at least i think so

can i assume that starting his own label/imprint also means that louis will be seen with some of his famous friends/acquaintances in public more frequently?

i mean, deliberately or not, but for the last couple of years at least it’s been almost like louis doesn’t have many friends/pals/whatever in the industry. aside from songwriting with some pretty famous people there was no talk about his relationships with celebrities of any kind if i’m not mistaken. like harry was almost always the one. even some louis’ friends who were actually /his/ friends first - like james corden - weren’t linked with him anymore. and it was always fucking SAD to me to think about, because louis is clearly a social person who clearly has relationships and connections in the industry, but we didn’t get much to see it.

but now things may actually change a bit? like, it could be good for him to be seen with one industry person or the other from time to time, to be linked with someone in press/on social media. something like that.