at least i think it's bad

I know I talk about this a lot (at least I think so) but also hear this argument said over and over again on the internet…

People hate when Ben is “cocky/arrogant”

and although I agree that he can be, I don’t really see this as a bad thing or “flaw”. We’ve seen in the show how down he can get and with the life he leads and with so many opportunities to screw up, he definitely would have a good reason to be extremely serious and “depressed”.
But then again, he has so many more reasons to be proud of himself and the things he’s accomplished already. He’s literally only sixteen and has traveled to other planets/dimensions to stop wars and saves people’s lives daily.

Who wouldn’t be proud of themselves for that?

Also would it not be worse for him to be extremely serious, depressive, and insecure? If a superhero is supposed to save you… how can they do that if they don’t belive in themselves that they are strong enough to protect the weak and reassure them that everything will be okay?

He has to be like that. And because it’s one of his character traits (whether you like it or not) it makes him such a great superhero.

And I love that about him.

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My mother won't let me get a job because she thinks employers wouldn't have the patience to put up with someone with autism and I wouldn't last long. She wants to put me in this sheltered employment thing and I don't want to go. I have PDD and its pervasive developmental disorder and its not that bad. Sometimes I get the feeling that my mom underestimates me. Do you think she's wrong?

Personally, I am against the practice of sheltered workshops as, at least in the US, they allow employers to pay below minimum wage which is ableist and inhumane. I think that if you want to pursue employment, you should be given the chance to do so. You may get a job and end up not lasting long, but you should be given the chance to fail. You may also excel and do wonderfully there. However, the only way to find out is to try.


happy (late) birthday @pixlokita!!! 

another part for the baby shinichi au, this time with ‘ellery’ making himself a nightmare for haibara to look after so she’ll hurry up with her antidote. this is probably right after she tells him he’s better this way because at least now he can’t run off and reveal his identity to people (plus he’s still ticked off about hattori being the one to name him after his favourite writer, how dare she allow that to happen)



Mind Reader

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst adjacent, smut, dirty talk, LOTS of language

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: I was looking through some REALLY old requests and I came across an idea from @jennalyncarrigan1230 from who knows how long ago. She pitched an idea that I have twisted and LOVE the outcome. I doubt she even remembers sending the ask, but her initial idea sparked this smutty goodness. This took on a life of its own. I haven’t wrote Dean smut or ANY smut in quite some time. This is officially DIRTY. Or at least by my standards it is. Hope you enjoy. ;) Italics & Bold indicate reader’s thoughts.  This has very little plot. Just the poor reader thinking her secret dirty thoughts about Dean only to have them be not so secret anymore.

Feedback Appreciated

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Reasons to play Fire Emblem Echoes:

-it’s really really good, like 9.5/10 honestly, please play this game

-Berkut’s voice acting, jiminy chrystlermobile

-that legend of zelda simulator dungeon crawling tho 👀  👀  👀  👀  👀  👀  

-the voice acting in general is just 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌  phenomenal overall

-T H E   M U S I C ,   G O O D      G          O         D

-character designs are 12/10, no more creepy loli vibes and ladies have slightly less impractical armor (or at least its better than the previous two games)

-SO MANY GOOD FEMALE CHARACTERS. Like…ONE bad one and at least she doesn’t have a creepy/hyper-sexualized design

-CANON GAY CHARACTER (NOT TREATED LIKE GARBAGE)??? IN MY FIRE EMBLEM?????? (it’s more likely than you think!)


-The combat has been greatly simplified overall, but with the emphasis on terrain, it feels more challenging strategically, rather than simply overwhelming

-I forgot to mention the point-and-click aspects when you’re in a town, but THERE ARE AWESOME POINT-AND-CLICK ASPECTS WHEN YOU’RE IN A TOWN (you will love Alm and Celica’s goofy commentary in these segments, they are such dorks)

-The co-director literally grew up playing Gaiden with his father and was specifically chosen for that reason, so you KNOW this game has been handled with a great deal of passion and care, and it was evident long before I stumbled upon this fact

TL;DR: BLEASE BLAY FIRE EMBLEM ECHOES, u will not regretti spaghetti 🙏

you know, one thing that ive been thinking about lately, is why are we only hearing about schneeple and chase specifically. what about Jack the Magnificient? what about Jackaboyman? is Anti not going after them, and if so, WHY?

but then i remember the pax video: “you found someone new, threw me aside. someone to replace me….”

Dr. Schneeplestein appeared first on the channel back in September. BUT returned later after Halloween for Christmas!

And Chase first appeared in April, a brand new ego for everyone to love A MONTH after pax!

I dont think Anti likes sharing the spotlight, guys…

Two types of Shippers on Tumblr

Person A:

Ship 1: Love the shipping, wants to see more art of it.

Ship 2: Doesn’t really ship it, but somehow supports it and still adores the art of them together. (Not always)

Ship 3: Doesn’t really like nor support the ship, just stays out of it and doesn’t say something bad about it cause he/she is not an asshole and thinks its okay for someone to have different opinions.

Person B:

Ship 1: love the ship, worships it like if it was a religion.

Ship 2: doesn’t ship it, gets annoyed when he/she sees fan art of that shipping.

Ship 3: doesn’t ship, like nor supports it, hates it with all it’s might that he/she has to post shit about it and piss off the other individuals who like the ship.

((It’s not gonna change anything but at least i said it what i see in my point of view))

Here is a bit more, ke ke. (WIP)

(I even tried to write a bit more, especially for this drawing/scene, uff)

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“I was a fool addicted to your sweetness.

I didn’t want to let go of the devil’s hand…

Too bad but it’s too sweet, It’s too evil.“ x 

  • Orisa: Efi, please take a moment to calm down. You've had an extensive day.
  • Efi: I don't need rest! Rest is for the weak and the stupid!
  • Roadhog: You've been hanging around Jaimie too much, kid.
  • Junkrat: I say she hasn't been around me enough!
  • Orisa: Efi, it is in your best interest to disregard the last thing that was said.
  • Junkrat: Hey!
  • Roadhog: Kid, it's for the best that you spend less time with the last person who spoke.
  • Junkrat: Oi! At least call me a piece of shit! Don't just play around it!
  • Both: You're a piece of shit.
  • Junkrat: I didn't think you'd actually say it!?

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He wasn't fazed by Sakura getting warped into another dimension because he knows his wife is competent enough to handle herself. And are you seriously going to compare that to Naruto getting stabbed (where it obviously looks more life threatening than Sakura's case)? You SNS fujoshis always absolve your gay ship of it's glaring flaws, but never neglect to mention how abusive SS apparently is. Newsflash: your ship is bad, if not worse than SS. And at least I can acknowledge the flaws with SS.

Sasuke himself has had to save her plenty of times. He can’t be sure of her safety. AT ALL. Either way, if he really loved her as much as you claim…he would have been seriously worried. 

You seriously think this had literally ANY chance of KILLING NARUTO??? Naruto himself had no reaction but a frown, that’s it. It didn’t pierce his heart, lungs, neck, etc. You know, places where he might actually be at any serious risk. That would not kill even a normal person and this is Naruto, for fuck’s sake. Sasuke knows that Naruto has survived MUCH worse, before he even went through puberty. Sakura was in a much more dangerous position. They could have easily killed her, before help arrived. 

As expected, you want to call me a fujoshi but don’t even really know what that means. If that was the case, my blog would be full of porn and there’s no way I would make an actual analysis post. Actually, I’ve made TONS of analysis posts. That’s why I made this blog, to prove you fools wrong. Still, you’re all a bunch of children and don’t know how to make a decent argument…so, you resort to insults that have no basis in reality. From what I’ve seen, the SS shippers are much more fixated on sex. Whenever I’ve had the displeasure of looking at one of your blogs, I’ve found NSFW content within a few scrolls. 

ANYWAY, when have I ever denied that SNS has flaws?? Obviously, I’m aware. However, SNS has infinitely more material that supports it than the dumpster fire that is SS. Sasunaru has mutual feelings, if nothing else. I base my ship on silly things like their actual compatibility, as well as statements and actions toward each other. I know that’s an unfamiliar concept, for you. 

I will never let anyone who thinks this ship makes even a shred of sense tell me that my ship is worse and illogical. SS is literally the most nonsensical, toxic, charmless, dysfunctional GARBAGE that has ever cursed my eyes. 

Sasuke has made it abundantly clear who is more important to him and it isn’t Sakura. Think again before you hit my inbox with this dumb shit. 

dear people who want to break the habit of interrupting others: when you interrupt someone and they stop talking, do not say what you were going to. apologize and ask them to continue. if they say “it’s fine, you can talk,” tell them “you were talking first,  i interrupted. go ahead.” i know that it is difficult to stop interrupting in general, but start by trying not to allow yourself to benefit from it.

silmarillion characters as wolfpupy tweets

CELEGORM: survival tip: you can sleep in an unattended birds nest for free

CURUFIN: have to stop saying “how am i going to kill my way out of this one” everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud

EREINION: im well aware that ive accidently set myself on fire and its none of your business. i dont need your pity water either. let me burn in peace

FEANOR: the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead 

FINGOLFIN: haha youd have to stab me with atleast 6 more knives than this, this is so little amount of knives that i am stabbed with

FINARFIN: some say killing people is the answer to the problems, me personally i think killing people is bad to do because im not a horrible monster

GALADRIEL: you have to be cruel to be kind, no wait the other thing, you have to do nice things. phew, could have caused a lot of problems

GLORFINDEL: it happens to the best of us, the best of us such as me, out of both of us im the best one, probably too great to give you usable advice

GWINDON: things are going really well for me now that ive changed the meaning of really well to the opposite of what it means in my head

MAEDHROS: to everyone who said this would never work, sorry about the huge amount of damage and all of the fires 

MAEGLIN: i don’t want to throw anyone under the bus here unless they are my enemy or betrayer or if it will help me get where i’m going faster

MAGLOR: the “drama” fiasco is over, we learned nothing from it and nothing changed but we can safely say it is over for sure i hear that

MANWE: “who am i to judge” - the confused judge, the court room just became a comedy room in this all new sitcom, i sentence you to laugh in prison

MELKOR: at the end of the day whats important is not the enemies you’ve crushed and killed, it’s the gems, coins, and jewels you got from doing it

SAURON: only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful

TURIN: can only assume bad things keep happening to me because of the large amount of hexes and curses put on me by everyone all the time 

TURGON: people say “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” when in factuality i don’t know anything and am constantly being seriously injured and hurt

  • Yoongi: I really want a sandwich...
  • Seokjin: Why are you telling me while you lounge in bed? Go make one!
  • Yoongi: *Thinks for a moment* Nah it'll take at least 15 steps to make one. Too lazy.
  • Seokjin: So you're telling me that you are willing to spend nights in a studio slaving over a track that's already good enough but 'it's not perfect', and you can't even get up and make a sandwich?
  • Yoongi: Yes.
  • Seokjin: You're unbelievable.

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How would everyone (V too) react to being in a (ง'̀-'́)ง big argument with MC... but out of nowhere she starts swearing in spanish? Hahahaha I'm Mexican and think this would be hilarious, it's canon that at least most of us mexicans swear a lot (sorry for the bad english)

Author’s note: I love this request so much omg I DIDN’T DO IT ENOUGH JUSTICE


  • “MC can you just-”
  • “I can’t understand you please-”
  • “Slow down I don’t know what’s happening-”
  • finally you just stopped and stared at him, waiting for a response
  • “I-I, uhh, lo siento?”
  • he took college Spanish have mercy on this child


  • when the first Spanish cuss word came out of your mouth, one thought crossed his mind
  • she’s so hot
  • BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP HIM FROM YELLING AT YOU IN FRENCH bc two can play at that game
  • so now you’re both standing in the middle of the living room, screaming at each other in two different languages, neither of you knowing what the other was saying
  • of course him yelling in french was super hot too
  • so finally, you took the initiave and shut him up with a kiss
  • “Bedroom?”
  • “Bedroom.”
  • I mean who doesn’t love make up sex


  • she tried to pull out her English to Spanish dictionary but you were going too fast
  • the whole time she just kept messing with her glasses bc WHAT DO I DO IN THIS SITUATION
  • but she was also super fascinated because you were just so energetic  and passionate and
  • yup she definitely loves you more than a friend bye 


  • he is just like wat
  • “MC.”

  • “MC.”

  • “MC-“
  • “WHAT?”
  • “Uhh… why are you yelling at me in Spanish?”
  • Nononono, I mean, why are you yelling at me at all??”
  • “Oh. You didn’t help me with the groceries and I asked you like FIVE TIMES!!!!! I MEAN COME ON, QUE CABR-“
  • And good job V
  • There she goes again


  • when you started swearing in Spanish he just sat back and watched
  • when you finally stopped to catch a breath you glared at him
  • “Are you done yet?”
  • “Sure.”
  • he stood up and kissed your forehead
  • “I spent four months in Mexico on a business trip.”
  • “So… you understood?”
  • Every word.”


  • once you started cussing
  • and you kept walking toward him and using your hands to talk
  • and that’s when he dropped to his knees and grabbed onto your leg
  • this dork
  • you literally stopped mid-sentence and stared at him
  • I mean did he really just say mystical Spanish powers