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Back from (Unintended) Hiatus!

[ Hey folks! Long time no see!…Er…type? Read? You know what I mean.

I gotta apologize for my sudden disappearance (again). No, I wasn’t abducted by aliens or summoned on an important mission to save a faraway kingdom (as cool as at least one of those options might be).

Long story short, I injured my back a few weeks ago, and am still currently unable to sit up properly in my computer chair. I’m seeing a chiropractor twice a week and doing better, but it’s kind of slow going. Hubby fixed my broken laptop, so I’m able to talk to you guys better while I heal.

It will take awhile to port all of my icons and such from my desktop, so forgive me if I reply with iconless threads for awhile. Also, art trades are put on hold temporarily. I’ve missed all of you so much, and I hope you’ll be willing to pick up where we left off in our RPs, or start new ones! ; w ;

~Michan <3 @ghost-and-pup]

anonymous asked:

Do you think Shawn is the type to break up over text no matter where he is?

I don’t think Shawn would ever break up with someone by sending them a text. He may not be able to do it face to face, though I’m hoping he would, but I’m sure he would at least have the decency to facetime her and talk to her properly when breaking up with her. That way you can at least look each other in the eye and ends things properly and with closure. 

kamikazeworld  asked:

I read your V after ending comic and I very nearly screamed and had I take several deep breaths to not start crying uncontrollably. Wow. WOW. I am hurting so much over him and I thank you for making that comic and giving him a lick of closure. He deserved much better than what he was given at the end.... I only wish he could be happy, too....

Thank you for liking my comics (★^O^★) I totally understand your feeling, because I myself love V so much.

To be honest, after reading the Secret Ending 1 a long time ago, as soon as I knew V’s fate, I had had this empty feeling inside. So this was really the end? I asked myself that question too many times. V went away, without answering any questions, without explaining all the doubts, without…. saying goodbye to RFA. The ending just left me so much emptiness, because V’s emotions is not only for Rika, but also for Jumin, for Yoosung, for Saeyoung, for Jaehee, for Zen, for all of them, for his family.

V was supposed to be the one to heal everyone in RFA. He called it “arrogance” but I disagreed. If taking in to account the fact that MC just goes after a character in one route, it means that the others one would still be suffering because of their own wounds. It was the truth that V was the one who understood them the most, who knew all their faults and pains. However, because of that, he shouldered himself with so much responsibility, and in the process of trying to correct everything, V ended up hurting the people he loved the most. It was such a tragedy, that I want to ask V if he had any regret leaving like that… Till the very end, I would still think he would be smiling, and softly asked MC to take his role of the healer of RFA.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I want V to have a better ending, I can’t change the fact that it was his life and I have no authority to rewrite that. So I wanted him to at least be able to tell MC about his love for his family, and asked of her to take care of his RFA. I hope, he will go with a smile on his face…

OMG this is so long I actually cried while typing this lol all the emotions just came back OTL.

Still thank you so much and please continue to support me ; w ;

141103 Gimpo: Bangtan Fansign FA

The thing I’ve learned over the past few years of fangirling here, is that for the optimal fansign experience, there has to be just the right amount of nerves going into it. If you’re too nervous you forget everything you want to say, you start sweating and shaking and, in extreme cases, there can be tears. You definitely don’t want to be overwhelmed, but you also don’t want to have the opposite happen. If you’re not nervous at all, best case is you just end up talking to them like normal and the worst case there’s just awkward silence filling the precious time 30 seconds or so that you have to talk to them. It makes for a bit of an underwhelming fansign, and you can come out of it feeling pretty regretful. Or at least, that has been my experience. The previous fansign I went to for bangtan (Bundang), was the latter described type and had I known at the time, it would be my last time meeting them for a month I wouldn’t have been so casual.

The result was the day of the Gimpo fansign I’d worked myself into a nervous frenzy of caffeine fueled panic. It’d been a month since the unsatisfying Bundang fansign, my Korean is feeling rusty as hell so I was worried about even being able to communicate properly with them, and god I really didn’t want a repeat of Bundang. Now that I’ve kind of actually settled on a favorite member (well… favorites), I was even more worried about how it would go with him because… KIM TAEHYUNG OKAY. he’s a capricious creature you see, you never know what he’s going to be like and he made me fall for him so fast. Before he pulled the whole “Kat, I love you! You’re my favorite” stuff I didn’t really mind if I messed up with one or two members because of mental overload, or whatever, but now there’s a pressure to do well with him and I know I’d be disappointed if he suddenly was cold towards me and- wow this fansign ALREADY HAPPENED AND IM STILL FREAKING MYSELF OUT ABOUT IT.

I should also mention that I got into a B1A4 fansign for Tony Moly (a cosmetics store) for 3pm the same day that I’d kind of just entered for fun (it was 500 people, you entered by buying a special mask product B1A4 is endorsing, and spending a minimum of 30 dollars and I needed new makeup anyway). So I had drunk a huge cup of coffee, met freakin SANDEUL (who by the way, was lovely and wow it was a really quick thing, but still enough to make me giddy as hell), had MORE coffee as I sat with my new friends I’d met because of the fansign, and by the time I came home to gather my things for the Gimpo fansign you can imagine, i was like a coke bottle a 12 year old boy had maliciously shaken for 10 minutes straight and i still had 3 hours until the fansign. I’m making myself nervous just thinking about it that’s how bad it was. I’m just glad I wrote my post-its and letter to Taehyung the day before.

Two of my friends had also got into the fansign so before it started we spent time chatting, which didn’t entirely help my nerves, but don’t worry, I didn’t actually screw this fansign up all that badly which has to be some kind of miracle. I was number 63, which put me in the 3rd row of the seats, and 1/3 into the fansign and Hana so happened to end up with only one person between us by the time we went up haha it was kind of fun. When the boys came out I saw they were wearing their MV outfits and I might have had a slight panic attack and had to tell myself very firmly to BREATHE because um, did you know jeongguk doesn’t wear anything under that sweater? and wow Jimin’s outfit looks so unbelievably good on him. I’m so into the Hormone War concept it pains me. Anyway, enough about me what am I even doing right now I should be talking about Bangtan!

They were all in pretty good moods when they came out. Taehyung ended up leading their greeting haha, its so funny when he does that because everyone including the members gets so thrown off. It was kind of quiet after the initial cheer when they came out because everyone was taking pictures so they started passing the mic around and getting us to say “fighting!” back at them. Then Hoseok decided they should show us some aegyo, got jimin to participate and they both /tried/ to get yoongi to but he wasnt really having it haha. Taehyung told us not to catch colds, and Yoongi said he’s sick right now. Poor guy, he was coughing a lot throughout the whole fansign, and his nose was a bit red and while red nosed red haired Min Yoongi was really cute, I hope he gets better soon. Hoseok was next to him and seemed a bit sniffly too, and we all know how easily he gets sick. They kept telling us not to catch colds but everyone was like UH YEAH YOU MORE THO -_-. Anyway, lets get to the part where I didn’t entirely make a huge ass out of myself in front of BTS.

Namjoon was first in the order, and naturally, I had to ask for my name poem. But before that I said hi, and I could see him kind of putting together who I was. He asked me if I was at simple kpop a lot, which I guess he just associates with foreign fans but I could go that day due to uh… conflicting schedules (hides), so I just told him I do go a lot, but I wasn’t there today. He always acts like he remembers my name, but I’m never sure if he really does. He looked at me for a moment and suddenly went, “you… you took your glasses off! Yeah I see you a lot! You look much better without your glasses on, much better.” LMAO… I usually wear my glasses to recordings though bc im too lazy to put in contacts and now im really self conscious haaaa… Namjoon… I think he was just trying to compliment me, but I was really ??? haha, he looked at my post-it and laughed and said he’d give it another shot. I told him I really enjoyed them and he obliged me with this gem hahaha: Kat, Another Trill lady. As I was leaving I told him I really liked his hair, the colors all suited him well and out of curiosity I asked which was his favorite. first he said blue, and after I agreed that it was nice, he changed his mind and was like actually… I like the purple! or… I don’t know haha. It was cute he was really thinking about it. (Ah but I have a confession to make. I might have written LTNS on my post-it, as a joke… which he then said to Hana, which leads me to believe I might have perpetuated his misguided thinking that LTNS is a thing /hides…. IM SORRY EVERYONE IM SORRY NAMJOON HAHAHAA T^T)

Namjoon kind of calmed my nerves a little, but nothing really prepares a person for Jeon Jeongguk. I had a note prepared from my friend who had to go back to Japan and I asked him to write her a message and while he was doing that I pretty much just stared at the holes in his sweater and hid my face behind my hands because my nervous face twitch was hitting full force (please tell me I’m not the only one who gets shaky face muscles when they’re nervous OTL). He drew a heart by my name but he also possibly wrote Kate… there’s a suspicious mark after the ’t’ that mystifies me lol. He was muttering something about hair at one point after he wrote my name like I changed it or something? When I was moving on to Jin though he said kept saying 신기해 and I was like what’s so 신기하다? and he was like O_O you are! what. Jeon I’ve met you like 10 times why am I such a novel thing now? Strange child…

Jin can be really easy to talk to. And sometimes things happen. Things like Jin. Jin reaching for my album, and causing THE GIANT HOLE IN HIS SHIRT TO EXPOSE FAR TOO MUCH OF HIS MIDRIFF A MERE FOOT AWAY FROM ME and sorry but how can I not stare at that. I couldn’t fucking look him in the eye, I could barely fucking speak I was so /oh my god Jin’s body/ mental breakdowning… Its a good thing I had a nice simple post-it note question for him: recommend a song you enjoy these days. He told me to listen to Mate’s Play. and looked pleased when I said I’d not listened to it yet. He was like, right, you don’t know it! So I told him I’d listen to it before the next fansign, and we smiled and by the time I moved on to Taehyung I’d fully recovered from the stress of Jeongguk and the shock of Jin’s strategically scandelous shirt.

Just in time for Taehyung. Oh Taehyung. So I kind of waited for him to look up at me before I started talking because he was looking down at my album even as he was asking my name. When I said Kat though he looked up and smiled and said “oh kat!” and I asked him how he was and that it had been a while, right? and he agreed and said that he’s seen me before. So I said well yes, at fansigns right? and he said “no, no I mean I see you at recordings a lot!” and truthfully some other things might have been said but its all kind of blur. I asked him to write my name on my polaroid since I had gotten his and he did, and then I passed him my present. Which he tried to peek into and then he actually asked me what was in it, so i told him a tshirt and a sweater and a scarf and while he was kind of looking in I did the super gross flirty thing my friend told me I should do.

me: 태형아! 얼굴에 김이 묻혀 있어!
taehyung: [nods unamused] 알아요 잘생김…
me: 아니! 내꺼같이 생김 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

and taehyung made the stankiest stank face at me lmaoooo i think he was kind of amused but also like this joke is soooo lame. whatever kim taehyung, I tried to joke with you in Korean be amazed at my amazingly decent delivery okay. I told him I’d see him on thursday on the boat and moved on to Jimin.

Jimin is always nice, but never /super/ enthusiastic when it comes to me. Honestly I think he’s just a little reserved when it comes to foriegners. My post-it to him said that I missed him and the hormone war concept fit him really well and when i see him on stage I get short of breath haha, he preened a little at that and seemed pleased. my question for him was about what flower he liked the most. He wrote it in korean and I wasn’t sure what kind of flower it was so I told him I’d look it up and complete with adorable typing gestures he goes in English “Searching! Searching!” smiling his 100000watt smile at me and I just nodded helplessly and smiled back. i told him he looked really really good (because good lord he did. his shirt was all unbuttoned and his chest is so nice and smooth and he was wearing a nice necklace and I just am always struck by how small his body is when I see him in person) and he thanked me and I felt pretty good about the whole thing. Oh and he wrote Kat누나 T^T Later, I looked up 민들레 and found out it was dandelion and I’m amazed at how well it fits Jimin. Of course he likes dandelions. Now all I can think about is him in his hormone war outfit, hair all mussed holding a bunch of dandelions, maybe blowing on a fluffy white one… its so perfect. I wish I wasn’t horribly out of practice with my art. I want to draw it so badly i can PICTURE IT so well.

Hoseok was next, and since he’d been coughing a little too, I told him he should be careful of catching a cold and in English he said “Im sick! Im sick!” and rubbed his nose. and I was like uuhhmm well get better soon! He wrote my name with his customary tilde and two hearts and then read the post it, which was asking what his morning alarm was, and while his answer wasn’t super interesting (the default iphone alarm) his imitation of it was really cute haha.

Yoongi was last and for once i actually was still mentally there enough to talk to him. I told him i hoped he felt better soon and he smiled and said thank you. my question was what color should I dye my hair since Yoongi is really good with paying attention to details and he has a good eye, but he told me black. I was like are you sure?? isn’t that a bit extreme? Black is pretty instense. He was like why? No I think you should do it! and i was like okay, i’ll think about it. And he asked me if I was going to do it before the next fansign so I said yeah i’ll show him on thursday and that was it.

So it pretty much went as well as it could be expected to go considering how hyped up i was haha. I hope that taehyung asking about the gift meant he was going to keep an eye out for it and actually maybe… maybe wear it somewhere? sob, I know I’m getting my hopes up but who knows. I’m still not over the Jimin ad dandelions thing. I asked him because I know he really likes flowers, he’s always really cute when people give them to him, I love the way he looks at them, its really special I don’t really know how to describe it. I wasn’t expecting his chosen flower to /fit/ him that well though. I hadnt really thought about it, but the minute I found out it just clicked. I forgot to ask any of them aobut Mexico so I’m kind of headdesking about that… I could have saved my awkward time with Jeongguk where I didn’t say anything by asking about mexico… oops… I think I was still shaking too much at that point anyway though. I’ll have to follow up well with all of them at the boat fansign on thursday. and dye my hair! haha… I’m not going to go all black, but I’m going to do it darker.

The rest of the fansign was pretty relaxed. Jimin was in a great mood, making cute faces at the audience, singing a long, harmonizing with the songs from the album playing in the background. him and taehyung were being especially cute with eachother. At one point Jimin had the mic and started talking about how since they were trainees he and taehyung have been close doing everything together and taehyung grabbed the mic and started talking next… they’re really something. Jimin also asked us if we liked hormone war promos… and his butt HAHAHA. Hoseok did his fair share of flirting with the crowd as usual.

The lighting was really bad, and they’d hung the banner from the front curtain rod of the stage (we were in a typical theater set up with them on the stage) so when they came forward for picture time, everyone yelled at them to move back bc their faces were in shadow they were like???? ohhhhh… it was pretty cute.I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of cute things they did during the fansigning so I’m sorry about that, but luckily there’s another one in two days and we can do it all over again haha yay!

Hopefully Taehyung actually likes the presents i gave him and he wears them… we’ll see. tomorrow will be a busy day. I have to get him another present, get my hair cut/colored, try to make my jimin dandelion picture, prepare post-its again and try not to lose my chill. Cos next time we meet… we’re gonna be on a boat!

Giving a Shit About People PSA

There’s a trend in certain Pagan and polytheist circles that people don’t matter, only deities and what they want matters.

I call bullshit on this so, so much.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my deities are very much concerned with things that go on here. In fact, I think most deities give a shit about something that goes on here. Maybe they are patrons of particular professions, or maybe they have specific animals that members of their cult did not eat out of respect for them. These things imply to me that many deities at least give a shit about what people are doing, even if they don’t necessarily care about what ALL people are doing.

IMHO, if I didn’t give a shit about the shit sex workers have to go through, I’m not serving Freyja. If I didn’t give a shit about where my seafood comes from, I’m not honouring Njord, if I didn’t, in some small way, give a shit about actual people, I’m not serving my deities.

You don’t even have to go all out and chain yourself to a tree or whatever to give a shit. Some people aren’t able to do as much as they’d like, some people just aren’t really the activist type.

For me, this idea that “fuck people, only deities matter” doesn’t make sense. If I’m to honour my deities properly, I have to give a fuck about people at least on some level. Not giving a fuck isn’t really an option for me.

To those recently diagnosed with mental illnesses:
  • It is okay to be freaked out. It is justified to be upset. I know people like to say “oh, everyone gets depressed” and things like that. Guess what, everyone dies, but we still make a big deal out of that
  • Everyone is confused in the beginning. You aren’t stupid or a mess for being lost
  • Sometimes it will seem like every therapist, doctor, and psychiatrist on earth have completely different opinions on how your condition should be treated. Do some research and know what the latest studies are saying so that you can have a voice and advocate for yourself
  • Going on medication is not cheating, weak, taking poison, giving up, or anything else like that. Sometimes it is 100% necessary
  • There are horror stories about psychiatric drugs turning you into a zombie. If you go on a medication and are completely numb, you are on the wrong drug. Not all are like that. It just means it isn’t a fit
  • Listen to your needs. I know it is really hard to even know what you need sometimes, but when you know, there is nothing selfish about pushing to get those needs met
  • You are not a failure if you need to step back from life to get more intensive care. I think that is an incredibly strong choice and an investment in your future health
  • Yes, some friends will probably leave. I say friends who run away because someone is struggling aren’t worth having in the first place. It reflects badly on them, not you
  • Therapists are not for “crazy people”. Therapists are for anyone who wants to understand their mind better and manage life in a way that will make them happier
  • Psychiatrists can be uncomfortable because they are doctors and can be really clinical, which makes it hard to be open. Try to be open anyway. Sometimes they’re extra clinical to emotionally distance themselves for patients because it’s really hard to get attached and see something awful happen to someone
  • If you are not honest and open with your therapist, they will not be able to properly help you
  • If a therapist doesn’t work for you it is not rude to switch and leave them behind
  • I hear a lot of people say they won’t go to therapy because they tried it once and hated it. There are dozens and dozens of types of therapy. There are many types of psychologists. Don’t give up until you’ve tried all that you can
  • Check therapists’ credentials. Anyone can call themselves a therapist. So make sure they have an actual degree and not some brief training course. At least a master’s degree, but preferably a PHD. 

dragondadryan  asked:

I just wanted to ask how it was possible that it could have been the same rex from the same movie? It's twenty + years after the first park, and didn't they blow Isla Sorna up after they'd evacuated? There can't be a real way for a genetically modified creature to live to its full life span, like the cloned sheep a couple years ago. It lived for seven years, just a little more than have the full expectancy (this is gonna be long)

I’m not entirely sure 100% how long a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was genetically modified from frog DNA among other types of DNA (a frog doesn’t live that long compared to other reptiles/amphibians) but since it was already full grown on Isla Sorna, I can’t properly imagine it being the same Trex. Just fact checking, it’s assumed they lived for only 20-30 years, so unless she was ancient (no pun intended)

So she’s got to be at least 20+ and not even remotely able to think of taking on the Indominus for as long as she did. I know it was a lot of neck grabbing, but there was also some grappling where strength was required and if that had been that she wouldn’t have been able to. I’m not trying to rain on any parades, it just doesn’t make sense to me, but if it fits and that’s what the writers and audience want, then have at it dinosaur friends.

Well, they never did bomb the island in the movies. That was just the book, so as far as movie canon goes, Isla Nublar still exists. So does Isla Sorna, which is the island the events of TLW and JP3 took place on. But Isla Nublar is where the events of Jurassic World took place. 

As for a genetically modified animal living so long, of course it never would. But there’d also never be cloned scaly dinosaurs in a theme park. It’s just kind of part of the canon that you buy in order to enjoy the movie. 

I don’t think you’re really raining on anyone’s parade. It’s confirmed it’s the same t-rex, it’s not just fan speculation. Sure, it’s not likely that she’d actually live that long and were she a real animal who by some miracle did live to that age, she’d probably have multiple health issues and die as soon as indominus looked at her. 

But if I’m buying the fact that they could design an animal like indominus who can camouflage, have (apparently) bulletproof hide, be intelligent enough to lure humans into traps, and communicate with raptors because she shares some of their DNA despite having never communicated with other dinosaurs before in her life, then…a twenty-odd year old t-rex doesn’t feel like such a stretch. 

You could really poke holes in the logic all day, but I guess it’s just one of those things. You either buy it for the sake of the movie or you don’t. It’s just more fun to buy whatever they throw at you for the sake of getting to see the old Rex reclaim her throne!

Why I think Ichabbie would work:

So as you all know, I would like for Ichabod and Abbie to form a romantic relationship and eventually become end game. Though that’s far, far in the distance. By that time I’ve expected that Ichabod sorts his situation out with his wife, Ichabod matures a bit more and Abbie is able to let down her guard and really consider opening herself up to being with someone. For right now though, I enjoy watching the slow burn and the build up of their friendship forming into something deeper. I mean, at this point there’s really no other way for the writers to go but to direct the story to Ichabod and Abbie being together.

By their very definition they are soul mates and they need each other.

The premiere was a clear indicator of that. Their relationship is so deep and intricate that they really wouldn’t have time for other outside forces to come between that. When someone is trying to come between Ichabod and Abbie you actually FEEL it. A great example of that would be the shift of storyline to Katrina and Abraham and how the momentum felt totally lost from the main plot involving the two Witnesses. If Abbie and/or Ichabod are not in the scene, you feel that something is off because the dynamic between the two leads (with other characters and each other) is so strong and palpable. 

I understand that some have their reservations and believe that if Ichabod and Abbie do get together that it would ‘ruin’ the show since it’s believed that couples who are together just aren’t interesting. I get it. The chase is always the most thrilling part of any romantic saga, but there’s still much that can be explored after their relationship.

The writers have done a great job of letting Abbie and Ichabod’s friendship develop organically that I have confidence that if they become a couple that it will continue to grow.  Regardless of their relationship, they still have an apocalypse to deal with and they still have battles to face. That alone should be enough to entertain the audience because there’s still a PLOT going on despite the leads being together. To be honest, I think it would enhance the storyline. The stakes are even higher now because now it’s fighting alongside the person you love unconditionally and not knowing whether or not this may be the last battle you share together. That’s heartbreaking to think about and I think it sells well. 

Besides, we are speaking in hypotheticals and basing those assumptions on shows that follow different formulas. Some people are quick to jump and say 'Oh, it will ruin the show if the leads get together.’ How would  you know that? There’s still more that Ichabod and Abbie need to overcome within themselves, each other and the messed up world that they live in, and I don’t consider that to be stale by any stretch of the imagination. Of course fanfic is always a great supplement to quench your interest, but who’s to say that canon cannot be just as successful? 

I understand that some shows feel like they lose momentum when the leads are together since there’s nothing else to 'work’ toward. But honestly, I don’t see Sleepy Hollow being that type of show mostly because it has a clearly defined plot that can keep the series going regardless of whether Ichabod and Abbie are together.

It’s a long road ahead for Ichabbie, period. We’re going to have some ups and downs. However, the way that the writers have gone about it thus far gives me confidence that they would at least be able to properly execute the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie and maintain the integrity of the show.