at least i think that's what he was told

10/10 would date (pt. 3) - spideychelle hc - part 1 - part 2

-flash slams his fist onto the table

-and both ned and peter are shook

-flash sits down and he’s like

- “alright. spill, you dickwad.”

-peter and ned look at each other and they’re just kinda like ‘??’

- “i meant, what did you do to michelle?”

- so peter explains (while leaving out the spidey part)

- and flash is like ‘oh my fuCKING GOD, PARKER’

- and peter is once again, confused

- ‘you did all this because you got cut from the decathlon team?? dude she’s literally miserable! i’ve known her all my life and i’ve never seen her this sad. i’m giving you a day to fix it, or else.”

-ned is shook

- same, ned. same.

-who would’ve thought that flash really cared about someone other than himself

-flash is about to walk away but then he stops and he looks at peter

- “you’re clearly whipped, dude. go fix it and make her happy again.”

- peter is shooketh

- but then he yells from across the hall “PARKER IS IN LOOVVEEE.”

-and…he’s back

-so right after school, he makes it his personal mission to get his suit back from tony

-and once he’s done with some uneventful patrol

-he reaches michelle’s building

-and he’s wearing a hoodie and a pair of black sweatpants over it

-bc he kinda just realised that bright red and blue spandex isn’t exactly…inconspicous

-so he scales the buliding until he reaches the roof

-all while mumbling ‘pls be there, pls be there, pls be there’

-and she’s there


-but she’s reading so

-it gives him time to think of a cool entrance

-even though it prolly doesn’t matter but he’s peter the dweeb so

- “i was told to pick you up at 7?”

- omg this boy i swear

- mj has kinda just given up on everything

- so she sighs (over-dramatically bc that’s who she is as a person)

- and she’s like ‘what do u want, peter.’

- ok she’s talking to him at least. thats good.

-so he walks up to her and pulls off his mask

- and now he looks like her peter again

- “honestly, peter? i’m not in the mood to talk.”

- “that’s great! i mean-it’s good because you don’t have to talk, i just want you to listen. yeah.”

- ok y’all brace yourselves this is about to get real emotional and fic-like and v sappy

- “okay, i guess i kind of always knew that you knew i was spider-man in the back of my mind. and the only reason i never told you was because…bad things happen to people i love. and god, michelle, if anything happened to you, because of me, i would never forgive myself. ned and aunt may found out by accident. trust me if i had my way, no one would know. i trust you with my life, please don’t ever doubt that.”

-michelle’s kinda blank after that

-she’s trying to process everything that he just said

-and it wouldn’t hurt to forgive him, right?

- she can literally feel his nervousness

- but she gives it a few minutes bc why not amirite

- then she’s like “ok you dork i forgive you.”

- and peter is so relieved

- but also super happy

- so without any warning, he just hugs her

-and hoLY FUCK




- and when he finally pulls away, she’s like

- “you still hurt me a lot, so you owe me”

- and he starts bringing her tea every morning in school

- whenever she’s on her period, theres always a chocolate bar waiting for her in her locker

- bc of course he knows her cycle

-and he starts walking her home and telling her about all the crazy fights he’s had

- not because he wants to impress her or anything

- and when she decides that he needs her love and affection after a fight, she’d show up with a bunch of his fav snacks

- she’s sipping on her black tea

- when it hits her

- that night, when he apologised to her

- he told her that he loved her indirectly, but STILL




- but then why is she so happy !!

- and she’s in a happy mood for the rest of the day

- and lemme tell u somethin

-michelle is rarely in a happy mood

- like the kind when your mind drifts off to the source of ur happiness and you can’t stop smiling and giggling

- the one time she was in a happy mood was when flash fell into a bush

- but anyway

- during decathlon, everyone is like wtf is up w her

- flash secretly thinks she’s high

- wtf she keeps on smiling at her stupid cards

- so then after grilling them, and after cindy asks her if she’s okay,

- flash starts teasing peter about his ‘stark internship’ and asks him why he’s so obsessed w spider-man

- and peter panics

- whAT DOes HE DO

- so then she steps in

- and maybe she wasn’t really thinking when she said this

- “because i think spider-man is hot and peter’s being a jealous lil shit.”






- jedhkjdhkjsks he looks so red michelle really wants to laugh

- the whole team is ooh-ing and ahh-ing

- “i just don’t think s-spiderman is attractive.” peter manages to say

- and she looks him in the eye, “well, i do. so u better respect that you loser.”

- everyone’s kind of uninterested

- but there’s a double meaning behing what mj just said

- and peter doesn’t know how to react

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this is kind of an old subject, but what if keith isn't human at all and that's why we weren't told his ethnicity? what if he's just entirely alien? i highkey want him to be related to shiro but what if this is the case

mmm personally i think keith is human. actually i have a more… complicated theory about his parents:  we know that most likely the galra went to earth more than once right? keith was born on earth (at least…i guess?) and we know almost certainly that keith’s mom is galra. or at least…half. we don’t know if full galra women exist. so far.. the ones we’ve seen are half galra.

what if….keith’s mom is half human and half galra? it would explain why keith looks so human???? like in the blade of marmora the word choice is very important i feel like. they say “galra blood runs through your veins” opposed to “you’re half galra” maybe his galra heritage is a minor percentage and that’s why he only shows human traits? 

It Hurts Like Hell 
                                    - Part VI
Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 521
warning : reader character’s death (be warned - this chapter was the hardest
to write because i just couldn’t stop crying)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
*not my gif

Y/N spent the next few weeks barely leaving Kai’s apartment. She couldn’t stand being around her friends right now… Every time she saw any of them , the pain of what they did crushed her heart all over again. She loved Kai still and knew that one way or another he’d be back. Either he’d find his way out of there or she’d find someone to do the spell and bring him back. Lilly Salvatore wasn’t going to give up either , she was sure of it.

Y/N woke up in Kai’s bed feeling someone’s hands around her waist.
I’m just imagining it. she thought. It hasn’t been the first time since Kai got trapped in 1903 that she felt as if someone was there with her. Everywhere around the apartment , she’d see his face , hear his voice…. but this time it felt different. It felt more real than before. Y/N rolled over and found Kai starring at her.
“K-kai ?” she said startled. “No … no … I’m imagining it again.” tears started filling her eyelids.
“Don’t cry. ” he said wiping a tear from her face.“I hate it when you cry… I am really  here. I am real.”
Kai watched as his words started sinking into Y/N’s mind , her eyes widening when she realised it was really him standing there , a smile spreading across her face melting his heart.He had missed her more than he thought possible.
“OH MY … KAI !” she said rolling over , standing on top of him. “You are back !!! How … when ?” a wide grin on her face. “You know , never mind that … You are here !!” she said leaning in to kiss him deeply.
“Wow , calm down baby.” he said grinning too.
“I can’t ! I missed you so much …” she said unable to keep her lips off of his. “I love you ! I love you!”
Kai laughed , the most beautiful sound in the whole universe filling in the room.
“I love and missed you too Y/N. More than you can imagine.” he said , resting his forehead against her before pushing her away  ,sitting on the bed with a serious look on his face.
Y/N was confused for a moment as to what was happening. She took his hand and he turned towards her , a grim smile on his face.
“What is it ?” she asked.
“Nothing… ” he said , “Thats a beautiful dress you got there…”
“Thanks .. It’s for Jo’s wedding….  which is today. They are making me go even tho I told them specifically I never wanted to see any of them ever again.” Y/N said sadly.
“Are you going to the wedding ?” Kai asked , same grim look on his face.
“I was thinking about going … All the Gemini will be here and I thought , maybe somehow I’d convince one of them to help me break you out of 1903 prison world , or at least get them to send me there.” Y/N watched as Kai’s lips turned into a smile.
“You wanted to go to 1903 just to be with me ? Stuck reliving the same day over and over again for all eternity ?” he said surprised.
“I couldn’t bare another moment being away from you.” she said as Kai wrapped his hands around her.
“Neither could I.” Kai said , kissing her forehead. “There is something I have to tell you. I am going to make them pay for what they did… but I need you to stay here , OK. Don’t go to the wedding.”
“Why not ? ” she asked confused. “Malachai Parker , what have you got planned for today ?”

Y/N sat there listening to Kai’s plan , her eyes wide with shock and fear but not because of what he wanted to do. She had learned a long time ago that when you cross Kai , things get ugly. No , she was afraid because he didn’t know her friends like she did. They’d kill him for what he was planning to do.. for what he had already done. … but there was no talking him out of it. He made her promise that she wouldn’t go and she promised , knowing very well in the end she will break that promise. It was better this way - she’d have a chance to try and get him to pull back on his plan… and she didn’t want him to put a boundary spell on the apartment to keep her in there.

*  *  *

Y/N got dressed and drove to the wedding. As she was getting out of the car , her eyes fell on Kai who was standing on the edge of the forest. He motioned for her to follow. She looked around a few times , making sure no one could see her and walked towards him following him into the forest. They walked in silence for a while until they were far away so no one can hear them.
“You shouldn’t be here.” he said. “You promised me.”
There was hurt in his voice , he wasn’t angry … he was sad.
“Where else would I be?” she asked , wrapping her hands around him. “Don’t do this Kai.” Y/N pleaded.
“I’m sorry. I have to.” he said pressing his lips against hers. “I love you so much , Y/N.” he said and suddenly dissapeared into thin air.
“Kai , please … I know you can still hear me. I can’t lose you.” she said , her voice breaking. “I love you …”
But no answer came. Y/N had no idea if Kai was still there with her or not.

Jo and Alaric’s wedding was a complete disaster. In the very beginning everything had been perfectly fine , she even felt someone holding her hand and there was no question who it was… then suddenly that someone was gone.
Kai went through with his plan , interrupting the wedding right before Jo has finished her wedding vow. All the mayhem that followed sent Y/N across the room and onto the floor , hitting her head , pieces of glass piercing in her stomach. She was badly hurt and the pain was so strong but none of it even compared to seeing Kai stab himself in the neck with a piece of glass. Y/N tried to get to him but each move caused the glass shards to move further into her body. She cried out for help but her scream was muffled by others.
A couple of times she blacked out. When she became concious again , there was someone standing over her , trying to remove the glass pieces.  Her vision was blurry but the voice she heard … she’d recognize it anywhere. In fact , she was sure his voice could bring her back from the dead , that’s how strong hold he had on her.
“Don’t move.” Kai said pulling another piece of glass out of her stomach. Y/N groaned in pain. “Damn it …” he cursed under his breath. “That one has penetrated deeper , hold on.”
A few moments later Kai had the piece pulled out , a loud scream tearing itself free from Y/N’s throat. He bit his wrist and gave her his blood to heal her. Y/N shot up straight wrapping her hands around him and cupping his face before kissing his soft lips.
“You are OK!” she said , relief in her voice. “I saw you die … I … ” suddenly tears started falling down her face.  Kai pulled her in close and kissed her deeply.
“Leave.” Kai said , suddenly serious. Y/N looked at him confused.
“Leave? What ? NO ! I am not leaving you !” she protested.
Kai grabbed her shoulders , locking eyes with her. “I love you , Y/N… and I want you out of harms way. You can’t be here for what comes next.” He kissed her forehead before continuing “If something happens to you … I … ” Kai’s eyes darted to her vervain bracelet and he took it off. “God , I hope this works … Listen to me Y/N - leave and forget you saw me today. I’ll find you when this is all over. I love you.” he said looking straight into her eyes. Without her vervain bracelet Y/N couldn’t fight the compulsion and did exactly as Kai compelled her to do.
Kai watched as the girl he loves left through the doors not turning around and his heart broke a little at the thought he had almost lost her… but he was going to make damn sure that never happened again.

*   *   * 

A few hours later , Y/N’s phone rang. It was Stefan , he wanted her to go to the Salvatore house. Something had happened. Y/N got in her car and drove over. When she got there , Damon explained to her how Kai had linked Elena’s life to Bonnie and then had tried to kill Bonnie… so he had killed him.
Y/N’s eyes widened , she shook her head refusing to believe what Damon had told her.
“No. No, you are lying.” she said , tears filling her eyes. “Kai is not dead , he can’t be dead ! ” she kept repeating , more to herself to anyone else. Stefan poured her a drink and handed it over to her. She wrapped her hands around the glass starring into nothing , tears streaming down her face. Y/N got up and threw the glass across the room , smashing it in the fireplace. Caroline tried to hug her , but Y/N pushed her away , got up and walked into the kitchen to get some water.
The prospect of living without Kai was ripping a whole straight through her chest, she couldn’t breath. None of this was supposed to happen. Kai was supposed to return to her , they were supposed to have a future together and now … everything was gone and all she saw was emptiness and pain. Y/N hadn’t even realised her hand had wrapped around one of the sharpest knifes as she made up her mind.
“What are you doing ?” Stefan asked , startling her. She hadn’t even realise she had been followed. “Put that knife down.” he said slowly taking a step towards her , his arm outstretched. “Don’t do this …”
“I can’t live without him , Stefan.” Y/N said , her voice dangerously cold. “I don’t want to go on living knowing he is gone. My life without him doesn’t exist.” she said and before Stefan had had the time to reach her , Y/N had slit her own throat , collapsing on the ground , the cut so deep she bleed out in seconds. The pain was about to go away forever and wherever Kai was at this moment , she was soon going to be with him.

Stefan tried to heal her , but it was too late. He lifted her lifeless body and took her to the living room , tears in his eyes. Caroline rushed towards Y/N , her hand on her mouth , listening to Stefan explain what had happened and how he hadn’t been able to save her. He laid her body on the couch holding her hand and glancing at Damon who poured himself another drink and just walked out of the room.

Y/N took a shallow breath. She had slit her own throat … but wherever she was , clearly her plan had failed. She grasped for air , her eyes wide with confusion. Y/N was in the Salvatore house living room alone. Where was everyone and why was her throat aching like this ? Y/N reached with her hand to rub it , her neck wet. When she looked at her hand which was now covered in blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath.
The doors opened , Stefan and Damon walked inside.
“Stefan?” Y/N asked confused , his eyes widening. “What is happening to me ?”
Stefan walked towards her confused , reaching for her face , searching for pulse. There was none. “I think … I think you died with vampire blood in your system.” he said turning to look at Damon , who just couldn’t be bothered with anything at the time.
Y/N started crying. This was not what she wanted. Becoming a vampire was never on her list. All she had wanted was to die and maybe find Kai wherever he had gone after Damon killed him.
“No , no… ” she shook her head tears streaming down her face. Memories slowly started flooding back , a highlight of her transition and her eyes widened. “Kai…” she said.
Stefan looked at confused. “What are you talki- ?”
“Kai gave me his blood , at the wedding. I was injured , he … he healed me.” she said putting a hand over her mouth. “Oh God…He compelled me to forget I ever saw him today.” she said trailing off.  "I died with his blood in my system.“
Terror flooded her , she never wanted to become a vampire and now she had to make a choice.  
“I never wanted this …” she said , her voice hollow. Stefan pulled her into a hug.
“Damon ?” he said , but when no response followed her raised his voice. “Damon ! ” finally catching his attention. “Go get a blood bag from downstairs.”
Y/N pulled away shocked shaking her head.
“Just in case …” Stefan said “It’s your choice , but whatever you decide just know I’ll be there to help you through it.” Y/N nodded as thoughts started swirling through her mind , trying to make a pro / cons list. After a few minutes she gave up. Most of her friends were vampires , she knew exactly what would happen if she made the choice to become one. Blood lust. Destruction and mayhem…
Damon dropped the blood bag next to her and quietly walked upstairs to his room.  Stefan wanted to stay with her , but Y/N told him she’d be alright alone.
“Just … call out if you need something.” he said starting to leave the room.
“Wait…” Y/N said , making him turn around. “Where… where did you bury him ? I want to go there. Now.”

Stefan and Y/N walked through the forest , not too far from the Salvatore Boarding House. It was dark and a slight chill was in the air , or maybe she felt it because technically she was dead now. A few minutes passed and finally they reached a spot where the ground had been freshly dug up.
“I’ll give you some time alone.” Stefan said quietly. Y/N only nodded and sat on the ground , dropping the blood bag next to her.  She buried her fingers in the dirt and started crying. Whatever pain she had felt before , everything was getting amplified now. Kai was right there next to her , but she couldn’t touch him or see him. He was gone forever. She felt so lost without him. All memories they had shared were swirling like a tornado in her mind - the first time she had met him , their first kiss … the last time he told her he loved her.  And the last thing he had done for her - saving her life … twice.  A small smile spread across her face at the thought that his blood is currently running through her veins , a part of him was inside her. In that moment she made her decision - if becoming a vampire would mean keeping a part of him close , then that’s what she’d do. 


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


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could you do headcanons where kuroo, kageyama, and tsukishima both slowly fall in love w/ their s/o? But it's like, they don't really realize it until something happens, like they(being kuroo etc) get hurt and their s/o helps out? If not, I understand! Have a wonderful week!


  • At first, it was just them hanging out more often outside of school. Then it was the constant texts that they shared. Honestly, Kuroo thought nothing of it
  • It was only during a practice match when he was knocked unconscious did he realise how much he had really fallen for his s/o. They were immediately by his side treating him, worrying about him. At least, thats what Kenma told him and he wouldn’t lie about something like that
  • Ever since then, he couldn’t look them in the eye without thinking about how much he actually loved them, but he had no confidence to tell them his feelings (at least, not yet…)


  • Everyone around him had began questioning him on whether he and his s/o were in a relationship, but he didn’t understand why everyone thought so. They were just close, nothing more
  • But when Kageyama was sent to hospital for being a complete idiot and breaking his collarbone, the first person by his side was his s/o. They even took the ambulance ride with him
  • That’s when he discovered what everyone was on about and was experiencing a tightness in his chest when he looked at them. He had fallen for them, hard.


  • At one point, Tsukishima didn’t even acknowledge his s/o. Time brought them closer and the two of them became great friends. It was friendship that could rival his and Yamaguchi’s
  • One day, he had been left in a sour mood after his brother had come down to visit he and his mum. When his s/o asked him about it, all he did was give them the cold shoulder, but they weren’t having it
  • When they began to yell at him, he realised how much he enjoyed having them around, and how not opening up to them did not only upset them, but also him. He only then realised how much he actually loved them and could rely on them

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so would bendy having straight up killed sammy like that affected him in a long term degree? cus as you stated that he literally had no clue that anyone could die there I know he's mad at them all still but surely having offed him like that must be enough to at least doubt what joey had told him

By jove, I think he’s got it!

problems of a kpop fan

it’s like on one hand

but on the other hand

Also how adorable was Zero sort of stepping up to Jude to kiss him. Jude is a lil bit taller than him and it looks like he lifted up on the balls of his feet at first.


There’s this white kid  who failed a year in a bunch of my classes, and he thinks we’re friend bc I’m the only one there he kind of knows (as we were invited to the same birthday party a week before school started), and yesterday he asked me “really, n*gga?” and I didn’t know what to say to him.

So, this evening I told my dad, and he said “Do you know what those people really hate? Being called out.”

That’s some solid advice.


I was at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in the third floor where the minimalists are. Basically i saw him and i thought well he looks like Jack Harries then i remembered Finn Harries lives in NYC now so i just think,“no this cant be him” so i go up to him and say, “you look like my favourite youtuber, Finn Harries” and he goes in his british accent, “thats because i am” and i swear my heart stopped he was so kind and we talked for at least ten minutes and he was actually interested into what i was saying and told me some ‘insider’ tips to starting a youtube channel and it was amazing.

-Mariana Villar (mar.i.v)

“How did you go about deciding that you wanted to become an artist or story board revisionist? I want to be an artist too but im in my second year as a science major so I’m conflicted about chasing my dreams or staying safe u know??” — (name withheld for privacy purposes) 

WELL. Funny story, in the thrill of a very dramatic (but in actuality, very undramatic and full of meme gold) 2012 presidential election, I was inspired to enter government policy and effect social change from there. I kept up with the news, kept a “thoughts on politics” journal, and other youthful passionate endeavors. But at the end of the day:

I…just wouldn’t have been very good in that field. And also miserable, to be honest, because after my fifth polisci class I was 1000% done. 

Figuring out a suitable career is like a test of endurance, I think, and I just couldn’t picture myself working in policy for a career–which is what, 20-30 years of your life at the least? THATS A LONG TIME. As for storyboarding, my tendency has always been to sketch and doodle a lot of drawings, vs to make a few refined drawings! My professor also amusedly told me, “I don’t think making finished drawings comes naturally to you,” and he was right. 

In terms of “staying safe,” from an artistic career standpoint, I wouldn’t rule out art so easily! There are a lot more opportunities in the media arts field than one would typically think of; graphic designers are always in demand (I still do graphic design work here and there, b/c it’s just so needed); advertising agencies love good storyboard artists & designers, and obviously, there are people working in the animation industry & the videogame industry. The only thing is, that these fields are very competitive! And, I’m not quite sure what your science major is, but from what I hear, the safety net of a science career is also questionable, unless you’re pre-med. Which you really should only pursue if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be a doctor.

BUT if you really love your craft and think it’s something you can imagine yourself doing for a long time, then go for it! Look into career options, research internships and opportunities. Look at styles you like, and look at the work of working professionals in the field. Build a portfolio, practice, and create. And also understand that most artists don’t really go into these careers looking to make millions, but really out of love for their craft.  

Hope that helps! 

So I rewatched twd for all the Richonne because I’m shipper trash and can’t help myself. I noticed some very important things that have me thinking my ship will be canon:

When Carol and Rick were talking and she told him Michonne knocked him out and said it was stupid (at least I think thats what she said) almost like she was suggesting that on this, Michonne couldn’t be relied upon Rick was very quick to dismiss that line of thinking with “She’s with us.” He knew without a doubt when it comes down to it he can always rely on her to be with him them. 

Then when Carol told him he couldn’t have both when it came to not taking the place anymore and not lying anymore about wanting to, Rick still chooses to tell the truth to Michonne. I feel like he decides what the hell? I’m gonna tell her because I don’t like lying to her. I’ll find a way to make both work. And notice how he said “We lied to you.” Not ‘everyone’ but ‘you’. He was only conflicted about lying to her

Rick told Michonne he was afraid she would try to talk him out of it and that she could have. She could have. Did you see the way he closed the space between them in that scene? He had to get close and tell her what we’ve all been saying; she’s the only person who could talk him down, get him to do anything. He simultaneously realized and confessed just how much of a hold she has on him (how whipped he really is) and it was so subtle but the looks between them spoke volumes.

She wasn’t even mad that he lied! She was mad at first because he was acting a fool yes, but as always Michonne understood. She told him “We can find a way. And if we can’t…” she reinforced what he already knew; she’s with him no matter what. “I’m still with you”. Even going so far as to let him keep the gun. She wrapped her hand around his! Kill me now, there has been like 5 touches between them this half of the season and its so very telling for two people (especially Michonne) who aren’t very touchy feely. It was a good setup for a kiss but twd writers just love teasing us too much.

In the final scenes Michonne is the first to stand up and speak for Rick and you could tell just how much she admires his crazy ass when she says if they are lucky they’ll be like Rick one day. Then Pete ran in and she was right beside Rick in a second almost protectively. He doesnt need it, she knows that, but its her instinct to be right beside him when shit goes down. So very telling indeed. I really loved all the Richonne tonight and I hope Rick gets back on the right path (and the writers stop pussyfooting) so they can happen soon.

“At a few minutes before four, Peeta turns to me again. "Your favorite colour . . . it's green?"
"That's right." Then I think of something to add. "And yours is orange."
"Orange?" He seems unconvinced.
"Not bright orange. But soft. Like the sunset," I say. "At least, that's what you told me once."

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Grabor shook his head. He'd been investigating these murders for weeks now, and just when he thinks he's got a name, his only lead vanishes in the wind. Explains why he was carrying a decent amount of glimmer. If anyone could get him Intel on his suspect, it'd be her. At least, that's what he was told.

Vesta sat in the lower parts of the hangar, reading a book and ever-so-slightly listening to the conversations around her. On the table next to her sat a cup of coffee, a couple chocolate chip cookies, and a datapad. “Yeah I heard she defeated Skolas too…”, she heard from a whisper. More whispers of similar rumors being continuously passed around, all referring to her. She pretending not to pay attention, continuing on her book. The book happened to be all current history on the Fallen. She scrunched her nose, a little angry the city keeps calling them that, but whatever. Out of the corner of her eye she spots an Exo, unlike any she ever saw. She quickly glanced down back to her book, not knowing what business he had to attend to.

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I wonder what it must be like for them to be getting ready together and H is seen as worthy enough to rub elbows with the elite while Louis is at the equivalent of the kids table. Disgusting how he from day one is marketed as and told that he is lesser than the others by not even giving him significant screen time on TXF UNTIL he was in 1D. That's why I like those movie rumours cause at least someone thinks he's worthy for once?!


GOD you’re trying to make my drunken self angry lol