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Called out a bitch for being transphobic on Facebook. She tried to fight me but the moment her friends started to agree with me she deleted the post, made a new one saying that she “doesn’t want to start drama,” and then blocked me. If any person would be a candidate for me to throw my first curse it would be that bitch and man am I tempted

WELP I’VE BARED POSTED FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS SO HERE’S A BUNCH OF RANDOM ART FROM ME (it is truly random; half were for a pokemon class I took but I just want to show proof I am…. drawing. sorta. I try.)

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killthebxy  asked:

if you're gonna make me bend the knee, better have a red carpet rolled out at least. (spoiler alert: it's not happening. the North bends no knees anymore.)

if u want that dragonglass u better start oiling those knees boi

“After seeing the Baltic rehash submission, which I totally agree with BTW, I can’t help but think of this little thing about the Asians. In my opinion, I feel like the relations between Japan and the East Asian region specifically are portrayed too nicely. This is mostly true for China and Taiwan. As a Chinese person myself, I think that China’s view on Japan in Hetalia is too friendly; same goes for Taiwan. I find it annoying how Taiwan is nice to Japan because she likes the things he makes.

I believe that Taiwan would be just as sassy to Japan as she is to China, while still liking the stuff he makes. I’m not too sure about Taiwan’s current views with Japan, and I’m not knowledgable about the other regions, but I’m too sure that almost everyone gets along with Japan too easily. I get that for Himaruya that it would be difficult to portray such relations, but I’d like to see more comics discussing them. Sorry for the asks. It’s just something that’s been bothering me.”

No need to apologize! This blog is here for you to confess your opinions and confessions, so go for it! :D

I’m a South-East Asian (Filipino) and I don’t hate Japan, but I definitely agree that the relationship between Kiku and the other Asians are a bit too friendly which is kind of jarring at times.  The relationship that bothers me the most is the one between Kiku and Yong Soo (South Korea).  

I personally think that Yong Soo would probably have the most tension with Kiku - his happy energy would immediately drop at mentioning him and he’d be quite tense around him.  He’d also most likely be passive-aggressive towards him, would immediately change the subject if the topic was about him (”Heeey, how about we talk about music? That’s great, right?There’s a new album made by <insert K-pop band>! I recommend it!”) and if he did have to work with him, it’d be pretty teeth-clenched.  Though he does like some of his stuff like Taiwan does, unlike Taiwan who’d be more okay with talking to him, I think Yong Soo would rather not interact with him in general.

I definitely agree with the Taiwan point you brought up, too.  Though not as harsh to China, she should still poke fun at Kiku’s old age.  And believe it or not, but I think you made me hate Kiku//wan a tiny bit more because now it just sounds like it’s very shallow (”I find it annoying how Taiwan is nice to Japan because she likes the things he makes.”).

This is also the reason why non-Japanese fans criticize Kiku of being a Gary-Stu: because he’s too friendly with people and he’s a big shipping wheel for the Japanese fandom.  I can’t name somebody who hates him - even on the wiki, though it mentions Yong Soo hates him, Yong Soo still has an obsession towards him.  If Yong Soo were to just go “Ugh…” and not have this obsession, there’s at least something.

[Though honestly, that’s just my opinion as well and admittedly, I do tweak Yong Soo’s character a bit: he’s still friendly, upbeat, loves video games and the internet nd obsessed with kimchi, but I also remove the “claiming things” shtick, remove his groping habit (I truly don’t know what Hima was thinking with this one), and make his relationship with Kiku more tense.]

- Mod V

What really sucks about the way Joss Whedon writes is that he sort of has this idea that if he writes about women being strong and confident, that is all it takes for women to appreciate his work. Like, even if the villain constantly belittles a woman for being a woman and people are constantly harassing her and sexualizing her, it’s okay because she’s strong and she can take it.

The biggest difference between Whedon’s version of Wonder Woman and Jenkins is that in Whedon’s version Wonder Woman is A Woman. She (and the audience) must be constantly aware that she is a Woman, that she is Sexy, that she is overcoming incredible odds because she has the terrible disadvantage of Being Born A Woman.

Whereas in Jenkins’ film Diana simply exists. There are some points made by other characters about her being a woman, like when Steve won’t sleep with her because he feels it’s improper, or when his secretary says, “Oh yes, put specs on her, like after that she won’t be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen”, but Diana is almost completely unaware of her status as a Dreaded Woman. Her excitement over a baby? She’s literally never seen one before. Her little makeover seen? Spends the whole thing looking for something comfortable she can fight in. She basically never mentions the difference between men and women, never even says that women are better or whatever because she was raised by them. 

Joss Whedon would have never let Wonder Woman forget she was a Woman. She would have constantly been making comments about it, wether positive or negative, as would everyone around her. In Whedon’s heyday that might have flown a lot better, but now women seem to be a little sick of grrrrl power. They just want power. They just want to exist, both on screen and in life, without constant reminders that they are Women and that they must pay for that at every turn.

Random DnD Worldbuilding
  • Male tieflings wearing skirts because having custom pants tailored to accommodate their tails is too much of a hassle
  • Firefighter clerics, wizards, and druids
  • (and the apologetic sorcerer that probably started the fire by mistake)
  • Young, forty-something dwarves joining druid circles and protesting the damage their clan mining does on the environment
  • Everyone gives up trying to categorize sexuality when a half-elf can bring their cute dragonborn boyfriend home to meet their family
  • Human kids having an awesome bearded dwarf vodka-aunt that adventured with a great-grandparent decades ago and gives the best presents
  • Ok but there are several disciplines of magic that let you bring people back from the dead wtf
  • Young punk elves barely in their 80s but yelling at humans “Check yourself knave I made out with your grandma before she even had your Da.”
  • Wizards for Familiar Rights
  • Spellcasters using ‘alter self’ and switch genders at will
  • A giant half-Orc mom adopting street kids and giving them shoulder rides
  • A normal human whose sibling was born a tiefling beating up village kids who mistreat them
  • Integrated cities made to accommodate smaller folk like halflings and gnomes
  • Would alchemists be the ones to concoct magic medications for psych disorders? Are divination clerics and wizards psychologists?
  • Convoluted age laws because a half-orc is an adult at 15 but an elf isn’t considered of-age until their first century.
  • Maybe democracies aren’t a thing in Faerûn because all you’d need is a few necromancers to literally have dead people voting
  • Bard rock bands
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Well this guy clearly doesn’t watch Doctor Who or he’d know that none of the doctors can park the tardis anyway because they always leave the brake on hence the tardis sound.