at least in terms of her sense of humor

Natasha Deserves Better: An Essay

It’s been almost a year and Natasha’s characterization in Age of Ultron still makes me uncomfortable.


Captain America: the Winter Soldier finally gave her a personality besides Monotone Cut-Throat Spy. It humanized her, gave her a personality, sense of humor, and feelings.

  • Her crying when she thought Fury was dead
  • Her being stunned when she asked Steve if he trusted her, and he said yes.
  • The arrow necklace she wore in honor of Clint.
  • Her poking fun at Steve
  • Her choosing to stay by his side and loyal to Fury

She stopped being just Black Widow, the lethal spy who deadpans and dully stares at everything, and became Natasha, a well-rounded woman.


Then Age of Ultron gave her a sudden and creepy obsession with Bruce Banner, acting completely out of character and, dare I say it, regressive.

  • Linking her humanity to her uterus was gross enough.
  • Implying that her becoming sterilized shut off a section of her humanity that made killing easier because it was ‘one less thing to worry about’.
  • Calling her choosing to get sterilized for her job, rather than her actually having killed lots of people, warrants a “You’re not the only monster on the team.”
  • Comparing it to Bruce Hulking out and destroying entire landscapes.
  • Having Bruce forgive her for it rather than tell her ‘No, you’re not a monster,’ and making it a scene about the choices they made with their bodies - him taking the serum that created the Hulk and her having the surgery. Nope, he just makes it worse.
  • Having an actress who was currently pregnant cry over being unable to get pregnant. Scarlett was fucking pregnant in that scene, am I the only one who finds it incredibly fucked up?

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me: i feel like making art of my new fatesona now.
me: ok cool! i have a pretty peaceful sketch i can paint over–
hands: aaah-hahahaa! bitch u thought

every. time. is2fg.

Bonus: Sorcerers are confirmed for me to be edgy, cute birbs as of late.
(Except for Iago, who’s a greasy parrot. I’d sooner marry Gangrel than him.)

So I can post this now that I’m a Sorcerer in-game, right? I made an MU to represent my newest Fatesona in-game. She’s currently a Lv 1 Sorcerer with a +Mag/-Luck build, and a Dark Mage secondary class. Feel free to visit any time. I will be working on this file and I’m open for making Bond Units too.

Little bit about my Fatesona? She’s got a huge love and fascination for the dark and “misunderstood” things of the world. In terms of personality, she can be quite grim and sardonic due to a misanthropic outlook, but she does have a good sense of humor and can be quite witty herself if given an opportunity.

She can also speak German, and might be a Vallite refugee. (German would be her language of Valla.) She’ll definitely have at least one child unit, but I’m having artist block on that atm;; What kind of parent is she? I’d say she’s a reserved but patient and loving mother -also 110% tranquil fury mama bear.

Castle Address: 14974-00470-05671-67328
Name: Ylisse Bound
My MU speaks German, that’s one way to make sure it’s me.

※ Please do not repost or use my art, or delete the caption. Thank you.

Dealing with Offspring



Watching the large serpent slither back to Eris, Albert’s expression remained neutral, though he could practically see the disappointment on his wife’s face. What had he done wrong now? All he did was answer Titania’s questions, how could he possibly go wrong when answering questions directed at him in the most honest and logical fashion he could?

This was simply how Wesker operated and he didn’t understand how to relate to children. Children weren’t something he desired out of life. Leaving a legacy didn’t matter to him, at least not leaving a legacy by the way of reproducing. If nothing else, his own actions would create a legacy to be left behind if and when he died. Something he currently needed to work on fixing so he was not remembered for nothing more than his failure in Africa with his Uroboros virus.

Regardless, none of that was actually worth lingering on in the current situation. The child had left, seeming to no longer desire conversing with Albert, and as soon as she left, Eris was giving him a disappointing look and tone. “What? I didn’t do anything other than answer her questions. What else was I supposed to do, exactly?” The truth of the matter was, Eris’ elder children already hated him, and even if Titania had indicated liking him, chances were that the other children would convince her otherwise.

Eris stood there with a blank expression on her face before turning her the corner of her lips downward and shaking her head.   Eris knew Albert’s relationship with children. After all he did leave his child with Ms. Muller at a gas station.  Nonetheless she expected him to at least humor her children.  Obviously, she expected too much from Albert when it came to her little ones.   It was her own fault to possibly think that he would show the offspring any sort of special treatment beyond his own sense of logic. 

“You could attempt” She used the term loosely.  "to go out of your way to be kinder and dumb yourself down for them?  She’s a child, Albert, regardless of her form.“  Eris knew that was she was asking for wasn’t something that Albert would give her or even entertain. However she was a mother and was not pleased with the treatment of her child. 

"Could at least to go out of your way not to hurt my children’s feelings?  Is that a possibility?”