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To people who feel that fandom ruined L@nce for them. Just think of Canon L@ance and Fanon L@nce as two different characters. Fanon L@nce is basically a self-insert OC that stole Canon L@nce's name. That's how I deal with the shitty L@nce stans. L@nce went from my top 5 fave characters to bottom tier because of the Stans, but this technique pushed him back up to middle tier at least. Alas, I fear he will never be top tier for me again :/

This is what I try to do w Lance bc in canon I like him but in a lot of fanon I don’t (mainly bc I’m a Keith stan and in fanon he tends to be actually abusive to Keith which he isn’t in canon it’s more just banter and bickering) like you gotta separate fanon and canon characters bc otherwise fanon spoils the canon with shit like this

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Harry also named one of his children James Sirius Potter and Sirius was a dick. James Potter at least realized he was a dick and changed. He also didn't think sending a werewolf after a classmate was acceptable. Sirius stayed a dick. Like, he's fucking middle aged and he's still picking fights with Snape. That's fucking embarrassing.

except snape was still an asshole when he was middle aged, he verbally abused harry and his friends. if i were sirius i’d want to fight the dick ass teacher who made my godson feel like shit all the time. yeah sirius was a bully just like james, and i think if he were given the opportunity to grow up and apologize he would have (esp since james had lilly to balance him out while sirius had nobody), but his best friend and his wife were killed, and this guy he knew in school was a follower of their murderer and now that guy is teaching his best friend’s orphaned son at school while he rotted away in prison for years. i think he has reason to still hold some resentment. not everyone can be expected to be as trusting and forgiving as dumbledore was.