at least i think it's a hated ship

Marichat is actually a really important ship

Now I know some people don’t think the different ships are that important bc “they’re the same people!” But, obviously, it matter simply because 1. They don’t know that and 2. They think so differently of each other, that it’s gonna make the big reveal even better! If I had to choose a ship that was the least important it’d be Ladrien (not hating at all! I love this ship!), but only because their feelings towards each other have already fallen into place. Its just a “you like me, I like you” scenario. Now, since I view Ladrien this kind of way, I hope you already get where I’m coming from when I say that Marichat could be a super interesting concept. So far I can only think of three possible outcomes of Marichat- 1. The simple situation where they get it straight that they like someone else, and move on 2. The scenario in which Chat Noir and Marinette take advantage of this half of themselves to explore the ins and outs of each other. 3. Or the one we have so far, where they show no feeling toward the other at all. Chat’s the goofy flirt who’s super chill, and Marinette’s the “fangirl” who rolls with it all while low-key thinking “if only you knew I was LadyBug, you little fuckboy-er, cat? Fuckcat?” But it’s the possibilities of where this ship could go that makes me so exited for S2 #balconyscene2K17! What happens at that balcony could easily change how the two see each other! I’m really hoping for this to somehow alter LadyBug’s feelings for Chat when they fight together and Adrien’s feelings for Marinette at school! We don’t know what’s gonna happen on that balcony, but it’s gonna be yuge!!

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I think the main difference between Koichi/Yukako and Annasui/Jolyne (which are the two ships most people compare) is that in DIU, Yukako at least learns her lesson (to an extent).

She realises that being aggressive and violent towards Koichi or his friends wont grant any favours for her or make Koichi like her. In fact, her other arc “Yukako Yamagashi Dreams of Cinderella”, Josuke warns her not to do anything funny to Koichi - and she laments that if she tried Koichi wouldn’t like her, which spurs her off to find some other way to get Koichi to like her that doesn’t involve being possessive and violent. 

Annasui never really gets that lesson.

Throughout Stone Ocean he shows extreme entitlement and possessiveness over Jolyne and never really defaults from that position. Sure his possessive antics are ignored, brushed off and/or played for comedy in return, but the point still stands in that he’s super possessive towards her and never really seems to consider her feelings on the matter, as well as sees any interaction between her and the male ally characters as a threat. Even if one of those characters is her father.

So yeah, that’s why Koichi/Yukako isn’t really and exact 1 to 1 to Annasui/Jolyne.

i think one of the things that i hate the most, at least for clarke, are cheesy romanticized love stories. it’s oddly like really hard for me to write ships for her without diminishing and watering her character down. i never want her to become a caricature of herself. 

because then i’m not playing my character in its entirety. and i’m robbing her of her honesty. clarke is one of the most complex characters i’ve written in a while. what i want most for her is to be able to play her realistically. and not woobify her entire existence. or use her pain as a form of shock value.

a lot of gifsets do that, with all her ships. and it’s just a little upsetting because clarke doesn’t need a romantic relationship to be a strong && capable leader. she does need a crapton of emotional support but that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to romance. if anything romance is far too much for her to handle, even though i, as a writer, would love to write cutesy shit all the time.

clarke just wants solid foundations within the people that she cares for. she wants to be able to build trust and have open lines of communication. she wants to be able to relax, drink a pina colada and kick it. without feeling the need to entertain anyone. what my clarke wants most is just the ability to exist and just be next to another person, without having to put on airs or a mask or any sort of front. accepting her depression for what it is as an aspect of her, but not as the forefront of her entire person. 

she doesn’t need to be saved. 

she just needs time to heal, process, and live. and reminded once in a while that she’s not a sack of turds. all founded in a basis of love. but a transcendental kind of love. that has little to do with romantics.

@ svtfoe fandom i know most of yall are pretty young and learning and thats totally ok i totally understand

but you can hate a ship that includes a female character without hating said female character. not wanting two characters to smooch doesnt mean you have to hate one of them. its kind of a hard lesson to learn, i know, it took me years, but just. think about it

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idk if you're still taking asks for the thing you reblogged!! But 001 for TSoA/Iliad !!

i am indeed! this is just TSOA bc i haven’t read the iliad yet

Favorite character: Patroclus

Least Favorite character: Pyrrhus i HATE him sm

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Patroclus/Achilles of course, Odysseus/Diomedes and Patroclus/Briseis i can’t think of five

Character I find most attractive: def Achilles

Character I would marry: Briseis

Character I would be best friends with: Chiron he seems fun

A random thought:its 364 pages and i was planning on reading one page per day this year but its too late now lol

An unpopular opinion: that quote about knowing him by the way is feet struck the earth isnt that special. i might have just seen it so much that im tired of it but i dont like it

My canon OTP: Patroclus

Non-canon OTP: Odysseus/Diomedes

Most badass character:Thetis

Pairing I am not a fan of: Lmao Deidameia and Patroclus

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): a lot of people say that thetis didn’t hate Patroclus so much in the iliad but the way miller wrote thetis translates well into today and fits in the story so im chill

Favourite friendship:Patroclus/Briseis

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WWE or Prowrestling in general

Gunna go with 001 because that makes the most sense… Though I admit I just watch WWE right now. I’ve been meaning to get into NJPW but I am so lazy…

01 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: Finn Balor, followed very close with Sami Zayn and Sasha Banks
  • Least Favorite character: Nikki Bella
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): I don’t touch these because there’s not really a place for it in wrasslin’.
  • Character I find most attractive: Sami Zayn
  • Character I would marry: Okay but really, its gunna be Sami.
  • Character I would be best friends with: Ember Moon
  • A random thought: I always look at things from the wrestler’s perspective because my best friend was training to be a wrestler.
  • An unpopular opinion: I hate everything that “Diva’s” period stood for and honestly I don’t even think Nikki Bella or Mickie James should be on the roster anymore. I feel like its really hypocritical to be all about “THE NEW WOMEN’S ERA” but then have Nikki Bella come out and everyone calls her a top diva and her show is even CALLED Total Divas. It just feels really undermining of what they are claiming to be for as a franchise. 
  • My canon OTP: Won’t touch these.
  • Non-canon OTP: Nope.
  • Most badass character: Finn Balor. I miss him so much.
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: TBH a lot of what they are doing with the women as arm candy makes me kinda hate any romance in wwe at all. Plus its like… Is there even an audience to that? Idk
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): The moment I saw Nia Jax, I was like, “Oh, cool. She’s gunna be the badass woman who keeps the others in line but uplifts them too.” I have no idea why I thought this. My first impression on her was just that she’d be a take-no-shit but do-no-evil face. Like, I had mentally worked her into this role from her first reveal. Then she was like– not that… I would chalk this up to personal taste, but then when I started following her on instagram– she was exactly how I had pictured her. Her real personality is just so gold. I want a face Nia so bad!!! 
  • Favourite friendship: ;_; Kevin Steen and El Generico

one great thing about the overwatch fandom is that arguably the biggest argument going on in the fandom right now is whether a hyperactive Australian bomb man should date his chill lorge tank bodyguard or a girl who hates him 

So you think BillDip/Mabill is dead?

In fact, I think it’s more alive than usual.
Of course, Bill “died” in series finale or at least he’s gone for a while since everyone, including me, are sure he will return someday. And this possible return is big opportunity for BillDip/Mabill shippers to write ff/draw/other.
I mean, look at what we know about Bill from Take Back the Falls:
☆Bill can sing and play piano,
☆He also wanted Gideon to do “cute dances” for him. There goes an AU with Dancer!Dipper/Mabel and Musician!Bill,
☆Bill hitting the Shackatron with it’s leg. So how about Bill playing golf? Like, Golf War but Bill ver.,
☆The one I saw on Tumblr: Bill can return but weaker or even human-like. Imagine him living with Dip/Mabs and learning from them how to use new technologies or even basic things like how to cook or tie shoes since as demon he didn’t have to do these.
☆Bill CAN’T hurt the twins anymore. He made a deal with Stan and remember, that all Stan wanted was for Bill to not hurt his family. So if Bill return, he won’t be Dipper’s and Mabel’s enemy anymore

oh my god speaking of bad ships i decided to check out noire and laurent’s S-rank on youtube bc everyone told me it was AWFUL and holy shit it was AWFUL

EDIT: this was never supposed to get notes especially not with an edit of noire dominating laurent please don’t reblog this anymore

lets be honest. the real reason people dislike davekat so much isnt because they think its abusive or came out of left field. we know its not abusive for this reason and ive already compiled how their relationship developed here. so those are just excuses. no, the real reason people cant get into davekat is because most of the fandom likes the popular ships and like 90% of those ships revolve around dave being paired with somebody else. d*vejade, j*hndave, d*verezi (i censor so hate wont show up in those ships’ tags cause at least ive got some decent fucking manners). literally people will say anything to deny dave isnt dating karkat, often painting karkat in a bad light, so they can hold out hope that their ship will prevail. but hussie isnt an idiot. he checks up on the fandom and sees whats goin down. almost all of homestuck is reactive to its fandom. so the hold out on canoninity isnt to leave people wondering or hoping. hes gonna flip your shit sideways in the most horrendous of ways like hes always done. mark my words. davekat is gonna become so fucking canon its gonna hurt.

Since naruhina is already canon and I’m waiting for naruto fillers to end, I’ve decided to read other manga and TADAAAAA!!! I found my two new OTP’s!! GRUVIA and ICHIHIME!!!!

GRUVIA is too cute! They’re perfect for each other! And I think Gray has feelings for Juvia too. GRUVIA fandom is quite big too and I’m happy to know that they have lots of fanboys as well lol.

Well it seems to be opposite on ICHIHIME. They said its the least popular ship , most hated blah blah.. But idc I love ICHIHIME. It’s my first time to read first the manga than watch the anime and the manga gives mo so many ICHIHIME feels! I love Ulquihime as well, Ulquiorra is my favorite character and they said his feelings kinda confirm for inoue on bleach relationship chart but sad to say he died. I heard also that there are lots of Ichiruki in the filler and ending songs but I’m not surprise I know how SP works they always favor the popular ship. But no matter what happens I still love ICHIHIME :D