at least i think it's rule 63

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: why aren't there more movies with mermaids?there are hundreds of mermaid books and stories and art pieces but no movies. it's 2015 and the only real successful mermaid movie was the Little Mermaid, which came out a long time ago. Maybe Aquamarine, but that doesn't really count. Mermaids have been a myth for a very, very long time and they offer so much mystery and potential backstory that there should be lots of mermaid movies. I just really want modern movies that tell the story of how mermaids came to be or how/why they keep hidden or some common misconceptions that humans have about the real, actual mermaid world. or at least Rule 63 the Little Mermaid or something. just give me more fucking mermaid movies.