at least i want it as an extra on dvd

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Really, some ppl are mad there aren't a lot of Iris deleted scenes?? Lmao that's a new one. I'd rather her scenes be apart of the actual don't get Saturns from your work in the scenes that didn't make it!

I seriously doubt that every scene that she filmed aired. So, after two seasons with barely anything with her in it in the DVD extras, I think people have a right to be a little miffed that it looks like once again even with the season that was full of her we won’t really have any of her in the DVD extras. Who knows maybe she’ll pop up somewhere else, maybe there’s somewhere else where she’ll just be super present, like the blooper reels. But there is no way in hell that every scene that she filmed aired. It’s not even that we want her to be in every deleted scene, but we went there to at least be one or two damn scenes.

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looks like the dyi video already got pulled

Lol, I just saw. I have no idea why, it was released in September 2016….

ETA; I think it’s because they’re pawning off old material on the S2 DVDs.

ETA2; I just checked; Every single ‘extra all new’ featurette on S2 DVDs is old. I have every single one of them already, apart from the commentary.

Feeling kind of fucked over here. At least give us bloopers and deleted scenes.

Those are LITERALLY the only 2 things we want.