at least im not gonna get bored

some glitchhop hcs bc im bored

-no ones ever heard scykoh swear, so asa tries to get him to at least once. she doesnt succeed

-hell call her at god knows what time in the morning and shes just like “for fucks sake did you break another cartridge”

-he usually has

-when he deadass disappears asa sometimes gets texts from him with stuff like “im gonna come back soon i swear”

-smh she just tells him to look after himself and sends him notes from class

-everyone wonders how theyre friends?? like asa is a fuckin devil and hes a p chill guy theyre polar opposites

-the mutual long hair struggle

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im mad because i feel like there's too much going on: mikael, the bus, yousef but i'm not gonna lie, im a little bit insecure. I get really frustrated when i see people saying this season is boring because i love sana so much and muslims girls deserve this positive representation and i'm scared they're gonna botch up the season and everyone will hate on it :(((

Hi! I understand being upset- there’s a lot being set up here! And sometimes it seems like it’s not all about Sana. But at the same time I think two things: one, most seasons have at least one side plot going on (Eva had both her relationship with Jonas and the girl squad going on, as well as Ingrid- don’t even get me started on Noora’s season) and also all these other things this season are tools to further Sanas struggle- well, mostly.
Like the bus thing and Yousef are being used to show Sanas struggle around being Muslim, a girl, a Russ, and how most people don’t think all of those necessarily mix, their preconceived notions of her, lack of consideration, lack of inclusion, etc. I’m still not sure how the Mikael thing will connect or work out, but I have faith. And while this week was short, I firmly believe these two weeks have been set up, this Bus event (“I’ll fix it”) is partially the turning point, and we’ll get longer episodes and Sana’s ball will really start rolling. Although I personally don’t think any things been really boring even till now. Like each clip has some kind of tidbit of info about Sana and her personality, interests, feelings, and it’s all been really awesome to see. If people think it’s boring, I really don’t see where they’re coming from.
Anyway, I’m really excited to see where it’s all going!
//mod gina

@palanqueen hey i wrote out like five paragraphs talking about how you are wrong, but suddenly ive decided it wasnt worth it so im gonna say this instead:

i hate her, pnet. she is the most boring character in overwatch next to junkrat. she deserves absolutely none of the content she has, including the 300 skins, which she gets at least 300 more of per event. i hate her

boring-angel replied to your post “this is prob gonna be an unpopular opinion but… breath of the wild’s…”

dude i fucking HATE that about botw. you know what else fucking sucks? THE SAME SHRINE track FOR ALL 120 FUCKING SHRINES. im not saying there should be 120 different tracks but jesus cant they at least have different tracks for the shrines in different regions?? that shit gets so old i literally mute my switch when im in a shrine now

i agree with this even though i actually love the shrine track. it mixes so many zelda themes including my fav track from link to the past? the one for the light world dungeons? but anyways, i still agree. tbh i wish there were less shrines in general and more real dungeons? like i adore botw but i hope the sequel has a bit more linear elements in there? cut the shrines and seeds down by half or more and toss in more actual dungeons and it’d be PERFECT!

anyways back to the point, dif shrine music per region and idk dif themes maybe? woulda been WAY better.

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in daily mail they wrote that liam will go on some gala tomorrow. and there will be a lot of celebrities there.. :/// im gonna stay away from tumblr , i dont need my dash full of sophiam. and then premiere of 'black magic; is tomorrow so it means zerrie. what did i do to deserve this:(

Oh, babe!

Don’t be upset, okay? We knew that Liam will get his punishment for that shoutout to Zaynie at BBMA. We knew. They haven’t changed their tactics. It prooves one more time that we’re 100% right.


Gala? This is so boring. Sophiam always goes to parties or shopping. So nothing new. At least we will see Liam in a suit:)

Update: Look who’s there. The Red Bull Energy Station. They’re not even trying to do something different!


Every time when lm needs promo, we get zerrie in various forms. This time:

Also we saw some break-up narrative:

Update: Perrie didn’t have her ring on Capital FM interview and immidiately was asked why.

‘It’s getting cleaned’??? No, really?? I’m speechless.

We expected this. We were ready. So, sit back and relax. It’s just same old s***. The end is near.

And we’ll be like:

Plus we got multiple Ziam articles without even mentioning Perrie:)


ok so idk about you but ive been kinda bummed ever since school started and the mvotc era ended, but u guys are so so so cool that i decided to do this yea

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