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Alternate Universe - Sugar Daddy Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Waitress!Mika AU where all the boys are human Erik is already CEO of his clothing store I don’t really care about Andrew so he’s just a side character sorry if this is bad i’m making this up as i write


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Mika Anderson works at the finest french restaurant in Chicago (at least i think thats where Seduce me is set,,,), but its not enough to pay for her college tuition. then, she meets a very handsome and very rich CEO who offers a deal that she can’t refuse. Will she fall in love?

Ok so i wanted to write this bc i love the sugar daddy AU where they swear not to fall in love but do it anyways. Plus i rly love Erik soooo. Dunno if Mama Michaela ( @thebunnyofevil )will like this but here ya go. I swear chapters will be longer in the future i just cant rn with high school

happy (late) birthday @pixlokita!!! 

another part for the baby shinichi au, this time with ‘ellery’ making himself a nightmare for haibara to look after so she’ll hurry up with her antidote. this is probably right after she tells him he’s better this way because at least now he can’t run off and reveal his identity to people (plus he’s still ticked off about hattori being the one to name him after his favourite writer, how dare she allow that to happen)


I really think most celebrities, large and small, internet and otherwise, would be amazed to realize how many screw ups and bad behaviors would be largely forgiven or at least looked upon more kindly if they just admitted to a mistake and sincerely, humbly apologized rather than digging in their heels and ranting about how they were under attack.

dear people who want to break the habit of interrupting others: when you interrupt someone and they stop talking, do not say what you were going to. apologize and ask them to continue. if they say “it’s fine, you can talk,” tell them “you were talking first,  i interrupted. go ahead.” i know that it is difficult to stop interrupting in general, but start by trying not to allow yourself to benefit from it.

So I look at this picture and I think a few thoughts:

  1. Are you going in for a kiss there?  Cause I think you might be doing it wrong.
  2. Gently part the lips.  Gently.  GENTLY.
  3. Is this how kissing is done now?  
  4. Fuck, I’m old.
  5. Who’s that creeper in the background?
  6. Who the fuck designed this ad?
  8. Fuck, I’m old.

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navy getting the ship back could be REALLY bad for them. like when they go back to homeworld? they might tell the diamonds, right?? I kind of hate how no one at the end even acknowledged that being a possibility. they didn't even THINK about it. Like at least garnet should have reacted more??


the crewniverse doesnt even write garnet like a charachter anymore. when was the last time weve had a garnet episode? where shes talked about something other then fusion? nobody ever seems to care about garnet. its all pearl pearl pearl

garnet is sadly only there to unfuse when its plot convenient, talk about fusion, OR say 1 or 2 lines that are either “hmmm” or “steven, do the thing”

and here’s the reality of it, sometimes things fucking suck and there’s nothing you can do about it but push through it and that’s the truth. everyone tells you that its gonna get better, and they’re right, but sometimes it gets worse before it can improve. so when you’re at your worst you’ve gotta fight back, defy the odds of darkness and laugh in its face. when you’re having a bad day, go take a hot bath, blast your favorite music and breathe. maybe while doing so the bad thoughts don’t leave your mind, but hey, at least you’re clean. when everything inside of you is breaking, let yourself feel it. everyone tells you that you can’t cry, that you shouldn’t, and you know what? i think that’s bullshit. i think it’s good to let the strings inside of you break, to let the water overflow and drown you for a while because that’s how you feel and that’s what reminds you that you’re alive. because maybe you feel numb, maybe your heart feels too heavy, maybe everything inside of you is begging you to quit, and im sorry to tell you, but those are the side effects of living. you are going feel everything, and it’s gonna hurt like a son of a bitch but that’s not the only thing you’re gonna feel. you are also going to feel joy, excitement, anticipation, and pure, blissful happiness. but you’re going to have some days where everything hurts you, where it all feels like too much and you’re really gonna wanna give up, and you know what? that is okay. despite everything everyone always wants to say. that is okay. you have a right to feel this way, because things are hard. and you know what? you aren’t weak for feeling this way because even the strongest and the best collapse. i mean, that’s how stars are made right? I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes things get to be too much but when you hit bottom, bottom is gonna start hitting you back and you’re gonna be bruised and scarred. but you know the best thing about that? bruises heal, wounds close up, and bones realign. so yes, it hurts. but you’ve gotta breathe through the pain, you’ve gotta trudge through the dark times until you see that little sliver of light and when you see it? run to it. and if you can’t run, walk, and fuck if you can’t walk, crawl to it. do whatever it takes to carry yourself through it and if you see hands reaching out for you, please, take them. you can’t always do things on your own and that is okay. but you are doing great. and if things didn’t get better, my friend, you wouldn’t still be here today because there’s a little something that gets you through everyday, so hold onto that no matter how little or silly it is. you’ll be alright.

ok heres the thing i realized about john, ill slap it under a read more just because idk how long and rambly itll be: (TL;DR: john- who loves good men and hates bad men- thinks sherlock is a fucking homicidal maniac by TLD and it’s all because of misunderstandings)

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i was thinking about ravenclaw jungkook and slytherin yoongi but per usual my brain took it in a weird direction where when they’re grown-up in the happy ending version jungkook is flight instructor and yoongi, unconventional as it seems, is the charms professor. ah. it’s just a drabble….there’s a sad ending alternative too but i didn’t post that one. yet. 

[ version ii ]

“you need to stop making flowers grow in my classroom windows. they make me look approachable.”

“you are approachable.”

“but they don’t need to know that right away!”

jungkook sighs and laughs but the two don’t really mix so he ends up coughing a little. yoongi rubs wide circles along his back while he adjusts his glasses with his other hand, three books floating in front of him as he flips through the pages inscrutably. once jungkook has recovered enough to talk again, he wheezes a little, pink in his cheeks as he says, “you were never scary. not even when we were students.”

“i never said i wanted to be scary.”

“mmhm,” jungkook hums and leans in close to thread his arms around yoongi’s middle, drawing him close enough to perch his chin on yoongi’s shoulder, breathing in deep the smell of him – a replete mixture of sun, forest, fire, and something like roses. this last comes from some of the charms that yoongi has been teaching, charms for helping things grow – not silly sweetheart tricks like a bloom from a quill, but the lasting everlong northern star kind of growth…the kind that stays. yoongi has for years complained that this particular spell should smell like lavender and not roses but jungkook said to him the last time they had this conversation: but of course it’s roses. yoongi mumbled muttered and moaned a little more to himself about it but jungkook could tell it was more bluster than actual discontent, and yoongi has long since gone on teaching said charm anyway. so there’s that.

besides, jungkook, for all that he likes scents such as vanilla, the first day of winter, and the summer ocean most of all, he also has a soft spot for the iconically romantic flower. among other things, he likes that the different colors can stand for different kinds of love. he thinks of the bouquet of yellow roses that taehyung once brought him and all the other colors yoongi turned until taehyung laughed and drew one from the bundle, offered it to yoongi himself and said: come on, i’ll bring you yours next time.

“at least stop interrupting my classes…” yoongi sighs in a way that would be long-suffering except that it’s quite the opposite, a hundred thousand times the opposite, belied by how his hand slips to rest at jungkook’s waist and hooks him that much closer, close enough for jungkook to tilt his head and press a whisper of a kiss to the line of yoongi’s jaw.

“sure,” he says.

“lying isn’t a cardinal point of a ravenclaw.”

“and being charming isn’t a slytherin’s either.”

“i guess that makes us even.”

when jungkook doesn’t reply, yoongi leans back just enough to look down at him properly. somehow the slight pout to jungkook’s mouth is unsettlingly becoming, and by now yoongi knows better what it means, knows jungkook is saying without saying exactly what would make them ‘even’.

not able to deny him anything in quite some time, he angles down quick and sharp – a kiss with acute magic made of moments rather than witchcraft, a kiss that says here is my heart, here is my heart, here is my heart and hold onto it for me, hold onto me and here. yoongi kisses jungkook and he remembers the first time this happened – how jungkook was asleep in the infirmary, how yoongi wasn’t supposed to be there at all, how the hour was late and the moon was full and yoongi knelt beside his bed and whispered: next time, i’m going to save you.

it was the kind of thing a teenager says because he’s scared, the kind of thing any person says because they’re scared…because they’re scared and in love.

that kind of thing.

jungkook remembers too: the events preceding, the dark dark dark of the forest despite that full moon which could not quite touch where they had fallen, the nauseating pain in his side that sent his body alight with unhealthy shivers, the cold hard grip of yoongi’s hands on his shoulders and the low desperate rasp of his voice begging jungkook to stay with him. that night yoongi’s words were fighting some kind of current trying to pull jungkook under, and it’s curious to him that while almost everything else from that near disaster is a blur, yoongi is not. if he closes his eyes, he can hear him plain as if it was yesterday, as if it was seconds ago: please – i swore on my family name i’d never beg for anything again but i’m breaking that now and i don’t give a fuck just…hey…hey don’t… – and on it had gone. jungkook remembers how what scared him most was not the danger he himself was in but how deathly still yoongi went amidst his hysteria. he had to ask later what yoongi saw, but in the moment, against his own fear, against a bigger nightmare, he remembers conjuring his own patronus, remembers thinking that it looked ridiculous – a rabbit the breadth of the moon it seemed, banishing the cold.

in the here and now, it’s spring. when yoongi breaks away everything is warm and jungkook can’t help himself. he reaches toward yoongi’s ear and just behind it to draw out a rose.

yoongi’s nose wrinkles.

“what kind of magic trick–”

“just take it.”

they stare at each other and some unofficial contest starts. neither of them wins and neither loses, the stampede of yoongi’s impending class echoing through the school corridors as jungkook flips backwards out of the window onto his waiting broom because why do anything the easy way? the smile he sends yoongi is warm and smart and if yoongi died right then and there he supposes he’d be alright with that except for the bit about leaving jungkook behind.

he watches his husband do three unnecessarily risky climbs and dives on that ridiculously expensive broom before he flies out of sight, presumably to teach his next batch of first years. sometimes when yoongi doesn’t have his own classes, he’ll wander to where jungkook is teaching and watch from what he deems to be a reasonable distance. once or twice headmaster namjoon has caught him and joked whether or not yoongi needed more to do, after which yoongi promptly left. later, loitering in the astronomy tower, namjoon admitted with heartbreaking softness: it makes me happy…it makes me happy, to see you happy.

yoongi charmed a star out of the dark, had it hover near namjoon’s right eye and said: i want to see you happy too.

blinking, yoongi is caught off guard (this happens, when you disappear into reverie, it would seem) as a paper plane soars in through the window and narrowly misses his head, gliding to a perfect landing on his desk. when he unfolds it, he shakes his head at the writing there: you dropped your flower!

crouching, yoongi retrieves it, and despite his initial scoffing, yoongi wears said flower behind his ear for the rest of the day.

it’s not lost on his students that the rose? is blue.

(Headcanon that if Arthur stays a ghost too long, he’s gonna be even worse at self care when he reverts back to being alive)

Some fandom things I want people to leave in 2016
  • Nonblack people lecturing me (or any other Black person) about antiblack racism and erasure in fandom – if you experience fandom differently as a NBPOC and think it’s not possible for fandom to be racist, at the very least, make your own post and stop derailing ours. 
  • Claiming that fandom as a “safe space for female sexual exploration” excuses outright racism and misogyny that permeates fandom 
  • Acting like critique of fandom (especially slash shipping fandoms) equals the OP saying “slash shipping is BAD”
  • Forcing people to disclose their trauma in order to validate their shipping or critique of shipping - seriously, that’s none of ANYONE’s business and i’ve seen too many people disclose their trauma because they felt pressured, only to have their experiences dismissed
  • Stalking people in fandom.
  • For the love of god. Stop stalking people and harassing them because you feel you’re right and they’re gross. Whether or not you’re morally right, that is still stressful behavior and you will figure it out once the adrenaline wears off and you wind up PANICKING. Just block people, report them if you feel they’re doing something illegal and/or against site TOS, and move forward. Your therapist will be proud of you for not engaging. Trust me.
  • Hux
  • Can we please leave everyone’s favorite red-haired Space N@zi behind when 2017 starts? At least Kylo is an actual important character… Hux is basically a minion who will hopefully die in the next film.
  • C@ptive Prince fans explaining why the slavery in their favorite work of fiction isn’t even remotely the same as chattel slavery (except… it is) to Black people. 
  • Just stop explaining shit (about racism, about antiblackness, about slavery) to Black people. Rarely do we ask and rarely are y’all right.
  • Demanding that people of color educate you for free. Toss us some money, buy us shit off our wishlists. But please, don’t assume that educating you is our job. 

Gonna take a short hiatus from this blog, at least until the next episode airs, whenever that is! The fandom is too volatile for me to deal with right now, I feel like I’m constantly walking on eggshells whenever I post something, and I’ve said pretty much everything I can for the moment until more bad episodes are released. I’ve closed the inbox and submissions for now, I can’t close PMs but I’d prefer if you didn’t contact me through them. If you need me I’ll be on my main over at @drfoxes. See you guys soon!

What DR3 taught us about Mukuro Ikusaba

Fanon: A poor little cinnamon roll that just needs a hug and to get away from her abusive sister who only hurts her. Is better than she thinks. DR-IF is a tale where she leaves Junko and her Despair-Fetish because of friendship and love.  Literally did nothing wrong. Someone hug this child.

Canon: Has a sister-complex like crazy. Commits multiple murders in cold-blood. Is fully on-board with plunging the world into chaos. Assisted in a forced-lobotomy. DR-IF is a tale where she leaves Junko to try and cater to her Despair-Fetish by destroying rather than helping her plans. Is doing wrong as we speak. Someone stop this child.