at least i think thats a smile

judgement of all goat emojis on emojipedia you’ve seen this before you understand the mechanics

pretty accurate rendering of what a goat typically looks like. i enjoy the detail put into the shading you can tell whoever did this knows where the scapula on a goat goes. a fine emoji


i appreciate the graphic look to this goat. you look at this and you say, ‘yes, that is absolutely a goat’

i like the more cartoony look to this goat, however the terf bangs make me question the opinions this goat has so i’m just gunna move along

not.. my favorite. someone really went to town on the blur tool i’ll tell ya that much this is a goat thats been blended more than a protein smoothie

this one i have mixed feelings about. its lazy and just barely a goat but at least its simple and not like blendy mcblenderson up there 

very good!!!! a very good and solid goat!!! i love that its eye makes it look like its doing that one face, what are you hiding sweet friend!!!! i love you 

this is so……. lazy… guess we got a jerk out there who thinks learning how to design a goat is a waste of time. well screw you buddy i still love this goat regardless of your crap job 

only slightly better than twitter goat in that its actually cute and friendly and doesn’t look like a ditto pretending to be a goat pokemon. i’m so bitter what the hell twitter learn how to design a goat for petes sake 

i like that they’re smiling!!! they’re happy and thats all that matters to me

this is…. a goat.. thats for sure. its not the best but at least you can tell someone put work into it. thank you 

In the midst of all this drama (which I’m also a part of, won’t play the cool girl here), I wanted to make a happy thing for us all, so here’s a tiny laughing fit compilation which I hope will put a smile on y’all guys’ faces.

Here’s a playlist containing the videos I took clips from.


AJ Styles/OC- Reader breaks a rule while waiting for AJ to come home from his meeting, but breaking the rules will lead to punishment.

Warnings: DADDY KINK(to the max), spanking, overstimulation, light choking i think thats it.

So quick note, this is my first time writing and I would love to hear some feedback as well if I should write something else. I don’t know if people want to be tagged in this but let me know if you want to be in the future. So yeah be nice please!

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Issues- Part Three

Negan x you

When the saviors turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 2,178

Read previous parts- HERE

I posted part two yesterday so incase you missed it please check the link above :) <3

Part three

Rosita opened her big mouth.

Ever since Abraham had been killed she was different. She didn’t seem to care about anyone else anymore. Held no compassion or emotions.  Revenge was the only thing on her mind.

Rick stood there. Glaring at me, his nose doing that stupid flaring thing, as Michonne held him back.

Did she think he was going to hit me or something? Was he capable? Probably.

“I won’t ask again y/n what happened?” He was growling. Now who was the wild animal huh?

“Rick” Michonne spoke “Calm down”

“What does it even matter?” I gave in and finally spoke. This was ridiculous.

“Did he touch you?” He asked.

“Oh my god Dad no!” I shook my head and turned to look outside the window as the sun began to rise. 

They were due back today “Nothing like that” he did kind of offer though. I discreetly smiled at the thought bitting my lip. I would of fucking let him if he had tried. Fuck  

In all honestly for the last two days I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what had happened in this very room. 

That man was like some kind of a mythical being. Like someone those horny women write about in those books your Grandma used to hide under her blanket and read when she thought no one was looking. You know the ones with no shirts on the cover and that the stupid long flowing hair?

I had never known anyone like him really. I was intrigued and that was dangerous.

He was dangerous. 

I wanted to know more… feel more. I just wanted more.

A part of me was excited that he would be coming back today. This was just all so wrong. What was wrong with me?

“Y/n I need you to tell me exactly what happened right now” he shouted. I’m sure everyone could hear him in their homes all waiting to hear what was going to happen. His temper was not going to do any good “Please

Spinning around I shouted back just as loudly, so everyone could hear too. He wouldn’t have to bother telling anyone “Nothing happened” I threw my arms in the air “He asked me to make him a lemonade, told me you didn’t respect him, that he knew you were up to something and that he’d be back in two days, today to get the stuff”

“What did you tell him?” he eyed me with that fucking look he used to give Mum.

“I don’t have anything to tell anyone” I blurted out honestly “You tell me fuck all and we all know why!”

“Y/n” he said my name softer. But he knew he treated me differently. My brother who was ten years younger had more respect than I did from the man.

“Enough of this!” I stomped out of the house, down the stairs and towards the gate. I knew I was acting like some grumpy teenager and not someone in their twenties.
Fuck all of this I should of said yes and gotten out of here when I had the chance. This place isn’t my home anymore. Truth be, it probably never was. I was fooling myself.

I could hear him calling my name from the house. But ignored it only to come to a stop when I reached the gate. Had this place always been so small?

There she was Rosita big mouth.

She was watching me and I just glared at her before flipping her off. Fucking bitch. Just couldn’t keep her mouth shut could she?

I had to move away from her. I needed to get out of here. But I didn’t want to miss him. Fucking hell.

What was I even doing?

This was all so wrong.

I spent the next few hours aimlessly wondering around the compound we were in. Afraid to leave and afraid to come face to face with daddy dearest. Why did he have to hate me so much? I never did anything to warrant it.  

He was the one who cheated on Lori and got my Mum pregnant when he was so young, before they got married. None of this is my fault.

Maybe I should just say yes today.

“Yes” I tested the word on my lips. It didn’t sound so wrong.

I knew that if I did say that one world that would be it. There was no possible way Negan would just let me come back here after going to his Sanctuary. I could just turn around and lead everyone there. I wouldn’t but he didn’t know that.

They would never look at me the same way here. I would not be welcome. Alexandria would be over for me.

Imagine finally getting away from this and be free of that man who calls himself my Dad but has never once been one, to me at least.

Was Negan really the better option though? He was a semi kind of psychopath.


I had to stop thinking about this. It wasn’t going to do any good at all.

“THE SAVIORS ARE HERE!!” It was like déjà vu. Rosita’s voice filled the air and my breath caught in my throat. Was he really here?

Smiling I made my way to the front gate.

There was something wrong with me.

I should not be smiling because the damn saviours were here.

They owned us now.

Nothing was ours anymore.

I was actually happy that the Saviors were here? I bet thats never happened before.

“Y/n get out of here” Rick shouted pointing towards the wall.

“Theres no point” I told him. Negan knew I was here and me not being would only bring up more questions. Especially as I told him I never really left.  

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jesus disappear over the wall. He arrived last night, wanting to see Rick and to tell us that Enid, Carl and Judith were at the Hilltop and would stay there for a few days.

I could tell Rick was grinding his teeth in annoyance as he carried on towards the two trucks pulled in through the now open gates. Two.. not three as there had been before but he didn’t say another word or even look in my direction.

He wasn’t here.

One of his men came out and greeted Rick.

I remembered seeing him when I was pulled around by that arsehole who had left the blackest hand shaped bruise I had ever had on my skin.

Apart of me was disappointed. All of me.

Why wasn’t he here?

Maybe he hadn’t felt the tension between us that I had. Maybe it was all in my head?

Maybe his offer wasn’t a real thing.. maybe be regretted saying it and didn’t want me to actually say yes.

“Fuck this!”

Rick turned to me so fast I thought his head was going to come flying off.

“Something Wrong?” The man he was talking to asked. He kind of had a smile like his. Negan’s.

“Oh ummm” I awkwardly rubbed my neck “No nothing sorry” I smiled.

“Okay then” he winked before turning back to Rick who was watching me with something I had never seen in his eyes before.

As soon as they leave I am getting out of here. I needed some air.


It was pitch black and I hadn’t made it back to Alexandria yet. Fuck.

The sound of a walker in the distance made me freeze until It moved far enough away that I could carry on my journey back. I have a knife but avoiding was the better option when it was this dark outside.

I had never meant to go out as far or for as long as I had, I just walked and it just happened.

Honestly now Judith was safe at Hilltop I’m pretty sure no one had even noticed I wasn’t around. Daryl was the only one who would of, he always made the effort but he wasn’t around anymore either.

I hope he’s ok.

That wherever Negan has put him he’s safe, as safe as he can be at least.

God I hope so.

I owed that man my life after he saved me. He always knew when something was on my mind.

Sneaking back over the wall I became aware that they weren’t alone. Someone was here. The Saviors.

“Whats going on?” I slowly and as silently as possible snuck down and let out a shaky breath when my feet finally touched the grass.

As I snuck behind one of the houses, I looked around the corner carefully, not wanting to be spotted, everyone was out in the road once again.

There he was, Negan, standing by the pool table. Why was that out here? In the middle of the street?

“THERE THEY ARE” He shouted angrily. A shiver shot down my spine as his voice bit through the air that suddenly felt static “YOU DID HAVE GUTS” moving a bit further I saw someone fall the floor into a pile of blood? Oh my god. It was Spencer “I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GOD DAMN WRONG IN MY WHOLE LIFE!”

“Oh my god” I started breathing heavily. This was the man they had spoken about. He was like a Jekyll and Hyde.  The man I had been in the room with was not this person here right now. This was the animal they had talked about.

Suddenly a shot sounded through the air and I instinctively dropped to the floor. Covering my ears. Who did that?

A lot of commotion happened but I couldn’t look anywhere but at him. 

He was angry though. 

So fucking angry. 

Angrier than he had been even a second a go when he had killed. What had Spencer done?

Oh my god.

It was both scary and something…. else. Something I was too scared to even think of let alone admit, even to myself. 

Rick’s voice started to speak but was quickly shot down by Negan.

This wasn’t good.

Who was shot?

Who made the shot?


A second shot rung out but I stayed where I was with my ears covered, not taking my eyes off of him. I didn’t want to hear what was happening right now. What was I going to do? I could just sneak out again. No one knew I was here. No one knew I knew what was happening.

But he was here.

I wanted to see him no matter how wrong that was.

Jesus I know how fucking messed up that was.

But this was the world we lived in now. Any true civilised people had died out. 

They were weak in this World. 

You had to be smart.

Negan was smart.

When you think about it he was probably one of the smartest people left.

Shakily I stood up and uncovered my ears.

Looking at the scene once again I saw Negan and his anger was palatable. I could feel it on my own skin even at the distance I was, I couldn’t imagine how it must of felt to be as close to him as everyone else was.

I’d say she did some major damage!”

“Negan” Rick pleaded “We can..”

“Shut the fuuuuuuuuuck up” Negan laughed somewhat calming down from his earlier outburst “Simon” he shouted to the guy who had been here earlier “Get them on their knees NOW!”

People started gasping and crying. The last time he had people on their knees he had used Lucille to kill two of them. This isn’t good.

I couldn’t let this happen. But what could I do?

‘Offers there anytime y/n. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime’  that line had been going through my head for two whole days. Over and over again. Non stop.

“The thing is Rick you and your people don’t seem to listen” he pointed the bat, Lucille at him as he spoke leaning backwards so far anyone else would of fallen over “I have done nothing but give you a mother fucking service!! Your boy broke into one of my vans, shot a bunch of my men and I bring him home, not a fucking scratch on him! I even fed him some fucking spaghetti and this bitch shot Lucille trying to kill me and Arat took out the fat girl and thats got to save you a hell a lot of food commmeeee onnn!”  Olivia? She was dead? Oh my god. What the hell did he say Carl did?

“We’re sorry” Rick was practically grovelling and it was pathetic to see.

Someone or ones was about to get killed again. I couldn’t let that happen. I would not stand by and watch. Despite everything I couldn’t.

Fuck fuckidy fuck

Without giving myself a chance to back out I walked forwards, holding my hands in the air making my way into the clearing, praying no one would shoot.

Negan!” every pair of eyes flashed towards me.


What do you think will happen next?? Ekkkkk 

Also… how often would you guys like these parts to be posted? As soon as I finish them or would set days be better? Let me know :)

Thank you for the love <3



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51: “A bull in a China shop has more grace than you.”

For @imagicalrainbowunicornpuke​ who asked it with a clumsy Nico.

a.k.a I present to you, the accidental spy AU I suddenly tried my hands on but most likely failed at haha.

“Careful on that now! I told you not to touch anything!” Will Solace gritted his teeth as he tried so hard as to not yell at the Italian man out of pure frustration “We’re supposed to be stealthy. Don’t draw attention on us! And can you please fix your tie?”

They were both currently attending a party hosted by a lady named Rachel Dare, a known artist in the country whose works of arts are sought after by the social elites. Will Solace had gotten words from his informant that his current target would most likely be here.

The Italian carefully placed the ceramic vase back on the table which he almost accidentally knocked out with his hands. Thankfully, no one else seemed to have noticed his little act “Well, I’m sorry for lacking your required spy skills but whose fault is it that I’m here? Also, it’s not like I tried to knock it on purpose”

“Fine, I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else. My bad”


“And sorry I didn’t bother listening to your argument and instead dragging you without your consent”

“Continue” The man, who is most likely Italian due to his features simply made a lazy casual wave much to the blond’s annoyance. Okay sure, he mistook him for the other spy he was supposed to work with and yes, his mistake but can he really be blamed if their descriptions are similar? Raven haired. A little pale. Wears a black shirt. Has a tattoo visible on one side of his neck.

How was he to know he grabbed the wrong person?

Focus, Will. Focus. The word ended up as a mantra in his head.

“…Therefore actually having ended up endangering your life”

The man looked satisfied and smug at the apology and casually began walking away, this time careful enough to stand nowhere near anything less he risk accidentally breaking something. Then he stopped, seemingly having a debate with himself before letting out one long sigh and looking at Will.

“Since I’m pretty much already dragged completely into this. What do I do?”

“We join the party of course. You’re going to be Luis Sebastian, an Architecture firm owner from England wanting to expand your company into the American soil. Single. Likes to go golfing during your free time. You’re looking for potential business partners hence why you’re here. Remember to interact and gather information without being a subject of suspicion. You don’t have to worry about being photographed by the paparazzi since Rachel doesn’t allow them in her parties. You should still avoid personal photographs though”

“Fine. And how am I supposed to do that whole gathering information thing?” The man questioned, sounding like he already signed his name to his fate. “I didn’t even have a crash course on this”

“Talk. Mingle. Eavesdrop. Flirt. I don’t know just don’t get caught” Will looked at his new found companion, eyes suddenly all serious. “Just see if you can get any information about a man named Octavian and try not to trip while doing so”

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eennoshita-shine  asked:

May I have a drabble for Prompto givin his s/o a surprise kiss pls? (That's 25 + 30 I think) Thank youu

Here you go!

It’s a favorite pastime of his, finding new and interesting ways to kiss you when you’re least expecting it. He has his favorites though and really nothing can beat the classic of hugging you from behind and pressing a kiss to your cheek while you aren’t paying attention. Usually you’re so deep in thought that you don’t even notice him approaching but you always smile when he does it and he always feels a sense of accomplishment when he sees that.

Today though he feels like something a little more challenging than a classic and he thinks he has the perfect plan in place. While the two of you are out walking, holding hands and enjoying the nice warm spring day after a frigid winter, he points across the street to a small park.

“Woah! Look at that dog!” He exclaims with real enthusiasm because well there really is a dog. Of course you look to see what cute new pup has caught his attention this time and when you turn back to him to comment on it, that’s when he makes his move.

Before you can so much as utter a word he’s pressing a soft kiss to your lips and he can’t help but smile while he does. When he pulls away he’s outright grinning with a giddy excitement while stand there looking momentarily stunned.

“One of these days I’m going to get you back,” you say, trying to sound threatening but considering he loves kissing, it falls flat.

“I’m not worried, you have a lot of catching up to do before you beat me,” he says confidently. “And I’m not going to stop and let you catch up to me either.”

“Challenge accepted then,” you say and just as he’s about to make some joke, you mimic his move and press a quick kiss to his lips and this time it’s his turn to be momentarily stunned.


Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!

anonymous asked:

you know what i really love? trans percy. and sally being the most supportive mother and blofis being the most supportive stepfather and just. trans percy having a supportive family.


i can imagine shitty gabe being an ass about it and sally is about to say something that would probably get her really hurt by this terrible, disgusting man when suddenly the pipes in the kitchen just burst. sink basically explodes into a fountain of water. weird things like this happen around percy a lot, freak accidents like that, that seem to have perfect timing to break up conflict. percy steers his mom away from shitty gabe and he and sally fix the pipes. percy feels a bit of pride at being pretty good at it. his mom’s a competant handiman herself, but something about it still gives him a warm Man Of The House feeling. its enough to calm him down until gabes next shitty comment.

then, when gabe is gone and paul blofis enters the picture, percy is nervous. he wants his mom to be happy with a guy. he doesnt want him to be another gabe, and hes sure he isnt, he trusts his mom but… he wonders if maybe, him being trans will … somehow make this paul blofis act like gabe. like it would be percys fault all over again. he forces the feelings down and tells his mom good luck on her date with the new guy. she giggles like a girl at camp that just got asked out by her first crush, and he smiles. her happiness matters more than anything. if it comes to, percy can always stay at camp. as long as mom’s happy

but paul surprises percy. he’s a genuinely nice guy. hes good-hearted and he stops and thinks before making rash judgements or decisions. percy jokes that he’s the exact opposite of himself and paul smiles “i dont think that.” percy has never seen his mom this happy

of course, being a family, paul eventually figures out that percy is trans. percy thinks it’ll all end up okay, but hes worried. he doesnt want to mess things up. again, paul surprises him. “i dont know a lot about it, but i know how violent other people can be. you know im here to support you, percy. and if you ever wanna talk guy stuff, youre still always welcome to talk to me.” percy absolutely doesnt cry. at least, thats what he tells people. when he buries his face into pauls chest and thanks him and thank him and cries and cries, it doesnt seem to matter much what other people think.

just…. percy having a happy and supportive family was already my weakpoint, now my trans ass is dead and dying. i love this. thank you anon :,)

Loathing (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes 

Warnings: swearing

You had always been a likable person, you didn’t have to try either. People just immediately grew found of you as soon as you met them, you were kind and genuine but most importantly you were calming. Something about you calmed people down whether it be through a hug or a simple talk, anxiety washed away from people all because of you. 

While your skill set was focused on combat, espionage and marksmanship, you were quite the opposite of violent. In normal day to day life you were the mediator between the avengers and their small disagreements. Whenever Tony was being an ass to Steve and Steve was being too hardheaded to back down, you ended up stepping in to calm the two down until they could talk out their issues. 

Tony had taken you under his wing as a daughter figure when you were first recruited while Steve and Sam approached you as more of older brothers. Natasha, Clint and Bruce all cherished you and though you weren’t that much younger than them, they viewed you as their little sister. Wanda seemed to be the only member who viewed you as a friend, but more of a best friend who she would care for forever. To say the Avengers were protective of you was a huge understatement. 

They all liked you, you made friends easily and you were good as hell at your job and maybe that’s why you couldn’t quite understand why a certain shaggy haired man seemed to hate you with every ounce of strength in his body.

Bucky had always been reserved ever since Steve recruited him into the Avengers but, he at least talked occasionally with the other members. He had never once spoken a word to you or even looked in your general direction as far as you knew. It seemed as though every time he saw you he walked in the opposite way, avoiding you like his life depended on it. 

You didn’t know what made Bucky hate you so much - you had always been nice to him. At first you tried talking to him, earning no answers every time. Then, you tried inviting him out with the gang or asking if he wanted to train with you which always ended in him turning on his heel and walking away from you. 

But, lately he’s been doing so much more than ignoring you - he’s been being rude to you as well. Whenever you’d speak his eyes would close tightly as if your voice was hurting his head before he stormed out of the room. Or, you’d walk into the gym and he’d let out a big sigh before grabbing his stuff and going out the opposite exit. 

You weren’t sure what you had done to make him hate you so much, nobody had ever hated you before except your enemies. When you had talked to Sam about it he had offered to go beat Bucky’s ass, but even through all the sadness Bucky put you through you couldn’t let him get hurt just because you managed to piss him off.

“Have you seen Bucky? I was supposed to train with him but he’s not in the gym.” Steve says, walking into the common room with a towel strewn over his sweaty shoulders. You peer up over your book, giving him a look as if to say ‘do you truly think i’d know?’

Shifting your book, you turn the page down and shut the cover. “Steve, I thought you would have noticed this by now. If I’m in a room, Bucky is guaranteed to not be in it.” You end your words with a small smile, pushing a hair form your face that had fallen from your messy bun.

Steve sighs, looking at your small form on the couch. “Don’t take it personally, bud. He’s just…more reserved with you. I don’t know why, maybe he finds you intimidating.” He jokes, watching as your dimple pokes out through your cheek.

“I highly doubt that. I think he just hates me for a reason I don’t know. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out, but until that day you can assume Bucky will be on the other side of the tower from wherever I am.” You smile, stretching your back before returning to your book.

Steve shuffles by you, placing a hand on your shoulder as he walks by. his touch is soft, almost comforting for a man who’s bicep was larger than your head. “Oh and Steve, check the kitchen. I just baked some cookies and he usually eats some after I leave.” 

A small smile perks on Steves lips when he walks out of the room, leaving silence to loom over you as you read. The pages rub against your fingertips, the paper crinkling with ever turn. You tuck your feet under the blanket in front of you, toes wiggling in the fluffy fabric.

“I don’t hate you.” A voice scrapes through the clear air, forcing your head to pop up. You’re unable to connect the voice to a face but the familiarity of it makes you curious. You look behind you seeing Bucky’s large form take up most of the doorway.

Closing your book on your finger, you raise an eyebrow slightly at him. “Well, you had me fooled.” You manage to say while shifting to face him. He licks his lips before shuffling in the doorway, kicking his feet along the hardwoods.

Theres a short silence between you two. You fear he will run off and not finish the conversation but instead leave you hanging. 

“You make me nervous.” He mumbles, blinking at you with an anxious expression. “I know it’s usually the opposite with people around you, Steve tells me all the time how he thinks it’ll help me to talk to you after one of my nightmares. I don’t know why you make me nervous exactly, but every time I’m near you I get all jittery and my heart starts beating fast.”

You nod slowly, trying to figure out what he was trying to say. “And it’s not like in the scared kind of way because I’m not afraid of you, it’s more of the way where my stomach does flips whenever I see you tucked in the corner of the room with your book in your face and your lip between your teeth. Steve says that’s love, I’ve never been in love so I wouldn’t know.”

Tilting your head to the side, your jaw opens slightly. “And, I know I’ve been an ass to you and I’m sorry. I just don’t know how to talk to you and it’s been 70 years since I last had a crush so I’m not sure how to do this anymore. God, I’m rambling and I’m just throwing all of this at you, I’ll go.”

As he turns to leave, you pout your bottom lip. “Bucky, come back.” Your soft voice flows through him in the best way, soothing his nerves immediately. He turns and looks at you, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “I like you too. Now, please just keep talking to me.”

Nodding, Bucky walks over to the couch with a small smile on his face. He sits at the edge of the maroon couch, observing your face. “I’ve never seen you up close before, it’s nice.” He laughs lightly, chewing the skin of his bottom lip.

You smile, scooting over closer until your knees touch his thigh. “Do you remember when you first came to the tower and I tried to talk to you in the kitchen? I was making hot chocolate for us and I guess I just wouldn’t stop talking or something because the next second I looked up and you were gone.” You chuckle, his fingers brushing some strands of hair from your cheek.

“I remember. You were wearing that striped dress that I like, I think it’s one of your favorites or at least thats what Steve said when i mentioned it. You weren’t talking too much, you were just so beautiful, the first truly stunning thing I had seen since I got out of HYDRA. You still are the only beautiful thing I’ve seen. I left because I got nervous that you’d think i was crazy or something, or that you’d be afraid of me.” He admits, a small blush creeping along his cheeks.

You shake your head, smiling. “I’m not afraid of you Bucky, I never have been and I never will be.” His lips turn up at your words. “And that dress is my favorite but you kinda made this really disgusted look last time I wore it so it’s currently residing in the back of my closet.”

“That face wasn’t for you,” Bucky laughs, his eyes shining as he looks at you. “Steve lied to me that you were going out on a date so I got kinda jealous. When Wanda told me you were going out with your mom for dinner I got so mad at Steve I thought I was going to lose my mind.”

“Steve can be quite the pain in the ass, huh? Just loves to meddle with other peoples issues.” You giggle, showing off your teeth as you smile. Bucky smiles at you, wider than you thought was possible.

Nodding, he turns more to look at you. “He’s a troublemaker I’ll give him that. But, if he hadn’t meddled earlier I wouldn’t be in here right now so I guess i owe him for giving me the confidence to talk to you.”

“I’m glad you came to talk to me, I don’t like when people seem like they hate me. It’s good to know you don’t.” You reassure him, pressing your hand on his wrist before squeezing and retracting your hold.

Bucky shifts, placing a knee on the couch so he is fully facing you.”I could never hate you, even if I wanted to. I really like you, Y/N, a lot more than i thought was possible for someone as messed up as me. I’m not stable, I’m a piece of shit sometimes and I’m a horrible person to sleep with because I steal the covers but if you’re wiling to look past all my flaws then I’d really love to take you on a date.” His eyes sparkle with hope when he looks up at you, reaching for your hands with his own.

You nod, feeling the cold metal against your skin. “I’d love it if you took me on a date Bucky.” His smile widens as you speak, his human hand snaking up to press against your cheek and pull you gently towards him.

Your eyes flutter close as your lips brush together, your hands twirling in his long hair as your lips open to make way for your tongues. He holds your cheek with one hand, his metal one moving down to hold your waist flush against him.

“I said talk to her not make out with her!” Steve yells from the doorway, forcing you and Bucky to pull away. You giggle when you see Steve’s dumbfounded face with Nat behind him, a huge grin on her face. 

Hybrid Part 2 | {Pack Imagine}

Hybrid Part 2 | Pack Imagine

Warnings: None

A/N: Just wanted to say thank you,

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P.S You are Liams age.

Song Suggestion:

“Here” Lucian Remix By Alessia Cara.


You walk into your first period - history.

“Class we have a new student please welcome her niclely.

Miss Y/L/N you can sit behind Liam in the third row.”

You sit down and a couple minutes later you catch a scent again but this time it was way stronger.

Suddenly the brown haired boy sitting in front of you straightens up and looks around,

He turns around to face you and both your eyes widen.

He flashes his bright yellow coloured eyes as you show him your black blood shot eyes.

You both flash back and he turns back to face the board.

“Seriously? Another werewolf.” You whisper to yourself knowing he could hear you pretty damn well.

Class ended and you quickly took your books and bag and left before you could give someone a chance to approach you.


The whole pack was sitting and eating lunch, I couldn’t stop thinking about that girl I saw in the morning.

I’ve never seen her before.

Suddenly Liam comes up to us.

“Scott! Listen theres a new girl in my class a-and she’s supernatural but I don’t know what she is.”

The whole pack turned to you and Liam.

“Thats what I meant to talk to you guys about,

This new girl, I saw her this morning in the halls and we exchanged looks but not human ones.

We have a vampire here and we have no idea who she is and why she’s here.”

“So what are we going to do?” Malia asked.

“We need to talk to her, alone.”

“But what if she’s dangerous, remember Theo?” Liam said.

“We still need a plan, there needs to be a reason why she’s here.”


“I literally left my home to come to a supernatural warehouse” You thought to yourself.

Your day was over and as you started walking towards the school entrance as the tan skinned boy stood in front of you.

“Can I help you?” You asked sarcastically.

“We need to talk”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Scott McCall”

“As in THE Scott McCall? The true Alpha?”

“Yes and I know you are supernatural too so me and my pack need to talk to you, alone.”


“Here’s my number, I’ll text you my address and you come over at 7.”

“Fine” You said angrily as he cleared the entrance allowing you to finally go home.


You sat in your car looking out the window to the house a couple feet away from you.

You wondered if this was a good idea, If you should really get involved again.

You gathered up all your courage and stepped out of your car making your way to the McCall residents.

You ring the doorbell and after a couple seconds Scott opens up.

“I’m glad you decided to come.”

You smiled and walked in towards the kitchen to find about 5 teenagers waiting there.

You saw most of them around your school and obviously remembered the younger boy from your history class.

“This is my pack”

“Thats Stiles, He’s human but was possessed by an evil spirit a while ago”

He pointed at the tall pale boy with dark brown hair.

“Hi” Stiles waved.

“Thats Lydia, She a Banshee.” He pointed at  the strawberry blonde haired girl with the bold lips.

She smiled to you and Scott moved on.

“Thats Liam, He’s my Beta and I heard you already met.”

“More like exchanged looks” You said sarcastically making Liam roll his eyes.

“Thats Kira, She a Kitsune.”

The asian girl smiled shyly at you and you smiled back.

“And thats Malia, She’s a Werecoyote.”

The short brown haired girl had a small grin on her face.

“So what brings you here-“ Stiles started.

“I’m Y/N and I’m guessing you all know I’m a vampire.

I moved here about two weeks ago after my pack was killed by hunters.”

“A vampire omega..” Lydia stated.

“Yes, me and my parents moved here to try and avoid anymore dangers or at least towards vampires.”

“Y/N, I would like to speak to them privately.”

“Sure.” You said walking towards the living room.

“I think she should join us, our pack.” Scott said.

“We don’t know her, we can’t trust her.”You heard Stiless voice.

“She’s an omega, she’s doesn’t have anyone” Scott said.

“He does have a point.” Malia said.

“I think we should still give her a chance.” Scott said.

“Fine, but it’s another Theo turn out I’m not responsible for it.” Stiles said.

Scott came over to you.

“Y/N we decided to add you to our pack, come with me and we will explain some more things we need you to know.”

You nodded and you both walked to the kitchen.

“Could I ask something?” You asked.

“Sure” Lydia said.

“Whats your guyss danger right now? I mean, there needs to be some kind of threat to you guys.”

“As of right now, There are a group of supernatural scientists, “The Dread Doctors”, who turn teenagers into supernaturals hybrids.”

“Oh, Okay.”

“Have you been training? I mean with your old pack?” Malia asked.

“We have but not serious training.”

“You’ll train with Liam, Every other day you will meet me and Liam at Dereks loft.”

“And who’s Derek?”

“He’s another pack member, You’ll meet him later on.”


“Now, Its time to go home everyone and Y/N you need to sleep well tonight, Your training starts tomorrow.”


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I could talk to you for hours and never get tired of hearing your voice or your laugh, never get tired of watching you smile. I really don’t think I could ever get tired of you. I don’t.
—  5:15pm thoughts// but could you get tired of me

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Something based off this confession on the dirty lazy town confessions blog plz: 154403357081 (That's the post number I think I don't know how to tumblr sorry)

(I love bottom Robbie!! I think it’s important for people to acknowledge that power dynamics are not set in stone and that switching at least sometimes is p good for relationships) 

Sportacus chuckled a bit at the way Robbie whined and thrust his hips up forcefully, face pinched in frustration. 

“I already told you to add more fingers, Sportaflop!” Oh–name calling. It must be serious. Sportacus continued to tease Robbie’s tight walls with just one finger, smile twitching up in one corner. He made sure to just tease gently at the outer hole before pressing deeper at just the right times, pressing the pad of his middle finger to the spot that would make Robbie see stars. 

“Spor–ggh–come on!” Robbie shifted his hips forward forcefully again, trying to jostle Sportacus into cooperating. It simply made another laugh escape him. 

“Ah, Robbie, you have to ask nicely.” Sportacus said, pulling his finger out to teasingly press two against Robbie’s hole–enough to be felt, but nowhere near enough to penetrate. Robbie whimpered. 

“Fine…p…please. There. I said it.” Robbie said, crossing his arms over his chest. Sportacus nodded, smiling sweetly, before pressing both fingers in quickly, aiming directly for his prostate. The arms that had been crossed over Robbie’s torso quickly went to pull at the sheets instead. 

Sportacus continued smiling, innocent as could be, as he fingered Robbie–scissoring and pressing against his prostate more, teasing until Robbie finally begged for it to stop, warning he was going to cum. 

“You’re so nice, like this.” He whispered into Robbie’s neck as he bent over him, sliding in slowly. Robbie let out a shaky breath, somehow turning a deeper shade of red than he already had been at Sportacus’ words. When he was all the way inside, they stayed for a bit, shaking slightly with the deep inhales and exhales. 

“Please,” Robbie said again, this time not hesitating like he had earlier. Sportacus answered his request gladly.


I’m Fine.

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Definitely agree! He was much more older too so it would make sense for her to try to 'prove' that they fit together hence the stone face - but goood her smile is so much more prettier 😍

I definitely think that was an element, too. From what I can tell they at least started seeing/talking to one another only two months after she turned 18 and shed never been in a serious relationship before.

Idk, she looks really comfortable lately and she smalls so much more in her candids and looks more relaxed and fun in the new work thats come out since then like she looks good. I think that’s part of why she should stay single or just casually date for a while like not to be corney but this is the age your suppose to “find yourself” and sometimes, for some people, you gotta do it on your own. She can put herself first and spend her free time chilling with friends and go out rather than closed up somewhere or only with one person, like shes clearly a social butterfly so I think it’ll be good for her to ride with that wider range of freedom.

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Raphael flirting with simon: u make me feel less dead inside

This is comedy and fluff enjoy you sinner


Honestly Raphael did not have the time or the warddrobe choice to go fishing for fledglings in the Hudson river. And yet here he was. Wading in dirty river water while wearing a, now, completely ruined personally tailored  Michael Kors Suit. All thanks to Simon.

When Raphael pulls him safely to shore he punches him square in the jaw.


Simon gives him a sort of dazed glassy look. He resembled a puppy that just had it’s first bath.  

“Well  I thought if I could run fast enough I might be able to, theoretically, run across water”

Raphael blinks. Then he blinks again because holy shit that’s the stupidest thing he’s ever heard.

“Are you telling me..”


“That I ruined a perfectly good suit..”



Simon coils back from the leader, very afraid that he may actually throw him back into the Hudson.

Raphael considers it but figures he’d probably go in after him again and the suit has been through enough today.

He has certainly been through enough today.


He says goodbye to the suit in the proper way.

By burning it.

It’s somewhat because he cant stand the thought of it going in the trash.

It’s mostly because he needs something to take his frustration out on.


“I wish I was Bella Swan” The fledgling exclaims. He’s lying on his back in the training room, staring up at the ceiling. Raphael takes a moment to appreciate him in all his post-training glory. His hair is a sinful mess and a small bit of his shirt has ridden up showing a nice bit of flesh. Raphael pushes down the thoughts of pressing kisses to that bit of skin and trailing them all the way up if he’s feeling sweet.  If he’s feeling something else he’ll trail them down until..

“She totally got off easy! I mean her vampire training included a lot of sex if I remember it right. How much sex have I had. None. Nought. Nada!” Simon complains, throwing his hands in the air.

“Oh the injustice” Raphael quips back and totally doesn’t think about vampire training sex. Simon throws him a withering look before he slowly moves into a sitting position.

“Help me up, I think I’m ready to start again”

Raphael helps him up and if he held on to Simon’s hand longer than really necessary well that was no ones business.


“Hey Raph?”

“My name is..”

“JOHN CENA” Simon yells and Raphael is horrified to hear Stan enthusiastically kazoo-ing  the ridiculous theme.

This was the sixth time this month. The fledgling is smarter than he looks because he waits for Raphael to forget the joke before doing it again.

And now he’s corrupted poor Stan.

“I loathe you” Raphael says, shoving past a laughing Simon.

“LOVE YOU TOO!” He yells it loud enough that almost everyone in the hotel can hear it.

Raphael regrets a lot of things in his life in that moment.


The sun was rising and the hotel was slowly getting quieter. Raphael’s favourite part of the day was always this. When everyone makes it in safely and the hotel slowly loses it’s bustle until there isn’t a soul out of their coffin but him.

He makes his way through the empty corridors, walking the familiar path to his room. He hears the occasional rustling from someone not yet asleep but tonight there’s no one in need of a soothing word. It’s a blessing really.

He nears his room but stops before he enters. His next door neighbour was the annoying fledgling. Raphael put him there so he  could keep an eye on him as he seemed to have a knack for getting himself into trouble. When he comes to think of it he hasn’t seen the little pain in his ass all night.

Just to make sure he didn’t run off back to the institute again Raphael decided to check on him. That was his first mistake.

His second mistake was asking Simon what he was up to.

“Movie marathon. Since I finally got internet installed here I’ve been binge watching but I ran out of tv shows days ago. You can get so much done when you don’t have to stop for pee breaks”

“Right..” He said intending to leave before Simon went on one of his pop culture spiels.

“Hey Raph?”

He caught himself just in time. “Yes Simon” He smiles back smugly.  The fledgling looks briefly disappointed and Raphael enjoys the fleeting feeling of success. SImon must pick up on how pleased with himself he’s feeling because of course he wants to ruins Raphael’s good mood.

“Why don’t you watch with me?” It’s said in such a sweet tone, complete with a batting of eyelashes and big puppy eyes.

The douchebag knew how to get under his skin.

“No really I cant”

“Really you can”

His third mistake was not having any form of backbone when met with those pouting lips.

He agrees to watch one movie with Simon.

They end up marathoning the entire Harry Potter series.

His fourth mistake was getting attached to Dobby.


“Fledgling I swear to god if you die I’ll kill you” Raphael threatens as he scoops a bleeding Simon off of the ground. He tries not to panic too much but it’s kind of hard when holy shit Simon might die.

“Y'know your logic would be unsound in the human world” SImon croaks out. Raphael ignores him and tries to think. Where should he go? Who can make this better? Then it hits him.

“We’re going to Magnus Bane” Raphael says taking off towards his apartment.

“He’ll fix me with glitter” The fledgling mumbles before ungraciously passing out.

“quedarse conmigo un poco más largo” Raphael whispers.  "Dios, you better stay"


The fledgling awakes a day after the demon attack. Raphael drops what he’s doing instantly and rushes to Magnus’s apartment.

“He carried you here in his arms. Princess style. I’ve never seen him more concerned over something that wasn’t clothes..” He hears Magnus say and hell no, he needs to stop that right now.

“He has a thing fo–” “Simon, you'rw awake. Good. Lets get going” Raphael interrupts their conversation before it can go any further.

“Ah ah ah, where’s my payment?” Magnus asks holding out his hand. Raphael sighs and hands over the package that was filled with a bunch of Camille’s old jewellery. At least there was something the evil wench was good for.

“C'mon Raph, I missed an episode of gossip girl while I was passed out” Simon says and he leads Raphael out of Magnus’s apartment by the hand.

He doesn’t let go of Raphael’s hand until they near the Dumort.


It takes a while for Raphael to get any alone time with Simon as it seems everyone in the hotel and they’re uncle were coming to see if he was okay.
The final person leaves the fledglings room and Raphael stands outside the door. Contemplating whether or not he should do this.

“Are you going to come in or just stand there all night?” Simon asks. Raphael inhales, fixes his hair and straightens his shirt before he pushes the door open. Inside Simon is messing with the cd player he had put in his room.

He waves a distracted greeting at Raphael.

“I think we should talk Simon” Raphael starts, because they do. He nearly saw him die …. again. But for real this time. Bury the casket kind. A pleasant crooning comes out from the player and Simon turns his attention to the clan leader.

“Nah” Simon says, making his way over to Raphael. “I can think of better things we could do” He pulls Raphael flush against him.  The fledgling hesitates for a moment before he starts swaying back and forth. Raphael sways with him, arms circling around his shoulders.

“Honestly I though you were going to punch me at first” Simon murmers. It’s not the most romantic thing you can whisper in someones ear but Raphael will take it.

“I still might” Raphael teases back but he’s trying desperately to hide his smile in Simon’s shirt. Simon chuckles and Raphael can feel it.

They sway a bit longer in silence. Letting the music do all the talking for them.
“I have no idea why you like me” Simon admits, burying his head between the junction of Raphael’s neck and shoulder.

Rapheal ponders the statement for a moment. Why does he like Simon? There’s the base level of he’s handsome. He’s got a great ass but thats the least of it. Simon’s smart, he’s tough and brave. He endures and endures and always has a joke or a smile to crack for whoever needs it. Raphael sometimes thinks he’s a foreign creature, sent by god to test his already limited patiends. He sometimes thinks Simon and him are so alike it’s suffocating.  Simon makes him feel things he’s never felt for anyone before. He drives him crazy and he loves every second of insanity.

“You make me feel …  less … dead inside” He replies lamely. He’s never been good with words but this is truely the worst thing he could say to try and articulate how Simon makes him feel. But by the love of the maker Simon gets it.

“You make me okay with being dead” He says  with a soft little smile. Raphael wants to kiss him so bad.  So he does.

He stands on his tiptoes and presses the lightest of kisses on the fledglings lips. With a tilt of his head Simon deepens the kiss, turns it into something more.

Simon always had a knack for making something in place where nothing was before.


Raphael awakes to Simon poking him repeatedly.

“Y'know most lovers kiss each other awake” He complains, blinking sleep from his eyes.

“Oh. I didn’t even think of that” Simon says,  a sappy look on his face. Raphael kisses the look right off.

He wont mind being poked awake by insufferable fledglings if it meant he got to kiss them afterwards.


“Hey Raph?”

“That’s not my name”

“Then what’s your name?”

“My na– wait. I will break up with you I swe-”


Raphael doesn’t break up with Simon. He does break the kazoo

How To Love

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Requested by anonymous:

“Can you do a Liam Dunbar imagine where you’re the villain but you’re hiding that and you’re getting close to the pack and like spying on them and especially liam but in the end they find out and during your dying moments he comes and he’s crying and you’re explaining how you did really fall for him and you wish you had stopped with your evil plan etc?”

Warnings: Character death, angst, violence, evil reader, just sadness man

Note: Ah this is such a good but sad request :( I kinda changed it where she was kind of just acting out orders from someone else but is still the villain so yeah :)

“Do whatever you have to do to get close to the pack then, you kill the alpha.”

Those words echoed through my mind as I wandered up the stairs to Beacon Hills High as I took in my surroundings. I ran through my background story over and over as I strutted through the main doors. That was when I spotted him. 

Scott McCall. My target. I smirked as I wandered past him, him completely oblivious to the fate that I had planned for him. My eyes flickered around the bustling halls as people stared at me trying to figure out who I was. 

“Liam!” A voice called. Suddenly someone shoved past me and I watched as a guy ran over to a familiar face. That was Liam Dunbar, the beta with the anger issues. That was the one my boss had told me to look out for.

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