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‘do you know any good pick up lines?’ well usually i use nylon type 4 rappelling rope, and sometimes the rolled steel cable on the winch in the quinjet--oh, you mean for gettin dates--

So, back in October I started this comic. It was going to be a look into my headcannon for Medic’s past, well, at least a part of it.  But then I started ask-the-itsy-bitsy-spyder and my free time for art is spent there.

But if you guys would be interested in the continuation and would want to see it, let me know!

Puppy Love (Rafe Adler x Reader) SFW

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A/N - Finally I’m able to get back to writing! I’m very rusty so this is probably not my best. I wanted to get at least 2 christmassy based stories out of my boys. I worked on this on and off but hopefully I can get the Sammy fic done before xmas! I hope you enjoy this one! These were also to help me get back into writing before getting to those prompts! I want them to at least come out good! This is also my kindof own personal headcannon story that Rafe had a dog when he was younger while his parents were away on business trips. It came out longer than I anticipated

“And finally my keys?…yep that’s everything.” you smile as you pack up your handbag in the front room.

It’s about 2 weeks until Christmas and you have been pestering your fiancé, Rafe Adler, to take a day break from work and go visit his parents. You both will be getting married in the New Year and you don’t know anything about your soon-to-be in-laws, much less anything more about Rafe himself. But, Rafe being Rafe, he refuses, mainly to see his dad at this time of year. Well from what he has said “he can be very difficult at this time and I don’t like being around him during this time of year.” But that isn’t going to stop you getting to know them, even if that means you visit them by yourself.

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Grandma Rosiepuff lives au

I had an idea for a trolls au in which Branch was raised by his parents until he was five (how old he was when shown in the movie(at least my headcannon for his age)) and he watched them get eaten in his place instead of his grandma(cuz I headcanon that Branch’s parents died either when he was just an infant/to young to remember or before he came out of his pod. More likely the former) so he now lives with his grandma but is still gray, and he still lives in his bunker. Mostly things are still the same, Branch still hates Creek, he still has a major crush on Poppy that he desperately tries to hide and deny if asked about, he’s still a ‘party pooper’ and he’s still majorly grumpy and paranoid. But he is shown to be more compassionate and the trollings love him and he helps out with his grandma(whenever Poppy isn’t around) and he’s gentle and kind toward the trollings. He can also be seen repairing stuff around his grandma’s pod since she’s so busy with the trollings to keep up with repairs, and if you want to find him 7 out of 10 times he’ll be seen under a pile of trollings or cooking with his grandma.

The best part I thought about this au is that because Branch’s grandma is still alive she and King Peppy are best friends. And she and King Peppy both TOTALLY ship Branch and Poppy and are constantly trying to get them together through different shenanigans. King Peppy likes Branch because he knows the real Branch is still there and he would be best for his princess and he knows branch will treat Poppy right and will be a great king. Even though King Peppy knows Poppy has a crush on Creek (and Branch) and he likes and trust Creek as well as any other troll he just has this bad dad feeling if Poppy and Creek get together and Creek becomes king, he won’t be the same troll as he was before kinghood. But King Peppy isn’t going to outwardly demand Poppy to fall in love with Branch, he still wants his princess to be happy and he wants her to fall in love with Branch for Branch not because King Peppy says so. For grandma Rosiepuff she loves Poppy like her own and she loves how Poppy is ALWAYS around(that’s why instead of normally living with his grandma Branch still lives in his bunker(now with extra provisions for both him and his grandma)) when she’s not planning a party or hanging out with her friends, or helping out other trolls. Rosiepuff loves that Poppy likes to help out with the children, help cook, help clean and just generally helps and cares about each and every troll and will do anything to help.

But yeah King Peppy and grandma Rosiepuff are CONSTANTLY trying to get Branch and Poppy together. They have tea every other thursday to discuss plans on how to get them together and fall in love with one another, and then try that plan the following week.

One of their favorite plans was at the 10 year bergan freedom celebration in which branch was forced to come (king’s orders) and during the toast to celebrate their freedom after both trolls drank from their designated cups Poppy went to give Branch a ritual hug and when he backed away he “accidently” fell causing Poppy to accidently fall on top of him, kissing him by accident. But when they went to pull away they couldn’t! They were stuck together by the lips! And they were stuck together like that for nearly 24 hours until they finally got the solution to safely unstick their lips from one another without hurting each other. Turns out that King Peppy and Rosiepuff put some type of glue, that is unnoticeable to the eye and only sticks when touched by the same glue on the other surface(does that make sense?), on the edge of both of their cups and then paid a little scuttlebug to trip Branch so that Poppy would fall and land on top of him, making them kiss. After that Branch and Poppy actively avoided one another for weeks because every time they saw the other they would feel their hearts race and faces heat up. It took a bit of persuasion from both King Peppy and Rosiepuff to get them talking again; well mostly Poppy talking and Branch not immediately running at the sight of the princess.

ANYWAY I just really like this idea for an au cuz I like the idea of the King and Branch’s grandma hanging out, cooing over potential grand trolls and plotting over how to get the two together while having casual tea parties.

I hope ya’ll like this late night ramble for a potential au.

TFP Headcannons

So, between babysitting my neighbours’ kids and having my younger sibling hog the tv, I watched a lot of Transformers Prime which I ended up liking way more than I expected to. Enjoyment turned to secretly watching it when no one else was around, to checking fanfiction/tumblr/ao3/deviantart a few times every hour (at least) for new updates to finally writing my own headcannons! I have yet to write a full-fledge story but maybe someday… Anyway, I’ve decided to post my headcannons here cause why not! 

BTW: Please remember that these are my headcannons, therefore they are my personal thoughts/ideas from my head, so don’t be giving me any crap if you don’t agree with something, think it’s stupid or the like. I will not respond to any hate beside completely ignoring your existence. Thank you


Shortly after June found out about Arcee, she decided to always leave her car parked outside the garage, helped Jack move an old mattress into the garage and made sure they always had extra energon on hand. Even though Arcee told her it wasn’t necessary and that she didn’t want to be a burden, June told her that she wasn’t a burden; they were just making room for family.
Bonus: the Darbys later converted their garage into an Autobot pitstop where they could rest and refuel while on patrol.

Rafael has never gotten to put the star on top of the Christmas tree, mostly because he is too short and because he often misses decorating the tree since his family forgets. When the kids decide to properly introduce the Bots to the concept of Christmas, Optimus and Bulkhead get the tallest tree they could find. And Optimus holds up Raf so he can put the star Ratchet made on top.

Jack prefers motorcycles over cars because when he was a kid, his jerk-face of a father promised to teach him how to drive but then ditched him and June. Years later, Optimus Prime is picking Jack up from work cause Arcee can’t and the others were out on patrol and for some reason this is brought up. Optimus Prime then takes half a day off for an entire week so he can teach Jack how to drive.

At Jack and Miko’s wedding (yes I ship them so don’t even started!) Bulkhead goes up to Jack just before Miko comes down the aisle, crouches down and pokes him lightly in the chest with a dead serious look on his face. He then calmly tells Jack, “You hurt her, I kill you,” before standing up and returning to where the other Wreckers were, and all three had the same deadly look in their eyes. -*This is what my mom’s Italian grandfather said to my dad on their wedding day! My dad thought he was going to wet himself!* 
Bonus: Earlier Ultra Magnus promised to have Jack sent to some desolate planet if he ever hurt Miko while all Wheeljack said was good luck.

Jack and Miko’s first child is a boy with Jack’s looks and Miko’s personality. His name is Orion. Enough said. -*Seriously, for this ship it’s a given. That and the fact that Orion is going to as much of a pain in the aft to Ratchet as his mom was (and sometimes still is) but the medic won’t do anything about it cause a) the Wreckers and b) he adores Orion too much!*

One day the Bots were late bringing the kids back from school and when they finally arrived hours later all three looked like they had just been in a fight. Turns out Vince had been bullying Raf after the final bell and when Jack and Miko saw him actually hit Raf, it all went downhill from there. Sure, they both had detention but knowing that Vince was going to forever think twice before messing with their friend made it all worth it.

One Father’s Day, the kids decided to do something crazy: make a card for Optimus. Optimus would forever carry the card in his subspace and whenever he felt like he was fighting hopeless, he would take out the card and remember the reason he was fighting. -*This was inspired by a story on FanFiction which I unfortunately cannot remember for the life of me!*

When Raf was to receive a major award in school, none of his family could make it; again. As he walked up to receive the award and be congratulated he happened to look out at the crowd and noticed an older doctor with red hair and a teenager wearing a lot of black and yellow sitting in the front row, looking at him with pride.
Bonus: the next time, all the autobot (including Ultra Magnus and SmokeScreen) showed up, along with his friends, June and Fowler.

June is a mother to all three kids. Again, enough said. She is also the only one (besides Optimus Prime) who is not afraid to make her opinion know to Ratchet and even corrects him.

Jack and Miko have had 3 attempts at going out on a date so far. All three were cancelled/rescheduled due to Decepticons. Raf joked that they should send the Cons a memo regarding not attacking on their date nights. Miko actually did.

Raf’s 13th birthday was easily the best to date: June made him a cake, Jack and Miko decorated the base and everyone (including Fowler) threw him a surprise party. Even Ratchet got him a present. But Raf’s favourite part of all was when Optimus walked through the ground bridge, carrying the biggest snowball the young genius had ever seen. Even to this day, years after the Autobots returned to Cybertron and Optimus’ death, Raf still has the snowball, now normal-sized, hidden in his freezer. -*I legit cried when typing this, so much that my roommate asked me what was wrong!*
Bonus: Miko immediately wanted to have an all-out snowball fight at the base, but Ratchet refused to allow that. Instead they all ground bridged to the Arctic.

When Sideswipe and Sunstreaker arrive to Earth and hear about Ratchet’s “incident” with synthetic energon, they start calling him “Studily Doc”. Then they try to sneak into the medbay to make high grade out of it.

On Miko’s 17th birthday, she received her first ever weapon: a custom-made hammer built from Cybertronian metal, with the Wrecker emblem engraved on each side. -*This was inspired by an art piece by ArdentAspen on Deviantart. Seriously go check it out and her other pieces as well!*
Bonus: everyone knows that Bulkhead and Wheeljack are the ones who made it for her. But no one knows (and hopefully never will know) that Ultra Magnus was the one who came up with the idea. 

Whenever Raf is left on his own for a night or two (because his parents forgot to tell him and his older siblings have already made arrangements for themselves), he goes over to the Darby’s.

Arcee and Wheeljack are always arguing over who babysits Orion Jr. the most, who’s the better babysitter etc. Meanwhile neither of them notice that Ultra Magnus has slipped away with the future Wrecker and holds him close to his spark while going over paperwork.

When Orion was a baby, Frenzy managed to sneak into the Darby-Nakadai house and located the human sparkling. That’s when Orion woke up and upon seeing the tiny Decipticon, began screaming his head off, waking his parents and freaking out Frenzy who jumped up, got caught up in the switches/cords for the overhead fan and was flung into a bookshelf which fell down and crushed him.

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etiolxte  asked:

🙋+Least favourite video game.


I dunno really???

Like, she likes pretty much al games, and she’s not really a sore loser. But if we had to choose one, I think it’s probably that motorbike racing game they have at arcades. Like, she doesn’t hate it, but it would absolutely not be her first choice.
It’s just dissappointing how it doesn’t compare to the feel of a real motorbike by a long shot.

Ok so one of my biggest headcannons is that Harry is , at least initially, quite tactile defensive. So much of his life he was robbed of being touched, whether it was for love or comfort or friendship. And so close contact that he didn’t initiate, while sometimes comforting, is also highly unnerving for him.

And I feel like in the beginning it would be an unspoken issue between them because Draco doesn’t understand why Harry doesn’t touch him more. Like they’re all over each other when they make out or have sex, but it’s the in between that worries Draco.

Because I feel like Draco could easily be the type to need reassurance, and oh boy he wants it, but he doesn’t know how to ask and Harry doesn’t know how to give.

But the longer they’re together the easier it gets and after several months Draco notices that Harry makes more excuses to lean into him on the couch, or take his hand for no reason, or absentmindedly stroke his fingers along the strip of skin at Draco’s hip when they’re laying on the couch and Dracos shirt rides up.

And both of them love sex and kissing and getting each other off because they’re physical and intense and it’s so important to both of them. 

But though neither would admit it, its the gentle hand on the small of the back or the twining of fingers as they walk down the street that mean the most. 

i really hope at least some of my personal pearlrose headcannons end up correct. at the very least i absolutely do notttttttttt want canon pearlrose to involve rose actually being pearl’s ultimate savior. i don’t want pearl to have never thought for herself until rose. i don’t want pearl to have never taken an interest in swordsmanship until rose. i want pearl to have been thinking for herself in secret long before rose came along. 

what i ultimately strive for is that both of them inspired each other to actively defy their assigned purposes in some way. 

but really i’m happy with almost anything just as long as it’s not framed as “rose heroically rescued pearl from her miserable life” because frankly that idea sucks