at least in gay fiction

Mikaela Hyakuya is gay and anyone who says otherwise has to fight me

ACOWAR Fandom vs Manga Fandoms: Spice Edition

ACOWAR Novella: Ooooh Maybe we’ll have a wall sex scene!

Fandom: Oh my! How saucy! How Spicy! How Kinky!

Manga: Wonder how many vibrators we can fit up this virgin guy’s butt while he’s tied up for this orgy.

Fandom: Standard. 

Guys. The whole “Pennywise is a gay icon” thing is a shitpost. Just like the Babadook one before it. Relax. Also in what world is a interdimensional being that eats people, a pedophile? Pennywise is no different then a preditory animal in the wild like a hyena. They eat the weak. He literally eats people. That’s not what a pedophile is. If you’re gonna pick apart a shitpost about a fictional clown being gay at least bring up actual facts about him. He’s not even a clown half the time. If a kid isn’t afraid of clowns, he probably isn’t a clown.

I often wonder if those people that complain about people shipping two same sex characters in a relationship realise how ridiculous they sound when they wonder why ‘everything has to be gay’, not realising that they are literally proving the complete opposite by bitching and moaning at the slightest sign of the gay. Everything has to be hetero. Apparently even when shipping fictional characters.

And the whole 'Why can’t two female characters just be friends?!’ thing they pull.

Literally watch any show ever. There’s heterosexuality everywhere.