at least i'm not going alone

Les Mis Characters as Things My Mom Has Said To Me
  • Valjean: Orange is the New Black is just lesbian porn with emotions
  • Javert: I will chase you to the ends of this earth just to slap you if you ever run away
  • Fantine: It pains me to see you ill but give me the fucking Theraflu
  • Cosette: Don't care about your allergies, these flowers brighten up the room
  • Enjolras: When I was your age I was dropping so much acid. I'm glad your teenage rebellion focuses on social justice, at least
  • Combeferre: I was valedictorian and had my Ph.D by 24, and you're telling me women can't be Pope?? How did I never know that?
  • Courfeyrac: (after I fainted while helping her plant) DON'T YOU DARE DIE IN MY GARDEN, FUCKER
  • Grantaire: You are going to die alone and miserable if you keep that cynicism up
  • Joly: (while I was in the hospital) I'm so glad, they have such good Jell-o here. I don't know what brand it is but I love it.
  • Bousset: I know I am not looking at you with a shaved head. I *know* you did not just shave your head in my fucking house...
  • Bahorel: Remember when I made you kickbox in 3rd grade and you broke your hand on day one?
  • Feuilly: She's a drug addict and a felon but she's your grandmother so give her the Vicodin
  • Jehan: When I was pregnant we really thought you were going to be a ginger
  • Marius: I actually dropped out of college for 3 days but then I panicked and went back
  • Eponine: It's good you're gay. Men are pigs. They'll marry you for your money and never do a single load of laundry, ever. Not one. I bet your father has no idea how to even work a washing machine. The gays don't have that problem
  • Montparnasse: (talking about a heart transplant her boyfriend was doing) Yeah so he stole this guy's heart and was elbow's deep in a lady's chest and made it home for dinner. He's a keeper
Sentence starters
  • Based on famous text-posts
  • "Bro, you look so cute right now. Dude, you are so fucking adorable."
  • "Wanna watch this murder documentary with me?"
  • "I may act like I'm sassy but if you're mean to me there's a 900% chance I'll cry."
  • "I may act like I'm clueless but actually know what's going on at al times."
  • "ATTENTION: I need attention."
  • "I don't have a nervous system. I'm a nervous system."
  • "Drugs? No thanks, the only 'high' I need is the natural rush you get from commiting a murder."
  • "I think I'm subconsciously trying to ruin my own life."
  • "Why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and never get up?"
  • "I try not to sound like an asshole but it's really hard because I am an asshole."
  • "I don't want to look 'pretty', I want to look otherwordly and vaguely threatening."
  • "I'm the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person I know."
  • "Girls are so soft and amazing and nice and beautiful and mysterious and complex and loving and caring. I don't remember what I was going to say but I'm just gay."
  • "I'd love to relax but that's just not realistic."
  • "Contrary to popular belief I'm actually soft and have feelings."
  • "This could be less hetero."
  • "To be honest I just need a hug."
  • "Why can't I be mentally chill instead of mentally ill?"
  • "This is it, this is how I die: Lack of attention."
  • "Are we just friends or is this flirting serious?"
  • "I have this problem where I isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because I'm lonely."
  • "I may be ugly but at least I have an ugly personality too. Consistency is key."
  • "I don't wanna get involved in drama I just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened."
  • "I am bysexual as in I'm not interested, goodbye."
  • "I could win an Olympic gold medal in being ignored."
  • "Fill your heart with bees. If someone breaks your heart then they have to deal with the bees."
  • "I'm so tired of not being a multimillionaire."
  • "I panic alot of other places besides the disco."
  • "Which layer of hell do you think you're going to?"
  • "My kink is being right."
  • "My kink is being home alone."
  • "You're really sensitive for a selfish asshole."
  • "I can tell myself to be heartless but in all reality, I have a big heart and can't treat people badly, that's just not me."
  • "What about netflix and kill?"
  • "No offense but why does everyone hate me?"
  • "I'm a strong independent introvert who don't need no social life."
  • "Why do I get struggles instead of snuggles?"
  • "If a conversation goes on too long without being about me, I'm out."
  • "I'm small, queer and something to fear."
  • "All this sadness is bad for my skin."
  • "I'm cute and perfect but also unstable, violent and self-destructive"
  • "I'm beautiful and underappreciated."
  • "She's beauty, she's grace, she's me."
  • "Sorry for being awesome, loser."
  • "Is 'no' an emotion? Because I'm feeling it."

Depressing Thought A: So if Smokey and the other old racers are, or at least appear to be, a bit older than Doc yet are still alive and kicking (not to mention Lizzie and Sarge), what does that mean about the average car lifespan?  Are those guys just freakishly long-lived, or was Doc actually pretty young to die?

Depressing Thought B: Did Doc even get a chance to go back and visit Smokey and the rest of the old crew before kicking the bucket?  Or did those letters stop coming just as suddenly as they came?  Do I really want to know?

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I have a con coming up and it is my goal to get out of my head. Be more confident and or something along the lines of out side my comfort zone. Any suggestions? I'm super nervous.

If you are going alone, start with some good old headphones and a badass playlist. 

No for real, listening to music while traversing a con is literally one of the best experiences, 10/10, do recommend everyone to try at least once. This is what I do when I’m alone. It makes you feel less lonely and less aware of yourself. It’s super relaxing and yet gets you super pumped. 

Once you do a round of that, start by reaching out in small ways. 

Go shopping at the Artists Alley and give out some compliments. Even if I can’t afford a print at the moment, I always like to stop by an artist who catches my eye and compliment them, ask them if they have a card so I can follow on tumblr. “YOU LINEART IS SO CLEAN! AHHH!!”

I’ve met some of the coolest people and had the best conversations in the AA alone. 

After that, take photos of cosplayers! That’s what they are there for so remind yourself that they are dressing up HOPING someone takes their pic. Stop by, ask for a picture, tell them why you like that character or why you like their costume work. “How did you even do piping like that!?” “You’re cosplaying my love interest! Did you play the game too?”

You’d be surprised how casual and natural this ends up feeling and by how many people are just as excited to talk to you. 

A convention is the easiest place to make friends and get comfortable, because remember, EVERYONE there is already guaranteed to like what you like. Comics, Anime, Games, etc. 

The Outsiders Prompts

a/n: please give cred if you use ty!

- “You scare me” “Why? Because I’m a Greaser?” “No, because I know I’ll fall in love with you” 
- “You can’t keep doing this”
- “Tell me another lie”
- “What if I lose you!”
- “I love you. I love you. No labels, people, or amount of money is ever going to change that”
- “Stay away from me, because I’ll hurt you”
-"On three"
- “Don’t be afraid of me doll”
- "Scream, yell, say, do anything I'll find you"
- “Stop following me”
- “I need more chocolate cake”
- “You don’t love me”
- “Are you hurt?”
- "I told you I love her/him!"
- "You look good in my clothes"
- “It is, as a matter of fact, every part of my business”
- “Where the hell have you been?”
- “If the shoe fits dollface”
- "Get out of here!"
- "I told you to leave me alone"
- "Tell me something good"
- "Is that blood?"
- "I'm sneaking out"
- “What did they do?”
- "You have a blade on you right?"
- "Damn" "What?" "You're eyes"
- "Did you at least call the police?"
- "It's you. It's always been you"
- "You're weird"
- "Run"
- "Please don't tell him"
- "Just be careful, okay?"
- "I like it when you sing"
- "What's going on in that mind?"
- "You can't be here"
- "Alright wise guy"
- "I hate you" "You love me"
- "Can I see your blade?"
- "I'm sorry I let you fall for me"
- "Come closer"
- "Can I join you?"
- "You're all over the place"
-"If this was the last time you'd see me, what would you say"
- "I can't see you anymore"
- "I've seen you around you know"
- "Take my jacket"
- "Lay with me, just for a minute"
- "What did you say to me?"
- "Get in the car, please?"
- "This is my choice!"
- "You're an asshole"
- "That's her/him"
- "That's not funny"
- "Dance with me"
- "I'm allergic to your bullshit"
- "Sunsets don't compare to you"
- "You're distracting me"
- "I can't kiss you" "Why not?" "Because I'll never stop"
- "Are you afraid of me?"
- "You're all I have"
- "You are my everything"
- "You're pretty, but your heart makes you beautiful"
- "You don't scare me doll"
- "Open your eyes for once"
- "Where are you going?
- "You totally dig me"
- "Please, don't leave me"

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In canon, Yuuri was against letting Viktor touch him. And this seems to go for other people, in general, as well. Like he'll accept reluctantly to be hugged by Phichit and family, but that is it. I just think its interesting to guess why that is. Sure, we know its because Viktor is his idol, so he's scared of contact. But with other people, like the girl in Detroit he pushed away when she tried to hug him, it seems he feels contact = your feeling sorry for me, I'm not weak, leave me alone.

I don’t really see Yuuri in canon being against Viktor touching him, at least not by the end when he’s actively leaning in for hugs or walking hand in hand. I think he comes across as a reserved person and someone who doesn’t enjoy physical contact from people he isn’t close to and he doesn’t like appearing weak but once he knows Viktor doesn’t see him as weak he’s pretty physically affectionate towards Viktor to the point where he goes round and hugs a lot of skaters because he’s craving Viktor’s hug but can’t have it at that moment because Viktor is still in Japan 

Random Shit You Wanna Know

1: Do you always smile for pictures?

2: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

3: Have you ever peed/pooped in the woods?

4: Do you chew your pens and pencils?

5: Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

6: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

7: Were you ever a boy/girl scout?

8: Can you change the oil on a car?

9: How many languages can you speak?

10: Are you stubborn?

11: Ever watch soap operas?

12: Ever used a gun?

13: Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?

14: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

15: Do you believe in ghosts?

16: Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?

17: What do you wear to bed?

18: First concert?

19: Own any record albums?

20: Own a record player?

21: Do you want kids?

22: What was the last book you read without skipping through anything?

23: What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

24: What is the most random thing you’ve ever watched all the way through on Netflix?

25: If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

26: If you were going to go to the movies alone, what would be the perfect film for you to watch by yourself?

27: What is your favorite Wikipedia article? (Hush. Everyone has at least one)

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My four month old yorkie shih tzu cross will not let me out of his sight when I'm home, usually I don't mind, but I have PCOS and when one of my cysts pops I'm out of commission from the pain for a good two hours usually, how can I get him to stop crying when I'm in my room and he's gated in the living area? Came for the breed analysis's, stayed for the awesome content

My sympathies, PCOS isn’t fun.

At least your pup is only young and you have plenty of time to train him and build up his confidence with being alone. Unfortunately it’s going to take consistent and regular effort. Your pup probably doesn’t have separation anxiety this young, but similar training techniques may be helpful.

If you need him to be content for a few hours on his own, first start with 5 or 10 minutes and build up from there. It helps to have a few different toys or treats that he especially likes that can occupy him for a little while (eg frozen treat feeders) that he can play with on his own, even if you have to tether them to the appropriate area. They you start to increase distance and time alone, only increasing this difficulty once the pup is confident at the previous level.

  1. Encouraging your pup to just play or explore in his dedicated area while you are around
  2. Leave pup playing on his own for 5 to 10 minutes, returning before he starts to cry.
  3. Be calm when you return, like it’s no big deal.
  4. Alternate the toys, and make sure he sometimes gets them when you’re still in the room so he doesn’t associate any particular one with you leaving.
  5. Extend those 5-10 minutes gradually. Try not to return when he’s crying to prevent reinforcing the behavior.
  6. When he’s good at this, keep the special food treats for only when you need to leave him alone for those few hours.

It’s hard for him to cry while he’s chewing, and if he’s learned both to have fun alone and that you always come back, he’s less likely to want to cry.

There is more information on training techniques here.

Avengers Assemble, 3x26
  • Steve: Tony, you've been the best friend I've had since, well, maybe ever.
  • Tony: I like to think I work best alone, Cap. But the truth is, I'm better because you're my friend.

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god i work at a coffee shop and we just go to the nearest grocery store down the road to get our milk because it's easier. and i get like at least 5 gallons each time and literally every time someone's like "wow that's a lot of milk!!!" just please let me buy my milk in peace i know it's a lot. i just tell them i have a lot of kids even tho i'm only 18 lmao but why does everyone feel the need to comment on what i'm buying just leave me alone

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It would be so much easier to swallow this whole Felicity has to learn her lesson.. if the show gave her a single person leading character who understood her last season. Diggle got an apology, Thea agreed she was dangerous and she got nothing. I get it. He's the lead but I'd enjoy this more if it was balanced. I do not feel it was wrong to want honesty about a child in her relationship. But I guess I'm alone or at least not on same page as the narrative.

This isn’t about Felicity learning her lesson, Nonnie. I don’t believe that is the narrative at all. This is about Felicity understanding more about herself and her needs and where they come from. It’s about her coming to grips with her legacy and shaping it going forward. This is not about her going through this to reunite or ‘be good enough’ to be with Oliver. The fact that they’ll reunite will be incidental. The important thing is all the stuff she’ll learn about herself in the process. This is Felicity’s journey. Not Olicity’s. Even though whatever Felicity and Oliver learn as individuals will feedback into their relationship, of course. 

I ABSOLUTELY believe she did the right thing in walking away from Oliver after the lie about William. I’ll always back her 1000% about that move. You teach people how to treat you, and up until that point, Felicity had absorbed this behaviour of Oliver’s to call the shots for other people. It doesn’t matter if he was right or wrong, it matters that he offered Felicity a complete partnership in his life, she accepted, and then she found out that at that point, he wasn’t able to offer her a real partnership of equals. At some point, he was always going to ‘pull rank’ on some things in their lives that effect them both. 

That’s not cool. That’s not sustainable in a relationship without generating resentment down the line. 

Bottom line, NEITHER one of them were in a place to be able to offer each other a life time commitment and that is why they broke up. 

And now that they’ve broken up, they BOTH get to reflect on their lives and experience the other person’s life experiences in a way they never had before. I get that people want to soften Felicity’s fall, but the thing is, she needs to fall. For herself. For her to work out how she is going to deal with the consequences of the life she’s chosen. For her to work out what kind of hero and person she wants to be. For her to work out her limits. If there are other people always pulling her back from that, always making it easy for her to make a quip and put a mask on and move forward, then we never get to the bottom of what truly makes Felicity tick, of what she’s capable of. 

Isolating the hero is a tried and true trope and it’s that way for a reason. By isolating them, reducing their support systems, we get to see who they are at their core, down into their bones. They’ve done it for all of OTA and Thea. Like I said, it’s a standard, popular trope because it’s so effective. And for that trope to happen, you either have to physically remove them (ie Oliver on the island, him going off to be killed on a cliff, Diggle in prison/army, Thea going off with MM etc) or you create barriers between characters so their is an emotional estrangement rather than a physical one. They’ve opted for an emotional barrier between Felicity and the rest of OTA. With Oliver because they’ve broken up and both are trying to let the other one go off and be happy and trying to stay out of each other’s ways, or with Diggle because of his issues with Andy and his dark spiral. 

When it’s the time in the story, all of that is going to fall away and they’re going to get in sync again. I don’t believe we’re meant to write off the relationships between these people just because of where they are in the story right now. They can’t have Felicity being supported and encouraged, because that would truncate her journey and cheat her out of important growth that we get to watch on screen. Why do you think we sat through 4+ years of Oliver trying to learn the same lessons over and over again? To see him put all the pieces together and finally not just know it intellectually but work out how he was gong to apply all those lessons he’d learned practically to his life. Felicity’s journey will be shorter, but I’m okay with seeing her on her island, struggling alone. It’s only when we’ve felt truly alone that we appreciate what not being alone is like. It’s only after exhausting all our own cures for loneliness that we finally allow ourselves to come home. 

Felicity will find her light again this season. With that light, she’ll be equipped to face the challenges of the life she’s chosen… and the man she’s chosen to love. Just as Oliver has gone on exactly the same journey. They are equals in every way, and the writers are treating them just that way. :)

yearning to say so many things, but saying nothing in the end

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Every night I'm crying because I'm craving affection. I want someone to come, gently touch me and hug me. I feel so lonely..

I think when you think you are crying because of a matter like this, it is actually because of something else that goes much more deeper. If you are unhappy alone, its not going to be enough to have someone with you gently touching you or being with you. Trust me. I used to think if someone loved me then everything else would be okay - because at least, you know! i would be loveable right?! But I was very wrong. It doesnt make anything better really, you will find more reasons to worry and feel lonely in love, too. You need to stand alone and be proud and content in your skin. Then, love will be something fully worthwhile. Love never cured me. Having someone lay beside me never cured me. I helped myself, no one else could help me. Also putting the burden on someone else helping you and making you less lonely is unfair and not reasonable. There is too much pressure for them that way. Too much pressure to be the thing that helps you out. Its unfair, both ways.
It is normal to be alone. You have got to get to the point where you know this. Not everyone is engulfed in this world of intimacy and love. You need to get comfortable with falling asleep alone before someone else can join. Affection wont make you happy in the long term. Maybe not even in the short-term. Work on yourself, get yourself confident and glowing - thats when people can enter your life. X

Season 8 seems so far away, and I'm not sure I miss the actual show, but I *do* miss Carol and Daryl something fierce.  They own my heart, you guys.  And I'm sure I'm not alone.  Anyway, I thought it'd be fun and a nice show of positivity to start a chain of sorts of reasons why you love this embattled ship, keep it going.   No limits to how many times you can reblog this post or the number of reasons why you love this ship, but not all at once, okay?  And not the same thing as everybody else.  At least not until this post has made the rounds a few times.  In other words, build upon each other's reasons.  Don't just go "me, too."  So.  What do you think?  Are you in?  Let's show everybody how much we love these two.

I’ll start. 

I love Caryl because…

Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus.  Their portrayals of these two broken souls are beautifully nuanced, and their chemistry makes you sit up and take notice.  They imbue even a small look with so much emotion and so much of their character’s history–individually and collectively.  It’s just lovely to witness, and one of the biggest reasons why these two characters and their portrayers have notched a place on my forever faves list. 


 Truly, I don’t think I would love either character as much portrayed by a different actress or actor.  The bond wouldn’t be the same.   
Life Is Strange sentence pack [EP5]
  • "Is anybody out there? Please, help!"
  • "The slightly unconscious model is often the most open and honest."
  • "Oh, Christ... look at that perfect face."
  • "Stay still!"
  • "Nobody will be surprised, or care."
  • "I wasn't lying when I said you have a gift."
  • "Goddamn, you're a fighter, though."
  • "Always take the shot."
  • "Please, I'm sorry for everything."
  • "I don't want to die like this!"
  • "Yes, you're a psychopath."
  • "Always remember that you're not alone. I've got your back, no matter what happens."
  • "You always know the right thing to do."
  • "You're smart enough to know how easy it is to hurt somebody, to destroy their life."
  • "I know you've got a good heart. I've seen it."
  • "Wouldn't it be better to lift people up than to bring them down?"
  • "After everything that's happened, this should be the least scary thing you've ever done."
  • "Eat shit and die."
  • "You are not going to stop me!"
  • "You didn't fail... you did your best."
  • "Everybody... used me."
  • "All this shit will be over soon."
  • "I hate to say I'm glad to see you, but I'm so glad to see you."
  • "Hey... be careful out there."
  • "I always wanted my life to be special... an adventure... but not without you."
  • "Holy shit, are you cereal?"
  • "Thought you could control everybody and everything, huh?"
  • "You've left a trail of death and suffering behind you."
  • "Just shut up. You're not scaring me anymore."
  • "This is reality!"
  • "That nightmare was so real, was so horrible."
  • "All I really created was just death and destruction!"
  • "This is the only way."
  • "You are my number one priority now."
  • "You are all that matters to me."
  • "I know I've been selfish, but for once, I think I should accept my fate."
  • "You made me smile and laugh like I haven't done in years."
  • "All those moment between us were real, and they'll always be ours."
  • "I'm gonna miss you so much."
  • "I'll always love you."
  • "Now get out of here, please! Do it before I freak!"
  • "Don't you forget about me."
I'm Not Alone - PurrtlePuff - Youtuber RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Youtuber RPF
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Sean McLoughlin, Signe Hanson, Robin Torkar, Mark Fischbach, Felix Kjellberg, ChaoticMonki | Cryaotic, PJ Liguori
Series: Part 8 of The Supernatural Adventures of Jacksepticeye

Jack is always finding other Supernatural creatures. Heck, he lives with at least two. But tonight, Jack is going to meet someone he never dreamed of meeting. Turns out, he’s not the only Sensitive in YouTown anymore, and he’s not the only one who wants to get to know him.

Hopefully, they can make it out of here in one piece.\

Eeeeeey posting this early because I’ve been teasing people all week on Tumblr :D Also happy summer to all who graduated, and congratulations~

There might be a bit of space between this chapter and the next chapter, because I’m out of free days to write when no one else is around. I’ll try my best to get the next one out as soon as possible.

Also, this story is part of a series. You will be confused if you don’t know what’s going on. But if you’re lazy, just know Felix is a vampire, Mark is a ghost, and Antisepticeye is a dick. I mean, he always is, but hooo boy.

Have fun! :D