at least im not that ugly anymore

chinese-american aesthetics

-laying down newspaper on the dinner table to eat/chop large fruits/other food prep

-the 10-mile radius of shoes outside your door

-the bag drawer (you know what im talking about: the one with every plastic/paper/shopping bag that you’ve ever gotten. like. it’s an archive. my mom has bags with names of stores that don’t even exist anymore)

-a sink that looks like the sea was murdered in there

-if you have a mantlepiece, it’s way too full (and also basically a shrine)

-family photos where no one is smiling

-10 fans on but no air conditioning

-everything has been fixed at least 3 times

-shrink wrap still on everything even though it’s 20 yrs old

-neon plastic sandals, ugly velour armchair

-at least one floral bedspread

-chair that only grandma’s allowed to sit in for some reason


damn im tired of idols getting these ugly ass braids & dreads- every time they do it, choice or not, there’s a huge controversy & at this point im over it. at least 1 idol from any of your fave bg’s have had dreads or braids & they all look dumb wit it. i dont even have time to rant about the fucking hairstyles anymore & im tired of arguing with dumb stans- there’s bigger problems within the black community to worry about. lets solve shit like police brutality first and worry about damn hairstyle later. I know its annoying & u wanna start preaching about culture appropriation (i do too) but some crackhead kpop idols should be the last of our worries right now. imma still be mad by certain things but im not gonna stress over it anymore. don’t come into my inbox with anything about idols and dreads bc i dont care

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but it’s hard to admit how it ends and begins

he can never get enough,get enough of the one

on his face is a map of the world 

this is our time to own it so own it

baby we will born with fire n gold in our eyes

there is something different about you and i

i feel like I have knew you my whole life

there is beauty behind every tears you’ve cried

baby we will fall with fire n gold in our eyes

there is love inside this madness

though I don’t believe in magic i believe in me and you

it happens in the time it took to look back

slow down before today becomes our yesterday

don’t force yourself to fit in where you don’t belong

i wanna respect everybody’s opinion but some peoples opinions are just so terrible

so crazy to think that someone out there is wishing and waiting for someone just like you

time doesn’t wait for anyone do it before it’s too late.

how do i get a flat stomach by tomorrow

sometimes i feel useless but then i remember i breathe out carbon dioxide for plants

what is it like to not be tired i can’t remember

my favorite activity is pretending that i can sing

*ends up dating myself*

life tip: fuck off

im a hot mess minus the hot part

mood: i’d rather be sleeping

i wanna be a sweet person but people are dumb man

interrupt my sleep and I’ll interrupt your breathing

do you ever think about how bitchy and annoying you really are and wonder how anyone ever tolerates you

i have style im just too broke to prove it

*cares more about tv series than social life and grades*

can i sell my feelings on ebay

i really fucking cant believe i wasted so much time on people i dont even care about anymore

tired has become part of my personality at this point

do u ever wanna start ur diet but then u realize how good food is

omg im so unphotogenic what am i gonna do when i become a celebrity

*accidentally trips on low self esteem*

ur ugly personality will ruin ur good looks for me

at least i know nobodys using me for my looks

im allowed to call myself ugly but you are not allowed to agree with me

I like being alone I just don’t like feeling alone

me: *sees @crushingonsans amazing wing art*
me: *wants to do it but then remembers why i never make art anymore*

WHOO BOY. who here is honestly surprised that i did only one, and that it was Razz? not me, that’s for sure. just take this shitty, half-assed, not even outlined bullshit bc im not wasting anymore time on it smh. so like….. i actually did a lot of fucking research on this wing bullshit (for the sanses, at least) but i Refuse to draw anymore or ever again, so imma just post the summary of it right here

Californian Condor
okay, so these birds are fucking gliders that ride on hot air updrifts, and they rarely ever flap their wings. does this kind of lazy flying remind you of anyone? they’re kinda ugly, but it was more of the behavior of the birds that caught my attention. they’re slow-moving and very broad in the sky, and they dont get buffeted by winds very easily.

also a lazy bird. they actually will follow trash boats and pick food off of those (*looks deliberately at the large pile of takeout boxes in a pile in Red’s room*), but mostly feed on squid, not really flying unless they have to. this was less about the behavior, and more about the wings for this one. they’re long and broad (albatrosses are have the largest wingspan of any flying bird) but also very sharp looking, and i feel like they suit the edgy dick.

Southern White-Faced Owl
honestly, these birds are just really fucking cute. go on. look them up. the wings are fluffy looking and, as with most owls, made for silent flight. they’re smooth and rounded, and are used less for flying and more for gliding from tree branches to swoop down and grab prey. which i honestly think matches with my headcanon of blue’s fighting style (staying back and then swooping in to strike when necessary bc he likes to play hero like a fucking nerd)

Peregrine Falcon
these birds do a lot of their hunting in air by chasing their prey down. they use the fall and swoop method to get them most of the time, but ones that live in cities often go after pigeons, so they are more of a hunter bird than anything. also, i feel like these birds are kinda cool, but also more silly than anything just because they’re far too overdone.

anyways that was rly fucking stupid, kinda regret it now that ive read over it, but fuck it

anonymous asked:

you've not been posting the last few months, is real life kicking your ass with time constraints, or did you just slowly fall out of the fandom?

a little of both.

on one hand i did say i was currently in medical school (or pre-med year to be precise) and it is well known it requires a fuck ton of time. i am barely grazing the surface here of the true dedication it needs, from next year on it might be a possibility that i will deactivate this account so i can fully dedicate my time to succeeding in my studies (if you’re familiar with france’s system for the first year of med school you’ll know why this drastic measures are practically required if you want even the chance to pass the first year exam). classes start in late august next year, so that will be the last time you’ll see me around. for the time being, all i allow myself to do in my spare time is fuck around in garry’s mod or left 4 dead with the lads to blow off steam and also i love these games idk why i never played them before.

on the other hand; yeah i am kind of over with haikyuu, if you’ve followed my old blogs like ask-zoro (one piece) or askaltmal (assassins creed) you might notice a pattern on how i usually lose interest of a fandom in roughly a year. thats as much time as it takes me to realize a lot of people in it are straight up problematic and i really. Really Dont need that. ive had a few emotional breakdowns because of this fandom and i think thats enough in a lifetime at least for me. aside from the casual drama and exhausting discourses about why you should or shouldnt like this character/ship this ship, fuck ton of ugly mischaracterization and headcanons swimming around the tumbler yard that makes me want to wave my grandpa cane at them to get off my lawn..its an unnecessary source of stress that could easily be avoided if i just forgot about this fandom. and its sad to say the fandom ruined a lot of aspects of the manga for me. i am just . done.  however dont take this as a sign that im not gonna post any hq anymore. i cant predict the future but i might stick around to it for a bit cuz despite it all fukurodani lives on in my heart

as a final point, i am strongly considering leaving the internet altogether, sorry if this disappoints anyone who looked up to my art and my shit but.. im putting my studies and my future above this.