a couple of times a week. He hadn’t done that either. He had broken so many promises over the last few weeks and made so many new ones. He wasn’t willing to let her go out even if it was with him and he wasn’t there.

She did not remember how long ago she had walked into the restaurant, she did remember the drop of her heart when he handn’t been there already. Tamlin must be busy with his job. He was the big lord. Maybe one of his meetings had taken longer than expected, That was possible right?

She sighed and leaned her head on her hand. This was the first time Tamlin was making time to go out with her since the accident. He was so set on making everything safe for her that he hadn’t realised how choked she was beginning to feel. The appartment he had bought for her had to many locks on the windows and doors. She felt locked in a space that should be safe. Nowhere was safe, not as long as she was with Tamlin but with all the protection her mob lord had put in place she was surprised that he didn’t show up in the restaurant. Although it must be safe, she noticed one of his minions sitting a couple of tables away although he was eating. Why wasn’t Lucien just coming to sit with her, or was that another one of Tamlins rules, don’t engage with Feyre when he isn’t there. Her life was flowing away from her like a river.

Ever since that kidnapping three months ago she hadn’t felt safe even though Tamlin did everything in his power to keep her safe. He gave her another minion every day to keep her safe but never company. She was lonely in that appartment. Pretty to see but not a home, not to her. Letting Feyre pick the restaurant was the first sign that he trusted her. It would have been if he didn’t also order her to pick a restaurant he owned. He owned a lot of them. This was all for her own safety, she had to remind herself. But it could also be considered safety to tell her who actually got her out of that building. She knew that Tamlin knew who got her out. She knew Tamlin wasn’t it. He couldn’t show up with all that police, he couldn’t risk being caught. She didn’t want him to be caught. She just wanted to see that he cared about her. Words weren’t enough anymore. Words had got her into that restaurant, alone. When did they last have a real conversation?

The waitress looked over what seemed to be the hundreds time tonight. A sad look in her eyes. A couple more minutes, Feyre promised herself. Only a couple more minutes than I’ll get the check and leave. She grabbed her phone. He was fortyfive minutes late. She sighed again and downed her glass of wine. That was it. She was leaving and she’d talk to Tamlin tomorrow no matter what. If he wouldn’t answer the phone she’d go and search for him. She knew where his office was.

The door opened and closed, the soft bell chiming. A handsome man had walked in. The most handsome man she had ever seen. His violet eyes looked around the room until they found hers. That’s not Tamlin what does he want? A lazy smile creeped up the guys face before he loudly exclaimed: “Hello, Darling. Sorry I’m late. Traffic is crazy right now.” He sat down in the chair in front of her. Quitly he added “I’m Rhysand. Just go with it, okay? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a tool? Who would waste such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful dress.” A small smile krept her way onto Feyre’s face. She looked around and crossed eyes with Lucien. He shook his head and grabbed his own phone. Later hers buzzed. The message on screen read a simple message: Tamlin hates this man. Send him away before we get a brawl and or Tamling fires/kills me.  Feyre scoffed and didn’t bother answering it before she put it in her purse. She wasn’t going to waste a beautiful dress, like the man before her, Rhysand, had said. This dress was expensive and if that man wanted to have dinner with her she would. The violet eyes where familiar but not familiar enough. She would remember if she saw a man like Rhysand on the street, not?

“I’m Feyre,” she quietly said. “I hope you like white wine, I ordered a bottle at the beginning of the evening.” Rhysand nodded and waved the waitress over.

“How long ago was the beginning of your evening, Feyre?” She blushed as the waitress reached the table. She took a long time looking Rhysand over, not even looking at Feyre, but Rhysand wasn’t looking at the waitress, he was focused on the young woman in front of him. “You’ve already read the menu. I’ll just have what you’re having.”

Feyre ordered for both of them before looking the man over once more. “Why are you doing this?” She asks. Rhysand looks taken aback before regaining his posture.

“I saw you sitting on your own when I walked towards the store next door, you’re still sitting here now. If I could I’d punch the guy. If only cheff didn’t restrain-” He stopped mid sentence when the waitress came back. He thanked her before looking down at his food. “Good choice,” he said.

“Do you need anything?” The waitress asked. Rhysand looked up for a second to witness the straining buttons on her blouse and the battering eyelashes than his gaze shifted to Feyre. 

“No, thank you. Would you like anything, darling?” She shook her head and watched as Rhysand waved a hand to send the waitress on her way.

“What is your job?” Feyre asked raising an eyebrow. She took a bite of her chicken but her eyes didn’t stray from the muscular man.

“I don’t know if you want to know.”

“If you had finished your sentence I wouldn’t have to ask.” Rhysand shrugged and took a swig of his wine. “Please, it’s important to me to know what you do.” It’s important to know if Tamlin would kill you for sitting at this table but since you seem to know him…

“You’re Tamlins girlfriend, right?” Rhysand asked. Feyre nodded. She should break up with him but she didn’t know what the consequences would be. If she would be killed for it or if he would let her go at all.

“Lets see for how long he still wants me,” she murmured. “If I could though.” 

Rhysand smiled and than frowned. “It would be dangerous to quit.”

“I know.” She looked him right in the eyes. “I’ve been through worse.”

“I know.” 

“But how do you know, Rhysand?” She sat straighter up. How does he know all of that? He doesn’t looks like a mob lord. He didn’t even seem dangerous. How does he know all that about her.

“I know that you’ve lost even more weight since I’ve last seen you. Don’t understand me wrong, you still look beautiful but you’re getting too thin.” Feyre shook her head. He wasn’t telling her. Why would she stay with him. She was going to raise her hand for the check when he spoke up again.

“I’m sorry for the other girls in that building but I’m glad that I at least got to save you. You deserve to live and you deserve better than that tool. You deserve all the riches he promised you but never gave.” She gulped and look down at the table cloth. Her blue eyes refused to meet his till he raised her head with a finger under her chin. He squeezed her fidgeting hands with one of his callused once. “You deserve this, Feyre and if you want to get out I’ll make sure you’re safe.” She pulled his finger away and looked at her food again, stoicly eating. 

“Thank you, Rhysand but I love him. I’m staying.” For her sisters and for herself. As long as she stayed with Tamlin they would be taken care off. Another deep breath and she saw Rhysand was also eating again. “You can be my company tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be his again.”

“You are nobody’s property, Feyre. You are your own person with your own choices.” She snickered.

“Do you have siblings. He doesn’t only takes care of me. He takes care of all of us. I’m grateful to Tamlin.”

“It sounds like your in debt.” She glared at him and dabbed at the corners of her mouth with her napkin.

“If you can only insult my lifes choices you can always leave.” Feyre ignored the fluttering in her heart. She ignored the blood rushing near her ears. She loved Tamlin but this was living. “Or you can stay and live the night with me, if that’s okay wiht you.”

“Do you ever feel alive, darling?” He took her casting her eyes down as a no. “I’ll make you feel alive. I’ll keep you safe tonight. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.” They smiled and the conversation shifted. To hobbies, none for Feyre since she was kidnapped and family, Rhysand had lost his whole family. They talked about everything that came tonight and not once did either Tamlin or Rhysand’s job come up again. At the end Feyre felt her heart beating faster in her chest and if she hadn’t loved Tamlin she was sure she’d kiss the violet eyes man. She wanted to see him again after that night. Needed to see him again.

After a small discussion Rhysand paid for their meals, helped her into her coat and led her outside, all the way to her appartment. 

He stood half a foot away. “Be sage, Feyre and if things with Tamlin go awry you can always come to me. I’ll help you.” Feyre smiled and looked into his violet eyes. His hair as dark as the night shining in the moonlight. 

“That would be great, Rhys. I’ll call you tomorrow.” She opened the door but stopped at the threshold. “Why did you say that you saved me, that night?” 

“I’m the cop that pulled you out of there. I held you in my arms till the ambulance came. I fought for you to live, don’t let that be in vain. Don’t let that tirant pull you down. Tamlin threatened to kill me if I ever touched you again. At least that was on the note attached to my coat. Let him try. As long as you’re safe.” Tears shone in light blue eyes as she stepped out of her home, placed a soft lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered in her ear,

“Thank you.” She stepped back into her home and repeated it. “Thank you, Rhys. I’ll call you tomorrow or you can come by at seven for dinner.”

“I’d love too.” He watched as she closed the door. “Sleep well,” he spoke softly. He sighed, smiled and walked to his own place. He would give her time to heal, time to make up her mind. Time to find out what Tamlin really was to her.

Part 2

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I've been freed from ask limit so can I get??? Ichiruki headcanons about pets?

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  • If Ichigo and Rukia had a dog they will always walk their dog together no matter what. They take time out of their training and busy lives to do one mundane thing together. Ichigo isn’t particularly fond of the dog but if it makes Rukia happy he’ll deal with it
  • Rukia got a fish once because she watched Finding Nemo with Yuzu and while walking one day she came across a street vendor selling gold fish. She felt bad for the cheap fishes and decided that she must save at least one of them so she got one. The fish died within a week because she was too busy to feed it. Yuzu found out and made the whole Kurosaki family attend the funeral.
  • Ichigo and Rukia saw a bunny once while on a mission and she pushed Ichigo to help her catch it. He chased after it since she was so persistent but then he got exhausted and told her she can’t just have a wild bunny because they belong in the wild. She agreed. The bunny came up to them after a while and she named him Chappy and still visits him from time to time.
  • Rukia once went to see a pet store with Karin and Renji and fell in love with a orange tabby and adopted it. Ichigo thought she was being unreasonable by adopting a cat without asking him first and made a big deal about it. But then the cat really grew on Ichigo and the cat prefers Ichigo over Rukia now and she gets really mad when Ichigo is all smug about her cat liking him more than her. She feels really betrayed by the cat.