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The problem with receiving a Good Classical Education is that I’m going to college in a few weeks and this is going to be my fourth time reading the Lattimore translation of the Illiad for school.


here are the anime trash cards i made! 

i don’t even know wtf “‘hon hon my baguette” is supposed to mean i just thought of it and threw shit together

happy v-day my children and have fun weaboo-ing ur valentine’s up

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Headcanon Question: What was Peter like before the fire?

Oh this is a tricky one. I think the biggest stumbling point when it comes to defining a pre-fire Peter is that is that canon gives us a few glimpses of them, but… they’re obviously (at least not entirely) true. (See the huge age issue, with Peter appearing at least a decade younger in flashbacks than he should have been.) So when I’m thinking about younger Peter, I tend to either ignore canon entirely, or assume that what we’re shown about him is just colored by Peter’s own flame-warped lenses and do my own thing.

And I have a lot of thoughts about this (not all of which line up).

One thing I see a lot in flashbacks is pre-fire Peter being very similar to current Peter, and I honestly think that’s a mistake. So much of who Peter is now is defined by the fire, the years of trauma-forced coma. While the fire didn’t make him a completely different person, it most definitely changed, altered, warped his previous traits and motivations. We don’t think pre and post-fire-and-betrayal Derek would think or act the same, so why would post-fire-and-coma Peter?

So what do we see in Peter these days? 

Well, alright. We have the need for power, so as to never feel helpless again, like he did in the house or the coma. For revenge against the people who wounded him and his own –– and a desire to preemptively strike against anyone who might wound him in the future. A calculating coldness toward even those close to him (and why would he open himself up to caring about people again, if he could help it? After losing nearly everyone he cared about once?) And the need for control. To know everything, to be in charge of everything, to either overtly or insidiously direct each situation. And why wouldn’t someone who’d been trapped in a coma, trapped in a burning house, and whose ignorance about his nephew’s relationship led to all of that in the first place want all of those things?

Now, it’s also important to point out that Derek and Peter both dealt with the fallout of the fire and turned out as very different people, so some of those traits must have been inside Peter already. And that’s absolutely true. Some of the behaviors are trauma-born, and Derek and Peter do show some similarities early on: both exhibited a need for control and power in the early seasons (not wanting to be a victim again) as well as being closed lipped with their information, and being willing to kill first and ask questions later. But while Derek was still motivated largely by the need to protect others (mostly the hopeless teens that kept sticking their noses in danger, but also the townspeople from the Alpha and kanima), Peter’s actions were performed out of a desire for self-preservation and vengeance. Derek could have easily gone the way Peter did, and I think it says a lot about Derek’s character that he never did.

But I also believe that, without the trauma of the fire, Peter wouldn’t have ever “gone evil.” I don’t think he would have tried to usurp Talia for the Alpha power. I don’t think he would have killed anyone. I think he probably was very much what Derek viewed him as: a favorite uncle, an advisor. The pampered youngest son, maybe, free to live off his big sister’s legacy and indulge in his own interests and whims (which is probably why a teenage boy –– also the younger brother to an intended Alpha –– would find him fun and relatable). He was undoubtedly always clever, always observant and quick on the uptake, but I think he probably used that to Talia’s advantage more than anything. And I doubt there was any bad blood or serious jealousy between Peter and Talia, because Peter lived with them and as a werewolf (much less an Alpha) Talia would have absolutely picked up on that, and probably made him live elsewhere if she suspected any chance of danger. No, I think Peter probably adored his sister, and probably enjoyed not having to deal with the politics and tiresome niceties of controlling a territory –– letting him indulge in obscure research, travel, apparently making millions, and whatever other interests came his way.

I also like the idea of Peter having a significant other, maybe even children, if only because we know that there were at least five unaccounted people killed in the fire (depending on which count you believe, but Talia, Derek’s dad, Cora presumed dead, and five others make eight). And I wonder if Peter’s SO was human, since he does mention, in season two, that despite being blackened and dead on the inside, he still understands the power of human love. (Not just love. Human love. Interesting distinction.)

I keep losing thread of my points on this one, but ok. The last major thought I have is that pre-fire Peter was a lot like Stiles. That Peter offered Stiles the bite in season one because he recognized something of the way he used to be in him. That’s why he wanted Stiles to want to be like him: because it would vindicate, in some warped, screwed up way, the choices he was making at that point. They’re both also people that Derek instinctively connects to (and what’s that slightly awkward thing about people tending to fall for people who are similar to their favored parent? :P Well, if the flashbacks can be at all believed, Peter’s the “parental figure” Derek always looked to for support when he was younger). There are definite similarities between the two in canon: cleverness, that snarky wit, and even that sort of ruthlessness that comes out when necessary. It’s just that Stiles still has a sense of morality that’s been burned out of Peter, and Stiles still has people he loves and cares about with his whole heart to keep him from going down the path Peter’s on.

So, ok. I think that covers or at least touches on most of my thoughts about pre-fire Peter. What do you all think?

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20 Buffy asks: 2, 3, 4, 5

2. What’s your opinion on season 6?

Definitely my least favourite season. Season 6 is not neeeearly as clever as it thinks it is. The reason that it seems so dark is because the metaphors are so sloppy. That’s the word I use to sum up season 6, actually: sloppy. The show has always been dark – just off the top of my head, season 1 alone goes to some dark places: a mother feels her daughter is “wasting her youth” and so she steals her body; ‘The Pack’ is a dark episode so much so that it’s super uncomfortable to watch at times; the child abuse in ‘Nightmares’ etc. Basically, this isn’t groundbreaking.

Okay, so real-life is the Big Bad… I can see how this could be interesting. So much of the conflict feels unnatural and contrived to me, though. It’s like the writers brainstormed everything bad that could happen to a person and tossed it all in even if it would seem OOC. For example, Giles’ reasoning for leaving was ridiculous. Something simple such as needing to leave for important Watcher’s Council duties would’ve sufficed in writing ASH out, but instead this is done in a way to make Buffy’s life even more awful. Giles’ reasons ring untrue to me particularly because he was totally there for Buffy after her mother passes away. Way back in ‘When She Was Bad’ Giles is one of the few to recognise how traumatic her encounter with The Master must have been, especially given that she, y’know, died. And the circumstances in season 6 are much bigger; how is learning that Buffy was in heaven and feeling that she now lives in hell supposed to convince Giles even more that he has to go?? She’s been back for 5 seconds and he already thinks he’s standing in her way? What???

If this season gets its points for being so realistic, then I’m gonna nit-pick. Buffy’s financial issues also feel very contrived and are only there to add to Buffy’s misery; so Buffy comes back from the dead to Tara and Willow living in her dead mother’s room (I get it, this way Dawn doesn’t have to live somewhere else) the point is, there are four people living under this roof – that’s four people using up utilities such as water and hydro, needing twice as many groceries, etc. – and Tara and Willow don’t offer any help financially? What??? Willow could’ve been making some bank given her computer skills, but okay.

How can life be the Big Bad when there are no lasting consequences? This can act as a slight against season 7 as well but season 6 is the one that brings these issues up and the lack of follow-through is just further evidence to me that all of this conflict was contrived. Like, Tara dies and Willow turns world-ending-evil but all she needs to do is chill in a field for a bit? Okay. Spike tries to r*pe Buffy but we’re not gonna talk about it. Xander leaves Anya at the altar but don’t worry, they’ll make up. Money is a huge issue but next season there’ll be like 20 people living under Buffy’s roof, Doublemeat Palace who? Giles leaves but he comes back like three times and realises his “I’m standing in your way” riff was bullshit. Dawn was a klepto for a hot minute, but sneeze and you miss that plot.

And the thing is, there are actual things they could’ve explored with Dawn but the show chose to ignore the whole The Key thing. It’s not like everyone gets their pre-S5 memories back, so everyone still has years worth of fake memories involving Dawn. Dawn could have fears about how everyone she loves only loves her because of fake memories, it’s sad, of course, but that could be a huge worry of hers given her situation.

Then the magic=drugz thing (I can’t even call it a metaphor because it is way too unsubtle) was just… embarrassing to watch lmao. Nothing in the previous seasons indicates that magic could equal drugs; in season 4, it’s used as a way of exploring Willow’s sexuality or something to that extent. Furthermore, I never got the indication that it was the magic Willow was addicted to, but the power. And maybe the knowledge. But anyway, in season 6 we have Willow getting the shakes, hiding magic weed, needing a fix, “I feel so JUICED”

[looks up] Damn, this is getting long! I think I’ve kind of made my point by now lol

To end, though, I believe I saw someone describe season 6 as having an artificial darkness and I think that’s a good way to sum up my feelings.

3. What’s your opinion on season 7?

The thing with season 7 is that it frustrates me because there were ideas that I liked and it had so much – excuse the word choice here – potential to be a great season, but everything about the execution falls flat for me. And when I think of it as a follow-up to season 6, it works even less for me, which I already touched on in the above question.

‘Lessons’ ending on the “going back to the beginning” line seemed so promising to me, and it should’ve been a driving force for the season. From a storytelling perspective, it is bananas to me how little focus the original 4 get both as individuals (too much of Buffy’s plots are consumed by Spike) and as a group. The dynamic of the original 4 is tore down in order to make Buffy’s relationship with Spike more significant, which is incredibly irritating. As much as the “The Earth is definitely doomed” callback makes me go :’) the season really didn’t earn it. To be honest, how did we never get to see the new Sunnydale High’s library?

I think the most glaring problems of season 7 is that there is way too much going on, to the point where there wasn’t much room for character work. The Potentials actually don’t bother me that much, but they’re definitely a problem with the season. If they really wanted to go that route, it would’ve been more effective if there were significantly fewer potentials; the show makes it seem like they’re a dying breed but it sure seemed like there were a lot of potentials. I get that it takes away from the ~empowering images in the finale of young women feeling powerful, but I like the idea of the final battle somehow having all of the past slayers. That way, they wouldn’t need to be introduced until much later in the season which would leave more room for character work. And then of course The First turned out to be pretty lame.

Spike was given WAY too much this season and a lot of his stuff was inconsequential. Compare Spike in season 7 to Angel in season 3; Angel really doesn’t get that much to do, which is fine, because it’s not his show! He has this big moment with Buffy in 3x04 and then in the next two episodes, he gets two brief scenes. He gets one big episode in ‘Amends’ and other than that, his arc/plots are more on the periphery. There’s still plenty of room for the original 4 and other than in ‘Relevations’ the Buffy/Angel relationship isn’t used to take away from her relationships with the Scoobies.

Like I said, though, I like some of the ideas of season 7; I like the idea of going back to beginning, I like the idea of the final season focusing on the Slayer line, I like the idea of a Big Bad that can’t physically harm you, only psychologically. More than anything, season 7 is disappointing to me because I can see a path where it could’ve been so good, but it wasn’t the path taken.

4. What’s your opinion on Riley?

I really don’t mind Riley! His associations with The Initiative probably do not help him gain any clout in the fandom, but even The Initiative arc wasn’t that bad to me until Maggie was killed off. Anyway, back to Riley: I think he’s a nice guy and not in a Nice Guy kind of way. He fit in pretty well with the Scoobies – on my first watch, I actually thought he was being introduced as a love interest for Willow haha. He was pretty chill and seemed to make Buffy happy for the most part. He certainly has his moments where I’m like, “really???” even before the mess that happens in season 5, but for the most part, he’s fine.

Onto the mess in season 5… to me, a lot of the conflict was cooked up just because he was being written out and so much of it felt weird to me. Like, “she doesn’t cry as much with you” being taken as a bad thing? I found that really stupid. I get what the show was going for; that Riley was feeling useless, didn’t really have a place of his own without The Initiative, and felt Buffy didn’t love him. I just think it could’ve been done in a much better way. I basically already said this but it seemed like everything that happened was because MB was being written out and not because it was in-character; the writers kind of threw everything at the wall to make Riley terrible and because he already wasn’t a well-received character, it all stuck to the wall.

Anyway, his appearance in season 6 worked well enough for me. So he didn’t get to leave on a sour note.

5. What’s your opinion on Dawn?

I love her! It’s kind of weird to me how people can hate children in fiction so viscerally for essentially being kids, particularly when they’re played by kids and all of the other characters are adults. I don’t know, I just don’t have it in me. So right off the bat, I’m sympathetic to Dawn because just like any kid, she still has a lot of growing to do. Why do you expect her to not be immature, guys?? And then of course her situation makes me feel more sympathetic to her; her sister is out saving the world with her friends and Dawn still needs to be babysat but more importantly: her whole life is a lie. That’s a lot for an adult to deal with, nevermind a 14(? 13? idek) year old. It’d be interesting to see a side-by-side of Dawn at the same age as Buffy and co. during high school because I don’t think the differences would be that striking.

Anyway, I think season 7 is a good showing of who she’d become: selfless, wanting to help with the research, mature, etc. And you could see hints of that in seasons 5 and 6; Dawn was willing to jump and close that portal in ‘The Gift’

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me in the week following 4x03:</b> look come this time next week it will all be better - there's a secret episode, obviously, it's the only thing that makes sense - ALL the evidence is there, we're still finding more as we speak; i swear, you blink right now and someone's found more evidence - and it's going to air this Sunday and then everything will be better. It's going to be GENIUS. The Appletree Yard is fake, and Mofftiss are the cleverest men to ever clever. The lost special is real, people. "Everyone always stops looking after three," but we won't! We know better!!<p/><b>Me when the Appletree Yard was not a secret episode:</b> oh. Ok then. Well. Obviously the secret episode will air on the fifth week, then - Appletree Yard is scheduled for five weeks, but there's only four episodes of it - hahaha, BBC thinks they're so clever, but we have them figured out. The evidence is all there, it's so OBVIOUS; come at me, lost special<p/><b>Me when Appletree Yard ends and no secret sherlock episode is shown:</b> ...oh. right. Well. Clearly it's actually going to happen on March 8th then. You know - that poster in 4x02: "the secret will be revealed on March 8". I know we were all hoping it would be sooner, March is pushing it a little, but at least we know we're getting it on March 8th<p/><b>Me when March 8 passes with no secret fourth episode:</b> ...Right. Ok. Yeah, I'm... done. I'm out. I'm finished. Clearly there is no 4th episode. There was never a 4th episode. We've all just deluded ourselves into believing there would be. All the "clues" we spotted were just wishful thinking. It was just us making mountains out of molehills. Mofftiss aren't as clever as we thought they were and season 4 really was just that badly written and disjointed and plotholey. I haven't been this disappointed and crushed since the cursed child. Excuse me while I go sit in a corner and ponder the futility of faith<p/><b>One of the sherlock team:</b> *tweets vaguely about easter and how it's a time for new life and things coming back from the dead*<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> *notices that the ambassador in 4x01 was playing chess and talking about how three months is an awfully long time to play chess, points out that it will be exactly three months since tfp on Easter weekend*<p/><b>Me, as my hope rises like a kraken from the sea:</b> fucking hell. I'm never going to give up hope, am I<p/></p><p/></p>
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Except how the hell did Rose make another child? Maybe she made a new kind of gem that grows like humans? Oh god here I go again with hyping myself up

  • old friend from high school: "oh yeah i'm almost done medical school so i can get into my dream job of nursing! what are you up to?"
  • my brain: i haven't accomplished anything in my life so far but i can't let them know that or else i'll be the sad friend people think about when they're questioning their own lives
  • my brain: they'll be like 'oh yeah..i wish i did more with my lives. but at least i'm not like THEM'
  • my brain: so come up with something clever. play with words to make it seem like you're accomplished
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: "sometimes i draw dragon dicks and get money for it"

Maybe John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is quiet. A scholar. Which is another way to say a nerd. He’s a historian of the Kaiju Wars, born in time to live through them and just a bit too late to fight in them, he’s on track to get his first phd at 23 on the oral history of Alaskan survivors on the Pacific. He’s got passionate opinions about citation methods and the secret goal to write the definitive history of the Jaegar pilots. He’ll dedicate the book to his father and give the first copy to his sister. 

Or John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is paranoid. And who can blame him? He’s Stacker’s son, and Stacker taught him that sometimes peacetime is just the lull between attackers. Amongst the new generation of the Jaeger program, the pilots who are maintaining the existing robots and seeking to find new uses for them so the program stays funded, he is the one leading the charge that the war isn’t over just because the breach is closed. It was closer before. And then it opened again. There’s no sense not preparing for the worst, and if that has something to do with the fact that he didn’t get to have a part in avenging his father, then you can try to say that to his damn face. It doesn’t mean the people shouldn’t be ready. 

Or John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is luminous. That’s the only way to say it. There are people who walk into a room and you look at them. There are people who start in the crowd and inevitably find their way to the front. He’s just a scientist, working to figure out the mystery that is the breach, trying to see if what was closed will ever open again. But he’s more than that. When he talks, people look to him. What he says, people listen to. He makes you feel special, in the moments when you have his full attention. He is kindness and charisma and cleverness, and therefore he is dangerous. At least to anyone who doesn’t think they’d end up being on the same side as him in a debate. 

Or John Boyega’s character in Pacific Rim 2 is completely unknown at the moment and yet also and utterly my jam, and I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I literally cannot wait 

Rhythmic Gymnasts (currently competing) || Pros and Cons [requested by anonymous]

Some of the points below are generally known and obvious advantages and disadvantages of these gymnasts, but some represent only my personal opinion. I don’t claim to be 100 % right about it. If you’re new, I recommend you to watch their routines yourself and make conclusions on your own. Obviously, everyone has different preferences. And they don’t always fit the judges’ criteria of a perfect gymnast. Which is okay. Sad. But okay. And common.

I’ll start with gymnasts from Ukraine, as I think I have more knowledge about them and, obviously, I pay more attention to them than to gymnasts from other countries. I’ll try to analyze others too, but I can’t promise you to make the post soon.

Team Ukraine

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Actually, I think the dog joke might have been a reference to the fact that you keep running into dogs throughout your journey. (Annoying dog I think is the one I'm thinking of?) keeps randomly showing up.

Sans is the master of telling you things without actually telling you anything like half of his puns and speeches are clever ways of avoiding telling you jack about anything while also implying he knows plenty of anything. It could just be annoying dog but I am full of doubt.

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Am I the only one that thinks Bonnie's useless ass should've died along with Kai a.k.a the worst villain ever. Also why would Damon choose that bitch over the love of his life. Like Damon would ever even consider looking at Bonnie twice. Ew. Plus the whole sleeping beauty thing give me a break. They need to just poison the dumb witch. I'm sure you agree that this finale made no sense whatsoever.

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