at least i'm not going alone

ok tbh like what i love most about whump isn’t the exact moment the character gets hurt, but, while this is all great and everything, i much more appreciate the scenes afterwards

like them staggering to a safe place, shaking and shattered, maybe scared, with weak knees and bloody hands and their last bit of strength

or hiding from the people who are important to them that they’re hurting, because they don’t want them to worry, until they eventually have to give in

oh dear

yearning to say so many things, but saying nothing in the end

So let’s put this food debate aside for a second, and consider something else.

Say you want a dog. That’s fair. But let’s say you also have a work schedule that means you’ll be away from home for at least 72 hours straight every week, and you have no network of friends or family you can ask to look after them. Your dog would be alone for at least three consecutive days every single week. Would you still get a dog? Probably not, because it’s not ideal, and because while it’s possible that it wouldn’t cause major damage to your dog (with effort and good planning it’d at least survive it, if it’s normal and healthy) it’s still neglectful. It’s just not right.

So say you want a breed with specific needs. Say you want, idk, a malinois. But let’s say your work requires you to be out of the house for 72 consecutive hours every week, with nobody to really fill in. And you wouldn’t do that, because that’s ridiculous, that’s straight up cruel, because you don’t just get out and get a dog known for it’s need for physical and mental stimulation when you’re prohibited from reliably providing it. That’s selfish and abusive.

I’ve never seen anyone argue that correct stimulation and companionship are not key factors to pet welfare, and if we’re on the same page here, please explain to me how it’s then defendable to refuse to feed your pet a nutritionally ideal diet, instead choosing to rely on methods that are deeply controversial and deny them their most appropriate food source. How is it considered okay to base your pet’s entire intake on a diet where the chances of it being nutritionally sufficient to keep them alive are (at best) down to theoretical possibility?

Regardless of what Hook looks like in the wish world, it’s clear he’s going to be miserable and alone and Emma will see that first hand and realize just how much she influenced being in his life.  This is a version of Hook that never met Emma Swan…his true love.  It’ll prove just how much one person can come into your life and change everything.  

This is my hope at least, that this is what they are going for…that the audience will see what Hook would have been like if he had never met his one true love.  

*and i meant it when i said…. you’re truly despicable.
*sexy pose*

(just kidding, how fucking mean would he be )

this drawing sucks so here it is here lol cant draw anything lately since obviously I had no time… 

Imagine Woozi teasing you when he finds out that you read fan fictions about him.

BONUS: Even though, in secret, he’s slightly embarrassed about that fact, he makes fun of your hobby by saying “Why do you need read about dating me when you already have me ?”

yeah that’s right, read and weep.


I don’t know how many you of have seen the hilarious videos on Youtube that go by the UNDERPANTS title made by Sr Pelo.

Those videos are funny as hell. They are his take/reactions of the endings of Undertale. Neutral, Pacifist, and Genocide. Made in that order.

Today, the maker “released” the final video of the series, the Genocide video.

He made it shitty on purpose. Because people wouldn’t leave him alone.

They demanded he make the next one faster then he could. THEY SPOILED EVERYTHING, He had been waiting to do genocide.

And now

He has QUIT the Undertale fandom. He wants nothing to do with it anymore. 

Now the video everyone wanted will never be made.

And this ISN’T the first time I’ve hear i’ve heard/seen this happen.

Sr Pelo himself said it, “The game is telling you to be nice with others!!!”

Yet the Undertale fandom… well i’m sure most of you know its reputation is similar to that of FNAF and MLP at this point. This makes me sad

I loved the underpants series and was happy to wait for the final video, now i’ll never see it. Because some asshats seem to forget that creators are people too. 

I’m sick of seeing this everywhere.

I’m scared of this happening to me if I ever stop updating daily. I’m scared of this happening to my best friend @hiimtryingtounderfell, who has a MUCH larger fan base. I’m scared of this happening to any other creator I follow.

People have enough shit in their lives making it hard to be a content creator as it is, god forbid something happens to them. Imagine if your favorite person on tumblr suddenly died, now their story will never finish. That huge reveal, will never be known.



I just… UGH. I don’t get it. I really don’t. I could NEVER treat another person that horribly. What makes a person that selfish?

I just…

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Nothing’s more amusing to me than watching Barbie Swan Lake in the background while working bc it’s like

  • Every time I look over there’s some incredibly bad CG animation going on and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you animate any horse let alone a unicorn
  • Pretty terrible storyboarding that I never really thought about as a kid but looking at it now I’m just like “oh god… this could’ve at least been storyboarded and designed so much better”
  • It’s awkward as heck that the prince has the same name as my cousin
  • Kelsey Grammer making “KA-CAW!!” noises
  • True Love is described like a Two for One special
  • And also rare so of course these two strangers have it after one date
  • and

 - go forth and have no fear |x|

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What do you think h is like when he's really pissed

I don’t really know how to answer this. Probably similar to how everyone is when they’re pissed? He just needs alone time to calm down, I’m sure. He’d want to process his anger alone.

Well I just rejected someone for the first time as an adult. I mean I guess technically I’ve rejected a lot of people, but this is the first time in my adult life I’ve done it after actually going out with the dude and spending a few weeks seeing if we were compatible. It was scary as fuck but he took it well so yay?

when you’re looking through your WIPs trying to find the one you want to work on but can’t remember what dumb name you called it so you wind up going through a ton of WIPs including one where Matt and Kate acquired a number of children by accident mostly because Stick kept leaving kids on their doorstep and all of the children are girls and are named after at least one assassin or spy each

in case any of you thought that perhaps i was no longer trash

i just wanted to reassure you 

still trash

quick lil wind down sketch after work so I could hopefully get my brain to ease into a sleepy state, at least enough to nap!

this was a terrible idea because my hand was already killing me. Anyway, since I draw homestuck (I typed himestuck wtf) every day, I decided to draw a prompt I saw on my dash and drew Hal as a wee babby kid. It’s halbabby! 

now I go pass out for a couple of hours and let my hand rest. erhgh.


#the fact that he acknowledged the fact that she didn’t ask for it #and he was pretty much the only one to do this #and he told her that the least he could do is keep her company #because he knows it must’ve been hard for her especially now her life is in danger #he didn’t want her to go through it alone #noone loves her as much as he does i swear