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Car OTP Prompts
  • “What made you think choosing this license plate ‘number’ was a good idea? No, I don’t know you, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s dumb.”
  • "I challenge you to a car decorating war.”
    BONUS: ”..are those wedding decorations??”
  • “Can you move your car? You’re blocking my way. Oh, you did not just call me a shitty driver. Wait–get back here and move your damn vehicle!”
  • "This guy is taking up two spots.. trap him in? Trap him in.”
  • "So we’re locked inside/outside of your car alone in this parking lot with no way to contact anyone.. oh my god–we already fed the cat, it should be the least of our concerns right now!”
  • “I think you mistook my car for yours.”
    BONUS: “No, it wasn’t a mistake.”
  • “Nice windshield wiper decal but mine definitely beats it.”
  • I’m in me mum’s car, broom broom!(rip)
  • “We’re stuck in traffic, this song has played exactly sixteen times in the past half-hour, and we’re already running late.”
    BONUS: “No, we are not going to fuck–”
  • *Scene - Emma is drinking at Granny's when Regina sits beside her*
  • Regina: So Hook told you the that why you broke off the engagement?
  • Emma: No...I's horrible but if we were meant to be I could forgive it.
  • Regina: If?
  • Emma *sighs*: I can't help but think that were he the right person for me and I for him...if we were meant to be he would have trusted me. Instead he hid...I guess we don't have the trust I hoped we did.
  • Regina: I'm sorry Emma.
  • Emma: Me too...for you, I know you wanted things to work out with Robin.
  • Regina: He wasn't my you think we're resigned to this fate? You and I and shots at Granny's?
  • Emma *smiles*: At least I can trust in you to be here.
  • Regina *smiles back*: Always.

joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

I finally watched the Bronze early yesterday and right after I knew I had to draw my favorite asshole

sometimes I get really paranoid in the middle of the night and think things like “what if a meteor comes outta nowhere and destroys earth” or “what if a black hole just fucking happens. like, it just kinda pops up near earth. scientists dont know a whole lot about black holes so we dont know if that could happen. and we’d be powerless to stop one if it did”

and then i think, like

the world has been around for something like 4-and-a-half billions years, right?

and humans have only been around for like 200,000 years, right?

and civilization as we know it has only been around for 6,000 years RIGHT?

so like

if something like that was gonna happen, I feel like it would have happened already.

the odds of a non-human doomsday level event happening, or at least the odds of it happening within my lifetime, are pretty low.

and if it’s a human-created doomsday event, we would at least have the power to stop it. if it’s made by mankind, it can be stopped (or at least minimized) by mankind.

that puts my mind at ease, and i wanted to share that way of thinking with you all because it’s easy to let your mind wander to worst-case-scenario lines of thinking at night, even if nothing really prompts it.


Don’t ask why my watermark looks different there were technical difficulties. D:

So, looking through the Day and Night AU by @beanpots, I don’t see a lot of Yuri(o) and Phichit? Well, you know, why not do some myself? Since I did Viktor and Yuuri already, the other precious babies need time to shine! They’re a little less fancy cuz well, they technically aren’t as powerful, right?? Dawn and Dusk really have a similar set of colours though…Also I can’t draw people facing the left properly I cry I’m sorry Phichit!

the-universes-best-dressed  asked:

for a prompt! santa monica by everclear

Nice, get some everclear in the mix! Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Look,” I say, “it’s not you, it’s me. I think I’m just heading in a different direction right now. I can’t let our relationship hold me back anymore.”

Light, fastest man on Earth, superhero extraordinaire, stops struggling against his bonds to stare at me. “Did you kidnap me to…break up with me?”

My heart skips a beat. “No! I mean, we’re not even, like, dating so I’m not. Obviously.” I adjust my rubber gloves nervously, tucking my lab coat more securely into them. “Just, um, letting you know that you don’t need to save the day anymore. From me at least.” I laugh and stop abruptly, face flushing. My laugh is off putting, so I hear.

Light speed kicks the chair I’ve tied him to and grimaces when it doesn’t break.

“It’s titanium,” I say, shoving my hands into my coat’s pockets. “I’ll let you go, just wanted to tell you goodbye, I guess. We, uh, probably won’t be seeing each other again.”

“Are you dying?” he asks, strangely alarmed. He lowers his voice. “Or is someone threatening you?” His eyes narrow. “Is it Technomaniac? Because he’s from Texas, this isn’t even his turf, I can contact the heroes down there to come get him–”

“I’m not being threatened,” I blurt out. He’d kick another villain out of LA for me? Why? “I just, it’s time for me to move on, that’s all. I, well…”

“You are dying,” Light says, face horrified. “Oh my god, and I threw you through that window last week!”

“I’m not dying!” I throw my hands up in the air. “I’m quitting being a villain!”

The words ring in the empty lab. All of my equipment has already been disposed of, the experiments, everything. I’m ready for a new start, totally and completely.

“You’re…quitting.” Light seems unable to comprehend it. “Like, quitting quitting? Or taking a break? Or maybe you mean rebranding, I hear that’s popular these days–”

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Okay so I remember one time my ex text me out the blue to brag about his new relationship. He was like “She’s from Turkey. You wouldn’t understand.” Right so he wanted to rub in my face that he was getting married because at one point he was my fiancé or whatever. He was like “Oh I’m gonna die in another country but at least I’ll be with my new wife. She loves me more than you did.” Okay fast forward a good 6-7 months he’s at the airport ready to leave the U.S. and go to Turkey to live with his new fiancé. Yoooo this nigga shows up to fucking baggage claim and low and behold the fucking FBI were waiting for him. Turns out he was talking to an FBI informant the whole time and not his (nonexistent) Turkish fiancé because this dumb nigga was trying to join ISIS via the fucking Internet. So he ended up being on the FBI watchlist for a few months after that and he got arrested when he tried to flee to Canada. Karma definitely had my back for a minute.

Well, I’m feeling bored and depressed again. How about I just share these CGI Looney Tunes shorts, which use archive recordings of Mel Blanc’s voice from novelty songs he did?

They’re actually surprisingly good, to me at least, and I think the Looney Tunes work surprisingly well in a 3D environment, at least when done right. 

It’s not that I’m angry she left, I completely get why she did. At the end of the day, they all auditioned as solo artists so even if they were committed to the group their hearts were never gonna be in it 100%. What I am angry about is the way she went about it. They found out through her fucking representatives? Who the fuck does she think she is? I don’t give a fuck how strained their relationship is right now, the least they deserved was to be told to their faces, not in this fake, ‘Hollywood’ ass way. If any of the girls left in this manner I’d be livid. They each deserve to have the careers that they want, making the music that they want, but her leaving in this way has completely undermined everything they’ve done together for almost 5 years now.
THAT is why I’m angry. They deserved better. They deserved a goodbye.

the struggle that is acrylic painting

on ikea cardboard because yay recycling

You know what got me Realizing Shit when I first got into the discourse was ppl saying cishet ace people are “queer.” Because sure, I did think back then that all ace ppl are part of the LGBT+ community, but I knew that queer is a nasty thing ppl say to ppl bc they are attracted to people of the same gender or are trans/nb, and that it was something specifically reclaimed during the AIDs crisis, so aces who have no part in any of that (at least not by virtue of being ace) had absolutely no right to say that word and that it was kind of sickening that they would.

Like people who want to reclaim the word queer for themselves because they have the right to because they experience same gender attraction and/or are trans/nb but also KNOW how much weight the word carries is fine, but the word has been tossed around so much its now meaningless to kids and its just a fun term for anybody with a “abnormal” sexuality or expression because “Well thats what it literally means, queer means weird x3c” and its disgusting honestly.

Just thinking of people crying out “We’re here we’re queer” at die ins. DIE INS!!!! They were protesting the fact that people were literally dying. And then cishet ace people think they have the right to say it too when no one has ever faced something like that for being ace. Its sickening.

Can I please just beg inclusionists please I don’t care if you think asexuals belong in the community but PLEASE don’t say that aces/aros who are cis and do not experience same gender attraction are queer and can say queer and please don’t make ace positivity with the word queer in it for the love of all that is holy its so disgusting and offensive.

Punish Me Harder

Genre: Smut

A/N: very out of it right now so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes or if it gets repetitive. Also it didn’t really fall through with the prompt 100% I think but I tried I’m sorry I’m really tired and emotionally stressed. (Also, idk if the last bit was necessary but I did it anyways.)

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: Daddy kink (when is there not), pain during sex (like spanking and bruising), degradation and name calling. That’s pretty much it.


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“He’s a psychotic maniac Y/N” Damon exasperated, eyes wide as he looked at you. “But…” you trailed off when a frustrated huff. “I think I could help him Damon. He was betrayed by his family, locked away for so long. He’s angry Damon, you’ve done some pretty regrettable things when you were angry or emotionless and we forgive you” you explained. “Why can’t we try to help him? Give him a chance, the chance his family never did. They didn’t teach him right from wrong, instead they locked him up like a wild animal. If this all goes belly up at least I can say I tried to help him”

im tired of yall ugly ignorant asses calling melissa, a good fucking person, racist and what not bc of that stupid and wrong tumblr post saying she’s playing a muslim woman in some movie. melissa plays a WHITE WOMAN who converted to Islam - a religion that accepts all - after meeting her husband (she plays the wife who’s white irl) in a 15 minutes tops appearance in ‘patriots day’. do i like the idea of the film? you can be sure i don’t. do i wish she wasn’t on it at all? yes, i do. but since she is and we’re talking about it, at least get your fckg facts right before jumping on a super nice girl who did NOT do what you think she did. stop believing everything u read on this hell hole and do a little research for yourself instead of spreading fake bullshit

… So, I just wandered into The Jaws of Hakkon. I think my poor Inquisitor’s head is going to explode.

Dirthara: All right: tell me about the locals.

Inquisition officers: It’s really strange. There’s one friendly hold, but this other lot, the Jaws of Hakkon, start attacking us whenever we get close.

Dirthara: Well, you did march into their territory ..

Inquisition officers: …

Dirthara: Armed and armoured …

Inquisition officers:

Dirthara: Under the banner of the Eye …

Inquisition officers:

Dirthara: A known Chantry symbol …

Inquisition officers:

Dirthara: And you set up at least semi-permanent encampments …

Inquisition officers:

Dirthara: And started patrolling the area and gathering supplies …

Inquisition officers:

Dirthara: … So, obviously …?

Inquisition officers:

Dirthara: I want to make one thing very clear: the first person to ask ‘Why would this be a problem, we’re the good guys?’ gets midnight guard duty for a month. Understood?

Inquisition officers: But –

Dirthara: Two months. Now could we please finish up here and leave before we start a clan war?

I know these people are the bad guys, because people who aren’t keen on the damn Inquisition are always the bad guys. But. I just … I don’t know if she’s going to make it through this without setting her own troops on fire.

“I wish you knew better,” I told him.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he was defensive.

“I wish you knew better than to pick her over me,” I waited for something but nothing came out of his mouth, “she did nothing but make your blood boil, suffocate you under your own breath, make your veins pop out of your forehead, and test your stress to its highest level. She made your hands twitch, and your body shake, and that was never for the right reasons. She was everything you didn’t want, or at least that’s what you told me. And you promised me, you fucking promised you would stay, I don’t think you understand how–”

He cut me off, “that’s not true, I did it all for you; all of it, and you know that.”

I laughed, “you picked her, you always picked her, I was just there on the sideline.”

—  c.f. // “American hero” #5
As tradition dictates, upon entering his Zen master’s house, the disciple left his shoes and umbrella outside.
“I saw through the window that you were arriving,” said the master. “Did you leave your shoes to the right or the left of the umbrella?”
“I haven’t the least idea. But what does that matter? I was thinking of the secret of Zen!”
“If you don’t pay attention in life, you will never learn anything. Communicate with life, pay each moment the attention it deserves – that is the only secret of Zen.”
—  From the blog of Paulo Coelho
The seats in the classroom.


This image has a better quality. It shows Kaede between Gonta and Himiko. As you can see, Himiko is still next to Kaede, just like in the trailer.

They’re in future, right? So they have high technology! What if their futuristic seats in the courtroom are moved by eletricity!? That’d explain why their seats switch places! Actually, we clearly saw that happening in an old trailer with Maki, Kiibo and Kaito! When the Scrum Debate started, their seats moved to the same direction as if they were forming a team! It’s like a chess game if think about it.

Look at this! When Miu is being accused, her seat stands in the middle of the courtroom! It moved! They probably did this so everyone can have a nice view of who is being accused at the moment! See? That doesn’t prove the screenshots don’t connect to the events of the game if the seats are meant to be like that! Not that I think the screenshots bear any relation to reality, I’m still sure that at least one thing about them is forged.  

I didn’t know how to explain this with the right words before, but now I can say that this doesn’t prove that someone is safe if the seats in the Class Trials work like that in v3. I’m sure it’s not a big deal.


 They are moving. If pay attention closely to their seats, you’ll notice that they’re not just moving, you’ll also notice that they’re floating in the air!

High technology guys! It just shows how serious they were when they said that V3 would take place in future!